MSM: Vaccines Will Not Be Enough To Stop COVID-19

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    The mainstream media has been busy trying to convince the masses that widespread vaccination against COVID-19 won’t be enough to stop the spread. Instead of suggesting we live freely and take precautions as the sovereign individuals that we are, they are attempting to promote a totalitarian dictatorship in the name of health.

    The media’s newest talking point has been the variants, with a few “experts” (people paid to say we need more lockdowns) saying we are in a “doom” situation.  According to The Conversation, the new “variants of concern” have emerged and spread worldwide, putting current scamdemic control efforts, including vaccination, at risk of being derailed.

    Put simply, the game has changed, and a successful global rollout of current vaccines by itself is no longer a guarantee of victory. –The Conversation

    Those of us who have been paying attention knew that the vaccines wouldn’t stop the spread because they aren’t vaccines by definition, and members of the ruling class have been bold enough to continue to tell us so while moving the goalposts. Most Americans don’t seem to notice and don’t seem to care.

    Ruling Class Warns Of “Variant” That Could Spark Another Lockdown

    In an effort to gin up support for the total and permanent enslavement of mankind, a slavery so deeply engrained into the minds of the masses that no one will ever escape, the media is trying to push the fear as hard as possible:

    No one is truly safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe. We are in a race against time to get global transmission rates low enough to prevent the emergence and spread of new variants. The danger is that variants will arise that can overcome the immunity conferred by vaccinations or prior infection. –The Conversation

    Oddly enough, it sure appears that those who are the least afraid of COVID-19 are somehow the least affected by it.

    They want you to believe you must willingly submit to whatever commands they make and reject your free will. They want you separated and isolated from others. They want you muzzled and contained within a small area.  They want you surveilled, tracked, and traced, and all as this disturbing narrative falls apart in front of those who still employ critical thinking.

    Use discernment and critical thinking.  Maintain your free will. Do what is right and moral.  If we can all stand together and help each other, we can beat the tyrants at their own game. If we continue to roll over and acquiesce, we are all going to experience a painful outcome.



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      1. Sounds like this is in for the long haul……I said that months ago. The govt. will find an excuse to continue this and/or create another event to keep us in line. time to distance your self from the govt…more than 6 feet.

      2. I always find it extremely interesting that in the middle of a so called “raging pandemic” the “experts”,the msm(liars) and the other fear mongerers seem to have the time to tell us all that the worst is coming and we are all doomed.Think about it:
        If the “monster”known as phony 19 were really that bad
        shouldn’t all of these people predicting our demise have been “infected” and buried long ago??but of course covid doesn’t kill the elite as it only affects everyone else but them?

      3. NO actual isolated virus
        NO higher deaths than normal
        NO dead bodies everywhere
        NO nonstop ambulances
        NO overwhelmed hospitals
        NO continuous funerals
        NO physical signs of illness
        NO relentless agony
        NO screams of pain
        NO observable chaos

      4. The only “pandemic” we’ve ever had is the neverending
        pandemic of lies told by these psychos in order to keep this covid ?? going.

      5. We have been calling it a Plannedemic for about a year. I am looking for the 4 horseman from Revelation 6:1-8 Signs are starting to show. Been upgrading tools around the farm and adding where needed. I am always on the lookout to add seeds and lead.

      6. Satan is a fictitious character invented by imaginative story tellers who recognized that the existence of an all powerful deity that was totally good implied the existence of his opposite: an entity whose character was totally evil, and that the concept of Heaven, where everything is ideal, implies the existence of its opposite, a horrible place where everything is bad. The idea that Satan is real functions primarily to scare people into complying with religious dogma. That is how the concept is actually used. We need to grow up and use our brains.

      7. I should not have to point out that the idea currently prevailing among our population, of a scriptural deity and Satan, either of which can condemn you to agony for all eternity if you do the least thing wrong, had its origin in the same region of the earth that is famous today as the source of terrorism, and indeed, they are good examples of terrorism themselves, masquerading in people’s minds disguised as religious ideologies. I should think that humans would have figured this out by now.

      8. New variants appear right after the not- vaccines used. Interesting.

      9. Here is another thought ( and I’m probably full of that fecal matter as usual ), maybe this corvid 19 just might be the good lord”s way or mother nature’s way of cleaning house ( so to speak ), to thin out the herd. Am I full of that brown fecal matter, maybe. I’ve been accused of that more than once in 40 plus yrs in the packing plant

      10. This virus was in the middle east in 2012. How come the world wasn’t shut down then?

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