Ruling Class Warns Of “Variant” The Could Spark Another Lockdown

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    If the rulers can get away with commanding the slaves to lockdown again, they will do so. In fact, the propaganda and narrative for a second lockdown are ramping up again, as a Biden COVID advisor warns of “new variants.”

    This time, it’s not to protect grandma though. It’s to protect the children. We all have to be slaves in order to keep others safe. If people can’t see through this totalitarian scam this time, it would be surprising. The rollout of the new narrative is in full swing.

    On NBC’s Meet the Press, Micahel Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, called the B.1.1.7 variant a “brand-new ballgame” because of how quickly it has spread among children, citing roughly 750 Minnesota schools that have reported the variant in just the last two weeks.

    So what’s the solution? Total enslavement but they’re calling it “lockdowns” again.

    Osterholm suggested the U.S. may need to consider new lockdowns before school lets out this summer, saying vaccination alone won’t curb rising cases in the next six to eight weeks and telling Fox News Sunday that “there isn’t a country in the world right now that has seen a big increase in this [variant] that is not locking down.”

    Because no one likes or listens to Dr. Anothony Fauci anymore, is this the new minister of propaganda the government is going with now?

    “We’re going to have to reconsider what we’re doing,” Osterholm said, noting that the new variant is between 50% to 100% more infectious than previous strains and causes more severe illness about 55% of the time. “We really are in a category five hurricane status with regards to the rest of the world… This B.1.1.7 variant infects kids very readily,” Osterholm told Meet the Press. “Unlike the previous strains of the virus, we didn’t see children under eighth grade get infected often, or they were not frequently very ill. They didn’t transmit to the rest of the community… B.1.1.7 turns that on its head.”

    Hopefully, enough people can see through this hoax by now and won’t even come close to tolerating another lockdown.  But if they can manage to manufacture enough fear, and get their second lockdown, we will all be one step closer to living in the dystopian New World Order that’s rolling out right before our eyes.

    As always, continue to use discernment and critical thinking. Two things the rulers are trying to prevent us from doing. Stay alert and be ready for anything to the best of your ability.


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      1. Glad I live in Florida, We don’t have to put up with that BS. Masks don’t work and 85% of masks made like the blue masks contain a nano particle plastic dust like asbestos, that will infiltrate your lungs and cause you harm. Our ST Governor stands up to Biden’s BS Tyranny. Like he told Biden before, Go F,,, yourself.

        • Its not Herd Immunity, it “Herd Stupidity” if you inject the Jab that destroys your own bodies natural immunity ability to fight off viruses.

          • Yes. Keep people sick to keep the pharmaceutical industry going. It’s all about the money.

      2. There is only one lockdown that I would be in favor of.
        Gather up Dr Fauci, Bill Gates,the tyranical governors
        all the “experts”,all members of msm (liars)all the celebs pushing the covid hoax and toss them all together in an underground dungeon, lock the door and throw away the key. I believe that type of a lockdown would definitely eliminate the covid “cases” practically overnight ?

      3. Spot on article! These evil bastards don’t even bother to even try to sugarcoat their lies anymore. Some of this shit they come up with is just absolutely jaw dropping.
        Now,they are just making shit up on the spot. Since their “deadly virus” narrative is falling apart at record speeds,these filthy liars will do and say anything to keep everyone living in fear and following their preposterous
        Unfortunately for them,more and more people are waking up to their blatant bullshit!!

      4. Very

      5. I think at this stage these psychopaths are at a point where they are trying/saying anything they can to try to keep this phony 19 nonsense
        going because they know that it is becoming very apparent even to some of the most heartened sheep that this all a giant hoax. Even some who fell for this stupid covid nonsense at the very beginning are finally realizing that they have been played for fools. TPTB know their evil plans are falling through their evil little fingers and they cannot stand it!

      6. DUH! WTF did people think Trump’s big Vaccine stuff was going to do? If people think Masks and shutdowns will go away soon their sadly mistaken. Trump bought the mark of the beast in its now Biden’s toy. And yes I voted for Trump both times, and believe Biden cheated him over this last election, but still.
        But yeah lockdowns face mask mandates and social distancing etc isn’t going away even with this false Vaccine crap. I don’t nor will I get one I rarely wear a face mask in any place I go and if they make a stink I leave FF em. 666 isn’t worth it for me I will see Jesus before I take the devil’s mark!


          In my district, the undesirables will be the first to get tagged, so rise to the top of society. They will drench their lawns during drought advisories, get their own lines at the banks and their own admissions, and they will be new Republicans, from the Modelo commercials, and in Faux news primetime.

          Conservative demographics will refuse, outrightly, so be the undocumented.

      7. “Hopefully, enough people can see through this hoax by now and won’t even come close to tolerating another lockdown.”

        I believe that liberty failed, because the 99% were masochistic type-B’s. It’s impossible to read of the narrow path and not to correlate that to the pasture full of tares; most would fail.

        This is a version of Christian apologetics, meant as an encouragement to our chosen, only. It is only effective on those people willing to hear the truth — in the minority.

        I don’t believe in conversion, much past first impressions, or it would be very rare. People who fell into our echo chamber should consider it an alien culture, well outside of their social norms, and would experience culture shock, if msm pablum was suddenly replaced with true meat, only.

      8. Recent Headline:
        TO ONE PER DAY ?

      9. Another Headline:
        “DR FAUCI CANT
        Uh, could it possibly be because this entire thing
        is a scam/hoax??

      10. What’s with all these variants? They’re sure hell bent on scaring us. I’M NOT AFRAID. ?

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