Middle Schooler SUSPENDED & BANNED For Wearing “Blackface”

by | Nov 4, 2023 | Headline News

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    Muirlands Middle School student in San Diego, California has been suspended and completely banned from future sporting events after wearing “war paint” on his face at a La Jolla High School football game. The student had simply painted his face as many do in support of the local high school’s football team.

    According to Muirland Middle School’s principal, however, this is a clear-cut case of blackface. Here’s the picture of the youth:

    It is interesting, that this is a “clear-cut” case of blackface. This young man has obviously left large areas uncovered and is showing an intentional pattern. Eye black is commonly used by football players to defect the sun’s or bright lights’ glare.

    Eye black, while originally used to help block bright glares, has more recently been used by some players and fans as intimidation. war paint, and team spirit. Mississippi State lineman:


    The student who was banned from future sporting events wasn’t the only student to have a painted face there, and there were no reports of him displaying bad behavior at the game. In fact, security guards and police officers were present the entire night without incident, according to a report by LibsofTikTok.

    One security guard, who happens to be of African American descent, even reportedly joked with the student to make his “spikes” bigger by adding more paint. No one seemed to take the kid’s face paint as anything other than the typical war paint often seen at all football games. It wasn’t until the student’s parent was called into the principal’s office the next week that there was any indication that there was an issue with the student’s face paint.

    Convinced it was a misunderstanding, the parent explained that a fellow student had painted the 13-year-old’s face as an expression of school spirit – the style of paint for sporting events had become a trend on TikTok – and showed the above photo to the principal. Unfortunately, the principal remained adamant that suspension of the student would be necessary, and the photo proved to be “blackface.” –LibsofTikTok.

    Take a look at the suspension notice given by the middle school. Notice the box checked that reads “Offensive comment; intent to harm.” Intent to harm what? His own pores?

    The principal’s comment is almost laughable too. “No place for hate presentation.” It’s football paint; not hate. When did it become OK to call eye black a “hate incident?” This young man looks like he’s going to a soccer game or a football game. It’s pretty obvious he’s not wearing “blackface.”

    This is an example of blackface. The picture is of Canadian ruler Justin Trudeau wearing blackface.

    Attorney Karin Sweigart with Dhillon Law said that the Supreme Court has several times dealt with the issue of students’ off-campus speech. There are serious constitutional problems with what the school did even with regard to California law. “[Muirland Middle School is] really not on very solid ground. Their acts are very constitutionally suspect.” Karin said. “I never thought I’d have a niche practice in blackface cases, but that’s something we dealt with a couple of times.”

    The school seems like it just wanted to make an example out of the young man, regardless of whether he had harmful intent or not, and he obviously did not. “My son’s name needs to be cleared,” said the kid’s parent. “It’s reckless to assume the worst in a child only because he’s white…With such a serious allegation you would think there would be a thorough investigation of intent from all parties.”

    It is unbelievable that while this world has two wars raging that could explode any second, is teetering on an economic collapse of epic proportions, and the ruling classes continue to push to the total and complete enslavement of humanity that the sociopaths in San Diego find it necessary to focus their efforts on young men who enjoy watching sports.


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