Ruling Class To Pay Moderna To Develop An mRNA Flu “Vaccine”

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    The ruling class of the United States is going to pay Moderna to develop an mRNA “vaccine” for a “pandemic flu.” Moderna will receive $176 million to accelerate the creation of a bird flu “vaccine” for use in humans.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    As we know, Moderna already has a bird flu vaccine in very early-stage testing that uses the same mRNA technology that allowed rapid development and rollout of “vaccines” to protect against COVID-19. The new funds from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services include continued development of the vaccine, including a late-stage trial next year if those early study results are positive.

    The U.S. Ruling Class Is Set To “Invest” Millions In Another mRNA “Vaccine”

    Even after the abject failure of the COVID-19 “vaccine“, the rulers will try to get the more naive of the population to take this injection. What’s horrifying, is that the rulers and vaccine propagandists claim that this project can be changed quickly to accommodate any flu plandemic.

    If a different threat than the H5N1 form of bird flu emerges, the project can be redirected, Health and Human Services officials stressed according to a report by The Associated Press News. 

    The award was made through the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, or BARDA, a program that focuses on medical treatments for potential pandemics.

    Finland Will Offer Bird Flu “Vaccine” To Some People

    SCRIPTED: New Human Vaccines Are Already Developed & Stockpiled For Pandemic Flu That Doesn’t Exist Yet

    Historically, scientists have not been able to guess the genetic mutations of upcoming flu strains and crossover viruses. Hence, the failure of flu vaccines, year after year. In order to have vaccines manufactured and stockpiled with certainty of their effectiveness, there must have been some gain-of-function research at play. This gain of function research allows the vaccine industry to narrow in on the specific genetics of the target antigen so they can stockpile and prepare for mass vaccination for an impending man-made pandemic influenza. -SHTFPlan

    It’s also been made clear that the rulers know which mutations need to happen in order for this to become a human plandemic.

    Robert Redfield Says Bird Flu Pandemic WILL HAPPEN


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