Pharmacies Begin Rationing Children’s Cold Medicine Amid Shortages

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Headline News

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    Walgreens and CVS pharmacies have started to limit (ration) the amount of children’s medicine that can be purchased amid an ongoing shortage. A Walgreens spokesperson told Nexstar that the decision to ration medication was due to “increased demand and various supplier challenges,” and that pediatric fever-reducing products are “seeing constraint across the country.”

    CVS spokesperson Mary Gattuso said the drugstore chain created the product limit to ensure “equitable access for all our customers.” There is currently a two-product limit on all children’s pain relief products at all CVS Pharmacy locations and, Gattuso confirmed. “We’re committed to meeting our customers’ needs and are working with our suppliers to ensure continued access to these items,” Gattuso said.

    Remember, there are enough COVID shots, ingredients to make them, syringes, and needles to inject every human on this globe four times or more. Yet there’s a shortage of cold and flu medication.

    There Are Magically Enough COVID Shots For Everyone, But Not Enough Other Drugs

    The ruling class is blaming the shortage on the “tripledemic” and it being cold and flu season, even though this comes around every year.

    “There are more sick kids at this time of year than we have seen in the past couple years,” said Dr. Shannon Dillon, a pediatrician at Riley Children’s Health in Indianapolis. Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson says it is not experiencing widespread shortages of Children’s Tylenol, but the product may be “less readily available” at some stores. The company said it is running its production lines around the clock.

    These big pharma companies are making so many COVID shots they have to dispose of them because no one wants them anymore, but can’t be bothered to create over-the-counter medicines that help alleviate symptoms when someone gets sick. And yet, the masters continue to tell the slaves it’s a demand issue, not a supply issue.

    Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb told CBS “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan on Sunday that shortages of children’s cold medicine, as well as an ongoing shortage of antibiotic drugs, are the result of unanticipated levels of demand, not a problem with the supply chain.

    Gottlieb also added that the pharmaceutical industry’s “sophisticated supply chain” should catch up soon. Sure. Because they care so much about people, right?

    Flu Vaccines Don’t Work For The Same Reason COVID Injections Don’t Work

    America Waiting to Explode: “If Supply Lines Go Down… Millions of FDA-Approved Drug Addicts Go Psycho”




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