Prep For An Explosion: Mauna Loa Is “Waking Up”

by | Mar 14, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    According to mainstream media, Hawaiian volcano Mauna Loa is “waking up” and those in the area should “prepare for an eruption.” Hopefully, anyone who reads this site and lives in Hawaii already has a SHTF plan in place that includes the possibility of a volcanic eruption, so here’s what we know.

    Over the past week, the Hawaii Volcano Observatory has recorded over 200 small magnitude earthquakes below the Mauna Loa volcano. These and other observations of increased activity in recent weeks all point to an increased flow of magma into the volcano’s shallow storage system, according to the HVO.

    According to a report by Forbes, while scientists emphasize that an eruption isn’t necessarily going to happen today or tomorrow, this week the HVO put out a release urging that “now is the time to revisit personal eruption plans.”

    Mauna Loa is not currently erupting and it remains at a Volcano Alert Level ADVISORY. Scientists say this alert level does not mean that an eruption is imminent or that progression to an eruption from the current level of unrest is certain. But many are urging preparedness.

    We would urge both preparedness and discernment along with the use of critical thinking skills. All of these combined are a winning combination in any SHTF situation.

    Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Has A Lava Lake That’s “Being Monitored”

    Forgetting Something? 5 Overlooked Bug Out Bag Items

    Kilauea volcano has also had some odd developments lately. This volcano is also located on the Big Island. According to HVO, a small lava pond has developed near the western fissure during 5-7 March.

    A plan for your family and a bug-out bag could come in handy. Make sure all members of the family know where to meet up just in case something happens when you are all separated.

    Volcanic eruptions in Hawaii are not rare and can be devastating. Do not live in fear, but prepare in advance for any possibility.



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      1. Thar She Blows. Been doing that for millions of years. Nothing new, unless you are living next to it, then look out. Look for Yosemite to blow and watch the Redoubt Idaho prepper community say. “Well this is NOT the best place to buy land.” Other places NOT to buy property, next to a Nuke Plant down wind and not next to any US Military base or flight path where most of the planes crash in the AICUZ Air Installation “In”-compatible Use Zone. Want to mess with your local US Air Force Base. Request a FOIA for their last Environmental Impact Study for their flight path noise contour maps and Flights. Any housing in noise contours above 65 Decibels is NOT compatible. Most AF Base’s commit fraud and back date the data by decades to make it all look compatible.

        • SO are you just picking on Idaho cause you can’t live in one of the best states that is free and safe. South Idaho a little sketchy but why are you forgetting about all the states and areas that are right next to Yosemite? You are strange and seem liberal. Or just selective in thought process.

        STAY AWAY

        • You are right…so many Obammunists and racist welfare recipients. If you get a flock of Califoreigners, send them to the International Market for an evening of hospitality. HI is a model for gun control…

      3. Volcanoes are an interconnected system, where an eruption in one place causes an anomalous behavior, in another, seemingly-unrelated place.

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