Paul Craig Roberts: “Putin’s Nukes Could Wipe Out Entire American East Coast” In Minutes

by | Oct 24, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 91 comments

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    Suffice to say, though children are at play, this is not a game.

    Those who have been toying with outright war against Russia, and an escalation of the conflict in Syria, are putting the lives of all Americans at risk.

    Of course, the threat of nuclear annihilation has been with us since the earliest days of the Cold War, but Russia has now positioned itself with the largest and most destructive nuclear arsenal of any country in the world.

    Economist and political critic Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains how diplomatic relations have broken between Russia and the United States, after the U.S. knowingly attacked pro-Assad Syria forces… that, of course, was the cherry on top of a host of insults, deliberate antagonism and a strategy that could only result in further chaos and war.

    The end of negotiations is unfortunately, given that fighting it out could mean thermonuclear war that would make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look trivial in comparison.

    After a period of some patience, Russia is now warning that the United States is dangerously close to turning a proxy war into a direct world war – and they are deadly serious about defending the motherland and their sworn allies – namely Assad.

    Any further attack could result in immediate destruction.

    Putin is a formidable opponent and Russia a powerful enemy. At present time, they have the capability of wiping the entire East Coast of the United States off the map – where more than 100 million people live. Will the ranking misleaders in Washington continue to gamble with all of our lives?

    via the Express:

    VLADIMIR Putin’s nuclear stockpile could completely destroy the east coast of the US in one clean swipe should the Russian leader launch an attack on the West, an expert has warned.

    A staggering 112.6million people could be at risk of extermination from the deadly missiles.

    Russia has the largest haul of nuclear weapons of any country in the world and reportedly has the most powerful bomb named the SS-18 – menacingly nicknamed the Satan.

    Experts estimate Russia has 55 of the deadly weapons, but only five would be needed to destroy the East Coast of the US.


    “Five or six of these ‘Satans’ as they are known by the US military, and the East Coast of the United States disappears.”

    Dr Roberts said: “The atomic bombs that Washington dropped on these helpless civilian centres while the Japanese government was trying to surrender, were mere popguns compared to today’s thermo-nuclear weapons.

    What’s more, the Russian have hinted strongly at the possibility that they would be able to disable electronics, communications and defense shields in the U.S. via electromagnetic warfare – perhaps an EMP.

    Worst of all, the American misleaders haven’t even got a good reason for putting the population at such a risk – strategy in the middle east is muddied at best, and prodding for war with Russia doesn’t carry a clear narrative either.

    The world could change, and American power could end in a few decisive minutes.

    Hopefully it would never come to that, but we shouldn’t live in a false world where we pretend these situations can’t harm us.

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      1. If Putin were to rid us of DC, NYC, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, et al, I’d send him $50 to offset the cost of his efforts and weapons

        • Not just the east coast, the whole damn continent. Everyone will start firing them at everyone else. I guess that is one way for the scum to get the population down to 500 million.

          • I find it easy to agree with you,
            but I live in a place they wouldn’t even waste a
            small squad of men to patrol, and I hate Democrats.

            • Just imagine what the islands would be like if we were sent back in time about 100 years,,,
              Might be kinda cool actually

              • This is a Commie Headline. Demonizing Putin, who is not going to Nuke the USA. He knows damn well the US Government is currently being run by Freakin Psychopaths who will get ejected on NOV 8th. Good Riddance.

                President Trump Day One, Putin calls President Trump and says Congratulation President Trump, Then Putin says to Trump, hey lets bomb the hell out if ISIS, and lets be friends and trade and stand up to Globalism. Trump says OK, We are arresting Hillary this Afternoon and she can Bond her way out of Jail with $5 Billion Dollars. Obama $10 Billion Bond, and his war on humanity Trial begins in 3 months for Droning thousands needlessly for the fun of it. Putin says great, looks like we got a great start here. See you at the G-20 soon. Yep See ya.

                ~WWTI… Now WTF is this article about? Stupid.

                • This article is about what happens if Shitlery steals the election and becomes President. Like Rellic, the Russians / Chinese wouldn’t waste a mortar round where I live, let alone a nuke. I am however, developing nuclear detonation response protocols for my clients in Washington, DC in the event that Hitlery succeeds in stealing the election.

                • I couldn’t agree more. However, there is a time-line in getting to the elections that can be screwed up by those already in the White House. They fear what is to be done to them and are all but ready to destroy the World.

            • The Path To Total Dictatorship: America’s Shadow Government And Its Silent Coup

              “Unaffected by elections. Unaltered by populist movements. Beyond the reach of the law. Say hello to America’s shadow government.

              A corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country, this shadow government represents the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry.”

              ht tp://

        • Ive got a nice crispy Benjamin or three to add to that,,,

        • It’s called “Population Control” by the Liberals.
          Of course “They” would get warnings to move inland before the actual event.
          They would like to also rid the country of the Southern “Hicks” at the same time. Just wonder how they actually plan to accomplish that?

        • I dont see a down side to nuking the East Coast

          It would do away with a whole lot of very evil people

          I will kick in some Benjamin’s to help defray Putins costs

          • Why stop there asshole? Let’s nuke LA, Vegas and Seattle–liberal bastions….how about San Fran the gay capital? Might as well hit Vancouver also–heroin junkies and trannies.
            Heck, Memphis, St Louis, Chicago and Kansas City are mostly ghetto trash within city limits–let them all fry, if you have to sacrifice a hundred million good, honest, Americans to get rid of these progressives, so what–right?
            Might as well nuke all of the colleges also to get rid of the liberal professors and SJW’s, right?
            New Mexico is a bunch of Taoist ex-hippies, nuke that too. Arizona is almost an extension of Mexico now a days–nuke that too. Boise is loaded will all of the Muslums that Obama and Hillary are importing–nuke them too.
            Dumb asses…..never had a complete thought in your lives.

            • Sounds like a plan to me.

            • Finally! A post that actually makes sense. I totally agree, they are dumb asses.And have not got a clue.

          • OK, but you go first.
            Kill yourself and get us started.

            • Agreed!

        • you are one sick f##k…you do know, for example, that Maryland has 19 of its 23 counties vote against the lib-tards, but you’d be fine just killing everyone, the children & honest, hard-working people as well right?

          So in your $50 purchase you’d be fine with every human from Maine to Virginia just being fried in the blink of an eye–as long as you could sit back and gain some sick satisfaction for 5 minutes before the after affects start turning your skies, water and soil into toxic carcinogens?
          Again, f-you. I have lots of good, God-fearing family in that area of the northeast–putz.

        • More FEAR PORN. While the threat is real, the response is real too. Putin might survive, but Russia would be gone too. For him to push the button in less than a defensive measure, would consign him to rule in hell: which is worse than Detroit.

          No one wins a nuclear exchange between these two great powers. Unless that exchange is located in South Asia and between Pakistan and India the world is toast and survival may be a worse fate than instant death.

          Let’s remember folks, The Lord is in control of His Creation and there is a limit to the Free Will of human beings which is subservient to His Plan; and is allowed to operate within His parameters.

          The End is NOT near. I will tell you when it is. 🙂

          • “The end is not near. I will tell you when it is”. OK but I hope your “ever seein’ eye” is not the “brown one”.

            • PO

              Explain the brown one ?

          • DK

            “For him to push the button in less than a defensive measure”

            When the nuclear deterrent MAD is abandoned for “First Strike”, that defensive use of nuclear weapons becomes a very fluid grey area when coupled with the US, “batting a thousand”, (poor appeal to the worshippers of the sphere to understand) with going back on its word. Add in high tensions and its a recipe for disaster.

        • I live in The Peoples Republic of Maryland and I say: “LET IT RAIN”! Of course if Vlad would be kind enough to give me a heads up I’d would appreciate it. Got some scores to settle and would like those on the receiving end to get it by my hands.

          • Hey Brother, you are correct. Reared in Montgomery Co., wife is from Allegany Co. and after being retired from MCPD, built a horse farm in Garrett Co. Snow drove us to SC 20 years ago. You are spot on, for many of my retired fellow officers, were behind the succession movement 1-2 years ago to create the ‘State of Western MD.’ Then the Eastern Shore and Co’s along the PA border wanted in. Was just in the news last week, that MD gave up 4M photos, (assume driver’s licenses), to the new gov’t data base.
            Fuck that over-priced, over-taxed, gun-banning shithole. You will be in my prayers.

            • Here on the ‘shore’ is where I’ve lived all my life. You’re right with your last sentence though.

          • PO’d Patriot, Get the Hell outta there, Now!
            I, too, used to live in the Socialist cesspool of Maryland – Westminster to be exact. Got the hell outta there myself back in 2011 to the Redoubt. I can breath again! And, now, I won’t be going to the Penitentiary for putting a .45 Ashtray into the skull of a Black Maggots Matter burner of Baltimore. We face a different kind of “fight” out here – but at least it is NOT a everyday fight for our very lives.

        • Rellik, all he needs to hit is DC, NYC, City Of London, and Tel Aviv. Most of the world’s problems solved.

        • By “clear narrative” wouldn’t it be because Putin refuses to play with the other nations in the creation of One World Order plus he doesn’t please the others in The U.N?

          I also doubt he’ll fire on The USA, but if he did, he’d take out DC only, because he’s “for the people” and that would be doing us one hell of a big favor …and he’s a damn good sport.

        • The EMP from that would cripple the grid for months or years. After a few weeks we will have dozens of Fukushimas melting down. After a few months… I don’t want to think about that.

      2. The ENTIRE LEAST coast??

        Mac – don’t you damn dare tease us like this!! 🙂

        I’m with Rellik; I’ll send $50 too.

        In fact, just get GoFundMe going for Uncle Vlad.

        No more NYC or DC or CT. Dream, dream, dream….

        • No need for Russia to drop Nukes on the East Coast.

          Drop those Nukes on Tel Aviv – and the whole World will be Free!

          • FTW, Yep You beat me to it. I was going to say Russia Would Nuke Israehell first, as 75% of the worlds problems would instantly disappear in nano seconds. The US could kick all the J-ews out of America. Send them to Antartica or to Guantanamo for their crimes on America.


            • Hey “FTW”, and “WhoWTFKnows” ain’t it nice to know you’ll will be seeing Hitler when you pass from this earth? Hitler was, and Satan is, the greatest enemies of Israel and her jews. So, which one do you guys idiolize? The great big lie that satan wants you to believe, is that it’s “all Israel and the jews fault”. You’ll could have a good ole screaming party together in hell, when you figure out you’ve been deceived your whole live. You’ll are both ignorant, and it’s soooo sad. You can’t even see the truth of the evil people in our own government, who would love nothing more to have you hate that country, while they cause everything you thought Israel was doing…geee…study your bible for once in your life and then you’ll know that you need saving, but most of all, forgiving!

              • Joan, you worship the antichrist and are not saved.

                • Joan has not read any of the New Testament. Or, if she has read it, she wasn’t paying much attention. Joan has also obviously swallowed the Holocaust narrative — hook, line, and sinker!

          • I agree . Nuke Tel Aviv then Washington , London city and the Vatican . Then we might have peace on earth

      3. I’m assuming(hoping) that they will leave the west coast of Florida alone 🙂

      4. The title should read “Russia” and not “Putin” and Russia could wipe out the whole of americia and still have change from an hour because the USA under the control of bankters has become a cancer on the world, starting trouble or acting as an occupation force all over the place and the cancer will be stopped one way or another.

        Americans take your country back after 9/11 and don’t be fooled by thinking that the “Trump” puppet will do it for you because he’s on the bankers payroll too, Congress pulls the strings and is paid by ISISrael

        • Hey, Mr. Smith…satan hates Israel and the jews too…is he a relation of yours? And Hitler hated them too…so which one do you idolize?

          • Joan then why did jesus say Satan was the father of the jews in John 8:40 and that they are the synagogue of satan rev 3:9. Sounds like satan loves jews

            • Joan C: More proof that most females “think” with emotional based “feelings” instead of via Logic and common sense eh. That, and with an additional huge dose of johnny haggee judaizering, totally discombobulates such women’s fragil minds.

              ps, WWII ended in 1945, israell was not land grabbed/scammed by UN “officials” with the usa casting the final yes vote due to it’s khazer hyjacking, untill 1948. So hitler was long gone and could Not have so hated israel state/nation as you stated of.

              Joan C, for a very Fast wize up on these important issues…Dump hagee and research at Michael Hoffmans website, and view a few facts filled David Duke videos and read his arrticles too. Then get back with Us that already have done the research and gotten jewized up.

              Also a massive wealth of factual truthfull infos by americas and EU’s best and smartest phd type historians can be researched at website of codoah dot com.

              If that site is unable to awaken you fully? Then it is simply hopeless for you at this point. Oy vehy…

      5. This is WAY down my list of concern. MAD still lives. Even if Russia launched a surprise attack, US retaliation would eliminate most of Russia, and they know it. At worse, and it would be an awful event, may be limited battlefield nucs if NATO forces began to encroach on Soviet territory. But a strategic strike against US… not gonna happen. (and nothing I could do anyway. Even if I got to my BOL, probably wouldn’t survive such an attack)

      6. I have to agree… The USA does not need two left coasts!

      7. Pray for the Sweet Meteor of Death! Google it.

        • Giant meteor 2016!

      8. I personally think NATO could win a first strike attack against Russia – I am certainly willing to take the chance that it might lead, on the off chance, to the wiping out of large parts of the US. We are talking about dumps such as Detroit, etc., many of these places filled with ghettos of junky people. And I think most people in the world are willing to take that risk. America’s elite would survive and could rebuild back better.

        • Win & Nuclear war cannot occupy the same sentence without, “can’t”.

          ” And I think most people in the world are willing to take that risk. America’s elite would survive and could rebuild back better.”

          I don’t say this too often but.


          • Ah, the dear old “Frank Thoughts” and his his hatred of humanity rears his tired, ugly wrinkled old head yet again!

            This silly old fantasist has, during his waste of a life, been frisked by hijab wearing border guards, wandered freely throughout the Soviet Union as a special agent, survived bankruptcy in the UK in the 1970’s, worked as a high level agent for an extremely secret government department and much, much more!

            The really sad thing is, he believes himself!

            • Somebody needs a spanking today.

        • US/NATO won’t win a first strike attack against Russia, even though it is their only shot at scoring a win, because the bulk of such an attack will be picked off by the S-400’s and S-500’s. The Russian counter-strike to such an attack will be what delivers the devastation on a scale almost beyond comprehension.

          Russia won’t have only the SS-18 in their arsenal; they’ll also have the RS-28 Sarmat, slated to be operational and in service by 2018, but will more than likely be operational and in service by July 2017. Think about what they’ll have: a missile that is already considered best in breed, the SS-18, backed up by one that is completely off the charts, the Sarmat.

          Going forward from the first strike, things like economy of scale and resources are decisive advantages for Russia. First, economy of scale. The missiles for the 400 and 500 can also be fired by not just Russian combat aircraft, but Russian warships and submarines. That says Russia can produce them in big numbers right now. The S-400 uses the same vehicle platform as the ABM-135 missile system. More production and numbers. Same for the T-90 and T-14 tanks; the T-90 just happens to be another best in breed for Russia.

          On to resources. If you’re going to fight a war with Russia, you need two things if you’re going to have any chance at all against these guys: coal and light sweet crude. The US has coal and so does Russia. The difference? Four of the top five US coal producers are sitting in bankruptcy. That’s a major obstacle to getting that coal out of the ground to fight a war, an obstacle Russia does not have to deal with. Russia has light sweet while the US really does not. War means access to world oil markets is likely to be cut off. If that happens to the US, once the US pisses through the strategic petroleum reserve, the only thing left is going to be frack oil. You’re talking about maybe one year before the US would be completely dependent on garbage oil from oil sludge to fight a war. From a historical perspective, the US would be entering WWIII in the same position, oil-wise, that Germany was in at the end of WWII.

          Put it all together, and it says Russia should win WWIII and win it convincingly because they have more ways to win.

          • America gets 90% if its oil from mexico, canada, US.

          • Very good analysis Peter. Most Americans don’t consider much of what you have stated. They only see this big military with all these weapons and think that the U.S. is invincible without digging deeper and considering all aspects of a potential conflict with Russia.

        • “America’s elite would survive and could rebuild back better.”

          Actually, I rather see them go first.

      9. Insanity

        • The first intelligent response on this thread.

      10. That would be a start, sorry

      11. Putin is not going to Nuke America. His fight is with the globalist establishment, not the American people. He knows that Trump is favored to win, so he will keep his finger off of the trigger unless Obama fires first in a false flag attempt to distract the American voter. Then who is our real enemy?

        • I never thought an ape is able to carry the nuclear code. Now I am worried a criminal cunt to carry it.

      12. Just one of our Ohio class boomer subs (24 ICBMs) could level most of Russia and we have 14 of them. In addition we have land based ICBMs and our bomber force – all of which is the Nuclear Triad.

        Putin is not going to launch a nuclear attack on us. If Bammy didn’t respond our military would. I’m not losing any sleep over this.

        Now a crude nuke in a cargo ship that comes into one of our ports is much more likely.

        • lost karma

          You might not sleep so well after reading just how close we came to nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. No one knows this mans name in the US, yet the entire world would be well intended to have a Vasili Arkhipov Day of remembrance, so hopefully anything like this could be avoided in the future. One vote aboard a Soviet Submarine, that serves a nation, not well known for voting, was the difference between millions living and Armageddon.

          In 2002 Thomas Blanton, who was then director of the US National Security Archive, said that “Vasili Arkhipov saved the world”.

          h ttps://

      13. would that be within the 4 minuets Hillary told Putin he has?

        • She is handing out top secret information like candy.

      14. I truly pray that Hilary and her pack of political/military hyenas understand that if a slugfest ever broke out between the US and Russia there would be nobody in either country or Europe to clean up the mess.

        It would be up to the Chinese to pick up the remains.

        • Why is it that only the northern hemisphere is ever mentioned in nuclear war? At some point I would think the powers that be would include the southern hemisphere. Africa and south America should join in our depopulation festivities. It’s racist if we don’t include them…

      15. We, USA, are the the BMF, WE did the bomb drop,they are afraid of us more than doing us.We have enough atomic warfare to kill the whole world.What is the game here,to upset the sheeples,The truth is humans are not to b e trusted,we have much evil among us,”That which mercy can not rehabilitate- Justice will eventually annihilate”

      16. We have a huge problem. It won’t be Putin/Russia directly that launch an attack against the U.S. This will be an attack from China/Russia/NK/Iran, etc…and a host of other enemies of Washington. It will be coordinated and deadly; likely a combination of EMPs and cyberhacking….destroying our infrastructure by taking down the grid. Obumass won’t have clue on what to do next. There can be NO retalititory nuclear response without the POTUS giving the order. The military cannot (and won’t) launch a counter-offensive without the orders and launch codes from POTUS. PERIOD.!!!! And besides, whom does Obumass retaliate against.? Hackers in Romania.? Does he decide to nuke the world after finding out it was half the world and the superpowers of Russia and China? And yes, lost Karma is correct. The likely nuclear strike will be (6) of our major ports by a nuclear weapon onboard any one of the thousands of incoming ships. Yes, they are inspected when they arrive. But guess what folks? They are already in the ports before they are inspected. Can you imagine what would happen to this country to have shipping come to a complete halt with (6) of our major ports destroyed.?
        We are standing at the abyss, and it is only a matter of time. Pray and prepare for the horrors to come.!!!!

      17. I think this is just Fear Porn.

        Please explain why the US and Russia need to go to war?
        What offense has Russia done to us that justifies war?

        Would you be willing to go to war over Crimea or Eastern Ukraine?
        Are you ready to fight over Assad and Syria?
        I can’t even think of any other issues off the top of my head.

        I think this is all war hysteria to stampede us.

        • Amen to that! Russia and most of the Russian people do not want war! Keep messing with their economy and they will retaliate! Obama is the most screwed up POTUS we have ever had! Muslim prick hasn’t got a clue. Keeps making idle threats and Putin just keeps laughing at his weakness.

      18. Dr Roberts said: “The atomic bombs that Washington dropped on these helpless civilian centres while the Japanese government was trying to surrender, were mere popguns compared to today’s thermo-nuclear weapons.
        WTF? The Japs were not trying to surrender but arming their citizens for invasion of their island.
        Crap statements like this cause me to discount whatever else “Dr. Roberts” says on the subject or any other.

        • I hate to break it to you, the japs were trying to issue surrender offerings, Harry Truman for several reasons hit them with the a -bombs. Again, the (((media))) controls WHAT you read, hear and see…

          • Who in their right mind would believe lying Japs at that time? The Jap diplomats where in Washington talking peace in December of 1947 while the bombing of Pearl Harbor was being planned. I wish old Harry could have dropped a dozen bombs on them.

            • The truth lay between the two. The Japanese sent overtures through neutral countries regarding terms. The sticking point was the safety of the Emperor. The US quite intelligently complied with that request but hid the conditions from the US public. The Emperor going public was the believability in the actual surrender. His political position was to a great degree ceremonial and religious like a device Secretary Of State rather than a dictator before and during the war. Their government was a hybrid monarchy / dictatorship / democracy.

              The Japanese complied with the surrender terms to the letter and intent of the Emperors mandate. Germans on the other hand were on occasion killing GIs into the 1950s. While his military decisions are debatable, Douglas MacArthur’s influence in the creation of modern Japan is Nobel Peace Prize worthy.




      20. QUESTION: Roberts mentioned the SS – 18 ” Satan ” Nuc; but he didn’t mention how many Megatons it packs. If anyone on here knows; I’d sure like to find out. Thanks.

        • Not to dismiss the Satan, but what you really need to pay attention to is the Sarmat. Satan is considered to be best in breed, and Sarmat is considered to be a huge upgrade. One Sarmat could, at a minimum, wipe a country the size of France off the face of the earth. However, what sets Sarmat apart is that there are no answers to it. It has 10 to 15 MIRVs. Those MIRVs have guidance systems to which there is no equal, giving them the maneuverability to evade any and all defensive missile fire. They also happen to be impervious to US electronic warfare capabilities.

          Anyone who thinks the US has anything in the ICBM department that measures up to what the Russians have must be drinking some pretty exceptional Kool-Aid.

          • Russian precision military equipment has always been sub par to say the least. They make sturdy stuff no doubt, but take their tanks and airplanes, in desert storm we wiped out the 4th largest army in the world, modern soviet air defense, t-90, mig 29 fulcrums et al. We did it in 4 days 4 hours and 10 minutes. It is highly doubtful the Russians could withstand any conventional attack by the US. It is also probable we have advanced anti missile tech which hasnt been revealed.

        • Satan= 20mt

      21. The big solution to global warming is nuclear winter…

      22. A hydrogen bomb causes too much damage . A EMP bomb leaves people alive to burn and destroy. A Nutron bomb kills all living things but does not damage property. Only Nutron bombs will be used regardless of the treaties. Dial a nukes. You can set there kill radius. With no destruction to buildings Nutron shielding?

      23. No doubt nuclear war is insanity. I don’t know what to believe with all the lies thrown out by media. I do know Fukushima nearing 6 years after the event is a global threat of catastrophic consequence to all mankind. Yet this is covered up by the establishment completely. The ice dam is failing. Nuclear power is also above the law and can’t be stopped. Pure stupidity is running this shit show.

      24. Putin is not going to nuke the US. He will rattle the saber, but he will not nuke the US. Mutual destruction is not the plan.

        • However, with Hillary in the Oval Office the very worst is possible.

      25. …Or, the U.S. Government can do it and blame it on the Russians, or the Chinese, or Iran, or North Korea, or “ISIS”, or…. In any case, it makes for the perfect “excuse” for total martial law and “continuity of government” atrocities against the people in order to attempt to totally enslave Americans with the rest of the elites’ billion Chinese under the elites’ Communist labor management there.

      26. As an East Coaster thanks for all those that care so little of the Millions of Patriots still live here… Anyways, I’d just add that if Putin wanted to flat out murder 100 million people and if he wanted to waste a first strike then sure hit the east coast… But anyone with a map and the Internet knows where most of our stuff is… All I know from boxing is he could be feigning right and throwing a left. Watch your six everyone the best you can. I hope we all make it.

        • I care about you, I know lots of great East coasters, in not your fault Israel took over DC and New York and Boston.

      27. Im more in favor of Neutron bombing selected places. Leaves the infrastructure intact. kills all organic living things.

        • Old Guy

          The original Star Trek series had a show where two warring planets made war manageable where people, for the sake of humanity, voluntarily killed themselves in a simulated attack. The result was prolonging a war for several hundred years.

          Make war terrible, destructive, so much so that MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, which has kept the peace for decades sobers malicious intent.

      28. What a stupid article. As if the USA does not have it’s own secret weapons that makes nukes look like child’s play. Not to mention Star War project that WAS CREATED. Anyone here that thinks otherwise is dumber than a box of rocks.

      29. I think Putin should nuke that den of vile zionists known as Israel that has enslaved our nation by bribing and blackmailing our traitorous leaders .

        • amen

      30. Oh great, now this thug, Roberts, is a warmonger. Wasn’t enough what he and daddy Bush did to the working people in America with all the deregulation of the wealthy, still, this sucker is publishing his opinion and people are reading it? Thank goodness for Putin in Russia, the reason Roberts and his ilk hate Putin is because Putin has spared the world of the war they, the super elite want, for us. You can bet your bottom dollar old three names will be in a DUMB if ever the SHTF. Wake up people, the men doing the damage to us are always the men shoved in our faces as the authorities on the subject. Haven’t we learned yet, why do the same old ‘got all I could then, now I want more’ bunch of old useless punk arse men still get featured on the sites we use and need? We want change, not more of the same; we want new not old; we want freedom to reign over the land, and, not this” always on the edge of our seats leadership, that only wants to enrich themselves. Put old three names to work at a real job, at Taco Bell, like he and his ilk have put us to work, at Taco Bell…

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