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Are You On the Jade Helm Red List and Will You Know When It’s Time to Run?

Dave Hodges
May 23rd, 2015
Common Sense Show
Comments (304)

This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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Author: Dave Hodges
Date: May 23rd, 2015
Website: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/

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  1. Zero says:

    Who is running?

    • Captain Ron says:

      The clock… Tic… Toc… Tic… Toc… Tic… Toc…

      • OutWest says:

        I ran many a year ago.
        Saw the shadow of the hawk.
        Run rodent run.
        Don’t look back.
        Don’t ever look back.

        • Genius says:

          I don’t need to run, I can drive lol. If you don’t have a stocked place to go yer screwed. Better make some fortifications around your home. Maybe think about some kind of underground shelter even if its small. If you have any neighbors that are on the same page get some radio gear to stay in contact and give alerts. If your in an apartment maybe make a false wall in a closet or see if you can find an access to the attic space if your on the top floor. If you have a car with a trunk you could hide in it provided you had a flashlight to see the latch to get back out. Hide in a manhole in the street or a dumpster. Climb a big tree and hide. Culvert pipes work good too.
          If your outnumbered and need to hide asap it’s better to look at all options you have now before you need them.

          • OutWest says:

            If a person wasn’t born and raised in the
            wilderness get in line for the cattle cars,
            What the hell is this last minute departure
            everyone talks about?
            You people are smoking too much ganja if you
            think that will pan out.
            Quit being so damn ordinary, at least elevate
            yourself above the lemmings.
            Good God Man, use your head for something
            besides a hatrack. Live up to your name.

            • Genius says:

              OutWest, For those with no where to go I agree. But at least they may live to fight another day and be able to pick their own battles. It is the best advice I have for them. I have several places to go and can hold out for a long, long time. If people don’t have this option their days are numbered but being able to survive the initial onslaught will give them the opportunity to do a lot more damage before they meet their fate. I hope that makes sense.

              • Braveheart says:

                Genius and OutWest, it’s possible I’ll leave earlier than I originally planned for the BOL in GA. If I can get there early, I’ve got damn good chances of survival. If I’m stuck in the city…..I’ll do all the damage I can before I’m taken out. Genius, your points are very well taken by me. That was my original plan before I got the arrangment for the BOL. If I leave the city early enough, I just might make it to the other side of all this shit. I’ll be with family and some other people I know and trust.

                • Northern Reb says:

                  I’m happy to know that you have a good BOL in Ga. To bad that you were not closer to my area, you could bug out here, We could use all the good guy’s we can get.
                  My area is the bug out area for several family members that will listen and friends that have listened. If we have to leave this area we are heading south/west to Missouri. We have land and family there.
                  I bought this property 41 years ago and another 3/4 of an acre last year, to put campers on and other building on the new and old property in use for people to say in.
                  Good luck my friend If you have to bug out, stay safe, alert, but most of all FREE.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • Hipshot says:

                  I too have a BOL in GA. email me direct and we can set up contact freq. to stay in touch for mutual support

                • 1) I *live* at my BOL. If I’m stuck at work when feces meets fan, I can grab my get-home bag and walk home if necessary, over one of multiple routes, and be home in a day or two maximum.

                  2) Sure, the authorities might (or might not) come for me, but if they have any reason, it’s way too late to stop whatever it is they think I’m doing wrong. This is why I literally gave the book I wrote away, for free. It is now disseminated across the Internet, and is still being passed around from Finland to Singapore (and I mean that literally… I’ve seen and downloaded copies from servers at both locations and more besides.) Can’t stop the signal, Mal… it’s already out there. (‘course, it might or might not stop the 2nd edition, but it’s only an expansion of the first…)

                  3) All said, I don’t think the list is going to contain anyone from the motley crew that posts here. We’re small potatoes at this stage.

              • Mike in VA says:


                Very nice post. At least someone who has no options is doing something.
                I have a few ideas to add.
                If you see banks close or signals ahead of time then you could try a few of these. At least you are not just giving up. Which you should never do in this case. Never give up or quit no matter what!

                1 – Find bed and breakfast places out in the country. Try to go to these and pay with cash.
                2 – Always use just cash. If you see the signals then do away with electronic devices.
                3 – Go to campgrounds out in the country.
                4 – If driving and you see run down abandoned barns or sheds you could try squatting there for a day or two.
                5 – You just have to make it through 1 or 2 nights. You could even just go homeless. People do it in the cities all the time.
                6 – If you make it to the country you can be homeless in the woods for 1 or 2 days even if you have no skills. Not sure what you would do after that with no supplies or skills but at least you made it past the initial threat.
                7 – culvert pipes, bridges, abandoned buildings, junk yards, abandoned vehicles, dumps, use your own imagination and mind to live another day.
                8 – Also mom and pop no name motels. Again just cash. It they don’t allow just cash don’t do it.

                If you made it through the one night of your area you should be okay. This is a scenario that would mean that they are relying on totally surprising you. They do not have time to do long searches for individuals. They would hit areas and move to others quickly while they had surprise on there side. It would be just quick snatch and grab’s. Make it through the first couple of days. Then the resistance and what we know is coming begins.

                Just my 2 cents.

                • Genius says:

                  That is a great 2 cents sir, thank you 🙂

                • Old Guy says:

                  I happen to own some of those so called Abandoned places. the are for my use only. I wont take kindly to tresspassers. if you see the purple trespassing paint you best keep on moving. If your some Refugee without a invite We don’t want or need you. Stay Away.

                • Marie says:

                  Mike in VA–Don’t you have to show them some sort of ID, when you check into a hotel these days?

                  I am a former Virginian now living overseas (and thanking God for leading me here some years ago), so I haven’t checked into a US hotel in some time, and can’t remember…

                  But if you have to identify yourself, and TPTB have been all over the lamestream media warning everyone how dangerous YOU are, the B&B or mom-and-pop hotel might not be a good idea (?).

                  Thoughts? Not criticizing, just asking! thanks

          • Sgt. Dale says:

            Great advise!!!!
            Our group set up a lot of this a couple of years ago.
            We also have plans to set out Booby traps and trip wires to let us know that they are coming and where they are at.
            N.N.B.T.E A.S.M.S.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt says:

            Aim for their balls, especially the leader who is pointing a lot.

          • Ian MacLeod says:

            If they’re right about this “incoming planet” – Nibiru or “Wormwood” or whatever it is – and from the photos of the sun, and what little I can see it’s true – then a shelter under your home, especially in lowlands or near an ocean, it’s just another place to die. The Solar system IS heating up along with the Earth. I just read the Earth is also turning to face the thicker part of its magnetosphere toward either the sun or the intruder (I’ll check that at dawn; they’ve been getting lazy here in Oregon and starting the chemtrails late – well after dawn). Looks like it’s going to be a real mess. Every mountain here in Oregon is a volcano, and something like, they may ALL go off! At the very least Yellowstone will, and that alone could do Oregon in.

            • sixpack says:

              I live at the foot of Mount Hood. I used to think those little rumbles I feel from time to time were just trucks going by on the interstate…lately, I’m not so sure. If Hood goes “Mount St. Helens 1980” on us, we’re done here anyway.

              I fear DHS thugs more than I do that mountain. That mountain could be my last refuge. I won’t know for sure, until I get there.

              • Genius says:

                sixpack, Do they still have the alpine slide there? That was a ton of fun when I visited Mt hood! I wish they would build one around here.

                • sixpack says:

                  I don’t know about the slide, I tend to stay away from the tourist spots. Mogul mouse was fun and Timberline has lots of things to do, if that’s your thing. I prefer the lakes, streams and forestry on the mountain. I like the solitude one can find by getting away from the mobs of ski-lift ticket toting millenials…besides, you can’t fish from a ski lift…

              • I think Mt. St. Helens would kick off first, considering that it has a much thinner lid of rock over the magma chamber. Mt. Hood is dormant, and very likely to remain that way for a very long time.

                The rumbles are from, believe it or not, earthquakes. USGS shows we’ve been getting a few up here lately.

            • Old Guy says:

              Im skeptical about Nibiru. However the earths magnetic poles are rapidly shifting. and that does have a far rangine effect on the planet. It is a end of an age earth change. Occurs about every 3600 years. the last time was during the time of the Exidos. The San Andras and Cascadia will let go first. Then the New Madrid. What the government is preparing for is countinuation of government during the end of an age pole shift. The NWO one world government is already in place and calling the shots.

            • Anonymous says:

              if Yellowstone goes the whole planet is doomed.

        • passinwiththewind says:

          There is only one reason to capture and hold persons that would “possibly” be a threat to TPTB and their agenda for a NWO.

          That reason is simply to put fear into the larger percentage of Patriots that might begin to assemble and respond to tyranny.

          They have no fear from weak kneed, yellow bellied, leftist sad suckers, so it would just be a show of force and threat.

          Anyone posing a real threat to “their” agenda would be simply Vince Foster’d, anyway. If any reading this are too young or too far out of touch to not know who Vince Foster was…just google him and look at where, when, and how, he died.
          What is really weird, is that rumor has it that he was billery’s secret lover.

          Was she playing the part of the black widow spider?

          • What surprises me is that they would do this now. Hillary has proposed sending people to “fun camps” and changing their “deep seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases.” Wouldn’t this spoil her campaign promises such as they are?

      • Anonymous says:

        If you read Naomi Wolf’s books– “Give me Liberty” and “Letters to a Young Patriot”, you will be amazed how closely they are going according to the methods Hitler used!!

        So, yeah, I guess they will apply the same blueprint Hitler used, as you wrote above. That’s what they’ve been doing so far… scary as hell!

        • Cede says:

          Naomi Wolf? How about reading “The bad war” and “The war against Putin” by Mike King. Facinating read!!! You’ll realise that old Adolf really wasn’t such a bad chap after all and that half the crap we’ve been fed for years, really is crap. And before anyone starts screaming at me about how evil Hitler was ….Go have a read yourself. You’ll probably have an “oh sheesh” moment in the process when you realise that what’s happening to us today, is completely interelated to, the same greedy scoundrels who’ve brought down our country today.

          I’ve been reading military history books since I can remember. It’s only recently that I’ve delved into political history and put two and two together. I’m actually embarrassed to say, that what I thought was true of our history for so long, is in fact, a well fabricated piece of propaganda to control the hungry masses.

          • Delta Foxtrot 991 says:

            Videos, pictures of the plies of dead body’s at concentration camps and thousands of prisoners and soldiers eye witness accounts don’t lie. Hitler was an evil FVCK who killed millions. Saying WWII history is “a well fabricated piece of propaganda to control the hungry masses” has got to be one of the stupidest comments I’ve seen here in a LONG time. Congratulations…….

          • Anonymous says:

            it is all lies. why should we believe a few pictures they show us? I have read the war against Putin and I dont believe Hitler was all that they tell us, they lie. Putin is christian now and they cannot stand it, he has God on his side.

        • ENFP says:

          Not really so surprising they are following Hitler’s plan because those same agents organized our CIA. We had a coup with the Kennedy assassination and they have been gradually fulfilling their agenda ever since.

          • Cede says:

            Our worlds come full circle. Russia finally got rid of the powerful Jewish faction that controlled the communist leadership who were responsible for enforcing the killing of 40 million Russians. That same faction escaped to the U.S. a few decades ago. Oddly enough, we have a very identifiable group of people running our country today, who’s loyalty is to themselves and a certain little country who’s military is paid for by the American tax payer. Coincidence? I think not!!

            We are becoming what Russia was. And Russia is becoming what we were. We aren’t following Hitler ….. We’re following Stalin!!

            • Jimbo says:

              You sound disappointed that it’s Stalin instead of Hitler. BTW, anyone who thinks hitler was just a regular guy who got caught up in some big misunderstanding needs to spend a month in a concentration camp for perspective, better than reading books put out by neo nazis with an agenda of their own.

              • Rick Leaf says:

                Communist agitators and purveyors of decadence were put in the camps because they posed a threat to Germany’s Christian culture. It is only because these folks had powerful fellow tribesmen in Britain and the USA that Germany did not succeed in bringing back its traditional values permanently.

                One must kill the parasite to get rid of the problem.

                • It is very easy to blame one group for all your problems. The fact is we have sociopaths and morons running the country being told what to do by harvard educated thugs of every religion. The religion to fight is greed and power.

    • talon1776 says:

      It cannot be said any more accurately than you have stated!
      Cowards run…
      …Patriots stand their ground!
      Whoever runs will just die tired. What can be of benefit to an article that says flee the boogie man…to Dave Hodges….my God man! Grow a set…The word on you is you have a a flee plan…very pathetically sad…


      • Zero says:

        That’s right friend. The ones that run aren’t helping the cause of freedom. Some of us will die. No one wants to, but our children are worth the sacrifice.

        • Genius says:

          Zero, There is a time to run and a time to fight. If they come to you with a gang of buddies the worst thing to do would be jump out there and be a Rambo. You would die for nothing.
          Bring the fight to them and you will be a lot more effective and do a lot more damage. Pick your battles wisely. I for one will not be a martyr for a bunch of idiots. If I see them coming I will get the hell out or hide until I can choose my battle. I will make my life count as much as possible and inflict hell on my enemy. Guerilla war is not fought on your porch with an ar15.

          • Zero says:

            We are already set up for an attack from a gang of traitors. No rambo shit, just lethal, well hidden, well thought out devices and tricks that have been years in the works. You take off onto the road with no support hoping you make it to wherever you are going. Good luck.

            • Genius says:

              Zero, thats what I’m talking about. Devices and traps etc. I have a number of places to go so Im not worried about it. I have been prepping for this for almost 20 years now and I too know some very nasty tricks. I have learned a lot of things over the years and it sounds like you have too. A site you might like in your bag of tricks is skylighter.com Good to see a man on the same page 🙂

              • Ian MacLeod says:

                I envy you folks. I’ve spent the past 30 years trying to get some diagnosis and treatment from the VA, and my last back operation left me unable to walk farther than 50 feet at a time. I’ve been a Chronic Pain Patient for a long time, and was homeless before I found some treatment. Still, I’m poor as a church mouse. I can hunt – or I could once; I hit what I’m aiming at (I was Hospital Corps BTW) so I could make myself damned inconvenient for someone, but that’s about it. I HAD a stash of some supplies, but a blasted meth-head broke into the shop and ripped a lot of that off, and that’s that. Well, see you on the other side if there IS one – or not.

          • Paranoid says:

            Not going to run out and jump at them. Going to invite the guy in the back end of the line in for coffee. That’s where I’d be, easyer to shoot them in the back from there. Just how the hell many people do you think it’s going to take to”Round up” all these people? Get 10 miles outside the outerbelt of the big cities and see how many people don’t figure to go quietly.

            • Sgt. Dale says:

              “P” “Z” “G” “T”
              You guys are all right. There will be some that will stand and fight and there will be some that will evade and elude. I don’t call it running away. There is a time to stand and fight and a time to retreat and fight another day.

              This will be for you to decide and what your heart tells you.

              Just remember the Ones that Stands and Fight might be giving up his life for those who Retreats to Fight another day. For those who Retreats you most remember the Sacrifice the Ones that Stood and Fought gave, and the Ones that Retreat to fight another day. You must fight with to HONOR those who chose to Stand and to give you that day that you STOOD AND FOUGHT.


          • sixpack says:

            “Guerilla war is not fought on your porch with an ar15.”

            I ❤ it.

          • Mike in VA says:


            Another great point you made. Use guerrilla tactics. We can’t win in a straight gun fight with the military or police. We are outgunned. Hit and run. Hit and run. Stay alive or you have failed us all.

      • socmarine87 says:

        If I’m running, it’s only to flank them.

      • secret squirrel says:

        My thoughts exactly, besides eventually they will flush everyone out of their BOL, drone with FLIR and hellfires, you wont even hear it coming. There is no running, you think they wont find 10,000 people hiding it the woods, with smoke and fires, there is nowhere to run guys, and running is now way to secure our posterity.

      • tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

        talon 1776,

        Exactly as you say…

        Instead of lighting one firecracker at a time, do the whole pack…

        holding ground in Texas

      • Ishoh Sez says:

        ’76 says:
        Please try to THINK!
        Why are all these bad guys working? For MONEY.
        Who has all the money?
        The ‘half of one percent’. They have authority, so they are responsible.
        How’d they get it? They don’t work; they lied and stole it from YOU.
        If you can’t take it from them, take them from IT.
        And all this bad stuff will just go away.
        Know your enemy; they are the CAUSE. imho.

  2. Captain Ron says:

    So why wait until the beast is upon you? Figure it out people… The “revolution” won’t be a video on youtube or an article on any website… That I do know for sure.

    • Paranoid says:

      Why wait till the Beast is upon you? Several reasons. Eyes aren’t as good as they used to be so I want to place my shots where it won’t ruin the pelt. If he’s on the property I won’t have to argue with my redneck neighbors on who gets to stuff him. yards mowed so finding the used brass is a lot easyer. Can use the guys’ across the streets truck and game hoist, makes it a lot less work. Oodles of reasons.

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        Thanks man you made me laugh! I need one. Work was a BITCH.
        I had to deal with people that have no frigging idea what is coming.
        Morons fighting over who grass it was. Property line one guy cut the other guys grass????????
        Dog peeing on the neighbors large maple tree.
        This was just a few things I had today.
        These morons can’t get along over this what the HELL are they going to do WTSHTF?????

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey PIG. Your attitude towards the people fuckin sucks. Fascist bastard.

          • sixpack says:

            …coming from some chickenshit who posts as ‘anonymous’…

          • Sgt. Dale says:

            you have a right to your opinion. When you get your mommies tit out of your mouth come, and tell me this face to face. And I will get you some of my opinion.

            By the way I know who my father is. Which removes the bastard part. Do you know who your father is that donated his sperm to make a Son Of A Bitch like you?

            So tired of punk ass tuff guys on the computer. Troll go a way!


          • Mike in VA says:

            Hey idiot anonymous. Sgt is protecting you because he is one of the good ones. You are such an idiot.

          • Northern Reb says:

            Annoy mouse:
            I see by your post, that your ignorance is only superseded by your foul mouth.
            It is clearly evident that your intelligence is on the lower end of the spectrum of humanoid.
            If you disagree with someone that’s fine, but accusations and no proof is just, in terms that you can understand is just plan DUMB and childish.
            Grow up and get a life.
            You do not deserve my regular closing. you would not understand it anyway.
            N. Reb

        • Paranoid says:

          Sgt. You are looking at it wrong. WTSHTF those are the types of people you are going to have to deal with. How much more do you want them to do? Put an X on their forehead and carry a sign that says: “Shoot Me” How easy do you want them;? You cannot expect ALL of them to accidentaly shoot themselves.

        • Archivist says:

          Neighbors’ goats escaped today. They immediately went to another neighbor’s yard, squatted, and squeezed out a load. My wife said she hoped they would go in our back yard and eat all the grass so we wouldn’t have to mow it.

          We just laugh about the neighbors. They have lost all their chickens twice now by not keeping them locked up. Their own dog got the last 10. You’d think they would learn something. We keep hoping their chickens will start laying their eggs in our yard.

        • Ian MacLeod says:

          Probably eat each other…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Time to run doesn’t make any difference if there is no place to run and you can’t get away anyway.

    What’s that old saying? You can run but you cant hide?

  4. Robert Beauvais says:

    Jade Helm 15 Operations Extractions
    June 15 / Sept 15 2015 Training Exercises
    Sometime after Sept 15th This Exercise will go Operational.
    The Red / Blue / Green List
    Red List as Follows:
    1. High Value Political Dissidents
    2. Constitutionalists
    3. Politically active in resisting the NWO
    4. Gunowners / Firearms Owners
    5. People who believe in the 2nd admendment
    6. The RED List will go down in the first 60 Days of Covert operations to Extracting, Taking-out, removal & Executing of this group..
    Blue List as Follows:
    1. Law Enforcement
    2. National Guard
    3. First Responders
    4. Anybody whos contributing to the Execution & the Take Down of the RED List
    4. 30-60 Days after this Operation of the RED LIST is completed, then the second group of people on the Blue list are Extracted, Removed, Taken-out, & Executed..
    Steve Quayle goes into details on how this operation will be implemented & carried out.

    Steve Quayle: Jade Helm 15 Will Change America Forever


    • Zero says:

      That’s millions of us. Fuck the bastards and kill the ones that come for you. Prepare.

      • Jay in UK says:

        Same for us in the UK, only thing is, most of us don’t have guns whereas you chaps do. It’s a pre-WW3 prep by the government, all declassified from the UK government War Books.

        • Zero says:

          Use gasoline, fertilizer, poison, deep holes with sharpened rebar at the bottom, vehicles, heavy equipment, etc… We will too. They have armor and guns aren’t the answer to armor. Wish you well.

          • Genius says:

            Zero, A few things to have in your bag of tricks is wood alcohol, sodium chlorate, model rocket ignitors, 9 volt batteries, momentary contact switches, smoke grenades to mention a few. You obviously have the imagination to figure out what to do with them 🙂

        • talon1776 says:

          Ireland turning gay doesn’t help either

          • Jay in UK says:

            Zero: thanks and best wishes to you too. I come from Northern Ireland where handguns and semi-autos are still legal, presumably due to old lingering threats, but the rest of the UK is largely disarmed.

            @ Talon: Yes, Ireland has painted a nice juicy target on itself now for the coming wrath I believe God may very well send from Russia in the form of nuclear war. British Cold War exercises always envisaged Ireland getting nuked in WW3 anyway, but now they have just gone and invited a Sodom and Gomorrah judgement on their brainless heads. And all just so that Sodomites can adopt little boys behind the façade of gay “marriage”.

            • talon1776 says:

              I feel very sadden for you Jay and your compatriots who love Liberty and Freedom..at least those in Northern Ireland have personal weapons…gays will be easy targets clinging to their lovers…DHS calls them “no hesitation targets”… We do also

              Live Free or Die …I stand with you Jay

              • passinwiththewind says:

                Homosexuality has always been one of Satan’s lies and biggest tools. Although it is not explicitly explained, it was, I believe, playing a big part for the third of God’s children that fell from grace with God during the first Heaven and Earth Age. Remember what satan told Eve; “you shall not surely die”.

                In the verse,
                “And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last”; there is possibly a double meaning.

                Possibly, the first group (the third) that fell out and followed Satan, have been reserved until the “last” of this age, to be born into flesh bodies for the time when their leader (satan as Antichrist, is cast to earth), will be present for their following of him again, or; one last chance for their repenting and turning back to their Creator.

                It seems as though the whole world has turned queer, or at the least, turned queer sympathizer. God keeps bringing up Sodom and Gaymorrah throughout the scriptures for a reason.

                No evil deed goes unpunished. When the last day arrives, most homosexuals will still be crying, “It’s not my fault, i was born this way!”

                Well, that will be the judgement call of the Heavenly Father. But, I would not be hedging my bet as to that cry of an excuse as to getting one’s soul redeemed from the fire.

                Just sayin’.

                • anon248 says:

                  Sure, YOU know everything that God wants and is going to do. Must have happened during one of your acid flashbacks of the 70’s when God spoke to you directly.

                • Jacob says:

                  Widespread acceptance of homosexual behavior followed by widespread encouragement of it is usually the indication of a civilization in the final stages of collapse.

                  And we’re talking civilization, which is now a homogeneous and all encompassing world civilization, not local countries, nations, and limited empires as has been the case in the past.

                  Historically, the moral defeat the immoral and even the immoral defeat the morally decadent. Interestingly, the Islamic world has a stronger moral standards than the remnants of what used to be called “Christendom”, make of that what you will.

                  Judgment is coming upon us no matter whether it comes directly from God or from our own God created nature.

                  But God will save us, save our nation, if those calling themselves Christian will simply repent their sin of acceptance and stand up for Christ above all the laws and actions of men, particularly those decadent men we have put in charge.

                • passinwiththewind says:

                  I don’t know it all, Anon248; but, I know what He tells us in His letter to live by. It’s called the KJV Bible.

                  Maybe you should read it sometime. Or just hang around a couple more years and start seeing for yourself, just how real God is.
                  Judgement is coming, and the queers and baby killers will be the first to start pissing themselves for fear of what is to come.

            • Zero says:

              If you can, Jay, download and study the anarchy cookbook. Very good info but some of the stuff in there requires much more research so you don’t accidentally kill yourself. Ordinary things you can buy in the store can be turned into very powerful weapons.

              • Genius says:

                You may get said cookbook and many other good books loaded on a usb drive at freedomslips.com look for the bullet usb drive they advertise its 50 bux and worth 100 times that. Poor mans james bond etc.

                • Mike TV says:

                  Genius, you watch too much TV… END OF.

                • sixpack says:

                  Be very careful with that Anarchist Cookbook. I had a hard copy almost 40 years ago. There are some ‘recipes’ that either do not work or are dangerous to be feasible. At least one recipe for a certain liquid explosive will literally blow up in your face, if you follow the recipe exactly…I know this for a fact.

                  Cross-referencing…that is the key. Do not place your trust in any one thing. Especially THAT book.

                  IMO, that book is more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you don’t already have a chemistry background.

              • Paranoid says:

                Don’t know if it’s still around but years ago a site called Uncle Fester had better stuff.

              • Wade says:

                Kurt Saxon’s stuff is better.

                Last I heard he still had both of his eyes and most of his fingers.

            • Anonymous says:

              Jay. For a well known Christian country such as Ireland to opt in favor of “fag marriage” should serve as a wake up call to all. This along with the “gay cake” verdict is very troubling… Long live the Union. God bless Jay.

              • Paranoid says:

                I tend to think the Ireland gay issue is more a slap at the Catholic Church than a pro Gay issue. The Church has been total hypocrits and fairly scum for about 400 years there and needs cleaning up

          • Murtaugh says:

            The fags in Ireland will hit them with their purses.

          • Anonymous says:

            Irelands people chose their own fate. FUCK ‘EM.

        • study the tactics used by the viet cong , they were very effective in slowing thins down ,

          • talon1776 says:

            Been reading about Dien Bien Phu and General Vo as a study in misdirection to be effective in the urban jungle. I can’t help but believe that when your heart and the position of moral cause is on our side…WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT LOSE. The wizard behind the curtain pulling the levers will be exposed…and all will say…”is this the man who shook the nations” followed by the relentless slaughter of them all.
            We are not afraid of this war..because we will go into it never ever giving a thought that we might lose.
            You are the best JJ…on par with Mac

            Live Free or Die…for Liberty and Freedom

      • Paranoid says:

        Anyone that thinks they cn get that list done in 60 days, believes I’m only going to put it in a little ways.

      • Bonefortoona says:

        I am going to say the history portion of the article is correct, and I know that history repeats itself, however…

        Never, ever has a government ever faced an armed citizenry like what we have here in America.

        Also, there is no love for Obama or his loyalist. Many Americans are well prepared for his bullshit and will not be caught asleep, many would love to go up against UN troops and slaughter as many as the UN could send, and in the aftermath, sleep like a baby because they were finally given the chance to protect their homes and families.

        Ditto for ISIS, they and their kind would have NO safe haven, remembering the WW2 sayings, a dead Jap is a good Jap, Americans would clense this country of everyone who didn’t stand for America.

        So, while this Article is a good remembrance of victims past, none were as we are today.

        Never, ever will it happen here.

        • Anonymous says:

          I stand for everyone’s individual liberty, NOT for notions of “America”. Most “Americans” believe that everyone belongs to (is the property of) THEIR “America”.

          They think their “America” owns everyone. They demand conformity to their “America” or else!

          I recognize everyone as their own country and nation (their own state and self-government and defense). It’s their and my own independence that I am for.

    • talon1776 says:

      Blue is the color of a dead communist.
      Red is the color of a pissed off Patriot anxious to turn them blue.

      BTW…it is the elite who will be running..but the world is a limited place and they will be found.
      A thought did occur to me…
      What if the armed banksters armies who are regarded as useful idiots…suddenly realized…that it is the elite who will actually be the useful idiots and when the tied turns in favor of Liberty and Freedom…they will easily be found and shot.

      Live Free or Die…the elite will not escape

    • Wilson says:

      The problem with the DHS Insider article is that it is almost 2 years old. I believe there were two sensationalized articles with the info from the Insider. Their dates have come and gone, the insider’s credibility is shot.

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      Holy Cow I fall into both list.
      Does this mean that they are going to get me first, or did they make a purple list. Mix Red and Blue together it make Purple. I’m screwed. That Ok I’m up for a fight.

  5. Acid Etch says:

    Harley Davidson motorcycles are pieces of fucking shit.

    They are loud enough to wake the dead and vibrate so fucking much after an hour of riding your ass wants to fall off. Technology has existed for decades to make smoother bikes but “then it wouldn’t be an H-D”. Fucking birdbrains.

    Gold wings have an in-line 6 cylinder engine and are very smooth running, good for touring.

    I took a several hour long ride today in the rain. I found that the old fashioned leather jacket and pants is great for blocking wind and rain. It sure is. I walked into a mall just for a butt break. In the Blu-ray store an employee asked me the survey question of the day: “Ben Affleck as Batman, yes or no?”

    I just laughed.

  6. Jim in Va. says:

    And that has what to do with Jade Helm Acid? Nobody care about your tricycle.

  7. aljamo says:

    Yet Qbama goes on Twitter or whatever and get’s praised as an effective leader by his army of stupid delusional followers who are blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. What a bunch of dumb asses! Your loyalty will be rewarded with a bullet when you realize what you have bought into. Talk about sheeple and brainwashed masses, the words I’m seeking are way worse than that. Sheer stupidity comes to mind.

  8. I know I have been on the red list since 2010 when I published FEMA Camp 37. Since then I have thrown a lot more fuel on the fire. The signs were obvious far before then and the assumption that one must run is most likely correct. I feel it is too late.

  9. confederate says:

    I don’t care if I’m on the list or not, I’m not going anywhere by force, I may end up dying, but that’s the way it goes, hopefully I’ll be able to take a few with me as well.

    • Sgt. Dale says:

      If it comes to a fight you have try and take as many with you as you can. It is a DAMN shame it is going to come to this. If we take two or three with us and they only take you the are loosing by attrition.
      N.N.B.T.E. A.S.M.S.

      • confederate says:

        Your right, I will do my best to unload several 30 rd. mags into as many of them as possible. Say, did you get the ASMS from the Mel Gibson movie “The Patriot”?

        • Sgt. Dale says:

          Yes! I took it from one of my favorite Movies.
          N.N.B.T.E.= Nip Nip Between The Eyes

          • Confederate says:

            Ok, where did NNBTE come from?

            • Sgt. Dale says:

              It came from a fire Arms instructor from the FBI. He used it when he was training us.

              • confederate says:

                Thank you. I believe when it goes down, those on the govt. side will pull up in trucks, various military type vehicles,
                it will be about 3:00 a.m., no warning, no nothing. They will surround your house and start breaking down the front and back doors, as you struggle to comprehend what is going on and you’re trying to get dressed, they will announce who they are and tell you to put up your hands or they’ll shoot. Failure to comply will result in your death and the deaths of others within the house, wouldn’t want witnesses you know. They will ramsack your house taking whatever they want and who knows, they may start a fire to cover up the destruction. It’s not going to go well for you, 1 against 15-20 armed military/Leo. I will be able to get to my .40 before they get through the front door, but I will be overwhelmed and with Jesus I’ll be.

                • Genius says:

                  confederate, That will only happen to a few people before word spreads like wildfire and then it’s on! The shot heard round the wold part 2. That will get the whole country on red alert and the people will be on full alert for them and start forming up to take them out! Think your comment through a little more unless you are in the top .5% on their list.

                • confederate says:

                  @Genius, no I don’t believe I’m in the top 5%, but does anyone know their operating procedures? Just speculating, I think they will follow the nazi round up method, it worked well for them. It should be interesting.

                • Genius says:

                  The Germans were disarmed prior to that event. And Germany is about the size of Idaho. Things to consider.

                • Nathan Klein says:

                  They’ll be coming first for those whose names and addresses are public record. In other words, not me. Don’t be the low hanging fruit…

  10. Sgt. Dale says:

    Hell yes I’m on the list. I know it all of us LEO’s are on the NWO list. They have to get rid of us because they know we know how to fight back and put a major hurt on them.

    They want a fight between the LEO’s and the Civilian population, Then a fight between LOE’s and the Military.
    Who said the LEO’s will win the first fight?

    If Jade Helm is the start of things, and it is used in the South West. This might give us time to get more and better prepared.
    Just added more Food, Silver, Ammo, and one new AR to the prepps.

    Off Topic. Friday night in Chiraq Ill. 15 people were shot and wounded and couple dead. “Black Lives Matter”?
    Where the Hell is Obullshit and his turds on this. I’ll bet that there will be around 30 to 40 shooting over this long week end. (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon.)


    N.N.B.T.E, A.S.M.S.

    • Stop The Bullshit says:

      So, ” they’ll” have to take out all the leo’s there, huh? Folks, if you believe THAT bullshit, I’ve goy some swampland property I’ll sell you for a boatload of cash. Cops are there for one reason, to serve their ” Masters”, not you. Cops will turn on you in a heartbeat and won’t hesitate to kill you when their masters give them the order, don’t think for a minute they’re going care about anything else, unless you like believing in bullshit. Trusting a cop could very well be the LAST thing you ever do, so don’t fall for their bullshit. Remember, they’re counting on your obedience to make their job easy, don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book, believing in so called ” authority”, think for yourself and live longer.

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        You are so wrong.
        If you read what I wrote I stated that TPTB wants to start a fight between the LEO’s and the Civilians. Then the LEO’s and the Military. Our Military or Blue Helmets.
        I also stated that there is possible that the LEO’s (bad ones) won’t will,

        This is what I know that there are good LEO’s out here that will fight against the bad LEO’s.

        You believe what you want you have that right. On this You are wrong.

        You are not a LEO so how you know? What they will do.

        So I call B.S. on your post.


        • Stop The Bullshit says:

          Of COURSE you’re calling bs on my post, you’re a cop, you’ve been TRAINED to lie. There is NO such thing as a good cop, if you like, I could post your comment # you made a few articles back to illustrate what you REALLY are, would you like that? Of course, you won’t reply to THIS comment because you don’t want anybody to read your post about how you think of the people as nothing but law breakers who need to be disciplined. Go ahead and ask me to post it, I’ll be GLAD to!

          • Porky the Pig says:

            Quite right STBS. I regularly raise an eyebrow or two when reading Sgt D’s posts. Very concerning… That’s all folks!

          • Braveheart says:

            Stop the BS, I’ll tell you the same thing as your moniker implies. STOP THE BS! You and Porky are full of shit!

            • Stop The Bullshit says:


              I doubt this post will get through to you as the site moderator here has chosen to put you, dale, and northern cackling hen on the endangered species list. There have been replies made here to all of you that followed the site guidelines, no swearing or threats were made, like you’re allowed to pull, but the posts were deleted just the same. The only thing I can think of is the decision was made to spare all of your tender feelings and egos, as if that’s what it takes for your types to survive, then it’s enough to make a real man sick to his stomach. Like I say, it will be a damned miracle if this post gets through, but experience here tells me it won’t, all the same, I’m going to post it anyway because it’s the truth.

        • Old Guy says:

          You might be he excetion to the rule. Cops are nothing but mecernaries they sell their services to the government. you leos have been bought & paid for. Your there to generate revenue and enforce whatever rules your told to enforce. Parasite,s who produce nothing. Most Leos will quickly put on the blue UN helmet. You will receive prefenteral treatment until your no longer useful. I don’t trust anyone especially anyone ho wears a badge.

    • Sierra Dave says:

      If this event should come to pass. Wouldn’t the best thing be to load up fuel guns and food and head to D.C.?

      Why go head to head with the troops trained to take us out. Kill the head of the snake I say.

      If (10’s)thousands of vehicles headed NE. All intent on killing the usurpers. They’d have to pull back troops to defend themselves.

      You have bunches of SOB’s betraying their fellow citizens. but ultimately they are just following orders.

    • Prepper1 says:

      Hey Sgt. I do not post must but read all post here ! I figured I’d be on list even tho it been 28 yrs since last in service, the training in NBC and various other types of training ( a lot classified) lol I do believe I’ll be on list. Yes I have prepped for the past six yrs now . Just bought 2 new M-4’s to add to collection. Now everyone in family has one . I’ll fight in beginning and retreat if have to in bug out local. Enjoy all your post and the rest of folks on here. Thanks for all your help

      • Sgt. Dale says:

        That is what this site was set up for. TO HELP EACH OTHER!

        • sixpack says:

          Yeah, but some people think it’s so they can data mine it for useful nuggets to hold against others. People who use the same moniker all the time, end up being the easiest victims of such treachery.

          What will we have to do, all post as ‘anonymous’?

      • Northern Reb says:

        I’m not a cop and you are full of crap, what wrong didn’t you get enough mothers milk? You sound like a whine tit to me. What did you do change your handle again?
        Grow up you fool, The next time someone is kicking the crap out of you call a junkie on the street for help.
        I will not give you my standard closing you do not deserve it.

      • Northern Reb says:

        Welcome aboard, It is good to see you are training I hope your family are in training also.
        Good idea to have the same type of weapons for everyone.
        Just added two new handguns and one m4 also. Plus 6 new chicks to the flock. Right now they are the grandkids pets. Give them a couple more months and we will have some more fresh eggs.
        Also trying to set up another water catch basin off of the new garage.
        Good luck with the future and keep prepping.
        I have one question and you don’t have to answer, but what state are you in?
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

  11. Hammer's Thor says:

    Yep. Stand and fight. Better to die fighting on your own land than to die in an internment camp. Either way you die. But at least you have a chance on your own land.

    Implementing several early warning systems. I’m not a worthy target, by any measure, to TPTB. Think a far greater risk where I am are the druggie meth-heads (they’re everywhere) and to a lesser degree, the golden hordes. Still two hours plus away from any major city, which will hopefully weed out most of those. Meth-heads are just target practice.

    The beauty of living in the woods is that choppers cannot land, there are hiding places to shoot from, and traps are very, very easy to set up.

    I will not go quietly into that good night.

    • socmarine87 says:

      Yeah, because we don’t know how to fight in the woods or fast rope. I’m not being an ass. You all need to look long and hard at how we train. I’ve been to every form of warfare school you can imagin and then practically applied it. Most of you maybe train once a week. Maybe. We train everyday all day and all night and keep on. Then we get deployed for a year and are tested in combat. We have seen the horrors of battle. We have overcome the shock of having your buds die as we are trying to save them. I do not doubt any of you guys resolve or constitution, but don’t dismiss the Warriors that could be coming for you. Now the good part. Luckily most of us will be on the side of the people. I know this for a fact and the discussions have come up on many occasions. Of course all that is happening arounds is all just fake and misinformation, but it’s made for a lot of good books to read lately. (sarcasm)
      You have a good one

      Keep your head on a swivel people.

      • Zero says:

        Soldiers deserve soldiers. That’s what the warriors you speak of will get. Older versions of themselves that have more wisdom and most likely more to fight for. Many of us are ready and quite able to kill all of them that show up in places we have prepared.

      • Simon belmont says:

        Very good comment. I had a buddy tell me he could out last any SWAT team. I told him those guys train non stop. They are good at what they do. He wouldn’t last ten seconds. Typically people are good at their jobs. LEOS, soldiers etc, all train and know their jobs. It is important to train in the environment you expect to survive in. It is also key to know your opponent.

        • sixpack says:

          My job is staying alive. I practice it every day, all day long. I guess we’ll see if practice pays off…

        • Nathan Klein says:

          ” I told him those guys train non stop. They are good at what they do. He wouldn’t last ten seconds.”

          What happens when the mighty SWAT team gets called anonymously to a house, and busts inside only to discover the hard way the whole place is rigged to blow?

          For every measure, there is a counter-measure.

      • Hammer's Thor says:

        Socmarine: sobering comments. Fortunately I have never worried that you would be after me… Like I said, not a worthy target. I have talked myself blue to others that our military would never commit treason against their own brothers, sisters, and parents. I hold you in the highest regard, as I do our LEO’s… My comment was not intended otherwise.

        If it ever came to a point where I am proven to be wrong about this, then I’ll die here, defending myself and my family to the best of my ability, because the alternative would not be worth living for.

        • socmarine87 says:

          No worries brother, I didn’t take your comment as that. My comment was directed as a whole to all that think they are going to engage a well organized, superbly trained contingent of MARSOC, CAG, Rangers etc as if they were going to show up and knock on your door.
          Really all we want to do is the same as you and everyone else. We want to protect that which we love. Our family, our friends and the Idea of America. I’m with JSOC guys all of the time. No one in the ranks see our citizens as the enemy. I was just at the range yesterday with some AFSOC and we’re having this discussion. Don’t worry about us…we know that ultimately we are at the service of the American people and we will do what’s right.
          You have a good one.

          Keep your head on a swivel people.

          • Hammer's Thor says:

            Thanks. I have always believed that and it’s good to hear it from you, Sgt. Dale, and the other patriots on this board. It’s good to know that TPTB aren’t as powerful as they would like to believe. I truly hope they see this before the shooting starts. I sure would like to know that all my prepping was just common sense and not the difference between life and death.

  12. List or no list, they are coming for you if you don’t toe their line.

    They just offed a bunch of bikers for fighting in a parking lot.

    You’re next…

  13. Them Hogs says:

    Just have to put my 2 cents in here.

    Wrong: Run off to the woods alone and hide

    Wrong: Stand alone and fight!

    Right: We start to band together as American Patriots and fight/win TOGETHER!

    Watch out fur them Wolverines/ fuck all of you Nazi a-holes

    • Gone Camping says:

      The Camp is ready now. Just got back indoors for a few.
      Skeeters are still pretty bad.

      The deep forest is where units join up according to the SOPs we have already established. They do not have the capability to hit us all at one time, even if we are where they think we are. No way they have the man power to hit us all when they don’t even know where we are.

      The State Police only have a few (3 or 4) choppers with FLIRs and there aren’t enough military birds to cover even one state that is as forested as it is here. Choppers are noisy and have to land if you get my drift.

      They don’t have enough boots on the ground in any region to even deal with 5 thousand determined individuals in the woods and there are at least that many organized militia men here. Recruitng won’t be too hard after the kickoff either. Lots of hunters here…like 1 million.

      Good luck with that plan you quisling blow boy toadies. Prepare to die in numbers that will weaken your resolve to dominate the human domain in this region REAL FAST.

      We hold the high ground and ranges are known. Bring it.

      Remember this lesson well:
      Wolverines are not to be poked because they WILL rip your balls off and shove them down your throat till you die. It’s a fact.


    • Paranoid says:

      Beore you stand with someone you should decide how to split up the stuff. Me, well you can have the roast and cops, but I want the Blue hats

      • Braveheart says:

        Paranoid, every blue UN helmet I see in my rifle scope will be properly ‘ventilated’.

      • Gone Camping says:

        Somebody mentioned a points system the other day; what a great idea.
        A Blue Helmet is a real prize and it should be worth at least 2 Ar-15s / AKs and a several bandoliers of ammo. ISIS rag heads are worth the white Toyota Pick-Up they are driving. The bed mounted machine gun is a bonus.
        A UN General is worth an MRAP…and so on.

        I plan to be driving in style by this December. I hope they have deep pockets or we will bankrupt their war machine pretty fast with these trophy fees.


        • Northern Reb says:

          I think a UN. general would be worth a 50cal. machine gun with 1000 rounds, a squad of blue helmets 2 RPG’s and 24 rockets. a platoon of blue helmets one armored vehicle (tank) with 3 support vehicles, ECT.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

    • Bob Michaels says:


      Good to see you return and that the Nazi brigade here didn’t drive you away.

    • Chucker says:

      Yup band together, train hard, fight better! If you don’t have any comms with you buddies at first then march to the sound of the guns and fight like a demon when you get there. Encounters along the way get handled the same. We have the numbers, experience, willpower and God to get this done. We are the best prepared people in all of history to have faced such a menace.

    • Northern Reb says:

      Very well stated. You are right. Yes you can do things alone, but together it’s easier.
      No wolverines here just Aholes….
      S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb.

      Ps. Hope your well have hear from you for awhile.

  14. earworm says:

    They are playing chess. We have to play Go. It won’t be quite the cakewalk they think it will.

  15. Copperhead says:

    When the REAL Jade Helm Event goes down there will be no cell phones, no inter net, no land lines, no cb-ham radio, no tv, no am-fm radio, no commo of any kind for the general public. When that happens it’s for real then.

    As for bugging out forget it if you have to cross rivers, bridges are the choke points. Word of mouth is all we will have to pass on info to one another. As for round up and gun grab we are going to be responsible for our own AO’s to protect each other. There will be no banding together in any great numbers. It’s strictly YOYO (your on your own) time to get real about how and what is going to happen when TSHTF!!

  16. Kevin2 says:

    If one looks conservatively at the above lists and does simple math your probably talking about 15% of the US population or close to it. Lets say 30-40 million people.

    Who carries out this plan? As I wrote before any group to be persecuted needs to be demonized first. Thats difficult to do when the very people needed to be cannon fodder for this insanity would have family in the targeted group.

    Sorry, I can’t fathom the logistics.

  17. If each of us fear our government or being on a ‘domestic terrorist’ list then they have won before the battle has even started.

    Fear no one and stand strong for what you believe in.

  18. Northern Reb says:

    I’ll pick my fights, will I run NO!! I might lay low for a while but as soon as I see an opening to put the hurt on them, just say Heaven or Hell will get several of them in short order. I might be going with them, but not with out a fight.
    I smart enough and trained enough to know I’m no Rambo.
    I know enough that I’m more like Peterson from the movie, Green Beret, I like my comforts, but I know when and how to fight.
    So If you feel safe cutting and running to fight another day so be it.
    If you feel like standing against overwhelming odds to hold your ground so be it.
    If one would study the revolutionary war, you will find both methods used. And It took down the greatest fighting force in the world at that time.

    Off topic: can any one tell me what Net Neutrality is??? I have heard that it will take down some web sites, like this one?? Thanks.
    S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

    • Gone Camping says:

      To effectively stop all comms they would have to jam the entire electromagnetic spectrum. They need some of it for themselves if you get my drift. (allocated military and police frequencies for example) What are they gonna do, put me in jail for a spurious radio signal? Bring it.

      They will have a hard time stopping all comms simultaniously…believe that.

      I even have a hollow log to beat on and a bell to ring. How do thay stop that? Only by killing me, my HAM radios,my drumsticks and my soup cans with kite string as well. I’m only one person and I represent a major problem to them.

      There are millions just like me (or us). They are really screwed and they don’t even know it yet. Slow learners. Too bad for them…I guess they will die.


      • Genius says:

        check out j a m m e r a l l dot com

      • Anonymous says:

        If you know what you are doing or know someone that does, you can have a custom crystal made that operates off frequency and will be undetected as a transmission by anyone not specifically looking for it. Running across your frequency accidentally will just seem like static to them, not communication, and it is unlikely in the digital tuner age that anyone would be doing something that would find your frequency.

        Easier but less secure -still unlikely to be found in normal conditions- is modifying a standard CB to operate on 10 meter, sideband capability is a plus on top of it if you have a sideband CB rig.

        • Genius says:

          Or you can just buy a used 10 meter rig on ebay cheap. I have read about but have yet to try a cool system for directional comms.

          Take 2 non conductive stakes and stretch a dipole antenna between them about 6 inches off the ground. Connect to a cb radio. The signal is supposed to reflect off the ground and be bi-directional. Sending the signal upward where it bounces off the ionosphere and back down with a 200 mile range parallel to the antenna. This would only work during the day when the ionosphere is activated. This system would be a lot harder to trace as it is not omnidirectional.
          I have a couple of sideband cb rigs to try it with, I will report back when I test it.

          • Wade says:

            I’ll be interested in the results of that testing.

            Any chance you got some ham radio buddies that could try locating you while you use it to see if it can be done or not?

            • Genius says:

              My only ham buddy died a couple years ago. I will get it tested this summer after I get a few more parts. I used all my coax for diff projects. The theory sounds great though and I am pretty sure it will work.

              • Anonymous says:

                You can use a CB whip antenna with horizontal polarization and the hood of a car or bed of a truck to acheive vertical incidence wave propagation. Simple and easy way to go.
                You have mentioned a directional yagi before I believe. They are pretty simple to build with aluminum tubing and insulation from the main beam. You need to know your frequencies and make the tubing lengths acording to a formula easily found by searching “home brewed yagis”.

          • Hammer's Thor says:

            There are a coiuple of channels available in the cb band that would be ideal… As channel 19 is always a mess because of the truckers, there is a frequency between 19 and 20 that would get virtually no attention, and it would work well for local comm’s as any cross band interference would be assumed to be carryover from 19. The frequency is 27.195 mhz. Most older radios can be modified for this and other off-band frequencies.

            Now, to all the hams out there, I am one too. This is strictly for shtf emergency use. I am not advocating using illegal frequencies for regular comms, so settle down.

            Also check out the Motorola 900 MHz spread spectrum radios. Not cheap, but they are programmable to constantly shift frequencies making it much more difficult to intercept conversations. With an external yagi antenna, they could get you several miles of relatively safe communication.

            A 10 meter radio (like the Ranger 2970) can be opened up to cover a great many frequencies, and having prearranged your comms can also be helpful, not to mention the long range they enjoy, especially when conditions are right. Worldwide when solar activity is up.

    • Stop The Bullshit says:

      well, if net neutrality is like what’s practiced here, it means that you will be shielded by the site moderator from comments that might hurt your feelings, I’ll bet you’re all for it then.

  19. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Help spread the word on the banksters/globalists’ NWO agenda before they move into their final phase of world depopulation. Check out my news site http://www.CortezReport.com for forbidden information. God Bless.

  20. Jim in Va. says:

    Go gray folks,go gray……

  21. TheGuy says:

    You are waiting for some future catastrophic event.

    Meanwhile, Obamacare goes up 50%, the government buys up all the ammo, your savings turns half a percent, and all your activities are tapped.

    Waiting for? It’s already here, kids, you’re living in it.

    Jade Helm is merely the magician’s huge breasted assistant that keeps your eyes of his hands.

  22. 1vet says:

    I don’t see a time when TPTB won’t be at risk kicking something like this off. The “shock and awe” on the average suburbia family caught up in American Idol and their IPhone, when faced with relocation and interment will be debilitating. Sheeple is an apt description. I would not want to be in a city when it all comes down.

    How many Americans will stand and fight? I think more than you know. When you control the media and the news is synced, it seems like there is no one out there ready to stand and fight.

    Truth is no man lives forever. No one can abide harm coming to their family. The game plan would be to separate the sheep from wife and child. How do I know this? Look at history and see what the Nazi’s did. The parallels between the early thirties and now are not coincidental.

    Get fit, find a power greater than yourself and make your resolve…

    Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends…

  23. tahoejohn says:

    I disagree. The US government is not going to round us up. Our government works for some very rich people with an interest in the vitality of its workforce. Our government is simply not stopping an economic collapse and a islamic fundamental religious movement (crusade) due to incompetence. If a government is planning a nationwide roundup they would not announce it. The majority of weapons would have been confiscated politically (like Australia) by now for an op in the summer. It may occur if the bad guys set off a bomb on US soil or something along that nature. Secure the border and kick out the bad guys. my .02

  24. Simon belmont says:

    Re read Sun Tzu. I may have said this before, but remember they are playing chess. We must play Go. They think they understand their enemy, but they don’t understand the American animal.

  25. Sierra Dave says:

    What I find amazing is the “King if the hill” paradigm. People who were part of the military only years ago are now the enemy.

    You quit/retire, whatever. And now you are no longer part of the club. You are on the list.

    Sadly, many that are part of the club don’t realize that they are expendable. They are dupes until they are no longer needed.

    But I guess history is full of people who sold out their country and got whacked by their supposed friends.

  26. Warchild Dammit! says:

    With millions potentially on “the list” word will be out quickly.When net/cells go down/atm’s don’t work will be more then necc. warning the tougher times have arisen,hope for the strength to do the right things,a bit o luck would also be welcome.Tis OK for me personally,have had a great life/friends/family/women and attended over a 100 Tull shows from mid 70’s on,just feel bad for the kids today.

    • Ben Raines says:

      Benefit is still one of my favorite albums of all time.

      Saw JT three times back in mid 70’s. OUTstanding!!!

      • Warchild Dammit! says:

        Good shows back then Ben!As me moniker suggests,Warchild was my favourite album,babysitters took me to that tour show when 12,saw a lot of great shows in the 70’s,and heck,even some good ones beyond that into today!I will agree(obviously!)Benefit a great album!

  27. Where is the proof that these roundups will happen? Is it a possibility or a certainty? And please don’t tell me some “dependable insider” says so, because if the “dependable insiders” were ever right a asteroid wouldve hit multiple times in the past few years. We’d have no power grid, America would’ve already been taken over by Russia ans China and the world would’ve been a irradiated wasteland because of nuclear war that was sure to happen.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Anyone here actually think you’re tough and bad enough to take out, say, several hundred violent and rampaging bikers?

    That Texas swat team just did it without incurring a single casualty, so if you can’t take those biker gangs out you certainly can’t take those who can out.

    You might wanna rethink your strategy, you’ll live longer with a better plan.

    • sixpack says:

      “Anyone here actually think you’re tough and bad enough to take out, say, several hundred violent and rampaging bikers?”

      Actually, I’ve been warmly received in more than one “biker” clubhouse.They are generally a threat to drug cops and snitches. It was a half dozen greasy bikers who stopped at the scene of a hit-and-run to pull my young, dumb ass out of a snow bank back in 1998. My Dad rode back in the 50’s

      I have enough experience with some of them, over the years, to know three things:

      1) They don’t “rampage” for nothing.
      2) When they do rampage, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THEIR WAY.
      3) If they’re not after YOU for something YOU did, you have nothing to worry about.

      This alleged ‘biker slaughter’ looks like a govt setup/covert op to me. I don’t believe it (as reported) for one second. There is more to it than we’re being told. Bet on it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Doesn’t make any difference, the cops won and there were only a handful of them.

        You really think you’re better than those cops? You can just thump your chest and wave your AR-15 and they’ll run away screaming in terror? (seems a number of posters here think they can)

        The bikers probably thought so too, right up till they lost (and there were several hundred of them but only one of you).

        As was said, might be a good idea to rethink your strategy.

        So, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

        • sixpack says:

          You’re really stuck on this “better than” dick stretching thing, aren’t you? I’ll bet you’re just mad because you often piss on your own shoes.

      • MongoPissed says:

        In the photos I saw, most of the riders looked like guys who hang out at the local HD franchise. I saw one tatted woman who looked rowdier than all of the men. Compare to photos of the Angels and Mongols at the Laughlin riot in 2002. Too many trimmed beards, shaved faces, and new blue jeans. I had a friend in the Vagos many years ago. He rode a Panhead chopper with a springer front-end, and raced Harley drag bikes. His jeans were always black with oil.

      • Orange says:

        Hey sixpack;

        You know, you’ve said you had worked at for a District attorney’s office back in the mid 1980’s. Now you’re saying in 1998 you were young? What’s your idea of being young, 35-40? Hate to tell ya but that ain’t young.

        • sixpack says:

          OPSEC idiot. Believe what you choose to believe. Life is a discrepancy…deal with it.

          I’m a liar. I lie all the time. EVERYTHING I SAY IS A LIE.

          Those who know me know better, and those that don’t now me don’t matter.

          So that means…

          • sixpack says:

            Going back over previous posts won’t do you any good…see above.

          • sixpack says:

            AND IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET MORE CONFUSING FOR THE TROLLS WHO ARE FISHING FOR INFO HERE. I hope everybody else joins me in posting BS along with words of wisdom and/or changing their monikers.

            It’s a sad fucking day when alleged preppers can’t find anything else to do, besides discredit and destroy other commenters, using their own old comments.

            You sit around talking shit about how much of a patriot you are, then go to work kicking shit in the faces of those around you. TALK ABOUT TREACHERY.

            For all you people know, I could be a 65 year old black man. I could be 1 14 year old school girl. I could be a fed. I could be Betty fucking homemaker. I could be the Asian guy you bumped into at the supermarket or the dept of motor vehicles, when you re-registered your truck last year.



            You, and those like you are traitors to the prepper movement and IMO should be shot on sight—just like any other traitor.

            We don’t need you. Fuck off. Maybe I’ll be standing in the checkout line someday…right behind you.

            • sixpack says:

              Hey orange, that’s your job here isn’t it? To keep us divided by doubts and fears. I think you post under several monikers, and you’re paid to infiltrate and divide. I see you. I hope everyone else does too.

    • Wile E Coyote says:

      The swat team will have several well trained snipers, and this is something none of us can prepare for. You will not see or hear it coming. In a typical setting the front line or lead guys will tell you to drop your weapons. Some will and some won’t. But anyone raising their weapon gets splattered. That gets the others to drop theirs really fast.

      If you think you want to hide out in your home against a swat team, just look how often the armed crazies inside a house win against a swat team – even with hostages.

    • Nathan Klein says:

      “That Texas swat team just did it without incurring a single casualty, so if you can’t take those biker gangs out you certainly can’t take those who can out.”

      Unless of course the entire thing was completely fabricated….along with all 196 mugshots….

    • Sierra Dave says:

      The bikers were fighting amongst themselves while they were picked off. Imagine if they were all going after the cops.

  29. Captain Crunch says:

    Oh I cannot WAIT for the un to show it’s ugly ass face here in rural Utah. Finally some moving live targets.

    what a day , WHAT A LOVELY DAY!!!!!!!!

    I live I die I live again

  30. Rockmanr says:

    Old fat guys have no chance against special forces. Think like Apaches be where they arent. Let their mighty blows hit empty air. If cornered fight to the death. When they go away come back. Defend nothing stay in the fight by not fighting, If they can pin you you are dead. where ever they are make sure a thousand eyes are on them. bE the smiling man in grey. Dont stand out Be the Apaches looking down from the rim rock. Unseen but always there. Smoke in the wind

  31. Hout/cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    Another wonderful post I see. Hey Mr STBS..YOU HAVE GOT TO BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST F….K….G DUNBAZZES I HAVE EVER SEEN POSTING IN QUITE SOMERIME..NOT All cops are like that you dunbazz..no one not even the government can convince the average cop to turn against the citizens..Sgt Dale is right and you are in the wrong..i have friends who are cops, what does that make me a cop lover. I have bad run with bad cops I played it cool and they let me go in one piece because I am smart. I have had most positive experiences with cops in my area..teus the it ain’t my good looks. Cops are human too..so stop the bulls……t and pull you head out of you are azz. Most cops have something to worry about, they are on the blue list meaning that the cabal plan to use mercenaries and foreign soldiers to kill out the cops..and a lot of cops always know about this, the cabal turn Texas into the red zone, and started calling the Texas Rangers, DPS a rogue terrorists organization because those cops refuse to bend to the feds and their bulks…….t. so there you have it..now one is safe for me what coming, in fact when a country invades another country they invading army always kills the cops first, why because they know that the cops will protect their own people. So you ideots who keep posting in here attack everyday good cops are really ignorant in many ways..So Mr STBS, coos have a right to post in this site, they have right to prep for shtf..they are human too..the question is who are you?

    Running is for cowards.

    Now back to real topic if conversation I just need to get the anti cops crap off my chest.

    I ain’t running from Jade Helm, and i live in Texas and my state in red which means, the guillotine, the firing squad, and concentration first followed by firing squads then the incinerator followed by dumping my nude body into the mass grave.

    Man, things are not looking good for me and my states citizens..Texas in the end of the road brother. I will be down to my last round when the .223/5.56 or 7.62 rips into my body I get to feel the pain knowing what my people we thorough a few hundreds back then, as I lay down dying knowing that I fought for God, for my country and for its founders and for freedom as I die, and the fact that a pair of Brass Balls is underneath me. I ain’t running. Over my dead azz cold azz body I and I will rot and decompose in the streets of my city..welcome to Texas Jade Helm 2015, the China takes the Helm in 2015..we will respond with . 223/5.56, .50 cal, 308,338, 30-06, etc into you Chinese f…ks when you enter our city, fire on use, rape our women and the atrocities you will commit here with your jihadist buddies, we are going to literally wipe you out as a species in Texas. We are going to tear you sons of bitches to peaces. Since you like to execute people in stadiums by the hundreds, though women to your soldiers to rape, then gut them alive harvesting their organs and the other sick crap that you do in China. America is not China, it’s seen peaceful her because you haven’t pissed us off yet, when you do that, thats when your dead. Good luck to you murderers, killers, rapist, rat bastards. You have got the war of your dreams coming.

    • Wolverine says:

      I agree ,why are there people attacking the police, one reason they are criminals. Shoot them.
      And why are people planning on running from their homes, they need to stand up and fight today, not after it turns bad. This country wasn’t built on people bugging out , it was built on people standing their ground. I read people not voting , white flight, politically correct language , putting up with this and that, fuck them be a man ,is that what the next generation is being taught to run away. We are in big trouble if that’s what you believe . Anyone ever see a forest fire? That’s what going to happen, the city won’t be on fire the forest will be when the first idiot starts a fire to heat some beans on a windy day. Anyone that moved to the woods,country or near a babbling brook ,will be burned out and some dummy will be shitting up stream in your water. STAND UP AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN, THIS IS MEMORIAL WEEKEND SHOW SOME PRIDE….

    • tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

      Remember Goliad, Remember The Alamo…and Remember Jade Helm 2015…

      Molon Labe

    • Stop The Bullshit says:

      So Mr.Hout insane name,

      You certainly love to talk a BIG game there now don’t you? Ever heard this one, guys who talk the most do the least? At that puts you at the top of the list, you’re from texas, right? I believe the term is all hat and no cattle, all I’ve ever seen you do here is take up space with the keyboard and blow your harmless hot air. For all your keyboard bravado, I’m willing to bet you’ll be one of the first to cut and run or surrender, because that’s the really great thing about being a keyboard commando like yourself, you can do all your fighting without ever having to get off your ass. And even better, you can NEVER be held accountable for shooting off your mouth because you NEVER have to prove anything, everybody just has to take your word for everything you say, makes it damned easy to be an internet warrior for you doesn’t it.

      • Nathan Klein says:

        What’s your alternative solution, coward? Or did you just want to talk shit?

      • just me says:

        “Stop”, “Ever heard this one, guys who talk the most do the least?” seems to me you’re the one doing a lot of negative talking against regular posters and against LEO. Makes a body wonder why. Posters like yourself come and go here all the time. enjoy the view on your way out.

    • Braveheart says:

      HCKS, I agree. STBS is a dildo.

  32. AmericaTheEnslaved says:

    Round ups are not needed on a populous thats already enslaved.

  33. nlightened2 says:

    Just a word for those who think they maybe on a list. Do NOT sleep where they think you are!

  34. Ben Raines says:

    List… schmist.

    If spending 4 years dodging a USN Filipino Master at Arms in the post VN late 70’s counts as ex-military, then I am on, yet, another list.

    Ron Paul-type…check.
    etc. etc.

    Fuk ’em.

    I got my lists, too.

    Always Be Armed!

  35. Wile E Coyote says:

    The author of the article is a little heavy on ‘vets’ in the early part of the roundup. I agree that there are lists, but being a vet does not automatically put you there, and what you usually see is the roundup starts taking down any individual that tries to rally others by speaking out against what is happening.

    The whole key to a roundup is to do it in various stages (think frog in the pot). You will see something like a ‘turn in your guns’ order. If you obey then you go on the sheep list. If you don’t, they will tell the cops you are breaking the law so they believe it is their duty – and they will come knocking on your door. Resist and you get rounded up.

    I am sure there will be more control over the airwaves and Internet. You might even see stealth takeovers of some web sites (we cannot really see who runs them). Then they will quietly start a more pro-government and no resistance tone. Glenn Beck and Rush and others will be told to toe the line or get hauled away or cancelled by their radio stations.

    This, and much else, will be done carefully and in stages. The government does not want to arouse the citizens (nor care for them), so you will have to look closely to see what is coming and when it gets close to you.

  36. MongoPissed says:

    Tomorrow, remember the crewmen of the U.S.S Liberty, murdered by the “Jewish State” in a false-flag attack. When a nuke goes off in the U.S., it will have “Love from Dimona” written on it.

  37. Woogie says:

    I doubt they will be rounding up “dissidents” anytime soon. Dave Hodges does not think in his articles. I find him to be not credible.

    When innocent people are arrested for thought with no threats of killing people (no terroristic threats), there will be a Civil War, and most police and military will not stand to do this since most are conservative and swore an oath to our constitution. We are not Nazi Germany. We are not disarmed citizens like the Germans were.

    I also believe if Obama wants to destroy and devastate this country with a civil war, he will be the first to go. Ever notice his Secret Service men allowing trouble makers penetrate Whitehouse grounds and a man with a knife to get inside the Whitehouse?

    There’s nothing like “prepper” propaganda twisting arms to stir up fear in people. Fear also makes money for blogs when you click on the survival and ammo ads so you can prepare for the “end of the world as you know it” Think. That’s what brains are for.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nazi Germany wasn’t Nazi Germany till it became Nazi Germany.

      And it was the result of a financial crisis that they did.

      Are we really so different that we wouldn’t follow the same path to get out of the misery of some crisis, real or contrived?

      All people have the same human nature and all are subject to doing the same things under the same conditions.

  38. wojo says:

    To all those at the top of the list. I got your back…from someone at the middle of the list. As you look down there is no one covering my back. “When they came for me there was no one left”. Need to make a stand!

  39. Rockmanr says:

    Running in the face of superior force is common sense. You do not win wars by dying for your country. So you shoot up your ammo in one day then what do you do assuming you alive at the end of the day. A military force has superior fire power and man power and mobility. It is a losing thing to directly confront a military with civilian small arms only. As long as you are around they have to cover everything tying up men. You are a force in being. It is basic indian wars stuff. If you want to charge tanks with a hunting rifle fine as a variation on the Cherkasy pocket figure about 50% loses in the first few minutes

    • Wolverine says:

      You yellow bellied coward, use your fist if you have to. Your why this country is in the shape it’s in. I might get hurt, my vote doesn’t count, I have one black friend, it’s their business if they are gay, stand up and be a man.. It’s to late for you

      • Genius says:

        He’s not yellow, he’s smart. Throwing your life away trying to be some rambo is just stupid. He will be 10 times more effective than you because he will still be around to continue damaging them. Fight smart or die stupid, it’s up to you..

  40. When “IT” happens, or when you think things are about to go down, ditch your cell phones and turn off all your internet connected devices. They only ADVERTIZE your position, and can be used to locate and target you.

    Don’t make their life easy by letting them track you, and make certain anyone you are going to connect up with do the same by leaving everything off, and if it isn’t possible to remove the batteries, leave them behind.

    Use an old fashioned radio to try and keep up, though I doubt you will be able to trust any source you will be able to hear for several weeks. And NEVER go to any ANNOUNCED meeting place you hear about over the radio. If you heard it, you have to know “they” the arid it,too.

    Radio silence, cell phone silence, no transmissions of any kind are your best bet.

    Remember, our predecessors lived quite well without our conveniences, and so it will need to be in the future.

    • Nathan Klein says:

      “When “IT” happens, or when you think things are about to go down, ditch your cell phones and turn off all your internet connected devices. They only ADVERTIZE your position, and can be used to locate and target you.”

      You’ve already fucked yourself by allowing that tracking device into your HOUSE to begin with. Nazis show up at the door…what next? Game over.

      “Radio silence, cell phone silence, no transmissions of any kind are your best bet.”

      Starting yesterday.

  41. Hout/cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    Woogie, hey agency azz clown welcome to the board. You are a total frickin laugh. David Hodges is not credible, says who, you? You think that by posting your crap on this site that you can steer thinking, our brains are not infected with the food chemicals, floride, aspartame and other crap that the elites keep dumping into our food supply. Go home..dip s…t..I always read between the lines and you are contradicting your self, and not making any sense what so ever. I am seeing armored personel carriers driving by my frickin office,shinuk helliocoters are passing by at night every week rattling my office and constantly loosening the florescent bulbs in my office and I have never had to keep climbing a ladder every morning to adjust them, two to three times a week, so that I can do my work.. so don’t Bs me fool..how do you explain that. I keep hearing multiple complaints from people in my area that they are seeing a lot of activity in Houston all over, yet you think Hodges has no credibility..i guess you don’t like the American people and could care less about their well being, eh. So your are possible a red Chinese posing as woogie, is that what your PLA red Chinese manual told you to choose has your handle. We are going to get attacked in my city of Houston, and this is a fact of life. I have seen the changes that have happened, I have seen the armored personel carriers, the body shops have been taking abut feds coming to to them trying to force them to paint Armored personals carriers and tanks from cammo to black, then they asked one shop if they could paint the tank black..and don’t come on her and talk crap and try to win acceptance, your azz will get kicked to the curve idoet. Why the color black, is that not the feds favourite color..armed goons in the streets in black tactical gear, black suv’s etc. Are you trying to fool me punk.

    One of my friends photographed the frickin tank, and humvees and other personnel carriers that can hold up to 60 soldiers and sent it to me..so don’t come in her and try to Bs way in this board. Hey guys, I think Woogie just Bit the dust. Good by Woogie.

    • Genius says:

      I have seen it too. Loads of mil shit going down the highway, a westbound train at 2am about 2 fookin miles long with nothing but mil equipment (why westbound?) Water tankers and gen and armoured personell carriers on back roads, etc. Helicopters all the time doing wierd shit. Woogie your a moron go back to sleep (oh ya you never woke up).

      • Nathan Klein says:

        “a westbound train at 2am about 2 fookin miles long with nothing but mil equipment (why westbound?) ”

        I guess you already know, but that’s where the Chinese invasion will be.

        There’s a reason it’s called Jade (“Chinese”) Helm (i.e. helmet, protector of the head; the head being the vast underground complex beneath Denver International Airport.)

      • Woogie says:

        I have seen military exercises all the time for over 40 years. It happens to train our soldiers. I saw 10 miles of armored vehicles, army trucks, personnel transporters of this with the national guard and no one was taken to Fema camps, no one was chained inside train cars, no one was shot dead for their beliefs.

        Lately there have been 8 to 10 fighter aircrafts flying over head real low over my home in the national forest. I am still here, they didn’t bomb me, or put me in a fema camp. They are just doing exercises.

        Time will pass and they will go away. Name calling only shows you lost the argument, what ever that was, and had nothing to do with my post that innocent people won’t be taken to fema camps during this exercise.

        • Nathan Klein says:

          “Name calling only shows you lost the argument”

          Actually, the winner of an argument is not determined by how you feel about it. It’s determined by who is actually closer to the truth.

          There are reports of massive military movements coming in from all over the country. I’ve seen plenty of unusual things happening myself….like the state deciding now would be a good time to clear away miles of trees alongside the Interstate south of town, all the way out to the fence line.

          Why in the world would they be doing that, with not a peep about it, news article, or any kind of public mention whatsoever…? My own mom, non conspiracy theorist that she is, was wondering that question as we were driving down the road. How stupid, she said…think of how much extra grass they’ll have to mow, and how much is it costing to do all this, in the middle of this Great Depression?

          The answer, to me, seems obvious. Perhaps they wanted to return that area of the road to its original design dimensions, so that it could serve its original design purpose…. that is, landing and launching aircraft in the event the regional airport runway (which serves a Special Forces squadron) were to be bombed out?

          Now’s a good time to wake up and start noticing things.

    • Woogie says:

      I have seen weapons and armory with hundreds of troops doing exercises in Wisconsin every year I went through that state since the 70’s. That does not mean our sons and daughters are preparing to war against their mothers and fathers. Get real dude.

      You disrespect our military who have died for you, this Memorial Day, that is your choice. Sheeple like you who believe anything someone makes up and puts on a Blog to make money in you clicking his ammo or survival ads, has that right because those military soldiers died to make you free to do so.

      Wait and see if the military tries to put you away in a Fema camp, Hout, or will you be the one to start a war and shoot first from the fear and anger this phony article creates? You carry paranoia and with the rest of those here who think our military will take out those who “disagree in thought” this September with that “thingie” in the white house. The country won’t stand for it, and I will be the first to stand up for your rights.

      • Nathan Klein says:

        “You disrespect our military who have died for you, this Memorial Day, that is your choice. ”

        As a veteran of Afghanistan, who did survive that morass with all limbs, bodily functions, and healthy mind intact, please accept my heart-felt “Go fuck yourself.” Take your Nazi propaganda elsewhere…it’s not wanted here.

    • Braveheart says:

      HCKS, I have to agree about Woogie also. Another dildo.

  42. Hout/cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    Genius, good response. Woogie works for the agency..these idiots come on her from rime to Time almost weekly now, they bash the nwo, talk bad but the cabal, the other posters don’t know that they are a fake just yet, respond and back them up, only to see them start to bash the people who are outing real info, attacking the very article and it’s author, only to see my foot coming and kicking that azz clown right into his balls of these clowns posting, then just out of nowhere starts bashing Alex Jones, Hawk, Hodges, etc on Jade a helm and other important information that is critical. These dumbasses think that after the people seeing the military equipment rolling in. By the thousands all over and into our cities, that we can just ignore it, relax and go to sleep at night thinking that from this point on, everything is okay. The jews..woke up one night by soldiers kicking in their doors only to find out that the camps were built 5 yrs prior, that the rail roads were constructed, year ahead of time only to find themselves in them, getting stripped of their clothes, raped, murdered, shot by. 50 caliber machines fun fire and dumbed into mass Graves and standing naked and starving in a concentration camp, some of them found themselves in lines waiting to be hanged, and now these ideots are trying to desensitize us thinking that we are going to relax..if it wasn’t for gun ownership, we would not even be posing in this site because the bones of us and our families would have been at the bottom of a mass grave in the outskirts of all the major cities. The camps have been built, the railroads ready, the carts 3 story high with the shackles are here, I have seen them with. G own two frickin rolling down Hwy 90, with these same carts in the middle of the regular carts to make it not look suspicious..Woogie, your gone, you just got your azz kicked from this site, guess your will need to change your handle again.



    • Stop The Bullshit says:


      You’re the one who’s the friggin laugh on this board, every time you post people need hip waders to get through all your BS, remember, they’re all out to ” git” you, nutjob.

      • Northern Reb says:

        STBS: Hchs:
        I’m glad you are on this site. You give me a clown to laugh at. You should change your handle to I’m Full Of Bull$#!+.
        Hcks; You are correct about this clown he is nothing but a troll, with his head up his A$$.
        Hcks this is for you NOT STBS.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Nathan Klein says:

          These pricks get paid $9 an hour to sit behind their keyboard and post their bullshit on here. Hope they make good use of that blood money while it’s still rolling in.

          • Paranoid says:

            Hell, I’m not doing anything, anybody out there that wants to pay me $9 an hr to post their junk, my ammo fund can use the cash, give me a line. We should all do it. Run them out of cash and pay for our stuff; a winner. For $9 I’m willing to post: “BO’s not that big a buttherd”

            • Nathan Klein says:

              Might as well, cause they aren’t changing anyone’s minds. There is too much discussion occurring OFFLINE for these assholes to succeed in confusing folks. I’ve seen that people are waking up, even people you might have judged to be the dumbest and most clueless.

        • Braveheart says:

          NR and HCKS, I agree. STBS is just another useless troll and needs to move on. HCKS, I love your posts. Don’t you dare let the trolls run you off.

    • Woogie says:

      LOL. You are funny dude, but I am still here. Looks like you will have to change your diaper after your grunting tirade of nonsense. See, I can dish it out too, and not afraid of you. LOL.

  43. Genius says:

    Hout, How correct you are! People listen to bullshit neocon assholes who tell them conspiracies are crazy and those people are Kooks. We just need some more republicans etc and all will be good. I live around a shitload of these types and they are the most brainwashed idiots ever. You could put a 4 foot high stack of proof in front of them and they would run from it while yelling out denial bullshit. They will get exactly whats coming to them for their stupid and ignorant ways. I know that they have to see this shit if I see it too. But they think the military is great and here to protect us. They never question anything it’s amazing. They just parrot the bullshit they hear on hannity because they are too stupid to think for themselves or develop an original thought. The good thing is they mostly are armed and will be the cannon fodder to thin out the enemy before it comes my turn to act. They wouldn’t accept the truth about anything if you wrote it in braille and shoved it up their ass!

    • Woogie says:

      Well if you believe your words, then you have self diagnosed yourself as paranoid. You parrot the people who are misleading to you, making you hateful and angry.

      No, I don’t watch Hannity, and I follow no one. I am not a Republican but a conservative bordered with libertarian. I am the last one any criminal or militia gone biserk would find b/c I am so remote living in my bug-out place. Don’t you hate it when you are wrong? You will wake up someday when you find you have been mislead.

      • Nathan Klein says:

        “I am not a Republican but a conservative bordered with libertarian.”

        None of those labels has any actual meaning, other than defining you as just another schmuck who just doesn’t get it.

        This article is accurate, because the government IS out to get you…or maybe not you personally, since you’re such a useful wrench in their toolbox, but they are definitely out to get people like me. If you don’t see that, please avail yourself of this opportunity to pull your head out of your asshole and take a look around some time.

  44. mark says:

    I bet the false flag attack will be a biological weapon. This allows them to round people up in a state of confusion and fear. I doubt they follow thru with the overnight strike without something else, other than economic chaos. Perhaps a couple weeks into the economic collapse they would strike. My guess, be a bio attack first. Followed by massive civilian unrest and death, then a clean up program by the feds…. This is the logical way to bring the population of patriots to their knees and take total control of the planet, when the dust settles. NO matter what, prep and pray. Network now.

  45. Hout/cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    The rat bastard cabalist and their fusion centers are certain about one thing. The algorithms and all the data that echelon and the data mining of everything up to this very day and month, is showing them something very serious. That’s what they have brought in foreign soldiers to kill us. We are not going to let them pull that crap on us without a response, and this site proves that inalienable fact.

    Their is a gorilla army consisting of Patriots, cops, military, vets current army and marines all over the US that is is not falling for Jade Helm and this traitorous cabal. This website and it’s commenter’s proves this very thing.

    We are literally surfing what I call the SHTF EVENT HORIZON AND SOON TO BE THE SHTF EVENT, THAT WE WILL BE CAUGHT UP IN When we least expect it, it’s going to hit and we will be the ones who are in the surviving 3-5 million.

    And for the cabalist azz clowns who are occupying my city, Molon Labe.

    This coming 4 th of July will show how just how serious Patriotism will become as we shove it right into you cabalist rat bastard faces.

    For all its worth, have a wonderful Memorial weekend shtf- effers,



  46. Bonefortoona says:

    Please explain why no one involved in this planning, or those expected to carry it the actions are not blowing the whistle? Don’t you think there would be a few patriots in the know and would blab it all loud and clear? NDA agreements and threats will only take you so far at keeping something of this size a secret. After all, what is a legal document good for when the rule of law has no more meaning?

    • Nathan Klein says:

      “Please explain why no one involved in this planning, or those expected to carry it the actions are not blowing the whistle? ”

      Because they were all pulled off the streets, given secret security clearances and made to feel like important big shots in a time when good jobs are few and far between, screened for their political views (or lack thereof), and promised big rewards.

      “Don’t you think there would be a few patriots in the know and would blab it all loud and clear?”

      Knowing what I do about people? No, I’d be greatly surprised to see that.

      “NDA agreements and threats will only take you so far at keeping something of this size a secret. After all, what is a legal document good for when the rule of law has no more meaning?”

      And what motivation does one have to bite the hand feeding oneself, in an environment where one completely lacks any sense of moral obligation?

  47. LLeclair says:

    You will know that the SHTF when gun and ammo sales are suspended.

  48. Rector says:

    Seriously. I’m going to have to quit reading this site if this absurdity is the best you can come up with. I realize it’s hard to find stories everyday, but this is just crap.

    • Woogie says:

      You are 200% correct. This is my last post here to clarify I am not with these people, author of the article, or owner of the blog or beliefs. When a bomb making book is promoted by a poster on this blog, and people behave so badly, its time to leave before the Feds investigate them.

      • Jimbo says:

        Yes, I have to agree, it’s time to leave. Between all the Nazis, posters who are allowed to berate whomever they like with total impunity, and now the total idiocy of promoting bomb making, it’s time to get the hell out of this insane asylum. For the record, let it be noted that I am not affiliated with the views of this website or posters any longer.

  49. slingshot says:


    Turning food and drink into weapons.

    Like Jerky and Vodka.

    Think turnaround is fair play and bad for those who may be starving.

    Only a method to be used as a last ditch effort when all is lost. If we use that method first they will know we are beaten. If they use that method first, we have the high moral ground and know they have to resort to major efforts to defeat us.

  50. Mr. White says:

    I’ll bet you all 9 inches of Michelle Obama’s unit that nothing happens: no extractions, no nothing during this drill.

    • Nathan Klein says:

      I’ll bet you the other three inches we won’t find out the real truth of what actually happened until years later, when the Russians or Chinese release the documents. And even then we won’t be sure.

      • Marie says:

        Lately I’ve been thinking EXACTLY the same thing, Nathan! Since They control the MSM, and presumably they’ll take down the internet, and at the top of their red-list is undoubtedly Alex Jones (followed by Savage and Quayle and all the other alternative media), it’s going to be next-to-impossible to figure out at any given moment what the bleep is actually going on, once it starts.
        And as a professor, I’m wondering, how will the survivors be able to write the history of what’s about to happen, for posterity? Sorry, can’t help it…

        • Nathan Klein says:

          I can assure you there are certain individuals out there who have taken it upon themselves to record, document, and collect EVERY scrap of text, video, audio, or data of any kind that would be of use whatsoever to future historians in reconstructing what actually happened….as well as countless millions of books, papers, research articles, howto guides, scientific and engineering theory, etc necessary for folks to restart civilization from scratch.

          They will not be getting away with any of this.

  51. NCFreedom says:

    Dave is sometimes full of it. In this case he is borderline, we’ve known this for years for those with eyes open and ears clear. Instead of asking are you on the red list why not give the gubme ts actually threat matrix scorecard. Gubment stooges don’t complete anything with out a form with tick boxes. By now someone would have snuck out a copy, if he has the connections he claims, post the matrix so we can score ourselves! Jeez, give us something to work on the evaluate our position, not just throw out “are you on it?” Worthless article if it process no self assessment.

    • Nathan Klein says:

      I think if Dave Hodges were to devote half the time he currently spends writing, to thinking and developing deeper ideas, the articles he did write would be a lot better. He’s got some good ideas, but spends too much time speculating rather than analyzing.

  52. Hout/cypress/Katy/shtf says:

    Well this was one hell of a pizzing match. We the legitimate posters won, the agency azz clowns lost the infowar..

  53. loyalmoonie says:

    Greg Abbott, I hope you have a plan for this, in addition to the Texas Guard monitoring these deadly scenarios…