America Waiting to Explode: “If Supply Lines Go Down… Millions of FDA-Approved Drug Addicts Go Psycho”

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 105 comments

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    How bad can things get?

    Preppers know the scenarios – any major crisis from economic breakdown, to civil unrest and riots, an EMP, natural disaster or plain out martial law can bring things to a halt with shocking quickness. And chaos is nearly always the end result.

    But this article examines just how far America has fallen into desperation. The closer that the nation spirals towards disintegration, the worse things seem to get.

    Between the extremely vulnerable economic system and looming financial crisis, the decline of American values and morality and the utter dependence of Americans upon centralized supply chains, the feds and corporations for everything, the United States population stands all-too-close to disaster. Sam Gerrans at RT says that America is a bomb waiting to explode:

    The United States is in decline. While not all major shocks to the system will be devastating, when the right one comes along, the outcome may be dramatic.

    We can see how fragile the U.S. is now by considering just four tendencies.

    1. Destruction of farms and reliable food source

    2. Weak economic system

    3. Americans increasingly on mind-altering drugs

    4. Morals in decline

    According to Gerran’s numbers, less than 5 million people are in a position to feed themselves with the SHTF. With preppers and backyard homesteaders, that number is hopefully much higher, but in any case, it still leaves well over 95% of the population utterly dependent on the grocery store or the government – and the shelves will empty out of literally every store within hours if a real crisis hits.

    The average American might have three days of food in their pantry – but that still puts collapse and disorder on a schedule of nearly immediate:

    The average American is a long way from food when the shops are closed… The number of farms in the country has fallen by some 4 million from more than 6 million in 1935 to roughly 2 million in 2012… only about 2 percent of the US population live on farms.

    And a real crisis may hit… the economy is in real trouble, the global system is fragile and waiting for a crash. The Federal Reserve is even acknowledging its own dangerous limitations, as the dollar faces the end of its lifespan.

    Though we have been warned for years now, the death of the dollar will still bring unbelievable hardship upon the denizens of the once-great United States. With a swelling, rotting corrupt system propped up by its own excess and empire stands a nation dangerously close to collapsing from its own weight. Endless wars, waged in one way or another over oil, and the petrodollar system that has dominated the world since the U.S. went off the gold standard in 1971 have scraped things pretty thin.

    Gerran writes:

    The US currency came off the gold standard in 1933 and severed any link with gold in 1971. Since then, the currency has been essentially linked to oil, the value of which has been protected and held together by wars.


    Once people wake up and smell the Yuan, the Exodus out of the dollar will be unstoppable.

    But will Americans ever snap out of it?

    Not until it is too late, unfortunately. Hunger will drive people into the streets, and rioting and looting may take on deadly proportions.

    Meanwhile, what happens when people go off their meds? For millions of people dependent upon prescription drugs and especially SSRIs, they could easily go psychotic, homicidal and suicidal. People will literally become unpredictable:

    According to the Scientific American, use of antidepressants among the US population was up 400 percent in the late 2000s over the 1990s. Many of these drugs are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

    Pharmaceuticals are produced at centralized points by companies which themselves rely on extended logistics systems both to produce and to deliver their output. If the logistics system fails, there’s no more supply.


    In the past, people were in rural communities. They could grow food. They had real communities. They also had self-control and a conception of morality.

    Today, if the supply lines go down, you are stuck in a house you can’t heat surrounded by millions of FDA-approved drug addicts who are going psycho because they have run out of juice and people who would murder their own grandmother to get a cut-price iPhone.

    In other words, lack of food will not be the only thing driving people mad. Some people will become down right criminally insane if they are forced into withdrawal from their medication and could be capable of literally anything. On top of that, there are diabetics, vulnerable elderly people and many others who would die or become very sick without their normal regiment.

    Society is already at a point where people are willing riot over sales on Black Friday, or highly engineered consumer and celebrity happenings. The masses today are routinely herded from one sensational event to another, and will just as quickly stampede when the circumstances call for it. It’s not that things in the past were ideal, but today they are just dysfunctional.

    Though it is sad to note, the republic has fallen sometime ago. The last vestiges of what America stood for are being destroyed, and the country as a whole stands dangerously close to all out disaster.

    What kind of crisis will it take, and will you be ready when it comes?

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      1. With a SHTF scenario the zombie uprising is real!

        • I want to go back to 1955 that was A great year for me. 2016 will be A bad year for me. 1955 good 2016 bad.

          • Ebola relapses

            “Doctors and health officials in Sierra Leone told Reuters that a handful of mystery deaths among discharged patients may also be types of Ebola relapses, stirring fear that the deadly virus may last far longer than previously thought in the body, causing other potentially lethal complications.

            Diagnoses have not been made, partly because of a lack of relevant medical training and insufficient equipment for detecting a virus that CAN HIDE in inaccessible corners of the body – such as the spinal fluid or eyeball.”

            Live Ebola virus was detected in 20 survivors treated in Europe and the United States, including nurse Pauline Cafferkey.”

            “In Cafferkey’s case, the (EBOLA) virus in her brain CAUSED MENINGITIS.

            Dr. Dan Kelly, founder of non-profit organization Wellbody Alliance who has worked on Ebola in Sierra Leone, estimates that relapsing Ebola might affect 10 percent of all recovered patients.”


            • Meanwhile, ‘Ebola Kaci’ is suing the pilsbury doughboy (Chris Christie) for ‘violating her rights’ to ignore any quarantine and possibly spread this plague far and wide. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she is now basically unemployable as a nurse. What medical organization, and especially patient, would even want her in their building? A quick Google or Facebook search would be enough to send her resume into file 13.

              • NOBODY needs those pills. They are given only to create the zombies needed to support the governments crimes.

                If removed from the equation, after a short withdrawal period of about a week or two, the victims will begin to awaken to reality.

                Those drugs, and Social Security/disability payments will be the last things to be taken away because taking away the drugs will wake up millions of the zombies, and stopping SS payments will anger the recipients toward the government that has just screwed them.

                Since those are the main two sources of government support, they will be preserved above all else to maintain control.

                • Very few Rx drugs are really needed. For ex: cholesterol drugs cause liver damage and are hype. Fish oils work better. Thyroid pills are needed and drugs for afib, etc. to thin the blood preventing strokes and heart attacks. Insulin for type 1 is needed, for type two some diet changes and lifestyle may help many. Drugs for mental problems only make things worse. I get mainline networks on tv, all they advertise is drugs. Stop buying stock in drug companies, sell them and buy other types for high dividends. Agree w/sixpack in cutting pills in half and saving them, then some cases stopping them.

      2. Well, we’ll have to shoot, stab, burn or whatever them to death when they go friggin nuts on us.

        • I will derail A train next year for the fun of it then Shoot at every evil spirit that flies around me then throw the car seat out the window on the freeway.

        • Just the men! You get the message.

        • Menzo, same here. If they come to me with that shit, it’s all over for them.

          • My doctor was LIVID when I detoxed off of all of my prescription medications!

            High blood pressure meds are designed to spike your blood pressure and explode your heart if you go cold turkey. I urge anyone out there to start putting a few out of each new bottle aside, until you have about a 30 day supply set aside. You can get your next refill before the last one runs completely out, so SAVE THOSE EXTRAS. It will take you about 30-45 days to safely step down your dosage, so you don’t have a heart attack or stroke if you have to go without them.

            I got a cheap pill cutter, so I could cut the pills in half for 10 days, then I cut them into quarters for another 10 days. First I did the clonidine, then the metoprolol after I got off the clonidine. I wouldn’t suggest cutting the dosage of both at the same time.

            I know nobody trusts the BS some people post on here, but I’m telling you the honest truth about this. I have been free of those pills for around 2 years now. I was taking both metoprolol and clonidine.

            Other than a controlled withdrawal, I took aloe vera, which helps thin your blood, and also apple cider vinegar. I paid much more attention to staying better hydrated, because if you let your blood thicken from dehydration, you could be toast from an embolism AND sticky blood pushes your BP even higher.

            In addition, I keep my thyroid happy with a thyroid supplement with iodine. You’ll also need a magnesium supplement for your heart function as well.

            My point is, if it comes down to you going without HBP medications because you can’t get them anymore — WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE BY TRYING TO SAFELY DETOX?

            Win, Lose or Draw, at least you had a fighting chance. Don’t give up without a fight.

            • Sixpack, congratulations on getting off of those FDA poisons.

            • It’s amazing how often patients get better when a DOCTOR (doctors would rather eat glass than admit that one of their own was wrong) takes them off of some ‘medications’. If the patient gets better when ‘medications’ are stopped, why were they ever started in the first place?

            • Yes six, congrats. Vinegar doesn’t get the recognition it deserves and besides, it’s not that hard to make.

            • Most cardio conditions can be controlled by using ‘mountain medicine) – I’ve been told, those who’ve had heart attacks (I had two) who stayed on their meds for a year stay on the meds!
              These people who are taking prozac paxil & other similar drugs will most likely flip out, let alone those who take illegal drugs!
              *Valium was created to treat those who’ve been exposed to nerve gas – it could get ugly – people on drugs can be very cunning – keep your wits & be wise as the serpents!
              Thank God for willow bark!

            • I can vouch for your methods. I was taking 200 mg of Toprol a day and felt terrible. I cut it in half, then in quarters and am due to quit taking it at all next week. Toprol is also notorious for causing weight gain, and even though I’m one of the “vulnerable elderly”, I’ve dropped 12 pounds in three months without dieting. I’m not popular with my doctor and have refused statins in the past. He told me some years ago that I was a “time bomb” without them, but here I am, still alive.

            • I’m taking vit D and vit E, in the AM, and the Xarelto at night. I have been trying to stay more hydrated, so why does the doc say hydration isn’t an issue with blood clots? I should think it would be…how would the ACV help with blood thinning? Just curious…thanks…

        • During the days of the Japanese Shogunate a Japanese general told a Chinese general:
          “Our Samurai can take out five men for each warrior.”
          The Chinese general then replied:
          “And pretty soon no more Samurai.”
          The meaning is that you can stab, cut, shoot and destroy a junky but sooner or later you will be overwhelmed. Just look at it. There are millions of addicted Americans who are taking synthetic opiates. How many are not addicted? Likely not as many as are addicted.

      3. Hey Mac, it’s over. Shut out the lights when you leave.

      4. “Freak OUT! Le Freak es Chic”.


        • Police man don’t shoot!

        • Men have sexy feet

        • 2016 will be the year of the devil.

          • please don’t say that!

      5. The top selling prescription drug in the “Land of the Free” is an anti psychotic drug called Abilify.

        Americans are mostly mentally deranged psychopaths being led around by other mentally deranged psychopaths in the District of Columbia.

        Will they act even worse without their meds than they do now?

        • Could not of said it better myself about the disgusting vile evil fascist collapsing shithole of the world known as “the land of the free, home of the brave”.

        • PSYCHOPATH and PSYCHOTIC are not the same thing, dumbass.

          Psychotics are disconnected from reality. They experience delusions (irrational beliefs) and hallucinations (sensory distortions).

          PSYCHOPATHS are intraspecies predators. They are perfectly sane and rational; they merely are unable to form emotional connections with other humans or have any respect for others in their belief system.

          • Acid – Totally right about the first part… except all psychopaths are actually (secretly) insane and irrational.

            Many people aren’t aware of that, but being an expert on sociopathy/psychopathy it’s the truth. I post here about them because all the prepping in the world will do one absolutely no good if even one of these people is in our family, group or camp. A major crisis will not change their brain from crazy to normal – it will never happen.

            Take the Clinton’s, for two textbook examples of millions of psychopaths. They are actually insane and irrational, but like all psychopaths being exceptionally skilled in ‘the art of deception’ they play the role of ‘rational and sane’ in order to hide that dark side of their ugly, evil personality from others in order to fool/deceive, when there’s really nothing rational and sane about them.

            Psychopaths are very different people behind closed doors or off-camera…almost a Jekyll-Hyde thing going on there. There’s nothing rational and sane about that dynamic.

          • @Acid Etch….

            “PSYCHOPATH and PSYCHOTIC are not the same thing, dumbass.

            Psychotics are disconnected from reality. They experience delusions (irrational beliefs) and hallucinations (sensory distortions).

            PSYCHOPATHS are intraspecies predators. They are perfectly sane and rational; they merely are unable to form emotional connections with other humans or have any respect for others in their belief system.”

            Judging by most of your posts, I’d say you fit the last category.

            • Anonymous5:

              Sorry, you would be incorrect.

              A true sociopath is not really all that common. They are the epitome of sanity at first glance. Not likely to post controversial wild type opinions on a monitored Internet site. More likely to be highly intelligent even intellectual; but their beliefs and actions invariably lead to disaster. They are the criminals who run the human trafficking slave trade. Likable deceptive pillars of the community. People like Lerner Spectre who are out to destroy an entire continent so she can feel safe with everyone under control or dead.

              • B from CA – I agree they aren’t likely to post on a monitored site… unless they are trolling and trying to derail posts/threads, but they are more common than you may think. Sociopaths and psychopaths (not much difference between the two) all combined make up 20% of the population, at least in the U.S.

                I interviewed three different mental health experts last year who told me it’s more like 30-35% of the population and that isn’t because they see them in their practice, as these crazies rarely seek professional counseling. They think others have a problem, not them.

                All three do live in densely populated/coastal areas so maybe their frame of reference is skewed. The point is, believing they aren’t common is a dangerous belief.

        • Pigman don’t shoot. PIGMAN!

        • A new name for A trumpet is called A Marc Dinger Horn.

        • I think Abilify is the drug where in the commercial it is admitted that 2 of 3 people with ‘depression’ still have symptoms of depression while taking antidepressants.

      6. If supply lines go down, my stock in ammo just went up in value

        make an intentional attack on me or my family drunk, high or stupid and it will cost you

      7. We need to focus more on the threat from the islamic savages and scum illegals and how to go about ridding our country of these vermin. Most people will survive the withdrawal from their meds except maybe from the benzodiazepines. In any case, our scum government officials and the vermin they are importing need destroying first.

        • Fucker Lucifer and fucker Demon also fuck this planet as well.

      8. When they all start to go psycho, utilize Zombieland rule #2: Double tap.

        • Discount Double Check. Hahahaha!

          • A other word for the swat teams are called Pigs From Hell.

        • Double tap with a 12gauge and 00buck

        • Lol. I said the same thing to my husband the other night about double tap.

          • We all live on A OOOOONET now not A planet.

        • If they make it through withdrawl, people will be LESS dangerous without their ‘meds’. Even the ‘medical community’ admits that. Read the warnings: You may experience hostility or suicidal thoughts or actions when taking, or after stopping, …

      9. and now that they play the game of the gun store owner being held responsible for thier clients ..I have this

        If a bartender knowingly or unknowingly serves a drunk who then leaves the bar and kills someone with his car, the bartender can be held liable and face criminal prosecution for the actions of the drunk.

        If a gunshop owner knowingly or unknowingly sells a gun to a felon he will be held liable and face criminal prosecution for the actions of the felon.

        If a parolee continues with his life of crime and claims the life of another citizen, judges and parole boards who let him out need to be held liable and face criminal prosecution.

        What’s fair is fair is fair.

        Tell me I’m wrong.

        • Bartenders and their employers have been and are held responsible for drunk drivers when they knowingly served drinks to someone that was obviously too drunk to drive if he didn’t have alternative transportation obviously arranged for in advance.

          Those responsible for parolees and illegal aliens and such are immune from this liability since they are politically or legally protected people.

        • And on top of that they keep thinking that more background checks are the solution. Unless they start requiring doctors to report patients they are treating for severe mental issue, they will never be kept from getting guns and we all risk loosing our rights. If you get a sexually transmitted disease, the doctor must notify the state health department and they follow up to make sure you take your treatment and then retest clean. If you are diagnosed with epilepsy, the doctor is required to notify the state and your drivers license is revoked until your seizures are under control for at least six months. But, if a doctor diagnoses you as a paranoid schizophrenic, they are not allowed to report you due to doctor/patient confidentiality laws. So, when a real nut job goes to buy a gun, there is no record for a background check to pick up on.

          • Obama knows background checks are really about nothing. What he is really doing is conditioning the public to accept gun confiscation. Maybe not now but if everything falls apart, they will take every gun they can find by force and he needs a section of the public to believe its the right thing to do. Its a exercise in mental conditioning that is ideological subversion.

            • ‘Universal background checks’ are simply registration with another name. If you ever buy a gun, it can be tracked, you can be forced to prove any claim of sale. We all know that. Clinton et al know that.

            • I think that is a pretty good analysis.

          • Those with mental illness are no more prone to committing violent acts than the average person unless they are also abusing drugs. Based on that, if you really want to prevent gun violence, double up on efforts to prevent access to drugs that are often abused. Doing a mental health screening or requiring doctors to report those being treated for ‘severe’ (exactly how would you define ‘severe’, doctor?) mental illness doesn’t take into account that a person’s mental health status can literally change overnight. So…you pass a screening, get your gun and then snap. What then?

            • I highly disagree with your statement. Having been a police officer and dealing with some real nut jobs, it is the ones that don’t take their prescribed medicines that are the worse. Too many times they go to a doctor, get prescribed a drug to help them, but as soon as they get to feeling better they decide they don’t need the drug anymore. Look at the last few shootings. Even though they have been treated by a doctor for mental illness, they have been able to walk in off the street and buy a gun because there is no way to check them. The bare bone facts are that if they don’t start keeping the guns away from these nuts, everyone will loose their rights. Before they start talking about more gun control, I want to see some nut control.

              • JAS…as a police officer, you don’t seem to understand the difference between ‘off your meds’ and ‘abusing drugs’. I find that level of non-understanding a little disturbing and more than a little frightening.
                Keep in mind, JAS, that you see the MINORITY of psychiatric patients. For every one you see, there are hundreds that are not causing any problems or getting violent. In other words, your perception is skewed. Here’s a little light reading for you: Also keep in mind that just because a person is sane when they purchase a gun is not guarantee that they will remain that way, so ‘screening’ isn’t the answer, either. I also notice that nobody has addressed what constitutes a ‘serious mental illness’? Both the Sandy Hook shooter and the Oregon shooter had been diagnosed with Autism. Autism is not considered a mental illness. What if someone was treated for depression 20 years ago? Should that disqualify them from purchasing a firearm now? No? Well, then how recent does the treatment for mental illness have to be? Lots of questions but knee-jerk reactions don’t address questions like those…it’s called ’emoting over thinking’.

              • People are most dangerous immediately following tjhe termination of taking their ‘meds’. Even the drug companies admit this.

                Am I the only one who sees a corelation between the introduction of SSRIs and mass shootings?

                When people loose their insurance or the insurer cuts off payment, patients are told in no uncertian terms “No money, no drugs!” Kind of what one would expect to hear from a crack or meth dealer.

              • Exactly right.

            • I also highly disagree–as a doctor with a specialty in neuro/muscular pathology.

              The frontal cortex is the primary area affected by mental disorders–it is the area subject to sociological integration, morality and basic decision making. ( Side note: this area is not even fully developed until the human brain reaches approximately 25 years of age, so yes, your teenagers ARE nuts.)
              Study after study clearly shows a reduced level of function in the frontal cortex of those who are more violent–and suffering from mental illness.
              In fact, one may contend that the very commission of a violent act would place one in the category of having “mental illness”. Will all with mental illness perpetrate violence–no, of course not. Are all who commit irrational and criminal acts of violence mentally ill/disturbed?–Of course they are, duh.

              • PS: I’d like to mention that I am NOT a psychologist, psychiatrist, sociologist etc…I speak only from the physiological aspect.

                I agree with JAS–HIPPA be damned, there needs to be a database of those with PROVABLE mental disorders or who are on psychotropic drugs and these people need to be discluded from owning firearms. We are all going to lose our rights if we don’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those with improperly functioning brains.

                • Javelin, You might tell us how much you know about GABA and how alcohol blocks it, frontal lobe and all that shit.

                  Inhibitions, don’t ch know, block ’em and instant crazies.

        • Red Hawk – Can’t tell ya your wrong when you’re right.

          Maybe everyone’s vehicles should be confiscated because tens of thousands of innocent people are killed in auto accidents every year.

          On another note; statistics show that criminals commit less crime after THEY’VE been shot. So, make of it what you will.

      10. Not quite ready yet.

        Still need to jelly up some more petrol…

        • Oh now, you can’t tease like that.

          You know the rule, you have to share the recipe with the whole class now! 🙂

          • Gasoline, packing peanuts,

            • Kulafarmer,

              Check out “The Winter War of ’39.” Molotov and the Finns.

              Chemistry at its simplest.

        • Trying to hang on to modern stuff is what makes the whole “crisis” possible in the first place. “Jellied-up petrol” will definitely run out too, since, after SHTF, there won’t be ANY more of it–ever. The “Republic” that’s referred to so often (by those who have neo-Big Business designs for us all?) won’t ever exist again. Those neo-“Republicans” will (and are) just others in the hordes against whom everyone will (and does) need to defend themselves.

      11. Speaking of psychopaths, I see the Clinton lady is trying to justify the operation in Libya that got four people killed. She is lying.

        The whole CIA run operation was to smuggle arms out of Libya to Turkey to be used in Syria against the elected government of a sovereign state.

        USA embassies and consulates are the spearpoints of covert ops. Stevens was the front for one of these. USAID is another CIA front NGO for covert ops. This is why Putin kicked them out of Russia. He knows the lowdown on the CIA operations.

        She dances around the truth same as her husband does.

      12. The article states,

        Society is already at a point where people are willing riot over sales on Black Friday, or highly engineered consumer and celebrity happenings. The masses today are routinely herded from one sensational event to another, and will just as quickly stampede when the circumstances call for it. It’s not that things in the past were ideal, but today they are just dysfunctional.


        Materialism and drugs. If you do not have the latest phone or Xbox your not cool. All the drugs in the food and water. The constant commercials. You need this drug to live. I do hate when a site forces you to hear and watch a video to get to the article you want to read. Talk about road rage. Short attention span. We have too many choices. What to eat. What to do. Have too many people telling us what to do. Then we depend on others too much when we should do it ourselves.

        Now how many of your so called fellow preppers are hiding those prescription drugs from your knowledge.

        How many parents have children that are medicated.

        You may think it is crazy now. Go to the doctor’s office and pick up the drug for the day. And you can’t tell me that some doctors take advantage of people and push drugs legally by telling the person they have a problem.

        You ain’t seen crazy, yet.

        • Doctors are definitely drug pushers. I went to the VA medical center a couple of months ago for my annual checkup and was assigned a new doctor. They can’t keep doctors, so every time you go, it seems like there is a new doctor, but don’t get me going on that. I am 63, almost 64, and the doctor was amazed that I felt great and was taking no medications of any kind. She must have asked me at least three times, “so you aren’t taking any meds”? I explained to her like I had to the other doctors that I am a Naturopath. I took care of myself, exercised, drink lots of water and eat right. I eat at least 6 cloves of raw garlic a day and drink a glass of apple cider vinegar and water before each meal. She was an Indian doctor (from India) and As I was leaving, she said, “you made my day. I wish everyone that came in had your attitude and was as healthy as you!”

          • JAS

            Naturopath guess that’s what I am too as at 77 I take no meds and try as much as possible to eat healthy. I don’t really go to a doctor but a Nurse Practitioner who has looked over my health for many years and gives me the once over once in a while. IMHO people run to the Dr. way to much for “medicine” instead of trying something natural, I do not take a flu shot instead I use Elderberry extraction to improve my own natural immunity system + natural vitams. I also use Yarrow and other plants for healing and to prevent infection. I have been on this

            plan for about 15years and so far so good. .

            • JAS, I guess I’m also a naturopath.

            • A few years ago I took a flu shot they were giving at work and when the Naturopathic Doctor I was using found out, she had a fit.

            • I’m allergic to allopathic stupidity, so I guess that makes me a naturopath by necessity 🙂

              • Sixpack, I’m allergic to ALL KINDS of stupidity.

          • 4 times as many 65 year old people are deemed ‘mentally ill’ as 64 year olds. The big difference in that one year? Medicare.

          • JAS,

            Now this shit might kill you and if that concerns you call your doctor.

        • Slingshot, let any doctor try to push any kind of drugs on me, and he’ll learn the hard way what crazy is. I’m not on any type of drugs for anything. Don’t want them, don’t need them.

          • Braveheart.

            I have encountered Doctor’s who want to do good and provide the best care. There are some that go overboard.
            I tell them my aches and pains and then they can ADVISE me what to do. Also what can happen if I don’t conform to treatment. I really get PISSED OFF when they try to use scare tactics. Like you I don’t like all these medicines that end up on T.V. in lawsuits. Can it be that sometimes the cure is worse than the disease?

            One specialist told me if I did not take the treatment I could DIE within six months. She was Mad as Hell when I told her NO! She raised her voice to me like chastising a school child. She could have been my daughter if I had one. She had no idea how close she came to getting punched in the face.
            The facility terminated her later for questionable practices. Have no idea who replaced her and I don’t give a shit either.

            • Slingshot, I understand there are still SOME good doctors out there but they are so damn hard to find. I’m the same as you on the scare tactics. I especially don’t like for any woman, doctor or not, to try to treat me like a child. And I agree there are a certain percentage of cases where the cure is worse than the disease.

      13. One more reason to spend my C@belas gift cert on more ammo!!!!

        Let the bodies hit the floor!!!!

        I can see this becoming a reality in my area.

        The gene pool here is VERY shallow due to a lot of very close relationships breeding. They’re not quite relatives but they’re not far away, genetically, either. So we have a lot of ‘special’ folks around here. For a town of 5000 we have enough ‘special services’ to handle a medium normal city.

        When the drug and support line’s stop it’ll be interesting.

      14. Been trying to warn intelligent people for years about the American coward Zombie trash hooked on Big Pharma poison, and feeding their fat asses with poisonous toxic FAKE FOOD filled with processed sugar,HFCS,GMO’s, and every toxic chemical the Corporatist fascist genocidal monsters can pump into the fat ass Zombies. The “USA were #1” complete insanity has turned the average coward pussy fascist boot licking Zombie American filth into a chemically altered hybrid human capable of horror on a mass scale, especially if the fat ass coward pussy Zombies are cut off from their poisonous toxic GMO filled fake food and Big Pharma garbage the American coward Zombie fascist boot licking filth are all addicted too.

        • Well said Ron

      15. Lockdowns and other forms of “arrest” (attack or abduction by the powers-that-be) are actually marching orders for real preppers. But, how many merely surrender when those orders are given, even to so many of them? Those who attempt to govern others find it easy to do so when their victims comply. If there’s anything to prep for, then when that thing happens (and it is usually done to only one prepper at a time–there’s no grand rally of many others to help you not feel alone) war and battle would be at hand for that individual prepper. When other preppers hear of it–mislabeled by the mainstream as “drug-related”, “murder-suicide”, “mentally unstable”, “terrorist”, etc.–that would be THEIR orders to march to the aid of those attacked. “Law and order” are code words for “obedience and conformity” of the masses to their elite masters. Really free people govern only themselves for the protection of others from themselves. They defend themselves from those who won’t govern only themselves and, from those who attempt to govern others.

      16. If you LOVE guns you probably have a serious mental illness/psychopathy problem, which in reality is really everyone else’s problem. But, if you own guns and LOVE your second amendment right to use them, you are an American.

      17. We bought a vacation home a couple of years ago. The first time our grandchildren came to visit they cried because we had no TV conection or internet. We had to take them to lunch at the resturant so they could use their little gagets.

        Yes there is going to be a zombie apocalipse.

        At 64 I do not take any prescriptions. You would be surprised how many people want me to start taking drugs to counter the affects of old age. Not for me.

        I have nothing against pot. Matter of fact I expect to see a decrease in pot arrests and sentencing in the future. But with the mass increase of stoners in our county, the productivity of these people had drastially declined.

        It’s OK. When the shtf, they will be too lazy to zombie out on society. Hopefully.

        God bless you all and keep o prepping.

      18. Time to visit the doc and get more barter items for future use. He is always willing to prescribe anything but antibiotics. I’ve been following Doom and Bloom’s advice for years and keep scrips after “expiration”. We aren’t big users of pain killers so have quite a few unused bottles of those hidden away.
        A good place to hide pill bottles is inside stacks of toilet paper or paper towel, towards the back of your cabinets. Resupply before you get down to the last rolls.

      19. The photo is a large group of people who get made up and dress up as Zombies and was taken at some annual Zombie event.

        Realistically, without their meds they will not have the energy or the where-with-all to Zombie around town terrorizing people. Some will go berserko on their family and some may isolate themselves and eventually commit suicide. But I just don’t think the above photo is an accurate depiction of what will actually go down.

      20. Pot does not make me lazy, you are smoking the lousy stuff. Pot does make you nonviolent, not a threat to others that mean you no harm, something the establishment would have you rather NOT be. I go to VA for healthcare, really just to get a re up on scrips every six months. Insulin, syringes and test strips, tied to exposure of Agent Orange, another Monsanto defoliant creation used heavily in Vietnam. I have to see the “nurse” before seeing the “doctor.” The nurse always asks if I’m suffering from depression, I say not anymore than the average person. No, I don’t want your deadly pills. The doctor says I have high cholesterol repeatedly every visit. Here take these statins. Hell no! I’ve read up on them, They do more damage than good causing diabetes, rapid ageing and brain damage. Big Pharma takes in hundreds of billions in statin pushing a year. Then comes do you want this, that and the other vaccination. No, No and No I don’t. Pill and shot pushing quacks is how I see them. I’ve been seeing this same doctor for at least five years, I thought hey he is pretty friendly, so I asked him about the American’s providing material support to Hitler in WW2. He flatly denied it and just then started giving me the this guy is nuts treatment. That tells me if you have a easy good paying job you will lie through your teeth to protect it.

        • I cut my cholesterol from 200 to 150, just by eating more beans, rice and split peas and less processed, prepackaged crap. My doctor said they must’ve made a mistake, but the retest came out the same. Suggestion is, research it and change your diet just a little.

      21. … only about 2 percent of the US population live on farms.

        Wondering if that includes the multitudes of Amish and Mennonite farmers.

        Even the Old Order, while using horses, have modernized most of their farming techniques.

      22. I’ll go psycho after shtf if I can’t get half and half for my extra strong coffee every morning, just sayin’.

      23. A major shtf event will have a cleansing effect on the country. Meanwhile poison some of your survival food so if someone takes it from you, you have the last laugh.

      24. Sucks for people on meds I won’t take the poison. The doctors want to give the shit out to get people hooked and it has worked like a charm. Now the problem of addiction is out of control. Once again it’s all a lot making $ and getting people hooked on dope is how it’s done. Doctors are drug dealers plain and simple. My doc loves to give pills out like candy. I throw the Parker out and don’t fill the script. It’s all garbage.

      25. I knew someone who was put on anti-depressants when their mom died, they were 16. 14 years later they were still on them, because no Dr would authorize them to discontinue the drugs.

        They are now finally off, but only after insisting, and telling the Dr they were keeping a journal would the Dr would be responsible if they did not assist them in getting off the drugs safely.

        Drug addicts often stop maturing emotionally while using. We’ve noticed this seems to have occurred to this person too.

        Luckily they are rapidly recovering from what I term years of abuse by psychologists who keep people under the control of these drugs, literally as slaves to feed their practice for decades.

      26. I was at a school of ballet. Three year old’s in tutus leaping and spinning. The teacher said that at this age kids are all psychotic tyrants. Pretty accurate description. But they sure are cute.

      27. B from CA – That is soooo funny and soooo true. The late great George Carlin once said “The reason God made kids so cute is so when they aggravate us we won’t kill them.”

      28. BURN AMERICA, BURN…….

      29. You think the waiting in line for drugs line is long outside jails and prisons? Take a look at how long they are behind bars.Now consider what place will be better when you run out of your medication? Where walls confine you? Or where they don’t like out in nature also.

      30. I am a diabetic type 1, I inject insulin.

        I take two per day. Roughly 23 units of two different insulins. Habitually I have between 5 and 30 viles in my fridge.

        One vile is 300 units. You do the math.

        However, sugar is a problem. I have prepped for multiple hypos!

      31. Most people don’t know that Negroes don’t farm. So the negro obama don’t care about white man’s farms. He is glad to see it decline and America turn into Africka.

        So this hateful negro can say, now you know how it feels America. Even though we farm and Negroes don’t.

      32. It seems these are the people who will be BEGGING to get INTO the FEMA camps. Anti depressant withdrawal is just as bad on the body as opium withdrawal. Promise people their meds after 4 or 5 days cold turkey and they will be BEGGING to be let in.

      33. Keep in mind that study’s have shown that over 30% of white collar America..meaning office professionals and the like are functional but dependent on opiate pain killers. A break in the supply chain would thus mean MILLIONS of sudden addicts going thru what essentially are heroin withdrawals.

      34. I taught for two years in a snooty prep-school where a huge percentage of the kids were on psycho-meds. This happened because it was trendy for their parents to take them to a shrink, so they could get labelled “hyper” or whatnot, and somehow that qualified them to get extra time when taking a test. More time = higher grades.
        Nothing wrong with these kids. If they all had to go off their meds, they’d be happier and healthier.

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