Nancy… Are You Serious?

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    You may recall that oil prices just before the bubble pop became mainstream news in 2008 reached all time highs of $150 and the price of gas exceeded $4. Back then, Nancy Pelosi and Presidential candidate Barack Obama argued that speculators and oil men in the white house were to blame for rising prices:

    “Oil speculators are making money by betting against the American consumers at the pump.” – Nancy Pelosi (July 2008)

    Four years on, with alternative energy men now replacing the oil men in the White House, and gas prices yet again approaching that $4 marker on a nationwide basis (some areas have already hit $6 a gallon!), the election year blame game is in full play.

    House leader Nancy Pelosi, who has always been on the leading edge of political and financial corruption (not necessarily involved in stopping it, however) has determined what the problem is with our gas prices, and she’s taking action (again).

    Wash. Rinse. Repeat:

    Independent reports confirm that speculators are driving up the cost of oil, hurting consumers and potentially damaging the economic recovery. Wall Street profiteering, not oil shortages, is the cause of the price spike.

    We call on the Republican leadership to act on behalf of American consumers and join our efforts to crack down on speculators who care more about their profits than the price at the pump even if these spikes harm the American consumer and our economy.

    Press Release: Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

    Like Ms. Pelosi we demand that the activities of these speculators be curbed immediately. And though difficult for members of Congress and our President, likely because they are “too close to the problem,” Zero Hedge analysts may be able to help identify exactly who the criminals behind these speculations are:

    ZH via The Daily Crux:

    Speculators? Such as the Federal Reserve and other central banks who have pumped $2 trillion of “liquidity” into the capital markets in the past 3 months just so Italian BTPs don’t implode to fair value and so Europeans can continue living in a socialist “paradise” even as the bankers steal their gold?

    Or is it the same congressional speculators who until recently had every right to front run the public on advance knowledge that the SPR would be tapped due to Democrat insistence to sacrifice America’s last energy backstop only to win the election?

    Or is Nancy simply pissed off that she can no longer trade ahead of any market moving news?

    Whatever the reason for the gas surge, with these idiots in charge one thing is certain – the situation is about to get far, far worse.

    What, exactly, did Ms. Pelosi, President Obama, and their merry band of economic advisers and central bankers think was going to happen when they started priming the pump and loading the system full of trillions in debt-ridden dollars?

    Speculators are certainly to blame, but Nancy Pelosi has a completely different definition of what that means.

    Of course, there’s also the possibility that the following strategy may be a key reason for why gas prices have risen (and will soon rise to new all-time highs), though we’re fairly confident Nancy won’t be bringing it up any time soon:

    From June 2008:


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

    Free Exclusive Report
    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. Now, that is scary………….OK, i mean the photo

        • I have observed many similar photographs were politicians resemble blow up dolls, with clothes on. They always look like they are about to blow smoke,………………………. but I’m not sure where…………………

        • Cowboy: Everytime I see a photo of that woman all i can think is: How in the world can her husband crawl in bed with her in the evening and be turned on?
          Want effective birth control? Put a picture of her on your headboard.

          • Nancy Pelosi is the poster child for contraception…

            • She is the poster child of a brain on drugs, any more questions? Remember her statement ” we must vote for the health care bill so we can read what’s in it”?
              California, you have kept her in office.

            • I put a picture of her in my garage to keep the mice out. It works too, I have found a few dead ones that look like they had heart attacks.

            • Better yet, she’s the one that should have been left in a napkin on the floor after the party. Why waste the money on a condom?

            • The dimtards wouldn’t need free aborts and birth control then.

            • Everytime I see Nancy speaking on TV, a caption comes to mind: “This is your brain on Botox”.

            • BRW, the problem with putting that picture in the garage is this: While the mice will leave, the rats will all move in thinking there is a colony already started.

            • NetRanger, An awesome and very funny thought. It takes a rat to know a rat and rats know their own! Love your sense of humor.

            • Can you say target practice any one? Would make a great bulls-eye that’s for sure.

              I’ll be so glad if SHE ever gets out of office. Her, Harry Reid and Obummer.

          • Mike,

            It seems they do it with the lights turned off.
            I want to see the guy’s face when he discovers his achievement.

            • The lady I find most scary is Condeleza Rice. Her eyes are that of a true psycho! Ms Clinton is not one I’d sit down for a cup of tea with either.

            • With the lights off and and a belly full of Bombay Gin; It’s not that important if the bitch pulling the golf ball thru a garden hose has a baby doll face. You just gotta git up early before the lights come on and de-de-maw.

          • I’d kill to have Mr. Pelosi’s liquor cabinet, it’s probably two stories high.

          • HF: Nancy lives in a very expensive gated community while many of her “people” are the unwashed, tofu eating pot smokers, who think think that she’s a warrior against the rich who are screwing them. What’s not to understand?

        • It’s my screen saver to ward off shit head co workers and political garbage.

      2. Problems are always someone elses fault…

        White House seeks to deflect blame over rising gas prices


        • not really going to get into who is to blame /but at the company I work at we just got a heads up that gas would be 5.00 a gallon by june! of this year sigh .
          I rarely post but always read )
          so just a heads up to all of you good people here /
          be well

        • That’s the only thing the White House is good at is the blame game. They never do any thing wrong… wasn’t me, I didn’t do nothin’. It’s always the other guys fault. Dumb asses, all of them!!!!

      3. Why is it that Nancy Pelosi reminds me of that girl you see at your 20yr high school reunion and you thank God you didn’t marry her?

        • That’s funny stuff………

        • Only 20?

          • well, whenever 🙂

        • You mean the one youi didn’t marry with the alcoholic husband?

          • Yep. That’d be the one!

            • yeah the wife says she’s been married to three men.
              me drinking.
              me drunk.
              me sober. she’s stuck with sober now!

      4. If increase in gas prices means the economy is getting better, then when will wages increase to match cost of living, why is food packed in smaller containers and cost more, why is it harder to make our money last to payday? What in heaven’s name are these people thinking? Please, we are begging you (TPTB) do not do anything to help us. Inaction will be better than trying to fix it or institute price controls.

        • But….but…the talking heads say that inflation is only 2% and has been for several years…It’s all in our heads that prices are going up.
          Oh, and unemployment is down. Thanks to lots of part time, minimum wage work at Wal-Mart. Life’s good!

        • Choco rations going up, eh? -1984

        • Yo TX ~

          We, as a country, passed the financial ‘point-of-no-return’ quite a ways back in our economic history. It’s pretty much over right now except for the crying, pissing, moaning, screaming and the official notice on your local MSM station. I know that the PTB really want to keep putting off the day of financial reckoning that we are headed for. I’m just not all that certain that they are going to be able to put it off and keep the economy limping along until after the election.

          If gas hits $5 or $6 a gallon ….. be sure to listen carefully for the sounds of the economy coming to a grinding, screeching halt.

          My family and I thoroughly intend to enjoy each and every day that we can as the blessing that it is while things are still relatively ‘normal’ and somewhat quiet and restrained out there. We are also examining our own personal situation and moving as quickly as possible to correct any deficiencies in our logistics. You might want to think about giving your own preparations a final ‘look-over’ while you still have the chance.

          God Bless and good luck to all.

          • You; sir; are right on the money. The thing that really scares the hell out of me; though; is just how many Americans are completely clueless to the economic nightmare coming down the tracks. It kind of boggles my mind. Good Luck.

            • Well, Dave, My guess would be: most of ’em. Boobus americanus has been dumbed-down now to where the majority seem to be on par with your average, everyday, run-of-the mill, mouth breathing, knuckle-dragging, neanderthal, untutored throwback. The seeds of destruction to this monkeyhouse were sown a long time ago and there ain’t no saving what’s left of it now.

      5. I am tired of “the speculators” being accused of gas price spikes!!!
        For those who think that, consider this…. Just because you bet that oil is going higher doesn’t that you won’t lose money when it doesn’t… it’s a gamble! Speculators will lose their shirts if Oil drops in price… why would it drop in price??? Because the $USD got stronger!!! That’s it!!! Betting on higher Oil prices says that you’re betting that the $USD is dropping in value. Yes there are other factors, but in this country (as others) Oil is pegged to the currency just as gold is. As the dollars weakens Oil will skyrocket with all other hard commodities. Stop pointing fingers and take responsibility! It takes more of your hard earned money because there is more of it!!!

        • Spot on, Man up! “Speculators” don’t drive up the price of anything: they see that something is going up — whether they do anything about it or not — and then they BUY the something whose price is increasing. Thats how they make their money. Is it ethical? Dont know; but its not the cause of prices going up, its just a reaction to it. Here’s a thought: maybe oil prices are going up because the current administration is doing everything in its power to choke off AMERICAN energy production, and they wont let us buy from Canada…. nope, lets get our oil from 11000 miles away, sold to us by governments that hate our guts. That way, everytime the Iranians or the Saudis or the Israelis get their panties in a wad, the price of oil can jump, and we can get involved in some stupidass Mid east war that never ends. Meanwhile, the Obamas and Pelosis can spin their fairy tales of how we can save ourselves with windmills and solar panels and unicorn farts

          • Unicorn farts are powerful stuff!

        • Not much speculation to it. You know that if another round of quantitative easing (deliberate devaluation of the dollar) is released, that the price of numerous investments will rise; strategic resources will certainly be among them. So, if institutional investing generates a momentum in the rise of oil prices, then there will be a latent impact at the pump. I agree that this impact is not an effect of supply/demand. Fixed incomers will never keep up; we need a stable currency. Agreed; not the institutional speculator/investor – it’s the institutional “client” he represents.

          • Speculation has a lot to do with it. Due to the abandonment of Glass-Steagall banks can speculate with depositors money on oil (and stocks, corn, pork bellies…ext) and lets not forget that a lot of that money came from quantitative easing. Banks have more money to gamble with that was created out of nothing and they drive the drive of oil up with it. Third the increase in money supply by itself will increase oil prices and with the USD having reserve currency status it’s a guarantee.

            The question is how can oil not go up in price?

            • Kevin2, my point exactly. There is no speculation on risk here; the oil WILL go up if for no other reason than that the currency it’s denominated in is being devalued. And right now, devaluation is guiding the price of oil and consumer items much more than product demand.

      6. I can’t understand how the people from ANY state could support her view points. She will truely do ANYTHING for more power. She scares me and she should be put on a leash. She is a poster child for insider trading.

        • Hell I don’t see how any one could support her period. She needs to be muzzled and thrown in the cellar and throw the key away.

      7. Want to know the documented, facts about Nancy Pelosi (e.g, company wouldn’t hire union workers, etc.)? Pick up Peter Schweizer’s Do As I Say, Not As I Do. It’s a bit dated, but has a chapter on this fraud, along with other leftist icons, such as Haliburton owning Mikey Moore, etc.

      8. Hey Nancy. So… tell us all about that Tonopah Energy bailout. You know the company run by your brother in law that was basically a Solyndra “Junior.”

        Leftist are always and everywhere utter hypocrites. Just go visit Al Gore in his mansion and ask him

      9. One often wonders how certain people can get power over multitudes of people throughout the USA?

        • I’d have to say her state is full of idiots.

        • It has been said that Herman Goering once asked Adolf Hitler, how he kept the masses in line.

          “Promise them everything, but give them nothing”, was Hitler’s answer.

      10. We need to hire more people to work in the Department of Energy.

        • Rich99,

          Do you think they will consider a Greek immigrant in opening interviews? 🙂

          Have a good day.

          • Manos

            On a serious note you are still officially a member of the EU so can still travel or escape Greece. Good land in Hungary/Romania etc is still crazy cheap.

            I’m worried they will lock down your borders soon (always a step taken by totalitarian regimes) and then Greece will truly be facing a nightmare. Worth thinking about for vulnerable family members such as the very elderly or anyone needing long term medication etc.

            Greece is in my view the “practice run” for the West.


      12. a 5 gallon plastic gas can went up 6 bucks at wally world in the last 2 weeks…. this is a fact!!!!!

        • Crazy, I saw one at lowes last weekend for $16. Told my wife that btw, gas will be over $5 a gallon, so they jacked the price of,gas cans up. That is blatant price gouging, where is Obama on that one?

          • On the golf course, blaming Bush….

        • Recall that plastic as we get it, is a petrochemical product. As the oil dries up, plastics will become even more expensive. However…

          As early as the 1940’s, plastics were derived from hemp, and hemp oil. Henry Ford even developed a car body of hemp-plastic. The oil companies went full bore to put a stop to that, and you can thank the “Republicans” for the continuing insane ban on industrial hemp, and Cannabis.

          You would be amazed how much oil is wasted producing so much of the worthless crap in this world. Your plastic gas can probably required about 3+ gallons or more to create, from extraction to finished and shipped product.

          • To add insult to injury, all new gas cans sold in USA are the CARB compliant trash foisted upon the nation by Kalifornia. Its really a safe situation when you pour from one of these and gasoline slops like milk from a jug.

        • Do you think speculators had anything to this??? 😉
          That’s my point above!!!! This world is sucking more and more everyday!

      13. I hope you all did your homework. Now put down the spitwads and get ready for a POP QUIZ!

        Nancy Pelosi is a _____
        B)Scumbag politician
        C)Lying scumbag politician
        D)All of the above

        Barack (who’s sane?) Obama is _____
        A)A Marxist
        B)Probably a Kenyan by birth
        C)The fastest teleprompter reader east of the Missippi
        D)Secretly the love child of Michael Jackson and that girl from the movie ‘Species’
        E)All of the above

        The Greek bailout plan is ______
        A)A plan to enslave and impoverish the Greek people
        B)A preview of what’s coming to America
        C)Just the way you do business if you’re a gangster banker who wants to eventually control the WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD
        D)All of the above

        Iran is ______
        A)A country run by evil fanatics
        B)A country surrounded by countries run by evil fanatics
        C)A hot desert country that may soon get quite a bit warmer
        D)Barack (who’s sane?) Obama’s ace in the hole for November
        E)All of the above

        The coming US election will be decided by _____
        A)A majority of voters who feed at the government trough
        B)The people at Diebold Corp.
        C)The people who pay the people at Diebold Corp.
        D)A drunken gnome flipping a two-headed coin deep in a forest in Ireland
        E)Who cares? It probably won’t be us
        F)All of the above

        Diversionary tactics provide great cover when_____
        A)You’re a gangster government robbing the people blind while claiming to ‘help’ them
        B)Planning a false flag event to justify yet another needless war
        C)Prepping like a muther while pretending to be just a dumb okie
        D)All of the above

        Extra Credit Bonus Question:
        The Kardashian sisters collectively have_____
        A)74 lbs of real gold jewelry
        B)More make-up on than the entire cast of High School Musical
        C)an IQ of 16
        D)Put nine children of plastic surgeons through college
        E)All of the above

        bbbrrrrriiiinnnnngggg! there’s the bell. see you after recess!

        • Please don’t mess with the Kardashian sisters.
          It’s the beloved subject of the Greek sheep.
          We may not rebel against the socio-fascists, but be sure we don’t like this kind of jokes.
          Let it be known that: Unite We Fight, Kardashian We Fall.

          Venceremos G.S.F.K. (Greek Suckers For Kim). 🙂

        • I forgot my pencil teacher!

      14. PELOSI…. Can’t Understand Normal Thinking

      15. Look folks, understand that everything is being manipulated. Banking, financials, gas, oil, gold, government, corporatist, housing and unemployment data. The MSM is complicit in perpetrating the scam on the citizens.

        Know your facts and vote. There are only two ways to change the status quo, by ballot or bullets. I choose the ballot, but if we have infact crossed the rubicon and there are more people who vote for a living. I afraid collapse and revolution will be the only alternative. You don’t need to change the world, just make sure everyone in your family, your world, votes.

        I always use my Walmart economic analogies. If Walmart is profitable in the US market, average Americans are ok too. The problem is US Walmart stores have not been profitable for more then 3 years now. As reported last week the overseas operations may be having trouble now too.

        Don’t believe a word anyone tells you. Look around your nieghborhood, your town, your city, your county and your state. Are more businesses opening? Are more houses being built? Are there more new cars on the road, Are people filling up at the pumps or just getting $20 of gas? Are there more forclosures, Are there more empty houses, stores and strip centers? From my travels and what I see, I think not!

        Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, be prepared.

        • Excellent words Patriot.

          • Thanks

        • PO: Caught a blurb yesterday on Wal Mart; seems 4th quarter sales in the USA were up, but that may be a Christmas bump.

          • Durango Kidd

            Yeah the sales, cash flow was up, but profits were down. Companies don’t run very well without profit.

            The uptick is pretty much the Hopium the MSM and the federal reserve pumped out since the recession ended almost 3 years ago now. I can feel it, can’t you?

            As a nation we are suffering from;Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

            In other words we are screwed!!!

      16. Two paper bags.

        • If you make them plastic – she might suffocate. We can only hope…
          Nazi Pelosi – truly one of America’s most DESPISED politicians. She wears it like a badge of honor. I still can’t get that image of her jumping up and down in that green dress like some kind of a damn trained seal at Barakula’s SOTU speech a few years back. It was a sickening display of total ass-kissing. It’s the only thing she knows except when she is talking down to all of us “little people”.

        • NO! A Steel Bucket, Those Two Paper Bags May Rip!

        • Make that 1 paper and 1 plastic.

        • i ain’t gettingthat drunk again ever! 4 bags in case she chews through her 2.

          • I can’t drink THAT much!

            • no one could and live..!!!

              i haven’t laughed this hard this early in the morning in years…

          • @delr:

            ROFLMAO !!!!

          • @ delr:

            this may well be the comment of the year… LOLOLOLOLOL

      17. Well, they got what they wanted. Our energy prices have “necessarily skyrocketed”.

        I think all that plastic surgery is pulling Nancy’s skin too tight & squeezing the ethics, morality and intelligence right out of her noggin.

        • Your thinking is based on the false presumption that they were there to begin with.

          • That is funny! LMAO

            • The price of oil is going up because the GB’s and lesser Traders recognize that war with Iran is unavoidable, if not imminent.

              Top off your tank. I do.

              I also moved to a better location where everything is within a mile or two at the max.

      18. Some people have already touched on this subject but I wanted to expand a little and include my theory.

        I think speculation has a small part in price fluctuation but I think it also levels out huge peaks and valleys in the market. I also think with most commodities political environment, weather, currency exchange rates and a host of other things influence the price. To blame it all on “speculators” is saying these other variables play no part.

        My theory is that in general people are getting out of paper and investing in real asset classes. I notice it in all commodities, cattle went from roughly 1.35 to 1.58, farmland is up, oil, corn, gold and silver. I think people are investing in a new direction. I think there is a general nervousness in the entire population. They are worried about the false economy, the dollar, eventual war, and the last crash is fresh in their minds.
        Politicans are going to do what they always do, blame someone else and try to spin it for their benefit. Anyone remember Hillary Clinton campaigning a couple years back saying “IF you want 3.00 gas keep electing repubs”. That would be heaven in some areas right now. It is our responsibility to see through the crap they spew.
        Just my theory.

        • mike -I think you have a good theory, there are many things that impact the price of oil or anything else for that matter. Sure, there are speculators and lets not forget just plain old greed from those able to take advantage. However, I do see people trying to get their hands on tangible/real assets if they are able.

          Lots of folks are still clueless as to why their money doesn’t go as far as it used to, some folks are uncertain what is happening but they know something isn’t right, there are those who are aware and doing the best they can to keep their eye on the ball and the s has already htf for another group.

        • Its an excess of ‘cash’ that is flooding the markets. This ‘hot’ cash is looking for a return so it is stimulating and contributing to speculative activity. After all seven, sixteen, twenty, trillion whatever the figure will appear somewhere and have an impact.

        • The Clintons (Dems) are, and have been since 80’s, so far up the Bush’s ass, they can count their fillings. The HW Bush group set up Clinton with the distribution of all those tons of caine (arms for drugs deal???) that was shipped up the Miss. river in the 80’s. How many times have we seen ole HW and slick Willie chumming up together on phoney charitable deals. I never heard of two opposite party members being so buddy buddy. It’s part of the plan. If ole slick Willie hadn’t been one step ahead of the whole bunch, he would have been catfish crap after he had done all the dirty work. No he was a little smarter than the average redneck, and hid millions of their drug money until he got what he wanted; a tour (actually two) in the people’s house. How did he and Hillary go from making a couple hundred thousand a year in the 80’s to multi=millionaires? Ain’t that hard to figure out. There were estimates that fifty to one hundred lives were snuffed out to protect their secrets. And you’ve got hoards of idiots around the world following these clowns like they are rock & roll gods. They have a rock god alright, but their god is the rock of Tyrus (Satan), and Pelosi is right there with them.

      19. Speculators
        really???? How about that silly shit we keep doing in the middle east!!!

        • that just gives another excuse to raise the prices. They can therefore they will. The rich get richer…

      20. yes gas is going up which sucks but i wish they would quit saying that orlando area divers are paying 6 bucks a gal.
        i live near the suncoast station and yes they’re charging alot but its strickly riping off the tourists that are returning rentals. the county has been going after them for not posting prices for about a year now. thease 2 stations would probably charge 6 bucks if gas was .25 cents. orlando gas is about 3.60 gal

        • @mark, on the news, they showed only 2 near Orlando Airport that are price gauging. Seems as tho they are the last gas stations until you reach the airport. Looked like independent (not a name brand, probably foreigners). They showed a Mobile station before you reach those two and it’s prices are normal ($3.89). Shows how MSM likes to mis-lead the public by making it sound like ALL of Florida…just 2.

      21. Folks that buy this dim vs repug “whose to blame debate”, are the real sheep of the electorate.


      22. When it comes to these problem pelosi and the other politicians will dodge the question and call for a independent investigation(like they’re doing something about it)which will waste more tax dollars, take two years to invesigate and come to a conclusion that there was no wrong doing, same problem same solution but this time it’s not going to go away. Vote them out or continue down the road to hell.

        • But…

          The Democrats want to take us to Hell in a handbasket.

          The Republicans want to take us to Hell in a shopping cart.

          Either way, we still go there…

          • I don’t disagree….but I’d rather go in the shopping cart then the hand basket – I can carry more preps that way.

        • They sure have no problem spending taxpayers money that’s for sure, they are pro’s at doing just that.

      23. Isn’t the penalty for treason death by hanging?

        Washington, D.C. = treason zone.

        Past time to boil some ropes.

        • The sad thing is that you have your legal domicile there through the Social Security franchise.

          Instead of boiling ropes, get the legal hell out of there.

      24. OMG , that thing is hideous

      25. Why is gasoline almost $5 in Los Angeles and $2.60 in Wyoming? Its not taxes. Its not the price of the oil. Its not transportation. What is the difference?

        • Supply, demand and state taxes.

      26. pelosi is a disgrace…

      27. that photo is now my screen saver to ward off -hit head co workers and political ideologys.

      28. she looks like a blow-up doll.

        • Looks like she swallowed!!! Sorry!!!!

          • @AZR – We were all thinking it!!! I just knew someone was going to say it – I just thought it would be RICH99, I lost the bet 🙁

            • if people can engage in the biggest circle-jerk on the planet– US presidential “elections”– talk about it here and be okay with it, i think we can talk about some real sexual innuendo and be okay with talking about it here.

          • when her eyes get that big, she’s full.

      29. To paraphrase Waylon Jennings- “Don’t y’all think this carbon business done got out of hand?”

        The Periodic Table of Elements is in an uproar! The recent push to name carbon as the world’s greatest polluter and the ensuing publicity given the lowly element has pushed several factions within the table to threaten open warfare! The various factions, long antagonistic toward one another, are voicing their outrage over the celebrity status of carbon.
        Thorium, spokes-element for the Union Of Dignified And Highly Needed Rare Earth Elements, said “Why the heck is piss-ant little carbon getting all the press? He’s a nobody. We’re the ones that do all the important work, and we’re fed up with being overlooked.”
        “Absolutely,” echoed Plutonium, vice-chairelement of the group, “You NEVER see anything about a ‘Thorium tax’ or even a ‘Nobelium footprint’. It’s not fair!”
        The Union Of Very Uppity Noble Gases expressed the same sentiment. Their leader, Helium, muttered something about never seeing a proposal for ‘Argon credits’ or ‘Xenon credits’ then stuck his nose in the air and flew away like a balloon.
        The Brotherhood Of Transition Metals also spoke out. Tungsten, elder states-element of the group said “Carbon’s a nice enough guy, pretty modest actually, but why the hell does he get all the press coverage? Me and Cadmium and Iridium and the rest of the boys are every bit as good as he is!”
        Scientists are scrambling to try to work out a compromise that will hold the table together, but there are grumblings even within the usually tight-knit Non Metals group. Rumor has it that Nitrogen, Phosphorus and possibly even Sulphur may break off and start a new table. Sadly, it would exclude carbon and his closest allies Oxygen and Hydrogen.
        The object of all this hostility seems utterly perplexed, not only at the publicity, but at the anger directed toward him. Said carbon, “I’m just a regular guy. I hang around with my friends and we make cow farts and stuff. Now, all the sudden, I’m being blamed for the death of the planet, humans hate me even they don’t know anything about me, and my own friends are deserting me.”
        “I never wanted any of this to happen,” he said as tears welled in his eyes. He then went into seclusion in a coal mine and gave no further statement.
        Boron and Silicon, chief spokes-elements for the California Brotherhood Of Metaloids, were both working in the desert near Barstow and were unavailable for comment.

        • SO: Carbon? Buckey Balls exist in space and are virtually endless. Even in nano particle form there’s more of them in space than criminals in DC and NYC put together.

          Just saying.

      30. I’ve always wondered if Nancy is playing with a full deck.

      31. Gas today in Crete:

        1,85 euros per liter, which is around $9,32 per gallon.

        I think i will buy a horse; or half a horse, presumably the first half in order to avoid shit in the barn. There is no time for cleaning crap.

        • Fortunatly manos, you don’t have to drive 142 miles to get to the next closest city!

          • Az Ready,

            Thank God everything is close to us.

            The unemployment office, the social services, the hospital, the charity meals, my mom’s kitchen, the “Buy gold” shop, the jail, and the irs office.

            Trust the socialists. You may know what they are doing; they don’t. 🙂

        • You may need that crap to grow a tater with. At this rate a 40# bag of petro produced fertilize will cost about $62.50 this summer.

      32. Wholesale cost to buy for my store today, $3.64 a gallon, regular unleaded. Up from last delivery 2 weeks ago 33 cents. $33,000 to receive a delivery, jikes!!!!

        • “yikes” DAH

      33. I just though of another use for my wood chipper!

      34. So here is what I experienced yesterday. I went to get gas at a Kroger store (Fred Meyer in the PNW). They were closed due to construction, so I thought the posted prices were probably old (3.59/g). I don’t go into town that often so I wasn’t to sure what current prices should be. I had to get gas at a station directly across the street…not a BIG name like SHELL either. I paid 3.75 and felt sick to my stomach. Later, that evening my husband informed me that the Kroger station was open earlier that morning….so basically, the other station figured out that the competitor was closed and decided to rape the customers in the area. I will never get gas there again…I find this happens all too often. And the stations also have knee-jerk reactions to rising prices.

        On another note, there is always discussion on here about people waking up and preparing…what that percentage looks like. Last week, my husband found out that 3 of his employees are preppers…one even has a BO! Then on Tuesday, while waiting for the crime infested mass-transit, he over heard a conversation by two folks that were discussing prepping. 🙂

        • NSBF and others;

          I want to clear the air so to speak about fuel pricing.

          Places like Kroger, Costco, Safeway etc. usually sell fuel at and even below cost in the hopes that you will shop in their store and they will make up the loss at the pump by selling you groceries.

          The small independent convenience store and station such as me and maybe the place you describe cannot do this. As for my station, I make a grand total of 15 cents per gallon gross profit. I actually make more profit on a 35 cent pack of gum than selling a gallon of gas. Earlier I posted my wholesale cost yesterday, $3.64 a gallon. Add to that the 15 cents and you get the $3.79 price you paid at the independent station. We don’t jack the prices based on a station not being open just to try to make an extra few coins.

          I would suggest to everyone here taking your business to the small independent stations and other small businesses in your area. Small business is the backbone of our economy and I can tell you we are hurting!

          • Hi AZ, I do understand that there is very little profit in selling gas…especially in Oregon. NO PUMP law…which I enjoy (spoiled). Hey, it is the PNW, need I say more…we have webbed feet and all but still, who wants to get wet or go to work smelling like gas if they don’t have too? I rarely shop at Kroger or Safeway…need now type of items or lost leaders, I only purchase gas from them when I have accumulated .10 off (maybe once a month). I generally buy gas from a Shell station in another town (8mi in opposite direction from major metro and my house). The owner sends out emails on prices…I appreciate this because it helps me plan my trips. He occasionally sends out “code” words for .5 off or buy a car wash and get .5 off. I also get gas from an Arco station, who has some of the best prices around when you pay cash. The funny thing is, the station that I was talking about is always competitive with Kroger, and the further I went into town it was considerably cheaper .12-.15/gal. That is very rare here, usually as you go into the city the prices get higher quickly. Maybe coincidentally, they just took a delivery or something. I do try to support the little guy as much as possible…but we all like to save a little money too. As for groceries, Costco for preps, Grocery Outlet for deals, Bi-Mart for ammo and food deals, Winco for perishable and regular use fill-in…seeing a pattern here? The last 3 are privately owned and non-union. I was a little gal once until Kroger moved in and people started going there for their garden plants. I threw out so much that year and decided to end it after loosing 2 greenhouses to a winter storm. I know it is hard for the independent and I try to give them my business whenever possible. Have a GREAT weekend, AZ!

            • Hi AZ (again), After I posted the above a I read an email from my Shell guy. He has always stayed competitive with his Safeway neighbor. His current price is 3.63, however all of the other stations within a 5 mile radius of him jumped overnight and now range from 3.77-4.09. Two are Shell stations and the others are Space Age and 76. His email states, that in the 12 years he has owned the station he has never gauged his customers and he doesn’t plan to start now. Additionally, he sells no convenience items like the other above mentioned stations….just gas and car wash. Can you explain how the prices could be so different? Thanks!!

            • NSBF, I receive an email daily as to price per gallon, sometimes 2 emails because the price changes so fast lately. Hell, I have even received emails telling me to call them because they won’t know the price until the order is placed! Prices fluctuate as much as 10 cents per day, usually up. If I take delivery today and my competition took one 5 days ago, I will be higher priced. No way around it. I refuse to lose money to bring in customers in this economy.

              Here is something to consider; this applies to many people but maybe not you. If you drive 8 miles round trip to save 10 cents a gallon, getting 16 MPG average, you spent a $1.80 for fuel to make the trip. You will need to buy at least 18 gallons of fuel to cover the trip cost. 18×3.5=$63.00. If you don’t buy that much fuel, you lost money trying to save a dime a gallon.

      35. I’ve seen this high gas price stuff over and over for 60 years. I remember the first time in the 60’s. people were shitting bricks. We never learn though.

        • We never learn.
          That is the problem.

      36. Nancy: It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it is told.
        American people… my country will pay cash. Whatever ransom you’re askin’ for, they’ll pay it.
        Nancy: It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
        [to her dog, Precious]
        Nancy: Yes, it will, Precious, won’t it? It will get the hose!
        American people: Okay… okay… okay. Senator, if you let me go, I won’t – I won’t press charges I promise. See, my uncle is a real important man… I guess you already know that.
        American people: Now it places the lotion in the basket.
        American people: Please! Please I wanna go home! I wanna go home please!
        Nancy: It places the lotion in the basket.
        American people: I wanna see my mommy! Please I wanna see my…
        Nancy: Put the fucking lotion in the basket!

        Oh, and Congress Lady, just one more thing: love your suit!

      37. I find these socialist and fascist politicians and the special interests they represent to be the scum of the earth. Many people might not call most Republicans and Democrats by these “ist” names, but it is becoming more apparent that we, the majority, are being railroaded out of our wealth so that the few can live like kings. Call it what you want, but understand that you are becoming a serf to serve the elite, and your freedoms are going down the tubes as they pursue their agendas of plunder and control.


        Replace the XX with tt and get a clear picture of the struggle that is now in the peaceful stage, but which I am sure will within a decade or two turn violent.

      38. ok
        so oil prices are not due to speculation?
        and everybody hates Pelosi

        why are oil prices so high????

        • It isn’t. The dollar became less scarce. There’s a few more out there this week.

        • Traders are anticipating a big jump in price for oil soon, as war in the strait is imminent. They are buying by the tanker load, and storing them offshore. By the time that oil reaches Europe the market price will have doubled.

          Top off your tank.

      39. Just when you thought the usurper couldn’t possibly get any lower….Korans were recently burned at an American base in afghanistan. The ensuing outrage has killed 14 people (so far) including TWO AMERICAN SERVICEMEN. Now, BO has sent a letter to the afghan puppet president, APOLOGISING for the book burnings and promising to punish those who did it! Is there no SANITY left in this nation? This evil bastard has to go. Feet first if necessary, but he MUST GO while there is still a shred of our nation left! I am so damned mad I punched my computer screen.
        Attention fusion center bureaucrats…put me on the TOP of your list!

        • lets not forget
          Karzai is OUR puppet
          we installed him in office
          and we maintain him there
          we also aided AlQaeda,the Taliban
          AND Osama binLaden for the longest time
          we provided training and financial support
          we were also bff’s with Sadam Hussein
          until we weren’t

          Blowback by Chalmers Johnson
          read it

          • “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know” Pres. Harry Truman

        • Yet they burn our flag on a regular basis, and its kill as many of us as they can, yet the stupidity of it all never fails.

        • I agree SmokinO. That’s bullshit.

      40. “”though we’re fairly confident Nancy won’t be bringing it up any time soon””

        You are talking about the Nancy ‘we have to pass it to see what’s in it’ Pelosi??

      41. I still think the FEMA camps will be used to not depopulate…but
        staging areas to keep the local govt. running, lock up some and be islands in a land of starving people.

        You’ll be fine when the dollar collapses…but you must be able to shelter in place for one year.

        Good luck.
        Think for yourself. Hide everything,

        • I’d make that hide out place 1 year to 18 months/2 years depending on your local agricultural climate.

          Northern climes get just one growing season per year unless they adopt the Parisien 17thC market garden system. Factor that into your prepping. Most soils take 3-7 years to get up to full productivity farming organically, so if you haven’t already started be aware your first year’s crops may not meet your expectations.

          I’ve said it before but don’t ignore the utility of the humble bicycle.

        • AWoFCC, I think most if not all think of FEMA camps the way we think of WW2 concentration camps. However, your idea makes sense when you realize many camps are on military bases. So where else would be a better location for police, politicians and select others. If you have any other thoughts on the subject please post. It might be off topic; so are alot of comments here. (MM)

        • Every since you advanced this theory that the FEMA camps are safe government staging zones I have been thinking on it and advancing that theory to others, locally.

          They’re not too keen on it, but I am. I think you have a good point there. Now, we just need to know how to get them in there and put a lock ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

          • Would be a good thing to have them ALL in one small targetable area…would it not 🙂

            • +1

      42. Nancy you make my nuts hurt.

      43. keep the auto topped off…purchase enough to do your gardening and farm tools going through the growing season-get some stabil cause gas does not store well. buy a bike and get used to pedaling in rural terrain. wont be long for those who still have jobs to be thinking twice about whether it is worth it to pay to go to the job or put food on table for many it will be hard to do both.

      44. To the “surprise” of the un-informed, I’ll put forth a little history lesson. When Saddam renegged on an, under the radar, deal with Bush I; the shit started taking a new twist. Saddam was scoffing US dollars from their underhanded petro deals and hiding the currency from Bush and his Haliburton buds. Saddam got the big head and decided he would royally screw the Bush(US Illuminati) gang and invade Kuwaiti. The info got out that the Bush family owned many oil wells there and that HW was actually the head of Phillips/Conoco. Wonder how many wells & refineries they own in TX. I don’t know if any of this is true but it makes sense that they would use USA War Machine to do their dirty work against IRAQ/Saddam. By the way what happened to all those semi-trailers full of US dollars that was confiscated from Saddam? What happened to all the petro sales in Iraq that was supposed to pay for US playing policeman and saving the Iraqi people from Iran? Anyway, TPTB see the collapse coming so they are gonna milk the petro dollars for all they can. If gas goes to ten bucks a gal.; how long will it take to eliminate the middle class? Not very long since it has already been jump started, and most are financed to the gills. Don’t say we didn’t have a warning and plenty of time to get our houses in order. God help us and protect the little children!

        • Makes a lot of sense. Don’t want to piss the Texans off, but if you dig a little the Bush family has a looong history of “behind the scenes” dealings.

        • And, don’t tread….what happened to all those gold bars stored in one of the bldgs. at the twin towers on 9/11??

          And for Mike L who says???
          ~~~I love how people on here want the government out of their lives, but only when it doesn’t directly benefit them. ~~~

          Wrong…my dh hauls logs from one log yard to another…the BS involved is horrendous..hell, we can barely make ends meet.
          Govt and its regulations–which I suspect is to create more govt jobs–is passed the point of making any sense.
          Around here, it’s so ridiculous, when a charge gets to court?? our great judges charge a small fine and dismiss the case.
          ‘Nuff said..thank you judges for looking the other way and realizing some are just trying to make a go of supporting themselves without dependency on the govt…as a former educator, it takes that at times..sensibility trumps stupidity every time.

          • Just checking in from work on my lunch but I had to comment. JJ this is going to be offensive, there is no way around it. I hope you were seriously kidding when you stated you’re a former educator. Please, please tell me it was not in English. I know I’m far from perfect at it, but I am having serious trouble following your logic or grammar in your post.

          • Hey JJ, I think the Royal Queen is sitting on them and all that used to be in Ft. Knox. Hope she gets a “royal” pain in the ass!

      45. this will break the middleclass who live paycheck to paycheck. Gas goes up so do food and everything else. airline tickets will skyrocket and use will fall like a rock. then more out of work jobs. this Idiot president does not get it. Im glad that they are that stupid so some of these dems start to see the truth and change their votes, but I do not wish this upon any of us. I wish everybody a shot at making money and being ok off in life. I only wish this idiot or any politicans who lie to get some disease and fail. I wish good people to prosper and bad people to face the facts.

      46. When gas prices first hit $3/gallon in around 2006 that seemed to be the factor that caused increased credit card defaults, followed by mortgage defaults, followed by recession. I suspect $4.50 to $5 gas for a sustained period will have the same effect again.

        Some good theories have been put forth here to explain the rise in oil prices. From my perspective, it is less important for me to understand why the prices are rising than to cushion my family as much as possible from the effects.

        Expect groceries to take off in prices beyond where they already are. I saw garden seeds in the hardware store last week. May be prudent to stock up early on those as well as canning supplies.

        I bought a 50 mpg hybrid in 2006 and keep it in my garage with a 70 mpg scooter and a couple bicycles. Rode a bycicle to work for a year and it didn’t do me any harm. That is tougher to do since I moved my family north. We have to use the old 4×4 pickup in the winters up here. It gets 15 mpg on a good day. Spoke to a Toyota salesman this week about a new truck. He said they have been warned by Toyota that higher gas prices are coming, that they are able to offer lower prices now on trucks in anticipation of that happening. He also told me to hold on to the hybrid because its value is about to shoot up. I will hold off on the truck purchase until gas prices really take off and the dealers are desperate to unload those trucks.

        Buy when others are selling and sell when others are buying.

      47. “Don’t let anyone tell you the spike in oil is just about tensions in the Middle East. The lack of supply from Iran (Thanks to a U.S. financial blockade against Iran) is impacting the price of oil some. But the climb in oil started before the recent escalation in tensions. Bernanke money printing is the primary causal factor.”

        In addition to that:

        Kansas City Fed Manufacturing Index Soars

        “Bernanke’s newly printed money has found its way to Kansas City.” …

        I’m reminded of this for some reason:

        05.17.07 – The subprime mess is grave but largely contained, said Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke

      48. Pumpin’ it Up: “We already have QE3 … Get out the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. You’ll see that they’ve been pumping up – you can see unadjusted M2 is going through the roof. Look at their balance sheet. … All sorts of assets are suddenly appearing on their balance sheet. Where did they come from? They didn’t come from the Tooth Fairy; they came because they’re in there buying in the market as fast as they. There IS QE3 already. They don’t call it that but it’s there. – Jim Rogers on Reuters

        … Rogers points out that while the bought-and-paid-for mainstream news media is trumpeting the advancing US economy, the use of electricity in the US is actually going DOWN.”

        • Hello Clark,

          Thank you for posting that link, It only takes a few minutes to read. A must read for all here. Jim Rogers has positive words for Ron Paul in this interview. He broad insight in financial markets is unquestioned.

          If you as an inform voter believe, as many of America’s active an retired military personnel, Ron Paul is the Best Republician candidate for the Presidency you must vote for him.

          What other people think and say about him should not matter at all. I am tired of all this crap of him being not electable. He IS just as electable probable more so, than any of the other candidates. (MM)

      49. Look up witch in the dictionary. You will see beside it a picture of Nancy Pelosi

      50. We’ve ALL been offered 2 straight choices

        Iceland – yup times were tough for a while, but the nation kicked out the corrupt politicians and now a few short years later life is stable and OK. No ongoing violence, no shtf. The bankers are having to clean up their own mess.

        Greece – where you pay to work, the nations gold reserve was pillaged, medicines are running out. Violence and rioting are the order of the day and shtf. The bankers are totally destroying a nation of generous knd hearted people.

        The government of Iceland are only there to do the people’s bidding and wth their elected consent. People power not banker power has the final say.

        We all have to make a stand, starting at the local community level to root out the corruption wherever it occurs. The “change” we need won’t be from on high, it needs to come from the grassroots. We have to be the pillars upon which Judge N, Ron Paul and other honest leaders can rely on.

      51. As an American and a free market loving kind of guy I have just one question to any other true American. What is the problem with speculators? That’s the premise behind the WHOLE market. If you thought the market was going to drop (speculating is another word for thought, by the way) you wouldn’t buy stocks you would short them. If you speculated the market was going up, you wouldn’t be selling your stocks you would be buying them (or getting options, etc).

        I love how people on here want the government out of their lives, but only when it doesn’t directly benefit them. They don’t want bailouts (I’m completely and totally against any government support for private entities) but want price controls (oh, wait that’s a socialist/communist thing).

        So Mac you’re either a socialist who wants things restricted and controlled, or a free market guy who dislikes the speculators for causing you pain but understand it’s a side effect of people being free. Which is it?

        • Mike L- I think the problem is not the speculators, but rather the manipulators. Most of us here are definitely in favor of capitalism. We like the idea of profits. Whether we make them in our business or provide them to the people we do business with.
          It’s the manipulators we despise. The folks who BUY political influence, who write the legislation and then pay a politician to pass it into law. And the ones who use their money and power to push markets in a certain direction, not caring about the effects it has on small businesses or individuals. Or those in political office who use their position to make regulations and laws to enrich themselves. The people, and the organisations they run, that are driven by pure greed and a lust for power. Pelosi is just one example of this. Other names like Bush, Soros, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs and about a hundred more come to mind.

          • Yes, I understand. My point was merely that Mac said in his article that speculators were part of the problem. That is, in fact, completely false. They are what make the markets work. Even manipulation in a truly free market is allowed as there would be few rules. Businesses would fail or succeed of their own free will. I believe no business should have real influence over the government.

            Lunch is over for me, time to make more money.

        • As an amendment my original post with info I forgot:

          Somewhere near 30,000 new cars hit the streets in China everyday. This has an effect on global oil prices, it has too. These are not people replacing existing cars with newer ones, no they’re NEW consumers of a limited resource (limited in the speed at which we can bring it up cheaply and limited in the volume of cheaply reached supplies).

          “Fracking” has a lot of downsides to it also, pumping all those lovely chemicals into our water sources isn’t the most intelligent thing we’ve done as humans lately.

      52. Mike

        I’ll attempt to answer. True capitalism and free enterprise involves the freedom to fail as well as the opportunity to succeed. We don’t have that, what we have is privitised profits and socialised failure. “Too big too fail” ring any bells?

        We don’t currently have true capitalism, what we have a rigged system of smoke and mirrors, lies and corruption at the highest levels merely masquarading as capitalism.

        • You completely and totally missed my point. I know what we have. But Mac stated in his article that the problem was partially speculators. I’m merely saying ANYONE who participates in the markets are speculators. You’re just preaching to those that know how corrupt the current system is. But in a proper system speculators would still exist.

      53. “We need more people working in the Department of Energy”. Yep! Making oil out of algae. Now there’s an idea whose time has come! I heard Fearful Leader say so! Geeeez, where do we get these people!

      54. The Botox went to the ugly bitches brain!

      55. Obumma supports everything which isn’t surprising.

      56. Nancy Pelosi, is criminally psychotic. Look at the craziness in the “woman’s” eyes. It’s obvious also, just from the things she says and does. It’s beyond me why the keep elecing this freak of nature.

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