Pentagon Will Issue Vaccine Mandate For All Active Duty Troops In The Next Few Days

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    The Pentagon is ready to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all active troops within the next few days. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will issue the mandate to all 1.3 million active-duty personnel, as only 64% have voluntarily taken the shot so far.

    The Pentagon head is expected to announce the new mandate on Friday after making a recommendation to the White House, according to a Fox News report on Wednesday night, citing officials familiar with the matter who declined to be named. Other mainstream media sources have corroborated the information.

    Another defense official told CNN, meanwhile, that Austin’s “inclination is towards making the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory” for the troops, with the outlet adding that a final decision could come as soon as this week. The New York Timescorroborated those reports on Wednesday, also citing officials. -RT

    Joe Biden recently said he had directed the Defense Department to “look into how and when” it would add the Covid-19 vaccines to the list of those that soldiers are required to receive, saying at the time that Austin was open to the idea. The Department of Justice previously concluded that Biden would have to issue waivers for the three Covid vaccines currently in use in the US, as they all have been approved for emergency use only by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    However, there have been reports that at least the Pfizer “vaccine” would be fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration as early as September.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    The FDA Is Giving Full Approval To Pfizer’s COVID “Vaccine” By Labor Day

    As of last week, there are already restrictions on military personel who refuse to take the shot. The Pentagon’s deputy press secretary, Jamal Brown, said last week that the department would ask all personnel to provide their vaccination status. Those unable or unwilling to take the shot will be required to wear a mask, physically distance, comply with a regular testing requirement, and be subject to official travel restrictions, Brown said, though he added that Austin was already looking into a full mandate.

    On the heels of a revised masking guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Biden announced last week that all federal employees would have to be vaccinated, or else face regular virus screenings in order to continue working. The move came as an abrupt reversal, as the administration previously urged agencies not to require the vaccine.

    While Biden also vowed to never issue a universal vaccine mandate for all Americans, concerns were raised that he would make a similar about-face last week after his CDC director, Rochelle Walensky, said the administration was looking into exactly such a policy. She later walked back the comment, however. -RT

    CDC Director Says Government Is “Looking Into” Mandating The “Vaccine”

    The time is quickly approaching when this won’t be a choice anymore.  Instead of rewards for taking it, the punishments have started. Stay prepared. Stay aware.  This is not slowing down.


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      1. When you’re in the military, the government owns you and you are government property.

        They can do with you as they wish, the same way a farmer can do with his farm animals whatever he wishes.

        Soon it will be the same with all (legal) residents of the United States too, they will be able to do with you whatever the ruling class of government wants.

        No way to escape it, it’s just a few new laws, XO’s and USSC decisions away, so decide how you are going to handle it now while you still have some degree of choice about it because you won’t be able to after it arrives (all you can do then is try to hide as long as you can while you’re being hunted down).

        No more than eight years away now, and probably much sooner than that.

      2. RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION, don’t believe in putting aborted fetus cells in your body. That is in the 1st Amendment.

      3. Wonder how long the troops
        will remain “active” once the
        the jab effects kick in? ?

      4. If there are any side effects that we don’t know of, it will affect all of military and all healthcare workers! No worries, it’s not like we need them or anything!

      5. I believe our government is a f***in joke!!!

        • @Josh I share your belief
          and I’m pretty sure many others do as well.

        • That “joke” is doing their very best to kill us and replace us. And they have dedicated propaganda services (mainstream media) and scores of men with guns ready to do their bidding.

          Not that we should be scared or anything like that.

      6. Remember it’s your body, you only get one in this life, and also remember that Satan always appears as an Angel of light in order to deceive you, to trick you into doing something that will destroy you,because Satan hates humanity. Before you make a decision to introduce a foreign substance into your body,pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to give you wisdom. Amen.

      7. Dying ain’t much of a living, boy.

      8. The neighbor said he was sorry he got the vaxx. Told me how he was now feeling the effects of the graphene. Pulled out his house keys and stuck them to his forehead.

        “See…I’m magnetic now” he said.

        “You dumb fuck” I said “Your house keys are brass”

      9. The neighbor said he was sorry he got the vaxx. Told me how he was now feeling the effects of the graphene. Pulled out his house keys and stuck them to his forehead.

        “See…I’m magnetic now” he said.

        “You dumb fuck” I said “Your house keys are brass”

        • A buddy of mine got the phizer jab and became so ill and lethargic he had to go to the emergency room. He spent 5 days in the hospital. They gave him a bullshit story that he had low sodium. I have been unable to contact him for a week now.

        • I watched a neighbor lose $500 cuz he was convinced that a magnet would stick to people that have been vaccinated.
          The guy was warned that he had been spoon fed misinformation on the Internet, but he refused to listen.
          Oh well,poop happens.

          • We don’t even know how many different formulations are being delivered in each manufacturer’s brand. Some formulations might very well manifest the “magnetic” properties. Some formulations might be “control batches” containing nothing but saline.

            Everything about these kill shots is opaque — we really have no facts.

        • I know a guy that’s convinced the vaccine ruined his liver because he was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis.
          We live in a very rural area where everybody knows one another and it’s common knowledge that this guy has a well known history of alcoholism, drug abuse,smokes 3 packs a day,has a piss poor diet,and never exercises.
          I told him that considering his lifestyle choices since the mid 1980’s he is fortunate to still be above ground today.
          Unfortunately he doesn’t see it that way and refuses to accept the fact that his lifestyle choices are responsible for his diagnosis.

      10. This may sound cruel, but why should we care when they let this bio weapon rip across the planet? Why should we care when they administer the vaccine but then refuse to take it themselves?

      11. It has always been part of Southern heritage to serve in the military, I did six years. The majority of my family and almost all of my relatives have served, as officers and enlisted, in all branches as soldiers, sailors, pilots, and so on, and in every war, all the way up to recent times. Thankfully, I believe this is beginning to change. As for most of my younger family members and relatives, they don’t really any longer see it the traditional way like we older ones. I have been trying to change that culture in my family and have convinced several of them to NOT serve including a few of their friends.
        First, there is no longer any real benefit to be an American, not like years ago. For example, illegal immigrants can come across the border, they can get driver’s licenses, they can come and go as they please, get free medical care, receive free education, in many places they can even vote and serve in public office, and even more. Things one had to be a citizen to enjoy. And many are collecting benefits that exceed the average income of millions of Americans.
        Second, whites and Christians are a hated people in this country and are becoming second class citizens. Laws and policies are being adopted at federal, state, and local levels to lawfully discriminate against anyone who are not “woke”.
        Third, if you want to have same-sex marriages, demand uni-sex restrooms, be a transgender, and expect special gay rights, go ahead and have at it, but don’t expect me and mine to fight for it, we won’t. If that’s what they want then they can fight to protect it, let them take the risks.
        Fourth, the most hated and reviled class of people in this country are not illegal immigrants or any minorities, it is the straight white Southern Christian male that is the most despised, we are at the apex of their hatred, we are one of the few classes of people it is okay to hate and ridicule. Even today, many people see us as illiterate, inbred, and hopelessly racist. Hollywood, “civil rights” organizations, academia, and more than a few politicians still promote this.
        I tell the younger ones Amer. hates them, that at least half of Amer. wants them dead, so why would any of them be willing to risk their lives for all that. I strongly encourage them to live only for themselves and their own, to use their time and effort to help each other and build their own lives.
        Furthermore, I tell them secession is the only hope they have for them and their future children to live as free men (the same also goes for any state).

      12. So what is there plan for those that refuse?
        Administrative discharge?
        The brig until they submit?
        Arrest, tie them up and forced vaccination?
        Firing squad?
        Seems this could be disastrous for both military personnel and the nation.

      13. go ahead Biden…run up the white flag and let all our enemies walk right in.

      14. What’s in it? You drink it.

      15. This is how the enemy prevent the military from defending the people or to be a danger to the criminals in charge. The military can refuse and I believe it is written in their manual.

      16. Blah blah blah bluh blush blah blah….
        More distraction. More obfuscation. More lies. Rinse. Repeat. Rinse, repeat.
        The US military can’t fight it’s way out of a wet paper bag. For the trillions stolen from the tax payers and handed to the military/security apparatus, you have a load of war equipment and machinery (and doctrine) light years BEHIND the “enemy”; you have troops that score 7 on the asvab; gender reassignment is a “thing”. What a colossal FUBAR. To compliment it all, we have next to NO oil reserves left domestically to fuel all of this war junk we have laying around. What – F16 jets run on farts? Beans in – power up? As a people we consume 20 to 22 million bbl of crude (oil) per day, yet can only on a good day slurp up out of our depleted wells maybe 5 million bbl? Where does that shortfall come from? Sourcing foreign oil is becoming next to impossible for the US, the few remaining viable producers world wide aren’t interested in giving it to us anymore for promises, pieces of paper, or threats of love/joy/democracy bombs raining down from on high courtesy of the United Shitstains of Amurica. Soon, the citizenry of this nation are going to go from the most grotesquely obese slovenly sloth FAT pigs on the planet, to a suddenly skinnyfied group of (starving to death) crying whining piss ants the world has ever seen. This ships going down. Abandon ship. Abandon ship. Or… Get up off your Gd asses and start bailing retards. Regardless, billions of hapless souls aren’t going to be with us much longer. If you are about to be murdered with a injection, are you going to “stand up, buckle up, and shuffle to the door”? Or will you muster up the courage and fortitude to tell your would be killer “if you come near me with that injection, I’m going to stomp your guts out your asshole”. We’ll see.

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