RAW FOOTAGE: The Moment Truck Slams Into Crowd In France *INTENSE AND GRAPHIC SCENES*

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Headline News | 139 comments

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    At least 73 people are now confirmed dead in a terrorist attack in Nice, France while huge crowds celebrated Bastille Day in the streets.

    The following videos show intense and graphic scenes.

    Police attempted to pull the truck over, but rather than stopping the driver accelerated into a crowded street:

    The Aftermath (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC):

    This report was originally published at TheDailySheeple.com


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      1. Well these isis and blm better quit standing in the streets blocking traffic if they dont want to get hurt. People are getting tired of their juvenile antics!!!

        • Just a matter of time before someone shoots the blm assholes the same way the Dallas cops were killed.

          • Maybe if the cops stopped killing blacks on site and only thinking for two seconds before killing whites then i could agree with you.

        • Juvenile!!! Let’s not minimize. How about evil and criminal.

          • The Muslim Iman is on Fox News Now defending Sharia Law.

            Newt Gingrich has said a few words on the subject and wants to deport those who believe in Sharia Law. Nor compatible with western culture.

            “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”.

            Bachman Turner Overdrive.












          • The Baby Boomers are the most Naive, Stupid and Dangerous generation, They’re destroying the world.

      2. How tragic! These scenarios are going to be repeated over and over. There is no love for the West and the ways of the infidels. They have brought in huge numbers of foxes into the chicken coup. It will be a slaughter!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • indeed! will they continue to open their country to the infidel immigrants? will they not learn?

          prayers to the people of France. So sorry this has happened.

          Peuple de France, only you can stop it now.

          • and our dickhead in office is letting them into this country and this is what will happen here!! better wake up people and get that scumbag out of office and ALL who think like him!!

            • Citizens packing iron could have reduced the carnage in much the same way as two marines did in Iraq.

              Another gun free zone, more sitting ducks. 🙁

              • DK you know that old saying, “A man that can read but don’t read, is no better off than a man that can’t read” well the same can be said for a man that owns a gun and doesn’t carry it, he is no better off than a man that can’t own a gun. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

            • But, but, but our commander and sleaze believes that these are good people only like, like, Dr. Pepper! (so misunderstood).

              • The early debate on TV seems to be around whether the turds who did this was a lone wolf, or part of a larger group. To steal a phrase from Hildabeast, what difference does it make….?

                There is a 4 minute video (below) that explains the various types of jihad. Knowing this will help you understand just because there are muslims who do not pick up the sword and kill, does not mean they are not practicing jihad like their killer brethren.

                The problem with the Lib leaders (USA and European) is that they refuse to understand the driving forces behind this 7th Century religion. They try to look at it through Western ideals and that is impossible. Until “we” change our view on what we are up against, nothing will change. Lib’s will continue to blame the gun and not the perpetrator (perhaps they should now blame the truck now…..)

                Bill Warner, PhD: Tough Questions for Islam

                This one is longer, but well worth your time….

                Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

            • just like the muslum POS that ran over all those people in Vegas ?

              yeah she was and yah that was her agenda

        • Time for Frau Merkel to bring some more Moslems into Europe. The Globalists tell us only racists would not welcome these terrorists and rapists into their neighborhood.

        • Will france now ban trucks?

        • and what the hell do the french people do ?
          they run like idiots for bathrooms to hide in

          stupid children

          they deserve what they get they are the ones that held up signs offering free hugs for the “Poor people ”

          read the history of the french for the last 200 plus years they have stuck their stupid faces in to just about every country they can

          Vietnam they screwed that country up and we bailed them out and got 300,000 killed ( or more )

          Tunisia same deal

          Africa ( or at least parts of it ) they are they ones that brought home a million blacks to France

          we all get the picture and now this shit is going to happen here in the U S A
          do we do ? we pass laws like the patriot act ( what a joke that is ) take away more rights take away more freedom and then tell us “its for the good of all ”
          Stalin used to tell the Russians “its for the good of all” just before he would kill 70,000 people.

          watch hillarybeast and then watch a speech by Stalin or Lenin or even Hitler and you will see the same hand gestures the same closed fist and the same intensity in the voice.

          dems are the same people remember that come voting day

          dems are the ones that wanted slavery to continue in the south
          they are the ones that fought like hell to keep it and only after they got shamed did they start to change

          they are also the architects of

          welfare and the single parent household

          the idea that a women pregnant could NOT have a man in the house supporting her if she wanted to be on welfare ( it was called cheating the system )
          so out the man went and most likely into the bed of another women

          welfare is the root of MOST problems in the US

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys… Keep on shittin’ Uni.

      3. Every refugee regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, or country of origin, needs to be sent back home if they have become a combatant in our country and that means committing any crime or act of violence or intimidation on any person whether refugee or citizen in our country during their stay with us. In addition every member of their family needs to be sent back with that . No hard feelings allowed in the United States.

        • @WW:

          …sent back home in a box…..

          There, I fixed it for ya.

          …..we’re gonna need a bigger boat…Jaws…BA.

      4. The French will bow and kiss their islamic asses like they did Hitlers Nazi ass. They had some guns then and now they don’t have shit.

      5. Europe has essentially been disarmed except for Switzerland. What will happen next will be like a hot knife through butter. The terrorist can weaponize everything. The will go for the soft targets that are all over the place, the soft underbelly of Western civilization. The French will rise up? With what? Pitchforks? That would be interesting!

        Pray, prep, and stay alert!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Look to Australia to see where the world is heading,we cant even defend ourselves from home invasion,let alone an invasion force due to being disarmed

      6. I am so ready to start shooting these muslim thug terrorist. This is so horrible to see innocent people runned down in the streets.
        I hope this will be a wake up call to the French people that they are in great danger because of their government and the muslim invaders that have been allowed to flood their Country. Get yourselves guns and ammunition anyway you can illegally if need be.

        • Keep your powder dry,JW. Yours and everyone else’s time will come. Just be ready when it does.

      7. While I am very sad at the loss of life taking place in France currently, I must say payback is a bitch. This is the same country that has been housing Middle Eastern terrorists from Arafat forward for more than 20 years. They gave them shelter before and they’re getting their payback now. What made them think it was okay to house terrorists attacking someone else and that somehow it wouldn’t happen to them ?

        • Whatever works

          The Ayllatolla Khomenie of Iran was in living in exile in France before the take over of the US Embassy if I remember correctly.

          Did the Egyptians get those two carriers that the Russians wanted?

        • It is like raising a crocodile in your own home! We’ve learned a long time ago that aligators don’t make good pets.

          There is a Burmese legend of a childless couple who found a baby crocodile and raised it like it was their own child. As the reptile got older and stronger it got more hungry and the fable tells how it eventually ended up eating the couple in spite of there vigorous protests to the contrary! Beware of what you raise!

          Angela needs to wake up! Brexit may be too little too late!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Right on the money!!

      8. Hoe Li Fook! Still want to call this a religion? This is a cult. Does not belong in our traditionally regarded list of religions. They have no constitutional protections as a religion. This is bullshit!

      9. I sure remain glad I have my property in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton. Muslim population of NS? Probably about the same as the interest rate at your bank, or less. Water, arable land? Lots of it. Muslims have no idea where Nova Scotia even IS, and if they did attack it, it probably wouldn’t even make the news. Canada is in a housing boom, but not the Maritime provinces. Yet you have a decent sized city with int’l airport, two universities, and more in Halifax. The Canadian dollar? Glad you asked – worth 78 cents US. I’m outside of St. Peters in Cape George Estates, and while I haven’t built yet, that’s next.

        • Got some bad news for you dear ol’ TEST. That dickhead Justin Trudeau is on a mission to flood Canada with Muslim immigrants, he’s even gone so far as to attend a mosque to pray with ’em!
          Don’t know why these friggin’ GLOBALISTS are so obliging towards Islam and at the same time they’re doing their best to remove all aspects Christianity… Well I’ve got some sort of idea as to why – Satan worshippers.
          Stay safe good ol’ TEST and avoid crowds.

        • The only housing boom I have seen is the low income apartments in the major urban centres exspecially in Ontario. It is not in the prairies. We are quietly failing. And as for the lower mainland in British Columbia it is just people flipping houses as foolish people are spending money they do not have to buy a house to sell again. That’s gonna be a monumental fail when the music stops and the banks start wanting their money.

      10. .
        •••• Ban all trucks. Stop the violence.

        • The French need to start sharpening their cooking knives, and not stop until they are so sharp a muslin thinks they kissed them hello instead of slitting a terrorists throat.

        • B from CA,
          HEY, how about banning all humans! that would solve the problem, WHY has the LIBTARDS not thought of that one ?

          • Well they are going to ban most humans… that is probably close enough.

          • They HAVE thought of it.

            Haven’t you ever heard of Agenda 21?

      11. Once again. Ragheads and another attack. Sorry for the victims and their families but when the fuck are people gonna wake up to this obvious threat we face?? Islam is a disease that the only cure for is complete genocide. The ones that don’t practice Islam , fine. But if you say I worship Allah you need to be put down like a rabid dog. And our fucking citoo, ( chimp in the Oval Office ), is letting more of these bastards in the USA?? Wake the hell up people and shove these animals at the least back outta our country. I’m afraid this is the new normal. Something bombed here, some shit blew up there, yadda yadda, on to the sports segment. If I’m on a jury and someone starts taking target practice, ahh I think I don’t see the evidence for a guilty verdict. This is a generational war. Better wake up people and see the threat which is this fucked up , whack job religion of Islam. Better stay away from crowds people. Stay safe. I’m buying more ammo

        • We don’t see this on Alaska. Those cowards know that1 in 3 are packing here.


          • it needs to be 3-3 armed and ready..

            stock up, its coming , if this dont wake em up.. they deserve to be fodder

      12. ••• Ban Big Trucks. Stop the violence.

        • I like it ! Stop Truck violence !

          and that makes SUVs doubly bad, environmental and people killers !

        • they need to register and have a back ground check, oh and they really need to close that Truck Show Loop Hole

      13. They had no intelligence on this attack today. They encourage their followers to kill as many westerners as they can. There is no further communication needed when your on a suicide mission. As long as they have people willing to do suicide missions they cannot be defeated IMO. It is a winning strategy. A nation that cares about its soldiers can’t win against this enemy even with high tech weapons. A truck weighs a lot it makes an excellent weapon. There are lots of them out there. The one in the attack weighs up to 26,000 lbs. I say someone drive a Euclid through a mosque during prayers.

        • a Euclid, they’re kinda BIG, aren’t they!

        • How hard could it be really? You find out when a large gathering of people is going to take place in a certain location…..rent or steal a truck….run over people.

          Doesn’t take any organization. Doesn’t require a lot of skill or any fancy subterfuge.

          Get truck. Drive truck. Kill.

          What needs to happen is that our intel agencies need to find out exactly which mosques are producing the radicals. Identify the Imams preaching the doctrine producing the radicals and then systematically eliminate them.

          They want a holy war. Give it to them real good.

          • Is it time to drive a few tanks through some Mosques?

      14. Mac,
        Thank you for portraying the real images, not the filtered crap on CNN, give the Muslims the benefit of the doubt pictures that the liberal press present.

        We are witnessing the greatest war of our age in its birth pangs.

      15. Go ahead bozo the islam clown start something we will finish it. To bad the lazy cowards of Europe gave up their rights to have weapons as they castrated themselves and continue to elect the likes of the whore of islam merkel. This son of bitch was yelling the usual ally akbarr and isis is cheering the murder of those innocent people. How about rounding all of them up and a one way trip to the guillotine. Hey European men how about growing a pair of balls and running these scum out of your country, better now then later after they rape and impregnate your daughters and wives. How many more innocent people are going to have to die until you fools realize mudslimes are degenerate inbred goat fuckers that follow a murderous pedeophile oh yea Obama hows that religion of peace bullshit you blather about working out for you you stupid asshole.

        • Ummm,, they HAVE already started something

      16. Muslims strongly condemn this heinous cowardly act! We send our condolences to the victims. This is absolutely not what Islam teaches. God damn ISIS! ISIS you don’t represent the vast majority of Muslims who want to peacefully coexist with our non-Muslim neighbors. ISIS there is a spot in hell for you and it is at the bottom of the damn pit!

        • Fuck you goat fucker (my apologies to the poor goats).
          Your death cult is the most vile form of evil, masquerading as a religion. If it weren’t for the gay indonesian hooker in our once proud White House your infestation would have been stopped long ago. Before Larry Sinclair’s boyfriend usurped the presidency even the dark folks were talking about how all muslime would be toast if anything happened here. I’m not good enough to pray for your redemption, but I’m smart enough to pray for all Americans to grow a pair, steel their spine and get ready to take back this land we love.

          • What’s funny is that you all claim to fight for the “American Way” and your 2 amendment rights but blatantly leave out the part where it says FREEDOM OF RELIGION on the same document….

            And then you convince yourself that the genocide of a billion people worldwide is justified by the action of less then .1% of that population. If every Muslim on earth wanted to kill every Non-Muslim I think a whole lot more people would be dead.

            And maybe you should read the bible in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 20:16-17 it declares, “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them…as the LORD your God has commanded you” how is that any different then the Muslim scripture….

            Every religion speaks about war and violence just because a small group of people claim to adhere to certain a religion and carry out acts of terrorism in the name of that religion it doesn’t mean that all the followers of said religion need to be “bombed the shit out of” Yall need to stop judging people by their religion or faith but instead by their actions.

            • Only one gigantic problem with your piss ant propaganda.
              Islam is not a religion but a political agenda…geeze dumb people really are scary!

            • Back on the boat Noah….and stop touching your daughter in law.

              …what’s in your lifeboat….BA.

        • @SM….

          You are in a position to help if you will. Volunteer your services to the FBI. Voluteer to be an informant. Then infiltrate the mosques where the radicalization is taking place. Identify the Imams teaching the radical doctrine and help purge your religion of these lunatics.

          If…as you say…Islam is a religion of peace…then man up and do the right thing.

        • Shove your taqiyya apology… I sure do hope that your Muslim brother, bowing down to worship Satan in front of you at mosque later on today lets rip a shitload of real funky farts right in your Allahu fuckin’ Akbar face. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

      17. Look folks these people are out to kill us!!! The government wants you to believe it’s just a small percentage of Muslims, but that could be 10,000,000 to 100,000,000. It is imperative that you keep your weapon on your person at all times. If places don’t allow you the carry go some place else. Even when I’m at the beach my camel back isn’t really a camel back, it contains a Glock 17 and a Sub2000 PCC.

        No Gun, No Go!

        • yep.

          there’s 1.2 billion muzzies. if only 1% are bad, that’s over 10 million.

          going to get much worse before people have had enough.

          and I don’t go anywhere without a weapon anymore.

        • I’ve never posted here before, but feel like I know everyone here, on a personal level, that I felt it high time, that I found my voice.
          I’m a white, Christian female, so I’m scared.
          I live in Canada, unfortunately. The number of muslims being imported here, is alarming. 330,000, was the last number reported, but the reporting on that, has stopped. I know that number seems small, but we are a smaller country, than what was, the US
          I have read several reports of school girls, ages around 11-14, of being sexually abused in a school, in NB, but it is not being reported by msm.
          A city near me is demanding 200,000$, of taxpayers money, to build a mosque
          The legalization of bestiality, is also in effect
          There is just so much going on here, it drives me bonkers that no one is awake to it!
          What happened in France today, will happen in Merika and Canadastan, imo, because we have been sold out. We are the enemy, and I’m totally defenseless
          I’m afraid that I am not going to fare well,if at all, with this nwo plan, that has been in the works for us, since the beginning of time, no Sir, I don’t
          I’m glad that I finally got the nerve to post here, I feel like a small weight has been lifted from my chest.
          Thank you to anyone who reads, and responds to this..I have respect for you all.
          You are a strong family, with so many gifts..God bless you all..

          • I feel your pain. I lived in England a decade ago and knew many Muslims who had come there through Canada. Their parents had come escaping the horrors and persecutions of the middle east. They wanted the western world values for themselves and their children. I met the children (who told me this), only to have their children return to headscarves and old world values . At the time I thought that was so sad. Now I see it for what it truly was and is. They had been radicalized.

            My point is this is been going on for longer than you realize in Canada . You were just unaware of it.

            I live in a sanctuary county right outside of Washington DC. I watch women in fully clad black burquas in our malls, in our schools, and in our communities, every day . Not all Islamics wear this outfit and for that I am grateful. Every time I see the fully clad black burqua, I am terrified . Funny thing is, my other Islamic friends , not clad in black burquas, say they are afraid of them as well .

            Sometimes , I say something by. This always upsets my young 24-year-old daughter. I’m not supposed to notice them , as if this will help. I’m tired of them saying they’re afraid of us , when the truth of the matter is we’re terrified of them. Why is it that our feelings don’t matter anymore ?

            So Redundant, I’m reaching out through this post to tell you that you’re not alone. I wish I could say it will get better , but I believe that would be a falsehood . I read that you are a Christian and I am as well . Therefore be of good cheer. God is still on the throne and we know the end of the story . God wins . Keep running the race, Our goal is in sight .

          • Redundant. Yes it is a shame these limp wristed liberals have shoved their nonsense down our throats. I’d advise arming yourself as much as you can And stay away from these nasty Muslims as much as possible. You can’t trust any of them if they say ” I worship allah”. It’s going to get a lot worse. Never know where it’s going to happen next. This election in the USA is probably most important one we’ve had in a very long time. Only time will tell if people woke up or not.

            • Ted
              Thanks for responding to me! I didn’t get an email, telling me that I had any,but when I went back and checked, I had three,made me feel good, so thank you
              This is how I think that it will go down, here, and this is just my opinion.
              To have a gun here, we need a license, which is done through the municipal level, who, at one point in time, will be ordered to hand over their ”list” to the federal level, for gun confiscation, for our protection, of course
              I went to buy some ammo,few years back, and was asked for my license, which I do not have, and the owner of the store told me, I was breaking a federal offense, good
              This is an example of have, but have not.
              I don’t believe that there will be an election, this year. I do believe that an ”event’, not a false flag, is going to happen soon, very soon. The conventions, will be cancelled, and, well, we know the rest. I hope that I wrong, but things, aren’t looking too good in DC
              I stay away from crowds, they give me severe anxiety, and the city, is off limits for me.
              I live in a town with a population of 14,000, with more moving in, as we are getting new phone area codes, as well as, postal codes and construction. Makes me go hmmm..wonder why that is? We also have a a temple, down town, but it is hidden, for now, soon they will demand a larger one, and get it
              In a shtf scenario, I would have a much better chance of survival, than being stuck up here, surrounded by a bunch of teat sucking government zombies

          • Redundant

            Glad you took the first step. I don’t know anything about Canadian gun laws, but I know a lot of Canadians hunt so you must be able to own guns. Do what you can for your own defense because the government and police won’t be there when you need them.

            • Patriot One
              Thank you for responding to me! I always liked reading what you have said, what your thoughts are, plus your id, also, is a plus, glad to meet you!
              Here in Canadastan, to buy a gun, you need to license it, with the ministry, which the fed gov, has access too.
              I went to buy some ammo, and was asked to show my license, which I do not have, the dude working the store flipped out, and said that I was ”breaking a federal law”..good and blah..so I have, but I have not
              The government knows, what people have, and yes, you’re right, we do have alot of hunters up here, and the government knows what they have.
              Heard mention, that in the case of an ‘event’,happening, guns may be required to be turned in, and stored, at a facility.. for our protection, of course
              This is liberal through and through and it makes me ill.
              Never been one to appreciate the government or the cops, they all have the same agenda, imo.
              Now get this law..
              If I were home, and some thug broke in, the ”law” says,I am to call to call 9-1-1, and wait, while in the meantime..what could possibly go wrong?
              In my mind, I shoot the sorry assed *&^%, but, but, but, then I would have broken the law, and be charged with murder. Imagine that
              What lawyer would take that case?
              It’s a mess up here, and I seem to be the only one awake to the fact

          • WElcome, and the fear is legit

            screw your countries laws, they do not and will not protect you or your family

            thats your job … out laws are welcome here

            • Thank you, Enemy of the State!
              Of the websites, that I go to, I feel most comfortable here, because of people like you, which is why I joined this community. We all think the same way, and that is hard to find.
              A bit about myself, I do not follow authority figure heads. The people that think, that know what is best, for me, they do not, which does make me an ”outlaw”, all of us here, are. Non conformists, and that is the only way
              I have been in the state of preparing and protecting my family, for years, and after all of these years, I wonder why I even bothered, they all think I am bat shit crazy.

          • If you force your wife to wear a cloak then you can only imagine what goes on out of sight. Sharia law is not a religious law, its a law of abuse. One who grows up being taught abuse it normal will graduate to worse.

      18. The French have marched out police dressed in forest camo to patrol their cities and to draw chalk lines around the dead.

        Ooooh, that will scare the mooslems.

      19. Tomorrow around 5pm or so it will all start and progressively get worse by the hour in 37 major cities whole Lotta talk about it on the net I think most of us on here are in areas that are geographic safe for the most part small towns and country however we all have family that just blow us off as crazy or paranoid the things unfolding may awaken a few more sheeple

      20. Muzzies are trash

      21. Rage or Purge they are calling it day of rage but it doesn’t start till 5-6 pm in most places so will it turn to a Purge and if so a Purge of who police? Whites?

      22. This was tragic,…

        Like Hank Jr. song.. I’d love to spit some beach nut in that dudes eye and shoot him with my ole’ 45!!!

        You must fight fire with fire sometimes to extinguish the rising beast…

      23. Our prayers go out to the families. The best anyone can do is avoid crowds, prep and arm up. I can’t watch the video on this old computer but saw it on the news, so sad and preventable.

      24. In the skies of SoCal this afternoon.,skywriter’s were writing #RISE from Long Beach to Santa Monica. All this before tomorrow’s festivities.

        • after Dallas and now france, all of whitey my have had enough of BLM and anyone backing their cuase.

          although declining, whitey is still over 60% of the population. if enough had enough, this country could take a big swing away from Obama’s America in nobember.

        • Did a little Googling on the #RISE thing.

          Looks like some pop artist has some new album release. Could that be it? who knows.

          I just know I’m keeping my eyes open.

      25. Yep Euclid is a mining dump truck. Crush these bastards. a gun won’t stop a truck hammering into a crowd. Best policy is not be in crowds or go where they are. No malls no ballgames no concerts. Boy this is gonna hurt the economy. Shtf this summer.

        • maybe a good marksman with a shot through the window into the drivers head would have been a good start though

        • maybe a good marksman with a shot through the window into the drivers head would have been a good start though

          • In this case EOTS….your post needed to be said twice. Double tap in the rag hat!

      26. Let’s see, in 2016:

        1. The west has had multiple muslim terrorist attacks.
        2. muslim “refugees” have streamed in all over Europe and likely been let into the usa by Obama
        3. there is a war on cops by blcks in the usa
        4. there might be a war on whites too
        5. practically all economic numbers say a recession is coming within a year or less
        6. Brexit has caused uncertainty in rueope, will likely cause a eurpean economic slowdown and maybe other coutnries exit
        7. world fed banks are printing money at record rates
        8. the middle east is a mess
        9. disease is like to increase in the usa because the southern border is a swinging gate
        10 china is talking tough militarywise

        and probably 10 other things easily that say 2016 has probably a 10 to 1 chance or better of getting worse over getting better.
        I bought more water this week, seems like it was a smart move(and day of rage is tomorrow).

        Obama’s America and the world with Obama as president is great !

        • Tip toe, thru the tulips, with me.

          Tint Tim.

          • So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1929…

      27. Because of this it’s obvious they should ban guns in france, they should especially ban straight trucks. I’m sure Obama is proud.

        How much longer will nations tolerate this, while the enablers sit quietly watching with an evil grin.

        • as opposed to “gay trucks?”

          its Stake Truck.. not straight truck

          • Lol right .. Stake Truck is proper

            and this wasnt even a Stake Bed Truck.. it was a Van Semi ( where the Box is on a long framed semi truck..ie ,, no trailer)

          • Lol right .. Stake Truck is proper

            and this wasnt even a Stake Bed Truck.. it was a Van Semi ( where the Box is on a long framed semi truck..ie ,, no trailer)

      28. Nobody runs quite like the French.

      29. Seeing the broken bodies is like an epiphany.
        You stupid fucks let Moslems live, this is
        what you get.
        I don’t have the means to eliminate
        1.6 billion Moslems, if I did, their
        bodies would be used to feed pigs, I’d
        use to feed the other millions of normal
        people starving to death.
        Never waste. Moslems like Democrats are
        a waste and their lives have no meaning.

        • rellik

          See the broken bodies.

          You got that right. In this country we have not seen enough death. They cover it up with blankets or blur the video. People have not seen how flesh can be ripped from the bone. The medical and police people do and it is a wonder they are not half stark crazy seeing it up close and personal.
          Because we don’t see it we are sanitized and all we think is it is another news story. Till it visits your front door.

      30. Anyone messes with ramboob and they will get lead nutrients from ramboob.

      31. The problem, is ISLAM.

        …not Muslims;

        …not radical Muslims;

        …Not radical Islam;

        J.U.S.T I.S.L.A.M. – there are NO modifiers.

      32. maybe it,s time to think about a global truck ban

      33. At least this time we won’t have to deal with those wacko conspiracy theorists tell us this is a black flag event because “where are the photos of the bodies”? IS THIS ENOUGH EVIDENCE FOR YOU?!?!

        You know who you are…

        • Fortunately for the so called “conspiracy theorist” we can tell what is genuine and what is not. So if you’re referring to me or others who question things like Sandy Hook or the most recent body less Orlando “play”. We have already stated that the real evidence of true tragedies and heinous acts of murder are always present and understand it for what it is. You should question yourself for questioning those only interested in truth. Pretty lame Re” doubt”.

          • Amen , with you , beside you in this trench Talon

            • @T1776…EOTS:

              double tap and double down ….+1000

              Show the doubters Nice footage, and the Boston Marathon hoax footage. If they still can’t tell the difference, pat ’em on the head, tell’em their pretty,….move on.

              The days of helping the sheep are over, time for your game face.

              …one rows with the oars he has….BA.

      34. Has 0bama blamed white people and guns for this yet?

        • No but they sure haven’t blamed Muslims either, even thought he came from Tunsia which is 99% Muslim. Trekker Out. If It Quackes Like A Duck!

          • I just saw on live streaming news that he killed 84 people with a truck, but he did fire shots before the police killed him. So we’re pretty sure that guns are the cause of this problem. Trekker Out. Never Let A, How Did That Go?

          • His name was Mohamed. Does that answer the question?

      35. The term radical islam is an insult. There is no such thing. There is only islam. (paraphrasing Recep Erdogan)

        If, after witnessing thousands upon thousands of murders in the name of islam a person stays with that, so called, religion then they are just as much a part of the terror as those detonating the bombs, running people over and shooting innocents. There is NO excuse to allow the continued propagation of the insanity called islam. It is mutually exclusive with life or anything good. Left to fester it will only kill all non musloids and when they are gone it will kill the “weak” musloids and the killing will cease only when two are left and the one that thinks he is the better musloid kills the other then the killing will stop.

        The bitch in the White House is a musloid.

        • It ain’t Islamaphobia when they really are hell bent on wanting to kill ya… By any means possible.

      36. What’s funny is that you all claim to fight for the “American Way” and your 2 amendment rights but blatantly leave out the part where it says FREEDOM OF RELIGION on the same document….

        And then you convince yourself that the genocide of a billion people worldwide is justified by the action of less then .1% of that population. If every Muslim on earth wanted to kill every Non-Muslim I think a whole lot more people would be dead.

        And maybe you should read the bible in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 20:16-17 it declares, “However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them…as the LORD your God has commanded you” how is that any different then the Muslim scripture….

        Every religion speaks about war and violence just because a small group of people claim to adhere to certain a religion and carry out acts of terrorism in the name of that religion it doesn’t mean that all the followers of said religion need to be “bombed the shit out of” Yall need to stop judging people by their religion or faith but instead by their actions.

        • Mr. blah, blah, blah. People like you are why this country has turned into mental midgets!

      37. See what happens….???
        PURE TRAGEDY of innocent people dying for US Global Hegemony.
        Imagine the terror…..it’s 4am on a Baghdad morning….and for the next 12 hours over 350 cruise missiles rain down on the innocent people….killing hundreds upon hundred of civilians peacefully sleeping in their beds.
        Ohhh….hang on a second…that’s US terror.
        And US terror IS LEGAL.
        Well….America….look today at where your actions have led to.
        A world awash with innocent blood and hatred.
        Should never have blown up your twin towers…you bastards. That started everything….
        This WHOLE IMBECILIC “War on Terror” is the fault of the United States of Global Hegemony and Terror.
        Time the cancer was removed from this planet say I and many others.

        • The Queer…
          I love how you categorically place blame on the American Citizenry and not where it truly belongs…gawd…why do I bother….here…have a lollipop.

          • Typical American response…..”don’t blame us….it’s the government”.
            Phuck you….
            Enjoy Uncle Vlad’s nukes and your zinging glass car park.
            Karma is coming.

      38. Will somebody wake up the President and point out that this is another example of his gun-free zones being a complete failure. The rush to blame an inanimate object (usually a gun) will lead the idiot-in-chief to try and ban trucks.

      39. Europe could deal with its muslim problem by reopening those wonderful vacation camps from the 1930’s and 1940’s, just replumb the showers, relight the ovens……….

      40. This is how it ends with liberals at the helm. Their answer bring in a lot more. Remember in November what you seen here.

      41. This is how it ends with liberals at the helm. Their answer bring in a lot more. Remember in November what you seen here.

      42. This is all just too sad for words or reason, prayers to all the victims and their families.

      43. Ramboob I think you mean lead poisoning. When they ban trucks you won’t be able to get anything. Everything comes in a truck.

      44. Our leaders have made us a target by allowing these people to come into our country.

      45. I always said you don’t need a gun to kill a lot of people.

      46. The people that would do this need their heads removed from their bodies.

      47. again this in a country that has all this gun control, They still can’t figure out that these POS will use “anything” to do what they do.

        I assume the democrats will hold another sit in to ban all those “assault” trucks. I mean damn those things just run over people at will. So what’s next on the list of “things” that need to be banned?

        Keep disarming and turning the people you expect to stand up and defend the contry, and you may find no one is bothering anymore when you’ve turned everyone into some sort of felon.

        • WKWC…
          You speak truth…because “dumb people are scary”

        • Amen WHWC..Bombs trump a gun every time .. rock paper scissors .. Gun BomB truck.. the bomb wins







      49. Guaranteed I get the Shpeal about locking up the truck today.

      50. The bankers that bribe all our politicians want immigrants let in to force wages down whilst at the same time using the USA as a tool to bomb people all over the world.

        Don’t get upset with the water when you have a leak, fix the leak and the water will go away.

      51. Wakey, Wakey

        The “Day of Rage” is here.

        • anon…I tell ya…you made me chuckle…but kinda in a saddened way.

      52. Neither Obama or Billary are liberals, give me a break. They are both as right wing as right wing can get. There is no liberal representative party. They both support Wall St. and never ending wars, that is right wing terrortory, yeah terrortory. Liberal means for the people, conservative means for the wealthy warmongers. A liberal policy would be allowing veterans under VA care the option to use cannabis in lieu of big pharma poisons for treatment. The conservatives blocked that, big pharma’s biggest bodyguards. The supposed two sides is nothing but a control mechanism. The biggest scam in history. There is no difference when it comes to living off the backs of the peonic masses.

      53. We live in a loopy world where many dark interests are pushing for more and move violence while also pushing Western societies into the dark world of a global Caliphate. And many who are doing this will move under the cloak of liberalism (ie: Trudeau). Canada has long had a tight information control system that suppresses free speech so it is brave that some Canadians are breaking free to express their fears.

        Politicians (and this being generous and assuming they have good intentions) are engaged in a dangerous experiment. They wish to use the world’s Muslim population to boost Western populations and address the demographic ‘crisis’ (which is not a real crisis). They know full well with this growing population comes very dark elements who are hell-bent on a war against the West. The politicians, however, figure the security costs and loss of life is worth the price to do this experiment.

        Your life is placed in jeopardy to make the politicians look good.

        Your role now is to not be a victim of this experiment and that means waking the f#ck up. Protect your family by not going to mass events, avoid as much as you can crowded areas, be alert to who is around you and moving into your neighborhood. While many Muslims are perfectly nice people, they are manipulated as gateways to radicalism and thus are contributing to the atmosphere that allows terrorists to flourish.

        • Frank Thoughts – Honest question here. All though not an actual race, Muslims(in terms of the groups of people who are chosen to be brought in by politicians) are mostly middle eastern or north/east African(I know that there are Asian Muslim countries,but they are not currently being dumped on us here in the west). Why these people and not eastern and some western Asians? Most Asian communities in north America and Europe flourish.The people integrate well often intermarrying by the second generation.Hindus and Buddhists bother no one. Despite their smaller numbers population wise many Asians are solid upper middle class all the while aspiring to ascend to the wealthy class. Why not repopulate with the Asians?
          Thanks Abu

      54. All you people that carry concealed make sure you keep a knife on you as well. Get a good fixed blade (“Get off me knife”) if someone attempts to try to take your gun off of you, you have a gun malfunction, or run out of ammo -you have a plan B to fall back on. Many people carry a folding knife, ditch it, and get yourself a nice fixed blade with an easy access sheath.

        • Wise words, and I do follow this thinking

          also .. for those who do not smoke.. you should still have a lighter on you … if I have to tell you why , I shouldn’t have to tell you why

      55. So,if anyone needs anymore proof that these subhumans are interested in nothing less than the total subjugation of the West, please,PLEASE read of the torture that was meeted out to the people trapped in the Bataclan Theatre in Paris during the firdt terrorist attack in France. It was DELIBERATLY suppressed by French authority and the media. Eyes gouged out,men were castrated and their genitals stuffed in their mouths,women’s genitals were repeatedly stabbed,disembowlement,etc. THIS IS THE ENEMY PEOPLE!

      56. Scumbags like the Prez are starting to lose the narrative as even Muslim apologists start to say, ‘yeah, it is Islam that is the problem’. I think, by the time of the election, Obama’s legacy and reputation will be in the garbage can.

        • FT

          The jerk in the White House will have a war with China over the sea routes. Could have a war with Putin in the Middle East, and the problems at home in the USA could evolve into a civil war.

      57. I demand truck control! There are simply too many occasions in this world where trucks are the chosen instrument for senseless violence and death. If it weren’t for our do-nothing congress, we could implement some common-sense rules to keep trucks out of the hands of terrorists and criminals.

        1. stronger background checks

        2. taxes and surcharges on trucks and gasoline

        3. limited capacity gas tanks

        4. close the truck show loopholes

        5. impose a national database for truck registration!

      58. How is that Hope and Change going for ya?

        Obama is again defending Muslims because he is one.

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