“Most Transparent Admin Ever”: Team Obama Busy Destroying Public Records Before Leaving Office

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 27 comments

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    History is routinely made in the White House – and just as routinely destroyed as well.

    And though it is criminal and indicates the larger crimes of the deep state, it comes as no surprise.

    If these reports are any indications, the shredders in President Obama’s White House are busier now than they were even during the height of the Enron scandal – where reporters found evidence of document destruction by the truckload.

    Given that the previous Bush and Clinton Administrations also engaged in a purge of damning information, there is every reason to suspect that the Obama Administration – which the president absurdly touted would be the “most transparent administration in history”

    Instead of being transparent, Obama’s two terms have often been accused of being the most secretive, particularly in terms of treatment of whistle blowers and leaks. Additionally, there is a great deal of speculation about what President Obama and his people knew about the questionable and illegal activities surrounding Hillary’s email scandal.

    Though Obama himself has maintained that he learned about it in the news, the use of aliases and private email accounts to circumvent public accountability measures on official accounts raises a great deal of doubt about the truth of this claim.

    So there is an additional incentive to cover-up, and minimize what the public is able to discover after his time in office is over.

    via The American Mirror:

    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says the Obama administration is destroying public records in the final days in office.


    “Past administrations of both Republican and Democratic players have engaged in mass destruction of records as they left office… We are told that destruction of records is occurring now in different parts of the Obama administration in different departments or agencies.”

    “That’s what happens when an administration leaves office,” Assange said.


    “Our philosophy is that such information is a part of history… To destroy them is absolutely and egregious act… it is done to “eliminate small political risks by destroying major elements of history.”

    Julian Assange, who has recently reemerged to deny the link between hacking and the Russian government, made the case for more whistle blowers coming forward.

    After eight years of an outright assault on those who’ve attempted to expose the misdeeds of past administrations and various agencies that are rarely held accountable, Assange is encouraging officials to take copies of documents that might otherwise be destroyed during the cleaning-up and white washing of the administration’s mess.

    Instead, they should tuck them away so that they can be disseminated to the people at a better or more relevant time.

    Assange said, “Our request to system administrators in the Obama administration goes for other administrations around the world as well, is take the data now.

    “Just take it now. Keep it under your bed, or with your mother and then you can give that to Wikileaks or other journalists at your leisure,” [Assange] said. “Get hold of that history and protect it, because that is something that belongs to humanity and does not belong to a political party.”

    He offered a $30,000 reward to officials who might come forward with revealing documents and information.

    Of course, the price for public truth typically can’t compete with the deeply embedded interests of the military industrial complex and the revolving door between government and crony corporations.

    However, it may still incentivize some of our “public servants” who are otherwise disturbed by the criminality of the executive branch, and Washington’s continued descent into the destruction of the country.

    President Trump, or any president, even with the best intentions, could never single-handedly drain the swamp in Washington. If it is possible at all, it will only be with the help of perhaps thousands of patriotic whistleblowers, former officials and dedicated citizens working to expose the deep-seated corruption and let it vanish like evil spirits in the light of day.

    WORD: 5 More Big Fat Lies Obama Is Leaving Us With

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      1. So the shoeshine boy’s rats are destroying all the secrets they can before they leave the ship? No surprise there. It was the same for the Clinton and Bush rats. fortunately we already know more than enough about the shoeshine boy and company from the past 8 years to know what trash they really are. Now all of the shoeshine boy’s staff are facing unemployment. OH BOO HOO HOO. CRY ME A RIVER, COMMIES. MY HEART BLEEDS PURPLE PETER JUICE FOR YOU. [SARCASM DEFINITELY INTENDED]

        • All that matters is what happens from here on out. Barrel ahead, do the right thing for and by the people, enforce the laws, keep those disrupters at bay. Those that don’t like it can kiss ….! As for the ‘purge’, who cares now, we have a mess to clean up–onwards! Besides, what they are shredding has already been copied and has been documented to be brought out at the right time. They aren’t that clever–they are the stupid people.

      2. Ten more days.


        • I think more of a shit stain than I do of obama.

          • Menzo, the shoeshine boy makes the shit stain look GOOD.

          • The only difference between the two is:
            One talks and and the other doesn’t.
            But they both smell bad (stink).

          • It is insulting to all shitstains that Obola is brown.

            • Just a good tan from spending the last eight years on the golf course.

        • The 8 Year Obama Wrecking Ball is the worst I have seen in my life. Worse that the other lying scumbag GW Bush that set the play book for perpetual war. A total waste of American Resources. That’s 16 years of Hell in America. People these days forgot what good times were like that we had in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Where people had opportunities and a positive outlook. We have been playing defense for 16 years now, just trying to get by and staying healthy.

          I bet Trump will accomplish more in a few months to bring America back from the ashes than we have ever seen. Support our new Prez, and call out every scumbag America Hater out there.

      3. B from CA, the next 10 days can’t go by fast enough.

      4. I wouldn’t put it past Obama to have created many cells inside the government to support the continuing globalization of the US, and gather Intel for the Globalists. The documents creating these groups and providing for their funding are all classified. All public record of their existence is shredded.

        This is how you build a shadow government. People that work in these groups in many cases aren’t even aware that they work for private interests and not the real elected government.

        • Plan-

          Spot on post. I have no doubt that Obama has inserted these “cells” and also, they will leak info on the Trump administration as well. The Muslim brotherhood has infiltrated our government and this has grown exponentially over the last 8 years.

          • The Obama administration has also been working very hard to hire all the people they can to fill Federal vacancies.

            It has been the custom for prior Presidents to not hire replacements in their last month or two in office, giving the incoming administration the abuilty to build their own team. This especially applies to executive level positions.

            Obama however, is racing to fill as many civil service positions as his people can, to pack the government with democrat cronies, and to make Trumps promised hiring freeze have as little impact as possible. Once hired it’s often near impossible to get rid of federal employees, even if their job is obsolete and they have no work.

        • DB & PtPo- Trump is well aware of Obamas sleeper cells embedded within the Govnt. Trump has requested a list of EPA personnel that has perpetuated this Global Warming Hoax, that will probably get their pink slips on Jan 20th. Trump will drain the swamp, of all these devils creating chaos. The Don is the “YOU’RE FIRED” go to Guy. Trump loves to fire people. As I have said here many times, I would like to see Trump fire half the government useless employees, dead wood shills, worthless idiots. Plenty of them there to fire. Watch Government Shrink Biiiiiggggg time. Trump has both houses for 2 years now to clean house. Pack your bags libby, your days are numbered.

      5. You can’t legally destroy so much as a Post-It note or doodle pad that is a federal record. While this doesn’t mean so much over at the field office of the Bureau of Weights and Measures, it certainly does at the White House and any and all Cabinet-level offices.

        The records are supposed to be packed up and sent to the Records Center, where the Archives folks will pick and choose which pieces of paper are historical, and which can be destroyed as ephemera, like the doodle pads.

        • Julian Assange – Wikileaks put out an $30,000 offer to every US Government employee, to make copies and keep track of every thing Obama is trying to destroy in public records. Stay tuned.

          Obama will hang himself and could be put on trial for that as treason or destruction of public records.

          Its a great day to see a family of kneegrows evicted from Public housing. Obama says build bridges, but is now building a large wall around his new house in Washing DC. Hypocrite.

          • Don’t hold your breath.

          • I’ve seen the wall around his new house, it’s about 3 feet high along the sidewalk, with some tall columns on either side of the walkup to the door. It’s not a great wall, you can step over it, right into the social plantings behind it.

            The yard is steep and the wall is a much better interface with the sidewalk than a bunch of plants.

      6. The thing about Obama is that he is such an enormous lying sack of bs. People refuse to see that, too many of them anyway.

      7. Burn the papers! Erase the tapes(Nixon)! Wipe the hard disks(Clinton)! Remember when the Clintons left and they had to recover some of the furniture? The first family has all these servants waiting on them including great chefs. It must be a terrible shock to leave that lifestyle. The rest of us can only imagine it. I don’t have any of that but at least I don’t have crazy people trying to kill me.

      8. He’s done. Time to move on. Put it back together. We can still save it.

      9. Watch the movie . The real glory. With Gary cooper. It’s about the army fighting the Muslems in the Phillipines . Many carried shotguns. And you will see what we are facing now.

      10. If Trump dosent go after these people he will burn in hell with his billions.

      11. It’s all explained to us in John 8:44?

      12. I would suspect he is using same Shredder Company Bushjr./Cheney used before they left office? I remeber pics. of the Trucks going to White House to destroy their records too. As they left office for Obama. Whats ALL the FUSS about?

      13. oh c’mon guys!!!
        It WAS the most transparent administration…
        they couldn’t lie to save their lives,
        No matter how they tried…
        And BOY DID THEY TRY!!

      14. After Vince Foster’s death, the Clintons cleaned his office before investigators got to examine it.

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