“Recognize That the Situation Is Beyond Repair”: Trump’s Plan to Save the Economy Won’t Be Enough

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com and first published at PersonalLiberty.com.

    Editor’s Comment: Despite a number of positive steps at the beginning of the President Trump’s administration, the economy is very, very far gone. Under the arrangements of the past half century, the United States has become an engine of global centralization. The goods its people need are produced overseas and imported; an imperial model poised for collapse. Central bankers have our country in a vulnerable and interdependent state, and even with the best intentions, Trump can’t pull us out of it with renewed manufacturing, tariffs and federal meddling.

    Though many of his initiatives are in the right direction, it may be a case of too little, too late. Once the U.S. loses the dollar’s world reserve currency, there won’t be much else propping it up. It is seems that an economic collapse has been readied, and Trump may be cast as the man to blame, rather than the man to save us from it. May we have better wisdom in rebuilding, if those who would enslave us completely in a highly centralized, mechanized global system don’t succeed first.

    Prepare now for the recovery as best you can; either way, it will be a long road ahead.

    Irreversible Damage – The U.S. Economy Cannot Be Repaired

    by Brandon Smith

    As I outlined in my article ‘The False Economic Narrative Will Die In 2017’, the mainstream media has been carefully crafting the propaganda meme that the Trump administration is inheriting a global economy in “ascension,” when in fact, the opposite is true. Trump enters office at a time of longstanding decline and will likely witness severe and accelerated decline over the course of the next year. The signs are already present, and this fits exactly with the basis for my prediction of the Trump election win — conservative movements are indeed being set up as scapegoats for a global economic crisis that international financiers actually created.

    Plus, it doesn’t help that Trump keeps boasting about the farcical Dow hitting record highs after his entry into the White House. Talk about the perfect setup…

    With the speed at which Trump is issuing executive orders, my concern is that people’s heads will be spinning so fast they will start to assume an appearance of economic progress. Here is the issue — some problems simply cannot be fixed, at least not in a top down fashion. Some disasters cannot be prevented. Sometimes, a crisis has to run its course before a nation or society or economy can return to stability. This is invariably true of the underlying crisis within the U.S. economy.

    It is imperative that liberty activists and conservatives avoid false hope in fiscal recovery and remain vigilant and prepared for a breakdown within the system. Despite the sudden political sea change with Trump and the Republican party in majority control of the D.C. apparatus, there is nothing that can be done through government to ease fiscal tensions at this time. Here are some of the primary reasons why:

    Government Does Not Create Wealth

    Government is a wealth-devouring machine. The bigger the government, the more adept it is at snatching capital and misallocating it. Such a system is inherently unequipped to repair an economy in a stagflationary spiral.

    I’m hearing a whole lot of talk lately on all the jobs that will be created through Trump’s infrastructure spending plans, which reminds me of the desperation at the onset of the Great Depression and the efforts by Herbert Hoover to reignite the U.S. economy through a series of public works programs. Reality does not support a successful outcome for this endeavor.

    First off, Trump’s ideas for infrastructure spending to kick start a U.S. recovery are not new. The Obama administration and Congress passed the largest transportation spending bill in more than a decade in 2015 and pushed for a similar strategy to what is now being suggested by Trump. I should point out though that like Herbert Hoover, Obama’s efforts in this area were essentially fruitless. Obama was the first president since Hoover to see “official” annual U.S. GDP growth drop below 3 percent for the entirety of his presidency, with GDP in 2016 dropping to a dismal 1.6 percent.

    Though projects like the Hoover Dam were epic in scope and electrifying to the public imagination during the Depression, they did little to fuel the overall long-term prospects of the American economy. This is because government is incapable of creating wealth; it can only steal wealth from the citizenry through taxation to pay debts conjured out of thin air, or, it can strike a devil’s bargain with central banks to print its way to fake prosperity.

    Some might argue that Trump is more likely to redirect funds from poorly conceived Obama-era programs instead of increasing taxes or printing, but this does not change the bigger picture. Redirected funds are still taxpayer funds, and those funds would be far better spent if they were returned to taxpayers rather than wasted in a vain effort to increase GDP by a percentage point. Beyond this, the number of jobs generated through the process will be a drop in the bucket compared to the 100 million plus people no longer employed within the U.S. at this time.

    Bottom line? Though new roads and a wall on the southern border are winners for many conservatives, infrastructure spending is a non-solution in preventing a long-term fiscal disaster.

    Interdependency Is Hard To Break

    Another prospect for raising funds to pay for job generating public works projects is the use of tariffs on foreign imports. Specifically, imports of goods from countries which have maintained unfair trade advantages through global agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA or the China Trade Bill. This is obviously a practical concept and it was always the intention of the founding father post-revolution for government to generate most of its funding through taxation of foreign imports and interstate commerce, rather than taxation of the hard earned incomes of the citizenry. However, the idea is not without consequences.

    Unfortunately, globalists have spent the better part of a half-century ensuring that individual nations are completely financially dependent on one another. The U.S. is at the very CENTER of this interdependency with our currency as the world reserve standard. In order to change the nature of the inderdependent system, we have to change the nature of our participation within that system. This means, in order to assert large tariffs on countries like China (which Trump has suggested), America would have to be willing to sacrifice the main advantage it enjoys within the interdependent model — we would have to sacrifice the dollar’s world reserve status.

    Keep in mind, this is likely to be done for us in an aggressive manner by nations like China. China’s considerable dollar and treasury bond holds can be liquidated, and despite claims by mainstream shills, this WILL in fact have destructive effects on the U.S. economy.

    Also keep in mind that with higher tariffs come higher prices on the shelf. The majority of goods consumed by Americans come from outside the country. Higher tariffs only work to our advantage when we have a manufacturing base capable of producing the goods we need at prices we can afford. The American manufacturing base within our own nation is essentially nonexistent compared to the Great Depression. In order to levy tariffs we would need a level of production support we simply do not have.

    The point is, an unprecedented change in America’s production dynamic would have to happen so that we do not face heavy fiscal consequences for the use of tariffs as an economic weapon.

    Manufacturing Takes Time To Rebuild

    Much excitement has been garnered by reports that certain U.S. corporations will be bringing some manufacturing back within our borders over the course of Trump’s first term as president. And certainly this is something that needs to happen. We should have never outsourced our manufacturing capability in the first place. But, is this too little too late? I believe so.

    I remember back in 2008/2009 mainstream economists were applauding the Federal Reserve’s bailout efforts and the call for quantitative easing, because, they argued, this would diminish the dollar’s value on the global market, which would make American goods less expensive, and by extension inspire a manufacturing renaissance. Of course, this never happened, which only adds to the mountain of evidence proving that most mainstream economists are intellectual idiots.

    It is important that we do not fall into the same false-hope trap in 2017. While Trump may or may not handle matters more aggressively, there is only so much that can be accomplished through politics. Rebuilding a manufacturing base after decades of outsourcing takes time. Many years, in fact. Factories have to be commissioned, money has to change many hands, wages have to be scouted for the best possible labor per-dollar spent and people have to be trained from the very ground up in how to produce goods again. In many cases, the skill sets required to maintain functioning factories in the U.S. (from engineers to machinists to assembly line labor to the people who know how to manage it all) just don’t exist anymore.  All we have left are millions of retail and food service workers forming mobs to demand $15 an hour, which is simply not going to encourage a return to manufacturing.

    Beyond this, at least in the short term, America will have a much stronger dollar on the global market, rather than a weaker dollar, due to the fact that the Federal Reserve has initiated a renewed series of interest rate increases just as Trump entered office.  While the mainstream theorizes that the Fed will turn “dovish” and back away from rate hikes, I think this is a rather naive notion.  It serves the elites far better to create a battle between Trump and the Fed – therefore, I see no reason for the Fed to back away from its rate hike process.  Trump will demand a weaker dollar, the Fed won’t give it to him, and ultimately, the global economy will start to see the dollar as a risky venture and dump it as the world reserve; which is what the globalist have wanted all along so that they can introduce the SDR as a bridge to a new world currency.

    With a “strong” dollar (relative to other indexes) there is even LESS incentive for foreign nations to buy our goods now than there was after the credit crisis in 2008. If the dollar loses world reserve status (as I believe it will during Trump’s first term), then at that point we will have a swiftly falling currency — but too swift to fuel a manufacturing reboot.

    Is there even enough internal wealth to support the rise of manufacturing within the U.S. for a period of time necessary for our economy to rebalance?  If there is I’m not seeing it.  We are a nation mired in debt.  So much so that even selling off our natural resources would not erase the problem.

    Ultimately, the shift away from being tied to a globalized system towards a self-contained producer nation with a citizenry wealthy enough to sustain that production in light of limited exports to foreign buyers is a shift that requires incredible foresight, precision and ample time. It is not something that can be ramrodded into existence through force or by government decree. In fact, the act of trying to force the change haphazardly will only agitate an economy already on the verge of calamity.

    Solutions Start With The Citizenry, Not Washington

    I understand that conservatives in particular want to “make America great again,” and I fully agree with that goal. But, someone has to point out the inconsistencies in the current strategy and recognize that the situation is beyond repair. To make America great again would require decentralized efforts to maximize production and self reliance at a local level, not centralized federal tinkering with the economy. The globalists have been far too thorough in their programs of interdependency. The only way out now is for the system to crash and for the right people to be in place to rebuild.

    Sadly, not only will a crash result in great tragedy for many Americans, but it is also an outcome the globalists prefer. They believe that THEY will be the men in the right place at the right time to rebuild the system in an even more centralized fashion. They hope to sacrifice the old world order to inspire the social desperation needed to convince the masses of the need for a “new world order.” Again, this crash cannot be avoided, it can only be mitigated. We can prepare and become self sufficient. We can fight to ensure that the globalists are not in a position to rebuild the system in their image once the dust settles. But, we should not place too much expectation that the Trump administration will be able to solve any of our economic problems, if that is even their intent.  The solution remains in our hands, not in the hands of the White House.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market.com and first published at PersonalLiberty.com.


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      1. Those areas that approved 15.00 an hour wages won’t see job coming back to their area unless the skill calls for it….BTW, those people that approved 15.00 an hour are Idiots!!

        • You do understand that the liberal elite who push $15.00 minimum wage fully understand that it will result in less jobs, right? They aren’t idiots.

          That is the whole point. Get more people not working and on the government dole. Use them to gain more money and power, and then ultimately slaughter them.

          • U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism

            “…we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally… changing the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years…”

            ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-03/un-official-admits-global-warming-agenda-really-about-destroying-capitalism

          • The state of CA considers me a legal employer.

            afaic, a business, which doesn’t provide life support, for the employees, is a social parasite, devouring free labor.

            You can’t afford the status, to boss people around, in a free market, without corporate welfare and charity for the hard worker, who you have impoverished.

            Considering the wideranging scope of this story, in which the entire, global economy is at stake, you have decided to place blame on the peon, subject of your emotional abuse.

      2. Manufacturing Takes Time To Rebuild

        I worked my entire adult life in the Chemical then Oil Refining industry. It was a practice to “open up the shops” Instrument, Electrical, Machinist/Millwright, Welder/Boilermaker, Pipefitter every 7 years training journeymen for the future. This ended in 1982 and industry picked off the corpse of dying companies for staffing. Now the trades have 60 year old staffing. When the US tooled for WWII there was an abundance of skilled labor that was available for employment, we’re not a hollowed out shell of our former massive industrial capacity.

        • we’re not a hollowed out shell

          should have read

          We’re now a hollowed out shell

          • Save Who’s Economy? Doom Doom and more Doom, May as well just throw your arms in the air, give up and commit suicide. Really? We are already at the Bottom, so the only direction is up. Maybe the elite’s world is crashing bigtime, like Soros loosing a Billion dollars since Trump has taken office. I laugh at his economy crashing. bwhahahahahahhahahahaa

            WOW, Maybe Wall Street will crash, but only about 25% of the population plays the gambling WS roulette table and deserve to be fleeced. S&P is over baked by 70%. And its all on paper, and that money is not working for the rest of America anyway. So who cares. Got your PM’s Silver is on a tear upwards. Get it now the train has left the Station. It was as high as $17.81 this AM, before the manipulators try to beat it up. Can’t hold it back any longer. Its going up baby!!!

            btw/ building occupancy for new business is picking up since the election in my area, which means people are ready and willing to open new businesses and take that chance in spite of the Doomsayers. That translates into Jobs and more economic cash flows in my area.

            • Yes, your local economy will suck if you live in the rust belt. You need to reinvent yourselves and move to where the jobs are. Get off your ass and be somebody.

              Trump is way ahead of this already, and I will guess right now that Trump creates a new Trump Dollar to compete with the Feds Fiat IOU Currency based on nothing. Once we control our money supply we control our entire economy. Trump knows this, I know this, and watch this unfold. The world is dumping US Treasuries. $40 Billion a month. Do the Math. Trump will create a new US Dollar like the Silver Certificate, which will cause the rise in silver prices because supply will suddenly be sucked up for the new Dollar backing. The world will flock to the new Dollars for stability and independence from the tribes greedy hands. America will be the beacon of hope, on the world stage again.

              So before there is a full collapse, which nobody wins, so they will still try to prop it up some. Trump will on his own create the New Trump Dollar. Hell his face may be on it one day, after he is dead 20 years from now. Stay tuned folks, some real interesting times ahead for our Nation. Good Trump News unfolding daily, I am amazed at the speedy progress. Never underestimate Trump!

              • You are pretty clueless. We are nowhere near the bottom.

                Scumbag Bush and company suppressed interest rates at 1% blowing up the bubble resulting in the housing collapse.

                Obama and company did the exact same thing as Bush but on a grander scale with 0% interest rates, and the bubble we are in now is bigger than the housing bubble and tech bubble combined.

                Except when this bubble pops…it is going to result in a sovereign debt collapse and currency crisis.

                You can’t have 0% suppressed interest rates for almost a decade and all the cheap money we have been showered with and not have it end in economic ruin.

                Either we do more QE resulting in a currency crisis or the bubble pops, interest rates are forced up and we have a sovereign debt collapse.

              • “I will guess right now that Trump creates a new Trump Dollar to compete with the Feds Fiat IOU Currency based on nothing. Once we control our money supply we control our entire economy. Trump knows this…”

                Right, and Trump also knows that another president tried to do what you describe–JFK. And all of us, including Trump, know what happened to JFK soon after that. Not sure why you’re suggesting it’s oh-so-simple!

              • You’re onto something there Trumps Deplorable.

                OUR ECONOMIC PROBLEM IS THE FED. A conglomerate of Banks working for the banks’ interests which are buying into power “representatives” to keep the circus going. When the FED is Dead, we’ll see change and it will be painful too. Bet the shadow government will do everything in their power to “sustain the reign”.

                Congress was constitutionally tasked with spending into existence, EVERY DOLLAR NEEDED to sustain our economy. The dollar has already been defined down to the grain of silver. The FED usurped that responsibility in 1913 with Congress’ blessing. Hamilton swore, By GOD I will route thee out. Which he did for a little while…

                When the BIG RESET button gets pushed, people will go hungry but America won’t be conquered and the sun will rise again. It might be over a smoldering heap of irradiated mega city ruins but I’ll be too damn old to give a damn and see long range targets of opportunity by that time.

            • I didn’t vote for Trump so he could save the economy. The economy was not saveable after LBJ. I voted for Trump because I detest HRC and I hoped DT would give us a Supreme Court that could save some of the Constitution as we went down. I can save myself and my extended family; If you set out to do the same, in the end we will be fine. Because no one is set up to save the safe zone people or the gang bangers,

          • No doubt we have spent a decade not training new workers for any skills at all except burger flippers and video games. There are very few skilled workers in any trades especially construction trades. And residential concrete guys and framers (nearly all hispanic these days) are not exactly skilled construction trades. But the low end of events. Most have no idea how to read or establish elevations and could not build much more than dog house by themselves correctly.

      3. Who cares,,, i want it to come completely un glued, crazy? Maybe, but how else do you think things are going to come to a head and finally cause serious change, oh it will suck, definitely, but it is the only way things will change and the only way that there is a slim chance we get back our republic. The forces of the left have been trying to ruin our world for decades, its time to deal with that crap

        • I totally agree! Let’s do this finally! Let’s simplify our lives again and get back to what is important!

        • Nailbanger.

          Me too! The crazier the better.

          Let the bodies hit the ground.
          Let the bodies hit the ground.
          Let the bodies hit the ground.

          Great song.

        • Nail,
          You and I are of like mind about a crash. Bring it on, anything to loosen the Democrat strangle hold on our islands will be welcome.

        • You echo what Bix Weir said in a new interview he just did with Greg Hunter–it’s on USAwatchdog dot com. He emphasizes that when everything collapses, that makes all debt go away, poof!

          Of course as Greg Hunter then pointed out, it makes all our money in the banks go away too, which will cause chaos… Weir agreed but said basically what you say here, that we’ve GOT to go through it and get it over with.


      5. I have faith that there are still strong willing Patriots like you and I out there that can and will rebuild the USA. Yes like anything else that has to be repaired and rebuilt it will take time.

        When it take time to rebuild, new lessons are learned and new innovations appear. My faith is in my Countrymen. Yes I know there are TUTDS out there, but I still have faith!


        • Sgt.
          there are plenty of patriots who will or would help rebuild the country and I hope that is how it goes down. something i have been seeing and giving allot of thought to is this. our debt is basically NON-fixable, well IF you look at several other countries they have done the same thing to themselves, NOW these people are NOT idiots, we may not agree on there reasons or tactics, BUT there can ONLY be two reasons for all these countries to be in the same boat.
          1- they know something in the world is going to happen and so they did not care that what they were doing was NON-fixable. which makes sense to me as to the preps that have also been done by those counties.

          2- they want a world collapse so the slate can be wiped clean and a fresh start, except that lost of opportunities for these governments to and banksters to take over and or obtain more assets.

          • sorry did not proof read and catch the typos. was running late

          • Obama doubling the National Debt should be considered Treason. Take all the money back from the phony wars and all associated costs like the VA. And bombs dropped at a cost of $35,000 to $100K per bomb dropped. WTF? I did not authorize that, nor am I liable for any of that debt.

        • Sgt: Have hope and remember; the people who started this country were in a lot worse trouble than we are. And we have what they did to guide us: “With a light thru the Night high above”

          • Paranoid, How were they worse off than us? Back then it was musket to musket, now it is the most tech advanced weaponry against rifles? Do you not think that if you started some group to overthrow the government that all hell would not rain down on you? The way I see it, WE are in a lot more trouble than the founders were….

            • Because the high tech isn’t useful, they have already lost the second they go after us. It’s not useful to nuke your own house. Who do you think makes their hi tech stuff work? Who do you think pays the taxes that pays their troops? Who do you think their troops support. A bunch of old ladies destroyed the Romanian Gov just by standing in front of the troops and saying: “I could be your Grandmother; she maybe here. Are you going to shoot me to support the fool in charge?” Carpet Bombing your own tax base is a bad idea? Occupy the country? Don’t make me laugh. After dark the Gov cannot control Central Park NY or East LA. 20 times as many people in NRA than US Army. Yah if they stay inside the tanks they will be safe, hope they don’t need to P.

        • Amen Sgt. Dale im with you and my country. God Bless America

      6. Just for argument sake?


        We are in a huge shit hole of a mess. Trump is busting his ass trying to fix shit. The assholes and elites are trying to crash us and start WW3.. But the outcome is still the same.

        Look what these fuckers are doing.. They are heading underground right now.

        Tech billionairs going underground as I type to survive the SHTF END GAME. Then they will activate AI to finish us off on the surface. If you think that what I was told is a joke, listen what Hodges just said. ECONOMIC AND ENVIROMENTAL DISTRUCTION, and the funny thing is that all the troops will be led into war, WW3, AND WHEN IT STARTS, THE ENVIRONMENTAL SHTF STRIKES RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF WW3, leaving all the soldiers of the world trapped out in the open in the battle fields when they sudden look up to the sky and something forces them to stop the war, and start to hall ass. the estimated post shtf event 1 year later leaves women on the US continent on the surface.

        When I say women, I was told, we mean all of them, anyone female to barely 5,000/50 states. Women are now extinct, and the surviving men, preppers will be hunting them down as a commodity. Keep laughing and keep making fun of me. Everyone man woman and child will experience the worst of it. It not looking good.


        That why the elites are kidnaping and capturing lots of women and girls to take them underground to have supply of them for them selves. That number will around 3,000,000 underground is a fair estimate based on what I have learned. Most women I see everyday around me all want to be independent of men, men in their minds are the problems, and it true to a certain extent. But when you listen to women talk, none of them, I mean none of them are talking about politics, the economy, and they only go to men when they are out of money and cant support them selves. I am closing on my BOL land on the outskirts of my city to get away from all the violence. Another thing is the smell of the rotting and decaying stinking dead bodies all over the place. This is a serious problem that city preppers don’t talk about of thing about and this will force them to leave the cities and this is when they come under attack and don’t survive it, The men shot and killed on site, the females raped and murdered outside out in the open by soldiers, none preppers, etc.. A bad bad outcome. I learned it from my scientist friend and the 2 world country that was beta tested. It was tested again in Lousiana during Katrina. During your transit, you will get attacked, all the preps and women taken. We must position ourselves and preps outside the city and get they fuck out while we can.


        Like I said.

        • You “Take ” a Wyo woman anywhere she doesn’t want to go and you are going to get your nuts shot off. I don’t really care what the Billionaires are doing, They let me alone I’ll let them alone, otherwise I’ll Pee down their air shaft along with the gasoline and flares.

        • HCKS
          Nobody here has a clue of what’s coming… NOBODY!
          They just can’t see Trump as Trojan horse.
          It’s so sad. .

        • HCKS, there are a few women that will talk politics and economy but not many. I am a self sufficient woman. If I run out of money, I do not have a man to run to; no spouse or brothers. I’ve made it my personal business to not run out of money or ‘just hope for the best.’ It takes a lot of thinking and planning and accepting barbs from friends who believe I’ve gone off the deep end at times.

          I have a lot of talents and skills, many of which I learned to be self sufficient. I’ve discovered that this also seems to scare off men; one or two dates and they disappear. Or, those that want to be taken care want to hang on. Glad to be shed of any of those sorts.

          I do like men. I enjoy the way they think and appreciate many of their capabilities. I like being outdoors as much as indoors. That worked out great since my son was in Boy Scouts. Yes, I camped and hiked with the troop–part of my responsibility as an assistant scoutmaster.

          I don’t like how men are portrayed as idiots or simpletons in so many sitcoms and other programs. It seems to me that if men and women joined forces rather than battle each other for supremacy, we could make the world a nicer place.

          Just my two cents worth.

      7. Step back and look at the big picture. We’re doooomed! The debt, the unfunded liabilities, the demographics, the Fed, the MSM nut jobs, the commies, the globalists. I can’t wait to become undoomed.

        • Dr. Richard Kotlikoff, who served in the Treasury under Reagan, and is now at Boston Univ., says that if you count **everything** that is unfunded, there is (last I looked( $222 trillion in unfunded promises. Just google his name for verification or further information.

          BTW, you can buy physical gold and put in your IRA for safekeeping, just so you know.

        • “We’re” doomed? Speak for yourself. There my be a bunch of doomed candy assed incompetents. I for one will just have to get working; I know for to long I have coasted because beating the average people out there was just so easy it wasn’t worth my effort to try harder.

      8. Solutions Start With The Citizenry… exactly!

        Yes, the elite will plan to push this all on Trump. Question is, their vehicle to do this is the lamestream media, which still has Hilary ahead by 10 points as of Jan. 29, 2017. NO ONE BELIEVES them anymore, except the ignorant leftists, who can’t be influenced by logic, truth or intellectual honesty anyway.

        So, the elite have a real problem. Turns out their incessant lying has put them in a real pickle. Freedom lovers have already gone to other venues to get information, and worst case, we will turn to a modern form samizdat (look the word up – it will do you good)

        Us poor, unwashed masses here in flyover country have also woken up (hence Trump’s election or 2/3rds of state gov’t run by conservatives now) and will not be put back to sleep. Worse for the fascist left, there are a LOT of military and police (think the Constitutional Sheriff’s Assoc., led by Sheriff Mack), or Trump getting conservative generals back.

        Truth is, while Brandon may be right, seems the elite have lost:
        a.) The intellectual battle: Everyone knows their ideas *suck*, and lead to Venezuela, Zimbabwe, the USSR
        b.) Their leftist media is in utter disrepute
        c.) Freedom lovers have their own venues to obtain and disseminate information
        d.) Looks like SOTU will stop being a fascist left institution
        e.)While non-violence is always the way, the 2nd Amendment is there for a purpose, and with 2 or 300 mm guns in the US, that is historically an guarantor of freedom, as the Founders, and even people like Democrat VP Hubert Humphrey noted.
        f.) The common man sees the violence, riots (most recently in Berzerkely), Geo. Soros money, etc. and is DISGUSTED. The violent, evil, fascist left is LOSING the middle ground… witness that ignorant Muslim out of MN, Ellison, possibly running the Democrud House, with faux Indian Warren the senate. They might as well have brought in Che and Trotsky to run the Dem party. In sum, they continue to self destruct, which, when you are talking the H8TE filled radical left, is something to which I won’t be sending flowers any time soon.

        There will be a recession anyway, sometime, under Trump – I just don’t think they will be able to pin it on Trump with any consensus. And if the violent, evil left does manage to JFK Trump, then they still have Pence to deal with. No gain there. So, the goal will be to Carter-ize Trump, or do what happened to Bush Sr. – hang a bad economy on him, as Brandon says. But… see above. Conservatives and libertarians will NOT go gently into that un-good dark night of fascist leftism, and their ignorance and H8TE.

        • sam·iz·dat
          the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state, especially formerly in the communist countries of eastern Europe.

        • We have the US Constitution, a secular document with which no decent, reasonable, and thinking individual can disagree, and the founding basis for the greatest country the world has ever witnessed.

          Civilizations rise and fall, yet these have all advanced the human condition in one fashion or another.

          Were some catastrophic event to occur, natural or man made, this document, the US Constitution is a natural starting point for any future society, and hopefully, they will learn from our mistakes and not allow their freedom to erode.

        • Boyo

          You are right there they do not like us.
          They would just assume kill you as look at you.

        • Exactly why they are banned here annnnd if something terrible enough should happen here in the good old USA they need to realize the same things would happen here!!!!!!!! The people from these banned countries will not be safe here if something terrible goes down. Nuff said………

        • All troops need to blow and go.
          Park Carriers of the coast and A10’m!

          If the ME is busy fighting among themselves maybe they will stay home and fight it out there. Keep the children occupied. If we leave, they have no reason to fight to come here.

          We shall focus cleaning our own house. Our guys should not be there anymore. Didn’t they say this was over?

          Get our guys out of there!!!

      9. Governments have allowed a private entity to determine what money is and gave them exclusive control to expand or diminish its supply thus determining its value. Anything else done to facilitate self determination is moot as Rothschild said, “Let we control a nations money supply and I care not who writes its laws”.

        Too many focus on the symptoms not the cause. Welfare, MIC, globalism all are made possible by the above. None will be adequately defeated if unlimited spending is available.

        • Repeal the Federal Reserve Act and repudiate the debt is the first step toward a full and complete recovery.

        • Time for the “Shield” to go.

        • “Governments have allowed a private entity to determine what money is…”

          What you may not know or understand is that this action was FORBIDDEN in writing in the contract that those who serve within our general (federal) government are under.

          What is also important to know is that those who were NOT visibly fighting to “end the fed” while serving – be it past or present – are 100% responsible for that action because they are REQUIRED in writing and under Oath to stop all unlawful agencies, etc. By that Oath they are PERSONALLY responsible for their actions, which means that as long as they are still living we can confiscate LAWFULLY everything they have to put back into the USA for their Misappropriation of Funds while serving.

          They are responsible for the actions that those before them did when they do not fix them as is required of them.

          These are some of the reasons why people must know what the US Constitution, and their own state’s Constitution allow, require and forbid to those who serve. Remember, if it is NOT in writing, it is NOT a power/authority they can have.

          Also, all authority is delegated to the branches and to named offices within a branch, NOT to the person serving. They are ALLOWED to use that authority as long as they do the duties as constitutionally assigned, take and KEEP the Oath of Office.

        • K2, I call them branch managers. They just attack a branch of the tree and never focus on the root. I would say 92% or better are branch managers. No fookin idea what the root even is! Micro managed mental midgets parroting the shit they hear and NEVER able to think for themselves. The future looks pretty bleak my friend 🙁

          • Speaking of thinking for yourself, did it ever occur to anyone that Trump was installed and allowed to do all the things that he is doing to create an ever deep divide in the people? Why is Soros allowed to fund all this leftist shit? Obama could do only so much (it was more than enough) to divide the land. With Trump as president and a well funded opposition (to whatever they are told) This can and will cause a gigantic fracture that will become more violent by the day. So if you think about it, it plays right into the NWO playbook. A civil war of sorts that is so bad that major action is justified. Trump is getting all the patriots behind him even the ones that were on the fence. Soros (and his cronie nwo peeps) are funding opposition like it was nothing. It’s a perfect play being performed before your very eyes. Is it real? Or is it exterminex?

            • Put yourself in the rulers position (think like them). This is what I would do if I wanted to instigate all out civil war. It is perfect. No one will blame the rulers (elite) and blame it all on indifferences. Anyone who cannot comprehend this strategy is a pretty poor chess player!

              • Genius:

                Yes, you are right, except for one sentence, “It is perfect.” Almost nothing is “perfect”. This Trump phenomenon is no exception. These (((“elites”))) are not that infallible, pope or no pope. Trump was chosen to fail. He’s still in the game. Winning is supposed to divide us into two camps at odds with each other, yes. But if Trump is able and willing, he can rally us into a cohesive organism. Unless he goes to war with Iran, helping the juice to fulfill their (Rothschild) plan for a greater ‘Is real hell’; President Trump could broker true honorable ethical peace, defang the Banking Cartel and juicy organized crime. Thus becoming the great man he is destined to be. Tall number. We shall see. Have faith. Miracles are real.


      10. SGT

        I have faith as well. I’ve been saying that the younger generation needs to go thru some hard times to appreciate what “FREEDOM” means….

        • FYI, you have NEVER been free and do not know what real freedom is. That is a FACT!

      11. This country, USA, needs to work feverishly with all American citizens participating in building manufacturing plants. We need to do whatever sacrificing needs to be done to accomplish this rebuilding. For example look at how manufacturing plants during WWII were quickly converted into weapons manufacturing. Everyone contributed to the war effort, and we are now in a war for our nation’s survival and again everyone needs to contribute. This would also provide construction jobs, and stimulate the economy. We cannot wait for everything to collapse where we would be at our weakest point and most vulnerable to a NWO takeover. The very rich, that 1% needs to step up to the plate and save their country….yes I know these are the very ones
        supporting the NWO; but maybe, just maybe there would be some who could have a change of heart and realize what’s best for the generations to come, which includes their own children. Could allow ordinary citizens to invest in these manufacturing businesses as co-owners as a means of providing monies for these projects. Americans need to wake up now and see that the UN and all foreign governments are out to make America a third world country whether we participate in the UN or not. These foreign countries have been envious and spiteful of America’s position in the world theatre all these years. All they’re out for now is revenge and to make us knuckle under. We need to do without and make do with what we have so we can stop buying from foreign countries. We need to make laws where it is so expensive that US companies cannot possibly afford to move their plants overseas. You’re either with us or get out of our country. There’s a reason for the saying MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Do away with the fed and declare bankruptcy to China. Take ’em on, what do we have to lose, we’re about to lose everything anyway.

        • We need skilled trades people and lots of them to tool up. My contribution? My boy is a journeyman electrician. I’m proud of him.

          • I’m a journeyman sandbagger does that count lol 🙂

        • “There’s a reason for the saying MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.”

          that would be:

          1Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

          • Umm who has more love of money than the ummm … juice?

      12. Many Illegal Aliens may never commit a physical terrorist crime here in America, but their eyes and hands are deadly weapon at spying and looking to exploit weaknesses. Stealing corporate intellectual property at a hemorrhaging rate. They have no loyalty to America, just squatter looking for a personal gain or something they can steal for profit back to their homeland. Many spies here in many different costumes. Many in suits and ties. Many with no beards.

        • We get training on this sort of thing every year at the office. The pictures they show of those they caught are interesting. The criminals don’t really look like such bad people or not even much of an odd duck. Another point of interest is that more problems come from those legally residing within US borders stealing intel in a vast array of methods.

          Head on a swivel wherever you are.

      13. Step 1 – Go into the Fed with an army of police. No warning to give them time to fire up the paper shredders.

        Step 2 – Bring in an army of forensic accountants to audit the Fed.

        Step 3 – Nationalize the Fed so the government can have control of the money once again.

        Just my thoughts, but I think it would be a good start.

      14. _

        Take back our ability to control money. The rest will fall into alignment. If anyone can do it, President Trump can. I believe he has some cards up his sleeve, and in his socks and underwear.

        This is one hell of a ride.


        • Read my post above. Might make you wonder….

      15. Start by re-instating Glass Steagel.

        • “Start by re-instating Glass Steagal”

          Most definitely.

        • Futuret:

          I was educated by Jesuits. So were millions. Big deal.

          That said; I enjoyed the video. Thanks. But I saw this entire video about what you refer to as “caught partying”. A lie is an alteration of a truth. You are bending the truth to fit your agenda, which appears to be casting suspicion on President Trump. I’m suspicious by nature. I haven’t bought into anything. I’m well aware of the situation.

          Now tell the truth. Trump wasn’t “caught partying”. He was at a fundraiser where he roasted Clinton. He burned her like charcoal.


      16. The Dow is probably overvalued by about 5,000 points. Maybe even more than that.
        China and others are dumping our bonds. We have had almost zero GDP growth and
        zero job growth, unless you want to count the 19 million part-time jobs that Bath House
        Barry created. So far we have CEO’s making pledges to create jobs. Good luck with that.
        If the market crashes tomorrow, those jobs will not materialize. Slashing all those regulations should help. Also, things are coming to a head with Iran. And North Korea.
        Iran is Russia’s vessel. North Korea is China’s junkyard dog. It’s not a question of if, but
        when. Maybe Israel gets the green light on Iran and Trump gives them whatever they need
        to smash the nuke sites. If Russia gets involved you could have Ezekiel 38. Man, its gonna
        get ugly. If you have faith in a supreme being, its time to get on your knees and pray.

        • “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” ~ Fr. John Sheehan, S.J.

          Pretty much sums it up – nothing more needs to be said.

      17. I can understand President Trump angry attitude. He has to clean up all the mess that our government has made in Washington. They gave money away for foolish things that wasn’t necessary. Remember the solar company they gave money to and then they went bankrupt? How about the mice in San Francisco. The lavish vacations? I could go on and on. They got a bunker ready for them? Seal it up when they get there. Trump has this mess and then they will blame it on him when everything crashes.

      18. Agriculture could be the key to our survival. It’s a production source that with a few changes to it’s policies could immediately make things happen.

        America’s farmers have not come close to the potential they could achieve if left alone. If a better job was done with trade and food storage facilities, farmers could go crazy with production. They would hire more people and buy more machinery which would create a demand for more factories. In the mean time we would be producing something the whole world needs.

        • John OConner: ?


      19. The debt liability we have is unbearably too large at $105 Trillion and we haven’t added Trump’s budget debt yet, maybe adds 2 trillion this year. We can’t pay even the interest on this debt.

        Manufacturing labor is being replaced by machines, so those jobs won’t all come back for the unemployed.

        The world is in a recession…a slowdown, and a real fair trade with a high dollar won’t increase jobs if no one is buying our exports.

        I’m sorry Trump was handed this ugly mess. There will be a reset with a world wide depression. That’s why I still prepare.

      20. somehow im still optimistic. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t be planting a garden or prepping. A economic collapse will not cause my cow to go dry or my plants to cease to grow. The Sun will still come up and the rain will still fall. I think we will just continue to decline economically. If we can avoid war and get rid of foreign peoples and entanglements. Even in a collapsed economy we will still be the best country on the planet to live in. Death to the NWO-UN and globalist. By the time our economy tanks every country in the entire planet will already be in much worse shape.

      21. Irreversible Damage – The U.S. Economy Cannot Be Repaired

        One of the many reasons why I Prep. It’s being responsible, as in … taking care of ones self and not having to rely on somebody or a body of governance.

        Self reliance is the way to live.
        Everything else has bogus attachments to them.

      22. Good post Eagle 1 and Boyo.. That about sums it up. When shtf strikes, we will be ready.


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