Covid “Mutation” Stories Show That The Lockdowns Are Designed To Last Forever

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at 

    For many months now I have been warning that the design behind the pandemic lockdowns is a perpetual one; meaning, the lockdowns are MEANT to last forever. We can see this in the very commentary of the establishment elites that are pushing for the mandates; their most frequent argument being that the pandemic restrictions are the “new normal”. This assertion is outlined by globalists like Gideon Lichfield of MIT in his article ‘We’re Not Going Back To Normal’. In it he states:

    “Ultimately, however, I predict that we’ll restore the ability to socialize safely by developing more sophisticated ways to identify who is a disease risk and who isn’t, and discriminating—legally—against those who are.

    …one can imagine a world in which, to get on a flight, perhaps you’ll have to be signed up to a service that tracks your movements via your phone. The airline wouldn’t be able to see where you’d gone, but it would get an alert if you’d been close to known infected people or disease hot spots. There’d be similar requirements at the entrance to large venues, government buildings, or public transport hubs. There would be temperature scanners everywhere, and your workplace might demand you wear a monitor that tracks your temperature or other vital signs. Where nightclubs ask for proof of age, in future they might ask for proof of immunity—an identity card or some kind of digital verification via your phone, showing you’ve already recovered from or been vaccinated against the latest virus strains.”

    In my article ‘Waves Of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny And The Cashless Society’, I dismantled Lichfield’s arguments and outlined why the controls the establishment is attempting to put in place have been planned far in advance. The so-called “great reset” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has been in development since at least 2014 when the terms were first being injected into the mainstream economic media. The ideas of a cashless society, the “sharing economy”, biometric mass surveillance, social credit scores, etc, have all been part of the globalist agenda for decades. The coronavirus is merely a useful crisis for them to exploit as a rationale for the draconian measures they have always wanted.

    The plan was so predictable that I even pointed out at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak that lockdowns would not end even if a working vaccination was developed because all they have to do is declare that a “new mutation” of the virus has been found which is resistant to existing treatments. Or, they could engineer a whole new virus and release it into the population in order to keep the Reset machine rolling forward.

    Not surprisingly, just as news hit the wires that the barely tested and highly suspect Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were being released to the public, reports have begun to trickle in of “more infectious” Covid mutations found in places like the UK, India, and South Africa.

    I’m not sure how much more transparent the elites can get.

    Take the Pfizer vaccine now and you might receive an immunity passport for a few months, and then it will become void with every new mutation of the virus. So, you must then submit to ENDLESS vaccinations, many of them untested and potentially hazardous. As the former VP of Pfizer and other medical professionals have warned, these vaccines are like Russian Roulette and could cause an autoimmune response that leads to sterility or other harmful reactions.

    The vaccines themselves are a conveniently short-lived solution even if they do work. They require multiple doses over the course of a month, and renewed vaccinations are to take place possibly every few months. Basically, it never ends. With the mutations and limited antibodies from the vaccines, the elites could keep the lockdowns and mandates in place for many years to come.

    The World Health Organization is making it clear that vaccination will not necessarily be considered a solution to viral spread. Meaning, even if you are vaccinated you will still be considered a potential carrier and transmitter of Covid, therefore the lockdowns and mask mandates will not stop. This begs the question – What’s the point of the vaccine?

    The WHO chief scientist cites the fact that there is not enough evidence to prove that the vaccines prevent transmission. By that logic, we could also argue that there is no evidence that the vaccines are 95% effective, or that they are safe in the slightest.

    In the meantime, the WHO and our friendly neighborhood fascist Dr. Anthony Fauci are consistently spreading the narrative that the “worst outbreak” is yet to come. Gotta keep that fear train chugging forward on the track to the “Great Reset”, right?

    For the people that actually believe that the covid crisis will end after mass vaccinations, I’m sorry to say, but you have been duped. Every single element of the establishment response and every public statement they make indicates that they plan to violate your civil liberties for a long time to come. Those promises of relief right around the corner? All lies. The claim that if you go along to get along everything will go back to normal? It’s a con. It is hollow rhetoric designed to make you shut up and submit to medical tyranny for just long enough that it becomes irreversible.

    I suspect they are hoping they can condition the public over the next few years to simply adapt to the controls until we forget what life was like before the pandemic and the reset. It seems, however, that the globalist reset plan is not going very well.

    The vaccines and the mutation news feel rushed, to say the least. Initially, the establishment said that it would take at least 18 months just to develop a vaccine for trials and testing, and that the lockdowns would continue well beyond that time frame until a majority of the population was shown to have immunity. Instead, they tossed out multiple vaccines within 6 months and the mutation narrative is already in the news.

    I believe this is because resistance to the pandemic lockdowns is growing and the number of people refusing to take the vaccines appears to be high. As they say, the revolution will not be televised, but it is still impossible to hide completely.

    In Europe, a huge percentage of the population (around 50% or more depending on the country) are hesitant to take the vaccine. In the US, polls show that at least 30% of the population will refuse outright, while 60% of people are hesitant about effectiveness.

    Even large numbers of health care workers are refusing the vaccine, and these are the people with the most pressure to submit or face consequences.

    Hilariously, the media is arguing that though there have been “some allergic reactions” to the shot, there is “no evidence of serious long term side effects”. Perhaps that is because there are NO STUDIES of the long-term effects and there were minimal trials before the vaccines were released? I mean, is this not basic logic? Do they really think we are that dumb?

    So far it seems hundreds of millions of people are not that dumb. Surprisingly, even sheriffs and police across the country are openly refusing to enforce mandates and carry out color-of-law punishments against citizens that do not submit. This is really a huge obstacle for the globalists and their reset.

    The virus has produced a 0.26% IFR (Infection Fatality Ratio) among anyone not in a nursing home with preexisting conditions. Over 40% of Covid deaths are attributed to elderly people that were already suffering from numerous ailments. Only around 10% of people that end up hospitalized for covid suffer from long term health concerns (more than three months). And, only around 15% of ICU beds are in use across the US, meaning that the claims of over-capacity and full hospitals were nothing more than fear-mongering all along.

    Consider the fact that hundreds of thousands of people already die each year from infectious diseases like the flu and pneumonia and Covid starts to seem far less threatening. It is certainly not an excuse for medical lockdowns and Orwellian contact tracing measures.

    On top of that, numerous studies are revealing that the lockdowns and the masks are completely ineffective in stopping the spread of the virus. The states and countries with some of the most strictly enforced mandates also tend to be the places with the highest infection spikes.

    Because of this, it makes sense that many people are refusing to comply with the mandates. The media claims we are conspiracy theorists that believe the virus “doesn’t exist”; this is not the case. In fact, I have long suspected that the narrative that the virus “doesn’t exist” was a psyop or strawman that would be used against the liberty movement later to discredit our resistance to medical lockdowns.

    Most of us are well aware the virus exists. Some of us have already dealt with it and recovered from it. What we are saying is that the CDC, the WHO, and the medical community’s OWN STATISTICS show that Covid is not a threat to more than 99% of the population. If we are to accept their stats as even remotely accurate, then Covid becomes a non-issue for most people.

    Again, I will ask the question that the mainstream refuses to ask:

    Why is 99% of the population being told they must sacrifice their jobs, their businesses, and their liberties in the name of making less than 1% of the population feel safer? Why not ask the 0.26% of the people under threat from the virus to volunteer to stay home so that the rest of us can get on with normal life? Why are we doing the opposite of what makes the most sense?

    The answer is that the pandemic response is about dominance, not public health. People are starting to recognize this, and they are about to revolt.

    So, the next logical step for the establishment if they really want to institute their reset agenda is to introduce a new threat. Meaning, they need a “mutation” of the virus or a completely new virus in order to create the kind of fear that is required to manipulate the public into going along with further control.

    Will a new and deadlier virus be found? Maybe. In most cases, viruses tend to evolve into less deadly strains of the original. They also tend to balance out their rate of spread versus their rate of mortality. In other words, like any other creature, viruses evolve to survive, and a virus cannot survive if it kills off a majority of its potential hosts. So, they mutate to become more infectious, but invariably less deadly.

    If a “mutation” does show up on the scene that is more deadly than the current form of Covid-19, then I would be highly suspicious of its origins. What is most likely is that that the elites are in a panic and they are using the mutation narrative as a propaganda tool to illicit terror and conformity in the public. There may be no mutation at all, or the mutations will have no significant bearing on the death rate.

    Ironically, by rushing out the vaccines as well as the mutation stories, the elites have sabotaged themselves. They wanted to blitzkrieg the public with the lockdowns and they met heavier resistance than they expected. So, they put the vaccination program on a bullet train, and now the public is wary of being injected with a vaccine model that is barely tested. Now, they are promoting the mutation bogeyman and this only makes people question why they should take any vaccine at all? If the virus is going to continually mutate then why take a questionable vaccine that could be useless in a matter of months?

    All the mutation narrative does is further expose what the true agenda is – What the elites want is never-ending lockdowns. There is no program to save lives or flatten the curve. The entire health argument is utter nonsense. Nothing that has been done so far supports the notion that public health is the priority. Instead, what we are seeing is a mad dash towards totalitarianism using Covid as the excuse, and the effort is failing.


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      1. Thank you for this.The saddest part is that you are absolutely right.These tyrants will not stop.Anyone who may still believe we are ever going back to “normal” is living in a fairy tale. Eventually, the masked sheep will not even remember what our “normal” used to be.The evil ones behind this are so sinister and unrelenting that people are systemically worn down to the point where you just can’t resist anymore.As you mentioned,this will all be kept going, possibly forever with the so called continuous “mutation” of the “virus”.I have not and will not take any vaccine.This is a dangerous,untested, rushed concoction and I will never submit to it.This power play over the masses has been planned for so long and I knew there would be the virus “mutations” and even more vaccines angle being pushed at some point.I will not consent to these tyrants.The facts and the proof of what is truly being done to us is right out there in plain sight.It is just so sad that so many of the masked sheep have been so thoroughly brainwashed as to not see them.?

      2. So,the media says that there is “no evidence of serious long term side effects” from the vaccine.Could that possibly be because the vaccine effects experiments are being done now? Anyone who has been naive enough to get this vaccine is being experimented on with an untested and rushed vaccine.The zombified sheep ARE the test subjects also known as guinea pigs.

      3. Is it not interesting, that new medical evidence suggest locking down borders or restricting international travel is ineffective in preventing the spread of covid -19 ?

        Yet locking down a corner bar or restaurant is the preeminent means of prevention.

        ht tps://

        Who didn’t see this coming?

      4. No Pandemic without PCR test.
        Never designed to diagnose infectious disease, the PCR test is the cause, and the end of the pandemic. You do not have to be an ‘expert’ to understand how the test works, and what it actually does. It makes copies of the Genetic Material from the swab which is compared to other genetic material supposed to contain, or be responsible for the virus. Use your heads please! A virus particle is so small it cannot be seen unless you have an Electron microscope, they are not separating the material looking for the virus, which would require special centrifuges at the very least, they are simple looking for this genetic material. Multiple copies are made of the PCR results each cycle Amplifies, or enlarges the background material looking for this genetic material. When you use 35 cycles or more, the error rate makes all results Worthless.
        The idea they have a variant is Pure Bull Crap, when they have never isolated the virus in the first place.
        The scam here is unimaginable.
        Why are people that know better just accepting this PCR test as the gold standard, when it is not. Many states are running the test at 45 cycles…which is the guarantee of a second wave, then a third wave,etc.
        They could run the test at 25 cycles, which would produce less positive results, or at 40 cycles to produce a Pandemic.
        What kind of Hokie Pokie Non Science is this?
        The Test, The Test, The Test!!!!!!!!!!
        Wake the F up does not seem top be strong enough language anymore for those who offer a false narrative based on a False Test. I personally dare anyone to prove me wrong on this one.

      5. This is a good, well-researched article, Brandon, thanks. Billy Gates is on record as saying that if this pandemic (SARS-Cov-2) doesn’t get everyone’s attention, then the next one will. Oh, yeah, like all the bioweapons being developed in the BSL3 and BSL4 labs in the USA, Canada, China. This versions of SARS 2.0 appears to have 4 HIV insertions (for gain-of-function) and malaria. That’s why HCQ and Ivermectin work. The next one could be HIV + anthrax or ebola.

      6. Its the human immune system – always has been always will be.

        Even the jab has to work with our immune system to be effective.

        It’s amazing to me that the medical community is not pushing the people to build up their own immune system. Its simple and cheap – I have been doing it for years (I am 75) and do not get sick even colds.
        GOD is smart – HE gave us the answer – We are just too arrogantly stupid to help ourselves!!

      7. @jakartaman – you are so very right.I also have not gotten sick in I can’t remember how long.I mean,not even a cough or anything at all.If we eat well and keep our immune system strong – we won’t catch anything at all.If you keep your system healthy and strong – you’ll be fine.A virus that more than 99.000℅ of people overcome won’t take you down.Tell you what would take you down – being injected with a DNA altering poisonous cocktail.I will not be taking ANY vaccine from the gates of hell because I want to remain healthy.?

        • I had the ‘Rona back in February after sharing a subway ride with some Asian women in masks. I decided to experiment to see what got rid of it. I tried turmeric, gargling with salt etc Then I tried Listerine and it was gone within hours.

          Just saying…

          • I have a very good friend in East Africa who was “diagnosed” with this COVID-19 bullshit about 2 months ago and ORDERED to be self quarantined at for the mandatory 14 days.

            So a herbalist gave him some Neem leaf powder (called maurubaini in Swahili which is the #40 meaning that it cures or prevents or 40 diseases according to African folklore).

            Anywho, he was cured in 4 DAYS from taking 1 TEAspoon of neem 3 times a day in hot water. After the second day, he noticed a dramatic reduction in whatever the fcuk he had & was completed fine after 4 days. He did complain about a difficulty to breath.

            So there you go, SHTF Planners! Neem truly is the “village pharmacy” according to ancient Ayurveda writings. But the problem is that most Africans are too fcuking naive when it comes to their health. They LOVE visiting doctors wearing white coats. Or going to Chemist shops (pharmacies) to buy toxic Western medicines when neem, moringa (a superfood), nettles & a plethora of other herbs are plentiful down here thanks to being on the Equator.

            I also have 2 colloidal silver generators & I’m absolutely positive that CS would — to paraphrase Trump — “obliterate” corona within a few minutes of ingestion.

            Happy New Year’s to you folks in Amerika. From reading numerous alt-News blogs, it appears that it’s YOUR turn for chaos & destruction by the evil bankster AngloZio globalist cabal. They really REALLY want to take you down this time around.

            I have some very good educated African friends working and/or studying STEM in the US. I told them to “get the fcuk out of Dodge”, but they think I’m being “too negative”. One ironically works for Pfizer in Management. You see, the problem with these people is that they have zero historical knowledge of the serious unresolved political issues going in the US due to Civil War, War of 1812, WW1, WW2 & the Deep State machinations that originates from those evil Brits (City of London) who still hold sour grapes over losing their prized New World colony in 1776.

            Oh well, I’m done warning people. They seem be overloaded with info from all directions. And if Africa goes to the toilet due to its EASILY corruptible “leaders”, me & my hot black girlfriend will just take off to a nice quiet spot in rural EurAsia. I’ve been teaching her a lot of new IT skills (Linux, golang, PostgreSQL) so she can add that to her degree. I think we’ll be fine.

      8. I eat like like a gorilla, look like a gorilla, and am strong as one, too.

        I had to go into public, yesterday. People are pale, sickly, and sad.

        I looked glowy (in spite of my monicker, here.)

        Did we literally need the state, to tell us how to eat good things, in adequate sunlight, fresh air, and good humor? Did you gloomy people take it to heart?

        But, you believe it, when they tell you to shut down, take slow kill remedies, and go to hell.

      9. This article is spot on! THEY will keep moving the goal posts, create new fear as new mutations amerge and the “vaccines” will be just the flu shots- many needed to “cover” you from all the new strains… This is just the beginning of the control they will assert into our lives.
        I just read an article about the San Francisco and surrounding counties that have already been warned that the current stay-at-home order is to be extended—shocker! BUT here’s the real kicker- The director of the local dining lobby/restaurant assoc. THANKED the officials for giving them the heads up before they placed their food orders for next week. ***We are breeding sheep*** When you thank your captor for ruining lives and starving people, you know we are losing this war. God help us because we are all in for a world of hurt.

      10. Do any pro-vaxxers see any embellishment, here, whatsoever —

        In Gates’ own words, your cells will be modified to grow the new protein spike.


        Then, how are you supposed to test clean.

        • Pro-vaxxers fcuking annoy the shit out of me.
          So sanctimonious. Like, go ahead & vaccinate yourself – it’s YOUR body, your CHOICE. Right?

          Likewise, its MY body, my CHOICE.

          • @Black Picard,agree with you totally.You are very wise
            This vaccine b.s. should be one’s personal choice.If someone wants to poison themselves with a deadly cocktail – let them.Just don’t let them take you down with them!!

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