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    Nasal Swabs Were Only The Beginning: China Rolls Out Anal Swab COVID Tests

    Mac Slavo
    January 27th, 2021
    Comments (64)

    China has expanded the rollout of anal swabbing to test for COVID-19, saying these tests are more reliable. Also more invasive, and probably a lot more uncomfortable too.

    For those in quarantine, China will use an anal swab to determine if the virus is still present. Chinese state media outlets introduced the new protocol in recent days, prompting widespread discussion and some outrage. Some Chinese doctors say the science is there though, and as the peasants, we should just accept the science.

    Here’s the likely reason they are using these swabs instead:

    Recovering patients, they say, have continued to test positive through samples from the lower digestive tract days after nasal and throat swabs came back negative. -Washington Post

    Why would they want so many positive tests? To keep the narrative going, of course.

    Covid “Mutation” Stories Show That The Lockdowns Are Designed To Last Forever

    for many, it seemed a step too far in government intrusions after a year and counting of a dignity-eroding pandemic.

    “Everyone involved will be so embarrassed,” one user in Guangdong province said on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, on Wednesday. In a Weibo poll, 80 percent of respondents said they “could not accept” the invasive method.

    So now we know that anal swabs might finally be where the sheep draw the line.

    Because of the invasive nature of these tests, they are only being used at quarantine centers…for now. If we have learned anything over the last year, it’s that the ruling class will push and they will be successful unless people wake up.

    “If we add anal swab testing, it can raise our rate of identifying infected patients,” Li Tongzeng, an infectious-disease specialist at Beijing You’an Hospital, said on state-run broadcaster CCTV on Sunday. “But of course considering that collecting anal swabs is not as convenient as throat swabs, at the moment only key groups such as those in quarantine receive both.”

    Officials have tightened restrictions in recent weeks, with tens of millions of people returned to lockdown in areas with isolated outbreaks, according to The Washington Post.  As before, travelers arriving from overseas go straight into two weeks of hotel quarantine — but now the third week of home quarantine has been added, and the fourth week of daily reports to health officials.



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      Author: Mac Slavo
      Date: January 27th, 2021

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      1. You're putting it where? says:

        This just keeps getting more and more crazy by the day.An anal swab for a respiratory illness? So,from now on if I have a rectal illness – they’ll check my lungs?😂

      2. cooties says:

        Thank you so much! I was waiting for you to cover this story.Let the great comments/puns begin!!!!,

      3. dollface says:

        At least buy us dinner first before you…

      4. titicaca says:

        Now we know what the masks were really for – to avoid the smell of 💩

      5. Couldn't help myself says:

        An anal test? Geez, hopefully it all works out in the end.

      6. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Or more realistically, they are just perverts that will find any excuse to look at asses.


      7. back there says:

        I truly can’t believe any of this! Why,the idea of testing people’s buttocks is terrible.It’s assinine.

      8. Not ok says:

        I will never consent to this! After all,it my anus,not Uranus!!!

      9. TharSheBlows says:

        When they are down there, ask them to pull your finger..

      10. TharSheBlows says:

        From the Grave, Hank Aaron asks, “Can I have a do over on that?” Fool me once,… end of story.

      11. Many says:

        Makes you wonder how many of the masked sheep would willingly line up,er, I mean bend over for this??

      12. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Kind of like when I was sent to Milwaukee Psychiatric Ward ward for not eating or sleeping for a week and was being stalked and spied on and discovered that the Milwaukee Police were invokved in sex trafficking and they wanted to do an OBGYN exam at the psuch ward, proving that they do not even know what psychiatry means! It is very common for psych wards to request OBGYN exams, because they have tequested it every time. Some people in this state are crazy, and I’m not one of them! I refused to allow them to do it every time! They also said that they wanted to watch me shower to make sure that I didn’t hurt myself. I wouldn’t let them, and they were probably lesbians! Really creepy! Most of them were really mean and ugly and weighed at least 300 pounds. No exageration! They really creeped me out! They had rabid lust in their eyes.

        Andrea Iravani

      13. Cheeks says:

        Anyone stupid enough to this is just asking to be the butt of jokes!😀

      14. Mr_Yesterday says:

        HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas!


        My personal goal, which I’ve been successful so far, as well as everyone in my house, is to never get tested in the first place. So far so good.

        Soon it’s going to be like dui checkpoints, but they’ll require you to get tested.

        Let’s start exploring what defeats the test… Like old breathalizers, if you put a 1940’s or earlier penny in your mouth, it had enough copper in it, the test would read negative. So what can we use to purposefully defeat this ‘test’? Serious question.

        I want to drink bleach with the bleach boys baby, in a world where midgets run for mayor. I want to drink bleach with a georgia peach. I want to drink bleach tonight. yeah!

        • Darth Skippy says:

          You can trying putting the penny in, the other way, but the tests are still going to give a false positive.

          From the looks of recent college commercials…

          …they will be administered by the usual quota cases.

          So, you are counting on the witchhunt to slow down, before it corners you, imho.

          • Anonymous says:

            HAHAHA! I think you sort of missed the point of the suggestion….

            Like if you gargle with super blue and colloidal silver or something… I suppose if you’re in a pinch you could sniff and gargle actual diluted bleach for a moment, just enough to force amplification efforts to fail. What else would mask and encapsulate the biological material the amplification seeks to recognize?

            For the up the keister test, that’s going to be a lot more difficult to defeat. Scream Rape! I don’t know… “No means No!” “No means No!” “No means No!”
            (your link not working, gave danger warning. Use firefox with adblock, ublock, privacy badger, incognito, anti figerprint, you may be getting more than you are aware of with your current browser. Use Spybot S&D immunize and track clean.)

          • Mr_Yesterday says:

            HAHAHA! I think you sort of missed the point of the suggestion….

            Like if you gargle with super blue and colloidal silver or something… I suppose if you’re in a pinch you could sniff and gargle actual diluted bleach for a moment, just enough to force amplification efforts to fail. What else would mask and encapsulate the biological material the amplification seeks to recognize? Something more practical like olive oil enriched with spice or something? Chew coffee bean?

            For the up the keister test, that’s going to be a lot more difficult to defeat. Scream Rape! I don’t know… “No means No!” “No means No!” “No means No!” (Said very very loudly)

            (your link not working, gave danger warning so I could not follow. Use firefox with adblock, ublock, privacy badger, incognito, anti figerprint, you may be getting more than you are aware of with your current browser. Use Spybot S&D immunize and track clean. Go to MS Services, turn off remote assistance, remote registry, all wifi & bluetooth, and telephony. Then go to device manager and turn off wifi and bluetooth there too as recent non voluntary win10 updates have turned everyones wifi and bluetooth back on just recently.)

      15. great news says:

        You just know that the stocks of the swab companies absolutely soared on hearing about this!

      16. pandemic my ass! says:

        Maybe this will be a new way for the powers that be to probe for signs of intelligent life.Based on the number of sheep wearing masks – the answer is a resounding NO!

      17. chunks says:

        Before checking back there,they should have the decency to ass first.

      18. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Davos is calling for rebuilding trust. I will trust them after they are dead. They are psychopathic terrorists, as long as they are alive and not in prison, I can do nothing other than trust that they will continue to be psychopathic terrorists and mentally incompetent intellectual property thieves.

        Jeffrey Dahmer was a gay homophobic, serial killing cannibal that was so terrified of people finding out that he was gay that he lured at least 33 young men into his apartment, raped them, and murdered them to kill the evidence that he was gay, and then cannibalized them to destroy the evidence that he was also a murderer.

        The mentally incompetent psychopaths that spy on me are extremely similar to Dahmer, their darkest secret is that they are mentally incompetent, so mentally incompetent that they have had to resort to spying on me, data theft, invading my property and even my brain. Their fear of being discovered for being mentally incompetent, unimaginative, frauds is a much greater fear for them than being exposed as sadistic, terrorists with deviant and sadistic personality disorder that have violated my rights, property, and even brain.

        They would be much better off if they realized and accepted that they are unqualified to be in any field that entails any thinking, leadership, or authority, because if they were qualified for any of those, they would not be doing to me what they have been, and have disqualified themselves from all such fields for abuse of authority or abuse power if they are in such positions.

        Intelligence cannot be purchased. A teacher or university cannot make an idiot intelligent. A degree is not any indication of intelligence. You are idiots. Just accept it and get jobs in manual labor or factories if you have had to resort to hacking, invading my life, property, brain, data theft, or impersonation.

        The sooner that you accept the fact that you belong in manual labor or factory positions, the better off you will be.

        What they have done to me is every bit as monstrous, outrageous, unforgiveable, unacceptable, inexcuseable, and tabu as what Jeffrey Dahmer did. They really need to make amends and end their lives. The world would be better off if they were dead. There is no way to deny it. They are psychopaths. They are hell bent on annihilating the world. Let it begin with them annihilating themselves in a mass suicide. If their is any doubt about this, ask yourselves why they just keep using fraud, terrorism, corruption,crimes against humanity, and nihilism to cover up their previous fraud, corruption, terrorism, crimes against humanity, and nihilsm.

        Ask yourselves why it is that every major corporation had offices in the World Trade Towers and only 3,000 people died on 9/11 with destruction of four buildings and four plane crashes. Think of how many just did not show up for work that day in order for there to be such a low fatality rate for such an occurrence. It is because they were terrorists in an organized crime ring that conspired to save their own lives, reap wind fall profits, and go to war against seven innocent countries murdering millions of innocent people. They are evil terrorist monsters unentitled to forgiveness. They are every bit as bad as the government that they conspired to do it with. The government never would have gotten away with it if it were not for their collusion. The government that colluded with these monsters that worked in those buildings are now on a crusade to save the terrorists that have reaped not only all of the economic gains, but reaped $21 trillion in accounting errors, mass grand scale bail outs for incompetent, corrupt, businesses, corrupt  government institutions, and corrupt individuals at every one elses expense.

        They are still pretending that they were justified in the covid response. You can’t reason with a lunatic or a mentally incompetent half wit, and pathological lying psychopaths refuse to confess their crimes. Terrorism is a religion for them, obviously! They won’t stop doing it!

        Why in the hell would the terrorists that have been terrorizing me, the nation, and world expect to be called anything other than terrorists?!  I know my rights, and I know the law, and the law is the constitution and its amendments and they are violating my rights and the law! What the fuck did they expect?! Obedience?! Get a dog!

        All crimes are not covered under NDAs. Any illegal activity is exempt from NDAs. If you need to know what is legal, read the constitution, including its amendments. 

        All criminal activity is null and void from non disclosure under any and all NDAs.

        A corrupt judge’s ruling in no way nullifies or undermines the constitution or any of its amendments. It simply means that the judge was corrupt and must be removed from office.

        Forced arbitration has also been outlawed. 

        There is no point in negotiating with terrorists or thieves. It rewards corrupt and evil behavior at the victims expense and acts as positive reinforcement for more corrupt evil behavior. If we forgive them for this, what will they ask us to forgive them for next, and who will be their next victims? They are serial criminal psychopaths and pathologically driven to abuse. It just keeps going from bad to worse. Why would that trend change? An object in motion will remain in motion unless interrupted by an external force.

        Andrea Iravani

      19. showtime says:

        Will Fauci,Biden and the elite be getting swabbed on live TV to convince us that all of this is safe?🤣😃🤣

      20. lovely bones says:

        Anyone willing to submit to this particular test should make sure you eat lots of beans beforehand.😷

      21. Indeed says:

        Who’s shitty idea was this?

      22. ouch! says:

        Yet another reason to stay far away from doctors,hospitals,etc,etc…

      23. Nearby says:

        I think that kind of a close,intimate test would sorta defeat the whole purpose of social distancing😁Wouldn’t it?😁

      24. Sarcastic tone says:

        Stay away from your loved ones.Have no contact with your friends.Social distance. But putting your ass in my face for a “swabbing” is perfectly okay!!🙄Makes perfect sense🤔

      25. Obvious says:

        Ass each day goes by, I hope more people realize how the elite are mocking and laughing at all of us.

      26. never give in says:

        Seriously though,imagine these psychos doing this to kids.We all know these perverts will stop at nothing.We must always be on high alert for this type of shit,as these evil bastards will stoop to even lower levels to humiliate us even more than they already have.Never Give In!!!😠

      27. Anger Issues says:

        Anyone coming at me trying to stick a swab up my ass had better be prepared to receive a boot up theirs!!

      28. Doesn't add up says:

        First,they wanna shove a swab up your nose until it almost hits your brain.Now,they wanna shove a swab in your ass to detect a “cold”/flu.🤔What’s wrong with this picture? 🤔

      29. I'm out says:

        Whole thing is ridiculous.The odds of me ever agreeing to this type of a procedure are asstronomical 😆

      30. Omnipresent says:

        I had no idea covid got around back there also.I shouldn’t be surprised as it is the most potent virus in the history of the world.I’m sure if swab tests were performed on the fossils of ancient civilizations – remnants of phony 19 would be found in their butts as well.This thing is everywhere after all 😂

      31. Enjoy says:

        No way would I ever show up for that kind of a test. As a matter of fact, I plan on having explosive diarrhea on that particular day😰😱😰

      32. Between Three Centuries says:

        This swab goes in your mouth and this swab goes in your mouth and this swab goes in your butt. Oh wait, that’s not right. This, no this, wait, no this one goes in your mouth and this, no wait this one goes in your ear and this one goes in your butt and this one goes in your mouth.

      33. Confucius say….. you want anal swab with happy ending…$10 more.

      34. Marcy says:

        What are they looking for, gold?

      35. What are they looking for, gold.

      36. I had to have elected procedure done last fall, so I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to corvid / wuhan test done, and it came back negative . But a ” anal ” wuhan test, you gotta be kidding.

      37. brownish says:

        These new method of “testing” for phony 19 is yet another indication that none of this is about our health – anything butt!!!!😂

      38. Oops! says:

        Hopefully,there will be no instances of forgetting which swab goes in which slot.One for the nose and one for the booty.Wouldn’t want to get those two mixed up – particularly after use😂

      39. Doesn't add up says:

        An anal test. As if being masked up wasn’t humiliating enough?🤔

      40. buttinski says:

        I just pray that my butt does not cough out loud when the test is being performed – I wouldn’t want anyone to catch browny 19 😂🤣😂

      41. lovely bones says:

        Can you imagine the possible conversations as you’re bending over during this test: “Hey,are you sure that’s the swab you inserted?” “I don’t know, it feels “different”😦

      42. Tasty says:

        I’ve always wondered the source of some of the Chinese seasonings?🤔Yet another mystery solved.

      43. Clenched! says:

        This is despicable! I will never submit to this test and that’s my final answer! No ifs,ands,OR butts!!!!😠

      44. Brownies says:

        Biden’s only been in there a few days and already they’re coming for our rear ends. Seriously,who didn’t see this coming? Anyone?☺️

      45. Nice! says:

        “Do I have a mask?” “Don’t worry about me.” “You’re the one that’s gonna need a mask and it better be a damn good one if you’re 😷gonna work back there!”😀

      46. Skillz says:

        I wonder if this particular occupation(the swabber) is what would be described as a rear entry position?

      47. Occams says:

        Oh, yea. And a 2 minute video of a pair of gloves is supposed to convince me China is ‘doing anal swabs’?

        Oh. Okay

        I happen to have lived in Asia, and I talk with people around the world. They’re often VERY surprised when I tell them what their country is supposedly doing, because it’s almost always news to them! Like my friend in Russia who learned about their recent ‘terrible outbreak’ of the plague for which 30k vaxx does were being rushed to counter…..

        1. An INFORMED Russian had never heard about this

        2. There IS NO vaxx for plague. It’s antibiotics.

        Unreal how gullible people are.

      48. posted says:

        Will there be a mail in option for this test? I hope so. I’d love to send these psychos a great big pile of 💩 as a token of my appreciation for all they “doo” on our behalf!

      49. Poppy Seeds says:

        Just imagine being the testing guy.How humiliating it would be coming home after looking at buttholes all day. Kids: “Daddy, how was your day?” Dad: “Never mind!””Go to your room!”😂

      50. wondering says:

        Do the testers earn a commission or “brownie” points for every procedure performed?🤔

      51. bottom feeder says:

        Tester Qualifications:Good with people,loss of smell,and most importantly willing to start at the “bottom” 😆

      52. Bits says:

        Grinning anal swab tester comes home and tells wife “Great news honey, I finally found my keys” “Butt,whatever you do – don’t ask me where”

      53. hahaha

        Hundreds line up on the street with their pants down.


        You think everyone is as creative as you are.


      54. liveandletlive says:

        Coming to a country near you soon… They now literally want to f us in the a

      55. Record says:

        As seriously important as phony 19 has been,it is very likely that the results of these tests will most definitely go down in the anals of history.

      56. Candy Corn says:

        Calling in : “Um,no I don’t have an appointment for the anal swabbing,butt,is it okay if I just show up?😄

      57. Me Chinese, me no play joke, Me spread ass cheeks and go poke poke poke. Ahhhhh, smells terrific.

      58. Curious says:

        Exactly how long(and thick) are the “swabs” used during these “exams”?😉I’m asking for a friend.😘

      59. Butt,seriously?? says:

        Is this anal swab test really a thing? Dead ass?😂