Quebec’s Ruling Class Will Impose A “Tax” On The Un”Vaccinated”

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    The ruling class of Quebec in Canada will become the first to steal more from those who continue to disobey their commands. The masters will be taking more from their slaves if they continue to refuse to be “vaccinated.”

    The illusion of freedom should be gone by people.  If people cannot see that we were born onto a slave planet now (and yes, that goes for the United States), they likely won’t figure it out until it’s too late.

    As reported by ZeroHedge, just when you think Covid-lunacy has reached its peak… enter a new insane policy cooked up by a neurotic and despotic government somewhere, typically in the West. And of course, the latest is out of Canada: “The Canadian province of Quebec will charge a health tax to residents who are not vaccinated against Covid-19,” BBC reports.

    The BBC also stated another fact in their article: “Only about 12.8% of Quebec residents are not vaccinated, but they make up nearly a third of all hospital cases,” and more: “According to federal data, just over 85% of Quebec residents had received at least one vaccine dose by 1 January.” Put another way, about two-thirds of all hospital cases in Quebec are individuals who have been vaccinated. Ah yes, time to target the unvaxxed…

    But again, raising the question of the real efficacy of the vaccines, BBC underscores that “The daily figure represents a similar rate to January 2021, before widespread vaccinations had begun in the province.” Not only that, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevetion director, Rochelle Walensky has actually admitted the “vaccines” do not stop transmission, or therefore, infection.  So what exactly do they do? Steal wealth, health, and liberty (we didn’t have much before COVID) apparently.

    CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

    We had better figure out sooner, rather than later that government is slavery. Until we wake up to that simple fact, we will be stuck being forced by the police state to obey our masters or face punishment. We knew this was coming. We warned you all in advance. It’s past time to realize the truth and break free.


    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY


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      1. It isn’t going to hurt the unvaccinated much if at all.

        The vaccines are deadly and killing everyone that’s vaccinated so all the tax collectors will be dead by the end of the year and there won’t be anyone to collect the tax from the unvaccinated.

        • Don’t ya wish it was that easy!??

      2. This is getting fun.

      3. What about the people who survived COVID and now have the NATURAL IMMUNITY which is supposed to be 8 time better then the JAB ?

        • Apparently they can’t count that high.??

      4. what about truck drivers?,dumb fucks. as a resident of no vaccine mandate ontario i would like welcome quebec citizens
        thinking of moving, there are large franco comunities just across the border,Ottawa wher i live has a huge french
        comunity and cultural presence,french schools,even a french hospital,The Montfort.

      5. The Quebec French rulers (lol) always had a few screws loose. They’re not the brightest people around. All they care about is their stupid culture and language. Shows you how weak and petty they really are. Imposing a tax isn’t going to solve anything. ?

        • NO, it won’t but we must give them an e for effort. They’ve been trying to accomplish something for 2 years now, and the public opinion is proving difficult to fool. However we do have several people that are deaf, dumb and blind( I am not putting down real people with these problems) because they CHOSE to be. It’s easier than thinking.??

      6. The ruling class of any country that I’ve ever witnessed, has never been renown for their intellect or their sense of right and wrong. There has been waaay to much inbreeding.??

      7. Yes they do this in islamic countries. It’s called a Dhimmi Tax. They tax infidels so the true believers can better tolerate their presence.

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