NYC Begins Extortive Tyranny, PUNISHES People For COVID-19 “Violations”

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 9 comments

If you disobey master Andrew Cuomo and comrade Bill de Blasio in New York City, you could be extorted for up to $150,000.  The tyrannical rollout is here, and it is coming soon to another city near you.

Brace yourself. This isn’t going to stop in New York, it is only being rolled out there first. Many of the over $150,000 worth of fines to be extorted will come from religious groups dare to worship and gather as they please, which is a basic fundamental human right.  The New York City government announced 62 summonses and over $150,000 in fines since Friday during pandemic-related closures and restrictions, the city said in a Sunday tweet.

The penalties, which were levied by “City agents in the Red, Orange and Yellow zones,” included five issued to religious congregations, reported CNN. They are trying to scare people into obedience.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week that the fines for mass gatherings in violation of state rules would be up to $15,000 a day, and the fines for not wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing could be $1,000 a day. –CNN

David Icke To LEOs & Military: Look Your Children In The Eye & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

Sadly, many are in support of this abject tyranny and want their fellow humans to be enslaved. But others are starting to stand up to governments.

This is a big experiment to see if people will comply with any edict and command of the politicians. Look no further than Australia to see our future unless people start to figure this out.

Australia is a Full-Scale Pilot Test For The New World Order

The fines come amid a new COVID crackdown targeting clusters that have contributed to a doubling of hospitalizations statewide in just a month. Statewide, 878 people were hospitalized as of Monday, the highest total since July 1.

New York C -ity sheriffs deputies cited five religious institutions in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn for violating the city health code by holding a gathering of more than 10 people. Each violation carries a $15,000 fine. –NBC New York

Stay alert and prepared. This is ramping up again.

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    1. AnnonII

      This is the first “legal” mistake being made by any Govt., (monetary fine)!

      The Govt will lose on already set precedence.

    2. cranerigger

      Of course the DEMONRATS want more TYRANNY.

      In the meantime, I just watched Senator Leahy (D) is chastising Amy Comey Barrett for not including a few things she may have penned throughout her life. The 1800 pages that had been included in her background were not sufficient for him. The sniveling turd, Senator Leahy, that claimed STOLEN VALOR (claiming to be a veteran of battle in the military when he was not); yet he condemns Barrett for missing a few of her many papers.

      • cranerigger

        Pardon me, not Leahy, my post is supposed to say BLUMENTHAL.

    3. dollface

      Life in NYC was bad enough even before all the covid garbage.Now,the gov and company have turned this into a big money grab.They are basically forcing people to comply or pay fines for a totally bogus virus.These tyrants don’t give a damn about our “health”.The covid farce is being used as a way to enslave/dehumanize us all.Now,they are using it to suck more money out of all of us.With so many out of work,who the hell can afford to be paying these ridiculous fines?They are just adding insult to injury with these fines.Since they are so concerned about mask wearing,perhaps the gov and mayor of NYC should both wear a full face mask so we’d never have to view their tyrannical faces again!

    4. TEST

      Last one out of de Blasio’s Pol Pot style Cambodia turn out the lights… that is, if he hasn’t outlawed those, too

    5. cranerigger

      Why do folks continue to vote for Demonrat tyranny?

      I’m telling you that BRAIN EATING AMOEBA is in the water supply in Demonrat-run cities.

      • Bill

        c/r – I said a few weeks ago, NY state and NY city must be mostly full of stupid and/or successfully propagandized people, they keep voting these miscreants into office. Official corruption or incompetence is perennially rife, citizens rights are abrogated, businesses are wiped out, taxes are unbelievably high, and regulations and laws are stifling. People are moving out of the state in droves and taking their money with them, and unemployment is consistently higher than the national average. Yet, these statists and autocrats (liberals) keep getting returned to office.
        But I don’t really care, I don’t live up there. The only problem I have is that many citizens leave the state and other similar states due to the diminishing quality of life and increasing cost of living, making it undesirable to live there. Then, when they have taken residence in another state they proceed to vote for the same policies and conditions that made their former state a sh*thole. To date, about 700,000 Californians have left that state because they no longer liked living there and moved to Texas. Most of them still vote Democrat and are recreating the mess they left behind.

    6. sucks being a vampire

      I am in NYC and I heard some horrifying news lately which hopefully is not true.I heard that the dictator Cuomo will run again when his current dictatorship is up.This guy is like an endless nightmare that won’t go away. Personally, I hope he runs- runs away that is.The further this control freak is from NYC the better! I truly cannot fathom an endless cycle of this guy in charge.Life here wasn’t that great to begin with,but,it seems that Bill and Mario have made it their duty to make sure everything becomes so much worse.It is no wonder so many people are moving out of this city.

    7. sucks being a vampire

      correction- Bill and* Andrew*

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