Nobody Believes the Media Anymore: “Trust Has Eroded to Just 6 Percent” Of Americans

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 48 comments

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    The truth is, most Americans have understood that the network news and television broadcasts are filled with lies for a while now.

    Only, Americans in general put up with the lies for a long time, so long as they still had good jobs, and a decent opportunity as security and a good life.

    Nowadays, the squeeze is on. The economic pressure and the growing underclass of government-dependent zombies are all too clear. Many people are becoming sophisticated at sorting out untruths and self-serving propaganda.

    The B.S. broadcasting 24/7 on cable news is tiresome. Establishment newspapers and other government-sanctioned liars are losing their grip to the Internet, and today’s Americans are apt to shrug off their old gatekeepers and instead seek out news and information that responds to their concerns.

    As the Associated Press demonstrates, this is no fringe movement – basically nobody believes the media anymore, and they are largely seen as complicit in the corruption of the system in Washington, on Wall Street and in countless avenues of everyday life.

    Just about everyone alive today is onto their agenda.

    According to the AP:

    Trust in the news media is being eroded by perceptions of inaccuracy and bias, fueled in part by Americans’ skepticism about what they read on social media.

    Just 6 percent of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media, putting the news industry about equal to Congress and well below the public’s view of other institutions.


    Faced with ever-increasing sources of information, Americans also are more likely to rely on news that is up-to-date, concise and cites expert sources or documents, according to a study by the Media Insight Project… the expectations of news consumers have increased.


    Nearly 90 percent of Americans say it’s extremely or very important that the media get their facts correct, according to the study. About 4 in 10 say they can remember a specific incident that eroded their confidence in the media, most often one that dealt with accuracy or a perception that it was one-sided.

    The understated difference is not just the existence of the Internet and iPhone, but the menu of options that allows readers to interact and seek out news and information in a proactive way. They aren’t confined to just three channels anymore…

    Users are no longer held captive to corporate influence and government talking points. There are endless websites for all points in the political spectrum.

    So, while the study shows how corrupt and untrustworthy the government, political candidates and media/news personalities have become, the positive news is that the future about much more than just being spoon-fed “news” that is fortified with elements of the agenda being worked behind the scenes.

    The study cited by the AP notes:

    Rosenstiel said people who use social media are “hunting pretty carefully for cues” in deciding whether to click on an item of news to read more. The most important factor in determining trust: whether or not they know the original source of the story.

    But there is also the potential danger of group think that arises from people forming ideological cliques and refusing to venture beyond the backwaters of thinking in only one way and subconsciously pursuing confirmation bias. (But there’s no utopia, and we must take the good with the bad.)

    The dinosaur media will be studied by cultural paleontologists of the near future, obsessed, perhaps with images of ourselves through the recent past.

    As they peer into this bizarre system of controlled information, they will question why anybody ever listened to a handful of speaker-reporters who all learned to talk in a phoney cadence and regurgitate talking points literally issued from a centralized source.

    This is literally true at most call-letter news stations. Just check out this hilarious but disturbing clip from Conan O’Brien:

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      1. Anyone who believes the MSM deserves everything they get. The stack has been rigged for years. Time to vote with armed resistance. That is the only way left.

        • 6% seems a little high to me…

          Same shit, new day.


          • I was thinking the same thing but maybe we still have a 6% moron factor that believes the media.

        • Infidel-2… You are 100% correct.





      3. LMAO !!! Now we know how BIG the establishment really is: its only 6% of the population !!! 🙂

        • Ehhh, I doubt this figure, I think it is more like 30% based on observation of the public. You need to factor in propaganda shills like Hannity, Beck, Limpbaugh, Savage, etc.






        • With just a wee bit more effort you could make it reeaaaly scary to which I say, let’s get it over with. The book I read says God will always preserve a remnant.

          Same shit, just another day in paradise.


      5. Hell I don’t trust my cereal box,the label in my shorts on how to clean em, any directions in a foreign language and am doubtful when the coffee cup says my coffee is hot! Screw the media.

      6. I can’t believe it is over 3%
        No matter what the MSM you watch or listen to, they all give have truths, take phases out of context. Take what a person will say, and give their interpretation to it.


        • Met half truths.

          • Meant half truth.
            Just had wife in hospital. She is OK kidney stones. Lots of pain.

            • Sarge, sorry to hear that and hope she makes a speedy recovery. You’re right about MSM. Who was that former president of CBS who once said, “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we think they ought to have.”?

            • Sgt. Dale.

              Hope wife has speedy recovery.

            • Sgt. Dale,

              Prayers for your wife that she makes a speedy recovery.

              Does your wife like cranberries or tea?
              Cranberries are very good for the kidneys and bladder. Taking cranberry tea daily can help prevent kidney stones. You can purchase it in some grocery stores or order it online.

              Bigelow Tea sells Cranberry Apple Herbal Tea.

              If you can’t find it in your local stores, below is the link where you can order it online.

              If you store the tea bags in Food-Saver packages, they will stay fresh for a very LONG time.

              • To all of you guys above.
                I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.
                She has been in a lot of pain for the last few weeks. The Doctor said he got them all.

                • Sarge,glad to hear your wife is on the mend,loved ones in distress sucks.As for this article will post below.

                • Sgt. Dale:

                  There are more than one kind of stones, each with it’s own cause. Your wife’s doctor should send the stones to a laboratory to have them examined to determine their type. Then he will know what to tell you (your wife) to avoid so as not to have to repeat this illness. Drinking water upon awakening and throughout the day is also crucial for the kidneys. Sugar and prediabetis is another thing to watch. To strengthen bladder stop urinating mid-stream several times, every time urinating after healed. Good Luck. God speed your recovery.

      7. Gov’t Employee Steals From Feds, Uses Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers To Fight Eviction After Getting Caught

        “Markquonda Mathis was using one government agency to fight another government agency to preserve her right to defraud a third, all while drawing a paycheck from HUD.”

        “Mathis was unsuccessful in her legal battle and was forcibly evicted in December 2014.

        Luckily for her, rather than fire her for the fraud and for lying to the inspector general about it, HUD PROMOTED HER immediately after being caught.

        She now oversees millions of dollars in HUD grants as a grants officer dealing with lead abatement.”

        ht tp://


        You see, in the US hatred of the Washington régime runs very deep, with millions of people sick and tired of being swindled by various hated bureaucracies—in government, law, medicine, education, the military, banking… They hate those who took away their jobs and gave them to foreigners and immigrants. They hate those
        who stole their retirement savings and ruined their children’s futures. They hate the smug university types who keep telling them what to think and how to speak, making them feel inadequate simply for being who they are—salt of the earth Americans, racist, bigoted, small-minded, parochial, willfully ignorant, armed to the teeth and proud of it. There is very little that the régime can ask of these people, because the response to every possible ask is “no, because we hate you.”

        • Actually it all boils down to one hated enemy. I believe Jesus called this enemy, “You, the children of the Devil, your father”. He, too, was a bigoted parochial, which explains why the children of the Devil hated him then as they do now. Or is it they who are the bigots who think they are better than everyone including God himself. Be careful. Your power on this earth is temporary. God is the Supernatural natural state of good. And evil is the demonic state of all that is not good. In the end, good will triumph over evil.

      9. “But there is also the potential danger of group think that arises from people forming ideological cliques and refusing to venture beyond the backwaters of thinking in only one way and subconsciously pursuing confirmation bias”.

        That is a very real consideration. I have a little more time than most to cruise the net. I have several Russian, Chinese, British, “news sites” I read almost daily. I read several conservative sites, I even scan Politico and Salon for liberal propaganda.
        I put on my BS detector and plow through it all, keeping in mind all I want from all this information, is how to prepare to protect my family from the government.

      10. I think the publics trust of the media is linked to their belief system. If they agree with the MSM on an issue then they are truthful, if not they’re lying.

        I don’t think the majority has a clue regarding how compromised the news is from the actual incident reported to how the slant is presented if the news is reported at all. Its quite possible to get dishonest news from honest reporting as false flags are common. Where the MSM truly is lacking is real Investigative Journalism. The official narrative is never questioned and on the rare times it is it just touches the periphery.

        Its difficult for Americans to come to grasp with the fact, that the MSM, is in effect a highly polished PRAVDA of USSR fame. The illusion of “checks and balances”, “rule of law” and participatory democratic input tends to soothe out questions running too deep. I have heard it from many starting with JFK up through OBL, “You really think they can keep that a secret”? They know something is wrong but are far too naive to see the depths of the falsehoods.

      11. Is FOX News really news?
        They started this format with one paid ‘strategist, pundit, political shill’ after another coming on to spew their ‘talking points/spin’

        Hardly news, political propaganda.

      12. To the north the recently elected leader of Socialist Canada was enthusiastically endorsed throughout the campaign by the publicly owned Canadian Broadcast Corporation. Once elected he increased their annual budget by 150 million. The rest of the MSM up here were almost as complicit. Now we have a half-witted puppet in place as Beloved Leader. Meanwhile the MSM overwhelmingly continue their bias by supporting Hilary Clit-gone who’d lie to St Peter at the gates of Heaven. It is depressing that they can’t even be fair when covering matters in a separate country.

      13. I used to watch fox news. Now I cant stand to be in the room if its on somewhere. Its the same script each night. some dildo defending one party, another dildo defending the other party. Never any insight or compromise among any of them. No matter how much idiocracy its the same every night.

      14. Elvis Presley shot his T.V. way back when. Not a few people have done likewise. I don’t feel the need to have broken glass all over my floor. I have saved quite a bit of money by not having a TV. I don’t go to professional sports events and watch one black team compete with another team so they can get rich and marry Sweedish supermodels and have sex with white women forced into prostitution because of poverty or drugs or just being kidnapped by some black pimp and trafficked like a piece of garbage.

        No, I don’t watch the ZioMedia.

      15. Trust the media?!Hell,I don’t trust this article even or posts related to it,including me own!

      16. The local TV news programs have no truth to offer, from one network to the next. Local crimes rehashed for days on end. The rest is obviously paid promotions for various products dressed up as news. The newspapers are even worse, instead of multiple pages of peoples letters there are a handful of selected letters trumpeting the papers opinion. Pure garbage.

        • Someone, in a letter to the editor, complained to the newspaper in New Bern, NC many years ago about inaccuracies with buried retractions and biases in the news. The editor answered in the editorial column that he owned the newspaper and he would print just what he pleased.

          Most of the local newspapers are owned by out-of-town corporations.

        • Recent experts now agree that what is the biggest problem and Failure within EVERY MSM TV News show seen in the usa, is simply due to the inability to translate the original scripted wording’s from yiddish into English.

          It seems whatever the orig promotional propagandas first written in yiddish, once translated into english and spanish, for the ever growing populations of Latrine’Os always contains a large loss of proper comprehension and understanding that it had in yiddish.

          This has led to the Demands for $150-Billion in usa taxpayer fundings over the next few months on behalf of the Six-Main/major ZioCorp Zioyidkikes acting as chief CEO’s of Every tv station and tv news show, to be used to find a real and lasting solution for this mis-translationairy language gap problem at large.

          Both the U.S.Congress and U.S.Senate in their entire respective membership’s, have also planned an emergency trip to Their Leadership HQ in Telaviv Israel for further directions as to which remedy they all need to enact and Rubber-Stamp into usa Fed Law ASAP Quick as possible.

          Congressional Dual-Citizen’s will be on hand to assist the goyim reps and senators in overcomming all concerns that hinge upon, out dated Ethical and/or Moral concerns these foolish goys may yet harbor…The only issue yet unresolved is weather or not such Dual Citizen’s of the congress will be located at both usa and israel locations.

          AIPAC has also offered their combined expert assistance…But…For a Price of course!

      17. Has anyone else noticed that “Some” people would
        still rather believe the lies, than face the truth
        of their own reality?

      18. Anger Management:

        Dr. Buddy Rydell: Let me explain something to you, Dave. There are two kinds of angry people in this world: explosive and implosive. Explosive is the kind of individual you see screaming at the cashier for not taking their coupons. Implosive is the cashier who remains quiet day after day and finally shoots everyone in the store. You’re the cashier.

        Dave Buznik: No, no, no. I’m the guy hiding in the frozen food section dialing 911. I swear.

        ~~The powers that be always trying to pigeonhole you into one of two groups. Limit diversity of thought.

      19. Now days with the Internet and instant communication we often know the truth and the news before mainstream media start lying to us, so we know they are lying the moment they open there mouths, my response is to change the channel without even listening to them.

      20. fox news ceo roger ayiles..screwed the pooch for one of the last bastion of hope in the main stream media. That is now lost.. he and his scum bag peeps like megan kelly..put the nail in that coffin.

        Sadly now all we have left are those who are calling themselves alternative news.. like alex jones, daboo007, and a long list of other fear peddling idiots that pretty much theft 99% of their reports and regurgitate the work done by others.

      21. when the civil war begins this group of scum maggot communists must be eliminated before any else, they are the mouthpieces for both Treasonous parties and the white house. silence hem and Washington becomes muted for ever.

      22. I remember the first time the scales fell from my eyes.

        I used to write letters to the editor (of The Oregonian), either on gun rights or on education. My letters were usually edited, to fit onto the page, I supposed. I started writing very short, concise letters, making sure the grammar was correct. My letters still got edited, and the editing was always clumsy. Then for a couple of letters I counted the words both of what I sent, and what was printed. It turned out that the edited versions were LONGER than what I had submitted, so the editing could not have been for the purpose of fitting them on the page. I took a closer look at the edits and noticed that my carefully crafted letters were dumbed down with added grammar errors and so forth. It finally dawned on me that they didn’t want to print careful, concise arguments in opposition to gun control. What they wanted was anti-gun control letters that sounded like they came from a moron – and if they didn’t get that in the submission, they would fix it to look that way.

        My letter-writing was done; I’d had enough. “Don’t argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel.”

        • Paul: There are two possibilities for their dishonesty and gross unprofessional conduct. 1. They knowingly engage in fraud for money, i.e., they are journalistic whores, i.e., they sell their credibility/reputation for money. 2. They are convinced that you are wrong and your mistaken belief is dangerous, but being too lazy or too incompetent or too stupid to refute you, they misrepresent your arguments for “the common good”.

          There is one last possibility that I find so repugnant that I shudder to contemplate it. They can’t refute any of your arguments, but “feel” you are wrong, or “should be” wrong, and have no respect for the truth when it conflicts with their feelings.

      23. Paul, man, I have to agree with you regarding the Oregonian newspaper (if you could call it that).
        It’s been a few years since I’ve seen one, but I remember the biased reporting like it was yesterday.
        The paper also had it in for most of the largest employers in Oregon, (Nike, Intel, etc. Steve Duin, Jack Ohman..what idiots).
        Waste of time trying to write anything to them. Has the paper folded yet? 🙂

      24. The truth is the media has been deceiving US ever since it was formed as first a newspaper than as radio and now is the MSM.

        Anything found useful and powerful will be corrupted by those that love money and power.

      25. The News Media Is The GateKeeper & CheerLeader For The District Of Criminals.

      26. I would like to study the 6%. Are they paid by govt.? Are they mentally ill? What other gross illusions do they hold? For example, do they buy the official IRS line that taxes are voluntary and therefore not theft? Can they follow logic? Are they susceptible to simple mental manipulation? Are they unusually gullible? Is there some emotional payoff they get for holding such a patently silly belief? Do they vote? Do they unquestionably trust all authority? Would they accept “official” accounts that contradict their own experience? And last but possibly most important: Would they be open to the possibility that they hold an incorrect belief?
        I’ll bet that last question would be met with a blank stare. The lights are on, but nobody is home.

      27. I don’t know about all of this conspiracy stuff but, what I do know for sure, is that economic factors may take some of the spring out of the step of the Easter Bunny this year.

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