Profit From Chaos? Elites Have Secretly “Banked On Trump Victory, Populist Uprising”

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 48 comments

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    There’s more than one way for the establishment to yield power from this election.

    The first path is obvious, direct and potentially deadly. A Hillary presidency will be surrounded by bitter people, and overt uses of power, along with war, increased taxes and thinly-veiled pay-for-play politics benefiting the billionaires who’ve bankrolled her rise to power.

    The other path is less predictable, but possible just the perfect “magic formula” they need to get things flowing again.

    The Brexit vote, a by-product of populist anger against economic stagnation and political angst, was secretly a win for those who wield power from the financial sector.

    In the end, the disquiet of the people has proven to be the secret ingredient to stirring something up in an economy otherwise stymied by quantitative easing and dismal economic returns.

    As Zero Hedge explains, it just may be, particularly in light of some of the statements that have been made by significant figures on Wall Street:

    So yes, inflation is possible, it just can’t coexist with political stability, which may explain why – according to some more conspiratorial elements – a “surprising” Trump victory on Tuesday may be assured: after all, what better way to unleash political instability than to inaugurate the candidate who promises a full break with the establishment as we know it. If in the process, it leads to a surge in much needed inflation, now that QE has tried and failed, it’s a price the establishment, reeling under the weight of record global debt, is willing to pay.

    One River Asset Management’s Eric Peters laying out his inflationary “revelation”:
    “British spenders have entirely looked through post-Brexit uncertainty,” said Mark Carney [governor of the Bank of England]. … So the Bank of England forecast its biggest inflation overshoot since 1997; expecting 2018 price gains to peak at +2.8%.
    What’s it tell us?

    A populist uprising, compromised free trade, immigration restrictions, a 15% currency devaluation, 0.50% interest rates combined with aggressive QE is today’s magic formula for modestly exceeding a 2% inflation target 2yrs hence.

    […]we live in the 2010s, and inflationary expectations have succumbed to decades of independent central banking. Economic volatility is remarkably muted too. With it has come a long period of political stability. […]And we also know that a long period of political stability is drawing to a close.

    But we can’t be sure that political volatility will increase inflation volatility. Nor can we be sure that it won’t. It all depends on time and place.  And today’s time and place is something new.

    Is this proof that the elite are secretly planning to make lemonade from the lemons of American discontent and the wild card candidacy of Donald Trump?

    That is a difficult call to make, but it is worth noting that there is clearly an advantage to be held if this outcome does occur.

    As Tumelar notes, the fix is in either way:

    It’s either inflation by Trump’s victory or by WW3 started by Hillary Clinton.

    A hard choice for the banksters.

    Of course, the situation is much more complicated than just inflation, or any one factor. There is a great deal of speculation that the end of QE, known to be no longer effective at stimulating the economy has made a stock market collapse inevitable, subject to the Fed raises rates.

    It appears that Yellen has been waiting for the outcome of the election, and one way or another, will dump the next crisis on the next president. If that proves to be Trump, he will be blamed for the downfall… meanwhile, there will be those waiting in the shadows to profit from disaster.

    For his part, astute columnist Brandon Smith has consistently argued that the elite have chosen Trump and will allow him to take the presidency – only to use the unpredictability as a catalyst for order out of chaos, and the institution of great political and economic controls over the country:

    The vast majority of analysts in the mainstream and in the alternative media refused to acknowledge the possibility that a successful Brexit actually works in FAVOR of the globalists, because it provides them a perfect scapegoat for a financial crisis that has been broiling for years and is now ready to burst into flames.


    I argue that the globalists want Trump in office, just as they wanted the passage of the Brexit. I argue that they need conservative movements to feel as though we have won, so that they can pull the rug out from under us in the near future. I argue that we are being set up.

    Again, the elites are openly telling us what is about to happen. They are telling us that if “populists” (conservatives) gain political power, the system will effectively collapse. To what extent is hard to say, but let’s assume that the situation will be ugly enough to influence the masses to reconsider the ideal of globalism as a possible solution. The elites are fond of the Hegelian dialectic and the philosophy of “order out of chaos,” after all.

    Again, the reasons parallel the reasons that Brexit was able to succeed in spite of fierce establishment opposition.

    The master manipulators are adaptive to any market conditions, and their influence runs deeper than the electorate of any given political season. Its agents and officers instruct the candidates and make demands, not the other way around.

    In a puppeteer’s world, must we always argue for the existence of puppets on every stage?

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      1. Yes, the up side of a dreaded Trump victory is “civil unrest” or stupid dupes rioting.

        The globalists want an excuse to declare some type of Marshall Law.

        Let us hope the democrats don’t react like fools. Trump policies will help all of us. Even those here illegally will be better off as sane policies benefit Mexico. An end to corruption will bring renewed prosperity to Mexico as well as America.

        __ God Bless America

        • It seems the old axiom rolls on. We’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t. Trekker Out.

          • Our fight against the evil powers that shouldn’t be has just begun with the election of a President who is FOR America. BUT at least we will still have a CHANCE to fight and turn this Republic around – which will take more than a few years.

            ‘If’ there is a funnifying of the ballots, Patriots will not stand by this time and allow a witch to get into The People’s WH.

            The America we have known and loved has been systematically dismantled and reshaped by the globalist enemy within, including the crooked, complicit Congress that has been bribed and bought off. They are not going away quietly. We need a man with a titanium spine who will overthrow an ineffective and corrupt system.

            The damage has been so great that America is now one president away from a COMPLETE transformation. The witch would be the one who finishes the job. She stands almost entirely against everything America is for, and for everything we are against

            By his nature, Trump won’t be satisfied to be simply a good President. He will strive to be the Best FOR America.

            • The one thing that bothers me, other than a few private fundraisers…after that fiasco at U of I, Trump has not come to IL….that worries me….but who could blame him…my neighborhood had Romney and Obama signs galore 4 years ago….now, only one Hilary sign…I think IL will be forgotten again, by the GOP and GOPe….

        • Steady, steady as she goes (no reference to the witch intended)! Wait until you see the white of the eyes, and the frost on their breath.

          God Bless America!

          Louisiana Eagle

        • All americans, politicians, government, and media need to expose the treasonous torture tactics that are inhumanely victimizing good citizens. This is taking place with unseen and untraceable technologies. Everyone needs to stop this holocaust that is happening to your own families and neighbors. These mind control, directed energy weapons (scalar, microwaving, gas lighting) and gang stalking needs to be exposed and ended. The NSA is using these technologies on innocent citizens. These good americans are lab rats for their experimental, torture game to keep their control, ruin peoples lives, and hurt society. Expose this holocaust and torture that is taking place and end it. Quit watching sports and start demanding your country back. These technologies will be used on everyone if you don’t stop this criminality. If you know of anyone deemed delusional or schizophrenic, or a targeted citizen, they are overwhelmingly being assaulted by these technologies and causing this. see for more info.

          • Good luck with that. Mission accomplished. America is transformed.

        • (sigh)

          Marshal Dillon (1 “L”)

          martial law

          • I thought that Brady chick was taking over.

      2. Either way; We The People ARE Screwed; big time. HOW did the once Greatest Country in the World get to this God Awful State.?

        • Think Detroit!

        • Come on, Dave. How did the once Greatest Country in the World get to this God Awful mess? Think about it. It started in 1965 with the passage of the Hart / Cellars Immigration Act – The third worlding of a White Christian Nation: However, The repercussions of the 1965 Immigration Act are merely a symptom. The Cause of this Country’s fall from Greatness rhymes with the word, Screws.

          MAGA – Today!!!

        • Think going off the gold standard as the reason America fails. In terms of the gold standard, the United States experienced 3 distinct phases between 1834 and the present.

          Part 1, 1834 to 1932: In 1834, the United States fixed the price of gold to $20.67 per ounce. U.S. dollars and gold were interchangeable according to the fixed price. The U.S. was on the gold standard then and inflation was relatively stable.

          Part 2, 1933 to 1970: In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt outlawed private ownership of gold by U.S. citizens and devalued the dollar (by almost 40%) by raising the price of gold to $35 an ounce. From that time on, only foreigners could demand the U.S. government to exchange gold for dollars. U.S. citizens could not do so. In effect, the U.S. went half way off the gold standard then.

          Part 3, 1971 to Present: In 1971, President Richard Nixon declared that U.S. dollars could no longer be converted into gold, whether by foreigners or by U.S. citizens. From that point on, gold price, vis-à-vis, the U.S. dollar, fluctuated in the market, and the U.S. was completely off the gold standard.

          When the dollar is allowed to float in value rather than fixed to gold politicians print money or run deficits (creating debt) . A $1.00 bill in 1971 has the purchasing power of only 18¢ today because of inflation caused mostly by politicians.

          This is why we are in this God Awful State and its only going to get worse as they print more debt….

          • rabbitone

            Certainly being on a standard holds spending in relative line with revenues and it is a major reason for economic problems but not the only. The Free Trade agreements eviscerating the wealth creating manufacturing had a devastating effect.

            Both of the above is an attempt at getting something for nothing but in short order the something your getting isn’t worth the something you lost.

        • We the people is now we the latinos, niggas (not african americans), cubans, sorry ass white trash, and general dumb-asses. You and I sir are the new minority. Do you best to deal with it the best you can. What a phucking mess we are in.

        • It’s what happens when the machine is not oiled correctly. It’s isn’t any voters’ fault, if the candidates lie.

          There should be no question about this.

          We’ve all been thinking (because “Constitution”) the politicians were actually working for us. Bound to the duty, indeed.

          Not true, and now we ALL know it.
          They have been working, ultimately, for themselves, by servicing elites through lobbies and special interests.

          It is long past time to drain the swamp.

      3. I think, just speculating, Trump may win the popular vote but as we know the electoral vote is rigged, so HRC wins.

        I think the globalists have hedged their bets well. If Trump wins (unlikely) they’ll just have to ‘go to work on him.’
        The key here is Tim Kaine. Hillary wins but is so toxic she has to resign for “health reasons.”
        Globalists: “Kaine’s our man.”
        He gave a speech the other day completely in Spanish.
        Who better than to run an open border on our south than this hack?

        On another topic I was looking at you tube and this popped up along side.
        The group anonymous released this on Nov. 1 about Miss Huma. Who may be Chief of Staff next year.
        Ties to Muslim Brotherhood and more all laid out.
        It’s 8 min. but it was good enough to keep me on it.
        Remove the space in http
        ht tps://

        Good luck everyone.

      4. The positive side to all this doom and gloom about Trump winning the election, is Trump will be the President.

      5. My out of the box take. The deep state told Comey to stand down. Having decided Clinton has too much baggage, poisonous stuff actually, they’re going to throw her under the bus and in all probability, let her walk away without indictment. No doubt in my mind anyway, she knows where all the bodies are buried and could take a shitload of the elite down with her. In essence, I think the deep state is saying to Clinton, you won’t be President, take your money and walk away, and if that’s not good enough, well, don’t be suprised if your plane experiences a catastrophic mechanical failure.

        • i heard hillary say on national TV a couple months ago “if i’m found guilty of anything, there are MANY others who are guilty too”….someday, SOMEbody’s gotta read between the lines….talk about a(un)veiled threat!

          • This entire cabal is into extortion.

            To get to top positions you need to be extorted, so they can control you. Along the way you can’t keep climbing unless you get dirt on the others. These people extort each other. They all have documents, videos, pictures, and recordings of each other.

            This is why Humma and Wiener saved those emails, they were insurance, too bad they didn’t have a way to hide them better.

            I saw a video that spoke of factions from the US government/cabal who have active long term operations in America’s top universities. I’m talking full time employees who do nothing but find young people destined for high positions. They select people who can be cooped, used to be they zeroed in on gays, but that’s not the terrible thing it used to be. They help them through university, hook them up with jobs, all the while gathering dirt to control and manipulate them. They look for young people with lots of baggage and controllable mental health issues. By the time they are anyone, they are owned. If they don’t play ball, they don’t get that sweet job right out of school. They are assigned a handler so their career blossoms.

            Understand Hillary and Bill Clinton likely never met or contracted the men who murdered all the people that would be witnesses against them. As far as Bill and Hillary are concerned it was just dumb luck. The cabal made it all happen. As long as Bill and Hillary played ball, the miracles kept happening. The web is huge and does the bidding of Satan himself.

            Students, beware the food clubs at Ivy League universities. They are CIA run. Actually worse than that, but there is no name for the dragons inner club.

      6. My out of the box take. The deep state told Comey to stand down. Having decided Clinton has too much baggage, poisonous stuff actually, they’re going to throw her under the bus and in all probability, let her walk away without indictment. No doubt in my mind anyway, she knows where all the bodies are buried and could take a shitload of the elite down with her. In essence, I think the deep state is saying to Clinton, you won’t be President, take your money and walk away, and if that’s not good enough, well, don’t be suprised if your plane experiences a catastrophic mechanical failure.

      7. LOVE your blogs. Learned alot from your writers.
        In the last few months I have Been praying for this election and asking for God’s divine guidance
        Every one has gave their opinions on who would win.
        DID anyone consider what God wanted to DO for America.
        Just maybe He is not lifted His blessings FROM America and is holding back the financial collapse
        Just maybe His plans is for Trump to WIN to allow more wealth to come back to USA. Just maybe God wants to bless this nation one more time for His end time harvest
        Just maybe God has decided to bless the true church OF believers with His power.
        Just maybe in spite of ourselves God will use the large number of illegal immigrants to allow the harvest of souls to be reached that MIGHT not have been possible with current policies.
        Even through evil men try to destroy good God can turn defeat into victory.

        The Elite believe that they control things but I tend to believe thar God is using them to make man see that we can not bring peace no matter how much we try.
        Also He has the last word and is good at spoiling the things that evil men do.


        FINAL WORD

        • Thanks, Mike. Yes, we all need to pray. Very, very evil people have designs on this country. It is true that God is our true hope as you say.

        • May I say to fellow Christians, he who is without sin cast the first stone.

          We have two candidates, one appears to have let his testosterone get the better of him, still he had limits unlike Bill Clinton!

          Hillary on the other hand has committed a huge number of felonies, this woman is pure freaking evil. Vote for Hillary at your own peril. There is no moral equivalent.

          We as Christians have a duty to discern good and evil and in the end, there is no candidate without sin. Got it! Deal with it!

          Vote for the best candidate that will try to do the job that is closest to the will of God. You as a Christian voter can do no more.

          • Amen, Plan twice, prep once!

            For those who say they can’t vote for either Trump or Hillary, there are plenty of reasons to vote AGAINST someone. Neither neutrality nor voting for someone who can’t win is an option at this critical time.

            Make a stand – if not for, then make your stand against:

            AGAINST open borders.
            AGAINST a one world government and the loss of our national sovereignty and security.
            AGAINST abortion on demand, partial-birth abortion, and Planned Parenthood with its selling of babies’ body parts.
            AGAINST Obama’care’.
            AGAINST the removing of our 2nd Amendment rights, as well as the complete dismantling of our Constitution.
            AGAINST up to five liberal lifetime appointees to the Supreme Court.
            AGAINST higher taxes.
            AGAINST the selfish establishment Dems and Repubs fighting to maintain their globalist power.
            AGAINST policies that enable radical Islamist terrorism.
            AGAINST the redefining of marriage. It is not too late to reverse this.
            AGAINST an immoral, ungodly Democratic Party.
            AGAINST an unelected, unaccountable, overreaching, out of control Judiciary
            AGAINST the politicizing and exploiting of racism, and the polarizing of America.

            If we reject Donald Trump because of the sins of his past, we would also have to reject Abraham, King David, Mary Magdeline, and ALL past leaders, heroes, family, friends, in their unrighteous past. And don’t forget murderers like the Apostle Paul. A lot of formerly despicable people will be in heaven. Many became great leaders and changed the world.

            Our obvious choice is between a candidate with past sins like the rest of humanity, or the most wicked, depraved evil we have ever seen or could ever even imagine in a Presidential candidate.

            • Well said Sarge!

        • Mike Ellis, Thank you!

          There have been countless prayer groups that have risen up throughout the entire WORLD, and are standing in agreement for America to return to her God-given Destiny. Our assignment is to stand in the gap for America. One of our main prayer points has been for the Truth AND the lies to be exposed.

          We are facing a very difficult, difficult time, up against the enemy of our very soul. Through prayer and intercession, we will either overcome this evil completely, or we will severely diminish the plans of the globalists. We will NOT passively sit by and allow the criminal ‘elite’ to take our land!

          There is going to be trouble, it is coming. Nevertheless, God is not going to let happen what the ‘elite’ want to have happen. They want to bring America to complete destruction. They want to keep pressing us until they win. They want to destroy America and never let America arise again because we are a Freedom-loving people, and too willful against them.

          Although America is very much wrapped up in the whole global thing, God is unwrapping it. As deeply as the hijacked government of our country has gone into the quest for global world governance, God is undoing it.

          Our enemies want to destroy our hope, and their tactics are to instill fear and doubt. But no matter what they have done in stealth, God is undoing and causing the light to reveal. We can never underestimate the power, the authority, and the wisdom of God.

          Keep the Hope and stay the course!

      8. New article:



      9. Meanwhile ISIS is call all Jihadists in the U.S. to murder as many Americans as possible at the polls tomorrow.

        • Really, my poling place is about twenty feet from police headquarters.

          I’ll be ready, but really, an Isis attack would be like Obama showing up for a campaign speech, a total clown car act.

      10. The quote say it louder-

        It’s either inflation by Trump’s victory or WW3 started by Hillary Clinton.

        A hard choice for the banksters.

        Everyone should look at this way. Most of the banksters will be killed in WW3 or are they willing to take a beating at the market with some lumps & still walk away alive.

        WW3 is a bad path to take with modern weapons of today (Note I’m not talking about guns, I’m talking about tanks, reapers drones,Nukes, and so on) because no one wins at the end, because you have hundreds of millions to billions dead all over the world. The whole world becomes a mess needing to be rebuilt in order to start over.

        Inflation is a better path, even though most of everyone would go hungry & broke that might launch civil unrest maybe even civil war in every country around the world. At least you have a fighting chance to stand on your own two feet and not be wiped out in a blink of an eye in WW3.

        It’s like Sgt Major Dan Page said You have one of two choices you can go to the bullet box or go to the ballot box.

        Voting for Trump is the best answer

      11. It won’t happen. Nobody is going to do anything. At this stage of national stupor, you could elect Dracula and nobody would do anything.

        • ABSOLUTELY correct.

      12. If trump wins, he needs to say exactly what Obama said…”I have a pen and a phone”. On his first day in office, he needs to reverse all the executive orders that Obumfuck wrote, by counter-executive orders. Then he needs to say to the American people that “I have a list on my desk, including Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Lynch, Emanual, Carter, etc….as well as hundreds of other individuals that will be indicted for treason, sedition, aiding & abetting the enemies of the U.S., and perjury to Congress. Then he needs to write a slurry of new executive orders that closes the border, cancels NAFTA, Tariffs the shit out of china and all the companies that have moved their factories offshore, and the big one……Audit and eliminate federal reserve, and indict the criminals that run it.!!!!!!

      13. This is just my half baked opinion, but I don’t believe that Obama will leave. He has already declared Trump too unstable to hand over the nukes to “The Donald”, and I’m sure that he has a fat file of Hillary’s/Bill’s crimes to choose from too.

        If there is Civil Unrest, Jihadist terror, and Black Lives b.s., or maybe even war with Russia, Barry will stay “In the best interest of the Country”. Maybe he’ll use the excuse that Putin rigged the results, or outright call either a Russian Agent.

        Once in power, Communists never leave without death and blood being spilled. Look at the Castro’s in Cuba, the Kim’s in North Korea, or the KGB/FSB in the former Soviet Union.

      14. If Mr T. is elected, the Ds will line up stout against him and the Est Rs will too.

        So, if he pulls any crap like Prince O has done they (Ds & Rs) will combine to shut him down (w/o fears of Racism, etc) legislatively and, if all else fails, Impeach him and throw him out.

        Mr Pence would be a much more comfortable and predictable entity to deal with.

        If Miz C wins, the Rs will oppose her nominally until she wants something real important and then they will cave like they did for the Dark Prince. Instead of the Race Card, the Ds will lean on the Plumbing Card.

        SS DD politically speaking.


        • If Trump won’t play ball, they’ll JFK his ass!

      15. Seminole Wind, that’s possible. There is a shitstorm coming. It’s true that commies only leave power the same way they came in.

        • Well, Robespierre and Lavrentiy Beria didn’t exactly plan to check out the way they did.There is no dignity – or anything else – among thieves, communists or Hilary supporters

      16. Inflation is the worst thing we could
        engineer. Big government types love
        inflation it allows them to you pay in future
        inflated money for debts you incur
        I like deflation or monetary stability.
        I look forward to a market, real estate, and
        PM crash. I’m prepared. I’m not completely
        prepared for artificial inflation caused by
        politics, as that is too “Black Swan” random.

      17. the voting rules have changed, due to problems at the polls,,,all republicans vote on nov. 8th, and democrats vote on nov 9th. this will end fighting and disruption and the long lines.

      18. Well boys and girls…here we are once again, about to partake in the most reverent aspect of the American Experiment….come what may…

        Mark Twain said it best, along the lines of “if voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it”….

        My conservative vote does not seem to matter at the bottom of the ballot…but I vote to make a statement…

        • Your vote is heard by God. That really is all that matters.

          Fascists, commies, liberals and progressive are unable to grasp this concept.

      19. By the way, the craziest scenario is the electoral college having a tie, and ultimately electing a third person as president.

        It could get that wild. If Hillary ties, she will carry horrible baggage bigger than Watergate and its coverup, she especially has no standing if Trump wins the popular vote, which is expected, and expected to be huge.

        The electoral college will try to fix a tie, but likely they will put in a NWO chump even if Trump wins the popular vote.

      20. Were Donald Trump to be elected President, Obama would not allow him to be inaugurated. He has no constitutional right to do so, but that hasn’t stopped him so far. He would have the support of a lot of Americans. He would argue that Trump is not mentally stable enough to be President. The compromise would be to inaugurate Pense as President. Too many Americans would support this.

      21. The elites run circles around the “basket of deplorables”. Take Brexit, it was the most ignorant people, the ones who have lived on welfare for decades and leached off the public housing, the racists, the ill-educated, who voted for Brexit. Since the vote, they have been strung along in one way or another by the elite because the “basket of deplorables” have no clue how the law and government works. This means they lose in every argument. Most recently, a woman appealed to the high court to stop Brexit and won.

        The deplorables are a population of mostly obese people who couldn’t rise up unless it had a tub of ice cream as a sweetener. The reality in the West is the most vicious and fit and violent population is the new migrants. And they are the ones who can and do riot and scare the state. But balding, obese morons? No.

        • LOL, you aint shitting, they got us in a cocoon of fat.

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