Forgetting Something? 5 Overlooked Bug Out Bag Items

by | Aug 24, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness | 35 comments

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    Sometimes when we put our bug out bags together, we forget some things that could be highly useful if something goes wrong.  Of course, you may or may not need these items or be compelled to add them to your bug out bag, but perhaps if nothing else, you’ll remember something that could be useful for your situation.

    There are more than 5 items that I could have added to this list, however, these may be the most useful and most necessary to think about.

    1. Collapsible Fishing Pole

    If you live near a body of water or intend to bug out near one, adding a collapsible fishing pole and a small fishing kit could help you get food without expending too much energy. Fishing us a very efficient way to get some good quality food. Put a few hooks, lures, and some line in a small plastic box and you’ll have everything you need. You can always use earthworms as bait (they work well in my area.)

    2. Emergency Radio

    An emergency hand crank powered radio will help you stay up to date on all that’s happening.  Most emergency radios will allow you to listen to NOAA and channels that can inform you of any situation you may not be aware of since bugging out. In this instance, you’ll want the smallest radio you can find so it won’t be taking up valuable space in your bag.

    3. Lock Picks

    This could be useful especially for those who bug out from a big city.  Getting into secured buildings could help you find food or water or other necessary items. Make sure you practice and know how to use a lock pick.  Time will not always be on your side.

    4. Knife Sharpener

    Grab a small knife sharpener, because there isn’t anything worse than a dull knife (other than running out of ammunition.) A sharp knife has many more uses than a dull one.

    5. Small Gun Cleaning Kit

    You’ve probably heard the saying “a gun’s only enemies are politicians and rust” and you certainly don’t want either taking away your ability to provide self-defense or food.  You will want to be able to clean your gun quickly and effectively to prevent it from malfunctioning when you need it the most.

    These five items could come in handy when the SHTF.  Not everyone will need these items or add them, and that’s perfectly fine. However, hopefully, this at least helped you brainstorm about what else you could potentially add to boost your chances of survival.

    If you have added something to your bug out bag that may be unconventional or is often overlooked, share it with us in the comments for the readers. All ideas could help someone better prepare for an emergency situation.


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      1. Paracord, space blankets, duct tape.

        • How many of you have actually Loaded your vehicle for a “bugout”?
          You will find how little space you have for supplies. By the time the wife, grandma, children, dogs, pet turtle, Ted E Bear, are loaded up. Not much room available. (Leaving the turtle and Ted behind are not optional. Don’t forget the turtle food.)

          Roof rack. Trailer hitch rack. Might be good option for you if you plan ahead. Yes you can damage roof of modern cares with a load. But in a real SHTF, “who cares.”.

          Choose between carrying capacity of larger vehicle
          vs. Fuel economy of efficient vehicle.

          Range is of major concern.
          Fuel might be unavailable.

          How far can you get in vehicle before you must walk?
          Is it pointless to pack more supplies than you can walk with?
          How far can you get in a day, at turtle’s pace?
          How much pack weight can a turtle haul?

          Having been in several Hurricane evacs. I can tell you that it will be a real mess in shtf. People loose their minds, Traffic is nightmare, in mundane normal weather evac. People run out of gas and block road.

          • A vehicle is a machine, and, as someone who fixes things, I have noticed that machines require industrial society, in order to keep operating.

            The kind of chainsaw that can mill timber from an ancient tree, a steamroller, or a jackhammer, require constant maintenance — fuel, power, oil, metal and plastic parts and pieces. Almost like a living thing that needs to eat.

            Post industrial people literally have no idea where these things should come from, anymore.

        • @ Genius. Its been 10 years since I found this site. I remember Eppe, who died, Be Informed, probably fell into a earth quake, JOG moved to Alaska off grid,Kalua in Hawaii, O2, drank too much wheeski, and Ol Bravefart, still kicking under a couple name changes. Hope you are fine. The SHTF isn’t going to happen…….its going to be like SF….poop on the sidewalks until there isn’t any place left to step.

          • BTW…what happened to the asshole in Florida that thought he was a off grid deep woods pepper living on a 5 acre lot 50 feet from a paved road?

            • Dave In Idaho, this is the former braveheart here. How you been? I also miss the old timers. I finally moved to the BOL last month; semi-retired now. I feel like a whole new man now. I’ve already bugged out so now bugging in. That asshole in FL doesn’t come on much now. Probably got tired of us but who cares?

              • @ Braveheart……glad you finally made it to your BOL……you now understand why I always said…”be there to get there”. I bet that was a hell of a move. Can you imagine how it would have been if martial law was in effect, or everyone was chimping out? Now you have a place to live comfortably and without fear of loosing some stash while you are gone. A place to defend. I see ol O2 (genius) is still here pushing his shine. I haven’t heard from Kaluafarmer or Sixpack in about 5 years. I was in contact with them, but I moved deeper into the woods and changed PC and net (dish) services, so I lost all my contacts. Take care. When hiking/exploring…..bring your dog.

            • If he hadn’t told you that, how would you know the difference.

              Roads and cookie cutter houses start to return to nature, within 5-10 yrs of liberal maintenance, in my temperate climate, fwiw. Places, where I went, as a child and young man.

              I saw film of deer and fowl, overtaking abandoned quarters, once the pride of America.

              Anyone quietly minding his own business might be subject to random human rights abuses, but may just as well be a hermit, for so long as they have bigger fish to fry.

      2. “An emergency hand crank powered radio will help you stay up to date on all that’s happening.”
        I have two such radios and they are shit. One is a Voyager the other a sun mate. Solar cell powered also. Anybody have a good experience with such type of radio? I haven’t.

        Lock picks? Are you kidding? I know how to use lock picks
        ( don’t ask why or how). Use a shotgun instead.

        Ever fished with a shotgun? It works in shallow waters.
        But a collapsible pole is a good idea.

        Cleaning kits; Most my rifles have a cleaning kit in the buttstock. That is why I stick to 7.62 mm rifles.
        ARs have that area filled by a Buffer spring.

        I used to hunt with a bow, so a knife/broadhead
        sharpener was always in my hunting backpack.

        • Someone with a powerful signal would have to say something useful.

          I used to listen to those shows, for the insanity, though — not exactly trusting the person with my very life.

          • relik, I have a kaito also and it isn’t the best by any means. Spend the bux and get a sangean and batteries.

            A crowbar is very useful and a lot quieter than a shotgun lol. Maybe some bolt cutters too.

            I’m not too keen on eating fish full of lead either, I can do fine with traditional methods.

            I have a couple hollow plastic stock 7.62 tools that I can pack all manner of stuff in.

            I need to get back into archery, I have everything but never practice.

            Aloha! 🙂

            • Voyager works fine with batteries. I was just bitching about the
              low charge the generator gives the crappy NiCads.
              Agreed on crowbar, but I’d rather drag a shotgun along.
              Shoot UNDER the fish, you just want to stun. They either float up
              or end up on the opposite bank.
              At my age if I did Archery again, I’d get a crossbow.
              It’s not legal for hunting, but it gets rid of the bad neighbors.

        • Shotgun? Gee, THATS subtle *eyeroll*

          Sometimes you need in someplace without alerting the entire county.

          Have several sets, but more importantly, can make them easily.

          • i always figgered i would use 22 to shoot game…..quieter and cheaper.

          • NEC,
            Subtle is not me. I live in cattle country and most everybody uses combination locks for gates and shops. It is not uncommon to see several locks “chained” together so different ranchers can get in or get through. Most common combinations are “0000” or “1234”.
            If SHTF and I only had one choice a shotgun is probably the one gun I would chose to bug out with. I’d chose a model 1897 Winchester 12 Ga. I love my Browning A5, but the 1897 has been through a few wars.

        • I have an original Baygen from 1999 that still works perfectly. I got the one that receives shortwave, but that means it only works 30 minutes on a cranking, instead of an hour like the AM/FM only model.

          Even better than handcrank is having a lot of little pocket radios that use batteries. I have a tiny one that’s worked for years without changing batteries. I have to check it every few months to make sure it’s okay.

        • use ammo sparingly,using a shotgun will draw unwanted attention,be lowkey,learrn how to use a bow,have a couple of good hunting knives and a couple of swiss knives carry a magnifying glass,you will run out of matches and firestarters,colorful backpacks and tents are a no.these are just a few things to keep you alive

      3. If you’re going to write about ‘the everything bubble’, I think, that would come down to elemental living needs from scratch.

      4. Maybe a help wanted sign and some job applications too. Help keep the naggers at bay lol.

      5. FYI, you can drive yer vehicle at night with the lights off by installing a NV camera and a small monitor attached to the dash. Unplug the brake light fuse first. The whole setup is less than 50 bucks on ebay. 7 inch TFT monitor 25, night vision cam 15, cable 8 bux, add more illuminators if you need and go stealth!

        • And all of it runs on 12 volts…

      6. Fishing pole, a willow branch in or bambo stalk make excellent fishing poles, you just need a few hooks and some line.

        Lock picks. Simple possession of lock picks in many states is a felony, learn how to make them when needed, on demand.

        I have a crank radio someone gave me, it’s crap. Buy a good one that runs on batteries, and just have some batteries. I also have a small AA solar battery charger, problem solved.

        Knife sharpener, roll your car window down halfway. Use the rough class edge at the top to sharpen your knife. It really works, makes a shaving sharp edge.

        Gun cleaning, most firearms can fire thousands of rounds without an issue, some semi auto shotguns need cleaning every 75 rounds, have a 3-M green scrubby to unfoul the magazine tube.

        • Yes indeed it does work but you don’t carry your car window around with you. Best to get a stropping board made and make it small enough to keep in your pack. Guys and gals your knife is one of the most important tools that you need if shtf. Don’t “welch” on buying the best you can find. Maintaining the edge and keeping it in top shape is imperative. And if you can, get more than one as their weight is negligent if your carrying a heavy pack. Get one that has a carbon steel blade and one of S30V steel. I have no affiliation with any knifemaker or knife making manufacture. I just know what works and what don’t out in the woods.

          • And just what were ya doin out in them woods? I thought I smelled somethin cookin lol. 😛

            • Genius, I still keep a BOB in the truck although I’ve already bugged out permanently to the BOL. Oh well, old habits are hard to break. You’re right about the hand crank radios being nothing but junk. I’ve got an old Grundig Yacht Boy 400 I’ve had since the 90s and it still works like a charm along with extra batteries in the BOB. Got 2 spare portables with batteries in the cabin. I test all 3 radios once a month for 30 minutes each to make sure they’re OK. If one dies on me I’ve still got the other 2. I also have a Satellit 800 Millenium table radio in the cabin. That one has so much volume you could hear it a quarter-mile away on full blast, LOL. Sangean is good but I’m real partial to Grundig. On knife sharpeners, I’ve got all kinds of knife sharpeners. I keep all my knives sharp. Never a “dull moment” with them, LOL. For fishing gear we’ve all kinds at the cabin and just a short walk to the creek. On lockpicks, I’ve got a complete set but I won’t use them unless some really extreme situation comes up. For a bugout weapon my 10/22 does just fine for getting small game. I wouldn’t take a shot gun unless I just wanted an entire area to know my location, which I don’t. I always stay overstocked on gun cleaning supplies and keep a basic cleaning kit in the truck. Bolt cutters and several different sizes of crowbars are always in the tool box of the truck. Just never know what you’ll run into.

              • TDR, a bug out bag is also a get you home bag, if that is your bug out destination of choice. You may be off on a day trip or visiting relatives when the SHTF.

                The idea of a BOB is it gets you to where you need to go. My first choice is to hunker down at home, only if pushed by an irresistible force of nature will I go elsewhere.

                I have supplies in tubs ready to toss into the car if I need to bug out, I can be ready and on the road with the fuel tank full in twenty minutes. If things get weird, while hunkered down, I’ll be prepacking the car. Now minutes from being ready to go.

            • Most often it smells of your favorite sweet bread cooking only in liquid form. Love that smell.

      7. Unless I am mistaken, aren’t lock picking tools illegal in most states?

        I swear that I have read that if someone gets stopped and frisked by a cop and the cop finds lock picking tools – that is grounds for arrest on the suspicion that you’re a burglar. I get a lot mail order catalogs that offer various survivalist, prepper, and military surplus stuff and I’ve seen lock picking tool kits listed in some of them for sale and I’m pretty sure I remember seeing a fine print warning next to the advertised item that recommends checking your local laws before ordering.

        Granted, I can appreciate the fact that this tip by Max is geared towards the day after SHTF Day arrives and laws become null and void. But, still – I would caution people to check their local laws before ordering these lock picking tools through the mail or online – where a paper trail will be created that can be traced back to you.

        If the Orange Cuck Con Man caves in to the Communist Democrats and signs off on one of these un-constitutional ‘red flag’ laws – the Commies will go hog wild, expanding the scope of what qualifies for being red flagged and owning lock picking tools could easily be on that list.

      8. Politicians are the BIGGEST problem.

        Mass Media propaganda Leftie-Commie-NWO-ANTIFA dirtbags are problem.

        Border Security-Leftie Commie Politicians-Muslim Politicians-, are some of the BIGGEST National Security threats.

        If I were Trump. I would actually Build the wall. Secure the Borders. ARREST Clintons/Obama for TREASON. There are more Marines than Fed traitor goons from the DC alphabet swamp. Marines would back Trump. American people would back him.
        But Trump is not about what he speaks of. He is a used car salesman. Tells you what you want to hear. Now he speaks of “Red Flag” laws. NO DUE PROCESS.

        Do you want leftist commie Californian mentality to decide who is “crazy”/”Dangerous, for Red Flag FORCED confiscation.

        Go online and look at what Beto Orourke has said about his big idea to “FORCEFUL buy back” the naughty look tough weapons. Confiscation would start another 1776. Is that what the leftie commie tyrants want?

        “COME AND TAKE IT” that is message EVERYONE should send to every politician in office.

      9. Mac Slavo strikes again with more stinky stuff on the pump handle.

        Apparently when one writes blog and news articles constantly for a living, one eventually [or years ago in this case] runs out of logical things to write about and consequently, moves on to writing silliness, at times pure drivel.

        What type of a prepping audience would be caught dead with a fishing pole, portable radio, and lock picks in their bob’s? If I have to explain the rationale here, then the crowd is surely as ignorant as Slavo apparently assumes.

        If the author would care to wade in on this and engage me in a bit of honest debate, then, perhaps, we might be able to investigate the efficacy of these musings, both mine and the author’s, cuz lawd knows I shore could be deadass wrong and probably most often am.

        • Mac, generally does great work, this article wasn’t bad, but he’s done better. Instead of criticism, why not make suggestions.

          One story many in prepping missed was a massive week long EU wide failure of their GPS system a few weeks ago. Few young people even know how to use a paper map let alone own one. How did they manage. Virtually no articles in the US covered the problem.

          A lot of people stopped carrying compasses. My car has a built in digital compas, that gets its direction from the car computers GPS. GPS is government controlled. If other governments want they can jam GPS. We are too dependent on this tech.

      10. Portable small sized currency and passport just in case. Options are best to have, their weight is minimal.

      11. DAY THREE: They just stole my bugout bag, I should of listened to dear old buddy Bert and stayed home and defended that.

        So there I am without anything, not even a pocket knife or portable water purification, surrounded by tons of food [but to me, it all looks like inedible weeds]. DEAD BY WEEK TWO.

      12. Any old glasses, prescription, for the old guys…

      13. In my experience, there are certain seasons and times of day, where there are no lights on. It has the appearance of a suburb, but there are no people, animals, or cars, anywhere to be found.

        Then, a new wave of people, of comparable looks, class, and intelligence, say, from a parallel dimension, where only one or two trivial details has changed, fills the same e mployment, l oan, or r ental opening.

        At the local level, and in small waves, life as we know it ends for many people, everyday. Most any kind of diy, passive i ncome, or indie food source would help their household b udgets, imho.

        But, if you’re interested in warped conspiracy theories, ask where the last round of people went. There may be a satisfying, rational explanation, for what happens to the downline, in a monumental Ponzi scheme, once they have been exhausted to the nth degree, like the hen that quits laying eggs, or the cow that quits giving milk. But, Murphy’s law tells me they are not treated normally, by normal people, who have not been squeezed of their final drop, yet.

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