Obama Killed Our Economic Freedom: “Stagnation, Unemployment, and Deteriorating Social Conditions”

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 53 comments

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    Anyone who feels like the American Dream is dead can now cite solid evidence of its abrupt end.

    It seems that eight years of life under Comrade Obama was not only difficult economically, but was fiscally difficult for most American families because his administration had done so much to restrict economic freedom – until his time, a basic tenet of American life, and essential to fostering a vibrant economy in the middle and working classes.

    A new set of rankings released by the Heritage Foundation in its 2017 “Index of Economic Freedom” revealed that the United States has been on a continual decline over the past decade, and especially since the 2008 economic crisis. Slipping down to 17th among 180 countries, and losing ground yet again, the country that so often celebrates its shining liberty is considered to be only “mostly free.”

    A wave of unprecedented government intervention cut deeply into both freedom and prosperity for millions upon millions of Americans; the reliance upon Federal Reserve QE programs to stimulate the economy has killed businesses, and made other reliant upon government ties to make profits (mainly at the top).

    via Daily Signal.com:

    It’s already been eight years since the Great Recession, yet the U.S. economy has been just inching along, with its productivity flagging and millions being locked out of the labor market.

    One critical underlying factor for this lack of economic dynamism has been the startling decline of America’s economic freedom, an unfortunate legacy of Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency.

    The Heritage Foundation’s 2017 Index of Economic Freedom—an annual global study that compares countries’ entrepreneurial environments—highlights the urgent need for the U.S. to change course. For the ninth time in the past 10 years since 2008, America has lost ground.


    The U.S. remains mired in the ranks of the “mostly free,” the second-tier economic freedom status into which it dropped in 2010.

    Countries achieving higher levels of economic freedom consistently and measurably outperform others in economic growth, long-term prosperity, and social progress. Those losing freedom, on the other hand, risk economic stagnation, high unemployment, and deteriorating social conditions.

    In fact, America’s standing in the index had dwindled steadily during the Obama years. This largely owed to increased government spending, regulations, and a failed stimulus program that enriched the well-connected while leaving average Americans behind.

    Read the Heritage Foundation report “Blueprint for Reform: A Comprehensive Policy Agenda for a New Administration in 2017” here.

    The government takeover of health care – and forcing Americans to buy into their program – has taken a significant toll. So has government takeover of finance, forcing taxpayers to bankroll a bailout for Wall Street, only to eat the continued decline in prosperity as a result of the terrible policies that solidified under President Obama. Meanwhile, business as usual in the federal government meant more cronyism and picking of winners and losers that ever before in U.S. history.

    The attempt to push through a climate change/carbon tax cap & tax system, including proposals to make Americans pay more for everything green, to have homes inspected, pay penalties and fines, and ultimately, pay for the privilege of breathing the air and living on this planet have also signaled an impoverished and tightly controlled future.

    However, even President Obama wasn’t able to accomplish everything he wanted; though the era of his worldview has greatly damaged the U.S. in many ways.

    Eight years of being coached into debt for everything – from college loans that don’t lead to jobs, to homes you can never really own, and a monetary system that is declining rapidly in value all the time, has marred and stalled what is the very essence of this country.

    Ultimately, his legacy is a very somber $20 trillion in national debt – a staggering double on the debt throughout American history up until the end of the Bush years.

    This country faces grave decline, and can only turn around if the tax burden is taken off of ordinary people, if jobs and independent business again becomes possible, and if the damn government would just get out of the way.

    Unfortunately, it could be too late. Many people now see a recession, and a possible larger collapse and depression, as systematically unavoidable. On paper anyway, someone must pay the bill for the past eight years of economic stagnation and decline.

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      1. Prepping more diligently than ever.

        If you believe in what’s written in the Bible you can bet your asses that a collapse is imminent.

        • I agree. The USA was blessed and cursed in ancient times as befitting the ‘most choice land’ upon the whole Earth. It was blessed in so much as if the people followed Christ, they would be prospered and preserved from all enemies. If they turned from righteousness, and became anti-Christ, the land would be cursed and they would be preserved no more.

        • Hold on to your ASS-ets. Ripoffs around every corner.

      2. It started way before Obama. Bush senior crafted Nafta. And klinton signed it. It started when Kissenger helped to form OPEC and we got the fake gas shortage. That was when the USA started to decline. That Fake shortage and spike in fuel prices was a festering unhealing wound to the US auto industry.

        • Even if you don’t “believe”. When you understand whom wrote it and think “playbook”. Then you will believe.

        • America started to fail when the 16th and 17th amendments were passed. FDR pushed us over the edge and LBJ put the last nails in the coffin. Our festering wound is “Progressives”.

          • This is the failure/false promise of “conservatism” to actually conserve anything of the past policies that made real prosperity possible in this country. Conservatism has a fatal flaw in that it is vulnerable to incremental “progressive” erosion from unrelenting attack by socialist/communist/racialist/classist/etc. programs DESIGNED to take apart America in particular and western civilization in general. The constant attacks on the foundation of western cultural norms, societal degradation, social cohesion has been allowed to be successful.

            A few examples:

            1) Attacks on the nuclear family via support for ever increasing welfare spending has obliterated traditional family structure, replacing the two parent household with statist welfare that substitutes for the father. It’s made worse by the fact that the more dependents the welfare factories produce, the more they are encouraged to do so with increased welfare payments.

            2) The CONSTANT push to “normalize” aberrant behavior and perversion through the lie of “tolerance.” Just why should anyone feel obligated to tolerate that which is wholly offensive to one’s sensibilities??? WTF? Normalising homosexuality as one example. Normalizing minority racial violence (Chicago anyone?). Normalizing the incredible disparities in behaviour in schoolchildren. My wife is a teacher. Sending the horribly disruptive blacks and mexicans to the office for discipline actually “costs” the school money through reduced federal taxpayer funding, so it is just not done, and the outrageous behavior is in effect subsidized and encouraged and perpetuated.

            I could go on and on, and it’s probably worth writing a book on, but the bottom line is the so called progressive erosion of society has to be reversed through strong pushback. The attacks must be recognized for what they are and resisted, and the damage rectified, soon.

            If not there will be nothing left to save.

          • You are “dead nuts on”. We can’t let this be hidden and buried. They own it, and the destruction of the Great Experiment.

        • But you have to admit it got way worse due to obozo regulating everything he could possibly put regulations on iI’m surprised he didn’t put a tax on our right to breathe.

      3. That’s not all he killed, and he’s not done yet. Why do you think he bought a house just down the street from the WH.

        • Ref to article: failure to turn things around, proves patriots have utterly failed past six decades. Not enough people to inform after old generation passed on that formed patriot groups to inform, in the early sixties or before, those born around the time of ww1, went thru the depression, ww2. Guess now, it’s time for informed folks to quit informing and focus on preparing family and making plans. No need to bother voting again on any level, if Pence succeeds in impeaching Trump causing folks cynicism of those in leadership positions. It will be over for sure if Pence the traitor gets his way. Why the H did Trump choose this bastard VP anyway?

        • Waiting, I would love for the shoeshine boy to have an accident.

          • Braveheart; Why do we need an accident,this President has enough on the boy that he could have the army arrest him then he could be tried for treason then hung along with many others.If the commies start going nuts treat them like the rabid animals they are and exterminate them once and for all.I am all for Trump and always have been,I even have a pirate fm station that I broadcast Infowars shows on 12hrs a day since Alex Jones is all for Trump,its my way of trying to help by informing the local sheep who only watch tv.BUT I think he needs to toughen up kick some butt,no more mr nice guy.

            • Just be patient AG Sessions just got in give him time to get rid of the obozo holdovers and get his people in and the investigationshit will start and the indictmentshit will start to flow then none of those assholes like Lynch obozo Clinton will be seeing the world from behind bars finally.

        • Obama “rented” or is “squatting” in a house down the street from the WH. He’s part of the free shit crowd, he will never buy anything. He still has an armored car and ss agents to protect his ass – courtesy of the taxpayers.

          • Joy, the shoeshine boy is one of the key players stirring up all of this trouble for the Trump administration. Something needs to happen to the shoeshine boy.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart,
              since the shoeshine boy was one of the players involved in creating ISIS, it would be appropriate for him to visit them in the mideast!! I think they will take real good care of him!! would be a great black op, for him to parachute out of a C-130 into there country. be nice to add a few more with him! LOL

        • I guess we could call it the black house.

        • He’said doing everything he can to screw President Trump and I think a large part of that is because he’s jealous of President Trump and his loving followers who aren’t just white people but people of all races and nationalities and because he was insulted by all the blacks who voted for President Trump, that and he wasn’t happy that he didn’t screw up our country more than he did.

      4. He is spot on about the stagnation. For the last 8 years ( or longer ) we have seen virtually
        zero GDP growth and zero job growth. Obamacare absolutely killed jobs. It added about
        70,000 regulations to businesses. They say about 19 million part time jobs were created.
        Well, whooptie shit. Congratulations on that. The Obama’s stiffed the taxpayers ( you&me )
        for 85 MILLION DOLLARS for their 8 years of vacations that they took. You know, Martha’s
        Vineyard every year. Hawaii for Christmas every year. Take the kids to Africa. And on, and
        on. They did not always travel together. Separate flights many times. More jetfuel wasted.
        More taxpayer dollars. They never went home to Shitcongo for vacation. It was always where the rich folks go. Then one time when he got back from his 14 day taxpayer junket
        in Hawaii, he had the audacity to talk about income inequality. Yeah. He was probibly the
        only president in history that routinely showed up for work around 0930 or 10 AM and
        attended a few briefings, talked on the phone, then he would go to the gym and lunch.
        then he would come back and ” work” for a couple hours. Usually by 3 or 3:30 he was done. No doubt the laziest president in history. He managed to double the national debt.
        Sadly, the republicans helped him with that. But hey, look at the bright side, if he didn’t
        go golfing and take so many vacations, he would have done even more damage. If thats

        • He comes from the Entitled Negro School of High Place Jobs. Basically, it is whitey’s dime, so, I will treat the place like a country club and get myself a zoot suit, some hoes and invite the bros around for some chillin’. Can anyone name a competent example of a high-placed ethnic minority hire that actually achieved anything of worth? It doesn’t take long until the whole place turns into a corrupt cesspit of greasy backhanders. Remember Marion Barry the mayor: all he did was snort coke and screw hookers.

          As you say, thank God he wasn’t a workaholic, because the world would not even be here if he was.

          • Depends upon your definition of successful Frankie. Now I aint black but you did ask for one example, dildo head:


            Others (in public life) include:

            “Alexander Lucius Twilight, the first African American to win election to public office; Hiram R. Revels, the first African American to serve in the U.S. Senate; Carol Moseley Braun, the first black woman elected to the Senate; and Amelia Boynton.”

            …unlike you, I do look at the abilities of people and beyond your nasty, little, hate filled diatribes

            And just what have you achieved Frank, in your sad sexually deprived but privileged and useless life?

            A bankruptcy in the 70’s because your brain was not quick enough to respond to changing (but obvious circumstances)? Continued rejection by women you leered and pawed over, who thought (and think) you too creepy for words?

            It must be really hard on your weakening heart to keep your sepsis going. Go check out your battery pacemaker you sad old fool.

            By the way, my bet is still open if you can prove your lies from a good few months back. Just let me know where, in the world, you got frisked by hijab wearing border guards and five gold sovereigns will be winging their way towards you.

            Actually, I’ll up the bet…how about me making it 10 sovereigns? That’s over $3000! Enough to buy you a high end whore for an hour or two.

            You don’t even have to put anything up to match me. I know that you will refuse to respond which will just prove publicly what a liar you are.

      5. Obullshit just pushed it over the edge. He didn’t start it, but he pushed it harder than any other Prez.
        He along with the rest should hung if a civil starts over what they have done to our Republic!

        • Kneecap them with ball peen hammers.
          Then hang them by the hair on their nut sacks.
          Spin them around like piñatas and have the anchor babies smash them with clubs.

          • JBODAB

            A biker told me one time that you know when you achieve success, is when your enemy would rather die than live. Wonder what he had done to people.

            • What bar were we in ?

              how long is my beard?

              • EOTS


                12 to 14 inch beard salt and pepper.

              • Enemy of the State

                maybe it was in Tucson, with (Sonny), IF you know what i mean!!

        • Hear! Hear!
          BLM land grabs, even more regulations that once enacted are enforced as law, etc. etc..

          Open boarders/open society BS – Immigration not Invasion !

      6. Let’s at least be realistic here. Half of the total full-time American workforce, approx 30% of the total working age American population, would certainly say times are good, it is not doom and gloom for anyone that achieves. Millions have penis envy when it comes to their lack of income. For 20% of the working age Americans the economy will never ever be good as these people aren’t intelligent enough to ever find a job that pays above the minimum… these people will always be stuck, that is the way thing are! Another 30% of the working age Americans refuse to get a job no matter what, and the stupid working American taxpayer keeps feeding them!! The remaining 20% of the working age Americans earning $25k-$49k indeed are having a tough time, and will, that is life!! We all can’t earn a CEO’s paycheck, so stop whining. We need to get those 30% unemployed a job and cut off all entitlements, and reward all full-time workers a massive tax break for working… that is what we must do.

        • Bert

          You are aware that the reason US workers can purchase goods is because of a continuous debt cycle that has reached approximately 20 trillion. This influx of moneys has compensated for the former lost creation of wealth from manufacturing. Overwhelmingly the public regardless of their personal frugal financial behavior, or economic station, benefits from this influx of money.

          “We need to get those 30% unemployed a job and cut off all entitlements, and reward all full-time workers a massive tax break for working… that is what we must do.

          Working at doing what? The service economy? Serve all the cheeseburgers you desire, groom all the dogs, how does that enable on to purchase the virtually everything made overseas? Why do these nations accept our money and how long will that continue? What the US must do is create wealth not create currency in its place.

        • Bert, welcome aboard, and you made a very good post.

        • Bert,
          I agree with most of what you said, BUT as you know the work is NOT here and WILL NOT be back UNLESS, something major changes in this country to BRING BACK companies here in the USA. our politicians SOLD US out years ago when they LET or forced American companies to move out of the USA. so Trump knows this and he IS working on bringing companies back, BUT, it will take time and who will have to be VERY creative for them to come back!! in the mean time what are we going to do about it?? that is the real question. people cannot live at todays costs from flipping burgers!!
          by the way, good to have more people ( like you) on this site who see reality of things!! nice post!

      7. I just want it stopped, fixed or what ever we need to do to make the country right. Like “Waiting” stated, the Great Community Organizer is not done yet.

      8. In case anyone at all noticed, Detroit hasn’t had a conservative mayor since ~1960. It is also the first large city to go with the Model Cities Program, a sister program of the socialist War on Poverty started by LBJ, and has now spent somewhere around $20 TRILLION… and we now have more on poverty than ever.

        Nice work, socialists.

        Soon, the whole nation will be one giant Detroit, except the gated enclaves of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists. Detroit… the socialist workers’ utopia of yesteryear, and today the only city you can walk 12 blocks and STILL be at the scene of the crime (Chicago and LA currently take 15 blocks)

      9. every other freakin month, every freakin utility bill goes up. this is bullcrap!!

        • GreyWar:

          If you can’t go off grid, try some of these.

          If you are going in and out of a room within thirty minutes, leave the light on. It costs more every time you flip the switch. Buy night lights that come on automatically. If the night lights are on, your eyes adjust so when you are just getting up to go to the bathroom or just hanging out, you don’t need more light.

          Set your heater to low or your thermostat to say 60 degrees in the winter, and put on sweaters and a wool skull cap and wool pants and socks. It is actually healthier to remain closer to the seasonal weather. Bathe and shower in the afternoon during the warmest part of the day in winter. Right after work during the week.

          There is also a possibility of working with a utility provider to lower your bill. Some companies are more flexible than others.

          I agree with you. Utilities charge too much.


          • Don’t use an electric clothes dryer.

            Use the solar one instead.

            Hang you clothes to dry in the house in winter. It helps to keep humidity in the air.

            We save $50 a month on electric bill by not using the dryer. That’s $600 a yr.

      10. People who make fun of adult children living with parents are either fools or worse.

        Live at home. Great. Help out. Grandma can take care of the kids. Grandma can actually read and use a dictionary. She probably was taught phonics, knows how to cook and sew, and is old enough to collect social security. Grandpa can show little Johnny how to fish, shoot straight, and tell a joke or spin a tale. In other words, extended families can be a benefit to each other.

        In the mean time, take the money and buy income property. The only way to get ahead is to make your money work for you. Start a family business. Work from your home and subtract expenses from your taxes.

        Stop reading these depressing articles. They just destroy your creative energy. Prepare for any event, stop buying into this economic Armageddon. There are and there always will be, success stories. Survive, damn it.


        • B from CA

          “People who make fun of adult children living with parents are either fools or worse.”

          Might as well take in a few illegal aliens while your at it.

          • Anon:

            No thanks.


            • Sell Dope!

      11. And, did they party or what during those eight years!! Not a thought went to the sad sacks living in hell in Detroit or Chicago or anywhere where things just sucked more and more.

        It was all Bjs, blow, ho, and financial ‘innovation’ to make millions in sketchier and sketchier ways. A nexus of Silly valley, Wall Street, and entrenched government interests led by the DEEP STATE. Obama was the cute gay black guy who everyone wanted to blow and had some cool tunes on his tape cassette. George liked to come over; so did most of Hollywood.

        Pick any organisation – the UN, the Fed, big health insurers etc. – they all just friggin’ went large during those eight years. Hey, what’s to show for it all? A LOT of people got laid, a lot of drugs were consumed, and some really, really big houses and bank accounts happened. That’s it!

      12. Almost 50 mm on food stamps, around 100 mm not working; unemployment, using the old methods that they used under Carter are actually worse than the Carter era – last I looked around 22-24% if I remember correctly (see http://www.shadowstats.com)

        Nice work leftists. You have MURDERED 55mm babies thru abortion, MURDERED 100 million last century per the Black Book of Communism, created dystopias like Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, the mess in the EU, created the utterly brain dead, $1 trillion in student debt millennials, who can’t even name George Washington as the first prez, or who think that pi is actually something that comes in apple, rhubarb or pumpkin, and are not so utterly stupid that they think the National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party (NSDAP) was a conservative movement.

        • “Nice work leftists. ”

          The left is no prize but the destruction of the US middle class as can be seen in the post US manufacturing cities was primarily caused NAFTA and China Free Trade. While these were signed into law by Clinton they were dreamed up by the NeoCons with GHBush 41 at the top.

          Its not a Democrat v Republican issue but rather a globalist v populist one. The establishment globalist camp resides in the core of both party’s.

      13. “This country faces grave decline, and can only turn around if the tax burden is taken off of ordinary people”.. Just where do you think the “tax burden” is going to be shifted? To business? nope. they just pass it right back to the consumer (see Philly and the egregious soda tax). The individual taxpayer has always carried the country. what we need is a flat tax on everyone – i don’t care if you make $1 a year or $100,000,000 you pay the same percentage. businesses will find a way to avoid tax (see Apple) until we get of the crazy tax laws in this country.

      14. Just like Cuba, N Korea, Vietnam, and everywhere else Communism takes root.

      15. The short list is easier. He could not as bad as he tried undue the 2nd. even after he signed that UN Small Arms agreement he still lost. The 2nd is the only thing even Schumer admits will never be taken.
        The 2nd is what keeps us free and the Globalist know it. They chip away at it but remain unsuccessful.
        The 2nd keeps terrorists at bay, as well. They know the minute they foolishly attempt an attack they will face a deluge of folks standing in line holding a numbered ticket.
        The 2nd is the reason the traitors have not outright tried to forcibly push Globalization. They do it behind close doors and piecemeal it via Agenda 21, Common Core etc…

      16. Obama is/was the ultimate Manchurian candidate and the country bought him hook,line and sinker. He totally screwed up this country and it may never return to greatness. How could we have been so stupid?

      17. “When socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand there.”

        – Old Polish proverb under the communists.

        And yes… the fascist left is too ignorant to get the joke.

      18. Progressive means progress right? Where is the progress? I don’t see any progress unless one can progress good or bad. So all the politicians are progressives. Obama progressed lies every instance he spoke. More like regress.

      19. it is too late. the country and most people have no fear of massive debts, so it will only get worse until something extreme has to happen for it to be resolved and that will involve a major depression which will last for years, kill off many seniors thesystem cannot afford and violence all over the country between the classes.

        Obama just hit the hypedrive to get us there probably within 10 years now, intead of the 25 years it was coming anyways.

      20. Obama (replace with NAFTA, the republicans, the neocons, and Mexico and China) killed our….

        would be MORE FACTUAL.

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