NBC News: “Stock Up On Canned Goods”

by | May 23, 2013 | Headline News | 138 comments

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    nbc-news-asteroidOn May 31, 2013 asteroid 1998-QE2 will be passing earth at a distance of approximately 3.6 million miles. The asteroid, believed to be a remnant of a comet, is about 1.7 miles wide, making it big enough to be a “global killer” should it ever strike earth. But because its trajectory puts it at about 15 times further away from the earth than the moon, astronomers say there’s no chance it’ll hit our planet on this pass.

    NBC Nightly News, however, has advised viewers to get ready for 1998-QE2’s imminent fly-by:

    Circle May 31st on the calendar just to be on the safe side.

    While scientists think it’s a safe distance – in other words what could go wrong – it’s probably best to stock up on canned goods none the less.

    Video via The Daily Sheeple:

    (Alternate video link via Rense.com)

    As noted by Steve Quayle earlier this week, four massive fireballs within a 24 hour period were spotted over different parts of the United States according to the American Meteor Society. And just last week we received reports from NASA that they recorded the largest meteorite strike on the moon in about a decade – an event that was coordinated with parallel strikes on earth during the same time period.

    It’s clear that 1998-QE2 will miss earth by a fairly significant distance, so there is no threat from a direct impact. But, with our limited ability to monitor the skies for asteroid threats, it’s theoretically possible, though not confirmed, that there are companion objects moving along with 1998-QE2.

    Emergency planners have been simulating the possibility of an asteroid strike on earth in recent years, so it’s not out of the question that such a scenario could unfold in the future.

    Chances are it won’t happen on May 31, 2013. But, of course, were a massive asteroid headed our way it would, in all likelihood, be kept a secret from the citizens of earth until the last minute.

    Whatever the case, it’s always good practice to have some canned goods on hand, along with preparedness items that include reserve water considerations, self defense armaments, and other critical supplies.


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      1. Hmm.

        So, there’s no risk.

        Where’s the story NBC?

        • I have been warning people for several days of a powerful earthquake to come, well…. 7.4 in Tonga. This is just the first of what is coming. The system works all too well. On comment #1675600 I gave this general area as a moderate chance of a very large earthquake. Tonga and Fiji are the same areas and only about 250 miles from each other. The main focus for the highest chance has not yet occurred. I gave a 65% chance of a 7.5 and a 80% chance of a 7+. There is a reason behind this as the precursor earthquakes show this.

          By the way sallie, play with earthquakes huh? The system puts people like you to shame and makes you eat crow. I told you that a strong major earthquake was coming and within the correct time period also. I am more irritated though at you trying to make the SHTFplan site look bad and try to poison everyone’s mind about them wasting time about prepping. Trolls like you will be dumped by BO because they are just using you like a piece of toilet paper on the backside of someone with the runs.

          Preparation is so important. Mexico to Chile is still so much in danger and then depending on the fault that breaks, everything to the north will also be in danger. The San Andreas, Cascadia, New Madrid fault to name the ones that matter to the U.S.

          • So what do you see for Jan 1st 2014 when the Perigee coincides with new moon and Venus and Jupiter are in pretty close alignment too?
            Just that little bit more squeeze to set something off?

            • Sounds like the crappy book “The Jupiter Effect” from 1982 or so.

            • @ D-Gore. Absolutely nothing. I use to attempt to forecast earthquakes and volcanic activity using the planets, and I fould the ONLY influence that has anything on this planet worth mnetioning is the moon, which is only at the most 407,000 kilometers away, and the Sun that has 40% the gravity pull as the moon. Other planets have too little pull or push to do much of anything. Venus would be the next in line for anything because of its closeness and because it is dense like this planet is, rocky. Jupiter is gaseous and much too far away to have any real impact.

              The Foundation for the Study Of Cycles actually found earthquakes increase when the moon is had its apogee, farthest points, rather than the closest points, the perigee. Though monster earthquakes tend to occur closer to the perigee. I think this fopr the smaller earthquakes is because the moon’s gravity release at the apogee allows the faluts to be slightly less held together with this. Monster quakes probably occur when the moon’s gravity overwhelms the shear size of these gret or mega quakes and helps cause them to snap.

              What I do is allow past earthquake patterns to help predict the future, along with the energy signatures that are coming out of certain zones. It works almost all the time. I worry about VRF’s family in Peru, as the past couple of earthquakes have narowed down Peru as getting hit with something quite large. This 7.4 hardly is the only one, as the past precursor locations indicate still a 70% chance of one as large or bigger by June 5 or maybe June 6 at the latest.

              • Wife and I were just talking about htis last night BI
                she has a gut feeling its coming soon too..its been a while since a good size one has hit that area.

                we are keeping them and all down there in our prayers and hope that if and when it hits its out of a largly populated area, I could never imagine a huge quake hitting Lima, or Cusco..

                Lima, would be devistation on an epic level, so many people in such a tight spot, and little to no sizemic construction properties in thier buildings.

                That and some of the historic structures dating back to the 1500’s and earlier are so cool, it would be sad to have them destroyed.

                • Howdy VRF,

                  Ummm, this might be something that BI could better explain than I. On the same plain as Lake Titicaca are the MASSIVE ruins of an OLD civilization…I won’t TRY to spell its name here, but at SOME POINT in the far past there were CLEARLY Titanic seismic events there and thereabouts….400 TON blocks of stone tossed about like some gigantic child had had an AWFUL temper-tantrum. The actual ruin lay near to the southern end of the Lake, to my knowledge…whether that’s close to any of your folk I would not know…

                  Hell, YO BI!! I’m interested in THIS…do you know of ANY KNOWN event that could have caused the destruction thereabouts (Per my desciption)…I don’t know WHY I didn’t ASK you this before…I’ve WONDERED about this for some time Friend….


                  • @ JustOneGuy. One word, WATER. Just like the catastrophic effects of a tsunami, water moving fast down the side of a mountain pick up much speed and gain energy in doing so. A back log of ice that suddenly melts like what they say could happen in the Mt. Rainer area has tremendous effect on anything in its path. As you know water weighs 8.33 per gallon, and there is 62 pounds per cubic foot of water. Those slopes in the Andes are steep, massive movement could easier bring down ice, snow and water as it has before like back in 1970 in Peru with just a 7.9 quake.

                    Just look at the destruction with avalanches because of the angle of the slopes. Water can move just about anything as long as it is going fast enough. Those landslides of mud and water are often going faster than any tsunami in the ocean. Watch for something coming, there is a high chance more than just a 7.4 quake today, is on the way later.

                • VRF

                  you can add our prayers here to yours,,,


                  • Thanks Snake

                  • Be Informed: You really are the quintesential ‘snakeoil salesman’. You think if you throw a few facts in with some nonesense that folks will think that you actually know what you’re talking about. A backlog of ice won’t just ‘suddenly melt’ as you claim, as though it were magic. Geologist say that it will melt due to an eruption on the mountain. That’s because Mt. Ranier is a dormant volcano and could erupt. If the mountain were to erupt sufficiently enough to melt most of the ice it would cause a lahar. A lahar is a fast moving flow (50 mph/80kph) of ice, mud, and rocks that destroy everyhting in its path. However the last lahar on Mt. Ranier was over 500 years ago. Seems you left a few of theses ‘small’ facts out and just tossed in a ‘little’, and I do mean little knowledge about this mountain. Back to your ouiji board old boy.

              • Howdy Y’all,

                I CAN speak directly to this…

                Of all the Four Fundamental forces identified by Physics, that is the “Strong” and “Weak” nuclear and Electomagnetism and Gravity as well, it is the case that Gravity is patheticall WEAK by comparison with the others, yet the most ‘enigmatic’ of them all….but that is a subject for another day.

                Consider that the strong Nuclear force is – within it’s effectively SHORT range – about 10^(15) times more potent than Electomagnetism. Then,consider that a simple dime-store magnet is FULLY capable of OVERCOMING the entire force of gravity generated by the whole MASS of the Earth, in picking up some several paper clips from off your desk. On the large scale Gravity IS Regnant. as a certainty, but ONLY on the scale of planets, Suns and etc. That said, the total effect of ANY alignment of the Planetary bodies is so slight that that the force of you blowing against a candle on a birthday cake is larger. HOWEVER…it IS the proximity of the Moon – HOW near it IS to us – that allows for the force of IT’S gravity to influence our tides…as well as to produce seismic effects as well. Once you are talking about somthing several tens of thousands of times farther away then the effects are utterly negligible…since the rule relatiing that force is an ‘Inverse-Square’ power law.


                • Any chance we might be missing a “force” here JOG? 😉

          • @BI….

            Sallie won’t read your post….you didn’t supply pictures.

            • BAD!..BAD WALT!…GO SIT in the corner YOU MEAN “OLD GUY”,

              There…did I ‘channel’ Eiz well emough? 😉


            • @ Walt Kowalski. Hey, pictures and a narrative like some of those kid channels. It though feels so good to someone that has attacked the people here, the prepping idea, the site, Mac, and shrilled like some banshee to have IT eat crow. I mean Mac let it have IT with both barrels and I go back and enjoy reading that so much over and over again. Seriously though, it probably is not over with these earthquakes, something awful is coming as the areas I mentioned for high chance of getting hit are still quiet.

              • Balls of Fire!! —- I’m packratting as fast as I can.

          • @ BI— Prepping and paranoid obsession are two different things.

            Everyone should be able to be self sufficient for a period of time… even your evil FEMA tells you that.

            And a broken clock is still right twice a day, so maybe one day you will get that massive quake you seem to be HOPING for…. odds would be in your favor.

            Maybe Frank has a job for you..

          • Be Informed: Gee aren’t you the whiz kid predicting earthquarkes on this of all planets. Did you predict them in their reported locations? Tonga is in the “ring of fire”, so little wonder friend. You use the word ‘chance’ so your system so it sounds more like guess work rather than scientific probability. And then you throw in the entire eastern section of this “ring of fire” for good measure from the tip of Chile up to the Canadian border. Tell me old boy, what do you use, a ouiji board or tea leaves in your predictions because you’re obviously not a geologist. I predict that you can’t name the the exact time, place, and magnitude of the next major (7.0+ ) quake.

        • That is the story. NBC just wants to increase their viewer numbers and keep the ad revenue coming in, so, they tell you to buy some canned food.


        • This is kind of stupid. When the rock lands on you make sure to have a canned food product and a can opener.

            SORRY CHARLIE

      2. Always a good idea to be prepared as much as possible. For any number of contingencies. The best feeling I had recently was when the hurrican was approaching and I called the wife and asked: What do we need? What do I need to pick up? She said: NOTHING! So I topped off the gas tanks and headed home.

        • Peter, nice feeling to have. My thoughts to NBC: Really, where have you guys been? And why now?

          • DRD, my thoughts exactly — though this seemed like a “non story” with respect to the asteroid being totally out of strike range, I found it odd that they would recommend stocking up on canned goods… “just to be on the safe side.”

            • Thought that to be strange too…if its a global killer..whats the point of stocking up on canned goods?

              and on the other hand if it going to miss us, than why stock up?

              I guess its hard to really know what to do when your NBC ( No Body Cares)
              as an MSM..they have had thier head so far up their ass for so long im surprised they even found out about this or know what a canned good is

              • Perhaps it’s known that whatever would hit us would cause massive damage but not be a global killer. Our gov would not have such an extensive system in place and be prepping the way they do if they knew the situation was not survivable.

                • I have this feeling their desire and encouragement to stock up now, is really simple…
                  By the time the sheeple who watch this drivel on the lame stream media figure out it’s a whole lot worse than they were told at the outset of an event and are hunkering down waiting for it to be over…
                  These cretins will be in their bunkers …thinking “they”, are safe…
                  Where is that list of sites…

                • Maybe it was a subliminal message to prepare for something other than an asteroid hit that is too
                  “Top Secret” to let us know the real reason.

                  Naah……that might prevent a good news story.

              • They were being SARCASTIC and telling the “cannned goods” crowd that they are nuts….

                and none of ya get it.


            • Mac,

              Hoarding = Mental disorder

              I’m confused.

              • See VRF’s definition of NBC (got a laugh out of that).

                • 🙂

            • Mac, just a thought: NBC may have received orders to test the panic button of people before something bigger comes along. A false flag inorder to use more gov’t intrusion, via a distraction (a lie).

              Off the cuff; an individual told me the reason Obama has spent so much money hiding his college transcript is it takes more time to make than a birth certificate. Just saying!

            • I think Mr. Newsman was just trying to be funny.

            • Mac, the article only hinted at the possibility that the scientists might have made some sort of wrong calculation, allowint the main body to strike earth. If that were to happen a boxcar of canned goods wouldn’t do us any good!

              But the article also mentioned simultaneous strikes in the past. It is possible that other, smaller chunks of rock are traveling with that big asteroid. If that is the case we could get hit by something smaller, yet still devastating on a correspondingly smaller scale.

              In such an instance the admonition to stock up on canned goods is in order.

          • Dear Silly Rabbit,

            For the same reason it was posted on this website…You came, you clicked, and you read it…And now we are both commenting on it…We have nothing else better to do and God knows we will click on anything these days…

            Besides if it were coming towards us you would never read about that one…I promise you you wouldn’t…

            Fed Guy 20002

          • Maybe their real agenda is to try and kick start the economy. Use the threat of an asteroid hit to get people to spend.

        • Since she had things in order and was prepared for an emergency, which saved you valuable time and gave you a stress-free trip home, you could have at least referred to her as “my wife”, dontcha think? Just a comment. Good for your wife, smart lady.

      3. If something does come out of the sky to strike the earth, not only are we not going to know about it in time beforehand, but there’s absolutely nothing we’re going to be able to do to prevent it. Being prepared is always a good idea.

        • Is this for real or some tongue in cheek satire calling this asteroid QE2? Is it a piece of rock or the fed policy that is going to wipe us out?

          • My first thought exactly.

      4. I’ll can my own goods!


      5. OH GREAT, the Country’s going to ruin, epidemic’s are on the way, may be a Huge earthquake soon AND NOW the sky is FALLING !! I’m old enough to know better than say,”WHAT’S NEXT” !! So whats the extra can’s of food for ?? TO THROW AT THE ASTEROID!!?….mm~

      6. “I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine to five hours.”

        Hunter S. Thompson

        • McLovin,

          I miss ol’ Hunter. I have many fond memories of him (lived nearby in Colorado many years ago). The sound of gunfire could frequently be heard coming from his little ‘ranch’. Old computers, refrigerators, cars were summarily dispatched the old fashioned way. Ran for Pitkin Co sheriff. Frequently haunted the Woody Creek Tavern regaling the regulars with his fear and loathing wit. I was sad to see him go.

          • Very cool Slap Happy,
            I don’t agree with all his politics but regardless- the man was a walking goldmine when it came to brilliance. It does annoy me though that his legacy has been a tad tarnished by the 19 year old dormroom pothead following he developed after the Fear and Loathing movie though.

        • mclovin
          that sure does fit huh????


      7. I am more worried about the FINANCIAL ASTERIOD that is going to hit the earth.

        It will be a E.L.E ( Extinction level event for many just the same)

        • Speaking of that, I found it funny that part of the asteroid’s name was QE2.

          • Queen Elizabeth is involved?

            • I think they mean the ship?

      8. Ever since the 1970s I have prepped for all kinds of events and adverse situations. i’ve been through tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, burned out of a mobile home, etc. and bounced back from all of those events. I find it oh so curious that a MSM source like NBC would tell anyone to prepare in any way, shape, or form. Is this not the same corporate media that has been saying people who prepare for adverse situations, who are self-sufficient in their own needs, who don’t depend on government for anything have some sort of mental problem? This begs the questio, what does NBC know hat we don’t? It will be interesting to see how this turns out. braveheart

        • braveheart

          It’s probably just the MSM (more sheeple manure)
          pissing on our heads and telling us its raining out.

        • @Bravehart…preppin for the “End” for 40 years.

          Case closed.

          • I’ll bet Braveheart has enough food and gear to make the average sheeple weak in the knees…a good example for anyone who has a lick of sense. You can go ahead and respond to this, sallie, but I couldn’t care less about what trolls say/do when they come out from under their cardboard box caves. Have a nice day.

          • @ Sallie, I am sorry you seem to be in a state of denial that shtf can hit large scale or small. If Braveheart was living there when “Hurricane Elvis” went through & the majority of the city was without power for a week & more, he had no worries. Also, when my hubby got laid off and it took two and a half months to find a job(in another state-factor in cost of move too-no relocation package), it sure was nice to only have to spend a small portion of our meager reserves on fresh milk for the kids and really nothing else for groceries for that period of time. You see, calamity large and small happens all the time. The foolish are the ones who think “it’ll never happen to me.” BTW, hubby’s current job has had two layoff’s in about a month’s time. So far, he remains employed. You think I’m sweating buying groceries?

      9. Howdy All,

        THIS is little more than the MSM ‘stroking the Kitty’. The reason for that is this; It’s the little ones that MIGHT be diverted by a collision with a KNOWN near-Earth body…and thence end up impacting the Earth thereafter.

        There ARE no UNKOWN objects in near-Earth space of any mass sufficent to delfect any such as a ‘1.7 mile wide Asteroid’ on what is effectively it’s current, final approach to the Earth. This WILL sound a BIT cynical…but WHY would THEY then be CONCERNED enough to mention THIS on the MSM?…Beleive me, it’s ALL ‘hogwash’.

        That said…”Que Bono”…”WHO Benefits?” here…WHO has a LOT of Stock in the company’s that would BENEFIT from a rush of People heading to the Grocery store?…Eh?

        …MAYBE some ‘Congress-Crittes’…since the STOCK act WAS REVOKED…there is Now NOTHING, which prevents them – LEGALLY – from CASHING-IN on just such a Flaming news BLAST, is there?

        As I said, THAT WAS cynical, Hmmm? Y’all better get a WHOLE bunch MORE cynical too…THEY’LL be doing this every time you ‘spit’ in the Future…Remember, ONLY THEY are ENTITLED to be “Masters of the Universe” YOU are just a bunch of PEONS…as in ‘Please!..PEE ON ME” 😉


        • JOG; you beat me to it. Agree this sounds like someone trying to cash in. However, I’ll still grab a few extra items…. just in case.


          • Howdy GR, Kula-Bro,

            If I’all don’t mind, I’ll get to both of you here at once. GR, I’ve thought about this whole MSM for a while,
            here’s a few thoughts,

            !) There is NOW, NO ‘Independent News’ services in this Country ..they are ALL owned by Humongous Corparate Entities…

            2) As we are already aware, “Power Corrpt..and Absolute Pwer Corrupt ABSLOLUTELY”…ergo, the entrety o WHAT we see daily is just an ongoing effort to ‘smooze the masses’…

            3) After you ARE ABOVE any signoificant concerns – such as ‘us poor, huddled masses’ have YO eventually FOGET what OUR actual problems are…so you begin to TRY to ‘think it through’…to ‘guess’ what will ‘GET thier attention’, Yes?

            As such then thode three tyhings detailed above lead to the situation where what we have ABOVE us…which IN PART fepends on US fot it’s ecistence continues to TRY to ‘stroke the Kitty’ without having ANy REAL conception of what the ‘Kitty’ is thinking…that os – I THINK – part of why there SEEMs to be such a ‘disconnect’ between what we ARE concerned with, and WHAT they continue to attempt to ‘spoon-feed’ us, ie, “What they’d LIKE us to be CONCERNED with’…aside from thier own VENAL motivations to leave nothing BUT a ‘tenanr farmer’ class outside of themsleves, of course….

            HOWDY Kula-Bro!! How’d life ‘Island-side’ today…YOU Lucky DOG you!!! 😉 I VERY much like the ‘play’ you submit….years ago, it used to be that the BEST ad-slogan EVER conceived was ‘Think Mink’…But I THINK maybe you have hit on ONE BETTER than that…”THINK ROPE’, ’tis going to be VERY useful in the NEAR future! 😉

            Well, I’ll step-out for a bit, nice ‘jabbering’ with Y’all…Remember, KEEP those ‘Flaying Knives’ FOOD AND SHARP…Good tolls make EVERY ‘tough job’ go SO much easier, don’t they?

            Oops, Sorry Guys! ‘Evil JOG’ got out of it’s DAMN CAGE…AGAIN…I’ll get YA..THERE, TAKE THAT!! (Heavy thunk heard…followed by long SCREECH….a haunting tune plays in the background while a soft femininne voice says, “There there now..it’ll be OK”….Oops, throw-back to the “Robin Willims/Jonathan Winters” genomic there I see, SORREEE…back to the ‘Meds’ again for me I suppose, *DEEP SIGH*…

            JOG 😉

            • you must have a keyboard like mine.

        • So in other words with our insider scoop we should buy stocks in Mammut and New England Rope,

          • Kulafarmer, this snipit from NBC seems to be bring out the humor in quite a few. Needed laughs, thanks folks for your wit. Just got through searching and finding all the areas of the world where people are starving to death, especially the children, and saw the many pics. Needed you all’s wit.

        • lol…My thoughts are similar JOG. Nothing like a big buying push to help out the waste based consumption economy. MOAR GDP.

          • Howdy JRS,

            Yes…JOG SAYS…”Ummm,MOAR…..GOOOOD!!!”

            As always, done in the style of Boris Karloff, “Franensteins Monster”, the original…

            It IS getting RATHER PATHETIC Lately…ain’t it?….I mean thier puerile efforts to continue to MINE THIER “GOLD” FROM right out of OUR pockets…


        • Don’t sweat it. We’ll just Bruce Willis and the gang to blow it up.

      10. If it’s a near 2 mile wide comet what good will a few cans of food do? The fireball will be close to 3 thousand miles wide. The “big one” that just hit the moon was about as big as a bowling ball. No reality here.

        • Maybe TPTB are going to lob something at us from space that will create a fireball about 15x the size of the one that struck Russia a few months ago to create the premis to call martial law!
          They are not that bright, sorta like a bunch of quacks practicing medicine,
          except its govt scientist and political appointees trying to justify the ridiculously large budgets they have been given.

        • Paranoid

          I agree. Financial decline / collapse is one thing. This space rock is kiss it good by. Just call me T Rex.

        • The Revelation of John chpt8:8 talks about a great mountain burning with fire cast into the sea Rev8:10 a great star called wormwood fell from heaven & Rev9 a star fall from heaven. Who knows we could be living in such disturbed times as revealed to the apostle John, so it is good to be spiritualy prepared along with the canning

        • I don’t think it’s QE2 that’s the issue, more like what’s travelling with it.

      11. debris from the asteroid tale can break off!!!!
        Didn’t this happen in Feb!!! asteroid goes by earth and a few meteorites plunge into the atmosphere.

        • Howdy 2 Dogs,

          ACTUALLY, the fragment that detonated over Russia came from OUT of the plane of the ecliptic, therefor was just a ROGUE asteroid…they DO happen. That said, there is always comeatry debris left begind fromth pasage of all such…just, sually it’s not particualrly harmful to is here. Every year, we have ‘Named’ asteroid showers – usually in the Spring and Fall, which put on some Very nice shows for us…the Geminid, the Leonid, the Perseid, etc, et al…


      12. Hmm, maybe they are trying to pull off yet again another false flag event ? By telling everyone to stock up, then the masses hit & clean out the can good isles, thus possibly trying to create a wave of panic within the public & then they can come in & practice enforcing martial law yet again ? Ya know practice makes perfect !

      13. Mac, as I posted a few minutes ago, this is the same corporate media that calls preppers crazy and now one of their main sources advises us to stock up on canned goods. Very curious indeed! braveheart

      14. Always buy “one for me, one for a friend” if I can afford it…not too long before you have a pretty good surplus…

      15. Howdy, JOG, and your analysis may very well be correct. Like I just said, i knew something smelled fishy about this. This is the same media that says you’re crazy if you prepare for anything, any reason, but it’s OK if any government agency like FEMA does so. Canned goods have always been a big part of my preps. I’ve survived natural disasters and personal SHTFs living on canned goods. They’re not gourmet eating, but they guarantee your SURVIVAL! braveheart

        • Howdy BH!

          Dude…the ‘Hypocracy Factor” – with the MSM – IS VERY High…
          Something like, “The Force IS strong with that One…”.

          How are you doing Brother? I read through your detailed posting on the ‘incident’ the other day…Condolences therefor….’DEAL WITH THEM’ in the future Brother… without RESERVATION…


      16. I am more concerned with that unsettling terror attack in London. When (not if) that occurs in Detroit, I think Americans will start to wake up. I know my ass won’t be going anywhere without my “Crazy Ass Muslim” stopper. My wife will be packing as soon as the sheriff issues her permit.

        • When your “fear” and judgement are based solely on the “lame-stream-media story-line”, chances are VERY high you are being “duped”.

          The “muslim butcher of London” hoax. This is really sloppy and just plain stupid from beginning to end. The “bystanders” are “real traumatized and running scared”. This “smells quite Zoggy”.

          Start at around the 4 minute mark of this video and tell me you still believe this.


          • Shorter and sweeter. The “lady” with the cart appears truly terrified of this “crazy muslim hacker” with clean hands in one “interview” and “bloody hands” in another.

            None so blind as those whom refuse to see!


            • I watched your video. My opinion is that the second video (no blood) appears faked. I grew up with blacks. When someone’s face is that heavily pigmented, generally the skin on the back of the hand matches closely. The hands in the no blood video a light orange color. I think this was a version cleaned up to send out to the people of Britain so as not to upset them on the evening tele.

              • Still doesn’t explain the “calm and disaffected demeanor of the “Cart Lady” acting as if there is absolutely “Nothing to Fear” from this “crazed and murderous muslim butcher”. THINK.

                • Thats my point. I am thinking, these people are desensitized to these behaviors, disgusting.

          • That is my biggest concern, the negros in the video that presumably live in that area do not seem to care that anything just happened. If I were in my neighborhood and saw such, I would intervene with a handgun. This would be perfectly legal in my state. Standing by watching someone disembowel another human is no form of resuscitation. Of course, the unarmed Brits don’t have this option. I think you are crazy not to believe that some of these whacked out sons a bitches will cut your flipping head off in a heartbeat.

            • “I think you are crazy not to believe that some of these whacked out sons a bitches will cut your flipping head off in a heartbeat.” Perhaps, but my point is THIS incident is an absolute LIE. I am going to re-post what I posted on “another site” last night, before I found these videos today. Take it for what it is worth:

              “Please tell me you understand that this is simply a continuation of the “divide and conquer” paradigm to keep US in a chronic state of fear while demonizing the “boogeyman-of-the-day”.

              It is all planned, all phony, and all designed to create and sustain cultural hate and conflict. As long as WE are fearing/fighting each other…THEY F-N WIN! It really is that intentionally complicated/yet intellectually simple!


              “IRAN IS GONNA NUKE US, WE MUST DEMOLISH IRAN.” Thus saith the largest NUCLEAR/BIOLOGICAL/CHEMICAL weapons holder in the middle East. Nutty-Yahoo is the threat…and ALL that endorse the Zionist Protocols, including the “zealots” in this country.”

              My opinion, based on YEARS of research and demonstrably FALSE MSM “HEADLINES”. You appear to be clinging VERY TIGHTLY to a pre-existing notion of WHO the real enemy is. You do realize that both the CIA/MOSSAD routinely hire, supply, and endorse the “radical Islam element”.


              • Whatever you believe, or not, about the Assad regime in Syria…I don’t recall anything about “Christian men, women, and children as being “beheaded” in Syria until THE ZIONIST FACTIONS OF THE USA ALONG WITH THE ZIONIST FACTIONS OF ISRAEL began supporting the FSA (Free Syria Army) Again, coincidentally funded and supplied by both previously mentioned “Zionist related factions”.

                Sometimes WE must WAKE UP with a headache…but it is superior to NOT WAKING UP AT ALL.

              • It’s not a lie. It happened in front of dozens of witnesses over a 20-minute time frame.

                Try another conspiracy theory, the one you’re flogging today needs some work.

                • According to the “MSM” it was only 20 witnesses? How about offering some interviews, and explaining away the “Cart lady” that simply strolls through the “interview scene”(WHO was calmly filming this horror scene?) as if it is just another day in the park.

                  Think Okie, or at least provide some evidence other than unsubstantiated opinion. I realize these “incidents” are designed to obtain maximum emotional output…but if all you have is the “lame-stream-narrative”…All of the sudden THEY are reliable?

                  I don’t but it. Been a “sucker” too many times…including 9/11!

              • Radical muslims have no tolerance and WANT TO KILL INFIDELS. These words on video are not put in their mouths by the ZOG shit you spew. I do think we have no business being over there. But I also think they have no business being over here whatsoever. I believed it was noble to try to help their culture, but as I have seen over the years these sorry ass people want none of our help unless it is money or guns. Fuck them and their women and children. Please stay on your side of the Earth and we should stay on ours. We should have nothing to do with Syria. I could not care less about which muslim asshole is killing what other muslim asshole. Bring our men home. Secure our fucking borders and lets get our house in order.

                • Over at incogmans website about a year ago he did a huge expose with extensive documentation and links to verify etc. That one of the Faux tv news women, A regular seen woman if not an actual fox hired reporter, really is the Main owner in cahoots with vast Israel pals and mossad of her own web production co. That produced Most if not All of the NOW Proven FALSE videos with Osama Bib Laden threats to the usa type info. Recall all those spur of moment osama videos? Popped up from nowheres when least expected. Yet always “somehow” connected to soon to occure, “whatevers”.

                  She was/is cia/mossad proven, and her videos of ossama bin laden had someone(an israeli?) dressed up to “Look” like the real ossama in very scary fear based videos to Propagandize folks in america, Like You maybe!

                  Fox and cnn and others played them videos non stop while constant crys for “Bomb Iran” storys accompanied the osamma vids shown in the small corner area of tv screen.

                  Why has all such videos suddenly disappeared? Do NOT say cause ossama is dead now. Like nobody else took over his top spot? No, it is because She as well as her Falseified “terroristic” videos were shown to be Faked.

                  That is Par for the course whenever those zionists do something sneeky. As soon as they are outted as the Main culprits, they Run for cover. Wait awhile or lay low, then Return with brand New swindles and scams to perpetrate upon kneejerk emotional or religiously motivated evangelicals fears. Fears placed into Their minds BY the very same zionists that those who get duped, are always so unquestionably supportative of.

                  Every sunday those evangels go to get More false teachings and More fear based, Unquestionable, zionists can do zero wrongs because God will bless all the zios do, even Murders! Then right on schedule, Faux tv news blares out another False osama video!

                  Untill the bitch got caught that is! Now shes likly Back in israel prepping for a new “mossad assignment” eh.

                  IMHO, if folks are going to rely on and base opinions on what the Koran verses teach to Jihadists?…Then why not Also learn what them zios Talmud verses Teach Them regarding “Goyims” gentiles? Goyim to jews and zionists, is akin to, Infidels to Muslims. Same meanings, different words due to “Slightly” different holy book verses.

                  EXAMPLE= Read what KY MOM posted last nite regarding a practice Muslims call/use in food or meat slaughter called “Halal”…EVERY word in her post to describe what and how halal is done, is near EXACT to how and what Rabbi Kosher is done regarding the same thing. Butcher or slaughter of Meat cattle and processing it!

                  Just a “coincidence”? That rabbi jews And Muslims use exact same methods? Sorry I reject “coincidence”.

                  Oh yeah, Both methods rabbi and muslims BOTH force stores to PAY fees for certifications, and Pass on costs to YOU the consumer! Rabbi’s earn $3 Billion per year just in usa by forcing everybody whos Not jewish to Pay for a religious superstitious belife in what and how our food should be handled. I wonder if muslims earn such huge amounts too? Funny Two soposedly Mortal enemys jews vs muslims have so many similar or Same practices and Beliefs regarding all of us “Goyims/infidels” huh.

                  Maybe BOTH are Our Mortal Enemys!(only we/You aint supposed to figure That out!).

                  • I don’t give a shit for either group. The Jews in this country support Obama. The muzzies hate me and mine. I think Israel should handle it’s own shit. I think we should start handling ours. Not a single thing we do internationally makes sense to me. This is a Christian country, we need to stick with our traditions and work on minding our own business for a little while. Beyond that, I will let conspiracy pukes grandstand their shit amongst themselves.

      17. Now that we have the word from what’s his name (haven’t had a connected television in 3 years) I better break out the debit card EE catalog in hand. I figure I will be good to go for the next 54 months if I can only lay in 21,350 cans of Progresso Lentil Soup and two gallons of water a day … make the in ground pool drinkable and nya nya y’all .. . I’m set and devil take the hindmost. /sarc

        slightly off topic, does anyone worry about fukushima radioactivity when you buy canned tuna? And if you were to pester yer family doc for only two antibiotics for yer home med kit which two would they be? Am thinking cyprofloxacin Thank you.

        • Yes…and don’t buy the “fake tuna” escolar or you will need new shorts.

        • There are many products that we used on a daily name brand basis for years that are still prohibited for export into this country from there…And will be banned for many years to come…

          No need for the family Doc…And he probably wouldn’t help you much anyway…Fish supply online…FishMox and FishFloxForte…Google them…Same pills, same markings, same pharm maker…Big ole jug…No Script needed…Wide spectrum antibiotics…Mox is Amoxicillin Flox Forte is Cipro (One of the strongest) DO NOT overuse either you will build a quick immunity…Both are taken one every 12 hours for 10 days

          Fed Guy 20002

        • Cypro has too many serious side effects that occur regularly. Get a Z-pac unless you have heart problems. Probably the best all around antibiotic out there is Doxycycline, but it suddenly became unavailable about 60 days ago with no prior warning. Caught everyone with limited inventory. Think Cephalexin.

          Saw an article today with headline that the Fukushima radiation had already killed 14,000 people in this country.

        • does anyone worry about fukushima radioactivity when you buy canned tuna?

          Nope…because right after the Gulf mess made by BP, I added to my well-stocked shelves of tuna.
          Haven’t bought but once since then and that was at Aldis(and that was because I forgot the dangers).
          Don’t have any idea where it comes from–but it is set aside for eating AFTER all else is gone.

        • I stopped worrying about radioactivity from Fukushima about twenty minuts after it happened.

          While it’s statistically possible that I might die from radiation poisoning it is far more likely that I’ll just expire from old age or from crossing the street or from choking on some food! Worrying about how I die is less important than how I live.

      18. This was just a passing, pseudo-comical mention on his part. Nothing to see here.

        Now some real reporting would tell folks to stock up on canned foods because of our impending economic crash or an EMP. You’ll never hear that from the MSM.

      19. This already happened. Bruce Willis took care of it.

      20. re: antibiotics
        I stocked up with cephalexin. I have COPD and require several rounds a year and that is usually what the doctor orders.

      21. Did anyone else see the “mysterious respiratory disease” in alabama that has killed two and several in the hospital, they cant figure out what it is…

      22. Police put the Shady Banks neighborhood near I-95 and Davie Boulevard on lockdown for nearly an hour. Those living in the neighborhood said they’ve never heard of an attack like this before.

        conditioning of the population for Martial Law lock down

        all for a florida taxi driver getting robbed of 200$ by two women ( no discription of the perps)

      23. “Daylight again, following me to bed
        I think about a hundred years ago, how my fathers bled
        I think I see a valley, covered with bones in blue
        All the brave soldiers that cannot get older been askin’ after you
        Hear the past a callin’, from Armageddon’s side
        When everyone’s talkin’ and no one is listenin’, how can we decide?

        (Do we) find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground

        Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down
        Find the cost of freedom, buried in the ground
        Mother earth will swallow you, lay your body down
        (Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground)”

        Everyone have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

      24. i have a hard time believing these guys, anyone remember Y2K, everything was supposed to crash so everyone went out and bought everything for a crash, do you have any idea of how much money they made just that time??? this is another one of those, the meteor is a safe distance away,

        • Parts of Russia would disagree when some pieces of whatever that last comet was hit random areas a few months ago.

      25. Apparently NBC execs own a great deal of Campbells soup stock….

      26. The next killer asteroid will be announced by amateur astronomers if it isn’t announced by NASA or some other government agency.

        Stocking up on canned goods is a good idea but not because of an asteroid that won’t get closer than 3 million miles.

      27. That’s just like NBC another head fake. The real ELE event is QE, QE2,QE3 and Operation Twist. I think we have a much greater chance of destroying ourselves financially and then cause a global war over natural resources.

        But then again this government lies about everything, maybe we are going to take a direct hit!!!

        I didn’t plan for that; did you?? If a big rock hits us, may it fall right on my head because I don’t want to survive that.

        Have a safe and happy Memorial Day and we can all laugh about big rocks next week.

      28. Milky Way and Mars bars… make it a theme party!

      29. “That’s just like NBC another head fake. The real ELE event is QE, QE2,QE3 and Operation Twist. I think we have a much greater chance of destroying ourselves financially and then cause a global war over natural resources.”

        You are a buzz buster, lol! I get excited for any excuse to prep and there was another opportunity to get a can of Chunky Soup.

      30. I don’t think we got the whole story. If I remember right the asteroid, or rock is due to come back again in 2116. Maybe that’s what NBC (Nothing But Crap) network was warning to stock up for.

        • there wont be anything to worry about for us by 2116

          none of us will live that long and same with our kids

          as far as we know there wont be such a thing as Canned goods (they will be banned by DHS)something about them exploding when heated and not opened first

          besides I think T.S., will definetly H.T.F. way before that

          • VRF
            wasn’t on the warning label about opening the damn can first.what is this world coming too??????????????/


      31. JOG, i’m taking some extra precautions at my place, otherwise i’m fine. i only found out yesterday another house n4 ndoors down from me was broken into. had some serious trouble with home invasions back in the winter and now they’re picking up again. but I’ve got something these turds DON’T want. braveheart

        • braveheart check it out:


          I have this in combination with a couple of very aggressive dogs. The way I see it is mutts encounter intruder and around the same time all hell breaks loose with OC pepper spray. Already pissed off mutts go psychotic and eliminate blinded intruders. Also helps to setup with autodialer ($15 on amazon) so you’ll get a call to respond in the event of an alarm. It’s the only way you can be sure there is only one side to the story.

          • I like it, good idea,
            Can save on the feed bills for fluffy too!

          • Howdy Incognito,

            “. It’s the only way you can be sure there is only one side to the story.”

            Smart….VERY Smart… 😉


      32. Its always nice to have a few hundred cans of your favorites on hand. Correct?!?!?

      33. Some of those posting a reply seemed to not listen closely. The risk this time is not the asteroid, itself, but the debris that follows it. If the meteor, itself, hit the Earth, it would probably end most life.

        As with most threats, however, this one will probably pass without much damage.

        As one T-Rex said to another, “Hey, what could possibly go wrong?”

      34. Just thinking this through…. the asteroid is “a remnant of a comet”?

        Well why is not a whole comet? Did it hit something? If it did then the asteroid is the biggest chunk and it’s likely there are smaller fragments traveling with it. They are probably spreading out over time with some traveling slightly faster and some a little slower. Over vast amounts of time and distance they’ll get further and further apart. Just because the big one is far away that doesn’t mean there aren’t some little ones leading or trailing a few hundred thousand miles off the path of the big one.

      35. If its a global killer what good will canned foods do??? Nothing! That what good food will do you in an extinction level event. Stock up on canned goods for other reasons instead.

      36. I thought and “asteroid” was what you got if you sat in a chair too long while gazing through a telescope. Or else, having to sit through an Obumbler speech

      37. Well… a massive asteroid strike wouldn’t do half as much damage to the nation as Obamanomics has. And speaking of which, wasn’t Detroit wiped out by an asteroid 15 – 20 yrs ago? Every time I drive through, it sure looks like it

        • JR Detroit got hit by a Massive “Afroid” that was 2 million afros wide and had an eerie mysterious Stench akin to the Detroit Zoo jungle animal cages. It burned 1/2 the city back in 1968. NASA named it the: Ogga224Bogga875Boo Afro2 Afroid….Last observed heading towards the Suburbs of metro detroit areas.

      38. Buy some sulfur… Both dusting and granular, can be used for all kinds of things. Better get it while it’s still available as I’m surprised it hasn’t been outlawed yet. Ag grade can still be bought in 50# bags. I use it for both my gardens in both the soil and on the leaves of some vegetables. Sulfur is an essential element for all life and makes great insect repellant as well as topical antibiotic. Great stuff to have on hand.

      39. If i remember right, QE1, QE2, QE3, and QE Infinity have already hit us dead on!

        Now NASA Has Named an Asteroid QE2
        WTF, are they trying to get it to Join the other QE’s and Hit Us too
        Couldn’t they have named it Really Big Freakin ROCK From Outer Space (RBFRFOS)354 or something like that

        Have some Big ASS Fries
        and a Big Ass Beer
        and watch the show

        A little Levity here


        What a Name

        the Watcher

      40. Teenaged grandson was outside a couple of nights ago. Came hurrying in the house to tell me about 5 meteors he saw go over us – all at once! He said they were a vivid blue. Went back out to keep watching, and said he saw 5 more in about an hour. Those were one-at-a-time, also mostly blue, but one or 2 that were a yellowish-green.
        Some of those pieces that might be accompanying the big one???

      41. And then there’s always the “game” effect of seeing how many people panic buy…
        Don’t forget your “loyalty card”… 🙂

      42. Uh, it’s amazing how the regulars here, who believe they see every piece of fake news, actually missed something very significant. The majors — despite their lagging viewership — NEVER say stuff like this. I repeat, they NEVER joke, they are heavily edited and producer controlled and they never stray off of NASA’s “nothing to worry about” line. Their viewership is from the Cronkite age, and they know it. Imagine if old Walter read this on-air? And let’s say they did “know something.” Isn’t this how they might tell you? So for those of you whose normalcy bias automatically puts you against these guys without thinking, you might want to think again — and check your pantry. Even the PTB doesn’t trust JPL anymore.

      43. my, my, my ,another day in this brave new world ,things falling out of the sky ,hell, the only thing I’ve, seen for the last few days falling is heavy rain and lots of it


      44. Already have a bunch of food stocked up, though not for the occasion of which NBC speaks.

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