More War Rhetoric As NATO Chief Warns China & Threatens Consequences

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Headline News

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    NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has warned China to halt its “growing alignment” with Russia. Stoltenberg threatened that any military assistance from Beijing to Moscow during the conflict in Ukraine would be a historic mistake” with major consequences.

    The head of the US-led military bloc also unveiled a new “strategic multi-year assistance program” for Kiev, according to a report by RT. While speaking after the conclusion of a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Brussels on Wednesday, Stoltenberg warned China over Moscow’s friendly ties with the People’s Republic. NATO insists Beijing could soon offer weapons to Russia despite its repeated confirmation that it has no plans to do so.

    Russia has also denied that it has asked China for weapons and claims it does not intend to do so. This is likely just more war-mongering and rhetoric from NATO.

    “China refuses to condemn Russia’s aggression… And it props up Russia’s economy,” he claimed, adding “Allies have been clear that any provision of lethal aid by China to Russia would be a historic mistake, with profound implications.”

    There was no mention as to what the “implication” or “consequences” would be for China if they do decide to arm Russia. It is hypocritical for NATO to arm Ukraine, then turn around and be upset when someone else arms the opposition. Washington has previously threatened to respond to military support for Russia and has yet to be “forced” to follow through.  The United States Treasury has already moved ahead with sanctions for several China-based companies accused of supplying parts for drones allegedly used by Moscow’s forces.

    Those sanctions will probably work out as well as the sanctions on Russia did. They mostly caused the general slave populations to be harmed far more so than the military-industrial complex or ruling class of Russia.

    Vladimir Putin: Western Elites’ “Sanctions Fever” Will Cause Common People To “Freeze”

    Russia and China have enhanced their geopolitical relations over the last year as the war wages. It’s turning out to be a U.S. proxy war with Russia, and that’s likely what’s setting off the West and making them beat the drums of war.  Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping vowed to “further deepen military mutual trust” after talks at the Kremlin last month. However, Putin has since stated that Russia is “not creating any military alliance with China,” despite their “cooperation in the sphere of military-technical interaction.”

    NATO continues to avoid crossing Russia’s red line by allowing Ukraine to join NATO. During a press briefing after the first day of discussions in Brussels on Tuesday, Stoltenberg was asked when Kiev would be admitted into the bloc, but could not provide an answer, merely saying that NATO’s “position on membership is unchanged.”

    ‘We Are Facing The Entire NATO In Ukraine’: Kremlin Says, As UK Mulls Battle Tanks



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