MKUltra Docs: The CIA Made Remote-Controlled Dogs With Brain Surgery

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 23 comments

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    The Central Intelligence Agency made six remote-controlled dogs as a part of their MKULTRA “behavior modification” or mind control program.  Using brain surgery, newly requested documents show that the dogs were “field operational” and controlled by human beings.

    The CIA marked the 65th anniversary of the launch of Project MKULTRA. And the public is finally getting a more broad and detailed look at just how far those attempting these gruesome experiments were willing to go in order to gain control of our thoughts.

    The documents were provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by  The Black Vault founder, John Greenewald. According to a report by Newsweek, The Black Vault specializes in declassified government records. In one declassified letter (released as file C00021825) a redacted individual writes to a doctor (whose name has also been redacted) with advice about launching a laboratory for experiments in animal mind control. The writer of the letter is already an expert in the field, whose earlier work had culminated with the creation of six remote control dogs, which could be made to run, turn, and stop.

    “As you know, I spent about three years working in the research area of rewarding electrical stimulation of the brain,” the individual writes. “In the laboratory, we performed a number of experiments with rats; in the open field, we employed dogs of several breeds.

    As if their mind control experiments on humans were not disturbing enough, the CIA also admits that the goal was to control the behavior of a dog. “The specific aim of the research program was to examine the possibility of controlling the behavior of a dog, in an open field, by means of remotely triggering electrical stimulation of the brain,” the report states. “Such a system depends for its effectiveness on two properties of electrical stimulation delivered to certain deep-lying structures of the dog brain: the well-known reward effect, and a tendency for such stimulation to initiate and maintain locomotion in a direction which is accompanied by the continued delivery of stimulation.”

    After the surgery to control the mind of a dog, the CIA states that the gruesome side effects could be “infection at the electrode site due to a failure of the surgical wound to heal.” Newsweek reported that after trying out a plastic helmet, government scientists instead settled on the new surgical technique that involved, “embedding the electrode entirely within a mound of dental cement on the skull and running the leads subcutaneously to a point between the shoulder blades, where the leads are brought to the surface and affixed to a standard dog harness.”

    Once the surgeons implanted the electrodes deep in the subject dog’s brain, a battery pack and stimulator was added to the harness, through which signals could be sent to the electrodes. “The stimulator had to be reliable and capable of sufficient voltage output to be usable in the face of expected impedance variation across individual dogs.”

    Another of the documents revealed perhaps even more disturbing new details on the use of experimental mind control drugs on unwilling human beings, suggesting experimenting with the use of such drugs on inmates in prison hospitals and drugging suspected criminals awaiting trial. According to Sputnik News, it gets even worse. Yet another document details experimentation with hypnotic speaking techniques to enable mind control over “large audiences.”

    Read the newly released documents in their entirety here, at The Black Vault.


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      1. It would appear that that John Brennan has been very busy turning the Democratic congress into robots shouting impeach for no reason

        • Jakartaman, the Dems were ALREADY mindless robots, LOL.

          • They ALL need to be put DOWN, as the vile, out of control, dangerous wild beasts that they are, running the streets of America, on the loose…

            • CC, if you’re talking about the left, I agree wholeheartedly.

          • True. Dogs are much smarter.

      2. I remember when Art Bell interviewed the Black Vault founder! He was a kid, back then! Heard him again, interviewed by Clyde Lewis, last week. (I listen on SoundCloud, no interruptions, so not sure which day the show aired on, I usually listen on the weekend).

        Looking at the drawing made me think of an advert I stumbled on recently. For a brain stimulator you can buy, online. It does need a doctor’s approval, but for $18 you can get that, easily enough. The product is sold by Fisher Wallace at their website, here:

        I suppose it is better than taking SSRIs or other toxic pills if you have mental issues, but the scheme is the same, with this thing, as with how the dogs were trained, above.

        I have trained horses and they respond to having a routine. I am also familiar with clickers, commonly used to trained dogs. It is a way to get the attention of the animal and to reinforce behavior. It becomes a reward.

        Sound familiar? Click thumbs up for a site? For an article? For a post? Yeah, you can thank B.F. Skinner. It’s the same technique used at a casino, or in a computer game, to get you to keep playing.

      3. I wish my dogs were remote control lol.

        • Or women too….

      4. Oh I’m sure PETA would love this.

        You can make an easy remote controlled frog.
        1. One frog
        2. Wires
        3. One 6v battery
        4. A momentary pushbutton switch

        Use your imagination, or ask CIA (or PETA?) for further instructions.

      5. I guess it all makes sense now why the Leftists incessantly refer to “dog whistles” all the time in the last 2 years or so…ands it would also make sense that the Lames Stream Leftist Misledia talking heads all keep referring to dog whistles as well being that they are already kept CIA “vetted” tools.

      6. Since the dog will follow, you without any added circuitry, I think you just wanted to push wires into something’s head.

        People’s brains can be stimulated with feelings of guilt and duty, even to the death.

      7. The brain stim technology began as a military experiment with learning how to rapidly learn using firarms in a combat situation. Slight electrical stimulation resulted in a marked decrease in the amount of time to generate practical results.

        The problem is some engineering kids started messing around with it and there is no governing the method and amount! ‘Seems wildly irresponsible and unscientific. What amount aftereffects and potential damage? We know that brain stimulation can actually dull religious fervor which is a shocking and unethical application.

        The most recent evidence is showing adolescents using a tablet over seven hours a day cause thinning of the cerebral cortex and lessens basic test results on verbal scores. We know cell phone use was never designed to irradiate at such close ranges but tested at some distance away. We already are deleterious effects so directly electrically stimulating the brain seems foolhearty.

        Right now, as far as I know, brain stim is typically used to help Parkinson’s patients and is very successful it treating tremors but no one knows the long term effects. Modified shock treatments at much lower levels are used in patients with intractable depression with some success.

      8. MK-ULTRA is alive, and well folks.

        I think it’s safe to say that to stand-by for many more false flags events.

      9. I wonder if a remote-controlled dog could be used on libturds…..

      10. Wouldn’t the protesters in France be designated as leftists? At least they have the nerve to stand up and speak out against the rising tide of corrupt government incrementally stripping away their livelihoods. Here in America the people carry on as usual while corruption is solidified into massive profit taking as livability is stolen away without so much as a peep worth mentioning from the public.

        • Actually the Paris protests are against CARBON-TAXES… a Neo-Liberal construct designed to destroy the prosperity and freedom of western cultures, while promoting carbon spewing communist dictatorships like China, Russia and their satellite vassal-states and Chinese communist resource extraction operations on the African continent.

      11. This is vile and wrong and inhumane to do and this is just the sort of thing man should NOT be doing – playing God and messing with Mother Nature, etc, etc, is a huge mistake!! Sweet, our tax $$ paying for this heinous garbage. Next thing you know, we will take the place of the poor abused animals.

      12. Interesting enough the same was said about RFID chips in that they were only going to be used on animals and now so many have raised their hands up to become chipped pets of the government, once they have been brain chipped with the 666 chip what loyal humans they will become otherwise they will be shocked into submission if the addiction of reality porn through the chip does not work.

        Those brain chipped which leaves the 666 mark on the outside we know will be destined for Hell!

        This electronic stimulation invokes religious belief.

        Whereas this form of magnetic stimulation squashes religious belief and makes the brain malleable to ideas like increased tolerance for immigration!

        Either could be used to persuade people to accept the Antichrist and the latter to develop religious apostacy in Christianity. The latter is ideal for creating leftists.

      14. CIA was formed straight out of the occult Third Reich playbook.

        • Actually the CIA was started by Mi6, Freemasons, Zionists and Conmmunists……… The enemies of the Nazis.

          It’s a fact that Franklyn Delano Rosenfeld (Roosevelt in Dutch) was a Jewish-Communist.

      15. Now they have mind controlled Marxists and didn’t even have to do brain surgery.

        You can’t stand in the way of progress huh ?

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