The Elites Laugh As Americans Revel In Their Enslavement While Fearing Each Other

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    Americans are increasingly living in fear of the opposing political party.  While the elites laugh and continue to enslave the populace even further because of this fear, Americans increasingly embrace their chains while asking them to be shortened, and all while dehumanizing those on a different plantation.

    The fact is, none of us are free. We are all slaves to the same master – the political elites.  The only way to be free is to accept it and attempt to free others in the process. So far, the government has not had to put literal chains on anyone because most Americans are mental slaves.  If you own the mind, you won’t need to enslave the body.  This is causing problems in problems in our society, however, as many fear those who think differently than they do while giving a pass to the ones actually at fault for their dissatisfaction.

    Extreme partisanship has infected both democrats and republicans to the point of no return. According to Oregon Live, more than 40 percent of Americans say they are surrounded by “downright evil” and they’re referring to their fellow Americans who happen to belong to a different political party. This division and fear keep the elite wealthy, powerful, and increasingly authoritarian. While we fight each other, we can’t be bothered to actually take on the behemoth monster that is responsible for all this fear and division in the first place.

    A recent academic paper by political scientists Nathan P. Kalmoe and Lilliana Mason, presented at the National Capital Area Political Science Association conference in January, concludes that the extreme partisanship of recent decades has made millions of Americans intellectually insular and emotionally numb. As a result, these hyper-partisans – and, to be clear, all of this goes for members of both major parties – feel little or no sympathy “in response to deaths and injuries of political opponents.” Some even show “explicit support for partisan violence.” –Oregon Live

    The key component to all of this fear is ensuring the public stays divided by dehumanizing each other.  This makes violence against each other suddenly “acceptable” to those stuck and enslaved by the system. A key reason for this “moral disengagement” is that partisanship in the cable-TV and social-media age has proven exceptionally good at dehumanizing one’s ideological opponents. Kalmoe and Mason’s unpublished paper found that about one in five Americans believe that those on the other side of the partisan divide “lack the traits to be considered fully human — they behave like animals.”

    The portion of hyper-partisan Americans is worrisome even for those not on the political spectrum.  Morality no longer matters if another human being is not seen as a human being. Kalmoe and Mason’s work indicates that the nature of this uptick in extreme partisanship provides people with the “psychological distancing” that allows them to rationalize physical violence and discrimination against others.

    Instead of accepting that it is ALWAYS  morally wrong to initiate force or violence against another human being for ANY REASON, Americans have rationalized such violence and theft as taxation or police brutality in order to justify their own political violence. This type of path is leading our society down a very dangerous path.


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      1. I really do not like the word ALWAYS. How about self defense, violence to defend the family and constitution? The authors are obviously liberals and snowflakes. God Bless, James

        • He said to initiate force, not to react to it. Self defense is always a reaction.

      2. What started this modern wave of rabid political division was the election of Obama. ANY criticism of him was viewed as racist no matter if it was purely political or philosophical.

        We are at the point where people won’t say they are Trump supporters out of fear of being attacked. Wear a MAGA hat in public or put a MAGA bumper sticker on your car and see what happens.

        Liberals had better think about calling all white conservatives racist. All the dem candidates, 20 or so, yell racist every chance they get. Anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics is a racist. Border security is racist. Capitalism is racist.

        This is pushing society towards a race war. They have no idea what will be unleashed on them.

        • I’m sick of hearing the meme “white privilege”. There are some very poor disadvantaged white people in these USA. I am kind and respectful to everyone I meet, as long as they show me the same. Sometimes I overlook disrespect and move on, it just depends on the level of that disrespect; and then I only use my words. I am never physical unless it warrants it for my safety and well being. I was taught growing up to never start a fight, but if attacked I was to finish it, and if they were bigger than me I could pick up a club to make it more even. What’s lacking today is respect for the other person’s rights given to them by God and the Constitution. We are all equal. No one better than the other. That can’t be said today. For some reason , a certain ethic group is beyond being held accountable for their words and actions. This is becoming more evident with every passing day. It’s not the Christians, they are being persecuted. Jesus said, they persecuted me, do you think they will not persecute you? He also said Satan rules this world; and we know Satan loves his own. So this is where we are. God fearing people need to be united, no matter their race. Christians will have the last laugh.

          • God helps them that help themselves.

            • Find that in the Bible and get back to me.

        • You’re right, the Left started it, but it’s about time. Don’t you think Fellow Patriots? To a Secessionist like myself, we’ve been waiting for our side to be pushed off the sidelines while we’re watching Rome burn, and to do something about it.

          You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. Freedom isn’t free. OUR Revolution should’ve started years ago. If the Marxists want to start it now, that’s okay by me. It’s better now when we still have control of a few resources and our guns and plenty of ammo. Believe me, the Left has overreached, if WE hold the line and do not fold.

      3. Americans laugh as Trump dismantles the Globalists one by one in a cascading exposure effect, into the dirt of deceit. Its not going to happen over night, but the 55,000 sealed indictments are about ready to be delivered with silver bracelets and watch the globalist piggy’s cry for their lawyers. Elitists are mostly pedophiles and sexual deviants killing the innocent young for body parts and youthful blood transfusions. Its human trafficking for sex and body parts. The more divided they can keep the masses in, the more power they have. So stop subscribing to all Cable TV, and their crappp movies and propaganda slime.

        Expose all crime and public corruption.

        • TSB, have you had any luck patenting your land yet?

        • It would be far faster and infinitely less expensive to just eradicate all of them and start from scratch, globalist, oligarcs, socialist, communist, fascist, anything contrary to the founding principals is a sure sign

      4. The problem with so called elites, is they can and will be touched…

      5. Mr Salvo does evil inhabit Humans that truly is the Question and where to find the Description of what EVIL can bring mankind to finally go to War against it. So I will help you and many other hyphenated americans Understand not only what to read but be afraid of what it means to a type of human who call themselves AMERICAN. THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Our first American prayer our first American mission Statement defines evil and capital EVIL that no longer can be suffered. The Poolitical bands have recreated every evil in some way shape or form of king George and THEY are infamous for this . Many call the Declaration,The Bible lies . Well we the people Fear God and we also love GOD in the same way as our Founders did and with that said evil is what the Democratic band with the RINOS have brought to the light of day and THEY will be met with a Sprit Of 76 ,and we will give our Life’s our fortunes,and our Scared Honor to fight for our FREEDOM from the evil of our day.

      6. Throwing out the same two party candidates repeatedly in every election has ruined America for the population. They both work hand in hand in the same pursuit of more for them and less for you while ever rising inflation continues like clockwork. Call it priced out of existence in a rabid police state hyper armed and taught to kill our very own citizens. This is high treason at the least.

      7. The biggest threat to my health, safety, and welfare is the government. That government and the people that support it are a certain threat to me. The government enslaves me, not the inability of me to work with and function as a member of a society partially filled with people whose values and ideals I despise.
        The idea that our inability to “get along” is how the elites enslave us, is ridiculous. We enslave ourselves by cooperating with the “system”. A system that requires Honor, morality, and humility to function correctly. The system as originally designed, as embodied in the Constitution, that allowed for people of vastly differing value systems to live relatively peacefully together, no longer has any of those traits. Then
        two amendments, the 16th and 17th effectively destroyed America.
        So we have become slaves to oligarchs.

        • You’re right, the Left started it, but it’s about time. Don’t you think Fellow Patriots? To a Secessionist like myself, we’ve been waiting for our side to be pushed off the sidelines while we’re watching Rome burn, and to do something about it.

          You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. Freedom isn’t free. OUR Revolution should’ve started years ago. If the Marxists want to start it now, that’s okay by me. It’s better now when we still have control of a few resources and our guns and plenty of ammo. Believe me, the Left has overreached, if WE hold the line and do not fold.

          Whether you all think of it as right-left paradigm, or elite versus us, this is perfect timing. The Ogliarchs are wanting to implement the NWO before they all croak, as they are all aging dinosaurs. But it also is happening at the heighth of our awakened numbers.

          They are coming.

      8. yet all of you love go fund me a form of socialisum

        • Perhaps you have redefined Socialism.

          GFM is pure, free association of like minded individuals who combine their efforts through contributing $ for a stated purpose.

          There is no government involvement and no coercion….where is the Socialism ?

          It doesn’t get any less Socialist than that.

          It would seem, by your definition, the local Church’s Building Fund, Missionary Support, and Benevolence Fund are all Socialism….


      9. We are locked in an experiment without equal in all of human history. No other society has willingly imported such a diverse group of races, ethnicities, and cultures and expected them all to get along.

        And there is no evidence that it is working that well as it is. Social divisions, violence and crime are very high in the US compared to other countries. When that black man started to snipe away those police officers who were just doing their job, that to me seemed a tipping point where the country was not going to go back.

        US civilisation and prosperity was built by European migrants. They had brought their skills and knowledge from Europe to a land occupied by hunter gatherers who hadn’t evolved in thousands of years.

        America needs to only allow migration from countries that are civilised and have something to offer. Asia is a good example. As for the rest, they already receive vast sums in aid and just need to get on with building their societies and to stop thinking about migrating to the US and Europe. This would chill the world and make it truly a better place.

      10. Diversity is a weakness.

        There is tension between divergent groups. That is why tyrants promote diversity, to weaken a population, so they can more easily control them.


      11. The liberal psychotics say “strength comes from our diversity”…..I say that diversity is the result of our strength….not the cause of it. Our collapse will be the result of the liberal mantra that our strength is derived from diversity….and we must accept diversity, above everything else.!!!!!

      12. I read the word “fear” and thought that the term was the wrong one. I don’t ‘fear’ the left. And I’ll be damned if I ‘fear’ the government. The philosophies of the left cause revulsion in me. The very idea that the government thinks it is my controller infuriates me. No, it is not ‘fear’ I feel for views contrary to my own. It is disgust and anger.

        • Yep,
          Only thing i fear is having forgotten to put more TP under the bathroom sink.
          Beyond that i dont have fear,
          Yep and a baket more.
          Im tired of the stupid manipulated sheeple.
          Im tired of lifelong polititians.
          Im tired of arrogant LEO and government officials in all capacities.
          Im tired of being expected to just suck it up and bust a move for the greater good.
          There is no fucking greater good!
          There is no more reason to push when 1/3 or more of everything i make goes to support absolute fucking crap…
          No, im not in fear, im so far beyond a useless emotion like that,
          Keep the hell away from me n mine and leave us all alone cause im done with being nice

          • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head nailbanger!

      13. I understand and respect the concept of voluntaryism, except Rene Boucher types like to make things up about me, as I plant my flowers and walk my gentle-breed dog.

        You’re asking me to believe that they have a natural or godgiven right to equal time (saying things, like Guam will tip over).

        It’s considered a punishment, to dump these people on sanctuary cities, yet you’re asking me to believe that we can educate or vote our way of this, while they yell at us and throw our kids out the window of the mall.

        There is no politely-anarchistic answer for that, as in a free marketplace of ideas; they would burn it.

      14. I don’t trust left or right. Two wings of the same bird.

        • Two sides of the same turd

          • Right on!
            Bunch of stinkers!

            • At least birds have some redeeming qualities, the political bullshit has none. Zero. Nada,

      15. If you honestly believe this article, you ALL should be starting up a violent rebellion. Much talk about guns and grub here, where are the Warriors for freedom?

      16. You gotta love the way a welfare queen with 5 babies and 5 different baby daddies have the same right to vote as you? She’s going to vote for more welfare. Democracy is mob rule.

      17. I ve stated it before I believe in DTA Don’t Trust Anyone. And as ive said before. The difference in political parts is like the difference in a stack of turds or a pile of poop. Same old dog and pony show.

      18. That is the trouble with the under 40’s today, they think working is slavery, even taking out the trash to the curb is a form of slavery. This is why I don’t think the USA will survive in any form into the 2100’s.

        And it is all the white mans fault [says the obese fragile snowflake with her university degree and neon-lime hair, unemployable, laughing, as she spends her working husband into an early death of debt]

      19. x

      20. George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, the Koch brothers, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell will all be okay no matter who gets elected. You probably won’t. What they want to make sure of is division, which does not threaten their money or power like working together would.

        • Ya know, if I was one of those guys and half the planet hated my guts, especially Soros. I’d find a hole somewhere and crawl into it. I mean, Soros has to know how much he is hated. I mean he has to read. These creeps must have to actually revel in their notoriety. I know they have bodyguards but at a certain point, a mob full of angry villagers with pitchforks. Instead of protesting the Bilderberger summit, maybe protesting the actual devil himself, Soros, get’s better results. Just sayin’

      21. read carroll quigley’s “tragedy and hope”. there is no two party system. candidates are hand selected and vetted before national elections to make sure no one will harm the elite. if you think any rogue candidate makes it to the whitehouse then you don’t grasp how the system works.

      22. The Occult Predatory Powers That Be!!!
        Depends on a few simple, force feeding of lies!
        Easter funny bunny timeline
        Sun-day (sun worship)

        The same problem that Ancient Israel had to deal with when in Egyptian Bondage!

        One way out is TRUTH!!!!

      23. You’re right, the Left started it, but it’s about time. Don’t you think Fellow Patriots? To a Secessionist like myself, we’ve been waiting for our side to be pushed off the sidelines while we’re watching Rome burn, and to do something about it.

        You have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet. Freedom isn’t free. OUR Revolution should’ve started years ago. If the Marxists want to start it now, that’s okay by me. It’s better now when we still have control of a few resources and our guns and plenty of ammo. Believe me, the Left has overreached, if WE hold the line and do not fold.

      24. Sad to say but most Americans will submit to tranny because they love there property more than they love their freedom.

      25. Meanwhile, the rich elite are dropping dead like flies. So who’s getting the last laugh ?

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