‘Mental’ People Reported by Family Will Be Forced to “Have a Time Out, Surrender Their Weapons”

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 117 comments

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    Careful not to seem too angry next time you argue with your spouse. It could spell the end of your 2nd Amendment.

    A California law requiring a ‘temporary’ 21-day gun confiscation of those believed to be potentially violent or mentally unstable will take effect January 1st. President Obama has pushed for similar measures nationwide.

    The seized weapons will be returned only if the disarmed individual can pass a mental health screening and obtain a judge’s approval.

    The Washington Times reports:

    Gun control legislation going into effect in California next week will allow authorities to seize a person’s weapons for 21 days if a judge determines there is potential for violence.

    Proposed in the wake of a deadly May 2014 shooting rampage by Elliot Rodger, the bill provides family members with a means of having an emergency “gun violence restraining order” imposed against a loved one if they can convince a judge that this person’s possession of a firearm “poses an immediate and present danger of causing personal injury to himself, herself or another by having in his or her custody or control.”

    “The law gives us a vehicle to cause the person to surrender their weapons, to have a time out, if you will,” Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Michael Moore told a local NPR affiliate. “It allows further examination of the person’s mental state.”

    As you might have guessed, this will further marry the relationship between gun ownership and mental health – a major focus of President Obama’s 23 executive orders on gun control that were issued in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

    Getting branded as a mental case, a basket case, violent or potentially violent individual, an alcoholic, an anger management case or a host of other labels will increasingly be used to suspend the constitutional right to bear arms.

    Also in the crosshairs will be millions of elderly gun owners who may be considered no longer “mentally capable” of managing their own affairs. It wouldn’t take much for dissidents, conspiracy theorists and certified cranks to be labeled crazy, and ineligible for gun ownership, either.

    One of the first big groups this could affect are returning veterans, many of whom are dealing with PTSD and other issues. After fighting for our country, and being highly trained in firearms, veterans may find themselves disenfranchised as a result of issues stemming from their service!

    Mental Health Screenings: An End Run Around the 2nd Amendment

    Sadly, opportunistic gun control has been the M.O. of the Obama Administration – a tactic that former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel dubbed ‘never letting a good crisis go to waste.’

    Though the San Bernardino attacks are fresh on the minds of gun control-friendly California, this new law  was pushed through in the wake of the Elliot Rodger’s killing spree, who killed six and wounded 11 others supposedly because he couldn’t get a date.

    Perhaps these laws and policies will filter out a few bad apples who may otherwise carry out violent acts, but many more will be unduly violated as a result of preemptive restrictions.

    But the authorities in California are insisting that rights will not be suspended without due process.

    “It’s a short duration and it allows for due process,” he said. “It’s an opportunity for mental health professionals to provide an analysis of a person’s mental state.”

    Twenty months later, implementation of the bill is expected to give family members a mechanism for having loved ones briefly lose access to their own, legally acquired weapons in hopes of stopping similar rampages.

    “It’s the family members, it’s the people closest to the perpetrator, who are in the best position to notice red flags,” Wendy Patrick, a San Diego State University professor and lawyer, told San Diego’s CBS affiliate this week.

    He-said/she-said accusations, snitching and reporting to police, whether justified or not, will become the only justification needed for confiscating guns. Courts may even be required to take guns from ALL individuals reported as a precaution, even in flimsy cases based on unjustified reports.

    Cases of gun confiscation are likely to be triggered frequently by domestic arguments, but will branch out to other “red flag” identifiers including threatening speech posted on social media and, in turn, trolled by law enforcement. The potential for abuse is also ripe.

    The gun grabbers will try to spread this law to other states, too, and meanwhile use the mandatory ObamaCare system to snare more and more law abiding gun owners under labels and diagnoses of mental health.

    Once you make that list, you can count on law enforcement coming door-to-door to disarm you – on the basis of keeping your and your loved ones safe from you!

    Couple that with the No Fly, No Buy terror watch lists Obama will use to bar guns, too, and you’ve got a gun ban based on a whisper campaign and a black list. Somehow it doesn’t smell like freedom.

    Stay vigilant.

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    It IS Happening Here: “Permanent Gun Confiscation” Ordered After Veteran Sought ‘Voluntary’ Treatment for Insomnia

    Obama’s No-Fly, No-Buy Violates 2nd AND 5th Amendments: List Uses “Secret Criteria” To Bar Guns


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      1. The nasty thing is that modern psychiatry is able to declare EVERYONE mentally unstable.
        If you are chaste, you have mental issues; if you f*** around, you have mental issues.
        If you are very emotional, you have mental issues; if you do not show emotions, you have mental issues.
        If you are courageous, you have mental issues; If you are timid, you have mental issues.
        (etc., etc,….)
        It is nothing but a free pass to deprive the people of their liberty and their rights (not only the 2. Amendment).

        • AI: I agree. Psychiatry and psychology are not science. Both are frauds.

          • Philosopher, I agree wholeheartedly. Psychiatry and psychology are just as bogus as the day is long. No legitimate basis for either one.

        • It’s Catch 22….

          If you want to own a gun, you have a mental issue.

          If you have a mental issue, you can’t own a gun.

          • Smokey, I always thought if someone was against gun ownership they have a mental issue.

            • True, but other than the cops, the people who will enforce this law are not going to be gun owners.

        • In all my years, I have never met any psychiatrist or psychologist that wasn’t a looney tune themselves. Wow, and they get to decide whether WE’RE nuts? Nice.

      2. Y’all need to stop with these news stories. I’m paranoid enough now as it is……..

        • Good that means your ready

          • It is only a 21 day suspension of your civil rights. What can possibly go wrong with that?

            • “Civil rights” are by definition rights granted by the government. what is granted by the government can be taken away by the government.
              On the other hand “god given” or “natural” rights (pick your terminology, its the same…) are rights inherited by every living human being and are legally confirmed by our Constitution and its Amendments. They cannot be taken away by governments.

              Repeal all “civil” rights and return to the original intent of the Constitution, problem solved.

        • agreed.
          need more prepper, survival tips,info.
          Terrorist information for they are among us and waiting

        • PO’D,
          tht is also why the new BIG storage facility in Utah is there they can and will go back and dig up anything you ever said on the net or phone and use it as they see fit,(oops) I guess that means i am screwed!

          • As all of us are(screwed). Guess I’m in good company. Sometimes I like to sling a little ‘bait’ out there to see if they’ll take the hook. Still waiting for the door breach. LOL.

        • i’m pissed too, PO. you SAY you are paranoid, but are you paranoid ENOUGH?…i’m willing to bet you aren’t. what’s coming SOON will be worse than MOST can imagine. and before you trolls get going, and start saying we’ve been saying this for years, you ought to wake the F up and LOOK AROUND YOU! i leave you with a short story

          During his 1956 presidential campaign, a woman called out to Adlai
          Stevenson: “Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!”
          Stevenson called back: “That’s not enough, madam, we need a majority!”

          • bcod. Point well taken. I guess degrees of paranoid is open to interpretation. But everyday I strap on a firearm or slip my snubbie (sometimes its one of my 1911s)into my back pocket and there it rides till I go to sleep.

            • My kind of people here.. Been reading posts/ comments for a long time here. I’m tired! I’m with you P’Od Pat.This is my first comment here, maybe my last. There is as 99% of you know, a certified sh@# storm that has already begun.My advise… Live for something….Die for something.. A rule I and my family live by. When those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.. JFK. If you good folks have read from our founding fathers, I swear, I think they had a more than just a glimpse of the future. Godspeed to all here.

              • welcome!…if you been reading a long time, then it’s time for payback…that’s what we DO here, we learn from each other, and we EDUCATE others…looking forward to hearing from you, the more, the better.

        • The only thing standing between you and the immediate loss of your 2nd Amandment rights is the NRA. If you aren’t a member, then you are a freeloader. Keeping our rights is going to take work, a lot more work than just keyboard commando bullshit.

          Call up 1-877-NRA-2000 and join the fight.

          • The NRA is pretty good at what they do, but with only 5 million members. If there were 10 million of us, gun control would be an entirely dead issue in this country and those who support it would be questioning their own sanity, not ours.

            Man up and spend the $35 for a membership.

            • Yup,

              right up until membership in the NRA is considered a sign of mental problems by the psychiatrists and judges that can order your firearms confiscated.

              Or maybe till Hillary or one of her class declares the NRA a terror related organization and puts its members on the no fly/no buy terror watch list and seizes their membership records.

              Donate money anonymously to organizations, don’t join them.

      3. The wolves are at your doorstep.

      4. Reason to hid a couple favorite ones now how to preserve them ammo easy vac pac

        • You are right.

          An angry soon to be ex-wife wanting custody of the kids will take advantage of this law.

          • Or even some cantankerous mean old bastard living next door whoes dog craps on your lawn and bitches about you blowing grass clippings into his yard whe he cuts 3ft over the property line into your yard sees you leave to go to the range and hems you up.

            • the cantankerous mean old bastard living next to me is a Korean war era Marine. He’s a dick, but my guns are safe LOL

          • Not just a disgruntled spouse, any family member could take advantage of this law, including the smartass teenager that didn’t get to go to the mall with her girlfriends last Friday night.

            Since anyone can ‘rat you out’, there can be no penalty for a false report, your mental state can be ‘diagnosed’ by anyone, and if incorrect, well, they really thought you had a problem, you know.

            Wait until someone gets Psychology 101 on their college transcript, then comes home for the holidays.

          • That’s why everyone needs to own at least one gun that absolutely no one except yourself knows about, and have it stored where it won’t be found.

          • Family members can also drop a dime on a (firearms-owning) parent or grandparent, claiming concerns about safety, for the ulterior motive of getting their greedy mitts on the house and other assets of the older person. Even if grandpa just has an old duck-hunting blunderbuss, this “Snitch For Safety” campaign will provide the perfect excuse for a greedy family member to claim that the person is dangerous or unstable as a way to raise the issue of competency. And once accusations like this begin, they can feed on their own energy and be very difficult to disprove. As stated numerous times here, almost anyone can be construed as having some kind of mental issue.

            And what about the ultra-liberal neighbor (which, around here, is just about everyone) who resents your politics and makes an anonymous call to the cops… possibly convincing himself that anyone like you simply HAS to have mental health issues. Or maybe just to be mean. I’ve seen the far-left spouse of a friend dance around in agitation, crowing about how all those awful conservatives should be killed. I observed this firsthand from a member of the party that touts its “tolerance” and “inclusiveness”. It won’t take much for someone like this to convince himself that he is a brave defender of the community by hinting to the authorities that your behavior makes him “feel threatened”.

            How about that co-worker who has seen your gun rack or NRA sticker or heard you comment about your last hunting trip? People get worked up about the smallest things… like, if you pulled into a parking spot that he was approaching… or, if the cute lady in shipping likes you better than him. Could be anything. If this guy has a grudge, well, what a dandy way to jam your gears.

            Keep in mind that the Salem witch hysteria featured one loosely-connected social group against another group in town, and that those condemned to hang were almost always the victims of either a long-standing grudge or a scheme to grab property. The victims were not just randomly accused; there was a backstory to them.

            The more we sink into a surveillance state that is characterized by politically-correct groupthink, the more I find myself reluctant to reveal anything to anybody. Welcome to the Stasi Society.

      5. Not yet time to use them but time to hide them alot here said when its time to hide them its time to use them

        • Yup, let we end up like the Aussies: completely disarmed, except for the guns they’re now afraid to dig up for fear of prison. Besides, your marksmanship skills fade when your guns are in the dirt.

      6. Not only is gun confiscation being done head on, it is also being done on the “private property rights” channel.

        If you rent, and your landlord states in the rental agreement that no guns are allowed on the property, then obviously, you are denied the right to possess a gun.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future, they try to enact legislation that says if you have a mortgage, i.e. you don’t technically own the property, that it is the lender’s call that determines whether or not you can possess a gun on the property.

        It could be done on the homeowner’s insurance channel as well. insurance companies can say that they won’t provide coverage….and of course, if you don’t have coverage, the loan can default and they can take your property.

        The bill from the RI congressman outlined a few posts ago is simply grandstanding. No way that gets through the congress. He’s a congressman from the smallest state and is a member of the minority.

        However, the assault by the private corporation’s (banks and insurance companies) is something to worry about.

      7. The wolves are at your doorstep
        The devils coming in
        The men in blue are here to ‘help’
        with guns and mocking grins

        The wolves are at your doostep
        They demand they have a right
        to point their guns at your family
        and take you in the night

        The wolves are at your doorstep
        Oh wont you stop the crazy talk
        a gun and badge and title see
        marks that you can trust.

        Because now, people can’t rule themselves?
        ..least of all eachother.
        They say they don’t want everything you own
        but they take it bit by bit, all the same.

        And in the name of the good of us all.
        The world will be unmade. The greatest
        trick the devil ever pulled
        was to convince us he didn’t exist at all.

        Hell is empty.
        And all the devils are here.

        – The State

        • Outstanding!

        • AWESOME !!!!

          • Thanks guys. I’m just glad you all enjoyed it.

      8. Psalm 23 vs 1-4
        The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want
        He makes me to lay down in green pastures,
        He leads me besides still waters, He restores my soul.
        He leads me down paths of righteousness, for His name sake.

        Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
        I will fear no evil; For He is with me (always)
        Your rod and Your staff they comfort me.

        As I look back at my life, God has protected me all of my life. He kept me alive when I should have been dead, He kept me out of jail when I should have been locked up and He got me home safe when I was too drugged/drunk to drive.

        He gave me a clear mind, a great family, and Salvation by faith a relationship with Jesus.

        Christ is a historical FACT, no matter how much folks wish that we were not.

        How do you know that George Washington was our first President, “through faith in the History written by those who knew Him”.

        How do you know that Jesus Christ was The Son of God, “through faith in the History written by those who knew Him”!

        If a faith in a Historical FACT makes me nuts, I’m OK with that.

        • Amen, Brother Amos, Amen.

        • Yea, I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death
          I will fear no evil For my Springfield , and Colt is with me always
          my ammo and rifle , they comfort me , as I lay waiting on my oppressors

          we are the righteous , we will prevail .. these bastards have no idea the hell they are messing with

          • Si’. If they are to be your last moments here on earth, make them your finest.

            • Amen.

            • “…let me die in a pile of brass.”

              • When the ammo is spent, it’s time for the crossbow, then the Samurai and the Randall.

        • Very well said sir. Hats off to you.

        • Amen,

        • Blessed be the LORD, my rock,
          Who trains my hands for war,
          And my fingers for battle;

          My lovingkindness and my fortress,
          My stronghold and my deliverer,
          My shield and He in whom I take refuge,
          Who subdues my people under me.

          O LORD, what is man, that You take knowledge of him?
          Or the son of man, that You think of him?

          Man is like a mere breath;
          His days are like a passing shadow.

          Bow Your heavens, O LORD, and come down;
          Touch the mountains, that they may smoke.

          Flash forth lightning and scatter them;
          Send out Your arrows and confuse them.

          Stretch forth Your hand from on high;
          Rescue me and deliver me out of great waters,
          Out of the hand of aliens

          Whose mouths speak deceit,
          And whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

          I will sing a new song to You, O God;
          Upon a harp of ten strings I will sing praises to You,

          Who gives salvation to kings,
          Who rescues David His servant from the evil sword.

          Rescue me and deliver me out of the hand of aliens,
          Whose mouth speaks deceit
          And whose right hand is a right hand of falsehood.

          Let our sons in their youth be as grown-up plants,
          And our daughters as corner pillars fashioned as for a palace;

          Let our garners be full, furnishing every kind of produce,
          And our flocks bring forth thousands and ten thousands in ourfields;

          Let our cattle bear
          Without mishap and without loss,
          Let there be no outcry in our streets!

          How blessed are the people who are so situated;
          How blessed are the people whose God is the LORD!

          Psalm 144

          • Run the word translated alien, and you will see it means strange children. Use your lexicon, run your refs, they also lead to eph 6. Insight here will open up the Psalms in ways that will stun you. Shalom.

      9. translation -if you support Obama and his marxist agenda or not,,,,

      10. These problems won’t be solved by typing.

      11. I would like to see California slide into the sea. Plus a few Northern States to follow. Always starting shit. Thinking up new ways to screw with people. I will add Virginia because they are a Gun Control State.
        Do all the praying you want but the heavy lifting is going to be done by us.

        Want to control gun violence?

        If the person commits murder with a GUN and you have the DNA, trial by jury, witnesses, on camera and all the material needed to be positive. Also if the witness Lies. They get the same punishment.

        Stretch their necks in PUBLIC. Do Not Pass Go and do not collect $200.

        Don’t have to feed or house them . No Medical or dental or future lawyer fees paid by the Taxpayer.

        Where is Judge Roy Bean when you need him.

        • I live in Cali. Wife’s family are all a bunch of Dems/libs. My family is Repub/conservative. My wife shares my beliefs.
          Her brother in law is a big lib and border crosser(legally i think, from many years ago. He is big on letting in mexicans and others from latin america (I’m of Mexican descent but 100% American). I have a good relationship with him, but If anyone was to snitch me off….

      12. This is exactly how progressives will do it….

        First outlaw the ownership of weapons for people declared having a “mental disorder”. Then “progressively” define what a mental disorder is…… Incremental tyranny.

      13. There was a t-shirt some guys use to wear when I was in the military;

        “Yea, I walk through (‘thru’ is not a word, it’s lazy) the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, because I am the meanest mother fucker in the valley.”

        It’s an attitude we’re going to have to have here shortly if not already. Can’t put up with any more shit.

        Learn a hand to hand self-defense too. I’m in Tae Kwon Do 5 or 6 days a week; and I’m 49 and need to drop about 30 pounds but I’m doing pretty good – been going for a couple of years. I feel I’m closer to being able to handle myself adequately between what’s on my hip and the ‘skill’ I’ve picked up in TKD. I’m no ninja but I’m probably far better equipped than the average Joe.

        Train on folks.

        • You bring back many memories of Tae Kwon Do schooling from back in the seventies.

          As a rising white belt soon to be yellow, I was practice sparring for an upcoming National event. Everything was going fine with the blocks and kicks, until out of nowhere this blue belt from my own High school class, came at my solar plexus with a lightening fast round house and knocked the breath and living shit out of me.

          I was well educated by the young girls that could kick like a mule, but it was only nard level. This guy, a super nice dude, was all apologetic, but that lesson carried over to the tournament.

          I was put up against a green belt from a karate school with less accreditation and also because of my taller size. I wore his ass out in no time and we took home a school trophy.
          Those lessons stick in my mind, and maybe not so much of the kicks at my age, but with hands I can kill a man in little time.
          If given the opportunity there are a dozen ways to enable him and then move in for a kill shot to the nasal bones, temples, or neck snap. Threat eliminated.

      14. Left wing screwballs shouldn’t own guns anyway. Just being a lib should have them labeled as mental. Never arm your enemy!

      15. This handwriting has been on the wall a long time. Those who have taken the time to read it moved away from California long ago.

      16. The instant one’s 2nd Amendment rights are denied prior to arrest & conviction of a felony crime, “due process” is violated.

        • Due process has been replaced with executive order.

        • “due process” is now what they do when you arrive at the camps.

          “get the SOB’s off the bus and do process them!”

      17. This one is bad folks; the proverbial “foot in the door”…
        Like other “common sense” laws the left attempt to sell, I believe the devil is in the details.
        For instance, what provision in this law have been made to accomodate the back up of cases that this will surely precipitate? (sic, longer periods without your guns..defacto confiscation)
        For instance; someone has suggested that your guns should be taken away for the safety of your loved ones. Please clarify; 1)can your guns be immediately removed, or 2)are they removed only after a “judge” deems the request appropriate?
        If it is a judge that has to decide before confiscation, the resultant back up of cases will (in future years) precipitate a change to the law that allows immediate removal, and return ONLY if you can prove you are not crazy.
        Again, this one is bad.

      18. who has the police show up at your house for a family beef? So you make that mistake and then you act like an ass when the police do show up. I don’t feel sorry for you. Crossing lines where your lady needs to call the police? Then showing the same lady how an ass acts when the police show up? Maybe you need you ass kicked and guns taken away. Maybe you also need to lighten up on the booze. If my daughter were in this sitituation, I would be embarrassed. I don’t see the point of the guns going away because the lady should high tail it.

        • because sometimes the “lady” isn’t the sweet innocent victim you assume.

        • I was in law enforcement (state parole) (I’ve just recently retired). A few years ago the old guy across the street passed away suddenly. His wife who kind of a nut case, allowed a bunch of tweaker’s to move in, one which was a registered sex offender. We found out, but we could not make him move as he was in compliance(I was in contact with local LEO’s). I kept an eye on them as they were dealing out out of the house.
          They hated me and one evening the old hag called the Sheriff’s dept and claimed that there was a domestic disturbance at my house. As we sat down to dinner the deputies showed up. They could not say who called but pretty much let me know it was them. I talked with them and explained what has been going on with them in the neighborhood which they were a little familiar with already.
          I let them into my house as they said had to verify all was well. The deputy was good about it and peeked inside, said hello to wife and teenage kids and left.
          You never know what can happen, which is why this law is so bad.

          • Did you let them know you were a LEO? The rest of us might not have been so ‘lucky’. Far to often now the Police are escalating situations to get ‘felony arrests’ to make their jackets look good. No encounter with the Police is without danger now and as long as ‘anonymous tips’ can be used to put someone under the gun of a cop- with no recourse by the victim- we are already in tyranny.

            • Yeah, they knew I was also law enforcement and the deputies had responded to the home several times already. This was about 5-6 years ago. They hated me, especially the sex offender as I had reported him to county probation that he was in contact with a small child at the house that I had witnessed in violation of his registration/probation requirements.
              About one year later, they were forced to leave because the old lady homeowner lost the home to due to foreclosure.
              There is now a very nice, quiet Baptist family living there, thank God.

        • cunt divide, please try to open your mind to the possibility that…well, here’s what happened to my son. he and his significant elder decided things weren’t working out, so she was about to move out…but while he was at work, she called him and said she was going to shoot herself…with HIS gun…cops show up, take her to loony bin, take HIS guns(both), and now she’s gone, but he can’t have his guns back to protect his home, so he’s defenseless until they are gracious enough to give his guns back to him….it took ALMOST a year to get them back….he did nothing wrong, but because of the dumbshit, he’s defenseless. cunt, you shouldn’t BELIEVE everything you THINK…

          • Never let a woman move in with you. Had a co worker (fellow LEO) about 10 years ago who had his girlfriend living in his home. They had a breakup and she filed a restraining order on him to spite him. He did nothing wrong, and was unable to go into his own home for 1, maybe 2 months unless a cop was present.

      19. One item that could bear thought-when practicing with firearms, try this:(first make sure you have clearance from range safety officer- !!) exercise your arms to failure.
        That is to say, your arms are so tired that they shake-this exercise simulates “adrenaline rush”. Sounds goofy I know – but you’ll find out real quick how much “muscle memory” is there from training.
        Another thing is this – train “weak side” shooting- in case your favored side is incapacitated. Single hand reloading of magazine and wracking the slide on semi-auto pistols.
        Finally, there’s this: assume IF the bad guy coming to take your stuff – whether it’s guns, woman, you-don’t go for center mass or head shot-legs, hips and groin. The reason is this- body armor. If time allows and you’re capable of pulling it off, go for the head- extremity wounds incapacitate the target, and makes the rest have to either go and get the wounded out of the way (figuring they’re bunched up say, in a hallway, entryway or enclosed space). Or in case the “bum rush” is pushed then it’s elbows, knees and anything else you can use to put a stop to the nonsense.
        Just my $00.25 worth. (Got higher because of inflation, you know 😉 ).
        Be well, pray, and watch your 6.

        • Great advice Cat Herder. Thank you.
          Here’s wishing you, and everyone else here, a Happy and Prosperous New Year! (Except for JohnInSouthNJersey, who requires a brain-transplant. If successful, and he comes back offering apologies across the board, then the same New Year’s sentiment is extended). 😉

      20. After many LEO’s begin to be Shot, Killed, Crippled etc. I think that when the duty roster comes up that they are on that detail for the week many will put in for vacation/leave.

        I would gamble a few to say that 90% of people/Sheeple that are told/forced to give them up will, it will be the other 10% that kicks off the revolution.

      21. They’re coming to take me away, Ha ha!

        California State Song. You know I had to dredge that one up.

        • Medical Facility and/or Doctor’s Questionaire.

          Do you ever have a desirous feeling of wanting to hurt yourself?

          What about someone else?

          Are you argumentative and or confrontational at work?

          Are you currently taking medications to control these feelings?

          In the extremely fine print.
          (notice:your response to these questions will remain sealed until at such a time as deemed necessary to be revealed to the proper authorities to maintain a safe living environment to all those that may be exposed to such behavior.)

          Millions have these records on file within a national/international database.
          Think about it.

          • i saw that question when i went to loma linda M/C every time i saw a different doctor….wonder how many simps actually ANSWERED the question?(you didn’t HAVE to)…you can now no longer answer that question with a yes, i feel like hurting myself, because you will lose yer guns if the spitehouse hears about it. i wonder how many veterans will now be afraid to say anything, for fear of having their guns confiscated….barrage obama has just absolutely DESTROYED their ability to ask for help any more…because, you know, at least a COUPLE of them DO kill theirselves every day in murica…what a piece of work….no, what a piece of SHIT he is….and while i’m at it, why do we need a “wounded warrior project”?…shouldn’t he be TAKING CARE OF OUR
            VETERANS???????the stupid just BURNS in murica anymore… albert einstein was right, stupidity has NO limit.

      22. I have no trouble with taking away guns from crazy people, I have a little trouble with who gets to decide who is crazy.

        • There are simple tests to determine if someone is on the brink of of un-stability. If they are borderline, then by all means they should be watched and monitored. That just makes good common sense.

          The left wing nut idiots in charge (some republicans as well) should not be able to make determinations or influence paperwork.

          With all that, there are still people that just plain “snap” like mikey Tyson an look for an ear to chew on. You as in LE, can’t protect all the people all the time…that is why we have the God given right to bear arms and protect ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

          It is a God given right, and can’t be rightfully taken away by a few leftist/socialist democrats.

          People will fight to the death to protect the last two remaining God given rights and those are the right to bear arms, and the right to practice free Christianity from the KJV Bible.

          Watch what happens in Californication.

          • Soon it will be considered a mental health issue to be a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ.
            Christians will start to lose their jobs soon because of their beliefs.

          • No one’s trying to take your precious guns idiot. There is not such a “God given right.” You dreamed that up. Actually you don’t know if there is a God.

            Regardless, calm the hell down. You’re acting paranoid. This forum is diseased with such behavior. It’s bizarre and very sad.

            I wish you well.

            • Hmmm

              “No one’s trying to take your precious guns idiot” Actually you are lying. The is an blatant concerted, well organized and ongoing conspiracy by members of the government and the ruling elite to do just that. Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you or your guns……..

              I can offer any number of quotes from a variety of well known Americans in both the public and private sector who have stated publicly for the record that they want to take all of the guns away from private citizens. Senators Feinstein and Schumer have stated that goal repeatedly and loudly for years. Which is rather hypocritical considering they support Israel which grants it’s citizens (as long as they are Jewish of course) the right to bear arms.

              People really is trying to take his, in fact all of our guns.

            • You guys always have to resort to foul language and insults.
              South Jersey, that explains a lot. Just was and see what is gonna happen this year.

            • johninsouthjersey(the communist state)…don’t let the door hit yuh where the good lord split yuh!….when you find yourself where you SHOULDN’T BE, you SHOULD recognize that…stupid is not well-received around here….BTW, i wish you HELL….crappy new year to yuh!

      23. Hmmm

        Due process? whats that? The Bill of Rights? we don’t need no stinking rights! Didn’t you know its just a goddamn piece of paper

      24. When fascist criminal vile evil government filth come to your door, simply do not open it, and when they come through the door, treat the vile filthy fascist boot licking scum of the earth as you would any criminal intruder.

      25. Mental illness has a wide array of micro issues. Your family members are not doctors and therefore are not qualified to report you mentally ill. Doctors that diagnose you will automatically report you to the no gun list being created as we speak. If that is not infringing on your rights as a gun owner I don’t know what is. Responsible gun dealers shouldn’t sell guns to mentally retarded people anyway. There is a guy that sells guns the hunting type no sporting guns and he was on the news one time and he said he turns people away from time to time because he don’t want to sell guns to people that he feels are not competent. I don’t see anything wrong with this really. They can still get a gun just somewhere else. They are not put on a list barring them from ownership. You have to admit some gun dealers will sell a gun to anyone with a heart beat.

      26. Can you say B.S.!!!!
        Now it isn’t normal to get pissed! This world has never been Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, and never will. Libtard wake the “F$%K” up.

        You try to take a mans guns that is already pissed will get you and them killed. There isn’t enough LEO’s to do this. Now this is asking a question? Martial Law?

        Well folks we made it though 2015. I didn’t think we would, but we did. I Pray that you and yours have a Great 2016 and all your hopes and dreams come true. If TSHTF in 2016 I hope you all are prepped. I also pray that you heart, soul, and mind is also Prepped.

        Happy New Year——Happy New Year—–Happy New Year!!


      27. Happy New Year????????????????

        That is going to last about two minutes and we are back to the same old bullshit.

      28. Yes, happy new year to all and don’t worry. WE WILL make it through 2016 too. It’s an election, or is that selection, year so the ship will sail calmly on. You’ll see.

      29. This is why they stage the false flag Active Shooter drills. FAKED events with massive media coverage. Your government is corrupt.

      30. Being a cop on the gun squad in California during 2016 is not going to be a good career move.

        • I bet that 99% of the gun confiscations happen when the “mentally ill” person is not at home. Other family members will be turning in the guns.

          • Probably.

            Coming soon to Lake Tahoe : Stateline Liquor, Ammo Sales, and Gun Storage, Inc.

      31. Triumph the New Year! I don’t want to say “happy” but hope all survive well.

      32. Did anyone notice the gun up top has double barrels. Anyway I can’t say I disagree with mental cases not having guns but the gov is corrupt and will use this as a vehicle to disarm the public. The federal motor carries safety administration has used sleep apnea against commercial drivers for purposes of disqualification. The rule is if your neck is over a certain diameter this puts you at a greater risk of having sleep apnea so they gotta do a sleep study which leads to a cpap machine and mask that you will use every night because there is a memory card that needs to be brought to doctor and you have to use this machine more than 70 percent of the time. I don’t have this problem but many drivers do. This is using the doctor to put red tape all over drivers trying to make a living. It’s to the point that it’s not really worth being a driver anymore the $ sucks for the headaches you get. To put it simple the juice ain’t worth the squeeze. This is the route tptb wants to take with gun rights. People will figure why bother if it’s too much hassle to own a gun. Effectively destroying the second. This is my prediction.

        • It’s common for totalitarian governments to classify their political opposition as mentally ill and disappear them to camps for mental health training!

          This California Law is a special punishment exacted only on people who exercise their “Second Amendment Rights” where in fact no actual crime was committed!

          Davis v. Wechsler , 263 US 22, 24.
          “Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can
          be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.”

          “The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot be
          converted into a crime.”

          Miller v. US, 230 F 486, 489.
          “There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of
          this exercise of constitutional rights

          • Plan twice: Spot on. The former USSR was expert at this type of harassment. People were sent to a treatment facility. Or a gulag. Or one and then the other.

          • Cops do what they’re told. Natural rights be damned.

            We all lose to law enforcement when paychecks trump God given rights.

            Never trust any LEO…

        • “Did anyone notice the gun up top has double barrels.”

          Yeah, that double barrel 1911 is a neat novelty. Forget who makes them but they aren’t cheap and are better suited to being a collectible firearm than a practical firearm for real world use.

          Still wouldn’t mind having one, but I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford one or find one available for purchase if I ever can.

      33. Can we all say SPLIT the FAMILY even more! These SOB’S need to go soon very soon. Brother against Brother a house divide can not stand.

      34. One word, OPSEC.

        You need a few perfect hiding places for a few of your best survival tools. A place, or better places where no police or thieves will find them, and except for the most trusted, like minded family, no one knows about.

        If you are unequally yoked to a spouse who is a rabid liberal or similar mental defect, then protect yourself and them by sparing them information they can in their ignorance use to your families destruction.

        Be coumforted in persecution – Mathew 10:21 Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death. 22″You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved. 10:22 But whenever they persecute you in one city, flee to the next; for truly I say to you, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes.…

        • Buy a gun safe and pay a buddy to keep it at his place.

        • You’re a bizarre, scary person. What’s your address. I don’t think you should have a gun ha-ha.

          You do seem rather strange. Peace. 🙂

      35. If you have not seen an older movie, “The Lives of Others,” I cannot recommend that you watch this movie loudly enough. That is what this sounds like to me. There are family members and spouses that would certainly call LEOs out of spite or anger.

      36. I can say with a 100% certainty that this abomination of a law WILL BE misused, abused and expanded to confiscate firearms from the general public. All for your own good of course.

      37. Yep. We all better behave now.

      38. Another one of “those sites” I see. 🙁 Don’t know exactly how I got here; clicked something for some reason. Read just two posts and knew I was in troubled waters.

        “The seized weapons will be returned only if the disarmed individual can pass a mental health screening and obtain a judge’s approval.” Absolutely makes sense to intelligent, insightful, rational human beings.

        The main conservative argument is “mental health.” Well, it competes with “radical Islam”; I can say that. I have no serious problem doing that.

        Currently in the US mental health issues ARE the biggest problem. “The seized weapons” plan is truly sensible and workable. If you actually believe that the government is going to target massive amounts of people to fraudulently “take their guns” you are probably paranoid-like, or actually paranoid. That obviously will not happen. Liberals and independents would unite with conservatives if the government attempted that. Please; calm down. 🙂

        Again; mental health is the consensus first, smartest and rational target to seriously slow down such massive murders. At this present time at least it is. If such conservatives even resist that, they’ll have to be “taken out” –IN THE BALLOT BOOTH, OR THROUGH EXECUTIVE ORDER.

        Actually the vast majority of the population (conservatives too, to a lesser degree though) favors such basic, sensible gun control/gun safety as completely across the board background checks; specifically first by stopping guys from selling guns from a car trunk at a gun show to anyone with the cash without being properly checked out.

        It makes absolute sense. Period.

        I wish you all the best in 2016, believe it or not. Peace. 🙂


        • run along jersey boy, you are definitely in the wrong place…if you think the gubmint can “keep you safe”, and we don’t NEED to protect ourselves….i got news for you. the gubmint has failed MISERABLY in that regard…when seconds COUNT, a cop is only MINUTES away…you don’t get to tell ME i can’t protect my OWN life…don’t let the door hit yuh on the way out.

          • and just wait until you see the “new world” we are going to be in by the end of 2016…this shitstorm that’s unfolding before your(closed) eyes will be much worse soon, and then EVERYONE will be armed…or DEAD. you don’t SEE that, now DO you? you will.

        • John in South Jersey

          I was crazy when I got here, But I’m All Right Now!


          • the more i saw this post, the more i liked it!..you can post some great shit, slingshot!

      39. California is the test case for future liberal state law and eventually red state and Federal law in the U.S.. The idea is to test these illegal laws in California liberal courts with arguments that pass “constitutional” liberal court tests based on prior illegal liberal laws. These illegal acts become a pyramid that cannot be challenged. When enough states pass these illegal acts and pyramid the illegal laws they transcend to become the law of the land.
        There is a long list of constitutional law concepts that have eroded in the last fifty years from illegal law pyramiding. For example Illegal search and seizure is epidemic, seizure of property without a hearing is common, etc….

        In this case California will destroy the fire arms or lose them, by accident of course, and force the tax payer to go to court to recover the value of their firearms. The recovery case should take no longer than ten years to complete.

      40. Psychiatry is a way to destroy. Freud was a fraud.
        The treatment of the insane is the secret tool of the
        hidden powers. Torture is legitimized. Collection of
        personal information with which to blackmail. Over-
        riding laws. Control and destruction of the brain via
        horrific mind altering drugs. Children targeted. Schools
        used to label and make every child brain damaged with
        antidepressants amphetamines and other toxic poison.
        Time to stand up for the defenseless victims of psychiatry.
        Obama should be impeached for trying to sidestep the 2nd.

      41. Although I do believe mentally challenged Americans are a category of gun-owners who should most likely be scrutinized more, I do not believe it should be determined by “some Judge”. When a family member is of concern, why not just let the family member take control of the situation… why the need for Government intrusion at all?
        We all know this is just ANOTHER back-door-gun-control measure…nothing else.

      42. Mental health is the avenue to gun control..
        It was used to confiscate guns in Eastern Europe prior to WWII..

        American Psychiatric Asso: Half of Americans are mentally ill..
        After crafting by politicians and Media all will be crazy except for them..

        300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs were written in 2009 alone..
        Your children on medication for ADHD?
        Single woman with children diagnosed with depression?

        Be careful what you ask for…….

      43. Mental health as a weapon against the people is communist in origin..

        Deceptive Transformation: The Truth of Soviet Influence in America and Gun Control..

        The idea of using mental health as a weapon against the people is communist in origin, and the social sciences, or the studying of human behavior has its roots in early twentieth century Russia when Ivan Pavlov developed his
        “classical conditioning” theories. In fact, Pavlov was disturbed that Vladimir Lenin would use these conditioning methods against the people in order to get them to accept communism.
        Since that time the social sciences have been used as a means of maintaining control over populations and getting them to accept their own down fall. This is happening today in the United States as our universities and public schools have long ago adopted educational techniques based on the social sciences and classical conditioning methods. Subjects like White Privilege and Multiculturalism are used to demoralize our population, create a guilt consciousness and silence us into accepting a new agenda based on the idea that we have been unfair, and our lifestyles are oppressive, and offensive to others. This agenda dates back to the early twentieth century; however, it saw some of its most major advances in the mid 1900’s after the U.N. was created in 1945. While many people today view the Democrat Party as being made mostly of communists or socialists; the sad truth is that the Republican Party is just as responsible for what we are seeing in education and culture in the United States today.

        As I wrote in “Not on My Watch: Exposing the Marxist Agenda in Education,” Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, two presidents that were considered American Patriots, actually signed agreements with the Soviet Union that gave them influence over U.S. education, culture, scientific and technological research, radio, television and finally, medicine. This is according to U.S. Department of Education whistle blower, Charlotte Iserbyt. It is the area of medicine that should draw your attention because as mentioned earlier, Soviet medicine revolved around the idea of mental health, and classifying people that were opposed to communist objectives as being mentally ill. This is where the Surgeon General’s claims about banning guns being a part of medicine comes from. Slowly but surely, they will work to associate gun ownership with mental illness. From the 45 goals of the Communist Party USA

        Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

        (Note: Many websites are now appearing claiming this list of communist goals to be a hoax. If you read them for yourself you will see many have been accomplished and that they bear a striking resemblance to many things currently happening in the U.S. The claims that they are a hoax could be a deliberate misinformation campaign headed by the Information Regulatory Affairs office led by none other than Cass Sunstein. Just looking at the state of our society, it is clear that these goals are not a hoax.)
        While the move for an Article Five Convention seems to be gaining momentum, you should take heed. There is another constitution waiting in the winds and it won’t protect your rights to keep and bear arms.

        Freedom outpost

        • Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it. You are correct. It is not only in the former USSR. Look at how the VA has treated veterans. Shameful. Beyond shameful.

          There is a place where psychiatry is used for control by the VA. The Chillicothe VA in Ohio.

          Electro-shock therapy is still considered to be a valid treatment by the VA.

      44. This is more about private property ownership than the 2d amt. One can contact ARES ARMOR and get an AR , or 1911 lower at 90% complete as an invitation to take to any machine shop with the provided software cut it to completion on a CNC without a background check and no serial numbers and its lawful. Since the workman is worthy of his hire, a legal maxim, which means we are entitled by right to the fruits of our labor! It’s a federal system, which means by Agreement at the individual level. We have unlimited right to contract/agree or not to agree/contract. Ones signature is all that the court needs to enforce said agreement/contracts. Courts apply the objective standard, not the subjective standard since 1965 and the codification of the UCC. So the former elements in a valid agreement are no longer applicable folks. So don’t sign anything unless you really know what it means and understand the liability for so doing. I’m a proponent of open carry, and every state has laws on the books allowing this, badges don’t grant extra rights so the laws which allow the creation and creature of the state to open carry I.e. the cops also allows for members of the vicinage to open carry. Think people!!!

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