North Korean Propaganda On Trump: ‘Garbage That Reeks Of Gunpowder To Ignite War’

by | Nov 9, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 13 comments

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    After North Koreans heard from their state-run media (propaganda) that Donald Trump had said some harsh things about life in the isolated nation, they fired back.  And many believe Trump will “ignite a war” between the United States and their own country.

    In a speech on Wednesday, President Trump called the isolated communist country “a hell that no person deserves.”
    But the rebuttal from North Koreans was equally harsh. One woman, who CNN spoke to on the streets of Pyongyang called Trump’s assertion “foolish,” “absurd,” and another word CNN claims they cannot print. “The reality here is very different. We’re leading a happy life,” Ri Yong Hui, a housewife in Pyongyang, told CNN.
    North Korean state media reported that Trump had spoken on Thursday, but did not include concrete details of his speech, in which the President slammed Pyongyang’s human rights abuses.
    The North Korean state newspaper Rodong Sinmun characterized Trump’s words as “garbage spewing like gunpowder out of Trump’s snout like garbage that reeks of gun powder to ignite war.”
    Coverage on state television and in newspapers focused on a small number of protesters outside the National Assembly, despite the fact that they were outnumbered by those rallying in support of the US President.CNN
    “Trump has no right to talk about human rights,” Ri said, as the government minders translated for her. “He’s a simple war maniac.”  Not many citizens would communicate with CNN in North Korea. Most people in Pyongyang are effectively sealed off from the outside world. They’re only able to access government-approved propaganda, as the North Korean leadership blocks foreign media and levies harsh punishments to those who smuggle or view content they deem inappropriate.
    That all begs the question: if North Koreans are sealed off and afraid to speak to reporters, would they simply lie to CNN protect themselves? CNN even admitted that that was likely what happened.
    The presence of our official escorts meant that even if anyone we spoke held differing views, they would likely only reiterate the same talking points as North Korea’s leaders out of fear of punishment.
    Ri Won Gil, an editor at a publishing company (unrelated and unacquainted to Ri Yong Hui), also called Trump a maniac. That’s not a coincidence considering the state propaganda calls him a maniac all the time. Ri told CNN Trump was “a fool, a maniac and the only response to what he is saying is to give him a good beating with a stick.”
    “(Trump) knows nothing at all about North Korea and in general about the Korean nation,” Ri said. “He has no common sense or knowledge about what we are. He may have said some things, but we don’t really care. We have our own national economy which was carved out and developed by the previous leaders and is being continuously built by the current leader.”


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      1. “And many believe Trump will “ignite a war” between the United States and their own country.”

        Probably got the same news Headline that I saw earlier:

        In Seoul, Trump Delivers War Ultimatum to North Korea. “Complete, Unconditional Surrender to US Dictates, or Total War”

        Trump is not helping this situation one bit. Diplomacy was never an answer from day one … threatening War has been the initiative from the get go.

        Trump summed up Washington’s stance in the concluding section of his 32-minute speech, declaring:

        “I also have come here to this peninsula to deliver a message directly to the leader of the North Korean dictatorship—the weapons you are acquiring are not making you safer. They are putting your regime in great danger. Every step you take down this dark path increases the peril you face. North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned. It is a hell that no person deserves. Yet despite every crime you have committed against god and man… we will offer a path towards a much better future. It begins with an end to the aggression of your regime, a stop to your development of ballistic missiles and complete verifiable and total denuclearisation.”

        FULL STORY:

      2. But he’s OUR maniac. I see your’s and double-down. Your bid UN-boy.

      3. GO POUND SAND NK!

      4. China is about to dump the dollar ,as did Saddam, Kadaffi, China ,Russia, Iran ,North Korea,Venezuela Are not using the dollar. If this catches on we will no longer be able to charge interest on every transaction? Then their standard of living goes up and ours goes down? And without our 12 aircraft carriers mantinance payments we can’t enforce international agreements? They will nationalize all American property in their countries. Then say goodbye to that condo you own in Mexico. And your pension payed by that dam your company built in Uraguay? They won’t pay us back if we can’t kick their ass?

      5. Thats funny, the U.S. media is also state run and has been since 2012 with the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act. Also the U.S. government is trying to ban RT from America by making it so hard for them that they would be forced to give up and quit.

      6. A million soldiers that eat grass will surrender for MRE’s.

      7. Well, you have to admit that, propaganda or not, they pegged Trump right: “garbage that reeks of gunpowder to start war” is a pretty accurate characterization of our ignorant Prez.

        • Richard: Do the country a favor and slice your own throat you buffoon you!

          • CC, agreed. I think the description fits Kim Jong-In to a T, NOT President Trump.

      8. Both sides should cool it. Let China/JapanS. Korea deal with it. Tell Kim we give nukes to Japan and S.Korea and China will take care of the problem.

      9. How does the outside world know so much about the living conditions inside North Korea if North Korea keeps outsiders from visiting? Spy planes?

      10. Can’t delay the weapon manufacturing 24/7/365 perfecting killing machines and explosives to maintain the fear and control that greases the skids to total tyranny. Life is hard enough, when your representative government has completely sold you out as not worthy of voice or respect there isn’t much more to lose. The people have become muted out of fear to hold your voice.

      11. If you follow the “disses,” everything has been balanced. For instance, the US uses the figure of speech, decapitation. The NK propaganda poster shows cartoon scissors. It shows that NK is paying attention, not just a hermit nation.

        But, our “diplomacy” does not even come close to acknowledging North Korea’s talking points.

        They have called us decadent, imperialistic, and wanted self-determination — not to be a labor colony.

        The West’s answer was to emplace economic rules, on NK. No solution has been offered, except to play absentee landlord.

        I don’t personally believe that either side of the discussion is a demigod, born under double rainbows, on a magical mountain. I keep my stuff here and have no death wish.

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