Nearly Half of Americans Concerned Jade Helm Will “Impose Greater Control Over States”

by | May 13, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 169 comments

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    While the media has been busy trying to reassure the public over the frightening tone and scope of the Jade Helm 15 military exercises, it is clear that many Americans are not buying it.

    Establishment outlets everywhere are scrambling to declare with authority that there is nothing to see here.

    A cursory news search reveals a clear meme being circulated that all is quiet on the front and that Jade Helm is most certainly not martial law training:


    But are these media tactics working?

    A recent poll conducted by Rasmussen, the country is indeed quite alarmed over the exercise, with a near majority concerned about federal intrusion and apparent preparations to use martial law during crises – perhaps not too much different than what is going on in Baltimore, or previously in Ferguson.

    Eight weeks of U.S. military exercises this summer in several southwestern states – dubbed Jade Helm 15 – have some wondering if the government is preparing for martial law. Most voters don’t oppose such exercises, but a surprising number worry about what the federal government is up to.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 65% of Likely U.S. Voters favor the U.S. military conducting training exercises in their state. Just 16% are opposed, but slightly more (19%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    Only 21% believe the government’s decision to conduct military training exercises in some states is an infringement on the rights of the citizens in those states. Sixty-two percent (62%) disagree. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure.

    But 45% of voters are concerned that the government will use U.S. military training operations to impose greater control over some states, with 19% who are Very Concerned. Just over half (52%) are not concerned that the government has an ulterior motive for the training exercises, including 26% who are Not At All Concerned.

    Among voters who oppose military exercises in their state, 82% are concerned that the federal government has greater control in mind. Just 34% of those who favor the exercises share that concern.

    This poll gives documented reasons to think that many are waking up to the abuses of power, not just of police in urban areas, but of the larger system of government using scare tactics to demand more power for all of its agencies.

    There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about Jade Helm, but the powers that be are doing everything they can to deflect attention from the merits of this issue – and denial and ridicule, as usual, are the first tools at hand to dismiss public concerns. The Dallas Morning News wrote :

    Several websites have spread fear along the Internet that the 8-week exercise this summer in seven states is a ruse to impose martial law and confiscate guns in hostile states.

    The conspiracy theory was bolstered when Gov. Greg Abbott this month wrote a letter to the Texas State Guard, ordering them to monitor the exercises to ensure civil rights were maintained.


    Rasmussen pollsters said the reaction of those polled to the exercises reflects a heightened feeling of distrust for the federal government among voters.

    Almost half of those polled – 47 percent – believe the federal government has too much influence over state governments, but that number has dropped from 56 percent five years ago.

    Quick conspiracy theory: Could the identification of Texas as “hostile” in the Jade Helm exercise – conducted to “master the human domain” – be linked to its fierce political attitude towards federal government meddling? Did Texas win the role of ‘hostile’ in the military exercise because of:

    a) the previous governor’s history of branding succession from the union as a political rally point, b) Texas’ refusal to give “dual command status” over Texas National Guard to the Fed’s emergency relief powers after Hurricane Rita, c) conspiracy talk and “radio-show driven” fears about martial law, d) its status as a pro-gun, pro-Constitution hold out for a staunch conservative base and a swelling libertarian-minded demographic, or the general attempts to turn the state blue for electioneering purposes, or e) all of the above and more.



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      1. State rights and the Constitution are being subjected to extreme prejudice by the liberal agenda. There needs to be unified and concerted pushback in no uncertain terms.

        • “State rights and the Constitution are being subjected to extreme prejudice by the liberal agenda.

          Yep. Obola’s old enough, and been around long enough, to have heard the phrase, “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

          Yet I have this sinking feeling that that Chicago Gangster Thug in Chief is thinkin’ to himself (along with his team of advisors), “I’m gonna muck me up some cowboys! Them cowboys think their stuff don’t stank with their ol ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ schtick. Well, them cowboys are gonna get jacked up when I’m through with them.”

          I hope he’s not thinking that, but if he is, I hope Texas shows him that he’s badly mistaken.

          • The slogan “don’t mess with Texas” is a has been worn out statement. There are not real Texans anymore, those people have expired and passed on. Texas is no better than any other of the dumbed downed States in this nation.

            Maybe the slogan should be said “don’t fuck with a Prepper”
            It is valid for all 50 States – there’s nothing special about Texas – grow up!

            • Don’t live here do you?

              • TX =Steers and Queers, btw Houston you have a problem. You are a stinkin cesspool of filth and polution. Anything for a bucket of oil.

                • Meanwhile… Abu Ghraib is operating openly in downtown CHICAGO. If this doesn’t corroborate JADE HELM objectives, what would???

                  Yet almost no patriots are making the connection. Because they’re minorities being detained? If Jade is what it says it is? there could very well be one of these black sites in our towns waiting for many of us. Certianly all those who read this blog.


                • your a weak minded fool

            • That’s very true. Most people are too dumb to even get the fact they are slaves.

            • You could be right, but when that 60 year old Texas policeman killed those 2 rifle-carrying muslim terrorists last week with just his .45 pistol, you bet I’m thinkin’ “Don’t mess with Texas!”

              • Just FYI
                That story is a lie
                Just like all the other psy op lies

                • Proof please.

              • Just because a man is in his 60s or even 70s doesn’t mean that his aim isn’t good any more. There’s things to be said for experience and years of practice… not to mention, a lot of us codgers aren’t afraid of dying. We’ve lived most of our lives and if it costs us what’s left to stand for liberty, WTH.

                • 41MagMan

                  A friend of mine once said to me. They ought to send us old guys over to the middle east. Just because I can’t run two miles anymore does not mean I cannot shoot straight. lol

                • Jade Helm- code word for Jaded Helmet. The feds are running exercises in violation of possy comitatus. The States nees to recall all Nat Guard back home to protect us from the Feds.

                  • Bush overruled Posse Comitatus with Public Law 109-364 (when he signed HR 5122 into law).

                    Another Republican triumph, one among many.

                • Yes, Yes, thank you and tell it like it really is, the mad man on the hill is overlooking those who will still hold him accountable in the end, and bet your sweet as… we will fight you, and our aim is good, and our aim is to win should it happen, after all we are what you are not….an American

              • There are still Texans, but unfortunately we have had our share of illegals and Californians move in…

            • Come to texas and see for yourself born and raised to kick ass. Yes we’re all real Texans cept the Californians who live in yuppy land austin, just cause we prefer to drive a Chevrolet than ride a horse don’t mean shit. Same as it ever was.

              • Yeah, lets find some “real” Texans among the South Korean people giving haircuts and pressing BDU’s in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights (Central Texas slums) and Belton. Now lets add up how many transplants from other states retired from duty at Ft. Hood, and hung around to buy shit from AAFES. Yeah the steers and queers aren’t the only weirdos in Texas, EVERY-STATE-HAS-THEM!

            • The only problem with Texas today is a bunch of damn Yankees are coming here to work.

            • I see you’re not from here then!

            • Be prepared, everywhere. Remember how often it’s what happens out of sight that makes a magicians tricks work.

              An army runs on it’s stomach, stock a deep pantry.

              For those who can’t fight the tyranny, stock a deeper pantry and be prepared to assist those who are willing and able.

              Come Lord Jesus

              • Just commenting on the last few articles comments, since my internet is limited. Blacks have no organization and lack morals, and will be most of the first to die in SHTF. 75% of blacks dies from other blacks. So they will eid themselves for us. Catholics and violence. Hitler was a devotes Catholics and 95% of Catholic Germans supportes Hitler. Google Cris Columbus and Genocide. He too was a spanish Catholic. The church song, “Onward Christians Soldiers marching off to war.” Kids are taught to glorify war in the church. Its truely is a seedy cult.

                • You know not that of which you speak.

            • Don’t fuck with a prepper,I like it!I recently saw a new version(new to me) of the Gadsden Flag,has the rattler actually striking with the phrase”Times Up”,really liked it.

            • Srsly,

              Seriously, don’t mess with Texas. My mother was a Texan, you do not want to mess with Texas. I know!

              I do agree with your second argument.

              Louisiana Eagle

            • Texas is nothing but a bunch of damn liberals in cowboy hats, oh and Mexicans…. The stories you see come out of that state, At best it is a vestige of our once proud and free United States. But I guess so goes with the other 49 as well. I’m not trying to knock the people, there are still a few of us left in all the states. But to hold that rat’s nest up as a shining example of freedom is laughable at best, and down right misleading and damaging to the future of our cause.

          • If needed, a lot of good old boys from around the country will be traveling to TX shortly… WITH their weapons.

            • Mag,if that becomes necc. feel those folks will have their hands full in their homelands,violent govt. actions on a large scale against citizens in any state will precipitate the martial law nonsense and then all will be busy,believe Texas large enuff/enuff folks that will resist they will be OK short of nuke/bio terror by our govt.,sucks to even have to think this way beyond say writing a fictional book/movie script.

          • Consider the fact that so often it’s very important to watch the other hand when he is doing a trick. With all the attention focused on the south west, wonder what might also be going on in the rest of the country at that time. We are hearing about all kinds of other drills, that seem to be on the same theme…… perhaps all men, everywhere better consider that the days are numbered and it’s time to get sharp… an army runs on it’s stomach, stock a deep pantry.

            For those who are to old to fight, or whatever, stock a deeper pantry for those who can and will fight for your freedom.

            Come Lord Jesus

            • Mark,agree that all young or old can help others trying to keep our country at least at some level free.That said,even old a shooting stick/bipod ect. one can help in actual fighting.The good thing about being old(OK,getting there sooner then I want)is you really don’t give a fuck anymore about death as one does when younger,you see enuff among family/friends you become a bit exposed to it and does not seem as frightening,still sad to see but a part of the cycle.

          • Jaded Helm is a military exercise designed to train army special forces to do their combat missions. It is amazing how ignorant masses have spun it into a martial law conspiracy. Get your heads out of your asses and get a clue. The military is not who you need to fear. Take a long look in the mirror; you are your own worst enemy.

        • I was just reading where N. Korean
          Kim Jong Un executed another of his
          top military people with 40 mm anti-
          aircraft fire from a 100 ft. away.

          As I was reading this and other rhyme
          nor reasons the article laid out, the
          similarities between N. Korea and the
          USA was striking in their logic and
          intent. The big difference between
          them and us, when KJM says there is
          going to be transparency, everyone has
          to watch the body parts fly where BHO
          tends to be more ‘discreet’.

          • So, prep wait for society to collapse? Send request for foreign aide to help fight oppressive govt? Texas keeps trying to succeed, Montana thinks its an individual nation, nobody pays attention to Alaska, California is its own nation, New York/ New Jersey are basically one big city awaiting disaster.

          • The real big difference is that we wouldn’t be wasting high dollar 40mm ammunition on a simple execution where a small bore rifle bullet would do the work for a fraction of the price.

            The NK’s tend to be extravagant about such things.

        • We may see a New Civil War. The States and people against the FEDs. All the Feferal Government does is Steal our money to Give to the Elite and Fascist Corporations. Kill the beast by starvation. Stop feeding the M-Fckr.

        • The title of this article is misleading. The “national” telephone survey was of 1000 potential voters. It did not give the location of the respondents; to get the information you have to be a subscriber, which I am not. Note the wording of the questions below and then return to the article and read the conclusions drawn.

          1* Is the U.S. government’s decision to conduct military training exercises in some states an infringement on the rights of citizens in those states?

          2* Do you favor or oppose the U.S. military conducting training exercises in your state?

          3* How concerned are you that the government will use U.S. military training operations to impose greater control over some states?

        • Jade= Joint Assistance Developing of Execution
          Helm= Homeland Eradication of Local Militants

      2. The stated purpose of Jade Helm is to “Master the Human Domain”.

        Could it be any clearer?

        The “Human Domain” is us. They intend to “Master” us.

        Does anyone actually need this spelled out?

        • Bevin chu, I have a tremendous amount of ‘precious metals’ to prevent them from ever ‘mastering’ me.

          • Braveheart:
            I too, like you have a lot of precious metals.
            Steal, Lead, Copper, Brass, Silver.
            Also some minerals. Coal, Nitrates, ECT.
            Also, wood, solar, water, food and friends with the same mind set.
            We don’t want to have to fight to stay free, but we are ready to stay free or die trying. That is the last thing we want, but if push comes to shove it will be lock and load time.
            The only Master I have is JESUS CHRIST and he is the best Master anyone could have.
            I’ll render unto Cesar’s what is his , but what is my GOD given rights, I will not render them. If GOD what them he can have them they are his to start with.
            We will find out some time after July 15th. If the that brown stuff is going to hit the fan. I’m ready and I know you are my brother. Good luck and GOD’s speed.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • Need some elements with them minerals Reb. Chicken shit, charcoal and SULFUR. Every body forgets the sulfur. Sheesh, sulfur has the right to be mentioned. I stand for the rights of sulfur, it is more than an etcetera and besides, everything stinks any way.

              • Grandpa:
                You are right, I have all of that stuff.
                I also have the benefit of that chicken poop, EGGS.
                Wait if I fart could they call that chemical war fare.
                I know if you eat enough of them you can clear a room!;-}
                yes everything stinks.
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • These days that would be an unauthorized release of greenhouse gasses.

            • Northern Reb, you’re preaching to the choir with braveheart. I’m not looking forward to this party either. Hell, I wish there was a peaceful solution for what the nation is going through but we all know there isn’t. i dread what’s coming and what I know I’ll have to do to stay alive. Some nights I have bad dreams about what’s coming and wake up in a cold sweat. Push will come to shove and I’m locked and loaded even before it comes. I’m not getting caught with my pants down. Just like you, my rights come from God, not from any manmade government, and they are non-negotiable. I’d rather die standing up then on my knees as a whimpering coward. “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” take care.

            • N Reb. What an idiot, a slave to his religion. Grow some balls and stand up for your self you dependent clinging coward. Many people will die as slaves to their religion. All huddled together like sheep praying and waiting slaughter.

            • People need to dump this Big Fat Religious hoax scandal and start worshiping Mother Earth. The earth gives you everything you need, not a holy ghost watching over you like the NSA. IF GOD was so great he would print his own money and stop begging for yours. Stupid is. What you see is what you get. The Bible is a fantasy full of false hopes and wishes, set to dupe and fleece the gullible stoopid sheep.

              • You have a rather terrifying surprise awaiting in your future.

              • WWTI:

                Seems you have covered this ground time after time. If there is “nothing” to the Bible and its teachings why is it so important for you and others to demean it.

                The hag, Madeline Murray and all those evil bastards that have worked tirelessly to destroy this once Christian nation have done their job well.

                All the evil PTB that you and I despise are at the root of the destruction of America and the world; has nothing to do with Christianity. There is a war heating up in the world and it is good vs evil.

                At some point I hope God sees fit to give you eyes to see the truth. The time we are living in is Revelation…

                You are a pretty smart guy, spend some time under that mosquito netting reading it. It is history in the making.

                • That thar’s a right wtti! Ole’ granny reads revelations EVER day! Ole granny be a’ livin for the END o’ the world fer sure. It’s cause I’m so damn old and close to death ya’ know, I wish somebody would take me out my misery to a party sometime, I’m a REAL hit at them!

            • “God given rights” is a falacy. Rather use the term Natural Rights. You religious slaves are so F-n brainwashed.

              • WTTI:

                Says Lucys half brother……..

          • What yo can hold in your hand is illusion,,, wake up.

            • “That’s what SHE said”……….

              • Lol!!!

          • Braveheart I’m right there with you. They will never master me. Never.

            • Nobama, that’s the spirit. Never surrender. Take care.

      3. 100% of this guys KNOWS that obola desperately desires jadehelm15 to go live. It will give him a perfect excuse to stay in office in perpetuity. All it will take is bubba down in Texas to shoot at some dumb bastard troop air dropping in on him and that’s the spark needed. There are foreign troops here right now just itching to try and take our guns. Our land here in the west has been used as collateral on bad debt and the people have been sold as slaves. That is what will cause the people to revolt and finally use their god given 2nd A

      4. Our children’s future is in jeopardy. I wish there was a way to sound the warning to everyone in the US. By the time SHTF it will be too late. In reality, the whole world depends on a stable and prosperous US, even our enemies!

        • “Its all about the children” I don’t care about your children and good willing i don’t plan on having any.

      5. This is the boot on America’s neck I see a coup in the near future

      6. I hope and pray that nothing comes of Jade Helm15, but I have a sick sense that they are up to some thing. If they try to start something the south west would be a good place to do it for the good old boys there. They (TPTB) are not to smart.
        First of all they don’t know the area, second, there are to many good old boys there, Third, It would not take long for a large number of good old boy to get there, fourth, they get to close to the border the Mexican drug cartel will lite them up, fifth when it comes for a uniformed person can’t so south to evacuate they will play hell in the mountains and then you have the desert and a couple of large rivers to cross.
        I know they have tanks, drones, Air craft, ships, APC’s,
        but do they have the backing of the people?????
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • If the US Gov put 1/10th of the effort into securing the southern border as they do into chicken-crap stuff like Jade Helm 15, we would not have an invasion of our country going on right now. These losers have GOT to go. DC needs a heavy duty enema and a helluva big FLUSH, ’cause they are really stinking the place up.

        • This good ol boy will stand his ground. AZ gets pretty warm in the summer, better have A/C in that armor. But hey buzzards got to eat too.


        Two very different things.

        • THANK-YOU Joe, the Elites/Liberal agendists don’t need help showing “how ignorant” preppers are….let us deny them any ammo to such ends…

      8. I trust the guberment as far as I can sling a piano.
        How can you not feel the pressure being exerted by those who would lord over America.
        Time to wake up…

        • Jade Helm. This too shall pass! Trekker Out.

      9. Jade Helm is practice. A rehersal for later.

        • Absolutely.

          It will be a simple training exercise that will be forgotten by the public and future training will be ignored since nothing actually happened.

          Those hysterically warning about it being a takeover now will fall into the “boy who cried wolf” category and not be taken seriously again when it is ready to be used.

          Remember that Y2K thing?

          But training needs to be kept up, watching the frequency, duration, and methodology of it as it recurs in the future will give a good final warning notice of the real event before it is pulled off to those who realize this.

          • Just remember, training is in the eye of the beholder. Jade Helm can be training for the observer. Trekker Out. Watcher Among The Myrtle Trees.

            • If they can stir enough folks up before Jade Helm starts ‘officially’ and get a couple real riots started in time and have a couple good old boys have a shoot out with law enforcement somewhere …… I think that’ll be all the government needs to say ‘Go live’

              Why would the government spend millions of dollars, gearing up for a massive military exersize covering 10 States with tens of thousands of military and law enforcement, and then not go forward with Martial Law for real? The training they’re planning on conducting could easily be carried out, any old time, at any old base in the country. But accross ten States!!??The one fact I haven’t heard much about, is the planning and logistical aspect. Jade Helm was probably planned over two or three years. This isn’t something they just cooked up over night.

              The logistical side is interesting. That’s a lot of vehicles, fuel, food and equipment to organise on the scale they’re talking about, for the amount of time planned for the exercise. The amounts were talking about would be considerable enough to sustain a very large fighting force, for a sustained period …. In a war zone!!

              Also, the U.S. military doesn’t do anything these days without full drone support. I’m expecting the sky to be crawling with armed drones to lock everything down things are getting interesting, and probably hot!!!

          • In 1973 while a company commander of an armor unit at Ft Hood Texas, my unit trained for riot control. The maps we used were of Detroit! We were training to go quell the riots there. Active Army units are not supposed to be deployed in the U.S., but we were training for it.

            Yes, JADE Helm 15 is a training exercise; but what are they training for?

        • swinging dick, I think you may be wrong. Iraq and Afghanistan were their practice, a rehearsal for what’s coming next, for us.

        • Don’t forget, it is also a show of force with the express intent to intimidate and supplant awakening with compliance….sadly, the U.S. military, has tried this approach to conflicts since The Korean War to no effect, and if anything, such actions serve to awaken more people now.

      10. You people really are idiots. You would not know a verifiable fact if it walked up and but you in the ass. You claim these people are afraid of the military. If they are so afraid, why are they not demanding the closure military bases in their states. I know, they like the federal dollars those bases bring. Just let their be hint that these bases will closed and these people will be crying to high heaven. I know this is true because the TEA partiers in my area almost shit themselves when the bases in my area were under consideration for closure. Ironically, many of the fed-hating idiots were federal employees at the bases.

        • Skeptical

          You should be aware of what our military can do to civilians. I am not per say afraid of the military but find them suspect in carrying out orders to bring this country under the New World Order with the United Nations in Charge. You can forget about your Constitutional Rights if that happens. You say that I’m an idiot. Your the type of person I will not give aid to if needed. You think I will not know you type but you better guess again. I will live to seek your type out in the reset. I will know you by your speech. Your mannerisms. Your inability to function in certain circumstances. Been here a long time learning from the best, like you, for which I am most grateful.
          Thank you.

          • Slingshot :
            Well said You are correct about the military, not all of the military will carry out the orders to destroy the USA, but some will. People like Skeptical will reap what they sows.
            I’m not the brightest light on, in the lamp, but I’m no idiot. I received my degree from the school of hard knocks, and damn proud of it.
            I’m still learning from the people on this site and from new friends that are like minded. When it comes to survival for me and mine. I’ll try to learn everything I can.
            When it comes to topics I’ll listen, read and learn. If I don’t agree with someone that does not mean they are IDIOTS, just have a different view on things.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • yea right.

          • 1vet

            Care to comment further?

        • Skeptical, I have to go along with slingshot and northern reb. I’ve got mixed feelings about the US military myself. I keep hearing they’re divided on the question of turning against the people; some will and others won’t. Any who come over to join us, OK, they’ll be welcomed but they’ll have to prove themselves to us. To the ones who will follow such orders I say this: ANYONE IN ANY TYPE OF UNIFORM, EVEN A US MILITARY UNIFORM, WHO POINTS A WEAPON AT ME HAD BETTER BE READY TO MEET HIS/HER MAKER. I WON’T SURRENDER TO YOU AND I WILL FIGHT YOU. IF I HAVE TO KILL YOU IN ORDER TO GUARANTEE MY OWN SURVIVAL, THEN SO BE IT. I WOULD HOPE FOR YOUR OWN SAKES YOU WOULD THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. YOU TURN AGAINST US, YOU’RE COMMITTING SUICIDE. BANK ON IT.

      11. At Economic Collapse.

        The United Nations will launch a Global Agenda in September.

        For the Benefit of the Planet.

        • Slingshot:
          Obamma and the U.N. will say it is for the children, That’s why “WE” declaring Marshall Law. I don’t like the Constitution anyway. It get in my way to rule over the little people.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Northern Reb.

            Shave and a haircut.

            Two bits.

          • Whenever some dumb SOB says that this or that is “for the children”, we all need to hang on tight to our rights and our wallets. This is the usual excuse. Whenever someone says this, it is the same as “BOHICA”.

            • Spot on 41 mag… Death by…BOHICA !!!

              …Enough already…

              Toss the bums outta office! LOL…if only

      12. This just may be all smoke and mirrors. Look if they pull this off and nothing goes down it’s a drill, just a drill; see we told you so. Now having said that watch out for the next one, it will be for real, no holds barred. Oh they will tell everyone it’s a drill and only a drill, just like this one is, because you saw nothing happen with it now did it. Friends we are being set up BIG TIME with Jade Helm 15, it goes right down the road of absolute no TRUTH in anything they say. The next one will be HELL ON EARTH!!!! Keep a watchful eye out. If I’m wrong well the SHIT SANDWICH will be severed to us OPEN FACED in a couple months.

      13. Satan,Or/And Lucifer if you wish and their gang of diabolical baal worshiping goons from Haites knows their time is up, however, they aren’t about to just surrender and give up their power & control (And…$$ profit$) over Babylon! But Yahweh God’s Kingdom is coming, and actually their New World Order is Old World Order!
        We are actually entering The Finally of The Great Tribulation, The Climax!

        • MY MESSAGE TO ALL OF YOU SHTF Plan members:

          Oh my God! All of you who are quoting scripture need to get a grip on reality. God helps those who help themselves, it is that simple. We are not headed for a biblical Armageddon. We are far from that. We may be sliding towards that in some far off time, but not now.

          Most of you who have been on this great site know that I post now and again and for years posted on a regular basis. Not so much anymore, why? Because I got it. A major breakdown in society is coming. Actually it has already started it is that most of you and the world do not see it.

          That is all you or anybody else needs to know. It has begun. If you have not prepped or have a good start on it then when the final collapse is here you will die. Simple enough? Meanwhile I just keep rotating my prep’s and have continued with my life with my family and friends like any other “normal” person.

          But, and this is the crux of my point, Scripture quoting and biblical references will not protect you. Payer and a belief that Jesus Christ is your savior might help but having beans, band aids and bullets will get you farther in a SHTF situation.

          So prep my friends like there is no tomorrow. Our God wants you to do so to stay safe. But at the same time he also wants you to enjoy life and all the joys he has provided you here on earth.


          • Big B, I stopped rotating preps “can foods” a while back, those are for the many that will be needy later on.
            I think barter items now. Call me greedy, but I plan to profit off the idiots that failed to prep. I agree with you in that were already in it. Thus I’m open for business..

            • Yep Hilbilly my rotating has slowed down as well. Stupid FDA who implemented those dates were another lobbyist sponsored bill / regulation to get people to throw away good food and purchase more. However when Obama came out the other day and said we should not pay attention to expiration dates so much I had to wonder what that was all about,


      14. Northern Reb.

        The constant assault on our liberties and the inability of the American public to understand that we can lose our Constitutional Rights is remarkable. In my Lifetime, no less.
        What does it matter what we think here at SHTF. We are still ridiculed by others who have a bad case of Normalcy Bias. How did they ever come to this site. Maybe if the PTB are reading here it might make them think twice. These are only words so who the hell cares.
        Only idiots.

        • Slingshot and NR, the people with normalcy bias need to go to MSM. We don’t need sheeple here.

          • Braveheart. You’d do better attempting to inform the unaware of the situation at hand rather than dismissing them. The more people onside the better. Just sayin’

      15. My replies are not lining up with the input.
        I’m retired military, hope these pissants are awake to their oath..

        • 1vet.

          whoops. ;0)

          • God bless us.

            • Yes! God blessed us. (past tense) Let’s put a blade on those blessings, shall we?

      16. Nearly Half of Americans Concerned Jade Helm Will “Impose Greater Control Over States” I am concerned about Jade Helm and most posters and readers on this site are, but “half of Americans?” No Freakin way! Most are totally unaware there even is such a thing. There will be little to no push back, at least not before hand and if the media doesn’t tell the story or play it down as Fox has already started to do, most will never even know it happened until one day………

        • Yep, Fox has been playing it down.

          Some there are calling Alex Jones a nut case and conspiracy theorist, and that he is just using it to make a few bucks off his scare tactics.

          Maybe, Jones is capitalizing, but he has brought forth the hidden agenda of the libs and illuminatist, from behind the scenes, to the mainstream.

          There is some element of truth to all the conspiracy theories.
          The full truth will be revealed when we are done with this age.

          Biblical truth will be revealed before then. When the Great shaking begins and the true Hamangog is revealed in the aftermath of it all….most folks will have a change of heart.

          The ones that have sold their souls, will never change, but some of their supporters will be gone.

          Just like the truth that is being revealed on Billery, they are losing supporters daily.

          • Jones is controlled opposition in my opinion. Sure he does put out some truth, but that how they do it. What better way to make your lies and misdeeds go away than to have a buffoon who acts like an overgrown child put them out there with a bunch of other stuff, and then if the masses want to believe, they have to choose to jump on the wagon with a guy that tells everybody pepsi flavors their drink with dead babies. I’m not saying don’t listen to him, but I am just cautioning how much stock you put into his word. You have to filter through all these talking heads on your tv and radio. If things go hot, Jones would be the last person whose instructions I followed. Trust your gut people, and remember the enemy is everywhere. Like they say The best way to control the opposition is to lead the opposition. You’d be surprised how many people that consider themselves to be awake, are actually just sheep as well, they are just being led in a different direction.

            • More than one person has accused Alex Jones of being controlled opposition.
              Could he be?
              He could.
              Is he?
              I’m guessing it’s unlikely.
              Obviously I can’t know for certain either way.
              Nor can I be certain about some stranger online who accuses Alex Jones of being controlled opposition.
              That person could be controlled opposition. His assignment could be to undermine Alex Jones because Jones is gaining too many followers for the PTB.
              The point is, none of us can know for certain.

      17. Lol!!

      18. We know it’s coming. What’s the question?

      19. Stay fit, stay ready, the sh*t will soon hit the fan.
        Fu*k ’em, we are Americans and are at the ready…
        Come and get some…

      20. Why such a long period to do an exercise? why spend the money on equipment,food and ammo and tents if the government doesn’t intend to use them? finances look to go south in Sept./Oct which will cause a domino effect planet wide. Gear up girls and boys, hard times are around the corner.

        • Maybe it will be let out of the bag that they are staging for an invasion of Mexico. lol As if ANYONE would believe that. But that would be an easier task than taking on 100 million irate patriots who are sick and tired of being messed with.

        • Jim

          They already have plenty of areas to train for any type of environment. That includes riots. I have a bad feeling about what is coming. I think the so called exercise may be the signal that is the name of this site. It just makes no sense. None at all. We already have desert warfare, urban warfare, winter warfare, and will again have jungle warfare schools. All forts have training areas. There is no need to do this exercise when it can be done at military bases. This could be the advance notice we all would like to have.

        • Jim ,
          A bigger question is why train in these areas, you generally train in the area you plan to operate in , train like you plan to fight , fight like you train. This has a VERY bad smell to it , also as you have brought up the length of training , logistics , planning and Personel that’s a lot to move around for an extended interval , basic support services have to be set up , as this is no weekend exercise that support is going to be long and deep . If all that armor and mech shown in transit to the training area is real and not disinformation , there are indications the type and number of equipment being moved, indicates more than the 1200 SOF Personel that the military command says is going to participate in this exercise . To many things don’t add up . And the 800 lb gorilla in the room why stage this on border states ? Something really big is going on and I suspect it is code compartmentilized information and that we will be unable to accertain ( invasion into Mexico ?) what the action is until it goes down . ( inversion of the obvious ) It’s going to be a long hot tension filled summer and our dear leader is fanning the flames of discontent .
          Prepare now , get in shape, more PT, train and make those networks with like minded .
          Got preps, zero’d primary PDW? Got an NPT? Jungle telegraph?
          It will all depend on the trainers working with the indigenous in your AO .
          high speed low drag ( HS/LD)
          Master your own human domain .

          The future does not belong to the faint hearted it belongs to the brave .

          Semper Fi

      21. Had three good days in the gym, having the last refreshment for the night. don’t normally indulge but did tonight.
        The tender is in the pit and we all stand ready to burn…of my own self I can do nothing, rely on and be not afraid…

        • rely on Christ.

      22. The ULTIMATE Jade Helm articles you can read at where the past 2-3 weeks Dave Hodges has published continuous and documented articles on this insidious “event”.

        I know I am not alone in thinking that the Walmarts taken over to be used during the upcoming two-month Jade Helm thing are connected by the underground D.U.M.B.S. and out of those box stores will emerge tons of soldiers coming from deep underground, and expect to see Russian and Canadian soldiers among them.

        It’s time for everyone here to “connect the dots” especially in regard to Jade Helm.

        The President has betrayed the oath he took as he dismantles our country. No one holds him accountable, period, except for the alternative media.

        Is Jade Helm deceptively described as a military exercise that one of their “false flags” will ignite or go “live”, not unlike the 9/11 drills that went live?

        Is Jade Helm a regional test to confiscate the legally registered/owned guns of Americans living in those eleven States?

        Is Jade Helm the event by which patriots and Christians will be rounded up to be brought to the Walmarts to be executed by some of the 30,000 guillotines our government purchased?

        All of the above?

        All of the above and More?

        Watch your six.

        Connect the dots.

        Nothing happens in isolation.

        Not Obama’s election.

        Not Breitbart’s death.

        Not the coming economic collapse.

        Not the senseless Jade Helm stuff to come.

        (And I could fill in at least a hundred more “nots”.)

        And the most important prep? Get right with God!

        To connect the dots is to apprehend and know the truth!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

      23. Slingshot:
        My dad said, “After Kennedy’s was killed the country has not been the same”, this was back when I was a teenager. What he was saying is that he could see a change come over this country, It was not the same country he knew as a kid. He is 86 years old now and he has Alzheimers(sp) now so not much matters to him now.
        So the Assault started back in the 60’s, I can even see a difference now that I’m in my 60’s. I really hate to see what my kids and grandkids will see.
        I pray to GOD ALMIGHTY, that think change back to the good old days, but I really think TSWHTF before that happens.
        If It is coming I’m at the point in my life that I hope it gets here sooner than later. I can still defend myself and my loved ones.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • NR, I was only 6 on the day JFK was killed. I’m not far behind you at 58. I’m way past my prime too, but I can still do something. Let the f#$%ers bring it on. [at their own peril].

        • Northern

          I have said many times that I do not want this to happen. If it does happen then let it be our fight and not our children s. May God bless you and help us all.

      24. I share that with you Reb…I’m 60 and still sling a piano if need be

      25. and have the ammo to support it… my computer is crap, oh well.

        • 1vet:
          I know you are seeing the same thing I am.
          What a waist of a pretty great country, Maybe old Tommy Jefferson was right (I think it was him) a little revolution from time to time does not hurt.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      26. and yet ANOTHER warning to a do nothing,corrupt,incompetent Congress

        Congress warned ‘catastrophic danger’ looming

        ht tp://

        “A lack of will among politicians in Washington is the reason why there is no plan to secure America’s national grid system from an electromagnetic pulse that would threaten countless lives, according to testimony delivered to Congress Wednesday.”

        “WND has reported that a 303-page report by the Department of Homeland Security warns a massive EMP event could leave more than 130 million Americans without power for years, cutting off heat, communications, food deliveries and fuel.”

        their DELIBERATE failure to protect the country rises to the
        level of criminality as far as I am concerned

        • Satori and all

          They are currently changing security plans at power stations. It does not include E.M.P. hardening. They are putting cameras up around all strategic sites. This is mandated by N.E.R.C. It is called N.E.R.C. 5. In 6 and 7 they plan on putting up fences with barbed wire around the whole station. It goes all the way to N.E.R.C. 20. I will post what the remaining orders are when I find out.
          I think this is another signal of something on the way. I would have considered this a good thing 5 years ago. Now I just don’t think so.

      27. Jade Helm and other recent topics are getting into the general population around here. I just got a call earlier from a friend who was upset about some of the things she was hearing about at work. She knew that I would know about it, if anyone did.

        I explained Jade Helm, and then told her that the stuff she had heard about the Wal-Mart closings was probably fantasy that could be ignored.

        She knows the country is screwed up, but doesn’t know what to do. So I mentioned a few things, but told her that my wife and I would need to visit her so we could talk in private. I think she and her husband will be educated very soon.

        If they catch on, it might spread to more of the extended family and friends. I don’t try to push the fact that I know a lot of stuff, but people pick up on it and ask me questions about everything. Years ago, someone called me and wanted to know how many squares of shingles they would need to reshingle their front porch. I got their measurements and then told them what they had to buy.

        So I think the word is spreading in my part of the world about what’s happening.

        • Archivist

          Thanks for the post. That is such wonderful news. It is great to see good news on here. Thank you so much.

      28. Just thinking Jade Helm just might be a mirage. Show us this big exercise, and nothing happens. Then have another big exercise and then they pull something off.

        But if I was in the Texas area I still would keep a sharp eye on these guys.


        • Sgt

          I think you are spot on. The exercise itself makes no sense. It may have went live if there had not been such scrutiny of it. So it still has it’s purpose. It conditions us to think that it is no big deal.

          Either way it goes down it is a huge deal. All should remember that.

          Prep for the worst and hope for the best.

          • “M. in VA.”
            I would like to know who thought up this exercise?
            This would tell us a lot about why they are running it.
            The problem is Obullshit has gotten rid of most of the older top Commanders. Is this person a yes man/woman to Obullshit? Does it have Commie leanings?

            In all my training we train for what we were about to do.

            Two thoughts here #1 war with Iran and the middle east, and #2 War with the US Patriots.


            • Sgt

              I agree completely.
              This exercise is a big deal one way or the other. There is no reason to do this exercise in the way it is being done. I don’t think people realize how many training facilities the military has. Quickly off the top of my head I can think of 6 large areas in this state alone. So why is this needed. It is for a reason that it not being stated for sure.

      29. I too am very concerned about the Jade Helm 15 excercise. Things are lining up for a very interesting and scarey late summer/early fall here in Texas and the rest of the southwest. I am not as worried about our military as I am of the DHS. Our military has taken an oath to defend the constitution and only follow lawful orders. Sure, lots will cross the line and follow the liar in chief but most of them will be neutralized by those who take their oath seriously. DHS, FEMA, and those other alphabet soup agencies don’t take that same oath. Most of them are flunkies that couldn’t get a real job so they work in one of those agencies. They are one step away from the welfare line so they will do ANYTHING to keep that paycheck coming even if it means turning on family, friends, and neighbors. Keep your powder dry, your preps secret and most of all careful who you trust. We are in some very interesting times. Become a gray man, but be ready to fight for your beliefs, your family, and your constitution.

        • Texas prepper

          I am a Virginia country boy. I will always be a Virginian and am proud of the history of this state.

          I just wanted to tell you may God bless you and yours.

          May God Bless Texas.

        • Tp ,
          One word get the HELL OUT OF DHS , I resigned in January did not like the way things were trending and being controlled from HQ , too many under the radar stuff and questionable orders , witch hunts and whistleblowers being removed for see something say something , racism in the ranks , élitist attitudes . I relied on a fellow patriot and found better work . Will never go back ,Washington Dc is corrupt to the core and only cares about its own asses. They have traded people for things and power . Yeh this will only end one way . Know what side you are on .

          Semper Fi

          • Night Breaker,
            I’m not in any way connected to DHS or any alphabet soup agency or govt. agency in any way. Don’t know what gave you that impression. I’m just a struggling Joe with a small machine shop trying to make an honest living while at the same time honing my skills that I believe will make me more self sufficient and valuable to others when it all does finally collapse.

          • Night Breaker,
            Don’t know what gave you the idea that I am with DHS, but I am not involved with them in any way. I am not involved with any of the alphabet soup agencies or any federal, state, or local government. I’m just an average Joe, a veteran that is trying to make a living and support my family and when possible, help those that are TRULY in need. I’m an owner of a small machine shop that spends my spare time honing my skills to prepare for any SHTF scenario that may arise. I feel that on a personal level I am more prepared than 99.5% of the people in this country. I am now reaching out to VERY TRUSTED individuals to network with. All the preps in the world are worthless if there are not enough people to defend your preps. We are in trying times indeed and with our government sowing the seeds of distrust amongst the various groups, races, and classes of citizens, the most valuable prep is the people you surround yourself with. People willing to put their life on the line for you, as well as you for them.

      30. They have bases to train on. They have constructed a city to train in. Makes you wonder.

      31. you should all be focusing more on the …

        TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership

      32. you should all be focusing more on the …

        TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership

        it will export and destroy not only even more 10’s of 1000’s pf zog amerikan tax debt slave jobs, but also allow foreign produced poisoned food and products you all depend upon to survive to be sold in amerika, unregulated!

        turning zog amerika … even more harmfully TOXIC for yourselves and future generations!

        * cancers will explode across the zog amerika citizen classes!

        * pure clean non-gmo non-radiated food will reach a high demand premium soon.

      33. You heard it here. JADE HELM 2015 is just a drill yes a DRILL!!! This drill is no more than a conditioning exercise to lull the BRAIN DEAD PEOPLE into a deeper coma and nothing more. The test is if all of the hardware that people say, is truly flowing into the Southwest then the test will be is if they leave it in place. Either way, if this drill is for real or just show, it should tell every one of us this; the Government is preparing for a major event coming our way, and whatever that may be, it will not be good for the people. Remember it’s not over till the fat lady sings.

      34. Don’t trust military or police they are loyal to who pays them being the gov the gov does not recognize the tax payer so you can’t say we pay them. They will follow orders people don’t be stupid assume it.

      35. “Aim small, miss small.”

      36. Jade/trade agreements/financial bubbles,all the same in the end with same outcomes,keep enjoying life while still prepping for tomorrow.This is for new folks/folks on a tight budget: ht tp:// ,space in http to avoid moderation.Does seem on many fronts life getting more “interesting”,hence my link.I am personally glad the thumb thing gone with the long moderation,lets in place of that post a good link in end of our posts or a side nugget of information to each post,lets build up the knowledge base!To those new to the game,my favorite shop worn phrase:”The smalls add up!”,enjoy the day all.

      37. How easy is it to shut down the country?

        Connect these dots.

        Declare a National Emergency.
        Ground all commercial fights into and out of the country.
        Close the Banks.
        Shutdown the interstates by Law Enforcement.
        Kill the internet.
        Kill cell service.
        Shut down the railroad and bus services.
        News media to instruct people by television.
        Declare Martial Law.
        Military to round up dissidents and take them to camps.
        EMP and other radio communication jamming.
        Shut off water and lights.

        How fast can these dots be accomplished by government?

        • The initial items pointed out can be done fast,do believe though govt. will quickly lose control of the situation whatever dots connected,country just too big and feel many in theory that would fight for a dictatorship will realise their friends/family on other side but only time will tell,still be a rat fuck no matter what!

        • Shut down the Interstates is a big one!! It would strand and isolate millions of people instantly. But more importantly, it would force truckers carting food all over the country to stop. Disrupt the supply chain even for 24 hours ….. The entire country would panic and strip stores bare. 24 hours!!! There would be food riots, panic, looting, you name it.

          It would take weeks and months to restock shelves and fix the supply chain. But it would be hours before we’d see hundreds of thousands of troops and cops hitting the street ‘restoring’ order to the masses!!

        • Power can be shutdown from a phone call. The government mandated years ago that all power companies join regional associations. They said it was to increase reliability. These government associations now control the production of Megawatts at each company.
          A phone call would go out stating trip your unit. That’s it power is off.
          Would it cause damage and accidents in places. Yes. I know they would not care. Then looting would start. They could claim a terrorist attack did it and no one would be able to prove otherwise.

          • Well, they wouldn’t be lying about it being a terrorist attack, would they?

      38. Significant, but not to the subject of this thread

        ht tp://

      39. Coward pussy Corporatist Fascist boot licking lazy fat ass Muricans in the collapsing shithole of fascist Murica are only concerned where their next meal of poisonous chemical filled processed shit is coming from, and what mindless entertainment the chemically altered toxic dumps will stare at, or what money pig sports figure they are going to go ape shit over.

      40. Obama can now take credit for the ‘recovery’… 🙂

        The unemployed ‘disappear from the work force’ so as not to spoil the US ‘recovery’ propaganda.

        Jobless Claims Collapse Near 42 Year Low

        “Only once in the last 42 years have jobless claims been lower than this week’s 264k print… Other than April 2000, this is the ‘best’ jobless claims print since 1973! Seems like ZIRP is well-warranted.

        But not everyone is loving it as Texas continues to turmoil (no matter how diversified the talking heads tell the people their economy is).”

        “42-year low”
        The last 2 times jobless claims reached this low… the stock market topped…”


      41. Welcome back Sgt Dale, i saw that someone outed you recently, that you came under attack. Rat bastards are now trying to discredit cops who post, as if cops are not people, and dont have a right to prepare for the SHTF EVENT HORIZON. The bad cops are screwing up you all reputation, and know we have some azz clowns trying to discredit you.

        In fact it was a retiree, who informed me about some really serious crap about the chinese soldiers in Mexico, and told me to get ready for those chi-com bastards.

        The idoet must not know that cops are human too. Alot of cops are awake, believe me, i know some of them really well. They know about the list. Cops are preping for the shtf event, and i dont blame them.

        Braveheart lays down the law of survival. I have to back that up. Anyone rolling into our subdivions, and cities with soldiers, chinese, russian, nato, lativian, UN, you better get ready to die. After hearing that horrific story about the Kosovo shtf survivor, and what happened to him and his family and his village, i know for a fact that most soldiers who come here, will do the same thing to us and the women. This is literally war and it will a living hell on earth as we know it. I am seeing armored personel carriers rolling down the street. I even saw a massive military Truck last November 2014 on FM 1960 with 4 bearded muslims driving down the streets, i almost called the cops, i didn’t know what to make of it, i told one of my buddies, he response was what? Yes i saw this and i was parked in the lace right next to the sons of bitches. I am telling you guys, they have muslims in military uniform in Houston travelling around in armored military trucks, you all better get ready. I am not making up this stuff. We are being surrounded. So those jackazzes on CNN can sit there and try to downplay Jade Helm, and laught at us, as if this is some type of joke, well i have seen some things, and i have heard some things and have been informed by a few other things, and have come to the conclusion, that this is LITERALLY FRICKEN REAL AND NO DUMBAZZ WONT BE CONVINCING ME OTHERWISE, PERIOD.



      42. What would really shrivel the Federalist imperialists is for every household as a squad, on every block as a platoon, on every street as a company, in every town as a battalion, in every county as a regiment and every state as a militia to fall in as real people’s Militia drill units and show their capability of force. The Bills and Declarations of Rights of the people make them the commanders-in-chief of and as their own Militias–not the governments. That would demonstrate to the powers-that-be that they are not the powers-that-be. The people are their own powers, but only over themselves, not over each other.

      43. Look, Jade Helm 15, “ISIS” on U.S. soil, “Cash-less” Society, TPP/TTIP, renewed Patriot Act, are all being LINED UP, RIGHT NOW, for the coming economic collapse. Once the Western Int’l Central Bankers PULL THE PLUG on the global economy – they will await the public rioting and looting that will inevitably follow the economic collapse, then they’ll impose martial law, and roll out more elements of their AGENDA (21) – if not the entire agenda. Right now, the most important thing we can do – is STOP TPP/TTIP!


        Right now, Congress is looking at President Obama’s plan to fast track a secret trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is currently being negotiated by the U.S. and 11 other Pacific-Rim countries and 600 of the world’s largest corporations.

        But the TPP threatens local food for schools, banning fracking in your community and labeling genetically engineered foods. It actually threatens America, and Americans in ways that are FAR more SERIOUS than even these issues.

        We NEED to STOP this (TPP) from happening. Will you (at least) email your representatives in Washington to urge them to oppose fast track?

        • Did so, but they don’t care what we think other than panicking more as our numbers increase.

      44. Citizens, as Bill of Rights-amended Constitutional Militia, self-commanded as Miltitmen and mass-commanded as larger units by the people over only themselves, not over each other, can drill as household squads, block platoons, street companies, city battalions, county regiments and state divisions in formation. That can be the people’s peaceable show of unmistakable capability of force to the unconstitutional elitist government powers-that-be.

      45. I guess your counting Alex Jones and Chuck Norris as half the country….lol

      46. Nearly HALF ……what a lie …..I haven’t spoken to a single person who has even heard of JH15 !!

        • I have.

      47. There are massive differences in land mass, population density, culture, and the group that was targeted.
        Comparing what Nazi Germany did to the Jews to attempted nation wide martial law in the United States is laughable.
        Once the “rebellion” cat is out of the bag in this nation it will not be contained no matter what.
        There will be no nipping it in the bud.
        If this was some conspiracy they would not give us time to prepare, they would not give us time to get “used” to it.
        They would be training in secret where civilian eyes could not pry.
        They would come and kick in your door at zero dark thirty while you and your family are sleeping and haul you away.
        Nither Stalin nor Hitler conditioned his people to what happened they just came for the ones they deemed to be their enemies and took them.
        All of the other people around went along with it hoping that they would not be next.

        There is no need for them to prepare or train. We have been fighting an insurgency for the last 14 years, they would already know what to do.
        Grasp any harder at those straws and you’ll pull a muscle.

        • then what are they training for?


      49. Interesting how the internet changes begin July 1 2015. suggest you learn who Muslim Fadi Chehade is and how HE will control ICANN and the implications of what this means! So we have Jade Helm July 2015, we have the Canda miltary action beginning at the same time called operation Maple Resolve.hummm

      50. Bilderburg 2015 happening June 9-14 .

      51. Road blocks. “Traffic Safety Checks”. I have first hand experience. I don’t know about all roadblocks, but I know about these. They are not looking for drunk drivers. Arresting and prosecuting drunks is expensive. No money to make there. My insurance agent says that over 40% of drivers in the Chicago metro area have no insurance and are probably suspended or revoked. Now we’re talking money! The local police here will operate roadblocks on Friday and Saturday PMs. They tow about 100 cars and ticket the drivers. Drivers get a $500 fine and the tow company gets $150 per tow plus storage. Now you know the rest of the story.

      52. Al Sharpton says the roadblocks target minority communities. Well Al, who did you think was driving without a license? Illegals and irresponsible black drivers. It ain’t called the ghetto for nothin’. It wouldn’t make sense to have a roadblock in an area where everyone had a license and insurance, would it Al?

      53. The chair is against the wall.

      54. Welcome to the board Mr Truth. Here is the link from Hodges site. Looks like from we heard about Idaho recently, that now Syria, and Minnisota is not Somilia.

        Last year Novmeber, Two somali looking black males, n… thugs, came by my condo door, asking for the previous tenant by name, there were two of them at my door. Here is the actual conversation. I was on on the phone with my buddy.


        me-there is a this n……r at my door.

        n-open the door, i need to talk to april.

        me-she does not live here.

        Then i heard another voice,

        n-tell that mutha f….r to open the damn door.

        me-hey John, i have got to get of the phone and get ready for a fire fight, no stay on the ph, putting you on speaker.

        John-are you serious. Dude, call the cops,

        BOOM, BOOM, BOOM,

        n-i said, open the f…k….g god damn door now.

        I run for my shot gun.

        me-yes, two backs are at my door, one has tatoos all over his face, neck, and arm. I am calling the cops.

        Then, boom, boom, boom, open the f…k……g door now.

        Then i had not choice, i didnt have enough time to call 9/11. I grabbed my Mossberg 590 A1, loaded it, through on my bandaleer with 55 rounds of some of the most horrific nastiest rounds know to mankind, loaded 9 rounds of a mixture of Brenecke Steal penetrator, 2 00 buck, 2 acutips for, 2 turkey NO 4, steal shots, longer range outdoor, incase its required and 55 extra rounds around my neck.

        me-move away from my door, or i will call the cops, you are at the wrong door.

        n-open the f…..k….g door now.

        chi-chick-brenecke goes into chamber.

        me-leave now, i am going to blow your f….k….g brains out. I am gonna call the cops. I said your at the wrong, you need to leave now.

        Then both left, and i went to my window, and noticed a white van, chevrolet work type van parked right down stairs. They jumped in and left. This happend at 5:30 pm righ here in North Cypress Houston area. Anyone from that area reading this post, this is real, it happened.

        Let others now, we have trouble in our area, possible isis and i am being serious.

        Told my cop friends about it, and said that i did the right thing, that had they breech my door and entered, to blow there azz away, my cop friend, one of the local bad azzes of my area, got on my azz about the choice of rounds, says to use NO 8, not steal penetrators.

        cop-dude, wtf, you trying to wipe out the surrounding tenants. Use no-8, buck shot is for outside.

        me-didnt even thing of that, damn.

        I asked him what if they had on body armor, he said to aim for their face, or balls and leg area to avoid to accidenly penetrating your neighbours walls in the process. Good advice, cop was right. During that same time period if i remember he told me that they just arrested another isis punk in the area, this is the other one, that was not on Tv at the time. So they caught two total.

        My friend almost sh… his pants, he was on speaker the whole time and heard me and the thugs arguing. I never ever raught in my wildest life, that something like this could ever happen to me. So i literally sleep with my gun in my bed like a women next to me. I tell people all the time that i have a bad bitch, they dont know that she sleeps right next to me. This is type of crap that i have experienced that made me begin to post, along with the scientist friends that informed me our end of the world shtf end game. What a wonderfull country in which we live in. Welcome to the new America folks, things have changed.

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