Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange: “Going After Wikileaks Because They Humiliated the CIA”

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 47 comments

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    Dr. Ron Paul puts things in perspective – the outlaw Julian Assange, and his often-targeted Wikileaks organization, are not a threat against national security, but an embarrassment to its many shady dealings.

    via the Ron Paul Institute:

    Wikileaks Founder and Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange joins the Liberty Report to discuss the latest push by the Trump Administration to bring charges against him and his organization for publishing US Government documents. How will they get around the First Amendment and the Espionage Act? The US government and the mainstream media — some of which gladly publish Wikileaks documents — are pushing to demonize Assange in the court of public opinion. Wikileaks is registered as a 501(c)3 organization in the US. Find out more about the organization and how you can help:

    Julian Assange Speaks Out: The War On The Truth

    Read more:

    Ron Paul Defends Assange: “Don’t Allow This President To Declare War On the Truth”

    The Mystery of Wikileaks’ Cryptic “Vault 7”: Do You Know What This Means?

    BREAKING: Julian Assange Suggests MURDERED DNC STAFFER Seth Rich Was Wikileaks Source: “We Have To Understand How High The Stakes Are In the United States”


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      1. I duck own, the CIA is a bunch of drug running scum. I doubt anything embarrassed them.

      2. this is why Generals today are self serving cowards. dont do ANYTHING to earn their money and gold plated pensions.

        Oath to constitution very much military leaders?

      3. Off the subject– but you have to give credit to old Kim Jong Un for one thing: he is NOT going to let the US dominate/control him!!! (Ha, ha!!)

      4. just fired another missile… aft US threated

        • According to the report on Fox News, “The missile flew roughly 25 miles and was in the air for about 15 minutes”.

          That’s an average of only 100 MPH, pretty damn slow for a missile. I could probably hit it with a BB gun. I don’t think this is anything to worry about. What worries me more is what the US’ retaliation is going to result in.

          • I posted this below a few articles back referring to Gold and Silver. Just reposting it again for people like Black Moe the naysayers of PM’s.

            “If you all like History like I do, then you will learn from history. I am currently reading an old book called, “The Leading Facts of American History” written in 1890 by Montgomery

            “Back during the American Revolutionary War, When General George Washington and his Continental Army, after suffering various defeats, was held up on one side of the Potomac River at Valley Forge in 1777-1778, the opposite side of where the British were positioned and stationed. Washington’s men were beaten, tired cold and humiliated and about to abandon the Revolution. Washington had to quickly come up with a new plan, to somehow bring defeat and at least win a decisive battle to restore moral to his ranks. His men also have not been paid either, and the Continental Currency was losing value quickly, and the men had no interest in that paper currency to keep fighting. So Washington decided to restore faith in the cause, and ordered sacks of “Silver as Hard Currency” to pay his men and help keep his ranks filled. Sure enough he rounded up enough Silver to pay his soldiers in real hard Silver Currency to maintain his forces. With this simple move for payment, Washington also gathered up enough boats and devised his sneak attack on Christmas in the cold of winter to cross the Delaware and catch his opponents dunk and a sleep. Sure enough, Washington Crossed the Delaware River Christmas night, and the sneak attack was decisive battle and what led to a great victory.

            So if you want to see how Real Hard Currency like Silver plays out in real life in SHTF, this is a history lesson to plant in your brains. When Push comes to Shove, people know what real money is. Paper currencies come and go and lose value depending on politics or inflation, Gold and Silver lasts forever and is real money. Silver saved the day in 1777, saved the Continental Army, saved the US Revolution and saved a Country. Any more questions about the value of Silver? Just refer to History, it’s in the archives.”

            -Zeus / Hermes

            • A well informed post and I hope others read it as well.


              I know many people have a great deal of difficulty comprehending just how many wars are started for no other purpose than to force private central banks onto nations, so let me share a few examples, so that you understand why the US Government is mired in so many wars against so many foreign nations. There is ample precedent for this.


            • Zeus, don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-gold at all. I’ll gladly take your stack of gold for a bushel of apples or whatever. My point is that too many people seem to fantasize about prancing around with pockets full of gold and silver coins when it all collapses and they’ll be able to buy whatever they want with those coins in fair trade and everything will be rosy and peachy. But in reality, most people outside of our little community have no idea whatsoever what your gold/silver is to them so you will not get fair trade for your PMs post-shtf. They’ll either kill you for it or just tell you to get lost. Therefore, it is not money to the majority of people.

              • That is because the majority of Americans have been properly brainwashed by the government into worthless fiat paper.

                Why else do you think the economy is so screwed up and 70% of Americans have less than 1k in their bank account.

                Just because the corrupt government says that gold isn’t money and you believe it, doesn’t mean that its true.

                The entire non-west world understands gold is currency and wealth, everyone alive going back thousands of years understood gold is currency and wealth. Yet it os only braindead americans and europeans that do not understand that gold is money.

                And if you say someone wants to steal it from you, that tells you all you need to know about better owning some. You think someone is going to try and steal your gold for no reason at all???

                China, Russia, India, and central banks are all accumulating gold for a reason and their people understand gold is money. Just because some idiot redneck or spook doesn’t understand that gold is money doesn’t mean it isn’t money!

            • Washington was a child molesting, slave owning, religious maniac.

          • BlackMoe, at least this missile did better than the last one. The last one only got a few feet off the ground before exploding. Looks like ‘made in NK’ is just as bad as ‘made in china’.

      5. That Fox report makes no sense. Too slow for a missile.

        • A ballistic missile spends mot of its initial flight time going upwards, not longitudinally.

          The 25 miles is a horizontal distance, most of the distance it covered was probably nearly straight up. Think of firing a rifle almost straight up and, say. a minute or so later if lands 10 ft in front of you. Does that mean the bullet was traveling only 10 ft per minute during its flight?

      6. Fire Comey, hire Assange!
        Send Dennis Rodman and Tiger Woods to NK!
        Send Ted Nugent to Moscow!
        Send Ivanka’s daughter to China on a Concert tour.

        Problems solved.

        • why not play our ace in the hole? send korean abdul jabar over there.

        • Send Rodman over there to poke Fat Boy in the butt.

      7. Sounds like FOX is lying.

        Julianne Assange is a transsexual. But he is not the same guy as in the picture. See how easily the facts can be corrupted. I’ve stopped believing in news.

        The wind is blowing pretty hard. Maybe a storm is blowing in from the Ocean. That is reality. Now, I’ve got things to do.

        Btw: give the man in the picture a medal…


      8. Did you see last week,head of CIA Pompussass saying Assange was giving away secrets about”innocent members of the DNC”
        I about feel out! Assange bad guy or hero?
        Depends on your perspective!
        Maniac –out

        • LaManiac, I say both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are heros in my book. CIA can go f#$% themselves.

      9. Fell not feel.damn thumbs

        • Maniac, good thing you corrected yourself.
          Liberals feel.
          Others THINK.

          • Yea, liberals feel,,, and they definitely dont think,,, they say they do but they are way off

      10. Its illegal to report to the citizenry governmental violations of the Bill Of Rights, falsehoods and corruption as they are secret and all three are vital to maintain national security. How can the government be expected to run without it? Civics 101 was a fairy tale.

      11. Anyone else not able to get druge report?

      12. Off Topic:

        Trump has saved the day and averted ww3 !!!

        Putin and Trump talking on the phone. Russia an USA will resume full relations!

        Kim has allowed an inspection regarding human rights for disabled. This concession demonstrates a new acceptance by Kim after an overwhelming show of force which included Japanese ships besides ours.

        Saudi Arabia on Trumps agenda getting some discipline, too.

        Russia and USA top joint priority is radical Islam.

        Trump speech before NRA restates his commitment to second amendment “rights from God”.
        Guns for hunters and for self defense.

        The wall is going to be built says Trump. Because “we need it”. Illegal immigration reduced 73% according to Trump on 99th day in office.

        Trump says it has been over a hundred years since a Supreme Court Judge was installed in the first 99days of an administration.

        God Bless America
        God Bless President Trump


      13. Off topic
        ISIS apologizes to Israel after attack last November.

        It adds up!
        remove the space ht-tp

        ht tp://

      14. This dovetails nicely. APRIL 3, 2017 Digital Privacy at the U.S. Border: Protecting the Data On Your Devices and In the Cloud

        The U.S. government reported a five-fold increase in the number of electronic media searches at the border in a single year, from 4,764 in 2015 to 23,877 in 2016.1 Every one of those searches was a potential privacy violation. Our lives are minutely documented on the phones and laptops we carry, and in the cloud.

      15. Remember this, the NSA intercepts and stores every single electronic message that we send. Then they get hacked by anyone or any country with the ability. So in effect what the NSA is doing is giving all of your info to the worlds hackers. What a country.

      16. Wonder if Trump and his cronies will release the withheld JFK murder material info by the October deadline. Bwahahaha, never gonna happen. National security BS never ending. Truth is the enemy of the criminals in government. Lies stacked upon lies never to be revealed. Line em up mow em down.

        • They cover up the UFO stuff too. Keep us in the dark. They figure our little minds can’t
          comprehend all of that. Too scary for us to know.

      17. The CIA needs to be much more than humiliated. They need to be be busted up into a thousand pieces and scattered into the wind. That was said to be JFK’S sentiment. No wonder they blew his brains out. RFK, the sure winner against Nixon in 1968 said he was going after those who killed his brother. Also taken out by the CIA. The vote means nothing.

        • RE: the CIA traitors,
          “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” – CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories.
          “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” — William Colby, former CIA Director,
          “There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.” — William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee,

          ht tp://

      18. Chalk one up for Ronnie. The average sheeple out there has no idea that the CIA is in the
        drug running business. This includes the dummies that believe everything that Fox News says. They think the alphabet organizations protect us from the evil Russians. Wake up.

      19. Obama and his cronies politicized the intelligence agencies. The agencies should be trying to get at the truth rather than furthering a political agenda. If Wikileaks says one thing and the intelligence agencies say another, many people would listen to Wikileaks. Sad day!

      20. Ron Paul?!!!!
        When did he get out of the Insane Asylum?

      21. Assange only exposes the US. No one else.

      22. Looks like Ghandi is posting bad comment about the agency who employed to get a seat here at SHTF.YOUR BANNED. DONT NOT POST ON THIS SITE AGAIN. You cant be attacking me when i am posting the truth and then i ban yours muslim ass and now you are attacking your employer.


        • I would like you to explain more about this post, HCKS. Thanks.

      23. Ron Paul is a high level mason, and i heard this from a good source. He is a white hat mason. There is a difference. He is one of the good guys. He also warned us about Trump. Unfortunately for us, Trump is the one who is bringing in the military state of tyrany by years end. He has to start the war in the middle east and he is on board..So he and his cabal is trying to start the war with Kim so that they can force the middle east into war to take out Iran. I heard that Russia is massing troops in Syria right now, that the heavy lift transport has begun just a few days ago..Iran deployed fighters, then Israel attacked the troops by air support. And i have bad news too. We preppers will be full time survivalist after October 2017..and one more thing, no border wall is going up on the Texas border, its all a lie, Trump is not building a wall. Think this is bullshit? He is lying his ass off. He lied about Assad attacking his own people with a gas attack and the lied to the American people on National TV. This is when i realized that the whole election was a staged event to fool us into relaxing to give the NWO time to get ready to attack north Korea, then the middle east, to start the war. Him being in the white house was planned. They needed someone that they could trust. Now i am told is that they are shocked how fast the people woke up to this bullshit stunt. So now they are in a hurry with plan c, to attack NK to start the war, to declare martial and come after the American people. We have been betrayed. I have been sick to my stomock because i wanted to believe that Trump was for the people when in fact, he and his family does not care about the American people, its always about them. Not us.

        This is why the UN equipment is still here, did he remove it. No, he wants war with NK.

        More equipment came in. Did he mention it, No he did not. He was busy having the military arresting veterans and Patriots at Keystone.

        If Trump attacks NK, that war will escalate to ww3 within weeks, Russia and china will attack Texas first, and according to my extremely legitimate source, the scientist and my cop source, and retiree sources. Texas is the center of the US economy, so we are on the top of the list for russia and china, and this is why the chi-coms are stationed just 65 miles south of Loredo..i have already been advised to move out of the city as soon as i can and i have been busting ass, not even working out or practicing martial arts, because i am in a state of emergency getting ready to move out of the city on the outskirts asap..Guys, i am not kidding about this..I will work in the city but i will not live here anymore.

        One time i used to be afraid of posting on blogs. Now i have no fear. My life will end soon in the very ear future from Gun shot wounds from a russian or chi-com soldier.. We have no good future ahead of us. I have so much devasting information about the next few years, its so bad i cannot post it, because i dont want anyone giving up. We have to try to survive SHTF. Only 3% of us preppers will survive and its not looking good. women will be extinct in the next 25 years.. The only sUrvivors will be the ones that were captured and taken into the DUMBS. Its that bad, very, very, very bad, bad bad outcome.


        The environment, the environment, wars wars, and wars.. this is how we die.

        • Get out of Hugh-Stone. All of those refineries around there make a fine target. Plus its a
          major metro area. I believe old Ronnie Paul is one of the good guys. People are tired of him
          because he cries wolf too much. The last few months of 2017 are likely to be hell on earth.
          Looks like war or beginning of war. Collapsing economy and bad times for the unprepared.
          Some of us will make it, some will not. We have to try. Giving up is the same as dying.

      24. It’s not about embarrassment, but about more people being exposed to information they can ponder, and come to a conclusion that “Hey, there might be something to this”. It can provoke more people to think about their government and its agencies and their real agendas. Your shadow government doesn’t want its citizens to have some new information presented to them so that they might see through the Deep States’ derailing of the Constitutional Government. It’s about keeping people in darkness. Our government is trying to rule by subversion, force, and fear. Knowledge is freedom.

      25. Fellas: If our founding fathers were alive they’d drug the traitors outside and strung them up if not shot them following a trial that found them guilty of TREASON!

        Now in this day and age what do any of you do besides Bitch and CYA? Are you prepared to defend this nation and secure OUR Rights as Americans?

        HICKS: You post verifiable stuff and I share your frustration. You also network so you get a pass. Thanks from the South, AGAIN!

        So what is everyone else doing???

        • Pray. Prep. Cipher the rats nest of info. Hope for the best. Spread the word for people to get prepared. If they don’t listen, shake the dust off your feet and move on to someone
          that will listen. I know church people that will not get on a computer because according to
          them there is too much temptation. Some of them will not even watch TV. They get all of
          there info from news radio and talk radio and the newspaper. I try to tell them they are missing out on the real information from alternative sources. They have no idea what the
          shadow government or deep state is. They think in stupid terms like its the conservatives
          against the libs. They think its the Pube-icans versus the Democraps. They don’t understand the hidden hands that manipulate. They don’t understand how they are being
          used and played. They say all you need to know is in the bible and thats it. They still have
          the blinders on. They seem to think they will be raptured out just in time. Sure hope so.

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