Pope, Who Lives in Walled Citadel, Condemns Trump for Wall on Border: “They’re Using Pope As A Pawn”

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: This Pope has made himself very political, and yet has failed to criticize President Obama or Hillary Clinton for their roles in foreign policy genocide and targeted killings via drones, or any other morally despicable policies. Instead, Pope Francis has demonstrated support for expanded government powers under socialism, climate change regulation and unlimited illegal immigration – and generally supported the powers of force assumed by the State.

    Instead Pope Francis has joined the bandwagon in the establishment to attack and demonize Donald Trump – for no other reason than the fact that he has dared to base his campaign rhetoric around strong national sovereignty and a vibrant American middle class. Because no other candidate in the race represents anything like those values, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz, the media voices and puppet authorities across the globe are sounded off on the need to stop Trump at any cost.

    Just imagine if Trump hadn’t vowed to build up a wall, but instead called to tear down a nation under the auspices of war. Who would be condemned then?

    Pope, Who Lives in a Walled Citadel, Just Called Trump ‘Unchristian’ for Wanting to Build a Wall on the U.S.-Mexico Border

    by Melissa Dykes

    The elite want Donald Trump gone. Bad. So bad in fact they have called in the Pope to publicly condemn Trump for wanting to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

    The Pope said:

    “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel.”

    Funny, isn’t it? How much of a dog and pony puppet show this is? Now they’ve tapped the Pope to come out against Trump with about the weakest argument the Pope could make pretty much ever. popeobamalaugh Here’s a Pope who came over to the U.S. just a few months ago laughing and smiling with Obama and said nothing about the current president’s stance on, oh, I dunno, the murdering of thousands of innocent people (including women, children, the elderly) via drone strikes in undeclared wars in the Middle East or the president’s pro-Planned Parenthood stance despite the fact that they aborted over 320,000 babies last year alone and have reportedly made $23 million annually on the sale of harvested baby parts.  No, that’s all good and fine to the Pope… but going against the Establishment’s plan for a one world government via the breakdown of national sovereignty everywhere by forced mass immigration, unconstitutional offensive wars, and tyrannical trade agreements? Count him in.  Besides that, as it has been pointed out by many, the Pope lives in a WALLED CITADEL:

    It must be easier to tell others to live without secure borders when you lived in a walled city and have security guards constantly protecting your life? Vatican-wall He is completely surrounded by… WALLS!!! Vatican-walls-300x246


    Even Piers Morgan, who routinely flaunts his horrible politics on Twitter, couldn’t find it within himself to agree with this Pope:

    Then again, they’ve promised this Pope he could be the Pope for the one world religion, so…

    “They are using the Pope as a pawn,” Donald Trump responded. (Yeah, obviously.) “For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful,” Trump noted, which is a much more respectful response than what a lot of people would have said to such a total and utter hypocrite.

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      1. Wonder where he stands on the Murder of Millions of babies that Obama and Hillary support. Trekker Out.

        • This is the black pope. Behind his smile is an evil monster.

          • The fact is this Pope is a Jesuit; he’s soft on pedophile priests, and seems totally comfortable with the NWO agenda. And the mainstream news media loves him. Reason enough to assume he’s one of the “bad guys”. Is he a practicing satanist? I don’t have the evidence, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

            • He also supports liberation theology and spent most of his early career promoting far left socialism in South America. As for the gospel of Jesus Christ, it is about God’s relationship to man, not government policy. What little is said basically tells the believer to respect the governmental authority one is under so long as it is not forcing you to deny your faith or put God second to anything. Border walls? That would fall under respect for the government you have if that government chooses to enforce it’s laws that way. While it could be argued that the US government is ruled in part by it’s people via the electoral process (making political speech valid for a Christian who is a US citizen), that would still not make it the pope’s business as he is not a citizen of the United States and therefore not part of our political process. This pope’s problem is a problem that many popes have had: They worry too much about an Earthly kingdom and too little about the heavenly one.

              • well stated.

            • “The fact is this Pope is a Jesuit; he’s soft on pedophile priests, and seems totally comfortable with the NWO agenda.”

              The Catholic Church is Part of the evil NWO!! To hell with the NWO!!

            • All the popes are evil. The pope is the leader of the largest cult in the history of the world. We’re saved by faith alone in Christ alone guided by the Bible alone. We’re not saved by infant baptism and obedience to church rules. The pope leads a billion Bible-illiterate Catholics to hell. He serves Satan, whether it’s directly or indirectly. The only question I have is whether this pope is the False Prophet from Revelation or if it’s the next one.

              • Barncat, spot on. Catholicism is a totally false religion. they even have their own version of the Bible which is different from KJV.

          • Yupp.. The spawn of Satan …

            • Pope on a rope…
              Sex case, sex case, hang him, hang him, hang him.

          • I rarely comment, but I LOVE yours. Keep it up my good man/woman!

          • I’m with ya on that statement. According to Prophecy, he’s the last Pope we are ever going to see.

          • The Catholic church has been angry for century at the founders rejection of them and their failure to establish their stronghold of goddess worship in the US.
            A chance to immigrate millions of catholic following Latinos from south and central America would help Catholicism greatly in finally having a more predominant political foothold.
            There are some excellent books on the historical efforts of Catholicism and its attempt to gain power within the USA ( beyond its varied voting base.)

            • Javelin, the Vatican can get f#$%ed.

      2. It is interesting that preppers, who encourage people to “wake up”, are asleep at the wheel in regards to Trump.

        Trump is a Democrat in Republican clothing.

        • JS, be very careful what you write about “The Donald”, because he just might sue you! (sarcasm)

          • Yet, he speaks what 99% of Americans are saying… Establishment POLITICIANS wont say it…. john stiner and Seminole Wind have just both OUTED themselves. Screw off shills.

          • YOU’RE FIRED!

            (makes the prison from Escape from New York… LOL)

            • The names Pliskin.

              • “I thought you was dead.”

        • js donald was in an elevator, a beautiful woman got on, and said, mr. trump, i would really want to do something,
          she got down on her knees, unzipped his trouser, and he said, “okay, honey if that is what you want to do go ahead, but what’s in it for me”

          • Herpes.

            HAHA ONE IN THREE NOW!

        • It is interesting that john stiner, who encourages people the believe Trump is a Democrat in Republican clothing, is asleep at the wheel in regards to Trump.

          Trump transcends the Demopublican Party and that is why he is so popular and is presently on a trajectory that will place him in the White House, IF they don’t “Scalia” him or rig the ballot box.

          • 35% is not popular. 65% of Republican voters don’t like him.

            • Not true John. the Conservative base loves TRUMP. It is only the NWO Republican Establishment that hate him because he will undermine the gravy train in trade and banking which they have enjoyed at the expense of the American Middle Class.

              TRUMP, if elected, will be the REVOLUTION that folks here want. He understand for example that the Gangster Banksters are “KILLERS” !!!

              Make America great again !!! 🙂

            • Indeed- REBUBEs dont like him. You, much like rubio and cruz are rebubes. NOT Conservatives. Go live in cuba or venezuela. See how you like it there.

            • 65% Repubs don’t like Trump?
              So, when I calculated a 65% average Monday of 9 nationwide polls, you are suggesting those are the results of dems???
              And some polls used 100,000+ persons.

            • john stiner

              You prefer any of the other current Republican contenders that are very willing to confront Russia over Syria and give us WWIII in the process?

              Neo Conservatives, which includes Hillary are fascists not Conservatives.

              Do you prefer the remainder that are facilitating greater job loosing “Free Trade” including Hillary (excluding Sanders)?

          • If they don’t ” Scalia” him? Do you mean if they don’t over eat and under exercise him for 30 years?

        • I agree he is just there to Make people think they have a chance to get america back to being top dog….buy some more time for them

        • JS: I don’t care if TRUMP is the devil himself; if he will cancel all of Obola Executive Orders, be a Patriot in the Oval Office supporting the Second Amendment, build the WALL, deport ILLEGALS and Muslim Refugees, repudiate Free Trade and replace it with Fair Trade, stop Special Nation Status for China, crush Common Core, and allow vets to go to any doctor and / or hospital that accepts Medicare instead of the VA …. like he says he will:

          He has my vote. 🙂

          Watch him SLASH government employment and disappear entire agencies; like the Department of Education. BLM and the Forest Service will be overhauled. The Department of Energy … gone. He is the leader America needs.

          • DK: I dont see eye to eye with you on a lot of things but I 100% agree with you on trump. He truly has the establishment scared. He’s defying all the rules of traditional politics that would’ve sunk anyone else saying or doing what hes done. Every time he comes back stronger. The establishment tries to discredit him at every turn and nothing is working. I for one believe hes out only hope to save the country. Hes not perfect but hes perfect for job. He just came out and said if hes elected he’ll tell us who really knocked down the towers on 9/11. He’s the embodiment of the liberty movement and hes coming at the bankers with everything he’s got. He’s got my vote.

            • Past History doesn’t show Trump to be a Conservative. Go by what a person has been, not what they say they will be! Trekker Out.

              • Understand your point, but who is your horse MT? Who would be a better “chance” than Trump?

              • People do change, Trekker.
                Most people cling to everything negative that a person has ever done in their lives. A good thing for most, that God doesn’t hold a Christian’s past against them to determine their future…as long as they repent.

                Trump may be many things, but I believe he has finally come to his senses in his old age, and sees the world differently because of his grandchildren.

                Unlike, the other runners, he does have a soul.

                Even back in 1985, he got wind of a man committing suicide because he was about to lose his farm to the banksters. The old man did not realize the non-payment for suicide clause, in the life insurance policy.

                The wife and family was about to lose it all, when Trump paid off the mortgage for them. Maybe he got some publicity, but he did it because of compassion. Something the NWO crowd, like Cruz & Rubio (bisexual) knows nothing about.

                I can look over his explosive ego, and repetitive phrases, if he can reel in the waste and corruption of the NWO bunch.

                • Well said.

          • I don’t think he will be the messiah you think he will be. He has far too much of an authoritarian streak and I am not certain he will respect the limitations placed upon him by the Constitution. I think that in Trump, we may well see someone who uses even more executive orders than Bush and Obama did when he can’t get his way in Congress. Plus, look at his stance on eminent domain. This is not someone who respects the rights of the individual over the state or big money interests in matters of private property. For all we know he will give the BLM even more power than it has now. His ideas come too close to the economic ideas of fascism, where the state and private industry function as partners in deciding the fate of the nation. I see Trump as the third most scary person running for president, after Clinton and Sanders. Sadly though, my guy (Rand Paul) quit the race, so I am stuck with Ted Cruz as my likely primary vote.

            • So you are just throwing in the towel?

              Cruzzer is tied to the Illuminati/NWO/Elites, and taking away all freedoms of average Americans. The ties are deep in his workers and his wifey.

              I would never allow myself to be that naive about something so obvious. I’d rather abstain all together than be a supporter of all that evil.

              At least in the order of Trump, we have no definitive way of knowing if he will turn coat. All the others already have.

        • john stiner

          You prefer any of the other current Republican contenders that are very willing to confront Russia over Syria and give us WWIII in the process?

          Neo Conservatives are fascists not Conservatives.

      3. Hey – did you hear the joke about the Pope who wanted some sex, so he sent for his Top Aide to go out and get him somebody? He told him there had to be 3 requirements for the female to meet:
        1. Blind.
        2. Deaf
        and 3: Big Hooters!

        • I liked it the first time I heard it from Cheech & Chong

      4. this is the last pope, due to phys-chic premonition, not to divine intervention. we see more than we know. the guesses are all that we have. i am on this site fore a reason! see you after shtf i hope.

      5. First thing I thought of when I saw that on the news was, So the pope is going to open up the Vatican to all Syrian refugees. It would be the only christian thing to do. The had a fit when JFK was running, saying that the Vatican would be running America if he was elected. I guess the pope wants to get a jump on things this time.

      6. How nice – Have a Good Time — the jewish Pope of the catholic church – the mass murder in Chief and Michael his boyfriend and the whole shitload of liars around – , dios, esos putos han hecho a -Pan de Mierda – por la humanitad . i am just Hope they have to Take a -Big bit – of the shitsandwich too.

      7. Those that live in glass houses should not throw stones.

        • The Pope is the head of an organization that sexually exploited children. Nothing more need be said.

          • A vatican insider has reported that half of the so-called holy men within the city, go wholly into the ole dark holey of each other on a regular basis.

            He even went so far as to say they have friday night binge drinking and orgies within the secrecy of the vatican walls.

            Maybe it is like the Miami “suds” parties that rubio reportedly attended while in college with his gay sorority buddies, while snorting mass quantities of the Columbian marching powder.

        • Slingshot, this is the CATHOLIC POT calling the PROTESTANT KETTLE BLACK. The entire Vatican is a totally walled fortress located in Rome. The SOB has no business condemning Trump for calling for a wall to be built on our southern border. This same Pope was implicated in the some of the disappearances of innocent people in Argentina back in 1976-1983 during the “Dirty War” the military regime was waging against the people there. The Pope has some blood on his hands. That regime made Juan Peron and his bunch look like angels, but no, they were FASCISTS. The same Vatican during the period between both world wars was silent about the atrocities committed by both the fascists and the Nazis. The same Vatican after WW2 helped TENS OF THOUSANDS of Nazi and fascist war criminals to escape from Europe to South America. Most of the fascists and Nazis came from catholic families and were considered “good catholics.” The same Pope allows the quran to be read in st. basilica’s cathedral and calls islam a religion equal to Christianity. BULLSHIT WITH CAPITAL BS! Catholicism is just another false religion. The pope needs to STFU.

          • BH: yes. The pope is a full-blown communist and new world order puppet. Sickening how people were disappeared in Argentina. Matt Bracken references dirty war tactics used in Argentina in his Patriot book series.

          • Braveheart1776

            Hard to believe in anything anymore. They do not tell you the WHOLE TRUTH. Politics and Religion. Only what will keep those in power.

            Everything is corrupt. Not a damn thing in which to put your Faith. Maybe God and yourself but anything else that involves man is False.

            • If you think about it, we (mostly) get 98% of our information thru an LCD/LED screen of some sort. This is what they focus on. Manipulating and massaging our minds thru our little windows into the world. Really sad to know that these little screens is all we get and they control them for the most part.

          • “Catholicism is just another false religion.”

            Lot of Catholics out there in the world.

      8. Pope’s a fraud, planted there by truly evil forces.

        • Absolutely 100% spot on.

        • Reminds me of the Catholic saying,”when the coin in the coffer rings, soul from purgatory springs.”

          St. Peter’s Basilica was built on fraudulent promises of freeing loved ones souls from purgatory with money pledges to the church.

          • Plus purgatory teaches almost everyone hindus muslims goes to heaven – no Jesus needed

            Denying the ONE who bought them…… no salvation there

        • It is the False Prophet

        • KOD: yes. A full-blown communist takeover of the Vatican.

      9. So “Crazy” Trump is now fighting with the Commie in a dress Pope? I wonder if Trump is going to sue Him?

        • AS President, TRUMP’S Attorney General could finally go after the Catholic Church’s tax status; because, let’s face it:

          IT IS A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION as well as a cover for Pedophiles. Catholic Priests have been prosecuted for every known crime.

          It is also the master mind behind the INVASION of America as the church sent its village priests to the USA and the entire village followed using the 500 Food Banks of St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance as the supply chain to feed and disburse ILLEGALS.

          Time to prosecute this demonic organization and confiscate it’s assets !!! 🙂

      10. Every once in a while a hand is shown. You just saw it.

        • !! and there is was 🙂

      11. Since when does the pope speak for all Christians. He certainly doesn’t speak for me. I speak to God directly and don’t need some fat man in a robe telling me who is and isn’t Christian. He’s a left over relic from the Middle Ages just like Islam.

      12. Trump to pope,”Your Fired!”

      13. Have the next million that come across the border put directly on flights to Rome and let the Pope deal with them. Let him see how practical Christianity works.

        • Good walls make good neighbors.

      14. Pope Francis is the False Prophet, as Described in the Book of Revelation.

        Pope Francis was strangely silent about OBAMA’S silence when the heads of little Christian boys and little Christian girls were put on sticks abroad!

        I strive every day to be a faithful Roman Catholic. And while I have no desire to persuade anyone “to become Catholic”, my point is that for ALL Christians world-wide, this is a time for both deep prayer and prayerful discernment.

        We are on the cusp not only of World War III in the Middle East, but of global food shortages.

        We are ALSO on the cusp of a False Flag so Obama can suspend the elections indefinitely and order “dissidents” (Christians, patriots, people like you and me, etc.) to the Fema Death Camps.

        Did you notice that not one single refugee was relocated there? Enough said.

        There is a God– Almighty God– who sees everything and who makes the NSA look worse than amateurs. Nothing is hidden from God. A refusal to believe that fact will not prevent you from God holding you (& all of us) accountable for any sinful actions/behavior.

        I hope I am wrong about Pope Francis, but until I see otherwise (and I have been researching this for a very long time) for me (and many others) he is the False Prophet, who will one day inhabit Rome with the Antichrist (who is not human per se but a demon incarnate).

        I don’t know who I am voting for.

        Note to Pope Francis: our borders have ALWAYS been open to others! But our current president removed the tried and true system that safely and sanely permitted immigrants to enter our country. The result has been chaos, economic destabilization, rapes, and terrorism.

        Lord, make me an instrument of Your Peace.
        Where there is hatred, let me so love
        Where there is injury, pardon
        Where there is doubt, faith
        Where there is despair, hope
        Where there is darkness, light
        Where there is sadness, joy
        Oh Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console
        To be understood, as to understand
        To be loved, as to love
        For it is in giving that we receive
        It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
        And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.
        – The Prayer of St. Francis

        • Lone Ranger, I always enjoy your posts and I know you mean well, but I don’t see anything legitimate about catholic doctrine. My wife was a ‘recovering catholic’ when I first met her and she told me stories about her experience with the church that blew me away. she left the church for her own reasons but that’s another story for another time. Take care.

          • I just don’t see what Christian believer would put a person (the Pope) above Christ. Funny too how all the Central American Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary.

            • For the millionth time. Catholics ask Mary to pray with them. They don’t pray to her. Same with the Saints. Also Catholics do not put a Pope b4 Christ. Come on people. Jeez

        • Why oh why would you be a part of a church that you think is lead by the false prophet

        • the Lone Ranger, may God bless you, for you are my brother in Christ.

        • Are true Catholics as embarassed about the POPE as true Americans are about Ostupid???

        • Amen, brother. And yes, as a Catholic I was embarrassed by the Popes statement. As to Latin American women praying to the Virgin Mary, they aren’t praying to her as a deity, but for her to intercede on their behalf with her Son. The same way you ask mom for help if you want to convince your dad to help you.

        • I was once challenged about the ‘brand’ of Christianity I worshipped under. The name of the denomination over the Church door. If in the future my faith depended upon nothing but Jesus, what would I bring with me to worship Him? My rosary? My catechism? My prayer book? Kissing the feet of Mary? My Book of Mormon? My belief in infant baptism? Of not eating meat on Fridays? Communion? What if I was fleeing for my life in say the Tribulation period? No brand of church should replace or add to my faith in Jesus Christ.

          There is a beautiful old hymn penned in the 1700’s – Rock of Ages- that says ‘nothing in my hands I bring, simply to the Cross I cling’. Whether you are at deaths dark door or enjoying this life – no church, or denomination, nor pope or pastor or reverend or ladies or men’s Bible study should be more important than spending time with Our Lord. No religious ritual, nor lifting up the church elders or the priest or pastor either. Religion has condemned millions to hell because their particular denomination demanded that their adherents abide by the denominations rules and rituals rather than what Jesus taught.

          If your denomination folded tomorrow would we be comfortable sitting under a tree with NOTHING but Jesus to cling to? For those new believers (inside the tribulation) that don’t make the rapture, this will be their fate. And on this side of the rapture (or our natural death) this is how we should live. If you need to mention that you are a Baptist, an Anglican, a Catholic, a Mormon, or Pentecostal etc. before you declare you are a ‘follower of Jesus’ than you have some praying and soul searching to do. How easy it is to say I’m a Baptist! I’m a Catholic! I’m a Mormon! But if someone asked you would you say ‘I’m a born again believer and follower of Jesus Christ!’ Saying those words in some countries today means your death. So much easier to hide behind the denomination over the door!
          The Body of Christ – the Church – not the different denominations – are facing deep, deep persecutions especially from the left. We are told that this will only increase. We will be facing the same ‘lions dens’ as the first Christians did. Today, this very minute, there are Christians in the Middle East that are already suffering at the hands of ISIS and we cannot imagine the terrors and fears they must be experiencing. But to give ones life to Jesus we are told that it is part of our walk and that’s no easy thing to reconcile!! No denomination can hide you from it but Jesus can give you strength to face it. And no denomination can give you that peace that passes all understanding. Only Jesus can.

      15. tempest in a tea pot
        tomorrow it will be something else

        and ALL Presidential candidates are “Christians”
        they HAVE to be to get elected
        this country would elect a pompadour haired scam artist TV evangelist con man before we would elect an atheist

        • Satori, a stinking muslim was already elected and is in his last year in DC. close enough.

        • Umm…obama is a muslim….why else do you think he says
          During a UN address
          The future must not belong to those who slander islam

          No future means DEAD…. Why do you think the doj loretta lynch said isulting islam with be arrested until people and a couple senators dared her too…. same reason he cant bring himself to same islam and terroist together and the same reason he calls isis ISIL

          isis is just in iraq but ISIL is the islamic caliphate the goes onto to rule over many countries and brings war to world and obama is saying to the men of isis… i see you as the real caliphate to rule…. this is why he has not been bombing isis… obo is a muzzie

        • True Christian Believers can tell weather or not someone is a Christian. Although it is not up to man to determine if someone is saved, he can see the fruit of the persons salvation.

          So we can be fruit inspectors.

          So, as with Trump, when he get on TV and says he is adamantly PRO CHOICE, three marriages, and multiple affairs, i don’t see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in his life.

          Also, Trumps entire campaign plan centers around him insulting people. Which is what Democrats do, insult and character assassinate.

          What ever happened to looking at a persons moral character to see if they should be President?

          Remember when a BIG deal was made of Reagan being divorced? JFK being a Catholic?

          Bill Clinton lowered the bar so low that there is no bar anymore.

          Another reason America is doomed.

          • Yo Stiner, He who is without sin cast the first stone. We are all sinners.

          • Fruit Inspector??? That would be Rino Rubio and his gay foam parties as a gay Chippendale Dancer.

            Google it. And the photos. You can’t make this stuff up; but the LSM is trying to sweep in under the rug !!! LMAO !!! 🙂

      16. When i was a little girl in the 1950’s i went to Catachism to learn about Jesus and the church. All i remember is the nuns scaring us by telling us that if we had one mortal sin that we would go to hell and burn forever. It was a horrible thing to tell a little child. When i grew up in my latter teens i turned to the Eastern religions and reincarnation and there i stay today. I do not go to church. The Romans in the year 600 AD in the Council of Niece (spo) took out of the bible most of the references pertaining to reincarnation. There are still a few left in there they missed. They wanted to control the people. If people believed they could sin and come back over and over they would commit more crime. So it was decided it was best for them to believe that one little mortal sin would land them in hell. I am so glad i am not a christian……!

        • You were not a christian you were a catholic
          The 2 have a different salvation, one is Eph 2:8 and then theres a false catholic salvation of man….the rcc considers christians lost and going to the lake of fire

          Who do you think it is when it speaks of the great harlot catholic church when it says

          Become drunk with the blood of the saints? Christians during the inquisitions….

          Mother of all harlots – think reformed churches – martin Luther…

        • Hope for your sake you are right. I believe there are only two places after death. Heaven or Hell, and there is only one way to get to Heaven and that is through the Grace of Jesus Christ.

          So, out of the hundreds of religions out there. Either they are all wrong or only one is correct and the rest of them are wrong.

      17. Daniel 9:26-27

        26 (The Prince)of the people who destroy the city and temple
        27 He will make a treaty with many for one week (7 yrs)

        It is the roman prince of the roman people who will be the Antichrist…. the pope

        He pushes 1 world religion
        He pushes 1 world gov
        He pushes a 2 state solution (divide jerusalem)
        He can go peaceably into all the high places (Dan11:24)
        He doesnt desire women (11:37)
        he honors a different god than church fathers before him

        He wears the babylonian dagon priest hat (mitre)
        he wears the inquisition symbol (tree and sword)
        The great harlot catholic church rides his back to power

        And how do you make peace with muslims? You teach that catholics have the same god as muslims…

      18. Trump should stand outside of Vatican city and say, “Tear down this wall, Pope Francis!”

      19. Marie, did you know that the catholics have their own version of the Bible? I see them in the bookstores all the time and they’re totally different from the protestant versions.

        • They add to the Bible, the 14 Cannons.

          That is what caused Martin Luther to post his reformation on the wall of the Church in the 1500s. The Church was totally corrupt and he called them out on it, later to be martyred for his faith.

          The Church of England later broke away from the Catholics. That is why America has the 1st Amendment. Britain required everybody to be a member of the Church of England. American Revolutionaries threw off the Church when they threw off the yoke of tyranny.

      20. Hey Pope… YOU FEED THEM OK?

        How about that.

        OH RIGHT! They can’t use fricking CONDOMS because of you! Huh! Funny…

        (No argument on the abortion thing… 11 damn forms of birth control, you’d think at least ONE would work… no abortions for you… but still now. Really. No CONTRACEPTION??? Hell dude, with a policy like that, YOU’RE paying sunshine.)

      21. The pope is the head of a boy raping cult, and should be treated as such.

        • Yup, no different than Mohammed.

      22. Religion turns my stomach,
        Faith doesnt need a leader

        • Kulafarmer , I can really understand people being turned off by religion, but I find no fault or objection in Jesus and his teachings. His words and deed were beyond reproach. He is my hero as well as my savior.

          I hate to see people throw out spirituality just because ALL religions are corrupt. Everything mankind touches turns into filth. Without God mankind is not worth saving.

          • Faith resides in us,,,

        • The kingdom of God is in all of us, not in a building of wood and rock.
          ‘Split wood and I am there; lift a rock and you will find Me’

          • I might add, that the kingdom is in all of us that…”are true christians”.

            The heathen and non repentant have no inheritance to the kingdom.

      23. “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

        ― Mahatma Gandhi

        sums it up nicely I think

      24. The establishment is so frantic they are trotting the pope out to discredit the Donald. Trump cant do anything that would cause me NOT to vote for him. Ive had it with career politicians and the criminals they become.

      25. I’ve found the talking heads are usually quick to condemn religious leaders who talk politics “keep religion out of politics” is their usual retort.

        Hmmmm… Their silence speaks volumes!

        Wonder why Ratzinger was replaced???

        Glory be to God in Jesus’ name.

      26. The Pope is a New World Order stooge.

        • not a stooge, part of the main group!

      27. I never thought than ANY of the Popes were really genuine. The Catholic church has always been about tradition and never about the Heavenly Father’s business.

      28. No, they’re not “using” the pope. The pope is publicly allying himself with OTHER members of the satanic New World Order. They’re both on the same side and have been for centuries.

      29. I already said what I had to say about this a bunch of threads back
        But I’ll say it again fuck that hypocrite

      30. The pope is an idiot.

        The usa affected postive change in the world that was unequaled as a capitalist, immigrant enforcing, superior militaristic country.

        The country off letting anyone in that wants to is essentially letting anyone rob you and your business at will. at some point, you will be poor and the robbers will become poor because there is nothing left to to steal to keep themselves afloat(although some will say we are at this point already).

      31. Talk about the dumbed down masses all over the world who worship this evil church the pope heads, filthy rich off the blood of mankind. The most money brings the most power, there is your catholic church. Luciferian mass murderers and pedophiles. They have conned much of North and heavily South America into their clutches.

      32. The lost of catholic faith by the vatican started with the Vatican II. council.
        If you talk about the end-times, etc., You need to know the correlation between the end-times and the Vatican II. council, otherwise you understand nothing.
        The Catholic Church is the true Church, but the post-Vatican II “Catholic” Church is not the real Catholic Church. It’s the Counter Church of the last days. It purports to be Catholic, but it is not. It’s presided over by antipopes and heretics, as this website proves. The other sections listed above in our header deal specifically with the heresies of the leaders (the supposed “popes”) of the Vatican II sect and their main council. This section focuses on the rotten fruits, other heresies, and other important points about the post-Vatican II “Catholic” Church and its members.


        Christians who like to know how the real catholic faith is and how the first christians celebrated the mass should go once to the old latin mass.
        “Tridentine Mass Schedule by State”

        For me it is very clear that this pope is even not a christ, because he do not know the basics of the bible.

      33. #1For some guy who lives in a walled in city he has some nerve!

        #2 Who the Hell does he think he is tell the USA thy can’t have borders.

        #3 With all do respect I’m not Catholic so I don’t care what he has to say!

        I heard Trump talk about this yesterday and he said the Pope would or could hope he is the Prez. if the Vatican is attacked by ISIS. Just think what Obullshit would do if the Vatican was attacked. He would set back and eat popcorn with his bathhouse buys and watch it unfold. Like Benghazi.


      34. Raised catholic, went to catholic school, was an alter boy, raised my children as catholics. Since my late 20’s I had doubts. Now in my late 50’s a realization has occurred. I love my God, I love the teachings of Jesus. I am ashamed of the current pontiff and how he is leading the church that was so much of my life. I will always be a catholic but only in my memories and the teachings I was taught as a child and the love that was shown to me by my church and my parents.

        • The Pope needs to get a real job. Oooops, I forgot. There are none.

        • wojo.

          This is what happens when we put men on pedestals.
          They’re always found wanting.
          I’ve met a lot of God loving Catholics, you sound like one of them.
          Don’t let a man sour your relationship with Gods family, Christians.

      35. The MSM has made accusations the Pope attacked Trump, and people are gullible to believe this misinformation.

        Read the real transcripts. It was an attack on anyone who doesn’t want illegal immigration and porous borders because we want a wall. The Pope should know better, but his snide remarks that we should have a bridge for immigrants like we don’t have them… is already here, called visas, visits, and applying for citizenship which does happen in the US. And coming from the Pontiff himself who has a wall around his city to keep people out shows his hypocrisy. If he applied to himself what he wants for the US, people should be telling the Pope, to Bring Down His Wall!

      36. The Catholic Church in the US gets $2 billion of taxpayer money per year for providing social services to migrants in the US. White people are leaving the Catholic Church by the millions. It’s a third world church now. In the late 1960’s the church got subverted by the leftists. It’s the second largest pedophile club in the world, behind only the government of the UK. I’m not going to tell my confession to a queer, child molesting priest. Besides, I didn’t do anything wrong, yet.

      37. How can any believer follow this guy? Has he stopped one war-mongering Neocon? Has he saved one baby from abortion? Has he saved one person by encouraging the Natural Law right of self-defense?

        This Pope supports tyrants doing evil. That makes him evil in my book.

      38. Not to mention that the vatican is one of three areas in the world NOT governed by it’s parent states laws….the other 2 being London, England, and Washington, DC. Truly the worlds’ centers of evil…….

        • Can you see the trilateral Mystery Babylon at work?

      39. Good thread. While I’m not a Roman Catholic, I am somewhat a student of Christian history. I also know the prophecy that seems to say that this pope is the last. Still, though, it dumbfounds me that he had the gall to call Trump out for not being a Christian for that reason. Nothing Biblically to back it. I do doubt that Trump is a true Christian, but not for that reason. “By their fruits shall you know them” and Trump does not display the fruits of a true Christian – quite the opposite, in fact, much like liberals and atheists. The pope, too, displays so many fruits of a non-Christian. His stance on global warming is a personal pet peeve. We are told to be good stewards of the planet, but not to worship the creation. The Global Warming crowd truly worships the earth – not God. I could go on and on about his other non-fruits, but most have been mentioned above already.

        • Only The Father and The Saviour know the hearts of men.

          Therefore; we can only discern whom we believe to be what they say they are, and make a decision to support/follow them or cast stones at them. I haven’t seen enough of any of Trumps current decisions lean towards evil, to start throwing rocks at him.

          if he says he believes in Christ, then i can only take him at his word until he shows me positively otherwise. I use that same discernment towards all people i come into contact with.
          In other words, i give them the benefit of a doubt.

      40. Yep.

        2016 Trump The Fascist Vs Sanders The Jewish Socialist = Country is Done

        • Hello old friend… Welcome back Iowa.

      41. Pope on a Rope….isn’t that from SNL?
        Obviously the pope is not infallible.
        I left the Catholic Church in my early 20’s… Never looked back.
        He is most likely the False Prophet.
        Trump is a big fan of Norman Vincent Peale, who was a Freemason.
        Trump said in his book “Art of the deal” that he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness of his sins, he just tries not to do it again. Sounds a lot like Ekhart Tolle who claims there is no such thing as sin, just mistakes. So– I don’t like ANY of these candidates. I’m just going to sit back and watch “The Show”, because that’s all this is. It will be interesting if Trump becomes the nominee– just watch who he chooses for a running mate. He could be knocking all the others out just so Hillary is assured a win, just like when McCain chose Palin.

        Okay, I’m done talking. Please clap. Lol

        • Wise words C.

      42. Viva La Pope!

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