Parents to be Penalized Thousands for Not Vaccinating Kids: “No Jab, No Pay Policy”

by | Apr 13, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 108 comments

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    Australia has upped the ante in the effort by governments around the world to push vaccinations on all children and intimidate parents into compliance.

    The trend of some parents opting out of vaccinations – and filing religious and personal belief exemptions to avoid immunizations they believe are too risky for their children – is under a coordinated push back by the powers-that-be and the Big Pharma lobbyists that nudge them into action.

    While California and numerous other states are attempting to ban exemptions for children entering school in the wake of the hyped Disneyland Measles scare, the government in Australia is pushing through legislation to deny childcare benefits to parents who refuse to shoot up their kids with a mixture of toxic constituents.

    That is the kind of leverage afforded by Western governments that have pushed more and more people into the net of the collective system – where tax penalties and control over the health care system allow social engineering through incentives and denials.

    For Australian parents, $11,400 lost in family benefits will likely prove a harsh disincentive for defying the flawed official wisdom on vaccinations.

    Vocativ reported:

    The Australian government announced it would cut childcare benefits to families who refuse to vaccinate their children, effectively taking $11,400 per child out of the pockets of parents.


    The new law will create a financial disincentive to halt the trend, and tighten existing exemptions for parents who oppose vaccinations due to personal, philosophical or religious reasons.

    “This is essentially a ‘no jab, no pay’ policy from this Government,” said Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. “It’s a very important public health announcement, it’s a very important measure to keep our children and our families as safe as possible.”

    Another article discussing Australia’s proposed penalties against childcare rebates (not subsidies) reported the loss of funds could go even higher – topping at $15,000:

    Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children will miss out on government benefits of up to $15,000 per child under a new measure announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.


    Under the policy which the coalition took to the last election, and which is supported by Labor, “conscientious objection” would no longer be allowed for parents who refuse to vaccinate their children but still want to receive child care payments and family tax benefit supplements.

    There is no stretch too far for the excuse of safety in instituting control, of course.

    And the policies could easily reach American shores, too.

    Meanwhile, where individual rights still prove too much of a barrier, governments can hit people in the pocketbooks.

    As such, it falls a bit below the belt, dealing an unscrupulous punch to parents struggling to make the best choices in light of often conflicting and heatedly debated information about vaccine safety, ingredients like mercury-containing Thimerosal, and tragic cases of death linked to vaccines, as well as seizures, paralysis, reactions – and most controversial of all, autism.

    While developmental disorders on the autism spectrum have risen astronomically in a few short decades– now affecting 1-in-42 boys and 1-in-68 children when it was extreme rare in past decades, research investigating the possible links to vaccines have drawn heavy fire from media attack dogs defending the establishment estate. The notorious assault on the career of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who investigated autism, was a major front in the war, while the recent revelations of the CDC whistleblower have proven fudging of government data linking higher rates of autism in vaccinated African American boys.

    There have been other blatant attacks against the sanctity over the right for families to make their own decisions.

    As SHTF reported, many have advocated jailing parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids, or alternately, shunning them and refusing to allow the kids to play or mingle with the vaccinated masses.

    In January, SHTF reported on an unsettling case in Washington state where the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) threatened to remove children from a home unless the entire family complied with getting a flu shot.

    Petitions in the United States have been circulated calling for increases in the insurance rates of parents who won’t vaccinate – providing a penalty similar to Australia’s plan for refuseniks.

    These cases are just the tip of the iceberg for a culture of chilled free will and underlying threats to obey state mandates – for health and other aspects of society – or risk the loss of rights and the potential to have children taken away.

    In larger view, the aim is to put power of the decisions that affect individual health fully into the hands of the state, allowing them to become the ultimate arbiter of what is best – threatening to make us all wards of the state.

    That’s exactly what happened to Cassandra C., a 17 year old who was forced to receive chemotherapy against her wishes – while also being forcibly removed from her mother and even denied visitation with her closest relative.

    We live in dangerous times… beware.


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      1. Australia…isn’t that the country that grabbed it’s ankles and said “Ream my butt with the butt of the rifle that I sheepishly turned in”? They will do as they are told.

        • I lived in Australia once. Paradise for an outdoorsman, but I was shocked even back then that it could be so socialist. We walked into the outback with no weapons of any kind except a walking stick. They are famous for having one of the highest rates of STD transmission for any country. I had sex with two girls there and no guys. I was shocked that they were holding a drag show in the city (I don’t go to such things). I was in the airport and a group of flaming flamboyantly-dressed queens paraded by, letting people take their picture. I SCUBA dove the Great Barrier Reef. I tried camel, octopus, squid, and kangaroo meat (only the kangaroo meat was any good). The country has a real reputation with sailors as one of the most frustrating in terms of bureaucracy. Have you ever seen that movie “Razorback”?

        • “They will do as they are told.”

          I guess so. If they had any ball in that country, one would think there’d be a class action law suit coming. I think I’d bust out the visa and find somewhere else to live.

        • For that fucking matter:


          Take up barefoot running.

          Eat organic ONLY.

          Get a Fl filter.

        • You vil do as I say!

      2. I won’t be surprised when they try to do it here as well,you KNOW that it is for our own GOOD, (humor) just one more brick in the wall to tear down!

        • It’s always some slacker who wants to suck on the government tit but then doesn’t want to do what they are asked to do by that same government. You want to dance, you’ve got to pay the piper. This is a No-Brainer for any REAL Freedom Seeker: Don’t participate in ANY government programs and they won’t bother you nearly as much. However, if someone insists on sending their kids to government schools and asking for government money for food, etc., then they have to abide by whatever the government says and if that means getting shots for the kids, so be it. There really is no such thing as a Free Lunch.

          • @Gregory8

            So what you are saying is that if we don’t like the public education system, we shouldn’t bother fighting it, just go the alternative route and send the kids to private school….even though are local tax dollars are at work funding the mayhem.

            OK, that’s all well and good. Except way back when, we the people installed a public education system because history showed that when a bunch of kids are together, they learn better and they develop valuable social skills that mirror those in the real world. We the people did that….and it was the right call.

            However, over time, as we all know, there has been a pornographic perversion of the education system. The squeaky, control freak wheels have gained advantage.

            By no means though should we surrender and just look/go the other way. That is un-american and sheepish.

            We need to fight the government and pull the education system back to it’s original intent…and that is to educate. We the people installed the education system….the government has corrupted it, and now we the people must bring it back.

            So if that means fighting against medical encroachment, philosophical indoctrination, etc., then we should fight it. I go the other way. Look it head on. Top the perversions and manipulations.

            We the people fund the education system. It isn’t a right. Trust me, the town taxes that I pay rival the mortgage amount and we all know that town taxes primarily fund the schools.

        • Funny, I was just talking with some non-vaxing friends about this. One of the guys said he thinks all the parents have to do is say, “Okay, then I’m homeschooling my kid”. Do you realize what that will do to the budget? The school is paid anywhere from $6,000-$10,000 per student here in good ole liberal California. If ten students pulled out, that could be upwards of $100,000?

          I will never use a state school. Ever. I am not alone, there is something like 2+ million homeschoolers in this country and plenty of them don’t innoculate. Many of these parents are educated people, not H.S. dropouts with no brains.

          So, good luck with that one.

          • You are correct. There are too many states where homeschooling is quite easy and there are 3-4 million homeschooled last I read. If even 100’000 more kids were withdrawn, out of a pool of millions, the government school system is looking at potentially 1 billion in lost per student revenue. Money talks.

            It’s not as hard as many are afraid of, and now that so many are homeschooling the resources available are enormous. Getting into college as a homeschooled kid is easy, perhaps easier than for government educated kids; and just ask most employers, homeschooled kids get hired first as they’re generally more reliable, harder working, more well adjusted, and just plain better employees.

            Of course the main reason we do it is so our kids aren’t indoctrinated by the government and turned into mindless drones on Prozac and Ritalin. We’re teaching them to be creative thinkers as well as hard working moral people.

            It’s much harder to trick someone who knows how to think than someone who’s only been told what to think.

          • Bingo! We have a winner.
            $10k for counties (well, maybe 3.5k is siphoned off for “building projects”). $6.5k for state schools. $few hundred for books for homeschool. Yep, state accountants LOVE homeschool but the local school systems HATE it, financially. That’s one reason why in our state there is no law requiring vaccines as long as one files the correct forms.

      3. why do people allow this to happen?

        why do people not fight to protect their rights as informed parents and defend their children’s bodies and still developing minds from the corrupt medical establishment misrepresented poisons big pharma is peddling.

        it amazes me that so many are so fearful, weak in the mind and to ignorant to challenge the murder by needle being done unto them and their own defenseless babies!

        • The fluoride has done its work.

          • You damn right

          • All the more reason to go hunting big pharma execs…and politicians…

            • see the movie “The East”

          • Rather entertaining when they talk about gun control they say “if it could save just 1 child it will be worth it” With Vac’s I guess that one same child no longer matters to them eh?

        • I agree with solus, why in the hell do you allow this, get up and raise holy hell even if you have to revolt. This is forced slavery in a way. Don’t stand for this!!! I don’t want to be a slave and I will not stand back and allow this if it happens here in America. I kid you not, I will not sit back and do nothing. I will fight for freedom and choice. Tired of these corrupt police/courts and white house trying to tell us what we must do. Get off your asses and get energized and start practicing with a gun. defend yourself and get body armor. Get a plate carrier for 100 bucks and buy some ar-500 steel plates and up the anty. We win when we all stand united. We lose when we are acting like cattle going to the slaughter house. I will not be that cow. I will be that cow that breaks the pins to free others.

          • FEAR THE COWS

            Cows kill about an average 22 people in the U.S. every year.

            Sharks are pussies compared to the killer cows, as they only kill 9 people on average globally.

            “GO COWS!”

          • So, someone would like to approach me and mine with needles full of poison? OK, just come to Papa Braveheart and get your nice, hot lead.

            • Hi Brave:

              Noticed your absence here at shtf. Glad to see you back.

        • Solus Lupus: I’m in my early 60’s and I was in the military for more than 20 years, over half of it on active duty. I received well over 60 vaccinations from flu, small pox, MMR, yellow fever, typhoid, plague, hepatitis B, cholera, meningitis, and god knows what else; I lost my shot record. I, and the hundreds of men and women I know, who went through the same thing are alive and still kicking. More people die each year from anesthesia during routine operations than get ill, let alone die, from immunizations. Hey, life is dangerous, but it’s a lot less dangerous with modern medicine.

          • Gregory 8, I’m not one to believe that everything is a conspiracy, and as for immunizations I don’t personally think the problem is do you need one, as much as does the Government have the right to make my children get one. If you think they’re good then get one, but don’t try and force me to follow what you believe. And as I read in another comment, if you think they protect you and yours, then you have no need to worry about whether me or mine has the immunization. Its like anti-gunners, if you don’t like guns don’t get one, just don’t try and tell me I can’t have one. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

        • Solus:

          What is really amazing is that we castigate Australia AT ALL for allowing this to happen to them.

          They are owned by the same City of London=Fed Reserve=IMF=BIS that we are; and this same scenario is being played out in America. Already schools not allowing unvaccinated kids to attend, doctors not allowing unvaccinated kids in their offices, etc. And if this doesn’t do the trick to poison your kids…..they will start with the EBT crew first…then it will be coming to your doorstep.

          After seeing all the commercials on your Talmudvision promoting drugs, reading the side effects, and then following the lawyers plea for your case when you have been damaged beyond repair…..what will it take to wake you up to the poisons?

          Castigate Aussies? We are no braver than they are at stopping the poison needle/meds being shoved at us.

          Lots of quotes from the PTB on the immediate need to thin the herd occupying the earth. What better way than that innocent looking needle.

      4. Where I live, no vaccinations, no school. Can’t even cite religious objections. Its either the jab or homeschool. This would be in The Peoples Republic of Illinois by the way. My kids are out of school but knowing what I know now, I should have homeschooled them. With Common Core they will al be stupid and retarded.

        • It’s required for a private school as well?

          How they get away with that (unless the private school isn’t actually fully private)?

        • Warface, we ALREADY have a nation of retards.

        • Homeschooling is the best way. We have homeschooled for over 15 years now and it was one of the many reasons we moved to Idaho. Idaho has the best, or at least close to it, laws on homeschooling anywhere in the world. Here we homeschool at will with no documentation or anything; if the state ever wanted to charge us with neglect they would have to prove that the level of education our kids receive wasn’t equivalent to what our kids could have gotten from government schools. The burden of proof is all on the state.

          As far as the shots go, please think very carefully before getting them, especially before giving them to your children. I have unfortunately administered lots of them and wasn’t taught the things about them in school that I’ve learned since.

          First I would urge you to consider that vaccine manufacturers are the only product manufacturers that are exempt from all liability in the US. Why?

          Why can’t they be held liable if they make a bad batch through negligence and it results in patient harm?

          Second, if vaccines work as they say why haven’t they done any randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trials to prove it. Seriously there aren’t any. None. At all. There are not any other prescription medications in the US that haven’t gone through clinical trials. None.

          Third, if vaccines work as they say, and they were vaccinated, why should they care if you were? Why should anyone be concerned if my kids weren’t vaccinated if their little suzy was? Shouldn’t her shot protect her?

          Fourth, what you’ll never see is a trial comparing the efficacy of the measles shot (M-M-R II) to natural resistance of those who had the measles. It’s mindblowing and cannot be discussed.

          Fifth, for any that have access to the VARS system (Vaccine Administration Reporting System), it’s complete and utter crap. Even if I think I’ve filled the reports out correctly for adverse reactions I have no way of getting confirmation that anyone listened to what I said or included it in the literature. The whole system is a joke and I’ll wager that more than 50% of vaccine administrators couldn’t tell you how to fill out an adverse reaction form or where to send it without looking it up.

          Don’t worry though, you signed a release form absolving me of all responsibility for anything at all before you got your shot.

          • 16 year veteran here;)

            • Nice!

          • Thanks for your honest assessment of vaccines, Rebel.

            Isn’t often that someone in the medical field admits the truth.

            • Don’t mention any of this to old coach, he loves vaccines and will not hear of it!

            • Thanks, but I’m swimming upstream on this one. Most of my patients are so afraid to not get the shots that they come in asking for them. While I don’t refuse to administer any shots except Gardisil (the numbers on that one are so bad even if you demand it I won’t), I do try to discourage people whenever I can and of course I always provide all the information they’ll let me.

              However TV has people so brainwashed, and big Pharma has so much money to make, that it’s really hard.

              This one still has my collegues laughing, true story:

              Nice old lady inquiring about Zostavax (shingles) “What are some of the side effects of the shingles shot?”

              Me with my most serious face and tone “Instant death and paralysis.”

              Her “What would my copay be?”

              Sigh. What more can you do?

        • They keep pushing more and more people into the home school arena they wont have as many to indoctrinate , and eventually the tax system will no longer support as many “teachers” that’s when those liberal ass kissing teachers will wake up, but it will be too late, and thankfully so , because we will actually end up with educated children of a generation coming ..yes I homeschool mine ,, and they can look down my barrel if they come with their needles,, i will “fear for my life” and i will protect whats mine

          the education system in this country has already failed, so as far as public school goes its toast ,, we just need to help it along.. Hey my family has made sacrifices due to homeschooling our children ,, we are on a single income and its getting harder everyday in this economic slide into hell , but were not giving in paying two ways , 1 in my taxes and 2 to do it all at home costs $

          god bless my wife

          • I’ll second that. God bless mine too.

            Best of wishes to you and yours.

      5. So you take welfare and you have to do what you are told to do to continue to receive it.

        I’s an old English axiom that “Ye takes the King’s shilling, ye does the King’s bidding”.

        You don’t want to be told what to do for your welfare money, just don’t take the welfare money (including government schooling for your kids) in the first place.

        I have no sympathy for those that are on the dole in any manner and then gripe about conditions being put on them to keep receiving it. Pay your own way or shut up, nothing’s free and everything comes with a string attached.

        • I just feel sorry for the kids whose retarded parents do this shit to them.

        • You are one narrow minded prick. I pray you never have a hard time or a disease or something that keeps you from making money. Some people have no choice.

          • Dunjin, how have you been?

            • Im still trying to pry my head out of my ass Brave. I think vaccines have screwed my mind up. But I don’t care, they are still good for you. Excuse me while I go change my diaper.

          • The KIDS sure don’t. So let’s punish them for BEING BORN…condemn them to a lifetime of misery from the toxic jabs, because THEIR PARENTS are irresponsible.

            makes sense to me (sarcasm)

          • Is it so hard to address what was said without including a personal attack in the process? And as the opening statement as well?

            Personal attacks, and Alinskiish sort of thing, don’t add anything to your thoughts and make it look like you either have nothing valid to say or don’t believe what you say can stand on your own.

            FWIW, I’ve had plenty of hard times in my life, along with everything that comes from having children and educating them, and handled each and every one of them on my own without forcing someone else to pay for them.

            Since the subject of this article and of my post is forced vaccinations, would you mind at least openly stating your position on them (I’m assuming you favor them from the nature of your post and attack).

        • Sharon, I couldn’t agree more or have said it any better. Good post.

        • Exactly right. I would respectfully ask you Sharon to consider your above comment in light of social security (I know dragging up a few days ago sorry).

          I think you’ve got it right but just haven’t considered SS in the light you just presented. Please don’t think I’m harping on you too much, you’re comments are great and I’m hoping that changing you’re mind on SS (taking the King’s shilling) will be eye opening.

          Go back to the tax article a few days ago (the 9th if memory serves) and scroll down the comments about 2/3 or so for those who didn’t read it and are curious.

          • All kinds of strings come attached to SS.

            If you take it you take the strings as well.

            Even if you’ve already paid for it and it isn’t a welfare benefit as such.

            Government doesn’t give you money for free, it gives you money to control you even if you gave them the money first and had no choice in doing so.

            • Sharon, They steal your money at gunpoint then dole some of it back with conditions. Paying for your own demise and filling their coffers at the same time. What a great system huh? Die before you can collect, we’ll keep all your money and give you 240 bucks. How can people think this shit is ok?

            • Absolutely right! I just love your polite call for civility and reason above, green thumbs.

        • Sharon: Well said!

      6. My Brother from down under. Where are your BALLS.
        Please grow some! Don’t take this SH^T. You guys are better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • too late, they already handed in their teeth ,, they will do as told now or pay dearly for trying to stand against it, with nothing to back it up.

          how blind to history we all can be ,, let it not be what happens here

      7. Tough call for the parents. You do not want the children to suffer from a bad decision. We were immunized in the 60’s because it was mandatory for school attendence.

        • i was born in 63 not immunized .. still standing tall and kicking ass , very healthy

          they lie

          • oh BTW public school educated , and degree form local college

        • I was also immunized in the 60’s and I now suffer from several disorders. One of them is low tolerance for stupidity, another is critical thinking syndrome, another is over creative disorder. I also suffer from non herd mentality syndrome. Or I suppose it could all be from the heavy metal detoxing I did and herbal cleansing, hmmmm.

          • Well when you’re over 4 standard deviations from “normal” you can expect these kinds of problems. Cable TV and a sedative just might fix you right up.

      8. This is exactly the reason as to why there is so much government assistance($$$)being given to the people. Make the people addicted and dependent on free money and force them into compliance under the threat of losing that money.

        • John89,
          BIG YUP, you hit the nail on the head, control the dough and you control the sheeples!

        • Uncle Scam screwing the sheeple. Nothing new there.

      9. The entire medical establishment is a scourge on humanity. From it’s medicine onset many decades ago selling phony cure all potions in the streets, these concoctions have sickened and murdered untold millions. Big Pharma poisons have little liability and are a cost of doing business that is insignificant to the gross billions earned. Use of vaccines outcomes cannot be held liable to Big Pharma. It is pure insanity.

        • Ajamo:

          Your post is great. Thanks….

          • Aljamo–>

            Conversely, how difficult is it, to do a bit of to where the corporate offices are located and who the CEOs of said corps…are?

            ..a serious search of county (public) ‘tax-records’..once the general location is identified..ofttimes…is quite rewarding!!!

            • Hunter, would those CEOs be members of a certain ‘tribe’ by chance?

        • Aljamo, spot on. I don’t take any FDA-approved poisons for anything and never will. FDA are just the biggest snake oil salesmen I’ve ever seen in my life.

        • aljamo, while I agree with much of your post, I’m wondering if you have any antibiotics stockpiled?

          I know I have a pretty decent supply of abx, bandaids, medical equipment, and so forth. I would encourage you to consider them too.

          Please don’t feel the ENTIRE medical community is a scourge on humanity. One day you might want to know a like-minded nurse, dentist, physician, pharmacist, chiropractor, mid-wife, or veterinarian.

          • Rebel:

            nomorefakenews dot com will fill any one interested about big pharma and vaccines and Monsantos’ GMO’s.

            No advertisers to keep happy at that site so Rappaport can tell it like it is.

            • Granny, is also a great site for info on vaccines and gmo’s. They have a great reference page for herbal healing and healing foods too. It’s like an encyclopedia of natural info 🙂

              • Thanks Genius….keep up your great helpful comments!

                • and a few others:


                  h ttp://,









                  Are all good places to start.

      10. These are WELFARE benefits, government handouts. Since they are HANDOUTS, the government has every right to put whatever stipulation it wants on the HANDOUTS. Don’t like the criteria for you to receive the HANDOUT, then go someplace to get a HANDOUT. Your title is very misleading. You have learned well from the lying PTB.

        • Skeptical, they’ll follow the criteria just like any other good little sheeple because there is NO other source for handouts.

        • You are free to keep bending over and paying taxes to the criminal zionist bankers who control the USA but some of us have decided not to play this game anymore because we are not winning and have a sore bottom.

          Now go to work to pay for a house you cannot afford to impress freinds you don’t have because i have the t-shirt too but worked out that the rules had changed.

          Yes freiend TPB love surf’s like you but not half as much as cheap immigrant labour costs.

      11. Check out MedicalkidnapDOTcom

      12. The benefits are actually Child Care rebates,not actual money in pocket perse.Im vaccinated,so is the missus,so is both our girls.None of us autism.
        I get that people should be able to decide for themselves,but not at the risk of giving,say,a newborn whooping cough(which happened here not too long ago).
        Also,we now have more legal weapons registered here in Oz then before the buy back,there is aprox.466k registered owners here in Queensland alone.

        • You do not yet know, nor will you ever know if you develop Alzheimers, cancer, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis…there are ZERO long term studies on the side effects of immunizations. Doesn’t that scare the crap out of you? They don’t even know what it does long term….well, I suspect they know but don’t tell because, “Shhhhhh, its all about the money”.

          Growing up in the 70’s I knew a couple kids with mental handicaps in school. Now it is 1 in a 100 have autism. Does that make sense to you? Why do we have so many cases of aspergers and autism? What caused this EPIDEMIC of cases?

          Follow the cash trail my friend.

          • I have always had the thought that most of these diseases were basically unheard until the industrilisation(sp?) of the western world.
            Look at were i live-we have the RAAF flying over night & day,dumping burnt Jet A1 over everything.
            What about the amount of chemicals that have been dumped into the soils & oceans from 1900 forward.We know a family of 5,and they are hippies.3 kids-2 girls & a boy.These parents have never vaccinated any of the kids,and the boy is Autistic.If you want something to support what ever research your doing,you will find what ever evidence you want that suits your need

      13. For what it’s worth:: Fukushima= E. L. E.

      14. ‘No pay, no jab.’

        hey soldya, that my line! You Yankee Amedikan running DOGS! Go home! Ching Yow!

      15. Yes.
        Penalize ‘Parents’ (breeders).
        Your little tax deductions should be tax penalties. Why TF should the consumers that popped out from between your legs…
        oh never mind

        • And all school related taxes should be eliminated from property taxes on those who do not have kids.

      16. The Aussie government loves this kind of thing:
        “No jab, no pay” – if you want the welfare package, give us all your details and keep in step with modern medicine for city living.
        If you DON’T want to vaccinate, that’s FINE! That’s OK. But you don’t get (this bit of) welfare.
        The pinch on freedom is that each worker gets taxed to pay for all these schemes.
        In the Outback (the mostly desert countryside in the middle) they have “no school, no pool” to get kids to come to school.
        If you don’t want to come to school, that’s OK, but stay out of the swimming pool. It’s fair enough. It’s not your pool, after all.
        Right, my testing’s done, back to work.
        Great site! You guys keep a flat eye on the game they play.

      17. off topic, but my oathkeeper friend just called me about 2 ospreys landing IN BARSTOW, ca(on broadway at a baseball field) for half an hour sat there with helicopters(marines) circling(probly the ones that flew over my house in hesperia a half hour before that)….ospreys don’t land IN BARSTOW….there’s a marine base not 10 miles away….closest ospreys are 29palms, or….anyways, they loaded/unloaded something with a white schoolbus with windows blacked out, couldn’t see inside…and couldn’t see the ospreys while they were on the ground…this all happened late afternoon today.

      18. We are cattle to them and i also suspect that something is being put in our food to keep us dumb and not thinking or careing.

        Both Starlin and Hitler put stuff in the water supply to supress resitance from popultaions so if you add to that how they are trying to force people to take a jap then my silly little theory might just have some legs on it.

        Our fucked up democracy is so good that we cannot even label food as being Monsando GMO free because our american freinds will chew our balls off behind closed doors.

        We now get fines for protesting about things like this because some prick says that you need a licence but what i want to know is if the fine is $5000 for protesting then what will be the fine when we start to pull some head off.

      19. It’s going to be a long week in Oregon

        ht tp://

        • nworeport dot com has some info on this BLM stand off. Happening around Grants Pass, Oregon. Article states the owners have only days to remove all equipment and even buildings. Even before a hearing date that had been set.

          • agenda21radio dot com has a great article pertaining to this standoff with the BLM and the gold mine. Letter to the BLM from the mine owner tells it all. Read the comments sections. You will have a real good update on US history and the theft of property belonging to the American public.

            Even has a comment on why China might be involved in the land grab.

      20. We Aussies are totally indoctrinated.

        I try telling my friends that vaccines are unnecessary, given that liposomal C will kill all viruses, and they treat me like I blasphemed against God.

        • There was a time when I worried so much about family and friends that didn’t see the big picture I lost sleep. But recently, I have come to understand that they are part of the problem and if they don’t take heed the first couple times I mention something then it isn’t worth it to push.

          Last weekend while a couple friends and I were chatting over pizza about where to hide money, a young newcomer said, “Why not the banks”? I mentioned Greece and how we all ought to have some cash available and she looked at me like I was nuts. She is also the one who has been condemning non-immunizers. She won’t get another warning from me. They have three very young children and while I will fed those children I don’t think I will be able to cover their lazy, foolishness. I hate to even think about it.

          • Anon, I hear you! It used to drive me crazy that people were so stuck in la la land and thought I was crazy for pointing out truths. Now I don’t say shit unless it is someone who seems interested. If they want more info I give it to them, if not then so be it. The masses that want no part of it can FOAD 🙂

        • Perhaps they are being closed because the time has come to repurpose them. But that is obvious…

      21. Allowing the water to be poisoned by the criminal politicians is another reason to dislike the police. Why won’t the so called heroic police put an end to poisoning the water? why are the police such cowards when it comes to standing up for what is right?

        And speaking of vaccines, if I had young children, I would teach them that, in the name of self defense, if someone tries to stick you with a needle, you stick them in the eye with a pencil or pen! Because sticking someone, a child or otherwise, with a needle, against their wishes, is assault. When are the cowardly police going to start arresting the “medical” people for assaulting people with needles?

        • Thank you Solus…respect, sir!

      22. Around here your kids will not attend school if they don’t have current vaccine record. That is considered child neglect and DCF can investigate the kids living situation at home. I keep my kid home from school for one day the school calls to check if they are sick. If kid misses more than 2 days and there is no answer on the phone they send police over. When I was kid there were kids that hardly went to school I dint think they every got a proper education. Wife’s sister does the home school thing she swears it’s the way to go. But she believes isolating her kids from the world to protect them. I don’t find that a good way to go. To me kids need to be around other kids in a school setting to learn how to compete with eachother. Everyone’s afraid f the bully’s even parents. Why fuck them I don’t care if they can beat your kids ass I’m gonna teach my kids to flip out the first time a bully comes at them. The problem with people is they let the bullying happen till it gets unbearable . You have to flip out the first time they will move on to softer people to pick on. This protectionism that’s put on kids does not help them later in life on the competitive job market. I’ve seen parents talk to bosses for their kids . I wouldn’t hire anyone that didn’t negotiate for them self . Kids will grow up to be adults with no spine and be complete yes employees. I’m glad I’m over half way through my working years. The youth are fucked the shit they gonna have to put up with. Every week I’m trying t put $ away so I can get out of the work force. Can’t wait.

        • Homeschooling does not necessarily equal isolation. My children (nor any of my friends, not even one) have isolated kids and they all homeschool.

          My oldest daughter attende public school for 31/2 years a looooong time ago. I signed a waiver for vaccine exemptions. No biggie.

          My 11 year old can have a conversation with a 50 year old because he is properly socialized. My 15 year old is good friends with a 34 year old woman who is teaching her some skills that I don’t have. Our neighbors love my kids. Last week our new dentist cleaned all their teeth and when we left he said, “You have some well-behaved kids, I really enjoyed taking care of them”. He is also a homeschool father and biological dentist. My children are 4, 6, 11, 15 (and the older ones are out of the house).

          Don’t discredit homeschooling because your sister is fearful. I knew someone like that who kept her kids from everything and they are bumbling ding-dongs. Can barely read. That is one in thousands! There are so many activities it can be overwhelming. You have to limit it because it can be too much.

          My poor public school education has been supplimented with a real education as I have taught my children. It’s been amazing.

      23. Yes you do pay for giving up your gun rights ..or allowing them to infringe on them in any way

        they did it to themselves, and so are we

      24. Take medication “X” for your gastro-reflux disease. Side effects include:
        – swelling of the throat
        – headaches
        – fever
        – diarehha
        – bluured vision
        – respitory failure
        – constipation
        – insomnia
        – increased risk of heart attack, stroke

        If you suffer any of these side effects, run to your doctor immediately.

        Then call Attoynee “Y”….you may be eligible for compensation under the class action for medication “X”.

        MADNESS….ALL OF THIS. !!!!!!!

      25. The good thing about homeschooling is you can teach stuff the public schools won’t. I’ve argued points with guys from work on schooling. Some say private catholic schools are better. I’d agree for the most part but I went to public school cause my parents didn’t have the $ to send us. The difference is public school don’t care if you don’t have credits to graduate. After 9th grade they treat students like adults and if you don’t wanna be there fine. I remember being lectured and teachers being like professors. To me I was a slacker as a kid didn’t fully understand the gravity of learning to succeed. I did what I had to do. I think making kids love learning and challenging their mind creates success.


        • Dear Jennifer,
          I think you are spot on about diet coke. One doctor said “its the single worst thing you can put into your body”. I’m sure you know about the elevator effect of toxins. Nonetheless, autism and vaccines have a MUCH stronger correlation than vaccines and disease elimination. I challenge you to do a little study on autism. Ask people who run a clinic for poor autistic children, for instance. You’ll soon learn that toxins from vaccines — and I’m not saying the initial plan for the vaccine was toxic but what ended up being in the market either through human error or deceit — do cause autism as per the parents of about 50% of the autistic kids.

          BTW, is your friend the only diet coke addict who had a child? Were the others autistic?

      27. No disrespect to Aussies meant in particular.
        I think of the failed long gun call-in in Connecticut after the Sandy Hook ‘drills’… remember that? Only something like 15% complied.
        Sounds like Aussie spirit there.

      28. We noticed now dentists even require vaccine records. there’s definitely a higher power at work on this front. Welp, we can correctly say ours have been vaccinated all they are legally required to be. 😉

        Also, parents who sign a contract endangering their health and even the lives of their child should be brought up on charges. Welp, that is EXACTLY the contract they sign when they go to the doctor and sign that contract for vaccination. HAS NO ONE OTHER THAN ME AND THE LAWYER WHO WROTE IT EVER READ THE CONTRACT?

        Also, strangely, smallpox and many other diseases also disappeared from non-vax countries. Anyone who spends a few hours in the Internut can find out the true story of vaccines and that their is not, in general, a causal correlation between that and disease elimination. Of course, there is a time window after vaccination (disease infection) and also a time correlation which could just as well be the advent of motorized travel and the elimination of some disease or, better yet and much more likely than all, the advent of indoor plumbing and of washing machines and of disposable materials and the elimination of various diseases. Even of factory farming processes. Lots of correlations the marketing team of big.pharm and do not want the scientists to study.

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