Pandemics: The Country Is NOT Prepared, But You Can Be!

by | Nov 23, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 11 comments

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    The grim reality of pandemics is that most countries, including the United States, are not prepared for the eventuality. But just because governments are not prepared to protect the public, doesn’t mean you don’t have to be either.

    In an article titled The Grim Reality About Pandemics They Don’t Want You To Know: “No Country is Prepared”, the details of how ill-prepared all governments are for such a SHTF situation are revealed.  Scientists say an outbreak of a flu-like illness could sweep across the planet in 36 hours and kill tens of millions due to our constantly-traveling population. But you can be prepared!

    Not knowing what kind of pandemic (whether it’s a horribly painful stomach virus or the super flu) is likely to strike often leaves folks wondering how to prepare.  But the brainstorming is the first step in preparedness, and the next, is figuring out where to have a quarantine room, preferably one with a toilet.

    Quarantine Room

    If someone in your family gets sick, you should be able to shut them off from the rest of the house in a quarantine room.  If the illness causes a lot of stomach distress such as vomiting and diarrhea, you’ll want a toilet in the room, so consider making it a bathroom or have a portable toilet on hand. This room should be large enough to hold a cot for an ill person to lie down on, and you should have some plastic to hang over doorways as an extra precaution.

    You will also want to have an adequate supply of food and water so you do not need to venture out into the public in order to avoid getting sick in the first place. But just in case, you should have the supplies on hand to care for sick family members or yourself.


    Keep as many of your quarantine/pandemic supplies together as possible.  This will make things easy to find and for action to be taken if someone does get sick.  Make sure you’re using bleach to clean the surfaces of your home frequently so no one else will get sick.

    Remember to prepare slowly and as your budget allows.  There isn’t likely to be a pandemic tomorrow.  But continue to add to your supply much as you would a trauma kit or first aid kit to increase your level of preparedness.

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      1. October 9, 2019 Holistic Alternatives for Fighting the Flu

        While the conventional treatment for the flu is the Influenza vaccine, there are many who are rightly concerned with its ingredients and questionable efficacy. Moreover, the heavy-handed way the flu vaccine has been touted as an imperative to avoiding the flu virus, while being backed by high levels of propaganda rather than real science or trials, has left many individuals confused and fearful.

      2. Thirty days food is woefully inadequate. You’ll be venturing out among the coughing-puking masses for re-supply just when things start getting really nasty. Ninety days is probably the minimum and six months is prudent… for a number of reasons. Best defense for a pandemic is to hunker down early and stay put. When there are more than 10 cases reported in your city, get the heck out, and stay out. If you wait much longer than that it might be hard to get out and your risk of infection skyrockets.

      3. #10- dont have sex with monkeys.

      4. Huh,been awhile since I visited,seems a lot of regulars no longer posting,hmmmm….

        To Genius/Brave ect.,you folks and ilk still around want to say “Hello”,things seemed to have changed here to a large degree.

        Seems to be a common occurrence on sites,so,as we head into the “Holiday Season” Warchild after a long hiatus says Hi and remember during this season give “Jack Frost And A Hooded Crow” a listen.

        Times getting “interesting”,hope those I have posted with over the years doing allright,that said,will see you folks when times get “real interesting”,till then best to you and your kin!

        • Hello Warchild–yes things have changed here, not for the best I’m afraid.

          We all go directly to moderation now and then finally show up in the comment section some 2-4 days later.

          Good to know you are still out there. Hope you are well.

      5. Gonna try and post one more time.

        To Genius/Brave and all the others thru the years posted with well,”Hi”.Sorry,been awhile,but dealing with family ect.

        Anyhow,as the holidays approach,remember to play”Jack Frost And The hooded Crow”,the lyrics keep us humble.

        Best to all on SHTF,and,if this post does not pass thru am done with this site,as much as I liked it over the years !

        • Hey warchild. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks myself. Lot of shit happening at the BOL and no time to get online until today. Something’s definitely happened to this site. I’m looking for another site myself. See ya.

      6. Mac Slavo, thanks for the great Pandemic survival article. Historically we are due for some nasty disease like bubonic plague, some super pneumonia, or some other problem.

        I think lots of folks fear being placed on some kind of govt. LIST, don’t like the red screen that comes up every 20 seconds, and/or are observing the rogue Fed. Govt. agencies that work outside Constitutional limitations; so they no longer engage in discussions & comments. I miss their insights.

      7. End is near , repent

      8. This is why there are so many coffins in F.M.A.CAMPS

      9. Anthrax is one of the easiest bacteria to weaponize. It can lie dormant for decades, it can be aerosolized very easily and is resistant to almost all antibiotics. It takes about ten or so of the organisms to be inhaled and cause an infection. Pulmonary anthrax has a mortality rate of about 80% if untreated and is uncommon enough that a lot of physicians will initially mistake it for a flu or pneumonia. They will go thru several rounds of antibiotics before realizing what they are dealing with and that will be too late for many of the infected.

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