More MSM Fear Mongering: New Texas COVID Variant Is “Antibody” Resistant

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    It just doesn’t end. The constant bombardment with fear to attempt to panic the public is getting ramped up even though it’s obvious to most of us by now what a hoax this entire charade has been. The mainstream media now says a new Texas variant of COVID is “antibody resistant” and sickening young people.

    It’s quite obvious they want people panicked and hiding in their homes while they turn Earth into an inescapable prison. So in comes more fear-mongering over year another variant, and of course, it’s in a state that had decided to kill the totalitarian rules in favor of at least a smokescreen of freedom.

    TX Governor Now “Allowing” Texans To Be “Free”

    Scientists at Texas A&M University Global Health Research Complex say they’ve detected a new Covid-19 variant that shows signs of antibody resistance. This new one that we should all be terrified of if you believe the mainstream media, is named BV-1 for its Brazos Valley origin. According to CNBC, scientists say it is related to the U.K. strain and shows signs of resistance to antibody neutralization.

    But if you read further, even the mainstream media can’t make it look that bad anymore:

    The new variant, BV-1, named after its Brazos Valley origin, was found during Texas A&M’s routine coronavirus screening via saliva sample in a young student who had mild cold-like symptoms. The student tested positive for Covid on March 5 and tested positive again on March 25, showing that the new strain may cause a longer infection in younger people. The student’s symptoms resolved by April 2 and a third test on April 9 came back negative. –CNBC

    “We do not at present know the full significance of this variant, but it has a combination of mutations similar to other internationally notifiable variants of concern,” said Texas A&M Chief Virologist Ben Neuman. “This variant combines genetic markers separately associated with rapid spread, severe disease and high resistance to neutralizing antibodies.”

    Coronavirus Variants Detected In California Are Now “Variants of Concern”

    What are variants of concern? Based on my best guess, they are the variants the media will attempt to panic us into taking the experimental gene therapy shot over the coming months.  Heck, based on how this is going, any one of these new variants could be the next hoax scamdemic: COVID-21.

    Stay alert, know what they are trying to do, and prepare the best you can.  This is not over and the mainstream media has proven that to us.

    The Elites Laugh As Americans Revel In Their Enslavement While Fearing Each Other


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      1. What’s sad is people listen to this ?. There can’t be another variant because Sars-CoV2 has never been isolated it’s a hoax. The covid ☠️ shot is the bioweapon

        • Hahaha Hahaha! When tens of millions of abject American idiots wake up just a tiny bit more and realize that they’ve been lied to in order to cover up the famine, mass starvation, break down in earth’s systems and ultimately extinction (of the planet), fauci and turner and bush and pelosi and etc. will have no where to hide. Get your knives and pitchforks sharpened. Hey faucifuggy, know what’s coming your way you greasy dirtbag?

      2. Recent Headline:
        TO CAUSE
        Folks stay away from all of them – all of them ?☠️?☠️

      3. You mentioned “variants of concern” and as you mentioned we should be more concerned about the msm than any variants b.s.
        As you said, they want us locked in a self imposed prison. Everyone needs to stop relenting to these evil psychopathic bastards. They cannot take our freedom because our freedom did not come from them!!

      4. Motivation
        Masses ?

      5. To be honest- I’m in a state of panic. The fear I have is not of some non existent scamdemic,but,of the lame stream media. Those filthy liars(not covid)are the real menace to us all!!!?

      6. Read recently that the CDC was looking into perhaps changing their “guidelines” and maybe “allowing” the sheep to ease up on the wearing of masks during certain situations.
        Of course,the obvious question that comes to mind is: Who the fuck is the CDC to think they get to “allow” people to do anything?! Live your lives folks and push back as much as you can. If enough of us rebel against these wretched tyranical creatures – they will all eventually go down!

      7. A new Texas variant?
        Figures these lunatics would put the focus on Texas and blame them. Texas of course reopened and did NOT have mass phony 19 casualties so they are the perfect scapegoat to blame for yet another alleged “variant”.
        Will the absurdity of this entire covid hoax ever end?
        Unfortunately,that was a
        rhetorical question.

      8. bill gates want you to make a sacrifice for your planet get the vaccine so as to ease the immense population also make sure you are immersed in 5g transmission.

      9. Well, if this true, then I’ll be with my wife a lot sooner than I thought, otherwise I’l still be here paying more of or what is left of my tax money to that communist government we now have in office.

      10. News flash, all viruses mutates. I’ve done my research about covid, it’s obvious the myriad claim for all these variants are pure propaganda. The State’s claim of new strains was predictable. That new strains of covid viruses were discovered, ready to create new and deadlier epidemics, and requiring more State intervention and control. Without getting off-track, deceiving the public and raising fear is both a modus operandi and an official practicing policy of the State. The State’s covid epidemic narrative is faltering, individual states and millions of people are getting fed up, and starting to ignore gov’t. edicts. The State is losing grasp so it must clamp down harder.
        It now wants to mask infants and children, wants the population to wear masks indefinitely, wants to fine and jail people for not social distancing (except if you are a leftist rioter or illegal immigrant), wants mandatory “vaccination”, and is indifferently (and willfully) destroying businesses.
        Much of officialdom is now saying it is a good idea everyone just stays in their home for now on and only be allowed to leave with official permission. They want covid passports, roadblocks to control free traveling. And on and on.
        Don’t just listen to the propaganda, watch closely what the State does, it’s more telling. Here’s a secret, they know all these State-sponsored “measures” are psychological, that inhibit social interaction, that induce submissiveness, that keep people in fear. These make it easier for the State to control society, it’s an isolation strategy.
        As I said before, the chief aim and goal of the State is to acquire ever more power and control, any and all means to accomplish this is acceptable, no matter how illegitimate. Everything the State does is ultimately guided by this aim.
        Let’s not forget the corporations that enable the State to impose its will and plans on the citizens. The classic definition of fascism is the merging of State and corporate power for their mutual benefit. The State doesn’t always have the resources necessary to achieve certain goals, and corporations want more profits, power, and special privileges. So they merge to achieve their plans and goals. They are in bed together.

      11. More lies:
        New Joke Times:
        “2020 “EXCESS DEATHS”
        Which signifies nothing
        coming from that rag. I still remember when it was being reported that 2020 had no more deaths than usual.
        Now,all of a sudden 2020 has the “most deaths” ever? Perhaps this all to try and back up all their supposed phony 19 “casualties”.?

      12. With all due respect for the big, loud, and assholish things that amuse me, Texas had certainly lost the Alamo, by time of the (H)ulian Castro administration, to the roughly 3/4 hispanic population and to big govt. Cities which micromanage the driving and housing (at least, for gringos) have only arrived at a libertarian outcome, on the tightest of odds. Possibly, because Boss Hogg or your countless minority members said so.

      13. Well, now we can’t deport illegals since that would amount to deliberately sending the new Texas virus variant to those countries.

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