Panic Buying In Shanghai As People Once Again Forced Into Lockdown

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    The ruling class in China’s large city of Shanghai has decided to forego the lockdown of the entire city, resorting to only locking down half of the slaves at a time. However, that did not stop the panic buying after these lockdowns were announced.

    New Approach To Lockdowns: Shanghai Begins Locking Down Half The City At A Time

    China reported 6,886 domestic Covid cases nationwide on Tuesday, with more than 4,400 of them detected in Shanghai, now the center of the country’s worst Covid-19 outbreak since the early days of the pandemic. But in a city of about 25 million people, 4,400 people getting the sniffles is not a big deal, unless you need to keep the fear of a virus alive and well.

    The grocery store shelves have been emptied of all goods as the rulers announced the lockdown. Shanghai is China’s financial capital. The city’s airports, railway stations, and international shipping ports remain operational, while key manufacturers are allowed to resume production after a brief halt, state media reported.

    “After being unable to grab any groceries this morning, I went back to sleep, and all I dreamt about was buying food at the supermarket,” one user wrote on China’s Twitter-like Weibo platform.

    “I’d never have thought that society today would be worried over buying groceries.” –First Post

    Panic buying is not new to this particular lockdown. We all remember when the unprepared panicked in the United States and bought every last roll of toilet paper available. This is just one more bit of evidence that we should all at minimum be prepared for the rulers to panic the lemming living in the U.S.


    Prepare while you still can. Things are continuing to compound into major problems. If the last few years have taught us anything, it should have taught us to have extra necessities on hand.


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      1. They didn’t learn their lesson last time around?

      2. As I have mentioned before, the price and availability of fuel and fertilizer affect EVERYTHING. If the issues concerning fuel and fertilizer on a large scale are not satisfactorily addressed very soon there will soon be much higher prices, possible shortages and rationing, or simply no availability. In turn causing a ripple effect in the economy with political and social consequences. This does not require an intellectual exercise in conjecture, but an example of basic cause and effect relationship, which is readily apparent to most people.
        In the US, the negative effects of a real SHTF would be compounded by our modern circumstances. The reason why all the sciences and technology have progressed so far so quickly is because for the majority of human existence mankind was almost completely preoccupied with survival. Now, with modern medicine, agriculture, communications, chemistry, supply chains, and on and on, life in general has become much physically easier and productive. More time, effort, and resources can be devoted to progress. However, that progress in turn has created modern problems that would require a big lag to correct in a SHTF. In that lag of time (probably years) one could expect social upheaval, massive crime, unfulfilled sense of entitlement, hunger, untreated illnesses, martial law, suspension of rights, a huge decrease in marriage, very low birth rates, etc.
        Only a small percentage of us know how to grow food, repair our vehicles, make repairs on our homes, make things, and have a variety of other life skills. Most people today are specialized in what they do, with no other skills. For example, a professional athlete or actor or entertainer lives like a king but that is possible only in today’s society. Most of these people can do little else. If a TSHTF they likely won’t be useful or necessary in any way. Again, it is because the society of today as a whole is affluent enough to allow it. In a SHTF scenario that will drastically change. We have millions upon millions of people solely dependent on the gov’t for everything they need. The welfare state wouldn’t exist in TSHTF, what would happen to these people who literally can’t do anything constructive for themselves. The examples are endless. Money, resources, opportunities, and safety would be in scarce supply.
        In an authentic SHTF scenario all the current issues like feminism for example, and other political and social hot buttons would go out the window. Unless one had something practical to offer they would be considered useless and deadweight.
        Most individuals personally understand and acknowledge these facts whether we talk about them or not. Yet, few will do anything to improve their abilities to cope.

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