Red or Blue: What Happens When YOU Are Put On A List? “If You’re On That List, Your Right Is Cancelled”

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    After they have come for the terrorists, and the once-legal gun owners, what happens when they come for you?

    Secret lists are becoming the law of the land. Overseas, Obama uses a secret list to authorize the killing of suspects (and bystanders) via drone strike. Execution, as determined by “secretive processes, without indictment or trial.” Some of those killed have been American citizens.

    Secret lists have been used to determine who can fly on a plane, who is worth watching as a potential terrorist, and who can travel. None of this necessarily requires that a crime has been committed, or that the individual in question has done anything wrong.

    But it won’t stop there.

    Somewhere down the line, there is a deeper list, a simpler list. Somewhere inside the shadow government, and the ominous and secretive infrastructure it has built and seized, there is a list that doesn’t have to mind the complexities of law, or the subtleties of public scrutiny, but can just mark you down – red or blue.

    Those on the red list are marked as dissenters, resisters and enemies of the state. At the appropriate time, perhaps in a nationwide martial law emergency or major terrorist attack, there will be many who are rapturously rounded up and taken away, never to be seen again. The most unaccountable parts of the government have already done it at black sites overseas to aid in the overthrow of various locales.

    Someday it will happen here… when it does, what will you do?


    There danger is inherent. The list exists already inside the system, whether someone has actually crafted it or not. It is retroactive. Databases have been following us throughout our lives for generations now, and today’s technology is quickly becoming sophisticated enough to track and log data on every last individual during nearly every transaction throughout their lives.

    The NSA gets that information, and groups like them. What they don’t have, they call their friends in Silicon Valley for. They monitor it in real time. Not shaded-out “doing nothing wrong” crowds that have no meaning, but a school of fish, the entire movements and trends on every level. And where ever a nail sticks up, and an eccentric action occurs, a note is made, an exception is logged, and there is another ping. Somewhere, someone is going against the trend.

    What is quantified through data and technology will be applied against the age-old rubric of power – those who thirst for it will do anything to destroy their enemies, competitors and anyone who speaks out against what they are doing. Secret lists, secret trials, 4 am raids, indefinite detention, harsh treatment have already been used by many dictators and empires in the 20th Century for suppression.

    The List 2.0 will be aided by computer technology, and will be precise and subtle in its selection and enforcement.

    How many pings does it take to make the “red” list? No one knows for sure, but patriots instinctively understand the danger of the slippery slope of databasing our population and allowing the rule of law and our rights to be chipped away.


    The Bush-era was a nightmare for rights, as the War on Terror cast a shadow of suspicion over the whole population that anyone could be a potential terrorist. Color-coded threat charts, all communications monitored, citizen snitch networks, security checks, pat-downs at the airport and roaming agents everywhere acting under Homeland Security authority. Torture is fine for any apprehended terror suspects. Under the NDAA, all authority is granted.

    Under the Obama regime, the focus has been different, but the problem is the same. The NDAA is still in effect, along with all the rest of the emergency powers. Dangerously, President Obama is now linking the terror lists with guns, the thing which he is most terrified.

    Mass shooters aren’t so different from terrorists, anyway. The presumption of guilt beforehand system-wide remains in place. The 2nd Amendment is too much freedom for the population to handle, given the threat.

    Gun owners have cried foul that efforts to “step up” background checks are in reality an effort towards a federal registry of all gun owners. A master list. Such a registry is tantamount to total confiscation, they argue. It has already happened in states like Connecticut and New York. Someday they will come door to door for everyone.

    It has happened many times in the past. The White House has vehemently denied this, but what are their denials worth?

    Now, one of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will get another item on their wish list.

    Two years before Obama took office, the man who would become his Chief of Staff gave a fiery speech to the Brady Center demanding a No Fly, No Buy list that would ban firearms purchases for anyone on the terrorist watch list. That man also happens to be the same man who is famous for saying “never let a good crisis go to waste.”:

    “If you’re on that no fly list, your access to the right to bear arms is cancelled, because you’re not part of the American family. You don’t deserve that right. There is no right for you, if you’re on that terrorist list.”

    Then-Congressman Rahm Emanuel at the Brady Center in 2007:

    It is this kind of thinking that is un-American.


    What is happening represents so much more than just a an infringement on gun rights, it is a dismantling of the rights of due process, and all the great protections on individual rights that have been respected under the republic of the United States. The 5th Amendment demands that no one be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law” – and firearms certainly qualify here both under property and under liberty.

    But beyond that, how can the 1st Amendment stand either, or the rest of the Bill of Rights with these developments?

    That system has been replaced; it is considered outmoded. And a new one has been put in its place.

    Though it is little understood now, it might best be recognized as “precrime” – an offense portrayed in Minority Report, where various factors and bits of data construct suspects to be apprehended before they strike. That is, after all, the mentality of the terror watch list, regardless of how selectively it has been enforced. It boils down to the power to point to anyone and justify their termination.

    Just as with the rise of fascism in the last century, most Americans have always assumed that “It Can’t Happen Here.” People will argue about whether or not it might happen, and what qualifies as it happening, meanwhile it is happening.

    So which list are you on? Red or blue? If you are reading this, you already know…

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      1. Been on a list for years, makes one wonder???

        • Mac: “So which list are you on? Red or blue? If you are reading this, you already know…”

          Morpheus to Neo in the movie “Matrix”: “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

          Co-opted, a Blue Pill is a Lib on the Blue List. A Red Pill is a Constitutionalist Originalist on the Red List.

          The Blue Libs are sending out their various incarnations of Agent Smith after those on the Red List. In the Matrix movies there is a fierce war between the Blue Libs and the Red Originalists.

          Me? I’m never going to be a Blue Lib. Never!

          • Q to the people everywhere: “Do they follow the Commander in Chief or the Constitution?”

            (Hat tip to Sgt Dale for pointing me to the movie Amerigeddon).

            Follow the Blue Commander in Chief or the Red Constitution?

            Let’s hope it doesn’t go there. Peaceful non-violence is greatly preferred. However, if/when the event of Lib Aggression comes, then it’s the latter half of “Pray for Peace, Prepare for War.”

            • Armed at home, armed at work, armed in the vehicle and will fight back and kill traitors that try to take me. Thanks for the combat training and experience BTW.

              • First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
                Because I was not a Socialist.

                Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
                Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

                Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
                Because I was not a Jew.

                Then they came for me—and I just shot the bastards.

                • ROTFLMAO wormdirt, you rock!

              • Everyone needs to jump over and watch this short video

                ht tp://

                  • The ultimate freedom is to be on the red list and know it. Party time with nothing to lose. Take as many as you can with you and so be it. Who could ask for more? Would a just God disapprove ? Fighting evil till the end ? How could he? Keep the faith.

                  • One problem with Judge Jeanine’s advice, weaponizing police as Obama will nationalize the police and use it against us not the terrorists.

                    As to whether you are on a list, Hillary said her enemies are Republicans so they have the pesky voter rolls. No further data collection needed. Another thought, anyone that has tweeted about them and a lot of tweets go directly to them are on the list. It will be so easy for them.

                  • I think if you buy into this ladies bullshit or some libtards ideology you haven’t swallowed the red pill you’ve swallowed the cool aid. There is no right or left , please remember that.

          • As I have said before would take the blue and red pill!As for taking guns,well,stash a few while having one quickly avaliable.Those who do not own firearms by now either do not want them or can’t afford em,you have a spare and good family member/friend ect. get em out shooting!As always do not though limit yourself as far as tools in any fight for your freedom,the firearm is just one tool in a large box,the best tool is knowledge and gaining more!

          • I’m pretty sure most of us here have file cabinets, with flashing lights.

        • When the Nazis came for the communists,
          I remained silent;
          I was not a communist.

          When they locked up the social democrats,
          I remained silent;
          I was not a social democrat.

          When they came for the trade unionists,
          I did not speak out;
          I was not a trade unionist.

          When they came for the Jews,
          I remained silent;
          I wasn’t a Jew.

          When they came for me,
          there was no one left to speak out.

          Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller (14 January 1892 – 6 March 1984) was a Protestant pastor and social activist, imprisoned by the Nazis.

          • Like I have said many times “Just because some fat fooker in a suit says his shit is law doesn’t make it so” Fook them, Fook their lists, Fook the asswipe morons that enforce their shit! They have no power whatsoever without the enforcers. You might want to notify your enforcers of this since they seem to stupid to get it themselves…

            • Ya john and when they come for me they in for a nasty, nasty suprise. Sounds like ol Fred there didn’t have much of a brain or tools to defend himself did he? Just went into the night without a whimper like a good unarmed (mentally and physically) nailbiter…

              • I’m getting to the point where I don’t care about there women or children. They are just future Obama voters. Convince me otherwise . You are just a liar. No matter what you say. You are an educated savage. Full of greed. Until you find out what’s coming. Then your gold won’t save you. Can’t wait to see the look on your face.

                • Who are you talkin too?

          • Domestic enemy lies to get us to do nothing and give the enemy time . Egypt was ounce all Christian then came the Muslims .lybiya, Iran ,Iraq, Jordan ,Syria ,we’re all Christian then came the Muslims . America as ounce all Christian then came the Muslims . Watch your extermination.

        • Same here found a bug once and went down stairs to where the guy that was listen to me and brought him a pizza and a penthouse magazine. 🙂

          He thanked me and said how boring at times it was until my girlfriend at the time came over 🙂 🙂

        • Providing the drug cartels with another business opportunity. And people will smuggle in ‘the good stuff’.

      2. “After they have come for the terrorists, and the once-legal gun owners, what happens when they come for you?”

        Eliminate the enemy – strip them of their resources – discard & burn the body(s) – continue to repeat process, until nobody else comes for you.

        • Skulls on fence posts to mark ones territory

          • you will need to be prepared . as when they come they will be NO- way to stop them for very long so plan your battle and siince you already know the outcome, better set your perimeter up to take lots of them out at the last stand! several million of us and if we take 2-8 out at each site there won’t be enough of them to finish!!

            • Firetrap. Burned alive while screaming in and out of their vehicles with no where to go but to hell.

            • Screw that no-win scenario.

            • Ahh- have you looked at the gear they are training with? Helicopters, APC’s, heat cameras and scopes, WiFi radar, body armour, grenades.. sorry but the most likely out come for you is a quiet whimper as you wake up being dragged out of bed at 3am.
              Bear in mind, red and blue are not the only option- smarter to bury your best weapons and food and make a difference later, when government shrinks. I have lived in several countries governed by dictatorship and trust me, if you keep your head down and have some cash for bribes they leave you alone. America will be the same after the initial purge.
              Being red flagged for talking smack on a website would be a waist when we could fix things with large numbers later.

        • FTW, AMEN.

      3. Inalienable rights cane not be taken away for any reason.regardless of what the bimbos say.

      4. And your bimbos time is coming.

      5. This is why you must have a team. If you go it alone when it turns bad you will have no back up. The time to start putting this together is now. Pray, Plan, Prep, Form Teams.

        • Forming teams is much easier said than done. Most people want to be left alone, and are extremely suspicious of anyone who might randomly knock on their door and say:

          “Hey, do you wanna form a neighborhood team to reject all of the government tyranny that we are experiencing?”

          I suspect that the vast majority of MY neighbors will pull out their shotgun and put the barrel in my face and tell me to get the f%#k off of their property and never come back.

          What then? Do you tell them how much food stores and other preparatory measures that you have taken?

          Delusional is the word that comes to mind.

          • AJ, aint that the truth!

      6. I doubt the no fly and watch list thing will withstand a Constitutional challenge since there is no way of challenging it even if you could find out if you’re on it.

        A “due process of law” sort of thing.

        But if it does the next step will be hunting you down to confiscate your guns, the same way California does if someone becomes prohibited for some reason.

        And if you’ve ever filled out a 4473 or had a background check they know you own it (don’t believe those claims that they don’t keep records or won’t just collect the 4473’s), so if you’re in a universal background check State you better be ready to account for it or prove who you transferred it to. If you’re not then you should start thinking about how to cover for it, just claiming you lost it or sold it will need some credible evidence to support the claim.

        At the least place an ad in the paper or Thrifty Nickel or something right now and keep a copy of it (you don’t actually have to sell it, just tell callers it is already sold when they call).

      7. I’m proud to be on the list.
        My list is Red, White, and Blue!

        Damn thing are getting sticky and Santa is on his way!

        Just in. Obullshit, Hellery, and Rahm just made Santa’s naughty list


        • Sgt,
          we can HOPE Santa will send them a very special present!! of course nothing more than what they deserve!maybe one of those stingers that got into the wrong hands in Bengazi would be nice, of course they only get the rocket, the launcher would be used!

          • Sarge,asked you way back when about a good glove that has at least decent feel for shooting in very cold weather,you said would probably disglove for a shot.I have tried the Heritage extreme gloves,about 31 a pair,keep your mitts warm and with winter trigger gaurd(always use em)have a good feel of the trigger.That said,do not shoot a 2 stage(just not for me)so not sure how they would work then,that said,a good feel on 4 pound pull and just a decent all around glove for basic dexterity,get a pair folks as they are”Warchild Used And Approved”!,for whatever thats worth!Have a good weekend all(hopefully).

            • W.D.
              Thanks for the advice. I’m going to look into them.

              W.D. remember when TSHTF one of the last thing you worry about having cold fingers. You are more worried about that hot little slug getting you.

              Again thanks for the info. Are they on Amazon?

              I’m working the power shift 8PM to 4AM tonight. I’ll look into this in the morning.


              • I got mine off of the big e site,31 and change shipped,use a tailors measure tape and measure the widest part of your hand just above fingers all the way around,I personally am a size 11 from measuring,measure both hands and if really different they can give you say a 10 left and right 11.*pm to 4 am shift eh,must be a donut /coffee shop nearby,hope you have a boring shift!A friend who went from big city to small town cop loves boring shifts.

      8. Too bad we can’t cancel it out with Hillary book purchases.

      9. I’ve been a dissenter since my SDS days in the late 60s. Individual liberty is my liege. Thermopylae is my tutor. Molon Labe, tyrant. With my shield or on it.

        • Wally who would have guessed all those days ago what people protested would actually come to be . What the hell has happened to our country ? Looks like there is going to be real pain and discomfort in the near future . Never forget the past and who you are . They can never take that away .
          Me I will take may chances my life was a gift since February 2 , 1991 in a place called al khafji .
          25 years ago this February . I do not fear death what I fear is dying with the knowledge of nothing remaining . All those sacrifices all those people can not be for vain .
          There are things worse than death .

          Semper Fi
          USMC ‘ 91 combat wounded
          3rd recon

        • “a dissenter since my SDS days”

          Shouldn’t you be standing shoulder to shoulder with bill ayers and his homo but boy obozo?

      10. There has never been a government that passed alaw granting its own Armed Forces a Right to keep and bear arms. NO government ever denied its own Armed Forces ARMS.
        The second amendment is for the PEOPLE, god damn it.

      11. Seems the first and most pragmatic step that needs to be taken – by all of us – is like the old woman used to shout, “Show me the beef!!!”; or in this instance, “Show me the lists!!!”. Until we all are awakened by seeing our own names on some list or another – we just don’t know a damned thing………. until we are picked up, denied some purchase, a flight…..

        “Show me the list” ought to be a new rally cry.

      12. The problem with lists is these days they are shared.
        I had a girlfriend who was in international business. She mainly went to south america but some europe and africa too.
        When they first did the no fly list a name similar to hers popped up and she missed a flight for a job. Her name is a name that can either be male or female. She spent years trying to get it removed and finally it was. Then it started popping up in other countries because the gov shared the list with other countries and she found herself stuck in other countries unable to go home. Had to go to the embassy and get a permission slip to get on the plane. This went on for 10 years until she finally had to give up her job. Then she tried to get a new job and found out she couldnt get a security clearance because of all the enquirers into her FBI file and a file at homeland security. Yet, she never did anything wrong.

        • Does she own guns?

      13. Many of the establishment today came out of the ranks of the Vietnam War protest movement. None is more famous in those circles that has reached Cabinet status than John Kerry. The two Clintons were small time players but players none the less.

        Apparently morality is for the moral.

        • Kevin2, don’t forget John ‘Shitstain’ McCain, still in the US Senate as of today. His father was in charge of the coverup on the USS Liberty scandal.

      14. I don’t know if things are going to get better or worse but I do know we will be listening and talking about the same topics till the elections are over. It will be boredom or stress that will kill many of us before we even get to fight.

        • Sling,how the hell would we die of boredom when we have a Algonquin Roundtable of scintillating conversation with folks like yourself!

          • WD

            We do try to make the best of it, don’t we all. ;0)

            • We lose our ability to laugh/humour tis then we are dead.Yes,things can get very ugly,still,even then expect a few laughs.We lose that ability we have died,thus,live long and laugh!

              • We might not be laughing much longer . In one hour all heaped up wealth will become nothing. And strong men’s hearts will fail for fear of what’s coming . And Damascus will be a heap of ruin. Go ahead laught. It might be your last chance .

        • best thing to do is not be one of the killed.

          after he was re-elected in 2012, I knew whatever is going to happen, will happen, a usa debt default, WW3, a change to socialism; you have to survive that period and see if there’s enough of americans left that want to restore it.

          after 2012, I went dark; except for messageboards; you wont find me popping my head up as lead on any tea party organization until America decides to try and restore things and we’re still a way from there; even with trump; and I’m a published author on conservative principles to restore America; but that was long before 2012 and the masses showed that the welfare class is the majority now until things get so bad for them that they are willing to try something different.

      15. As a former member of IDF, Rahm is a child killer. Like most neocons, when Emanuel looks in a mirror he sees a souless, empty shell of a man. He had a
        number of career choices. He could get his own FOX sitcom. He could be a leading man in Hollywood, or he could be a “leader”. Rahm chose to buy an election and be the failed mayor of Chicago. He, Bill Ayers, David Axelrod and
        other born losers helped to create the Zionist science project known as Obama.
        They took the ugliest girl in school, gave her a makeover and turned her into
        a prom queen. Soros, Sheldon Adelson and the other ruling oligarchs got a chuckle out of it and we got a “president”. Emanuel is a dual citizen of Israel.
        He shouldn’t even have the right to vote in America.

        • All duel citizenship people should be deported. How can anyone argue otherwise . They are traitors.

          • They sure as hell shouldnt hold public office….

      16. Molon labe

        0311 zulu 6

        • Semper Fi Brother!!

      17. Millions of us are on several lists…a lot of work for Obama’s minions to deal with.

      18. The homeland’s (America is now myth) population wants at least a pause on bringing in Syrian , male fighting age refugees. 68% of us last I saw…

        But TPTB couldn’t care less about us. It doesn’t fit with their plan to collapse borders and destroy national sovereignty…

        Put a man or animal in a position where all is lost and you had better not take your eyes off them. The time is coming when the call to action will be obvious to all.
        Act too soon and you will be put down quickly and be called a rabid dog and your efforts dismissed…

        I personally don’t know of a vet or neighbor out here in Texas that will not stand beside you. Now I can’t speak for Austin but out here the sky is big, as is our absolute fidelity to the myth.

        Because here in the heart of Texas, as in Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado and all across this great Nation the myth still breathes and has life. They try to strangle the dream but still America calls to her sons and daughters…

        Don’t believe all the crap you read and imagine that we are all lost before the fight even begins. That is what they want you to believe, to sap your spirit of strength so you can be meekly led to slaughter…

        Their absolute power and strength is illusion. Federal forces will never take Texans by force and put them in FEMA camps, because we would make the cost too high. There would be no one left to man the camps…

        ps-Don’t dismiss a higher authority because of others actions and words or your own misconceptions. There is great solace and courage to be found in the bosom of one’s creator…

        • Amen Brother!! Have a Lot of Family In Texas, and I agree with you, they will be Tasked Beyond Belief!! They will learn what 4th Gen Warfare Is all About. No More Free Waco’s and Ruby Ridges and when the SHTF , well we will see a lot of Us Old Vets Putting our Boots back on for One more Time..God Bless Texas!!

          Semper Fi

          • Vet,the first few who fight and say fuck it,fight by any means necc. perhaps will be viewed by the msm and some in population as rabid dogs,many will view them as heroes/the first to die in a fight say against martial law/what have you.When this becomes the only option as another poster said,make sure your death counts,sad we as a country even have to think this way.

            • Just look at how we are viewed now,,,,
              “Bitter clingers”
              “Gun nuts”
              “Right wing extremist”
              Its total crap, i hate the establishment with every ounce of my sole more and more each day, so much so that i have to just unplug from reading this kinda stuff so i dont blow a gasket and have a coronary. It sucks, and it isnt getting better but progressively getting worse,
              Some asshole troll said im one of those types who wear a tinfoil hat,,,,
              Guess you can call a steel pot a tinfoil hat of sorts, ill keep it on thanks

              • Add “terrorists”.

                • Yea, that was the one that really grabbed my attention,
                  When i read a piece that quoted this asshole from the SPLC and he said that the biggest threat are constituionalist gun nuts who may also be Christians,,,,,
                  Called us domestic terrorist

        • 1vet,
          Lots of us were brought up with different values and a love of our country and soverignty that just is not present today, people have no sense of national pride, not really anyway, not with the wattered down, dumbed down excuse for a country we have going on now.

      19. Red list , blue list, short list, long list, shit list and honey do list. There is only one I can do anything about.

      20. I am on a lot of lists. I want the bastards to know what I think otherwise they may get the idea they can pull this off. Who are the “they” whom you say will come to take my rights away? Unless your talking about God, then no one else qualifies as to take away something means they had to grant it, and they did not. My rights come fom God almighty.

        • Well said Mr. West

      21. There’s a fight coming . And we all know it..

        • Yeah, so did the Brits and Australians, look what happened there. They all cowered in and complied. No fight at all. Same will happen here. Some will resist, but most will comply.

      22. You let the bimbos vote and you get Oprah and Ellen for president. . What did you expect? Ask any woman about their friends . They are mostly idiots. We are fighting for are survival. . It’s bimbo. By by time .no more patty cake . F your wife and precious daughter. If you don’t like it change them fast. If you can’t it’s by by time.

      23. The stupid ones will be taken alive. Thinking they will talk there way out . They will die slow and long . And wish they died fighting

      24. A GPS guided drone to your censes recorded position spraying high tech chemical agents . Good luck dude? Aim small if you get the chance.

        • I think they are already doing this,
          Just too many coincidence

      25. You will sone have freedom of choice. Weather to starve to death Ina FEMA camp. Or die fighting. Take your pick.

      26. The most unaccountable parts of the government have already done it at black sites overseas to aid in the overthrow of various locales. This writer doesn’t even know what is going on,, There are already black sites here in the U.S., there were protest in Chicago over a black site,……seriously!

      27. I was going to share this on Facebook but i did not because the image on the share was a add

      28. Traitors deserve only one thing… “A Short Drop with a Quick Stop”…

      29. They have their list…we’ve got our list.

      30. They’ve got their lists, we’ve got our lists…

      31. Well i guess you will have to give them your guns, one bullet at a time !

        Terrorists just love “Gun Free Zones” and Israel loves false flags and the bankers need to take your guns before they whip you slave butt naked arse when they take your pensions.

        No guns, no pensions, no rights

      32. I expect they encourage anonymous tips to fill the list of those whose rights have been suspended. All without any verification or qualification. And once on the list never off unless one knows the right people.

        We used to have a “Black List”, but that was considered racist.

      33. Rights are a fantasy, just a meme. They are an 18th century tool against tyranny, that by the 21st century has been co-opted by the ruling classes. Rights don’t protect you, nor do you protect them. The Jews in Nazi Germany had a “right to life”; what good did it do them?

        What is real, is will. For example, we remain armed not because of the 2nd Amendment or RKBA, but because we (some of us anyway) will kill anyone who attempts to disarm us.

        It is important to have a good fix on reality.

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