Meat Trucks Stranded at the Canadian-US Border Amid Trucker Protest

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    One hundred and fifty meat trucks are stranded at the border between the United States and Canada as the truckers continue to protest mandatory COVID vaccinations. The U.S. is the largest exporter of Canadian beef.

    Days after the “Freedom Convoy” of truckers protesting vaccine mandates in Ottawa, the country’s capital, protests are spreading to US-Canadian border crossings and furthering logistical headaches.  Bloomberg reports 150 trucks packed with beef, bound for the US, are stuck in a traffic jam at the border at Coutts, Alberta, the Canadian Meat Council said. Since the weekend, a convoy of truckers has slowed processing times between Alberta and Montana.

    The food shortages are about to be blamed not on the rulers who are barking orders and insisting their slaves comply, but on those disobedient slaves who simply value freedom over non-thinking compliance. You can already see where this is going by just skimming over an article written by any mainstream media website.

    On Sunday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, a member of the ruling class, called for an end to the blockade, stating: “Canadians have a democratic right to engage in lawful protests. I urge those involved in this truck convoy protest to do so as safely as possible, and not to create road hazards that could lead to accidents or unsafe conditions for other drivers.”

    “It is not yet clear what the provincial or federal government is doing to facilitate a resolution. The longer this takes, it will cause more supply chain issues and this will affect everyone from producer to consumer,” Marie-France MacKinnon, a spokesperson for the council, said.

    This is going to compound already problematic food supply issues. Consider stocking up on a few items while you can, especially meat. No one should be forced to be injected with anything in order to be “allowed” to keep their livelihood, of which half is stolen by their masters in the ruling class anyway. These protests are necessary, but be prepared to provide for yourself and choose freedom and morality over slavery and legality.


    The real question is what will the ruling class do when people realize that taxation is theft and stand together refusing to fund their masters anymore?


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      1. Squirrel, it’s whats fer dinner!

        • You need to find meats with no hunting season. Woodchuck tastes like chicken. Frog legs. Crow. All good proteins.

          • Wonder what groundhogs taste like, serve them right for bringing us six more weeks of winter.

            • I don’t wanna sound pretentious but I saw this coming, as did many others, years ago. Our freezers are full. There are too many that simply are not paying attention and some think the gubmint will do something to fix it when the gubmint is what broke it.
              Stay quiet Be smart

      2. I learned a cool trick the other day for newer baofeng radios. If you have one that has the factory limited bandwidth you can unlock it by turning the radio off, Press the mon, PTT, and vfo buttons, hold them down as you turn it back on. It should say “FACTORY” on the screen. If it does then your set.

        • What the F#ck does this statement mean in the 1st paragraph, last sentence? “The U.S. is the largest exporter of Canadian beef.”

          Did you mean the US is the largest IMPORTER of Canadian Beef? Or is the US now importing then exporting the same Canadian Beef? Please explain author. That statement makes no sense.

          BTW/ I raise rabbits for meat. All white mean nice and lien and is pretty tasty on the BBQ grill, and take it off when it reaches 180 degs internal temp. What I do not eat, I sell off to help offset the rabbit pellet food and hay.

      3. The provincial politicians struck an agreement with the truckers to drop mandates for their rural jurisdiction (I think it was Alberta). The truckers agreed to open one lane to the border as a sign of good faith. But they said they will shut it down again if the mandates are not lifted quickly.

      4. Not the beef! Dude, not the beer either!

        Canada went too far when they tried to say only the vaccinated can have a dang drink to quench thirst.

        Did go fund me ever stop with holding the money? They really should have sent that through give send go.

        Thanks for the boefang trick. Dude I never even took mine out of the box. It’s part of the shtf just in case stash.

        • You might want to take them out and charge them and program them then put them back. If you need them in a hurry they will be ready to go. I program the local cops (not trunked etc) in the memory channels and use the 2 non memory ones for my private stuff. They scan pretty slow but they work. You can find all the info on your local frequencies at “radioreference dot com”

          • One more thing. Be VERY careful which frequencies you transmit on! If your on a ham, police, govt, utility freq. you will be in a world of shit. Best to use a blank business freq.

      5. Hmm, I worked in a meat packing plant for quite a while and all of these meat products have a shelf date as to how long the product is good for. Some product is good for a longer time than the printed date, but then again, you never can tell. They or somebody could very easily end up with a stinking mess.

      6. Good grocery news:
        Prices coming down as rancid meat goes up for sale.

        • Yeah, then lawsuits from people who got sick from eating that rotten meat. Lol

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