Racial Tensions Ignite, Distracting Americans While “Major Financial Collapse is Imminent”

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 103 comments

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    Media focus on has helped to reopen old wounds on race, with people reacting news about police killings that were allegedly motivated by race, with mass murders at historic black churches, and now a string of burning black churches.

    There is technique here. Inciting hatred has a tendency to spread and boil over… and then distract from the real issue.

    Reports of the most recent events, like this one from Reuters, make clear what will remain the focus of media and popular attention for some time – race and violence:

    An African-American church in South Carolina that was burned down by the Ku Klux Klan 20 years ago was the scene of another blaze on Tuesday, officials and a newspaper said…

    The fire at Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church in the city of Greeleyville comes amid a rash of fires that have erupted at black churches across the U.S. south, at least two of which have already been declared as deliberate.

    It also comes roughly two weeks after a white gunman opened fire inside the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, 65 miles (105 km) away, killing nine people during a Bible study. All the victims were black.

    With racial tensions at the forefront… the continued business of decline in American standards of living, and the deterioration of the American way is pushed to the background.

    As usual, with people feeding off fear and the media happy with the high ratings of sensationalized violence, terrorism wins – most acutely with its ability to distract from other problems.

    System wide, the county is sagging quickly. The Middle Class is crumbling into a strata just above struggle for existence. The jobs are not coming back from offshore, except to the prisons. The onslaught of robotics and AI seriously threatens to wipe out millions more jobs. Low interest rates set by the Federal Reserve are skewing the economy and concentrating wealth for a few at expense of the rest of us. Greece again threatens to explode fragile global finance and set off destruction.

    As Michael Snyder, and many others have pointed out, the entire system of financial once again stands over a cliff, and a “red alert” is in order:

    Based on information that I have received, things that I have been told, and thousands of hours of research that have gone into the publication of more than 1,300 articles about our ongoing economic collapse, I have come to the conclusion that a major financial collapse is imminent. Therefore, I am issuing a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015.


    What I am attempting to communicate is that we are right at the door of a major turning point. […]

    It is my contention that we are in the midst of a long-term economic collapse that has been happening for many years, that is happening as you read this article, and that will greatly accelerate over the coming months. (read more)

    But this new collapse may catch people unawares.

    The anger at the bankers for their role the 2008 crisis and the “Too Big to Fail” bailout scandals – which culminated in ongoing protests against Wall Street – has largely subsided. Attempts to hold the Federal Reserve accountable have not been enough create popular backlash and true change.

    Instead, popular outrage is directed at angry  and divisive social issues that may well have been conjured up by professional provocateurs.

    People on the streets and online in social media all have something to say about Dylann Roof, Ferguson, police killings, the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, President Obama’s cult of personality, and so many other issues.

    But only a handful in the crowd are discussing the very serious signs tipping us towards a real crisis, of financial destruction that could sink all of us.

    What is the breaking point? Read More:

    Strapped Americans Headed for “Civil Unrest and Riots,” With Poor Spending 60% on Bare Essentials

    THIS CHART Tells a Story… America’s Middle Class Thrived After WWII and Died Under Obama

    Study Finds “Presence of Professional Protesters to Incite More Violence” in Baltimore and Ferguson

    In U.S., Confidence in Banks Remains Low


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. I think most will agree the Current situation of too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not sustainable. What I wonder how long before it collapses? I wouldn’t have thought that the kickcanistan economics could have lasted as long as it has? As far as the race baiting. Blacks are their own worst enemy. They are more racist than anyone.

        • I agree: all public opinion polling has shown the most racist views are held by black people, with Asians second and whites low on the list.

          We are seeing the rapid rise of Asia and the Asian way of doing things. And it is a take-no-prisoners approach: they work hard, save hard, study hard, mostly behave well and are highly ambitious and striving. This abuts against some cultures that wallow in ignorance, violence and failure. We have reached a tipping point, where Asia’s wealth will exponentially increase – and so their power – because they have made the right decisions and invested in the right things: being smart and healthy, in modern infrastructure, starting businesses, learning to make technological products, pursuing cutting-edge science and research etc.

          Certain communities will yet-again turn to violence and disorder to try and get their way, but this will just lead to more isolation and the areas in which they live will end up cut-off from the global economy and ignored. In some 20 years, you may hear about these places when an accident occurs – a plane crash lands in one of these places and the survivors are set upon by the feral hordes of filth living there. But apart from that, the rest of the world will be living in advanced cities and getting on with their lives.

          • Frank you seem to be smitten by them ‘pie faces’. But you are right in your description of their values and lifestyle.

            • Frank & PO’: We own two Korean cars, but some Korean cars are made in this country w/ 5/10 yr warranties!. Shoes (most) are now made in V.Nam and Indonesia, some purses, wallets, shoes, etc in China and Indonesia, S.E. Asia. to make quality stuff like them? We have some poly jogging shirts made in Lesoto, central Africa, also Kenya, Mexico and other places. Why the H can we make stuff here? Our country is deliberately being trashed via UN trade agreements, and now gov is after biz who don’t kiss rear ends of LGBT scum. We won’t be celebrating the 4th- this country is hijacked folks. No need to vote, local state and U.S. politicians are all playing on same team. joining/attending any so called “patriot groups” which have been hijacked by change agents is useless.

              • @laura m.

                There are NO foreign cars made in the U.S.A. They are assembled. There is a huge difference.

                Assembling a car in the U.S. gets past all the taxes and import fees that we have put in place to remain competitive in the U.S. market. That is why you get the 5 and 10 year warranties on foreign Korean KIA cars.

                We can’t get a car sold overseas without jumping through hoops and then after doing so, we’re still at a disadvantage. That is why GM and Chrysler went bankrupt. Couldn’t sell the amount of cars necessary to pay a good, living wage to auto workers and satisfy wall street.

                So now, we have government owned GM, Government owned Fiat/Chrysler…even though the FIAT CEO has tried to buy the government out, and good ole Ford…that operates on razor thin margins.

                If you are not driving a Ford or a Chrysler, you are doing nothing for the U.S. Sorry, but it has to be said.

                If we would just buy more American cars, maybe, the plants wouldn’t have to relocate to other nations because the transportation costs on a significant volume would not be worth the relocation.

                • Quoting my FIL (R.I.P. Pops), “You can only wash shirts so many times, eventually someones got to make something”.

                • Saying that if you don’t buy a Ford or a Chrysler that your not doing anything for the economy is complete ignorance. I work for a fastener company in Michigan, and our number one customer is Honda. Our number two customer is Nissan. We have almost 200 floor employees, almost all of which make atleast 40k a year not including overtime. last year they put on a 50k sqft expansion. So exactly how does the 8 million a year in wages plus office and management salaries plus money spent for construction do nothing for the economy?

                • Absolutely not true. The entire powertrain for the Toyota Tundra is made in Texas. Honda makes several engine and transmissions here. Mercedes makes engines in Alabama. These are just a few that I know about because they were clients of mine before I retired. You are 30 years behind the times Spider.

                  Their advantage in the marketplace comes from not having to put up with the UAW’s crap day in and day out.

                  Personally I’m still a Ford man, always was, always will be, but I have some respect for the truth.

                  • I am a big fan of Michael Snyder. He is an important voice in Alt Media, maybe THE most important voice. He is certainly one of the most credible (after me). 🙂

                    That said …….

                    “… a major financial collapse is imminent. Therefore, I am issuing a RED ALERT for the last six months of 2015.”

                    Michael, six months is not “imminent”. Imminent would most likely be within 30 days. RED ALERTS are imminent. RED ALERTS are not within six months.

                    Back on or about April 26th I said here at SHTF Plan that I could not imagine that the markets could continue until September without a 10-20% correction. (Attention Posse)

                    It appears that the markets peaked at that time and the correction has begun, but it took 60 days for that to materialize.

                    Six months does not a prophet make. I will point out again, that more than three years ago, I said that SWHTF in 2015. Its in the archives. 🙁

                    • CS: “If we would just buy more American cars, maybe, the plants wouldn’t have to relocate to other nations because the transportation costs on a significant volume would not be worth the relocation.”

                      Again your naivete exposes your ignorance.

                      Americans were buying American cars when they were made in America. Manufacturers moved their factories offshore to increase their profits using cheap labor and manipulated currencies as part of the NWO design to strip the Middle Class of their prosperity.

                      Today, HONDA CAMRY is the most American made car. 🙁

                    • Split hairs much DK?

                    • Chip: Splitting hairs? No. Just pointing out the OBVIOUS!!! 🙂

                      There are a lot of “analysts” out there who will claim years from now, that they called the “collapse” in 2015. We have seen that since 2008/2009.

                      Timing is always difficult, but to give a six month window for collapse when the markets have been living on fumes and zirp for nine months is hardly a revelation. 🙁

                • 2014 Ford Fiesta that I commute in, wife drives 2014 Lincoln MKX and we have a 2005
                  F350 crewcab dually…..

                  • As soon as I saw the report on these fires I instantly went to false flag events.
                    Very sad that I think our own gov could do this…but would not put it past Obama to want to get riots going to divert attention and to get a few more people shot to further his anti-gun agenda

              • You just trying to cheer us up? Are you a motivational speaker and are just practicing? You have a right to your own opinion but you don’t speak for me nor many of my friends. We will stand and defend our god, this country and our constitution. You can help or get out of the way and take your motivational speak with you. Just saying…

            • Racist asshole

          • You sir are so very correct

        • We had a lot of wealth, in a lot of different ways.

          Now we are not only economically bankrupt, we are morally and socially bankrupt aswell.

          • We are just fine, THEY, are economically, morally, and socially bankrupt. They are Democrats.

            • War mongering McStain and company are just as bad. Don’t be fooled by the right versus left BS narrative…

        • Amen, Old Guy!

      2. Smart people don’t run their personal finances the way our govt. entities have been managed. Our national move to a Progressive-liberal communist state has led the country to the brink of financial ruin. We have given money to other countries around the world as if it was Monopoly script. The apparent loss of our world-reserve currency status has further indicated the demise of our golden goose.

      3. Nothing happens by accident anymore…everything carefully planned out. We have been led to slaughter!! I hold my parents and grandparents to blAme…it happened on their watch! The 8 stages of a democracy is very clear…we are at 8.75! Our founders gave us all the answers in advance and told us exactly what would happen…step by step…word for word! We ignored them and now will pay with blood…theirs and ours…but unfortunately most of..theirs…is ours. Because the soldiers that will die ‘protecting’this govt are our sons and daughters led astray…by said govt! God bless!

        • Yeah, yeah, yeah digger. Hind sight is always 20-20. If you had been an adult in their time you’d wouldn’t have done no different.

      4. I saw red flags all over these church burnings when I read about them this morning. Distraction, distraction, and more distraction! Stay mad at everything and don’t pay any attention to what’s really going on in the world.

        • The biggest, reddest flag of all is that not a single one of these church burnings has been found to be arson performed by whites, and just two of the several fires are declared to be arson.

          Yet the media is falling all over itself trying to cram the idea that racists are burning black churches, with no evidence of that at all. Lightning, insurance fraud, wiring failure, provocateurs, etc., seem to have no discussion.

      5. interesting going’s on

        ht tp://www.news10.net/story/news/local/2015/06/30/internet-outage-in-washington-oregon-california/29516965/

        Sacramento area internet outage result of coordinated attack, says provider

        • Just got done reading the story. Somebody sure is leading a boring life for all that effort.

        • You saw that too Satori. 11 attacks from San Francisco Bay area to Sacramento since last July. More now popping up all over the country. Someone knows what they are doing.

          The white Christian male is under attack. Has been for years but not in the proportions it is now. Who made this country up to the point where it started to unravel? White male Christians! Who has torn it down?

          Lets start with women wanting the vote. Then the blacks said well if they can have it then we should have it. 75 years later everyone including non-citizens have a non-contested vote. The old saying is never more true, give an inch and they will take a mile.

          It is my opinion that a least the majority of the black church burnings are by blacks against blacks. An attention / insurance scam if I ever saw one. Something else to blame on the white man with no proof just innuendo.

          The entire flag situation is nothing but a contrived effort once again to put the white man down. The issue with guns, more of the same. The gay situation? What else, another effort to put the white man down.

          And all of this to cover a financial system, funny enough created by the white man, who through his own devises is bringing the world to ruin.

          A very disgusted

          • and black males got the vote before any woman be she white, purple, black, or any other color

        • okay sry just gotta say I thought the girl in the mini dress in the picture to left of me was one of those mail order Russian brides….I was about to get my credit card out…..jeeeez louise what legs. Ok sorry pig side of me is out now

      6. TPTB are just checking that the race trigger is still working.

        I did ask for black people to come out and defend the confederate flag and stand side by side with whites as we have with them when the cops go executing them.

        Hate is being created by the government giving one side difrent rules to the other side and you might say blacks are lazzy but they often have a glass ceiling to stop them doing well at work.

        Blacks just don’t make good little debt slaves and if whites want to know where all there taxes are going then look at the bankers and not the black people.

      7. Sooner or later something got to give. And when it does it will be on.

      8. The media has always been interested in selling a story with little regard for the truth. Not much on the real issues but we all heard about Jennifer and Ben on the same day.

      9. Well with these church fires somebody is seriously stirring the pot. I’m sure whomever it is getting paid well or promised many things. Probably another flunky on mind bending drugs ginned up by some alphabet coffee clache.

        • Nah, they’re just burning ’em for the insurance money.

      10. It is all being orchestrated. Its going to be a hot summer and cruel fall. The dominoes in our country are falling. Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming……

        • Yes my friend, you are right.
          There is a “Storm” coming and its heading this way.
          God is not pleased.
          Gay Marriage.
          Abortion, untold millions killed each year.
          Pornography exported world wide.
          Sin and corruption is everywhere.
          God is about rain down His Judgement on America.
          Babylon is about to fall!

          • We’re on the eve of destruction, my friend. Barry McGuire, call your office.

        • I agree Jim.

          The die hard southerners are fired up over the liberals banning our Civil War Flag. All this has done has stirred up more animosity and racial tensions.

          The way I see it, the majority of blacks, especially the uneducated,still have that ole chip on their shoulder. They feel like the white people owe them special consideration due to their bloodlines. They are never satisfied and want more,more, more, just like the leftist liberals that keep provoking them to anger.

          When the welfare train quits chooglin’, the chimps will start lootin’ and the whites will start shootin’.

          Bank on it. Cities will shut the doors on the groceries, cause the chimps will take what they can carry. Mayhem in the big city streets. Ferguson and Baltimore times 10,000. Next it is the $300k Homes getting ransacked, and rape and pillage will be the order of the day.

          • Those that choose to carry a chip on their shoulder means nothing to me. For I, will have my rifle firmly braced and secured against my shoulder.

          • Those shoulder chips make fine targets! first guy will get shot, the rest will run.

          • Most blacks??? Of the nations some 30 million blacks, how many do you actually know personally? Most blacks are fully integrated into the middle class. They are out teachers, police, business people, attorneys and the like. Unfortunately, they lead quiet unassuming lives, and seldom make for great story lines..in comparison to the highly dysfunctional underclass does. If you’d like to see what the black middle, upper middle and upper class black population looks and lives like, spend a few weeks at martha’s vineyard this summer. I guarantee all your stereotypes…your whole world of beliefs about “blacks”…will be turned on it’s head.

            That said, there is clearly an agenda of distraction at work here. These shootings, etc always seem particularly well timed to shift the focus from the TPP, the impending collapse, and other things the TBTB don’t want us thinking about. It looks like they are succeeding so far…

            • Yeah, I knew one of those middle-class blacks pretty well. A well-educated professional. As a “second job” he was a slumlord in Detroit. Never came to work on the 1st of the month ’cause he was out collecting rents. Armed to the teeth, too.

            • Just mention that half of the black population is middle class and watch someone do a double take when they realize their argument about oppression and racism just became totally bogus.

            • Say whatever you want. If all the blacks disappeared from the planet tonite. Tomorrow the whites would have a lot fewer problems. if the Whites disappeared the blacks whould have more problems. You want to see just what black folks can accomplish without oppression from whitey. Take a look a Haiti. Those folks only invented one thing the Haitian necktie. And the only thing they are good at is creating more Haitians. Those so called Middle class blacks you brag about will go tribal when SHTF happens. Its in their Genes.

              • Old Guy makes complete sense here –

                “Those so called Middle class blacks you brag about will go tribal when SHTF happens. Its in their Genes”

                I’ve worked and been friends with many in the Black Community. The discussion of “race war” eventually arises. When discussed, everyone of my co-workers/friends said they would stick with their kind if the SHTF.

                It boggles my mind -Why?- …and I would ask them that too “why”. It’s not a good answer, but it always resorts to “it’s just the way it is”.

                Then I ask – “so, you rather throw away a good friendship over to picking sides?” … answer to that is always “yes”, and it’s just the way it is.

                Needless to say – I do not, nor do I associate with any Blacks to this day. I’ll communicate with them if need to be, but I do not go out of my way to be friends or associate with them on weekends or after work hours.

                This all started back in the early 1990’s, and I have broken all ties to them since. But if the SHTF in this country and a Race Riot occurs – I don’t need any of them knowing where I currently live. There’s lots of things here that they would like to have.

                • so if a race war erupts. there is no way to pick out the good ones from the bad? I suppose just kill them all and let God sort them out!

                • Hubby told me on MLK Day this past January – “If they had shot four more, we’d have the whole week off.”

          • Are you Ready?

            There has been plenty of racial tension where I live. I figure it will bust loose one day and we will be at each others throats. The blacks are being aggressive and in some cases they have a right to be but fail to go about getting justice in the wrong ways. I am tired of their bullshit and how they act in public, The fact is most can not control themselves. Make no bones about it, there will be a race war. The past 50 years of advances are now defeated by those that feel they have an upper hand and want revenge. Entitled to or not.

        • “I hear the sound of distant thunder,
          How far off I sit and wonder…”

          • “Started hummin’ a song from 1962…” The streets were safe, school doors were never locked during the day, teachers were respected, Boy Scouts were allowed to wear their Swiss Army knives on their belts, most girls behaved like young ladies, policemen were actually allowed to do their duty, everybody went to church on Sunday morning, the Beach Boys were at the top of the charts and life was GOOD!

      11. I laugh at all the news reports I don’t believe any of them telling us lies don’t have any confidence in the gov to do the right thing either. What a joke the system is. Think my work is going under too.

      12. Jay (from Jay’s Analysis) was recently on Red Ice where he discussed the rash of black church burnings that occurred decades ago. Of course, the media didn’t cover the investigations because it went against their misdirectional intent. But apparently, most were either electrical/ acts of nature fires. And of those that were actually arson, most were started by black people.

        I don’t know about this case, but it would not surprise me in the slightest that it is a false flag of sorts to propagate the agenda and to take our eyes off the real crisis looming (thanks, Mac)

      13. Well “Happy Days are here again”. German DAX is up 300+ points this morning on word that the Greek PM came back to the trough with some possible concessions that might be more palatable for the EU, in order to get more bread crumbs tossed his way. What a soap opera, what a circus, what a bunch of maroonies.

        • If the Russian deal was legit, (gas pipe line and port usage agreements) and if I was Greek PM, I would of took it and told the EU to “go pound sand”.

      14. The Dems need us divided against each other to be manipulated. If they get 90% of the black vote, 70% of the Hispanic vote, and 60% of the white female vote they are golden. Got to convince their constituency they are victims of white males, and that they need big government to protect them.

        Some Repubs try to play the same game, but the Dems have it mastered.

        • Does it really make any difference?

          I see no real difference in the direction either side wants to take us, they get their orders from the same power that reigns over both of them and only give the illusion of opposing each other to keep the people from realizing it.

          • Agreed. Both partys deliver bigger budgets and more government. The point is that the Dems are using division as a political strategy.

        • You forget that about 50% of white males in this country is gay, and another 50% is closeted gay. This is why most of you voted in a gay president. Minority’s at the time and even now do not reach the numbers needed to have voted him in. So think of another lie, bigoted ass wipe! Look up the stats! You white males voted him in!

          • BaxterJew, What a ridiculous statement on your part! I didn’t vote for him and I will admit that I will enjoy an occasional young fat boy but certainly not enough to put a label on me! Where do you get your numbers from?

          • Baxter,you are full of it,where did you get your stats? CNBC? You,ve been listening to Rev. Al too much.

          • Pew Research Center, November 5, 2008. Obama took 95% of the black vote, 66% of the Hispanic vote, and 43% of the white vote.

            HRC is trying to win with same coalition.

            Stating facts doesn’t make a person a bigot. Stating that 100% of any ethnic group is either openly or closeted gay makes one a bigot.

            BTW, the hospital called and said it’s time to adjust your meds.

      15. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

        This is a tactic of conquest as well as a truth of life.

        This is being done deliberately by those who want America, along with all of Western civilization, destroyed.

        Yet Americans seem too simple and uneducated to see when it is being used against them, or even recognize we face a powerful enemy that is actively doing this to us.

        A result of public education, I would think.

        The results are predictable, be ready for them.

      16. I was reading Drudge and a black church caught fire, last night I guess.

        Even though there were large electrical storms at the time, the media is referencing the kkk burning of churches 20 or more years ago???

        There are references to seven churches burning but no details and they don’t look to be connected???

        Then they go into the klan burning in 1995 and the story is built on that line, like that is what is happening now???

        “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
        ― Joseph Goebbels

        The MSM is now a function of the state and being used to distract and to build the party line.

        Reading that it struck me for the very first time that America is “REALLY” gone…

        They will have their way with us and most likely the pre destined fall of America will arrive on schedule.

        This 4th of July I will reaffirm and celebrate the independence of the nation I grew up in as a child.
        A nation that still does live and breathe out here at the farm.

        If ISIS does come north of the border and start attacking homesteads I’ll be at the ready.

        What the guberment does from here on out has nothing to do with me. I’m voting straight demorat so we get going while I’m still able to effect a change.

        I’m not turning my back on the USA—I’m refusing to abandon God and country, which is the crossroads we have been led to.

        Happy fourth and I am cheered to be in such company and have such comrades to talk with!!

        God bless the US of A!!!

        • 1vet

          Amen to that Goebbels quote. Everyone needs to think about that when they watch these 24/7 news channels. I’m tired of repetitive sound bites and video being allowed to force legislation on non issues. If everyone would turn off their 24/7 news coverage they’d be surprised how safe they feel in the world. No worrying about isis, or KKK or whatever else de jure. Of course I’m not saying to be uninformed, but it’s just amazing how they can seem to convince people that non issues are urgent life and death issues that require legislation in order to make us SAFE. Turn em off

          I will repaste that quote too.

          “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.”
          ― Joseph Goebbels

          And I have said for a long time as you just did. We have a state controlled media, anyone that doesn’t believe that has not been paying attention, and make no mistake for all you foxers out there, they are in on it too. But yall remember that when they tell us how bad china and n korea are for their state controlled media. And remember that every time they keep trying to convince you that you’re still free

        • Maybe we should get rid of the reporters first, instead of the lawyers as Shakespeare noted.

      17. Neither the Confederate Flag nor Gay Marriage puts in or takes away a dollar of my purchasing power or economic security. In the meantime US international trade is now being negotiated by one person.

        The House of Reps and US Senate collect high pay, benefits for life and a pension far in excess of what 90% of the body politic make while working and then sub-contract their responsibilities to the President. You pay me and I’ll hire someone else to do my job (very poorly I might add) while I still collect my compensation.

      18. Deport WDC to Siberia….one way!

      19. 1vet, right there with you. We are toast. We cannot stop what is coming, and there is only one hope…Christ Jesus. Enjoy the fourth, everyone. Visit family and loved ones. Go over your emergency contact plans, and start putting up that garden produce as soon as it is ready.

        Most of all,if you haven’t, give your life to Christ. If you have, get closer to Him, and He will get closer to you.

        • Amen to that!!!

        • Don’t let “FACTS” get in the way!!!!

          The white man did it!!!!!!!!

          • The Southern Christian straight white gun-owning Constitution-quoting conspiracy theorist man.

      20. The fire above was from a lightening strike, according to the real news.

        Anyway, has anybody wondered why the media has been pumping people up over police/black race relations?

        I think the media is trying to sow dischord and make people angry, just like this fake confederate flag issue. Why are they not talking about the 9 blacks murdered instead they are talking about a 150 year old flag?

        This is to drum up race tensions.

        I believe it is to cause chaos to help usher in more government authority to control the coming race riots.

        Whites will welcome more government control because they will be afraid of the blacks. Nobody cares about the blacks so they are expendable, then suddenly we have marshal law or FED crack down in local cities.

        It is like the Nazi’s manufacturing a false flag event.

        • “J.S.”
          They are talking about the Confederate Flag because some nut kill 9 Blacks.
          This happened 1 time. Chiraq happens every week.

          • Hubby has a t-shirt with pic of Confederate flag & underneath it reads, “If this shirt makes you angry, you need a history lesson.” (Yes, WV broke from VA in 1863, but he says its the POINT that matters and not where we live.)

      21. Stick together and outlast the evil that comes our way. I’m not religious, but that doesn’t mean evil doesn’t exist.

      22. Media focus on has helped to reopen old wounds on race


        with people reacting news about police killings that were allegedly motivated by race


        System wide, the county is sagging quickly.

        Damn. And this whole time I thought we were talking about an entire country, not just one county. Which county is it, Mac?

        Fuck it, I can’t read any more, it’s making my head hurt trying to figure out what the hell you’re trying to say.

        Seriously Mac, spend 5 fucking minutes proof reading your shit before you post it. You look ignorant.

      23. Perhaps it’s time to chase after the media with our guns & ammo. After all, they are the ones fomenting most of this ‘racism.’ They spin EVERYTHING, even the mundane and blaise. They routinely LIE to us about everything, and so badly that even our own kids can see through the ruse. Perhaps, if we made a stand against SPIN, we could shake the foundations of our corrupt pedophilic government. And don’t blame us for the vote, OK? After seeing just how low these cockroaches will go for their own self-benefit at the expense and on the backs of hundreds of millions of us, how do we know the VOTE is even accurate, honest or truthful? And don’t play political sides, either. That has very little to do with character. Do you love your country? Do you want to save her from the hands of these charismatic manaical losers? THINK ABOUT WHO IS REALLY DOING WHAT! Forget George Soros — if we could actually make a difference, we could get the SEALS to hunt him down. Yup, Game Changer. Think about it.

      24. I am going to reiterate what I have said before:
        Drop a neutron bomb on Baghdad, Tehran and Mecca.
        It will result in the following:
        *immediate population reduction of terrorists and potential terrorists.
        *the infrastructure of these cities will remain intact
        *we will have all the oil we need resulting in a thriving U.S. economy.
        *we can reform the remaining population of these areas like we did in the Philippines after WWII.
        *Russia and China will “stand down” and respect us if they know what’s good for them!
        The Japanese found out very quickly how powerful the United States was and wasted no time coming to the bargaining table after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated. In addition, our allies respected us willingly!
        If we are going to be a super power, we need to, once again, act like one!
        Where are the REAL MEN(with functioning testicles) leading the U.S.A.!!!

        • rajasuda, you unfortunate idiot, do you think this is 1945??? Do you think that our “leaders” are anything other than WHORES of the Zionist’s? Each, has a ceremonial yarmulke, a skull cap, to we more Goyish types and they wear them to all important functions!!! Do you see nothing,… nothing in this?? Watch the 2016 candidates.., yeah, they have them to! You speak of the United States as if there was a United States but there is only a Rothschild Colony called for very important political reasons, the “United States”. Damn man, do you have a ways to go!!!!!

          • Whether I am a “fortunate” or “unfortunate” idiot, should not disappoint you that much. According to Webster’s dictionary that makes me “a person that exhibits mental retardation”. I will accept that. “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God!”(Romans 3:23)
            I will not go down the “anti-Semitic path with you. There is enough discrimination and bigotry in the news. In addition, you don’t really know me that well.
            As for our United States of America: I fought for this country for 11 years so that you could have the right to belittle anyone whenever and however you choose.
            Please make a sincere effort to reread your history with an open mind so that you do not live in state of “angry confusion”. Relax a little. Try not to subconsciously label yourself as a “Goyim”. You are better than that.
            I would enjoy debating the pro’s and con’s of each presidential candidate with you. However, please be armed with more constructive information other than the “caps” they wear.
            And finally, let us(along with all other God-fearing people), look for “fearless leaders” that love this country and are willing to “die” for its honor.

        • Sorry rajasuda, but you are one stone cold idiot, knowing nothing about anything, but in a positive vein, you are a properly educated citizen!

          • Sadly, your are mistaken about the “stone cold idiot” label. Thank you for ending with positive comment.
            I actually “sense”that you are a nice person behind the

      25. After the latest Supreme Court rulings our country is TOAST!

        History is repeating itself. The Supreme Court has just made the USA into Sodom and Gomorrah. Now if you think for one second God is liking this you haven’t read the Bible. I know that some people here don’t believe. So be it, but just look what is happening and keep an eye on what is to come, and you will look into the Bible and you will find the answers.

        Now when it comes to Churches being burnt down. Some could be done by some turd that just hates. Some of them could be False Flags.

        When you play sports you never watch the head, because the can use head fakes, and that is what TPTB uses. We have to be smarter and look deeper into what the hell is going on.

        • speaking of sarge,

          anyone else notice the “star of Bethlehem” last night. I was not aware of it, and actually didn’t get to see it (went to be super early). But looked it up this morning and internet was saying apparently it hasn’t been around since near the birth of Christ. Which is why they believe it may actually be the Star of Bethlehem. It’s actually Jupiter and venus converging together to be one bright double star. But if the occurrence is actually so rare to only be every 2000 yrs., I just found it to be pretty crazy timing considering the events of this past week with the supreme court and the rainbow whitehouse and all. Also combine that with the historical and biblical significance of the blood moon tetrads with the Passover and shemitah…. well I don’t know yall be the judge. Anyway like I said I didn’t get to see it and honestly don’t know much about the Star of Bethlehem, or Jupiter and venus, just wondering if yall noticed too and what anybody thought.

      26. just another red flag

        of how things will play out if the lights ever go off

        Report: Macon Wal-Mart mob wanted to see how much damage it could do

        ht tp://www.macon.com/2015/06/29/3821075_report-macon-wal-mart-mob-wanted.html?rh=1

        God help those unfortunate enough to live in urban areas

        the animals are gonna come out to play QUICK

        • Thugs. They always work in groups too. Funny how they do that. Where as you will have one lone white guy who loses it and goes on a shooting rampage, the blacks always go in groups.

          Gang mentality that seems to be in their genetic code.

      27. “GOD WILLS IT!”


      28. This is nothing more than a typical tactic from the International Zionist Jew manual, entitled “HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD AND ENSLAVE THE GENTILE GOYIM!”

        It’s DIVIDE AND CONQUER 101!

        you all are so preoccupied by:

        gay marriage
        black church burnings
        mass black shootings
        knock out games
        black on white violence
        etc etc that you don’t see the truth of what they are really doing to you, your children and the world!


        Zionist Creed: By Deceit thou shalt Wage War!

      29. Seems to me church burnings are the easiest false flag events to stage and it’s all raw emotions!!!

      30. On Drudge- black man arrested for posting anti- black msg outside church…

        that can’t be right, you won’t see that on CNN!!!

      31. In 2006, several black churches were burnt down. It turned out that the ones who set the fires were Jews. Doesn’t that figure?!? Probably is again this time!

        • Anonymous, Black Churches being torched by the holy, Chosen of God, there must be some mistake, I can’t imagine that, can you?

      32. I think it would be awesome if the people writing the articles perhaps used a grammar checker. This article gave me a headache just from the grammar error alone, not to mention the content.

      33. thugs riot at walmart in macon Georgia , where the fuck is the coverage? they were all black! course as always my posts wont stick

      34. Gays burned down Sarah Palin’s church -WITH people in it – but apparently no hate crime there. This was a number of years ago, but that doesn’t change the fact of the matter

      35. They bring out the black church burning stories again. This is the redundant black church burning that the Klintons had you would think they could come up with something new. Do they really think our memories are that short? With the first hint of something raciest the media jumps on it like cockroaches to the crumb fallen by accident they crawl all over themselves to get the story that doesn’t exist and if it doesn’t by god they will make one.

      36. Back in 1960 the larger cars were at a cost of $3500.00 and my Ford Falcon cost me $2000.00
        Today a car cost from $30,000 on up especially more for the Cadillac truck. $1970 I bought a house for $12,500. Anyway should you do the math the car should not cost in the neighbor hood of $30,000, $40,000 etc. Who can afford the cost of such vehicles? I have a 1994 Cadillac which cost $40,000 off the show room floor. I bought it second hand for $5000.00 and I will drive it until the wheels fall off of it.

      37. Sevreal years ago, there was a best selling book titled The Games People Play. It idscussed patterns of human conduct. One of the games was called, Let’s You and Him Fight”. The way it works is that a third party creates situations where two people are at each others throats instead of focusing attention on the third party who is really wreaking havoc, Sound familiar? If people knew what Obama has done to this nationa and where it is headed, they would probably drag him from the White House. To draw attention from the impending disaster, he stokes racial tension.

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