Obama Executive Order Bans Sale and Importation of AK-47 Rifles

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Headline News | 332 comments

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    putin-ak47-2(Pictured: Russian President Vladimir Putin shows off AK-47’s now banned in the United States)

    A new round of sanctions by the United States targets Russia’s financial, energy and defense sectors.

    The Executive Order signed on Wednesday by President Barack Obama is being called  “evil” by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and bans, among other things, the sale of all Russian-made AK-47 semi-automatic rifles, Saiga-12 shotguns, and all other firearms and parts manufactured by Kalishnikov Concern.

    According to the U.S. Treasury Department, Americans will still be able to purchase AK-47’s in the secondary market, as long as Kalishnikov Concern does not have a direct financial interest in the transaction.

    If a U.S. person is in possession of a Kalashnikov Concern product that was bought and fully paid for prior to the date of designation (i.e., no payment remains due to Kalashnikov Concern), then that product is not blocked and OFAC sanctions would not prohibit the U.S. person from keeping or selling the product in the secondary market so long as Kalashnikov Concern has no interest in the transaction. (US Treasury)

    The Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control released a statement advising concerned U.S. gun owners that, while they can still sell existing stocks of AK-47’s and other firearms on the importation ban list, new purchases from the Russian-based manufacturers by private or commercial gun interests have been outlawed.

    According to Kurt Nimmo of Infowars the President’s unilateral move by way of Executive Order could usher in a new era of gun restrictions across the United States without Congressional oversight, “The criminalization of an entire line of foreign manufactured firearms is possible under ‘national emergency powers’ and there is no appeal process.”

    Last year President Obama vowed to push forward on gun control with Congressional approval, a promise that prompted Americans to clear retail store shelves of ammunition and drive the price of firearms like AK-47’s and AR-15 semi-automatic rifles to double or triple within just a few months. Within a week of vowing to act independently of an elected Congress, the Obama administration began exploring methods to completely ban the importation of ammunition, magazines and gun accessories from international manufactures.

    Earlier this year, during the opening salvos of the Ukrainian conflict, it was believed that Obama was implementing a ban on ammunition originating from Russia and Russian-friendly states. Russian manufacturers responded to the rumors by claiming they were not aware of any such restrictions, though it is clear that they are now in the Obama administration’s sights.

    The targeting off ammunition through heavy taxation has been a strategy that the anti-gun lobby has tried in states like Illinois. And, in November of last year the US government shut down America’s last lead smeltering plant because of new  EPA regulations, making it nearly impossible for US ammunition manufacturers to source their raw materials from the United States.

    With sanctions now targeting the defense sectors of foreign companies whose governments are friendly to Russia and no ability to produce lead-based ammunition in the U.S., the time is ripe for the Obama administration to circumvent the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment altogether by taking Executive actions under the guise of national security concerns..

    With the stroke of a pen President Obama has banned tens of thousands of firearms. Under such an approach the President could effectively target a wide variety of gun-related industries including the raw materials suppliers and parts manufacturers. This could potentially have the effect of not just banning importation of firearms, but making it nearly impossible for US-based manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and accessories to produce their products if any of their raw materials are sourced outside of the United States.

    The Obama administration has already begun targeting legally operated retail suppliers of firearms by classifying them as high-risk businesses like pornography, which has lead to their transaction processing and bank accounts being shut down by some of America’s top banking institutions.

    The attack against the Second Amendment continues on all fronts and the end goal is a total ownership ban of the some 300 million firearms held in the possession of law abiding American citizens.



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      1. It has begun…..first arms then ammo,parts…….

        • Tension on so many fronts – unrelieved pressure – financial pressure, ethnic pressure, military pressure, political pressure.
          Soon, soon.

          • Wait until BO bans all manufacturing of ANY firearm. Let there be a terrorist attack false flag or real using firearms and BO and the other anti-gunners will ban everyhting they can. Single shot firearms only so they can loophole the 2nd and say that people still have firearms, is likely in the works.

            Just look at the sudden missile downing of the Malaysian airliner. Weird it was the same as flight 370. This stinks of FALSE FLAG against Russia. This is how quickly an event can occur that sends the world and/or the U.S. into a tailspin. Events like this give the excuse to attack laws and start wars and other problems. All of a sudden, again real or false flag, a terrorist group could launch an attack with firearms and through massive anti-gunner pressure and the public too stupid to understand that individual ownership of firearms keeps the country safe, all hell breaks loose. BO could sign some executive order and magazine sizes and lots of firearms could become illegal to own. It would not just start here, but heavily go after ammunition.

            I sure could see some new martial law “rule” that prohibits anyone from having over 100 rounds or less of a certain caliber, or any rounds period. This can happen within 24 hours or less. This is a crazy world we live in and all of us should expect the bizarre and the total unexpected and plan for this, especially in our thoughts.

            • Obamas presidency is crumbling in ruins and he
              intends on taking us down with it.
              Well, lotsa luck suckerface, there’s a whole lot
              of Patriots in this country that will piss on
              your grave after you are long dead and gone.

              • As we can see from the last few Presidencies, they are more concerned with their legacies, and try to leave America sitting in a bigger pile of crap worse than the last president. So they can say it was better on my watch. As like in every war, or struggle, the People are the victims of all of these political man made disasters. This is not looking too good for us folks. Years from now we will say these days were the Good Old Days.

                • I’ll bet these sanctions have nothing to do with Ukraine. It is time for Russia to decide whether or not to extend Snowden’s visa. The U.S. can’t sanction Russia for granting asylum because it’s against the U.N. charter that protect people seeking asylum, and the countries who offer it.

                  So the west just claims it’s about Ukraine, when any idiot could see that the reasons given for the sanctions are all based on lies.

                  Especially since Snowden leaks have been in the news lately, in Germany, China and a couple of other countries starting to be irritated over the revelations. Snowden’s leaks are the fuel to this fire, not Ukraine.

                  AND IN OTHER NEWS:

                  Here’s the false flag they needed to go to war…bet on it.

                  Syria’s President Assad sworn in for new seven-year term (I’ll bet this pisses them right the fuck off)

                • Ovomit may nuke a US city soon to cover the collapse and everything else.

                  • conveniently obscuring the causality of Fukushima induced cancers which will explode of the next decade

                  • This is a great article with a 4 star general speaking out about what is coming….. and covers pretty much everything….see link…

                    ” Sgt. Maj. Page affirms that the ONLY way to avert this plan is if the men in America get off our collective asses, stand up and be men; stop wasting time focusing our male aggression and machismo on pointless distractions like sports (bread and circus) and direct it where it should be directed, in getting politically active and fighting at the state and local level, not at the federal level where our vote no longer counts. Mr. Wiles bookends this statement with the necessity for us all to get right with our Creator God, to stand firm on the foundation of our faith, underscoring the fact that it is right and just to withstand evil in all situations whatsoever.”


                    Pray for pre, plan for post….keep trying to wake up the sheeple.


                  • Yep. He already said he was more afraid of a nuke going off in Manhattan than anything else. Count on it. Remember that two nuclear warheads are still missing.


                Drudge Report

              • @ OutWest
                Should I get in line now….? Dont want to miss out
                on the opportunity to water the flowers for Barry !
                Standing By in Montgomery County Texas

                • Ok…….Montana trip #2

                  1. Bugs truly suck from Fargo on West, never seen my car covered in bugs like this before…..ran out of windshield fluid………crud! Thank goodness that gas stations out in th3 NW put actual cleaning/soap in their windshield wash stations that works instead of water like everywhere back East.
                  2. Got pulled over on 2 near Havre, MT. by a BORDER PATROL AGENT with a typical pig attitude…………We argued and I left….nuff said! Screw him, I was born here as a natural man and am not on the border……told him to go get in his security guard shack on the border and stop harassing me!
                  3. Got in White fish on Sunday evening, stayed on couch of couple I met at Chuck Baldwins service from vacation in May/June. hiring event on Tuesday morning. Trainer gave us scary speech on what it is like working for RR and HR lady went over benefits.
                  4. Interviews and hair sample was next. Interview was nontraditional from what I am used to. It was the trainer and HR lady giving it with the trainer just asking pre-set questions from a piece of paper, same questions asked for everyone. This made me uncomfortable and nervous. Trainer asked while HR lady just typed on laptop…..very cold and not personal at all. I felt I flopped. At end of interview they wished me a safe drive back and I left. Once in the car in parking lot, I called wife and told her I did terrible and as I was pulling out I noticed the trainer guy looking at a piece of paper in the parking lot. I pulled up to him and rolled down the window and said “hi.” He said “there you are.” Apparently I forgot to add the last 4 digits of social. So as he handed me the paper work he said “you interviewed great, unfortunately I have no say in the picking, but I hope to see you in class.”

                  I didn’t know whether he was BS’ing me or not?

                  So I said “thank you” and left.

                  5. Trainer told us that the last two classes have been sent to Minot, ND. That you have a choice, but if you want to work and make money, you better go to Minot, but your seniority will always be out of Whitefish. The Whitefish district is Whitefish, Havre and Great Falls and you can NEVER transfer anywhere. I dont want to live in Whitefish and thought I would be able to go to NW MT or N ID later……..now I know I cannot.
                  6. On way back home I decided to go the long way and go through Minot to see it. WOW!!! There is work going on everywhere in NW ND. I stayed the night in Minot and met a guy working for Enbridge. I told him I worked their oil spill remediation in Marshall, MI in 2010 and he gave me the contact info of their main safety manager handling all the work out there. He told me what the Jr safety inspectors are making a day between the day rate, per diem and mileage (over $700 a day) and so I sent my resume to him.
                  7. BNSF emailed me a conditional employment offer just hours after interview. I accepted and am now in the hiring process of physical, vision, strength test and background check.

                  8. Talked over pros and cons with wife and we feel that the oil field work would better serve family at this time, with a scheduled day off each week, and home every night while at the same time making way more money than I am now or would be for the RR. RR has benefits and retirement….but retirement is a long long long way off and the way the world is going now……may never happen anyway.

                  But guy I sent resume to for oil field safety work hasn’t replied yet. I dont want to get to the point where BNSF is offering FINAL offer of employment and I say yes and THEN safety guy in Minot gets a hold of me, then I have to decide whether to burn a big and serious bridge or not…..ugghhh. What a problem, a good problem to have but still a problem. The ball is rolling…..do I bug guy for 4K a week job or what??

                  I am thankful I have this problem, remember me from when I first came here in 2011 (Netranger wink) but it is still a big problem.

                  Thanks for reading my trip diary….LoL

                  • I work for the railroad; expect 1/3 of your pay gone off the top to taxes and union dues. They are right though, if you want to make the big bucks you need to be in the eastern MT and ND district. The conductors I know are making close to six figures. There is a constant shortage of them; they get fired or quit almost as fast as they are hired. The interview process is really strange though, your experience is not out of the ordinary. Took me six months from start to finish to get hired. North Dakota is not that bad; WTSHTF I think we will do far better than the rest of the country. Population is too small and spread out for the Feds to be interested in, and very few here are sympathetic to this administration. White bread country, and the cold keeps the moochers away.

                  • You could spend half your pay on rent in Minot. Don’t believe the hours, they’ll worl what they work. Booms are booms, they all end quickly.

                  • @Smokey

                    They put you up in a hotel BNSF has a contract with and foot the bills on top of giving you $40 a day for food.

                    BUT $700+ a day 6 days a week for years to come sure sounds nice. I could buy land and have a home built in short time with that job and not have to take out a mortgage. Pay for land in cash and build home as the checks come in.

                    Then find a local job to home down the road a little bit.

                  • BJ, that sounds much better !

                    I used to travel a lot for work, too. No commuting costs, no water use, lights are off, sure keeps the housing bills down when you’re gone for ten days on, four days off.

                    For per diem, I got as much as $38 a day to eat on and take care of incidental expenses. I could not eat $38 of food in a day.

                    Me, I would take the job they offered you and leave when (if) the other one comes around. Never turn down a paycheck, ever.

                    With the boom there, lots of job mobility and nothing the RR can do about it.

                  • @Smokey

                    Problem will be getting family somewhere close to me so we can see each other and I am not seeing ANYTHING ANYWHERE in ND that reasonable. Rent on average is $500 higher than NY City, Sunnyvale and San Jose, CA.

                    That is not supply and demand that is greed and craziness…..not everyone in ND is making oil field big bucks. Homelessness in Williston is up 200%.

                    People are looking to rent their homes, small 2-3 bedroom homes for OVER 2K a month plus utilities….that is insane!!

                • Wouldn’t that be the height of irony; Obama and his fellow elites piss all over us while telling us it’s raining! We will have the last laugh before it is over.

              • “… there’s a whole lot of Patriots in this country that will piss on your grave after you are long dead and gone.”

                Maybe so, but we should not defile our piss in that way. He is not worthy of it.

            • BI,

              There have been a multitude of FAA and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) flight prohibitions and restrictions in place for months warning pilots not to fly through Iranian and Ukrainian airspace due to heavy Surface-To-Air (SAM) threats to all aircraft at all altitudes.

              There is no way the Captain AND the Flight Dispatcher did not know about the severe risks involved along that route of flight. Yet they deliberately attempted it. What the hell were the Captain and Dispatcher thinking? Trying to save a little fuel by flying over an active combat zone where an aircraft was shot down less than 24 hours before?!?!?!

              Something smells rotten and deliberate about this event.

                • Thanks for the link.

              • flight 370 was available for a false flag and they had plenty of bodies (that were on 370) available to use to make it look like this flight had passengers.. nawhhhhh, they wouldn’t do that…

              • photos I saw over at Zero Hedge this afternoon were strange. Charred debris in a burned field but all “dead” humans laying around were not visibly broken apart. The most obvious flaw was they all had such clean skin. Laying here and there on top of the burned debris, their white skin stood out.
                Some serious hinky shit going on all the time now. Desperate people do desperate things.

                • Calgagus,

                  It’s damned peculiar. I can’t explain the events today, but Malaysian Airlines is ripe for a class action lawsuit that could put it out of business for good.

                  There comes a time when actions go so far beyond gross incompetence that they enter the realm of willful and deliberate action. I believe that threshold was crossed with this shoot-down. No one forced the flight to deviate over an active combat zone.

                  The ONLY event that could possibly exonerate this flight crew and the airline would be a catastrophic inflight emergency (fire, depressurization, on-board terrorists, etc.) where the crew had no choice but to land the plane immediately at the closest adequate airport. But so far, that does not appear to be the case in this instance.

              • How much you want to bet that was actually the original Malaysia flight. Gulf of Tonkin incident?

              • How much you want to bet that was actually the original Malaysia flight. Gulf of Tonkin incident?

            • Gold, Silver, Oil, Wheat Surge After Malaysian Airliner Shot Down Over Ukraine

              “Gold, silver, oil and wheat surged today after confirmation that a Malaysian passenger airliner was shot down over the Ukraine.

              The tragedy is set to be used by opposing sides as a stick to beat each other with and inflame an already very tense geopolitical situation.”


            • Let’s see the bastards try to enforce their measures.

            • By following the orders of a petty, bloviating political whore masquerading as a president, we give legitimacy to his presidency. So what if executive orders issue forth from his lips spontaneously, like vomit from a drunkard? They only have power insomuch as we choose to obey them.

              A wise sergeant once told me “never give an order you don’t think will be obeyed”. Well, he is setting himself up for mass disobedience by taking the executive order route. The time is fast approaching when there will be open resistance and violence on the part of the oppressed against their oppressors. The administration is working behind the scenes to do economic harm to those other nations who challenge it’s authority; namely the Russians and the Chinese. The Chinese challenge the status quo by quietly taking measures to make their yuan the new reserve currency; purchasing vast amounts of gold with worthless Federal Reserve notes, and making quiet deals with other countries for commodities like oil and rare earths while settling accounts in yuan instead of the dollar. Russia, in the person of Vladimir Putin, directly challenge the military and diplomatic power of the United States, thumbing his nose at the pontificating of the hairdo-in-search-of-a-brain that is our Secretary of State, and humiliating at every turn the Little Emperor sitting on the throne in the White House. At some point, when open warfare has started here in the United States by the patriots against the DHS bullies and their lackeys in law enforcement, both China and Russia will come out in the open and supply arms of every sort to those fighting the federal government.

              Our government has made enemies around the world, and there exists sentiment among many world leaders to take us down a notch or two for our arrogance and hubris. When Uncle Sam is down on the ground curled up in the fetal position, they will step in and kick him in the nuts repeatedly until he is forever impotent. This latest action by our erstwhile president is grasping at straws, bolting the gate to the barn after the horses have fled and the building is engulfed in flames. If I had an AK, which I don’t for sound tactical reasons, I would simply ignore this directive as a personal “go fuck yourself” to the administration.

              Mr Obama, Molon Labe!

              • Moon … Where did you learn to write so eloquently? I am awestruck by your turn of phrase.

                • Words are power, and in the right hands can be just as effective as bullets. This war that is coming will be fought on many fronts; I see my role as preparing the battlefield, giving courage to those who would otherwise lose heart, and delivering a little intimidation and humiliation to our oppressors who are otherwise blinded by their arrogance. As to where I learned how to write? I don’t know. I was a mediocre student in high school and never completed college so I would not credit it to public educators. I love to read though, and have read thousands of books in my lifetime. I suppose if I was to give credit to anyone it would have to be Mr’s Heinlein, Orwell, Huxley, Palahniuk, McCarthy, Mrs Rand, Collins, and countless others who’s writing I have come to love.

                  • Moon,
                    Have you ever read any Jack Vance? If not, please get as much as you can before TSHTF. Vance (who died last year) was known for his beautiful writing.
                    He started in the mystery genre, then moved to sci-fi, where he became widely recognized.

                    Especially read –
                    The Dying Earth novels
                    The Lyonesse Trilogy
                    The Magnus Ridolph short stories

                    A warning, though – you’ll be spoiled by his beautiful style.

                  • You are correct. Words are power, thus the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword”. I too have read literally thousands of books in my lifetime by some of the same authors. My all time favorite is Michener. The pictures he painted with words are well beyond my meager skills to describe.

                  • Moon, I take my hat off to you. I confess your writing is better than mine. Like you, I was only an average student in high school but I never attended college, period. I’m also an old bookworm myself. I have a bookcase built into the wall of my den and have several boxes of books in storage. There’s nothing in your posts I can disagree with. Take care.

                  • Beautiful! Words are power and ideas are bulletproof. Any links to your writing – let us know…thank you 🙂

              • You can ‘resist’ all you want, the point is there will be no more imports from this manufacturer. And if Russia keeps behaving the way it is today, this may be permanent. In the future, to undo this will exact a heavy political cost as we are truly doing business with a country that is actively acting against the US and our interests. Don’t get me wrong here, I fully support the 2nd amendment, but you have to properly wrap your head around what just happened today, silently and without notification.

                • True, he may have blocked off imports from Russian sources. But the limited scope of the directive demonstrates to those who can read between the lines what a truly ineffective and impotent gesture this is from a truly ineffective and impotent pretender-in-chief.

                  If for example, his objective was to keep AK-47s out of the hands of Americans, this is way too little too late. This only blocks Russian imports, but Russia is not the only country that manufactures AK-47s. Hell, for that matter, Kalishnikovs are even manufactured domestically. If his goal was to punish Russia for thumbing their nose at him over the Ukraine, then this will only reinforce to Vlad The Putin that his counterpart in the White House is an empty suit with a useless pair of balls. A real president, seeking to punish the Russians, would be doing everything possible to encourage domestic oil and gas production, thereby undercutting the foundation of the Russian economy.

                  The best possible outcome will be for the nappy-headed clown-in-a-suit to believe that banning weapons by executive order actually works. Americans are not yet fully awakened to the goals of this puppet and those who manipulate his strings. A critical mass of discontent needs to be reached before there will be effective action taken against our en-slavers. If he is emboldened to do it again and again, that critical mass will be reached a lot faster. In the meantime, life will continue to get more and more difficult for the average American, the federal forces will continue to become more powerful and ready for war, and we will only grow older and less able to fight back when it is time.

                  • There are a lot of Illegal Russian running around here in the states. OB has not banned them yet. Hint. Go look in Miami.

                • “And if Russia keeps behaving the way it is today…” What the hell are you spouting off about?! Russia has done NOTHING in the Ukraine. Russia has stayed out of it and managed it’s own affairs while the criminal federal U.S. government is destabilizing the entire world. The criminal federal government caused the Coup in the Ukraine and look at how many have died because of the U.S. The U.S. government meddles in every country’s affairs throughout the world. Why? Because the U.S. is a consumer nation that forces the world to use the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The U.S. dollar has NO BACKING WHATSOEVER! NONE! The Gold is gone, silver is gone, industry is all but gone. Heck, the U.S. even has to IMPORT food now to feed the people! What happened to the U.S. that fed the world? It’s all gone because of the corrupt, criminal federal government lining their pockets with our slave labor. The only way the U.S. is ever going to recover is to throw out the current federal government (completely), jail all of them and put this country back on the Constitution 100%. No more interpretations of what a word means whenever a politician wants to push their own agenda. No more laws that destroy our rights, freedoms and liberty. The BRICS nations are gaining power daily and moving away from the U.S. Dollar. Now Argentina is joining the BRICS. Soon more countries will and then what happens to the dollar? IT COLLAPSE! The U.S. economy will collapse because it is worth NOTHING! Stop blaming other countries for what the U.S. government has done and is continuing to do. The criminals in the government are going to push the world into WW3 and it WILL GO NUCLEAR. You watch.

              • TMHM,

                I too am awestruck by the eloquence of the Moon. Keep it coming brother. We will surely need you, as it has been said, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. Some of the great writers were like you, taught themselves to write and read voraciously. You are an inspiration to this generation.

                Durango Kid, I came across a great article in The Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, “Fed kicks off global dollar squeeze as Janet Yellen turns hawkish”. I would love to hear your thoughts on what he says. Check out the comment section as well.


                Molon Labe! ASMS!

                Louisiana Eagle

              • Yep..well said. Go to hell barry!

              • I’m saving your comment as a text file. Very well put.

              • Tactically speaking. Should the hammer finally fall. Ending this incrementalism we have. The best thing is for all Patriots to head NE and try for the head of the snake. Bypass the minions spread out all over.

                • Who gives a crap about Obummer, there are several U.S. manufacturers of 7.62×39 rifles. Better to give the money to U.S. workers than those Russians A-holes.

                  • Yes but most of them import AK47 and 74 part kits and build them here IAW 922r compliance.

            • BI, I fear something similar just around the corner. Someone will have to kill me to get mine.

            • Seriously? The Russian led ‘seperatists’ shoot down a civillian airliner and you cunts whine about some conspiritard crap and how BO is after your guns? Twats.

          • Grafique,
            I tried to explain the tension/pressure situation to my wife. She told me she had a headache.

            • In her defense, the “pressures” do make one’s head hurt!

          • With no relief valve built into the engineered pressure consistently mounting on Americans, that pressure will increase until it blows sky high. Once Pandora comes out of that box, ain’t no gettin her back in for a while until some serious correctional measures have ensued.

            This will come with some discomfort to those accustomed to a disposable lifestyle based on entertainment, junk food, and freebies.

            • From the financial news…

              What Happens to These Folks When the Bond Bubble Bursts?

              “For 40 years, the financial world has experienced a bull market in bonds. What this means is that for 40 years, bond prices have risen while yields fell. As yields fell, it became easier and easier for investors to borrow money…

              The 10-Year Treasury is THE benchmark for risk in the financial system. All asset classes and interest rates are ultimately priced relative to the 10-Treasury yield…

              Stocks, corporate bonds, mortgages, auto loans, emerging market stocks… everything you can name are ultimately priced based on their perceived risk relative to the “risk free” rate of lending money to the US for 10 years.”

              “So not only are we dealing with an investment landscape in which virtually no working fund manager has experienced a bear market in bonds… we’ve actually got an entire generation of investment professionals who have experienced only ONE increase in interest rates (2004) in 14 years.”

              Fed’s Bullard Urges Investors To SELL BONDS (But Not Stocks)

              “Given the market’s rapid surge to dismissing The Fed’s stock-selling recommendations, we are stunned by the silence of “market defenders” as once again the Fed takes to the airwaves to demand investors sell their bonds…


              Of course we know why they are so desperate for investors to sell their bonds (aside from the economic growth reassuring meme it provides), because they are in full PANIC MODE over the broken repo markets we discussed in detail here.”

          • Mark 13:8

            Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.

            Luke 21:12

            “But before all this, they will seize you and persecute you. They will hand you over to synagogues and put you in prison, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all on account of my name.

            Not trying to offend anyone who is not religious, but these two verses came to mind.

            Take care everyone.

          • White house is on Lockdown

            • The White House SHOULD be on “lock down” with that bunch of pansies “running” the place. What a complete bunch of goat-ropers the White House Administration staffers are.(Obamanazis that is)

              • Lockdown? WTF?

                We aint got fences around the US and that asswipe has ordered a lockdown at his own place?

            • I wish it was always locked.

            • WH on Lockdown….

              Locked from the inside or outside….???

            • WH on Lockdown….

              Locked from the inside or outside….???

          • This reminds me of the 1960’s Cuban Blockade. Only domestically. Our Founding fathers would have already begun a new revolution.

        • This executive order by the Dear Leader is not about sanctions against Russia, it is about gun control in the US. Just like the ban on re-importation of M-1 Garrand from South Korea by this same Dear Leader.

          • Its Wed’s “2 for 1” Special- EO-Plot Ban Russian Guns/Infringe American’s Gun rights.

        • Too late motherf uckers, already got a couple and thousands of rounds for them.

        • obama can kiss my ass!

          • The line’s back there buddy.

            • I’ll wait my turn. Not a problem.

              • Yeah Wrong, see if anyone catches something first.
                Who knows where those lips have been? But then
                again, I think everybody knows by now.

                • Maybe your right. They probably have sucked on mooschels dick.

                  • Obama only has eyes for Reggie.

          • Anony: Yes, I just posted this too higher up….a must read.


          • Anon, PKLL,

            Thanks for the posting. I just finished reading it. It is very well written and researched. Every one of us needs to read it and pass it on/spread the truth. Perhaps Mac could arrange to republish the article at this site. By his own admission, most of us at this site are what keeps the AG up at night. They do not rest, they do not sleep as they plot, plan and attempt to implement their nefarious goals of total world domination and control.

            Moron Labe, ASMS, Pray, Plan, Prep, Connect, Engage!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Ha, as It posted, Molon Labe changed to Moron Label! That was funny!

        • actually I think they already started on parts some years back.

        • The hour is late Folks …They are going to wreck “have wrecked)” everything our Parents and Grandparents fought so hard for…Get off your asses turn off the TV and fight for your Children!

      2. Now this sad excuse for a president decides what we are allowed to purchase but in truth is hiding his agenda by calling it sanctions? What a joke. Here’s a sanction for ya, Obama: get out of our HOUSE. We want our Constitution and America BACK!

        • Do something about it.

        • Careful, you’ll offend Eric Holder.

          • because he’s black? ROFLMAO

        • You can’t hang your ex-wife but you can hang a treasous bastard or a treasonous bitch. Just sayin.

      3. So which is it; they ban the sale or sale’s of AK’s are allowed by third parties? Story is misleading.

        • Yes, yes it is…intentionally. EVERYthing about them is misleading.

          • “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”
            -Edmund Burke

            They are following the Communist playbook…

            The mainstream media will follow the White House directive and try to convince everyone that banning more guns is a GOOD thing.

            The Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals (1963)
            3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

            Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away
            By Kitty Werthmann

            1938 Austria Socialism – history you probably never read about

            Health Care and Small Business Suffer Under Government Controls
            -Before Hitler, we had very good medical care.
            -As for healthcare, our tax rates went up to 80% of our income.
            -We had another agency designed to monitor business.

            The Final Steps – Gun Laws:
            “Totalitarianism didn’t come quickly, it took 5 years from 1938 until 1943, to realize full dictatorship in Austria . Had it happened overnight, my countrymen would have fought to the last breath. Instead, we had creeping gradualism.

            Now, our only weapons were broom handles. The whole idea sounds almost unbelievable that the state, little by little eroded our freedom.”

        • No, it’s saying if any banned arms are already contracted for and fully paid for by the purchaser or importer, that they are not banned for import.

          You can legally purchase any of the banned import items that are already in the country from a vendor, or sell any that you already may own.

          It’s an import ban, not a gun ban.

          • yet.

        • Here’s the jist from what I read here and on another site. Sales of AK and Saiga’s can go forward either from gun dealer’s (FFL) or private persons, as long as nothing is owned on the item being sold to the prohibited party, Kalashnikov. I assume that they are monitoring International transactions to Kalashnikov, to determine compliance.

      4. Guess the resale value just went up on my AK.
        Why, Why, Why is this guy still in office? Why are we allowing this type of crap to happen?

        @ Jim in Va. Only thing is the ammo crisis was first. Now Arms types, Next all parts will become scarce.

        • Wait til the Chinese do something he doesn’t like, he’ll ban the import of Chinese guns/ammo and keep going til you can’t buy anything. all to circumvent the 2nd amendment. Any excuse to ban guns or their use.

          • I’m fairly sure Chinese guns and ammo is already forbidden due to a Bush (#1)EO. Most my newer 7.62X39 is Russian. My older is Norinco, which I do not think you can get anymore.

          • Bans on Chinese ammo imports are over 20 years old now. Same with the Norinco SKS, banned for import after Tienanmen Square.

          • Where have you been Jim? I think somebody already beat Obama to the punch. Seen any 89$ SKS’s lately. Trekker Out.

      5. Plane shot down in Ukraine, it is about to start….

        • Been a lot of wars started over less. Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about Obozo banning Russian made AKs from coming in here. Number one there are plenty being made right here in the US. Most of the bonified Russian AKs you see in the US are surplus and wore out. You can buy brand new milled ones here from “The Arsenal” (Bulgarian). There’s also plenty of the used Bulgarian SLR 95’s and 101’s floating around. Number two, you can’t hurt them as they’ll run dry and dirty. Love an AK!

        • Eppe, I saw that article right before coming on here. The pro-Russian rebels are already being blamed for it. I don’t like the way things are looking.

        • Eppe…Alex Jones has a report on the 3rd ID, 1st CAV and 1st Armor training at the Guardian Center for Martial Law…quite a few military aircraft flying over my section of SoCal now. So here we are…be ready

          Live Free or Die

        • Why was a civilian passenger plane flying over a conflict area?

          No TFR’s in that country?
          no NFZ’s?

          23 US deaths from this act

          • VRF
            kind of reminds me of the Lusitania. they need a event to justify their actions

            • Or the Tonkin Bay “incident”
              Police action in Korea
              Pearl Harbor
              Arch Duke Ferdinand
              Remember the Maine
              And who can forget the so called Civil War

            • RP,
              Don’t forget that TPTB denied that the Lusitania had ANY war materials/supplies on board. And remember they preyed on people’s minds about all of the innocent women and children that were killed when it sunk. But lo and behold decades later when the wreck was examined there were indeed military supplies found in the hold. So, yes, this could be a false flag using civilians as the bait.

              • Wilson
                not only was the Lusitania carrying war supplies, Winston Churchill deliberately sent it to a area that had known u boat activity, she was supposed to meet a brit destroyer but at the last minute they sent the warship to another location and never told the Lusitania or informed her of the u boats.
                “The creature from Jekyll island” has a very interesting chapter on this that also explains jp morgans involvement

        • Eppe…Alex Jones has a report on the 3rd ID, 1st CAV and 1st Armor training at the Guardian Center for martial law…be ready…won’t be long now..lots of Military aircraft flying in the skies of the section of SoCal I’m in…

          Live Free or Die

          • Im located in the central valley near LNAS and I been seeing and hearing a lot of activity from mil fighter jets…

            • I grew up in that town…always enjoyed the 4th of july Thunderbirds show. The jets shook the windows in our house. Lived in Lemoore Heights.

        • It’s always about to start !! It was about to start last August in Syria too …REMEMBER THAT ???

          • Rich99, seems that way doesn’t it. You’re as constant as the stars ‘ol boy. Keep at it.

            • PO’d …..Your just obsessed with doom and anything that stands between you and doom has to go …I understand ole boy !!!

          • You’re on to something concrete there Rich 99, this is just another doom porn scam in a long list of them here. We’re always just on the verge of disaster year after year……

      6. and Obama is now threatening even more sanctions against Russia
        related to the downing of the airplane

        way to go skippy
        get us into another war

        • Israel is invading Gaza

          • Watch tonight’s MSM Nightly News. See who they all demonize to cover up their false flags. Media Propaganda is alive and well here in AmeriKa.

        • What if they gave a war and no one showed up?

      7. Tension seems to be building in many places. Unchecked illegals flooding our southern border, the Baltic Dry Index is way down, An uneasy atmosphere in the markets and in the stock market, the Middle East, Ukraine, etc.
        It is like a giant storm is building, that will be felt everywhere.

        Malaysian Plane ‘Shot Down’ (over Ukraine)With 295 On Board
        -Drudge Report

        on Zerohedge….
        Stocks And Bond Yields Are Plunging On Shot-Down Passenger Jet

        Russian Ruble Crashes Most In 3 Years

        Gold Up Most In A Month, VIX Spikes Most In 6 Months

        • Amazing that this is happening with absolutely no opposition or pushback. The Republican party is complicit in everything this criminal does. In the time left Obama will have completely negated the US Constitution and legacy of law. He will most likely just refuse to leave when his term is up. Who will say he can’t and back it up?

          • I agree John, I’m ashamed to be a lifelong repub now. My wife is proud of being an independent, but I told her being so gets her counted as a dem. Meanwhile, back at cabin, we’ve got that power hungry butt plug charlie christ running again for govnr. Like you said, they’re complicit! The only way obozo leaving office is at the point of ten barrels.
            Standing ready in Daytona

            • DM
              every time I see that pouty look on Charlie Christ’s face I wanna puke.

              • Charlie Crist looks like Gonzo to me.

                If they brought back the Whig Party he would change to it if he thought he would get elected.


                • Damn straight! I met slimy bastard around 03′. Had to inspect his 2 mil plus house. He went on and on about how much he had accomplished and how great he was. I swear, I left feeling somehow violated! And, of course, his parting words of wisdom, “don’t forget to vote”!
                  Standing ready in Daytona

            • Its sad when you go into the voting booth and you have to vote against the person who will do the worst damage. Although FL Gov Rick Scott just signed in 5 new Pro Gun Laws. Thankyou… He is a Medicare Thief Bilking Taxpayers out of $1+ Billion prior to being Governor in his Health Care Biz. Crist, I met him, he is a Punk, gay acting.

              • Charlie Crist or Rick Scott. Hell no to both assholes. None Of The Above needs to be on the ballot. I’d rather die than vote for either of these lying scumbags. The TV ads have been running for months now, totally nauseating.

          • @John W.
            In order to do that (1) the Senate would have to STAY Democratic, little chance of that happening. (2) If the Senate indeed does go to the GOP, then Obozo can/will declare Martial Law (any reason will do), then he remains in office, and elections are suspended and he can officially crown himself King. Remember that raghead (who, by the way is running this country, not Obozo) Valarie Jarrett said at his inaugural, “We will be ready to RULE from Day 1). Strange word, “rule”, huh. Emperors rule, Presidents govern. If Martial Law is indeed placed in force, you will REALLY see the SHTF, because there are MILLIONS of us patriots that will not stand for it, and it will be ass-kicking time!!!!

      8. What part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” did he not understand?

        This is how the gun confiscation starts.
        It’s a 12 step program. 😉

        1. Stage several false flags and mass shootings to change public opinion.
        2. Use Media to spread lies and further the deceit.
        3. Repeat until step 4 is needed.
        4. Selectively ‘ban’ magazines over certain limits
        5. Buy up as much ammo with tax payer dollars as you can.
        6. Watch in stupor as gun sales and ammo sales skyrocket
        7. Selectively Ban imports of specific guns, ammo and parts.
        8. Make U.S. gun and ammo makers relocate to other states
        9. Selectively have industrial ‘accidents’ at the above.
        10.Call in U.N. to handle angry pissed off U.S. citizens
        11.Watch as U.N. gets their blue helmets cross ventilated.
        12. Run from angry mobs approaching from every angle.

        • Socrates, #1 thru 9 have already taken place. #10 thru 12 are getting closer than anyone dreamed. I’ll end up building up a collection of those blue helmets, “ventilated” first, of course.

          • What about step 13…where we hunt them down

            • Really……The purge of the blue helmets. I’m in.

            • And, step 14 – where, once they’ve been hunted down and properly counseled, remember to search them for their id cards, find out where they live and then go there and press the flush handle on any remaining DNA that they left behind.

          • im gonna start blue helmet collection, ventilated. Maybe the Russkies will airlift us all some of Father Kalishnakov’s finest when the SRHTF?

            • moderator can you change that to “Blue helmet collection sounds like a good idea?

        • I imagine it will now be impossible to get any ammunition for the next six months as all the fools who already have thousands of rounds hoarded go out and buy still more. makes the takeover even easier since all the resources will be in the hands of just a few. Fifty rounds each in the hands of hundreds is a better use than thousands in the hands of one.

          • It is not hoarding when you save up a large quantity of any good while the supply is plentiful. Therefore, I am not hoarding anything.

            It doesn’t matter if the “few” have lots of ammo. The “many” are not prevented from buying as much ammo as they can afford.

            And the “few” are not fools for having stocked up when they could. Do not call those who prepare fools.

            Matthew 5:22

            “. . . whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.”

            • So what if “the few” have mass quantities of ammo because they can afford it? — where do ya think the phrase:

              “Praise The Lord and PASS the ammunition” came from?

              Patriots WORK TOGETHER.

            • It’s not hoarding until you have more than a lifetime supply.

              • Whose lifetime? Got less than expected lifetime of most rocks.

              • I am not all that sure that having 2 or 3 thousand rounds of every caliber is really necessary.

                We all need to remember that this enemy that we face has never been known for their bravery or courage. This means that we can be certain that they will not want to challenge us in a direct, face-to-face confrontation. Such a scenario would allow us to expend a few thousand rounds of ammo in their direction and the risk of death or serious injury to our enemy is pretty high.

                So, what I believe their strategy will be is to work as hard as they can to pass laws that require guns to be registered, so they will have a gigantic database filled with names and addresses of gun owners. That is where these killer drones will come into play.

                From the air conditioned safety of their luxury offices, these cowardly enemies will simply sit behind a computer screen and program a drone to pay a visit to our houses and with a click of a mouse, they’ll fire a drone missile into our front door and kill everyone inside the house.

                And, those crates of 3,000 rounds of ammo will never see any action.

          • What reason is holding the “hundreds” from getting off their lazy asses and buying more ammo. Instead of buying beer and smokes, they could take that money and buy ammo and the hundreds WOULD have fifty rounds. Besides it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that ebt card accepted an ammo purchase at wally world. Just an FYI, I started 3-4 years ago walking into Walmart and buying a brick (550 rds) of Federal .22’s. Sometimes I would buy two bricks. I did this every month for 2 1/2 years. I now have over 40 of those bricks still in storage. Yeah, I did without some beer, but it was worth it. I still can buy the beer, the .22’s…hardly ever see them anymore but I got enough.

            • BTW, at the time they cost 18.75 per box with tax.

              • PO’d Patriot, I was also stockpiling .22LR and certain other calibers way before Sandy Hook. We’ll never see $18.75 per brick with tax ever again. At the last gun show I attended, I was lucky to find 2 bricks for $40 each and bought them both. Ammo supply has improved with most calibers but .22 is still difficult to get. Whenever you can find it, you better snatch it up.

                • I found out a while back that every time the local Wal-Mart gets in some 22LR, a local pawnshop owner buys it up to resell at much higher prices.

              • I did the same thing at around $10 a brick.

                Gave one away last month to a neighbor, we were talking about this and that, he said he couldn’t find a single box of .22 shells to take his grandson plinking with. I said, ‘Wait a minute’, went in the shop and got a brick of Blazer shells, with the $8.95 price tag still on it, and handed it to him. I don’t care if he ever does replace it, just made a good buddy out of the guy across the street.

            • @PO’d Patriot

              I stop in Wally World all the time, never can I find ammo. Shotgun shells but that’s it. Have two Bass Pro Shops near me and they very seldom have any 22’s. If by some dumb luck they do…you are allowed 2 boxes of 50. That’s it.

            • I’m even more of a visionary than you are, PO’d Patriot.

              I saw this coming as far back as the Clinton Administration.

              And, I always made sure that I had money left over for cold beer.

          • well John , they should have been buying or building ammo years ago . 50 rounds is nothing . I’ll burn through twice that much on any outing . a 10,000 round stash is a goal to strive for . dont be stingy . stash factory and practice with reloads . dont forget to lay in a big stock of powder primers and bullets and all the wonderful tools and equipment to keep loading . things do wear out or break . if your not shooting often then your not shooting naturally . if you own it shoot it and shoot it often . good way to de-stress

          • John W. Looks like you are a latecomer to Prepping. I remember talking to a guy in Walmart back in early 2012 all pissed off, as we both stared in to the empty ammo case. And talked for about 15 mins. He said he just bought himself an AR-15 and there was no ammo around unless you wanted to pay $2 a round. Go online today, there is plenty of cheap ammo right now for sale. Get your order in today. Just saying. Tomorrow there may not be any.

            • I cannot repeat this warning often enough.

              For dedicated supporters of the 2nd Amendment, engage your brains and start thinking in terms of not leaving bread crumbs that these evil Communist gun grabbers can use to track you down. By bread crumbs, I am referring to a paper or electronic paper trail. Use cash and not credit cards.

              While you still can, purchase one or two firearms via a private sale and then do NOT order any ammo or accessories for those firearms over the web or through a mail order catalog that would then become a clue that you own a firearm that ZOG determines you did not purchase at a gun store.

              Engage your brains. Train yourself to try to ‘think’ like your enemy thinks. Train yourself to try to anticipate what the enemy would do – BEFORE he does it, and before you put your foot into one of his carefully and deviously laid out bear traps.

          • Sorry John, 50rds won’t even fill two 30rd mags. besides those hundreds maybe 50 miles away and you can’t count on them. I agree that many will rush out to buy more when unneeded, but who knows what’s enough. I remember making the comment to stock up on 7.62 ammo when this Ukraine and Russian thing got hot. But as usual most just think nothing happened the next day, so everything is cool. Not So! Trekker Out.

        • Its got nothing to do with infringement of the second amendment. It is all about banning an import item. This is nothing new as other presidents have done the same in the past. As far as some gun companies relocating, that was brought on by the individual states not the feds. I’m not a fan of the fed. I know its frustrating. I refuse to buy another gun in my state ’cause I’m not signing up for a damn permit just to be able to purchase one. The state of Maryland and the legislators here can hug my nads. I got what I need (trust me).

          • PO:
            you are right. Obullshit is just killing two birds with one stone.

        • h t t p://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/07/17/the-un-plot-to-confiscate-american-guns/

      9. With a stroke of a pen, Obama just ensured a Republican take over of the House and Senate in Fall 2014 and has almost guaranteed a Republican president in 2016.

        • For what that’s worth.

        • Who says he’s going to leave? It looks like he’s setting things up for a permanent stay– Hitler style.

          • Tyrants never relinquish power…it has to be forcibly removed…

            • Okay.

            • Which if his “ethnic cleansing” of the military officer corps keeps pace, will be impossible by 2016.

        • Hillary going to be president in 2016.

          • I don’t think so now. If she got elected, she would be older than Reagan by the time she got out. And the way presidents age in office, just imagine how bad she’d look 10 years from now. She’d make a freight train take a dirt road or scare a buzzard off a pile of guts.

        • YAy! Jeb Bush will save us… *sigh*

          • .02 From the looks of the thumbs down, some don’t appreciate good sarcasm ???

        • Forgive me if I don’t cheer.

          • Forgive me if I dash to the toilet to puke…

        • And so what if the republicans take over? What good does it do to elect the lesser evil. There isn’t now and hasn’t been and never will be a political or ballot box solution. there isn’t any tangible difference between the political partys & cantidates.

        • If there is no suspension of the 22nd Amendment by his royal anus…

        • Not if McStain, Boehner, Rand Paul, Lindsay Graham get their way and con the GOP into passing amnesty and giving the DemonRats a permanent one party dictatorship.

          Today, over on not-so-brietbart.com, McStain is screaming that the only way the GOP can beat the Hildebeast in 2016 is to nominate an open borders GOP candidate.

          Frankly, there are days when I wish I were more religious, because at least then I could pray every day that Juan McStain dropped dead of a heart attack.

          When making up a list of graves that deserve to be pissed on, McStain’s name is in my top five choices.

      10. The red flags went berserk in my mind when I read this article. We all knew something like this would come along someday and now it’s finally here. We’re about to have some “interesting times” as the old Chinese proverb goes. Let them bring it. Braveheart NEVER submits to any POS tyrant.

      11. Anything to get your weapons, any excuse, that’s the agenda. The people you elected are doing to you what pedophiles do to kids. But most are so close to being brain dead, after years of fluoridated water, MSG, aspartame in diet drinks, fast food, subliminal suggestions and comic books, that critical thinking is something done on the toilet. These people, vast majority are doomed to morf into zombies, you know, because you’ve met them at shopping malls, if not drug stores or your local party stores. So what’s the solution. You have to prepare. Some good advice: The economic implosion is around the corner. Watch the fat cats on Wall Street, they always get out before pulling the rug out from all those true believers. Same old modus operandi for the Ponzi scheme: pull in the suckers with promises of big profits, and then blame the economic downturn on all their losses. Guess what, no one goes to jail, sucker! But you’ve been warned before and didn’t read the writing on the wall. A while ago you were too busy blowing off firecrackers, spending your money on stupidity. Pretty soon your peanut butter and crackers are going to run out, and in about three days you will slowly but surely morf into a zombie. Who you gonna blame? You voted these sociopaths in and they robbed you blind. You should have been a prepper. Now when you reach into your pocket you will find your scrotum, not much of a weapon to protect your family. Sorry ain’t the word. OK, and when the dollar collapses what do you think will happen in the good old USA. Let’s be ruthlessly brief, TS will HTF, you will be up the river without a paddle. Your money will be about as worthless, and the beer and peanut butter in your refrigd will last only a few days. Like most Americans you will morf into a zombie, driven by hunger and thirst because you had your better half stuck up your lower half for the last ten years. So read up for free, get a copy of Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from AMAZON, 101 rules to save you and your family from disaster. Wanna live? Learn to read. Survive!!

        • Rather,how many times will you push this sale item on here and other sites?

          • @Warchild Dammit!

            …If the ‘Ultimate Ruskie Zombie Survival manual’ was any good….they wouldn’t have to SPAM it all over the place. Just another Barnum trying to cash in on U.S. dollars while they are still worth anything. LOL!

          • Warchild, Rather Rant sounds like a broken CD with that same post.

            • Talking about a broken CD, you’re the ORIGNAL.

      12. Russian AKs are a no-no now. So can I still buy a Romanian or Chinese AK? Or any other non-Russian weapon?

        • til he bans those too. He can get pissed at Chinese and Romanians too so you’d better hurry.

        • Yup, the import ban is on Russian stuff from the companies named in the ban. You can still buy a Russian one if it’s already here or in the pipeline.

        • Obummer also banned the Sale or Import of Saiga 12g shotguns, Read the Article. Probably also since the Saiga 12g comes with an extended 12g magazine.

        • I wonder if my Saiga .223 will end up on the no-buy list.

          • No, it’s already imported. Do what you want with it.

      13. He is really Hitler incarnated!!! What a devil he turned out to be!!! (I could say more but Gestapo might pick me up). Gerald Celente said by the end of his term in office, we would ALL be crying for George Bush back!!

        (Gosh, I hate him!!)

        • RE: Israeli Ground Assault in Gaza – It would be fun to see all the Mideast Muslim Countries Hit Israel at the same time, right about now. That would ratchet up the WW3 fun for everyone. Iran says they can turn Israel into dust within 11 days.

          • No great loss.

          • Not gonna happen.

        • Yeah Anonymous—-Way too much like Hitler. I never thought that I would long for days of when the news stories were of Bill Clinton and his soggy cigars.

      14. Well,from what I have read/researched you already bought tis fine,private resale fine.You find that you are a ffl dealer with stock already a bit in air depending on what you read.That said,plenty of bent metal/forged/milled receiver AK’s made in many countries including the US.These rifles have been built in villages just a few steps up from the stone age tech availability,the AK will out survive all of us and even give the mighty cockroach a run for it’s money!

      15. This is what really got to me:

        “The Obama administration has already begun targeting legally operated retail suppliers of firearms by classifying them as high-risk businesses like pornography, which has lead to their transaction processing and bank accounts being shut down by some of America’s top banking institutions”

        • actually, its all horrible… he really is becoming like Hitler.

          • Obummer isn’t a zit on Hitler’s hind end. He is however creating the chaos and wreckage such that the next Hitler can easily step in as a savior claiming to save us. Kinda how those Hitler types work.

            • Exactly. Hitler was a reaction to the Communist attempts to take over Germany. He (initially) had the support of the middle classes, who the Communists wanted to liquidate.

              This Halfrican is more like Chavez, or Allende in Chile. And our “saviour”, if there is one, will be more like Augusto Pinochet if we are lucky. Hitler if we aren’t.

        • Anon, That Banking Ban Plot against firearm companies is called Operation “Choke-Point”

          • You’re a total nutjob.

      16. Well,from what I have read/researched you already bought tis fine,private resale fine.You find that you are a ffl dealer with stock already a bit in air depending on what you read.That said,plenty of bent metal/forged/milled receiver AK’s made in many countries including the US.These rifles have been built in villages just a few steps up from the stone age tech availability,the AK will out survive all of us and even give the mighty cockroach a run for it’s money!Sorry,will see this post twice as again can’t seem to get moniker spelling right at times!

        • When those UN troops start appearing on our streets, a huge percentage of them will have AKs. Once the bullets start flying, I’ll take an AK from a dead UN POS and it won’t cost me a dime.

        • 🙂

          • Eh,may cost a round or two,still,a bargain!

      17. Weapons grade hypocrisy! This is the same administration that ordered/forced firearms dealers to break federal law and sell weapons to those who were banned by federal from buying a firearm. I am refering to Operation Fast and Furious.

        Antichrist Obama once again demonstrates just how pure evil he and those around him are.

      18. h tt p://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Miami-Police-Officer–Lieutenant-Scuffle-During-Traffic-Stop-Caught-on-Camera-267065901.html

        this is where tall this is headed

        get ready

        this is just one step of the game thats going to get played real soon, are you ready?

        Also now all those “Hunters” are going to get a wake up call too..yes they are coming for your deer rifle and bird guns..all of them

        • sorry wrong link

      19. While cheap and available would suggest to those who don’t get a few spring kits ect. for any toys,while usually easy to make a smaller part/fit a spring gets real interesting may not have time,as for food for your toys,keep buying,you’ll use it sooner or later.


        According to Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, at least two children, age 3 and age 6, have reported being raped by cartels while traveling across Mexico to cross into the U.S. illegally.


        Get these illegals rounded up and OUT of our country NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        They will never EVER be fit to be in our society. Either they will take it over and impose their barbarism on us, or, they will bankrupt us in the process of foolishly and vainly trying to integrate them into U.S. society.

        They are LAWLESS animals and have no place in a civilized society.

        Stop making jokes about shipping them to this or that politician’s house or neighborhood. There is only ONE answer to this invasion of barbarians and that is to round up ALL of them, regardless of nationality, regardless of longevity of residence here, regardless of reputation, regardless of sob story circumstances and send them OUT of here without further delay.

        Our own safety, security, families, property, businesses, infrastructure, and peacefulness is at risk as never before since World War II.

        • “According to Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, at least two children, age 3 and age 6, have reported being raped by cartels while traveling across Mexico to cross into the U.S. illegally.”

          So, we should believe anything coming from homeland security? The question we should be asking ourselves is, WHY? Why would they divulge this info?

          Is it to make people feel sorry for the children, or to get other people to turn violent? What purpose does this kind of propaganda serve?

          Don’t be so eager to buy into ANYTHING from the govt, even if it does SEEM TO fit your perspective.

          • It is precisely to get us to feel sorry for the illegal minors, and that’s precisely why we should continue to insist, demand and lobby to get them all returned back across the border.

            If we start to feel sorrier for some than others and say that certain ones can stay, then it’s more and then more and then more….. Once the camel’s nose is under the tent, it’s all over.

            The illegitimacy rate among Hispanics in this country is 52%. The so-called “parents” in Central America who are sending these very young children by themselves up here to cross into our country illegally are nothing but human trash who in all likelihood are celebrating to be rid of their spawn and the cost and burden of taking care of a child. But regardless, these young kids are NOT our problem or our responsibility — they MUST be sent back immediately. The distribution of them around our country to be cared for must STOP.

            The point is that the cartels who are controlling the access to our border are animals, and it is their kind who are coming into our country in droves. Who do you think these teenage boys are? Boy scouts? If this continues, ordinary Americans are toast — most Americans are in no way prepared to fend off vicious animals like this. They have lost all sense of humanity and are nothing but killing machines.

            That’s why this invasion must STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      21. h t t p://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/07/17/the-un-plot-to-confiscate-american-guns/

      22. First, NO US president was ever given the authority to write law, legislation. ALL legislation must come from the congress.

        ALL US presidents are lawfully required and bound by their personal oath (or affirmation) to PRESERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND the US Constitution.

        Every person who has taken an Oath or affirmation took on the PERSONAL responsibility for their actions and for the support and defense of the US Constitution while serving. Yes, personal. How do you think that those involved in Military actions, etc were prosecuted for following an unlawful order? Because they were PERSONALLY responsible for THEIR actions after taking the Oath or Affirmation. The Military itself was not responsible for orders that were unlawful because they pass that responsibility of recognizing an unlawful order when given to the individuals and officers when they are sworn in.

        In times of crisis presidents often lay claim to extraordinary powers to preserve the nation. Such emergency powers are neither granted expressly to the president nor delegated to Congress by the Constitution. Instead, they are judged to reside purely in the need for leaders to protect national sovereignty and domestic order. The mandate in Article II that the president “preserve, protect and defend” the US Constitution and uphold its provisions is considered (by those who want those powers) to contain implicitly the notion of emergency powers. Yet that cannot be true since they are required to “PRESERVE”, not only “protect and defend” the US Constitution. In actuality all US Presidents are held to a higher standard then everyone else as they are the ones charges with implementing the “laws of the land” – all that are IN Pursuance thereof the US Constitution. The wording of the Presidential Oath was established in the Constitution in Article II, Section 1, Clause 8.

        ‘Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”’

        Notice that the Framers placed the presidential Oath of Office after the beginning clauses which set forth the organization of the executive department, and before the ending clauses that specify the contours of the President’s assigned power. The President is required to take the oath after he assumes the office but before he can lawfully execute it. The location and phrasing of the Oath of Office Clause strongly suggest that it is not empowering, but that it is limiting – the clause limits how the President’s “executive power” is to be exercised.

        Dr. Edwin Vieira: “This has nothing to do with personalities or subjective ideas. It’s a matter of what the Constitution provides…

        The government of the United States has never violated anyone’s constitutional rights…
        The government of the United States will never violate anyone constitutional rights, because it cannot violate anyone’s constitutional rights. The reason for that is: The government of the United States is that set of actions by public officials that are consistent with the Constitution. Outside of its constitutional powers, the government of the United States has no legitimacy. It has no authority; and, it really even has no existence. It is what lawyers call a legal fiction.

        … the famous case Norton v. Shelby County… The Court said: “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

        And that applies to any (and all) governmental action outside of the Constitution…”
        What are the defining characteristics of a limited government? They are its disabilities; what it does not have legal authority to do. Look at the First Amendment… What does it do? It guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion. But how does it do that? I quote: “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press” etcetera. “Congress shall make no law;” that’s a statement of an absence of power. That’s a statement of a disability.” (End quote by Dr. Edwin Vieira)

        When those who serve within our governments – state and federal, do not do their duty as assigned by the US Constitution and keep the lawfully binding Oath as required they no longer meet the terms of the contract of the position/office they occupy.

      23. The strange thing is I haven’t seen a Russian AK in the US. There have been plenty of Yugo (Serb), Romania, Polish, Bulgarian etc. Also, the Russians claim there had been orders that were triple the normal amount for their AK’s just before the sanctions. But, there could be a shutdown of Russian ammo to the US. That would be nasty.

        • Poon Tang, we’ve been importing Russian ammo in several different calibers. If that gets cut off, it will worsen an already shitty ammo supply situation.

          • You can bet that will be next.

      24. The sanctions and the crash of the Malaysian plane will surely ramp things up a bit. Some Ukrainian military aircraft were shot down the other day. Ever feel like your being taken on a journey that you would rather not go on?

        • Putin was flying in a plane close to the one that went down (see RT news)…

          • Maybe they hit the wrong one…they were trying for Putin.

            • Not likely. The only entity in Ukraine that has that high-altitude SAM system is the so-called Separatists, who are Russians.

              • You can buy a lot of shit with at least 5 billion taxpayer dollars…

              • An your absolute certainty of that opinion is based on what, exactly?

                The Ukrainian military have an early version.

          • I say this is a CIA op gone bad. Putin and BRICS nations forming own central bank, what better way to scare the other nations than to shoot down Putin? The dollar is on the chopping block, and the White House must be shitting its pants.

      25. Well, this has been done by presidents of both stripes in the past. I don’t think it’s a big deal…even though Obama would like you to believe it is.

        G.H.W. Bush banned AK47s and 40 some others. Clinton banned AK47s and 50 some other weapons from being imported.

        In those cases, the manufacturers changed the platform slightly and started shipping them again. In this case, I believe Saigas and AKs are involved, but the target is a Russian business and not necessarily a type of weapon.

        I suppose if you can buy an AK or Saiga from another manufacturer and not Kalashnikov Concern it would be fine.

        Much sound and fury signifying nothing.

        • Don’t forget Nixon wanted a handgun ban and Reagan the Machine Gun Ban of 1986. Two sides of the same coin, I find most politicians to be dirtbags.

      26. I owned some SKS and AK,s in the past. and I sold them. Don’t care for any ammo wasting semi auto. I prefer a bolt action or pump. My hand gun is a wheel gun. I really like my old bolt action762X54. have two of them. they will penetrate any body armor. maybe get several blue helmets lined up in a row and take out several with one shot.

        • Helpful hint: You can’t distinguish the blue helmets when you’re wearing Blu-Blocker sunglasses, so use regular polarized sunglasses instead.

          • The big “UN” insignia sign on the side of the vehicle is a dead giveaway. lol

          • Damn. I didn’t think of that. I just spent $33 bucks on a pair of Eagle Eye shades that are blue blockers.

            Hey, here is an idea. Patriots ought to look for one of those cheap plastic helmet liners, spray paint them blue and put a UN sticker on them and then take them out to a rural area and put a few bullet holes in them. Then, bring them home and duct tape them to a fence post in front of their driveways.

        • I wholeheartedly agree…my 7.62x54r broomstick is a devastating instrument of Freedom and Liberty…and so is my TAC pump

        • OldGuy, you ain’t all wrong, but when there are 10 SWAT members behind every car and they hit your house with a flashbang, you may want something a little faster than a bolt-action. Sometime you just have to hose them down, if you know what I mean. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • Trek…this is not to be mean..but when there is all sorts of mayhem occurring everywhere at once…do you think they can afford to send 10 guys for old guy?…especially when they will also be shot at from all directions…my guess is not only patriots will be shooting but criminal elements as well trying to get their gear…so I think that the best prep guy to have is the one you have..I wish all of us well and take the fight to them.

            Live Free or Die

            • Best prep gun..is the one you have

          • Todays Prepping Tip- Protective Gear: A good set of Ear Muffs, Goggles, and Gas Mask. When the action starts have these handy. You want to keep your hearing from gunshots and flash bangs, vision from flying debris like glass and smoke, and fresh air to carry on. Let er’ Rip!!!

            • Yeah, you’re speaking from your vast volume of experience,right whodoo?

          • ten swat members behind every car. And that 54 will shoot all the way through the car. You shoot one person in the gut or butt and the other nine will likely panic. I know I cannot defend my house. I know Ill likely die. A trap door in the floor & a escape tunnel might let my loved ones get away. And cars cant get to my house. Narrow drive way lined by trees and I have a stout gate down at the road & can easily park a big truck or tractor in it. If anyone stops down by the road and gets out my little dog alerts me. She doesn’t bark. she will put her paws on the window sill and wimper. if your outside she puts her paws on your leg. if some how some one was able to sneak in without the dog being alerted. I have a Gaggle (Big Flock) of more than 50 geese. and they will attack anything or anyone. honking biting and beating with their wings. there so mean the coyotes coon ect don’t mess with them. they even attack me. For close combat I have a model 37 Ithica 12 guage pump. Its one of the few shotguns that you can hold down the trigger and rapidly pump and fire all six rounds. almost as fast as a automatic loaded with buckshot it is a devastating weapon at close range.

            • Same with Win model 12, only seven shells.

      27. Also, on stratrisks website, they have an article about the EU preparing for great internal social upheaval. Not just the US is preparing. Hmmm. They are planning to use their military’s on each others civilians.

        • Yeah, Poon, and at SGT report is an article– “Rick Santelli points out the Fed is preparing for Hyperinflation” (CNBC News).

          Maybe this is why I’m having so much problems sleeping, anxiety and what not… close to D Day and I don’t have what I need to survive!

          Oh, few years ago, I dreamed I was hiding in a ditch from the US military/black helicopters…

          • The inflation has already happened. All these bad loans, (encouraged by the extremely high leverage ratios forced through by Clinton), all this debt issued by the Treasury that has been monetized by the Fed, all these so-called “derivatives”, etc.

            And stopping inflation is easy. It’s stopping DEflation that’s hard.

            And that’s what they’re terrified of. Debt is money, but only so long as people believe that’s it’s money. When the inevitable epiphany strikes, all that “money” will disappear overnight. Banks will fail, Goldman Suchs will fail, the US Government will go into default, (not to mention all the overleveraged countries in Europe and Asia), and wars will begin to see who gets the scraps that are left.

            THAT is what we prep for.

        • Poon Tang, ni shuo zhong wen?

          • Emails were made for private, exclusive conversations. Not open blogs.

      28. There’s no national emergency that rises to the need of an executive order. This shows his incompetence at being a statesman and having the ability to build a coalition in order to sway congress to act. His inexperience at being anything but a community organizer is really showing.

        We need a real adult and a statesman in these trying times, maybe if we had one to begin with there wouldn’t be any trying times to have to navigate through.

      29. I often write song lyrics to some tune when I am doing a mindless task. This is the one from Saturday, June 12.

        We Are So Fucked Dear
        (Ironically, to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”)
        We are so fucked dear
        Now it’s become clear
        “They’re” only happy if we’re all gay
        Our country unravels. Barry’s laughing
        Praying one day he will pay.

        When will we stand up? When will we fight back?
        It’s getting worse here day by day
        We are invaded. Ragheads hate us
        All this at Barry’s feet I lay
        Cailphate’s alarming
        EPA steals water from farming
        Progressives hoping to kill America
        Soon will have their wish!
        Our Founding Father’s tears are shedding
        They warned us we would see this day
        So many takers in the wagon
        And the makers have no say!

        • Such a happy little tune!

        • Texan, that song fits our situation to a T.

          • @renegade braveheart: Unfortunately it does fit, and that is why it is not such a happy tune. There could be many more verses, but I finished what I was doing when I wrote it.

      30. Great article at collapsenet.com called, “Russia and US dig in for financial warfare.” I didn’t realize they were playing hardball until read that article… heating up pretty bad!

      31. Waiting for the other shoe to drop at this point. There are so many bad factors all converging at the moment and it seems like all the pres has done while in office is destroy our once proud and great country. The revolutionary war was not started by the Boston tea party, it started when the British decided to take away our guns!

        • Sara,thought it was the powder houses their main target,could be wrong but makes sense as all keep a rifle and a few balls and powder in homes.

      32. .300 winmag , 12gauge and .357magnum/ .38caliber is all you need.

        there will be plenty of only dropped once ZOG DHS/ U.N. BLACK RIFLES laying on the ground once the shtf.


        • I remember an ad for Egyptian FN49 rifles back in the 1960s, being imported from Israel as surplus after the Suez War in 1956 : “Like new, dropped in the sand once”.

        • 308 or 300 winmag? age old question.. some thing to go hmmm about..

          They both shoot the same exact bullets, just to different speeds a 300 won’t quite be 500 fps faster than a 308, 300-400 fps is about right depending on the bullet weight, but the difference in performance is less than many realize.

          Lets use elk hunting as an example. It is generally accepted that if a bullet retains 1500 ft. lbs. of energy at impact that is considered the minimum for a clean kill. If we accept that as a fact, then with the best long range loads I can find a 300 WM still has that energy at 675 yards, a 30-06 at 575 yards and a 308 at 475 yards. I used a 200 gr Nosler Accubond with a BC of .588 to calculate this from a 300 mag @2850 fps, 30-06 @2650 fps and a 308 @ 2500 fps.

          At a glance the 300 has a decided edge, but realistically, few people have the skills to take advantage of the extra range. For most people 300-400 yards is about as far as they have the skills to shoot. Many far less than that. At those ranges no elk will ever notice the difference.

          The 308 has other advantages. It has roughly 1/2 the recoil, around 16-17 ft lbs vs 28-30 ft lbs in the magnum. Rifles can be much smaller and trimmer, mag capacity is 2-3 more rounds, and most people find they can shoot a 308 more accurately. Having the best rifle is not always about having the most power.
          Smaller framed people, old injuries of the shoulder neck or upper back people. or old guys like me will develop a flinch destroying accuracy. I am still looking for my “perfect” rifle and that will be a light mountain rifle in 7mm-08. Until I can free up the funds, and convince TW of the need (the BIG battle) I will have to just keep using my model 788 308 with the 18 and 1/2 inch barrel. It is a great all around weapon for the bush or out to 500 yards in the fields.

          • @.02 Ballistics – How about try 30-06 Hornady Superformance 150 gr SST 3,080-fps; @muzzel-3159-ft Lbs and at @500yrds = 2316-fp. I like a faster round which creates a flatter trajectory farther out. Again this Hornady 30-06 round carries 2316 Ft Lbs at 500 Yards, is a massive Impact Splatter, Poof. More than your criteria listed above.

          • great post.

            the .300wm is the poormans Anti-Matter sniper rifle.

            * perfect for taking down road blocks and barricaded homes from a safe distance.


            • I shot a .300wm once, and once was enough! Ouch!

          • Sounds good on paper but the .308 is not the killer the the ’06 is. 180’s in the ’06 make hunting a bang flop proposition.

        • What is the question? Caliber or Target or Range! If I’m hunting elk make mine a 338 mag. and I won’t shoot over 300 yds. because I want a clean kill, that’s just me. Now if and when I have to shoot a human, at 600yds I don’t care where I hit him, I just want to put him out of action, at 30yds I want him down immediately to stop the threat. So there is no (one fits all weapon), when it comes to hunting big game or hunting man. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

      33. I’m sure that Pelosi, Shumer, Feinstein, and Reid along with all of their communist cohorts will gladly claim that Obama’s Executive Orders fall in step with the General Welfare and Interstate Commerce clauses which make it all constitutional.

      34. its show time Israel is letting loose watch the flood over to every where else

        • NetnYahoo’s wet dream in action.

      35. I enjoy my AK’s but at least my AR15’s can use the same parts, mags, and ammo used by The Empire.


        • Topics discussed:

          1) The American military and killing Americans on American soil
          2) 4-Star General wants to leave the U.S.
          3) No one can predict exactly WHEN BIG EVENTS will begin to occur in the U.S.
          4) A Million Illegal Aliens crossing southern border, annually (is a 10-11 year plan)
          5) Complete undermining of USD by end of 2015
          6) By 2017 the U.S. will no longer exist !!! Coincides with destruction of USD, and illegal alien invasion – U.S. to merge with Mexico, (Canada – North American Union?)
          7) $8 – 32 Billion of “black ops” “money” was used to re-build the SILK ROAD (the REAL Silk Road, now from London! to Busan, S. Korea) – Only for military, commercial use. Can anyone confirm this?
          8) WTF?!! General says: “NO WAY TO STOP THE N.W.O.” 100,000′s of Mercs (mercenaries) involved – to be used against U.S. Population.
          9) Bioweapons in key locations, around U.S. Possible “20 million dead in 3 days”
          10) All passports (out of U.S.) will be cancelled.
          11) High-level covert op, to create chaos
          12) By 2017 – is KEY
          13) Silver will be an electronic price-fix, by the CME
          14) “Get out of the U.S.” is recommended

      36. Just don’t buy a Russian AK. Buy one from some other country. From what I understand is that he is only banning Russian. This is only the first move. This A hole is trying to start and Revolution!!!!

        I’m happy I have my AK’s both are Romanian.

        Did shithead also band SKS’s?

        If you don’t have what you want it is time to buy and don’t wait. TSWHTF very soon.

        Thank God I Have my prepping done.

        Just add a Finnish Nagant now getting ammo. Some hunting ammo, but more FMJ’s.

        May God watch over you and yours, because the days of hell is about to hit!


      37. Representative government has passed in America. The current occupant of the oval office is much like the last ‘decider’ to haunt those hallowed halls.

        This one person whose background is sealed so we can’t know his qualifications, has ruled that what is best for the other 316 billion inhabitants of this once great nation is whatever he decides.


        • Sorry, that’s million not billion.

      38. I wonder IF, Department of Homeland Security Community Outreach agents will be going into D.C., Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago neighborhoods to confiscate all of the illegally owned/converted AK-47 rifles and variants that are currently being held by the demographic that voted again for this ineffectual putz serving as President? Nah, that wouldn’t look good for the Radical and Progressive Leftists to see their slaves being targeted by this administration.

      39. The whole world is going up in flames and we are next.

        Our POTUS is always going on Vacation. On our dime. Thinking of ways to screw us.

        Etcetra, Etcetra, Etcetra.

      40. “Lt. Colonel Hal Moore: I think you oughta get yourself an M-16.

        Sergeant Major Basil Plumley: Sir, if the time comes I need one, there’ll be plenty lying on the ground.”-We Were Soldiers

      41. Bo’ s so called executive order not worth the shit paper it was written on. The supreme court ruled executive orders can only clarify laws not make new ones.

      42. Top Ten Advantages of SHTF:

        10- No more golf for Hussein Obama.
        9- No more “global warming”.
        8- Abortion clinics all closed.
        7- No more $$multi-million$$ vacations for Hussein Obama.
        6- No more CNN.
        5- No more “Quantitative Easing”.
        4- No more ACLU.
        3- No more Harry Reid.
        2- No more Nancy Pelosi.
        1- No more IRS.

      43. Off Topic

        Just heard on Christian radio from the president of ALIPAC (Americans for LEGAL IMIGRATION) that there are close to 300 “anti-Obama surge” protests set up for this weekend. Something you’ll not hear from the MSM.

        If you’re looking to stand up and wish to know of one near you go to web site for the info. ALIPAC.com

        • Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see, then VERIFY EVERYTHING BEFORE PASSING JUDGMENT.

      44. What’s next? Chocolate Ice Cream, maybe Cherry snow cones? Who does this asshole think that he is banning anything?…God?

        Hey, at last count I believe that there like 100 million AK pattern weapons in this world, so I’m certain if you want one, you can find one, regardless of what little Barry says.

        What an ass-wipe!

        • I think anything chocolate will be safe. The chocolate king in Ukraine is a western operative.


        I, the man known (and loved by all ) as “Educated Sinner” do hereby ban Barry (whatever) aka, President A-hole, from writing any more Executive Orders.

        Long live me!


      46. Just one more over step of his powers as the President.
        He thinks he is King Obbama. Watch gun prices start to sore again.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB


        “Moscow believes that America is targeting it with sanctions “because the events in Ukraine have not developed the way Washington scripted them,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

        “The outrageous and groundless desire to blame Russia for the civil war in a neighboring country, which was caused by a deep internal crisis and already resulted in the loss of many lives, proves that the US and its clients in Kiev have failed to pacify the wide public dissent,” the ministry said.

        Moscow said Washington is cynical in attempting to dodge responsibility for the bloodshed perpetrated by the Ukrainian troops in the east of the country, which the US is de facto encouraging.

        The sanctions issued by the US on Wednesday won’t affect Russia’s position, the ministry warned.

        “We’ve said on many occasions that speaking the language of sanctions to Russia is pointless, regardless of their scale. This path won’t lead to any positive outcome,” the statement said. “Those who believe in their own exceptionalism and claim the right to dictate their will to the world will be deeply disappointed.”

        Russia warned that there is a price to be paid for targeting Russia with sanctions, and it would be American companies which would have to foot the bill for the White House. The Obama administration’s policies will deteriorate Russia’s relations with America in many regards, the ministry said.

        “If Washington intends to ruin the Russian-American relations, it’s on their conscience,” the ministry said. “We won’t tolerate blackmail and reserve the right to retaliate.”

        • “We won’t tolerate blackmail and reserve the right to retaliate.”

          How many of us, in his shoes, would take that same stance?

      48. “Those who believe in their own exceptionalism and claim the right to dictate their will to the world will be deeply disappointed.”

        In another place, he said the American nation and people will be the ones who will be hurt by US policy… but of course, the elites don’t care. The elites are trying to destroy our nation and us citizens, anyhow!

      49. Our citizens don’t ban gay sex, do we Pressie?


      51. The real question is WHO was on the plane? Who were the 23 Americans that were on that plane?

        • …and what did they know and when did they know it…

        • Exactly what I asked Sandy, same goes for flight 370. What is the deal with these Malaysian 777’s ???

          • Well, we know for a fact they FLY BY REMOTE…

        • My guess is that Malaysia flight 370 was hijacked..flown to sri Lanka…refitted to be drone controlled…that all the passengers on 370 were shot…their bodies frozen…then placed on the same plane used again to create a false flag.

          • Where is the immediate videos of the grieving families of these passengers?…where is the Malaysian government statement. All missle launches can be seen from space as to where they were launched…especially from this region. This is another false pretense to draw the world into a wider conflict. The Elitist are very sloppy in creating crises and people get killed for the Agenda.

            • Also…the authorities at the crash site cordoned off the crash site from the public..could it be that they don’t want a video of the tail number of flight 17 and found out to be the same tail number of 370?

          • …or possibly Diego Garcia

      52. Cool American made AK’S???
        Be bad ass.

      53. After the plane was shot down, then Gaza invaded by Israel, what is next? The old adage of things that go in three’s, if that applies I wonder what is next?

        Massive Earthquake on the West Coast?
        Iran war starts?
        War in the Pacific?
        Outbreak of some virus?
        Mass terrorist attack with a weapon of mass destruction?
        Solar EMP?
        Complete stock crash?

        Anyone out there have any idea what number three could be IF this time it does go in three’s?

        • BI: Could be any of the above or some off the wall false flag. But something evil this way comes.

        • BI, if it goes in three’s, it could be anything. any one of those shoes can drop, just don’t know which one until it hits.

        • I’ll tell you what’s next, complete stock crash!

          • If the grid goes down…the stock market will be collateral damage…but the grid collapse is the first step

        • I always heard that too. But there are some things that only come in twos. For example, I can do number one, and I can do number two, but there is no number three. You can have pneumonia or double pneumonia. A girl where I used to work was out sick and claimed to have triple pneumonia. They fired her for being stupid.

      54. What about an SVT-40? I was thinking about picking one up from marstar.

      55. Get your facts straight. This order is about sanctions on Russia. So only weapons that might be imported from Russia are effected. I know, don’t confuse you morons with facts when they are counter to your paranoid delusions.

      56. The Department of Justice has FBI agents in (counter intelligence) that are now used to combat crime, (domestic terrorists), the federal government is preparing the way for a major assault upon those persons opposed to their policies. Many anti-government groups dedicated to the preservation of the America of our forefathers can expect shortly to feel the brunt of a new federal assault upon liberty.
        It is clear, therefore, that it is time to rethink traditional strategy and tactics when it comes to opposing a modern police state. America is quickly moving into a long dark night of police state tyranny, where the rights now accepted by most as being inalienable will disappear. Let the coming night be filled with a thousand points of resistance. Like the fog which forms when conditions are right and disappears when they are not, so must the resistance to tyranny be.
        “If every person has the right to defend–even by force–his person, his liberty, and his property, then it follows that a group of men have the right to organize and support a common force to protect these rights constantly.” —The Law. Frederick Bastiat Paris, 1850.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      57. The ISIS taking over Iraq and Syria, illegal aliens pouring into the US, more radioactive material stolen, Yellowstone destabilizing (supposedly), Israel at war with Gaza, Ukraine in a civil war, nations abandoning the USD, BRIC nations establishing their own version of the World Bank and IMF, more sanctions on Russia, now this Malaysian airliner coincidentally gets shot down.

        Things are accelerating, so should you and your readiness.













        HINT : KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, or CRASH !!!! at 4 A.M. ?

        Sometimes when you are threatened with physical violence, a weapon to defend yourself with is not always available. Your hands, however, are always with you, and can be as lethal as any weapon. Below are a list of attacks that police are instructed not employ, as they may prove deadly.
        1. TEMPLE – A very susceptible vital spot. If struck with sufficient force, may cause unconsciousness or death.
        2. NASION – This is the summit of the nose. If struck with sufficient force may cause death.
        3. PHILTRUM – This is the area between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose. Attack to this area may also cause unconsciousness or death.
        4. HOOK TO JAW – A powerful hook punch to the front side of jaw may snap an enemy’s neck. Fatal.
        5. ADAM’S APPLE – A sharp blow here may cause enemy to asphyxiate.
        6. SOLAR PLEXUS – The small of back. May cause death.
        7. TESTICLES – The strong, focused pain of a vicious low blow may cause shock, resulting in death.
        8. BASE OF CEREBELLUM – A powerful blow to the nape of the neck, causing mortal damage.
        9. COCCYX – A powerful blow to the tail bone. Fatal.
        10. FULL NELSON – Stand behind the enemy, put your arms under his, and lock your hands behind his head. Bending the neck forward may either break neck, asphyxiate enemy, or cut of supply of spinal fluid to brain, causing brain damage or death.
        11. HALF NELSON – Again, standing behind enemy, but one arm is used to pin one of enemy’s arms.
        12. BRAIN BUSTER – Bend enemy over towards you, placing him in a headlock. Grab the back of his belt, and haul him into the air, vertical, upside-down. Allow yourself to fall backward, landing on your enemy’s head, which will absorb your combined weight. Most effective on concrete or gravel.
        13. RUSSIAN OMELET – Cross enemy’s legs. Fold enemy by pinning his shoulders to ground upside-down and placing his legs above him. Sit on his legs, folding the bass of the spine. Fatal.
        14. HEART PUNCH – A strongman’s attack, it is simply a powerful blow to the heart. (Many years ago, the wrestler Ox killed an opposing wrestler with this attack.)
        15. UPPERCUT – An upward strike to the bottom of the jaw with the heel of the hand, causing the enemy’s head to snap backward. May shatter vertebrae. Fatal.
        16. ABDOMEN – A substantial blow to this area may rupture a vital organ, causing death.
        17. RIB CAGE – A vicious shattering of the rib cage may cause grave internal bleeding.
        18. HEAD-TO-WALL PUNCH – A swift, hard, cold-cock punch to an enemy’s face while he is standing near a wall may drive his head into it, causing the back of the skull to shatter fatally.
        19. PINNED DROP KICK – Standing behind enemy, holding his arms straight back. A drop kick to the back without releasing arms may severe spine, causing death.
        20. HEAD WRENCH – Grabbing an enemy’s head by the mouth and the back of the skull, then twisting with a sudden, violent jerk to rend vertebrae, may easily cause death.
        21. CHOKE HOLD – Once a favorite of law enforcement officials, has often proved deadly. The right arm goes over the enemy’s right shoulder, and grips the back of the head. The left arm comes over his left shoulder, reaches across neck, and grabs own right forearm. With enough pressure applied, causes brain damage or death.
        22. HEAD YANK – Bend enemy forward, grab head, and pull back with convincing force. May separate delicate vertebrae, causing death.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      60. The Old Guy, first all im not an idiot as you put it if you purchased your computer from a store new and registared it to you or if you did the big no no and are posting and searching useing your internet and not free wifi at mcdonalds ect then you sir are the idiot and are on the list so i must thank you for doing so cus when its news that they start busting in at 3am and your one of the first then the smart ones will have a heads up and can prepare for such by relocation of items and live to fight another day so if you feel like being the john wayne rambo guy who shoots 2-3 with his bolt action rifle and then gets his house shredded by m-16s go ahead your not gonna be mentioned in the history books our local police received 15 vietnam era m-16 for dept use never been used received in cosmoline and also 12 1911 45s from ww-2

      61. Poor man’s MRE
        You can save money by making your own MREs at home. Spam or canned ham really hits the spot. Vienna sausage. Tuna, canned goods, M&Ms etc.
        Repack in zip locks to eliminate weight and trash. Haul out trash or animals will dig it up and let people know you were there.
        A good lightweight filling addition to my MRE ration is instant rice. Cheap, filling and light.
        I weigh out 1/2 cup of rice with a pinch of salt, 1/8 teaspoon of pepper, 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (optional for many, especially if limited rations) and 1 crushed bouillon cube into a heavy duty Ziploc bag. Add or subtract seasonings to taste.
        I then place some 100mph tape on the outside (to be used later). To eat. If you’re tactical you’ll add 1 cup of cold water, let sit and enjoy.
        Or heat up 1 cup of water with a sterno (remember be tactical, no open fires) pour into Ziploc, mix,seal,roll the top down a little and use your 100mph tape to hold roll. Wait 5 minutes and enjoy.
        When you’re famished this will taste awesome. I promise. If on the move, carry in your trouser cargo pocket. Even cold water will warm up there.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      62. “But, I thought all the Patriots had stashes of ammo that would last them ‘until SHTF is ‘over”.” SHTF won’t ever END. Only the world, as we have known it, will end. THAT is already occurring with provocation-excused martial law creeping up on us and the necessary breakdown of everything of theirs that the elites have us hooked on that keeps us compliant with their demands.

      63. Here is something weird I copied from the Moscow Times news site. I guess people sometimes know before their time is up. The article was titled, “Passenger of Crashed Plane Posted Photo Before Take-Off”.

        A passenger on the Malaysian Airlines flight that crashed in eastern Ukraine appears to have posted an ominous message before the plane took off from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

        The man, identifying himself on Facebook only as “Cor Pan”, posted a photo showing the aircraft parked at its gate. Alluding to missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, whose fate has been unclear for months, he added a comment to the picture: “In case it disappears, this is what it looks like.”

        While it is theoretically possible to manipulate both the time and location shown alongside a photo, the reactions underneath the photo speak for its authenticity.

        Comments posted as a reaction to the picture initially included wishes for a relaxing holiday but soon took on a more sinister turn.

        Facebook friends of the man, who is presumably Dutch posted comments of disbelief, mourning, offer their condolences and confirm that he was among those killed.

        By Thursday night, the Facebook post had been shared almost 4000 times.

      64. Prepper tip of the YEAR. Practicing HEADSHOTS.

        Watch and learn from a Pro. It may save a life, including your own.

        h t tp://www.guns.com/2014/07/17/headshot-drills-forwards-and-backwards-video/

      65. By now we should have learned what a government can do to you. There is no excuse for not having the ability to defend yourself and loved ones. Whatever the jerk does there is always a motive. One that will advance the agenda. His movement into jokes after being informed of the airliner crash, proves he is following a set of steps to be completed at all cost.

        If you do not own the night with some night vision, at least invest in a good set of binoculars for the daytime. Remember reflection off the lenses.
        Keep the idea of being stealthy. Sandbags. If you live near a beach, WOW! I am using some Wal-Mart plastic bags, doubled up to make small ones. I tape them up to the size I need.

      66. Let’s make it clear what happened. Americans cannot buy the ak but your Mexican friend can buy it in Mexico strap it on his or her , or their child’s back and bring them in the country across the boarder, daily, with no sanctions . They are not going to stop making these ak’s, the worlds market will be flooded with them.its just that ,it’s best that Americans don’t have them….why? Why, can’t we have the same fire power that the government has, or the Mexican druggies have.
        We know why , and I know that someone is reading this that thinks that they can win a fight against the men and women of this country.. Wrong..from what I have seen, 75% of the working people are standing on ready. It’s to late for gun control. There are people with their grand dad’s musket ready throw down.my Indian buddy with his bow and arrow,or the crazy that will run you down with a car.their 250 years late on this one.

      67. Survival Bars

        3 Cups cereal (oatmeal,cornmeal,wheat flakes)
        2 1/2 Cups powdered milk
        1 Cup sugar
        3 Tablespoons honey
        3 Tablespoons water
        1/2 Cup Jello (optional)
        1/4 Teaspoon salt
        Place all dry ingredients except jello in bowl. Bring water,honey and jello to a boil…Add to dry ingredients. Mix well. Add water a little at a time until mixture is just ready to mold. Place in a small square dis and dry in the oven under low heat. Wrap and store. This will make 2 bars, each containing 1000 calories or enough food for one day. These will store for a long time and are excellent for emergency packs, etc. Eat dry or cooked in about 3/4 cup of water.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • Just a thought….

          Oatmeal would be the far better choice as it contains protein and provides artery-clearing/fat-flushing fiber.

          Oatmeal also is the better choice for diabetics, and diabetics should cut back on the sugar as much as possible and use sugar-free Jello.

          Thanks, River Rat.

        • Thanks River Rat, I appreciate your awesome posts and I often print them out for future reference…. and my wife usually thinks I’m getting crazier by the day :angry:

      68. 1. Store up one year’s supply of food. Don’t rely upon frozen or canned food but primarily upon wheat and dehydrated & freeze dried foods. Get into gardening if you have the space and keep an ample supply of seed to meet any upcoming crunch. Keep on hand large containers for storing water to be filled in a hurry when the collapse occurs.
        2. If your home cannot be defended against riotous mobs by you and your family alone, pick a retreat in a nearby wilderness quickly accessible to you along some direct route that does NOT go through a populated area. Obtain maps of your retreat area, studies of its flora and fauna (Forest Service and game wardens), and camp on a regular basis in your area all year around to become accustomed to its feel and defensibility. NOTE: If you live in a large city your best bet, as poor as it is, is to establish your retreat in your city neighborhood. When the collapse occurs, if you panic and try to make a wild dash to the country, you will end up doing it mostly on foot (all roads will become blocked beyond resolution) and you will likely die in the process.
        3. Carefully choose a survival arsenal. For every person in your group age 10 and over you should have one semi-automatic rifle (.223 or .308). In addition each person over 10 should have a reliable auto-pistol (9mm or .45), and the group should have a collection of .22 rimfire rifles, high powered revolvers, and shotguns. Finally, the group must have at least one highly-accurate (scope mounted) bolt- action rifle of high caliber (.308, .30-06, 7mm Magnum, etc.) Adequate ammunition stores must be provided for EACH gun in the arsenal, as well as all the things that go with guns (repair parts, reloading equipment, ammo components, extra magazines, bandoliers, holsters, cleaning equipment, ammo boxes, carrying cases, etc.).
        4. Store up other survival components such as many hand tools, heavy-duty “work” clothes, medicines & medical supplies, communications equipment, energy supplies, hygienic supplies, camping equipment & supplies, ropes, bags, boxes, fishing equipment, fire starters, etc., etc.
        5. Rough it! Cut your standard of living – particularly pleasure vacations. Do NOT get a second job or make any outstanding efforts to pay off consumer debts costing 2% or more below your inflationary rate. Right now, you need more than anything else the time to properly prepare you and your loved ones’ survival when the collapse occurs. Having all the gear on hand is only 50% of the survival effort – you must be practiced and knowledgeable with their uses. When the crunch hits, if you don’t start high on the survival learning curve, chances are you won’t live beyond the first month.
        6. Do NOT invest in one bag of silver coins per family member! Believe me, they’ll be few active coin collectors around after the shit hits the fan! Silver MAY be worth something, then again you coins may be as valuable as Confederate dollars were after the Civil War. But ammo will certainly become extremely valuable. Your best bet is .22 LR and shotgun ammo (12 gauge only) – these items translate directly into physical survival. So, after you have satisfied all of your other survival needs, invest ALL of your extra money into guns and ammo – particularly ammo!
        7. Get into excellent physical condition. Play some racket ball sport to build speed, coordination, and maneuverability; lift weights to build substantial upper body strength; and run (I didn’t say jog) on steep inclines and rough terrain to build endurance and leg power. But start gradually and work steadily (you don’t want to injure yourself in your enthusiasm) and get yourself checked out by a physician.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      69. There are a number of things to be considered in defending a fixed position. The flanking movement is an important tactic that might be of use to you.
        Here’s how it works if you’re not familiar with it. Imagine two groups of combatants facing each other. A stalemate. One group starts a flanking movement by splitting up and sending a few members off to one side of both groups. This splinter group then moves up so they’re alongside their enemy, looking down the length of the enemy soldiers. For the splinter group, one point of aim now covers much of the enemy line. At the same time, the enemy is caught in fire coming from their front and side and will have trouble returning fire.
        It is possible to counter a flanking movement by extending your line or moving in various ways; it’s better to just be the first to make the flanking movement. Practice this beforehand and keep everything simple.
        If you create a defensive position that has a circular or star shape, you will also prevent an enemy from being able to out flank you. Planning and practice is important if your group is to use flanking movements and to avoid being out flanked.
        If you have to move when someone’s blasting away at you, don’t move from a safe spot to another, until you’ve spotted a good place to run to. Trenches connecting various points in your defense are a good idea IF you have the manpower to create them and the numbers to keep them policed during attack.
        Create clear fields of fire around your defensive position. (A field of fire is the area which can be covered with gun fire from one defensive position.) Remove only enough brush, rubble, or whatever to give a better field of fire while leaving enough not to give away the gunner’s position. Fields of fire should overlap among the different positions in your group. This makes for better defense as well as for taking up the slack if someone is forced to move or becomes a casualty. Best marksmen should have positions where they can take advantage of their skills. Those less experienced should be placed where they can give support or reinforcement to the better fighters in your group.
        Defense in depth is essential. This allows you to protect dwellings, children, livestock, or whatever, in the center of the area as well as dropping back to secondary positions rather than suffering casualties.
        If your group has a very good marksman who can act as a sniper, you can add a lot of depth to your defense. Snipers should aim for leaders (spotted by how they give orders, their better dress and special equipment like binoculars, or by the fact that they carry only a pistol).
        Good camouflage can greatly enhance elements of surprise as well as giving extra protection. It’s especially important for forward positions. Be sure you’ve camouflaged your group for maximum protection.
        Fencing, Punji sticks, broken glass, nails in boards, booby traps, barbed wire entanglements, etc., can be used to slow down the scum and keep them from surprising you. However, they also give away your positions. If you use barriers or booby traps, keep them as inconspicuous as possible and keep track of them so your own group isn’t injured by them.
        Keep watch over barriers and booby traps. Such don’t stop men from crossing an area; they only slow down movement through them.
        Booby traps and fencing can also be used to force an enemy to attack from a direction that gives you the maximum advantages. Give that some thought.
        Much of the fighting in the aftermath of a nation-wide disaster would probably happen in urban areas or from a shelter/home that is similar to a bunker. Unfortunately, most survival combat training is aimed at learning to fight in a wooded area without a fixed position or camp. This knowledge is important but so is knowing how to fight in the asphalt jungle and from a fixed spot.
        If you are fighting in an urban area, rock chips and dust can be problems. In such an environment, add a dust mask, goggles, and gloves to your combat list given above. A crowbar and knee pads can also be nearly essential.
        In urban environments, ricochets and stone chips can cause as many or more injuries than direct hits from bullets. Pavement or long walls of stone create ricochets which tend to travel parallel to the flat surface at a maximum height of about 16 inches. Full-metal jacketed bullets are especially apt to do this. If you stand next to a wall or lie prone on a road, you’re just asking for a knowledgeable shooter to demonstrate the fine are of ricocheting.
        Any building you are planning to defend should be built of reinforced concrete if possible. Stone or concrete will often stop rifle bullets; frame houses won’t. Close all entrances on the ground level (including windows) except for your entrance and one emergency exit that is hard to locate from outside the building.
        If possible, place bulletproof materials inside the building so that you can still fight freebooters even if they fight their way into the building. This gives you fortresses within your fortress and will allow your group to fall back and minimize casualties while inflicting heavy casualties on the freebooters when they fight their way into the building. Rubble, brick, sand and dirt will all work for .
        To stop standard rounds up to and including the .50 machine gun, you’ll need at least 16 inches of sand, 10 inches of concrete, or 2 inches of steel plate. That’s the minimum to stop one bullet. You’ll need more if multiple bullets strike the same place — as may be the case when facing foes with automatic weapons. Always err on the conservative side. It’s better to have too much material around you than not enough.
        Compacted earth gives about 1/3 to 1/2 the protection of sand and water will downgrade your protection since the water acts as a lubricant.
        Don’t fight from your home base. Move your defenses out from anything you value. Second, don’t fire from doorways or windows (remember Waco); doing so is a quick way to get shot. Since windows and doorways are the first thing a scum bag will fire at on the off chance that you’re dumb enough to be there.

        Instead you should use loopholes.
        Loopholes are cone-shaped holes in walls with the point of the cone pointing out. They allow you to fire out of the building you’re in from relative safety while limiting the amount of fire that dangerous to you. Loopholes should be wetted down to keep dust from becoming a problem and goggles are a good idea since near hits will send rock splinters into the building.
        When possible, mesh wire should be placed over loopholes. This keeps you from poking the barrel out of the loophole (and giving away your position).
        All loopholes on ground level should be manned to keep someone from firing through them into your fortress. Higher up, it is possible to have several loopholes so that one person can switch when return fire becomes too great for one of them.
        If your group works to create an easily defended position and practices together so that you can support each other in combat, you can protect yourself from the looters who will be around following a nation-wide disaster.
        By fighting well, you can survive.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      70. Many attacks against you will come when it’s dark. Often darkness will negate some of your advantages IF you’re not prepared.
        Human beings see better in the dark “out of the corner” of their eyes rather than when looking at something in the center of the field of view. If a person looks directly at something in the dark it will tend to disappear. If you want to see at night, look around an object by staring to either side of it and above and below it.
        Human eyes also take several minutes to adjust to darkness and just a few seconds to adjust to a bright environment. After you’ve been in the dark for a while you’ll be able to see well but you can ruin your night vision for several minutes by looking at a flare or using a flashlight.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

      71. Most combat takes place within 300 yards and more often within 150 (that’s why the .223 is as good as the .308 in real-world combat–it’s effective over normal combat ranges).
        If you suspect that there may be targets about but can’t see them, situate yourself where you can look over a large area without being a choice target yourself.
        Look rapidly over the area you’re in. Examine (don’t just scan) nearby areas first and visually work your way out to the 300 yard limit. Rapidly study any potential hiding spot.
        If you haven’t spotted anything after 30 seconds of scanning, then visually go over the area MINUTELY within 50 yards of you. If you still have not sighted the enemy, then visually examine the next 50 yards and so forth until you’ve again looked out to the 300-yard limit.
        When you finally see your enemy, he probably won’t stay exposed for long. Get a reference point to keep track of where he is. A small bush, rock, or some other distinguishing feature will give you that. (The reference point is also useful for pointing out enemies to others of your group.)
        Sometimes you’ll face an enemy that manages to stay hidden and starts firing at you from concealment. Rather than just spray the area around you with fire (and waste precious ammunition), use the military’s “crack and thump” to locate the target.
        Here’s how it “crack and thump” works. A combat rifle makes two sounds: the sound of the gas vented out of the barrel (the “thumb”) and the sonic boom of the bullet as it breaks the sound barrier (the “crack”).
        Since the bullet is traveling faster than sound, first you’ll hear the bullet’s crack and then the thump of the firearm’s muzzle discharge. These two sounds will give you an invisible arrow that points toward the shooter’s position. To find the distance, you can count–5 counts per second–from the time you hear the crack until you hear the thump. Multiply the number you counted times 100 and you get the yards the enemy is from you. Once you have the direction and distance, it should be possible to find your enemy’s position and blast him out.
        Blasting isn’t too easy, sometimes.
        Your rifle must be zeroed in properly. A 250-yard zero (with either .223 or .308) is good for combat since it allows you to fire at anything within 300 yards without worrying about bullet drop (if you can’t range in at 250 yards, 25 yards is almost as good since it is almost the same as the other end of the ballistic arch the bullet takes). Impact will change up or down a few inches at the most (which makes little difference in combat).
        The main change in bullet impact comes from wind deflection. It doesn’t seem like this should be a consideration. But it is.
        For example, with a 20 mile-per-hour crosswind a 55-grain .223 bullets will be 2.2 inches off the mark at 100 yards. Not much. But extend that out to 500 yards and its missing by 68 inches. Even with a very slight wind of just 4 miles per hour, the deflection at 500 yards will be over 13 inches. Even heavier .223 and .308 bullets will be off by up to 8 inches with just 4 miles per hour cross wind at 500 yards and nearly 26 inches off the mark with a 20 mph wind.
        Bottom line is to go to your local gun store and ask for the free wind age charts most ammunition manufacturers distribute for free to gun dealers. Get one of these and STUDY it. Know where your bullet will be striking during the critical moment.
        Wind deflection is even more complex than the charts show since winds aren’t often constant nor do they always blow across from your side. A lot of thought and experience is needed to get the hang of allowing for wind age.
        For cross winds, a chart is modified in the following way:
        Winds blowing into your face or from your back can be ignored. Winds coming at an oblique angle to your front or back change the bullet’s point of impact by 1/3 to 2/3 of its value (depending on its angle).
        Here’s how to estimate wind speed: a wind under 3 mph will hardly be noticed; breezes of 3-5 mph can be felt on your face; 5-8 mph winds will keep tree leaves in constant motion; winds in the 8-12 mph range will raise loose dust or blow papers about; and a 12-15 mph wind will make small trees sway about.
        If the targets are moving, there’s still more to consider since it takes time for a bullet to travel from your rifle to “there.” You have to aim at where your enemy will be when your bullet gets down field.
        To do this, point at the front edge of the targets body if he’s moving parallel to you at less than 250 yards or one body width ahead of him if he’s over 250 yards from you. If he’s running, double the lead.
        If a target is moving diagonally to you, use half the lead. You don’t have to compensate for movement if he is moving toward or away from you.
        It’s important to know how long 100 yard increments are to compensate for wind and target movement. Step off 100, 200, and 300 yards around the area you’ll be defending and use reference points so everyone in your group can know with some accuracy how far away a target is from them.
        When you shoot, aim first at clear and easy targets.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • River Rat:

          As an “ordinary” American, meaning no military background, middle class, tax-paying, law-abiding, not molested/abused, and from a two-parent traditional family without any history of drugs/drunkenness/gambling, I can only say WOW to your posts.

          They may be life savers some day.

          Let’s pray more than hope that people like me never need the info you provided, but thank God that you did if a time comes that we do.

          Thank you.

      72. I’m not a big fan of the Russian weapons, for several reasons. I know there are many that believe they’re adequate (or even excellent) for their applications, and that’s fine…

        So while this move doesn’t effect me directly with current or future preps, the reality is that this is a disturbing step, that doesn’t bode well for patriots. As they increase their grip upon us, I believe we are drawing ever closer to those “interesting times” that the Chinese curse refers to.

      73. After hearing the news of the airliner shoot-down and the Israeli actions in Gaza etc, plus all the regular propaganda served daily by the media, I needed a break. I spent the last couple hours of daylight yesterday engaged in Ammo Therapy Phase II.
        Yes, it’s expensive. And ammo is a bit hard to come by in certain calibers. But it was worth it. Mostly, I burned some of the excess .22 and .22mag stored in my deep underground, steel-reinforced, titanium lined bunker. (otherwise known as the okie compound) Don’t want it to spoil from age, you understand. Rotate the stock and keep it fresh and all that…
        Nothing like the sound of .22 magnum. A tidy, quick explosion. Barely half the decibels of a big rifle round. And cheaper than center-fire. Still, it makes a lovely BANG. Soothes the nerves. Plus it’s way more lethal than plain old .22 LR.
        After considerable target practice, I can’t say I’d qualify as a sniper. However, if the compound ever comes under fire from a squad of empty plastic pop bottles… those guys don’t stand a chance!

        Don’t get nervous or depressed, folks.
        Do what you have to to stay on an even keel.
        Now is not the time to get discouraged. Or jittery. There’s still some time left. Maybe four days or four years, I don’t know. But we’re still here, and there’s time enough to keep preppin’.

        • Smoke,do not underestimate the ferocity and tenacity of empty pop bottles,will be your demise!

      74. This is complete BULL SHIT. There is no EO number.

      75. two words.

        Homebuilt AR15.

      76. Fuck.

      77. Dont piss off too many of the nation’s FIFTY MILLION armed American Patriots. They will ultimately kick your ass. There is no force on planet earth who can compete with an army this size. Not even the Communist Chinese. They would be outnumbered 3 to 1. And if they came calling, we would own their high tech weapons within days, leveling out the playing field, and our veterans have the knowledge to operate them. Kick A**!

      78. obama = cult religion = islam = satan……..very easy to figure out

      79. This is a typical Obamunist trick to again violate the 2nd Amendment. If the whole truth about this regime were to come out, Obozo would be perp-walked out of the White House in irons. Soon thereafter he would be tried, found guilty of treason, and either hanged or sent to jail for the rest of his life. A few benefits might be conferred on him IF he cooperates and gives testimony about the cretins who put this Manchurian candidate into office and kept him there via rigging the 2012 election. “Hope and Change” my ass.

      80. Hilary has already publicly stated she wants to get rid of Assault and (black) rifles should she become ElPresidente. People, there is only ONE way to stop this madness in its tracks……………………. VOTE.
        Before the next Presidential Elections there needs to be a concerted effort Nation wide to convince unpresedented numbers of law abiding gun owners to VOTE.
        If Hildawg gets in the first 12 months of her Presidency will oversee changes that will be catastrophic to those who need that “quick follow-up 28th or 29th shot”!!!

      81. Personally I think the AR-15 is a way better gun than the AK-47. The AK-47 is a Russian made outdated gun from world war 2. The AK are more for gun collectors, but gun shooters prefer lightweight, intermediate cartridge magazine-fed, air cooled AR-15. I rather purchase an American made rifle than feed our enemies defense system anyhow. Russia cannot go to war cause they are broke. I don’t see why everyone is upset over us cutting their funds.

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