“Project Fear”: When to Release A New COVID “Variant”

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Headline News

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    In case you haven’t noticed, the mainstream media has taken a break from constantly panicking the public over some cold symptoms. As many of us have known from the beginning, COVID-19 was nothing more than a propagandized fear campaign designed to get the masses to be so afraid of a cold that they’d willingly bow to the ruling class which is actively trying to exert total control over humanity.

    Now, we have Telegram messages from Matt Hancock that show this was the plan all along. Former British Health Secretary Matt Hancock is continuing to face criticism since the leak of WhatsApp messages shared between him and other ministers, and officials at the height of the COVID scamdemic. The messages, which were leaked by the Daily Telegraph, now show that Hancock wanted to announce a new virus variant to “frighten the pants off, everyone.”

    In 2020, Hancock and his team of tyrants were discussing the looming realization that then Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s planned five-day Christmas amnesty from COVID curbs would have likely had to be scrapped, in order to keep the public compliant and in a state of fear.  According to a report published by the Mirror early Sunday (March 5), Johnson promised families they could see each other during the festive period, but the plan was scrapped on December 18. Knowing the rulers would face backlash, they discussed “releasing” or just telling the public that a new variant was on the loose.

    Amid fears of a massive backlash from people, Hancock and his team were thinking about how to divert the anger. Damon Poole, his media adviser, said in the WhatsApp chat, ”Rather than doing too much forward signaling, we can roll pitch with the new strain.”

    Hancock replied, “We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain.” He added, “But the complication with that Brexit is taking the top line.” This was an apparent reference regarding the media’s coverage of the United Kingdom’s (UK) exiting the European Union (EU). –WION News

    Once the general public starts to realize how much of a scam this entire “pandemic” was from the beginning, the ruling class is going to have to do something else to stay in power. That could be an actual illness that will actually harm people that everyone can see with their own eyes, instead of just having to believe what the masters are telling them.

    Now that not too many people are focusing on COVID, this plan could coalesce at any time.

    Other than the belief that some should rule and others should obey (the belief in authority) COVID Is The Biggest Lie in The World’s History and Prof Michel Chossudovsky Proves It.

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