North Korea’s Latest Missile Test Brings Us One Step Closer to World War Three

by | May 15, 2017 | Headline News | 56 comments

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    As time goes on, North Korea’s nuclear program is making war with the United States more and more likely. We’re on a terrible path that no one knows how to escape from.

    On the one hand, North Korea is clearly led by an unhinged and tyrannical government that can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons. So you can understand why the US is so determined to stop their progress with these weapons. But at the same time, those nuclear weapons could one day guarantee that the leaders of North Korea will remain in power for a long time. Those weapons would make any potential aggressor think twice about trying to invade the bellicose nation, so there’s no way that North Korea is going to abandon its nuclear program.

    Perhaps the only thing that’s preventing a war from breaking out right now, is the fact that North Korea doesn’t have an effective way to deliver a nuke, nor have they been making much progress in that arena. It seems like every time they test a long range missile, it fails spectacularly. So long as that state of affairs continues, war can be averted.

    Unfortunately, North Korea’s missile program has just made a huge leap. On Sunday they tested a new missile that was arguably far more effective than anything they’ve ever launched before.

    A Hwasong-12, a new medium long-range surface-to-surface missile, was launched from Kusong early Sunday morning. The missile flew roughly 430 miles, but the weapon was intentionally lofted. Analysts suspect the missile could potentially hit targets 2,800 miles away if fired along a standard trajectory.

    In other words, the missile was launched with a steep arc, as a opposed to a relatively flat trajectory. This was done so that the missile could be tested without launching it over any neighboring countries. Most experts believe that if the missile had been given a flatter trajectory, it could have reached American military assets throughout much of the Pacific.

    The North “appears to have not only demonstrated an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) that might enable them to reliably strike the U.S. base at Guam, but more importantly, may represent a substantial advance to developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM),” John Schilling, a respected aerospace engineer who specializes in rockets, explained.

    With the ability to strike Guam, the North may now have the means to strike most major U.S. strategic assets in East Asia and the western Pacific. While this would be an impressive achievement, North Korea is determined to master ICBM technology. The missile tested Sunday may be the predecessor to a future ICBM.

    Is it any wonder why  North Korea is the perfect trigger for World War 3? This unstable nation is rapidly increasing its nuclear capabilities, and it’s a nation that China and Russia have a vested interest in keeping alive. They want a buffer state between their borders and South Korea, which is allied with the United States. So any conflict with North Korea (a conflict that is looking more likely every day) could easily drag more nuclear armed nations into the fray.

    Unless one side of this fight backs down, World War 3 is inevitable. And so far it doesn’t look like either side is willing to compromise on North Korea’s missile program.


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      1. Did you see the Alt Rights torchlight procession?

        Did you see New Orleans is taking down four confederate monuments?

        It wont stop with monuments. Its not about monuments.

        • Gee, with 29,300 (2014 Data) US Troops Stationed in South Korea, US Battle ships docked off the coasts of North Korea, Who’s really looking to pick a fight? Is N Korea just doing what they need to do to protect themselves from the reckless aggressors? As did Libya, as did Iraq, as did Syria, as did, Russia and Ukraine, etc….

          If you were being harassed by a gang of thugs at your homes’s doorstep and you went out to buy a gun and fired off some practice rounds at the range, would you be accused of starting WW3m or just defending yourself and your home, from the Thug Tyrants about to beat your ass for no good reason? This is no different. Same Pro US Military BS Propaganda Different day. Is this Author Daniel Lang, just another CIA Operative, drumming up Psyopps support for another phony war, based on NOTHING. Lets see his real resume. Oh didn’t post one did ya, ya Fake!! So how did N Korea attack the US to justify this US Aggression and punching bag thuggary?

          Get real people, the BS is getting thick here, Once you have real facts, the smoke and mirror dog and pony show is not worth the admission. Next!!!

          And WTF do we as US Tax payers, paying for nearly 30,000 Troops to sit in a country to harass another? Do the math plus, the cost of running these BS Military bases. Its costing us Trillion yearly to keep this BS up. and this has been going on since 1950. What has been the total cost of this Dog and Pony show for 67 years? Somebody is making a fortune off this BS.

          Source Wikipedia:
          Number of U.S. soldiers stationed in South Korea by year
          Year / Number
          1950 510
          1951 326,863
          1952 326,863
          1953 326,863
          1954 225,590
          1955 75,328
          1956 68,813
          1957 71,045
          1958 46,024
          1959 49,827
          1960 55,864
          1961 57,694
          1962 60,947
          1963 56,910
          1964 62,596
          1965 58,636
          1966 47,076
          1967 55,057
          1968 62,263
          1969 66,531
          1970 52,197
          1971 40,740
          1972 41,600
          1973 41,864
          1974 40,387
          1975 40,204
          1976 39,133
          1977 40,705
          1978 41,565
          1979 39,018
          1980 38,780
          1981 38,254
          1982 39,194
          1983 38,705
          1984 40,785
          1985 41,718
          1986 43,133
          1987 44,674
          1988 45,501
          1989 44,461
          1990 41,344
          1991 40,062
          1992 35,743
          1993 34,830
          1994 36,796
          1995 36,016
          1996 36,539
          1997 35,663
          1998 36,890
          1999 35,913
          2000 36,565
          2001 37,605
          2002 37,743
          2003 41,145
          2004 40,840
          2005 30,983
          2006 28,500
          2007 28,500
          2008 28,500
          2009 28,500
          2010 28,500
          2011 28,500
          2012 28,500
          2013 28,500
          2014 29,300

          Do the math on this Cost to US Tax Payers and the Amount of this added to the national Debt. I’m not paying for any of this anymore. Screw You!!

          • Lets set the record strait here:

            Clearly “the USA” not N Korea is being led by an unhinged and tyrannical government that can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons. Or anything else.

            Like I said this is more Fake News, like CNN, like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and Daniel Lang

            Mac, Are you being paid by the CIA to post this garbage? Are you a sellout to the truth? Why repost this garbage?

          • I think in 2003 the troop number was 41,142 because 3 guys got married to Koreans and defected.

        • Eisenkrautz:

          How about we start taking down memorials to Roosevelt. He allowed the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor. Where does it stop. Let the President’s and Confederates be remembered. Maybe somebody should nuke the Commie Traitors, and spank the useful idiots.


          • B from CA, Erasing former leaders is what the Communists always do. It’s par for the course and yet more proof that we are dealing with Communists. Not Progressives or Liberal Democrats or whatever they have changed their names to, in an effort to hide their identity.

            We need to always remember that Commies are ruthless killers. Wherever they go death and destruction follow!

        • The south shall rise again! hahahaha

      2. Get some tarps to cover up all your doors and windows. Dont forget to shut off the ventilation. Every little bit helps.

      3. Dammit! I can’t keep up. There’s simply too many potential disasters looming. I’m still trying to garage sale all my leftover Y2K stuff. That and dodging comet Kahoutek. Guess I’m hopelessly behind the times. (probably spending too much time listening to Jackie Wilson 45s)
        Seriously though, I AM PISSED! Somebody stole my gun safe. It was out at the country place and nobody’s been living out there for a while. 600 lbs and they stole the whole damned safe! It was too heavy to move to town. I figured (wrongly) that something that big was too much work for thieves.
        My favorite pistol was elsewhere(wink) but they got almost everything else including several thousand rounds of ammo. Now, without starting a big debate among the gun folks, I need to ask- what’s would be a good dependable semi-auto hand gun to begin rebuilding the arsenal? That is, after I get a bigger safe.
        I’m not a complete idiot about firearms but certainly no expert. And, remember, I’m on a budget. Suggestions?

        • Glock

          • Yes, Glock is a great choice, but a second choice. No Glock caliber will penetrate body armor. There is only once choice that will: FnH PS90 or FnH USG, both 5.7×28. It will also easily penetrate the door of an automobile. Glock calibers won’t. Plus it’s light weight, holds 20 rounds in the USG handgun and 50 rounds in the PS 90 carbine. The ammo is inexpensive (approx $22 per 50 rounds) and the same ammo can be used in both the USG and PS90. Easy to disassemble and clean.

            • Plus 5.7 by 28 is designed for full auto Fed guns which is also banned to tax slaves, slave. Stop watching TV so much

            • Glock is available in practically every handgun caliber, 5.7×28 realy isn’t very powerful in the short barrel of a handgun with its light weight bullet that isn’t armor piercing in civilian loads.

              An expensive and exotic gun with all sorts of design difficulties for personal or combat defense use and in an odd caliber that is expensive with limited availability and no way to reload them with any degree of reliability.

              A 9mm or .40 caliber in any handgun or light carbine would be preferable.

              Personally, I don’t like the Glock because of ergonomic reasons that make it difficult for me to shoot quickly and accurately (not because of the gun in itself or the calibers available).

        • Bummer Okie,,,
          Im a 1911 fan, just my preference, they have nice 80% frames now, a bud of mine builds all his competition handguns from these, likes em because he can tweak it exactly yhe way he wants, but those IPSC guys are fast gunners

        • Two Hawaiian guys respond to you.
          That is a hoot!
          My favorite conceal carry is a RX22.
          A PPK clone in .22 you cannot miss
          no matter how much you are shaking in fear.
          A well placed .22 is better than a .45
          blasting away. Although I like my 1911 when they
          get close. My Astra A70 is probably
          the best overall. Astra 70 is a very good Sig clone.
          I only wish someone would make a
          9mm on a PPK frame I don’t like the Kurtz.

        • glock 43, and a glock 19. If I could only do one of these it would probably be the 19.

          • Where did the term “Glockleg” come from?

            Glocks seem to be well suited to facilitate negligent discharges, but some people worship them anyway.

            • A Glock “safety” isn’t a safety.

        • A good safe even a 600# one needs to be set into, or at least anchored into reinforced concrete.

          I’m hearing it suggested that four smaller safes may be better than one big one, really make them work for it.

          With today’s modern portable power tools, even high end safes are just a delaying tactic. With just Harbor Freight tools you can open a high end safe in just an hour or so. They pretty much will just keep kids out of your stuff.

          Add an alarm system. Maybe add a second redundant alarm.

          Replacement arms,

          I’m a real fan of combo single action, double action triggers in Sig Sauers, the P229, P227 etc come to mind. Berreta, Walther and one other new one, I can’t remember also make this design and for a savings over Sigs that fetch top dollar. I think this design is the best for me. This design has no safety, but do have a decocking lever. Trigger pull with hammer down is around 8 pounds like a Glock. With the hammer cocked or after the first round is fired the trigger pull is around three pounds like a 1911. When my last round is fired, I can tell just by the feel of the trigger that it’s empty, without even seeing the slide locked back. I keep it loaded but decocked and in a holster. There is no safety.

          If you want striker fired, go Glock! They are chunky, have an 8 pound single action trigger pull, but with so much aftermarket grip and other accessories they can be made to work for just about anyone, and they run half what a Sig costs. Sig also makes several striker fired pistols.

          1911 is another operational style, light trigger pull makes them very accurate, though I don’t care for a pistol with a safety that is carried locked and loaded. With the hammer down or half cocked they can’t fire. In my opinion a good modern holster is the only safety I want.

          Most every pistol out there fits into these three design categories. Decide on your design preference and then stick with it for consistency and train on your standard.

        • @SmokinOkie

          I feel your pain. Same thing happened to me 20 yrs ago I the Army. They cut the floor around the safe and took flooring with them.

          That is the question of all questions. It really comes down to what you like, what feels good in your hand and what caliber(s) you like.

          With that said, all guns are good guns if they function. It does not matter if they are pretty or ugly they all kill. It is just some do it more effectively than others. I like my S&W M&P 9mm 1st generation for an EDC. But sometimes I will carry my Sig P200 Scorpion in .45acp and if I am in the right mood a Glock in .45acp.

          Glock-they are everywhere, they run $450-550 New, they are extremely functional and reliable, they are ugly, they are cheap to fix.

          Sig-they are starting to be everywhere I know several police departments who carry Sig now,they are beyond reliable, they are good looking, they are not so cheap to fix, very good factory support.

          S&W-popular with law enforcement, priced like a Glock, not to expensive to fix, I think mine is very reliable and they people I know who have them love them.

          1911-classic, damn good lookin, a on par with Glock in reliability, can be very expensive, alot of people find the very heavy and uncomfortable to shoot?, I like them myself I own one or two, Army standard for years they should have never gave it up for the Beretta.

          Ruger-nice gun, priced like a Glock/S&W, I do not know enough to comment more on them but I think I would own on for the right price.

          H&k-why? Personal issues

          Springfield- from what I know a decent pistol,priced like a Glock, you will have to find someone/range rental and judge it for yourself.

          Just my 2 cents worth.

          I hope this helps

          Stay alert stay alive

        • SO
          1911 been around for 106 years now. For the money I like Rock Island. GSG 22 in the 1911 frame is a great little gun. This way you will have a 45 and a 22 in the same frame.


      4. Sorry to read that you were robbed? I was also robbed of about $50,000 in coin so I know how you feel.

        • Huh?
          “$50,000” in coin.
          I don’t think I have $5,000
          in cash stashed away.
          You must be a rich guy.

          • Not really, it took me years to save

            • Sorry about your loss, Gandi. Hang in there and keep you head up. Cheers.

      5. All the propoganda on nk is just that! Nk is the kid on the play ground trying to get the BMOC’s attention. How likely is it that nk is ever going to be a “super power”? Or, a country worth worrying about. The reality is they want some handouts, and some economic recovery, and they think poking the BMOC is the way to get attention. They can be told they can keep a few of their toys, and join the rest of the world, and that would be the end of it. Or BMOC can hand him his ass, and look like one as well! The U.S. Was never supposed to be a country of war! Never the world’s policeman! If trump does anything in the next four years it will likely explode on him. The humanitarian disaster that could unfold here is astounding, not to mention WWIII, and it could all end up with trumps name on it! He could easily end up histories fool!

      6. If we back down eventually the NORK’s will perfect missiles that can reach the CONUS. And eventually they will perfect warheads that will fit those missiles and go BOOM when they arrive. And because Kim Jon Numnuts is INSANE it’s a virtual certainty that he will use those missiles to either blackmail the west into doing whatever he wants OR just plain using them. If we destroy the NORK’s now we are risking a lot…but we might be able to keep things conventional. If we wait things WILL EVENTUALLY GO THERMONUCLEAR. And once that genie leaves the bottle it’s well and truly over for civilization.

        • it’s over already.

          allowing north korea and the muslims to consult on weapons and buy from others, never should’ve happened.

          just a matter of time before nk sends a nuke somewhere or iran sends one somewhere.

        • Has anyone ever asked Russia, China, Iran or North Korea why they feel so defensive? The US promulgated coup in the Ukraine backfired not because of Russian aggression but because Putin outplayed them. The kool aid tastes of brute force and ignorance now and must be administered with a syringe. Use you tongue to block it. Not justify it.

          • Right on Grandpa, Glad a few here are not so gullible to Propaganda. I wish they would just Nuke Washington and Virginia, wipe it all off the map when Congress and the Senate are in session, and all the creepy lobbyists that lurk in the shadows with their bags of Cash and Blackmail.

            Most AMericans Are so screwed for life under this corrupt system, We want our Country back. Can you hear me now Mr Putin?

      7. If we go to WAR with N. KOREA who is going to fight it ?

      8. “As time goes on, North Korea’s nuclear program is making war with the United States more and more likely.”

        Wrong on it’s face.

        Washington’s belligerent threats, illegal aggressive warfare and acts of state terror make it likely that NK will have to defend itself.

        • You know not that of which you speak.

      9. Putin says “If there is one thing I learned on the streets of Leningrad 50 years ago it is that if there is going to be a fight, you have to strike first.” “I don’t know how to get through to you”. “Do not intimidate North Korea.” NATO has thrown out its founding principles and encircles Russia blaming it as the aggressor. Paul Craig Roberts reports get ready to die……..Grandpa says our destruction would be redundant.

      10. You guys please read the link Mac cited in the article, North Korea is the perfect trigger for World War 3?

        It makes some excellent points why North Korea will be the trigger for WWIII.

        • “When you see a North Korean launch against the South… and they do some minor military attack every year, so you’ve got to be careful not to confuse those with a major artillery barrage on Seoul. If this ever starts you know you’re days away from nuclear war. People ought to get out of major cities that are major nuclear targets.”

          I think I need to really start thinking about a bugout plan. I am still way to close to Washington DC and the multiple high-value military targets in Maryland and Virginia!

          • a few nukes from NK that may or may not make it to the usa, I’m not worried; but full on nuke war with Russia; you do not want to bug out; you want to be close to the blast range; living thru a usa hit by several hundred nukes would make the walking dead look like a day in the park.

            • Lena, you are probably right. The living will envy the dead.

              However, I’m still eyeing the Western part of Canada. Nobody would ever nuke our inoffensive neighbors to the North. Plus, their border is more porous than ours.

      11. Ha ! one step closer to world war 3, big deal.

        Iran is sure to get nukes and then will use them, most of the western world is at 100% debt to GDP or greater and still pouring more debt on, the usa is going to flip to democrat/socialist on demographics within 20 years, Europe will be fighting islam for its survival within 10 years, etc, etc.

        If you are under probably 60, at some point; things will really suck for you and it may never get better after that.

        IMO, all we are doing now is trying to see which it is.

        I’m taking my two weeks vacation this summer, I usually take it during Christmas; but it may not be possible then. I’d suggest others start thinking the same, getting thru the next 25 years without serious damage to your current lifestyle will be hard to do.

        • Lena, I totally agree: “If you are under probably 60, at some point, things will really suck for you and it may never get better after that”. I recently saw a movie that’s title was perfect: I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore!

          This is the first time since 2007/2008 that I am really concerned. In 2008 the World economy almost crashed and now the economy is REALLY on the edge of a MUCH HIGHER cliff and the World is on the brink of war.

          • As you watch the economy collapse remember all wars are banker wars. The Constitution was designed to restrain that. The reason it doesn’t is the real problem that got us to this point. Just ask yourself has Congress declared war? No? Whale oil beef hooked, you are too. We will be lucky if its 25 months Lena. Use your vacation time well.

            • yes, could be sooner; but doom sites like this have been preaching doom for years and everything is still rosy at the surface. so, if things settle down; I wont be surprised.

              • Let us hope that cooler heads prevail but I do not see many in a place to stop the global oligarchs. And no will in the people to do so. If things ever settle down it will be to a long winters nap. We have passed a tipping point regarding freedom and liberty and that you cannot deny. There are ways to reverse or mitigate the consequence. That is the purpose of this site. Its been a long time coming agreed but it will be a longer time gone. We do not heed warnings and that is why we repeat them. Focus on the cause, don’t beat the dog, he barks for a reason.

                • Well Said GrandpaSpeaks, well said!

      12. Burglars hit a new gun store in the southwest suburbs of Chicago about two weeks ago. Security cameras all over the place. But no recorder. Really? Million bucks for the new building and inventory but no recording device? Sheesh.

      13. The scariest thing of all is to see that feminist war-mongering psychopath, Nikki Haley scolding & threatening KJU….its like a stupid weakling todie that has a big brute for his sidekick, and talking tough with everyone around him. It’s disgusting to see this. A man like KJU does not take kindly to being intimidated & threatened by a woman. Just as most real men (including myself) will NOT accept it….especially in that culture. Trump needs to get rid of her NOW. Put a real male diplomat as the UN Ambassador…a man with political experience that can ratchet down the rhetoric using diplomacy. Not threats and intimidation. This bitch just might propel the world into a thermonuclear war.!!!!!

      14. The little prick pissed off the Russians with the latest test.

        why do I think he will start a launch one to DC, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Soule all at the same time. Just a gut feeling.


        • It would sure be nice to have russia do the dirty work and make nk a waste land.

      15. Kim isn’t going to attack anyone with missiles. He doesn’t have many. He does have a lot of rockets and artillery. But those are for very close range. Cyber war, maybe.

      16. North Korea is begging to be turned into a huge glass parking lot !

        • Washington is engaged in so much illegal, aggressive warfare and acts of terror, it’s only a matter of time until one or more of their victims strike back. Sooner would be better.

          Washington does not represent us.

      17. With the ENTIRE intelligentsia of Washington DC currently attempting to overthrow a duely elected President there has never been a better time for our enemies to strike. If attacked who would be in charge, I don’t think they would let Trump give orders in such a situation, hell he isn’t even allowed to have meetings with foreign governments without the Washington establishment howling for his impeachment. Can you imagine what would happen if we were under nuclear attack. Who would call the shots a question worth asking, our government is being overthrown before our very eyes and our enemies will take advantage of our disarray IMO.

        • Agree: America has never been weaker and more vulnerable. It has never had such a large population on the edge of mass rioting (usually it was just blacks).

          Already, there is no ability to take a firm or consistent decision. What if there was a real crisis? America’s allies are no better: Canada has a gay guy as leader; the UK doesn’t know if it is coming or going from Europe; Germany has a fat frauline in charge; France has another gay guy. It’s a mess.

      18. Keep in mind that most of you are getting your info from the globalist media. The NWO. So don’t be so fast to believe everything you see and hear. Question everything.

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