Measles Police State: “Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail”

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 129 comments

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    Never mind the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and other basic freedoms that uphold parents’ rights to make decisions about the health care their children receive.

    Never mind the evidence that vaccines aren’t as effective as their makers have promised.

    Shutter to think, according to the Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, “the theory of ‘herd immunity’ is failing or was flawed to begin with” while a 2014 Council on Foreign Relations report found:

    the most highly vaccinated populations are also those with the greatest number of outbreaks for those same infectious diseases. This was especially the case for measles, mumps, rubella, polio and pertussis outbreaks,” with the U.S. Canada and rest of the Western world leading the list.

    Never mind all that.

    For many, the measles outbreak at Disneyland is the proof that this matter should no longer be a choice.

    Already, an unvaccinated Pasadena woman has been forcibly quarantined after her sister contracted measles.

    But it is going further.

    USA Today columnist Alex Berezow boldly proclaimed:

    Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail.

    Anti-vaxxers often claim the right not to put “poison” in their children’s bodies. That is ludicrous. A mountain of data has demonstrated that vaccines are safe and effective. Insisting otherwise is akin to believing that the moon landing was faked.

    Tell that to the parents of Keira Driscoll, a five year who died from very strain of the flu that she was vaccinated against just three days after receiving an immunization.

    Or the 15,000 families that have had little other recourse than to file claims in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program after serious injury or death to their child since the program was created in 1988.

    The benefits of vaccination have been systematically oversold for one obvious reason – to drive sales with public health mandates and a huge booster of fear – for the profit of Big Pharma.

    And this push has not been harmless, it has put many people at risk and devastated families – all because margins of known risk from the vaccines have been accepted as a minor casualty in the effort for the “greater good.”

    Berezow argues:

    Measles is perhaps the most infectious human disease. Virus particles can remain in the air for up to two hours after an infected person leaves. And measles is not a minor infection. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that before widespread vaccination began in 1980, 2.6 million people a year died from measles. About 400 people a day still do.

    Put simply, no person has the right to threaten the safety of his community. Like drunken drivers, the unvaccinated pose an imminent danger to others. They pose a lethal threat to the most vulnerable: the immunocompromised, such as HIV or cancer patients, and infants who have yet to receive their vaccines.

    Anti-vaccine parents are turning their children into little walking time bombs. They ought to be charged for endangering their children and others.

    So, there you have it: people who create walking time bombs are terrorists; terrorists should be arrested; parents who don’t vaccinate should be arrested for weaponizing their children. Great.

    However, this propagandist fails to point out, or perhaps even comprehend, that the real reason behind these deaths, though still quite tragic, is compromised immune systems – not the disease iteself. The vast majority of these deaths occur in populations who live without basic conditions of clean water, sanitation and sufficient levels of essential vitamins in their diet.

    Like the flu, it tends to kill those who already have weakened or underdeveloped defenses against illness.

    Measles poses relatively little risk to a healthy child. Pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon told CBS News:

    “This measles outbreak does not pose a great risk to a healthy child,” said Dr. Gordon. “And quite frankly I don’t think it poses any risk to a healthy child.”

    “Not meningitis, not the plague, not Ebola, they’d get measles. Measles is almost an always a benign childhood illness.

    Mortality from Childhood Diseases Was Declining Before the Vaccine Arrived

    Overall, studies have shown that rising standards of living have done the most to decrease mortality from infectious disease – not vaccines.

    The following chart shows that while the measles vaccine, first introduced in 1963, dramatically decreased the number of measles cases, the number of deaths from measles was already in a downward spiral, thanks to general advances in reducing childhood mortality, in part due to social focus on improving nutrition and hygiene.

    Deaths from measles declined from around 10 per 100,000 people in 1912 to around 0.25 per 100,000 in the 1960s. While the introduction of the vaccine did reduce the deaths to near zero, the trend was headed there anyway.

    Click to enlarge.

    Prior to vaccinations, the vast majority of children who contracted measles in the United States caught the disease, endured it, built up their own bodily defenses, and recovered, often after spreading it to other children who also endured it much in the way children spread chickenpox to one another, often intentionally.

    Today there are vaccines for these diseases and more, with plans to roll out vaccines for every conceivable disease under the sun or in the known galaxy. Many parents, doctors and advocates have argued there are now simply too many vaccinations on the schedule for most children to handle, increasing the risk of side effects. Some 30 rounds of vaccines (plus an annual flu shot) are recommended by the CDC in a child’s first six years of life.

    Side Effects of Vaccines Outweigh the Dangers of the Disease?

    But as the number of cases as well as deaths shrunk, the admitted risk of side effects from the vaccines themselves have overshadowed the risk of the disease.

    Hence, many parents have opted out of them, based on a mix of supporting data, precautionary apprehension and, of course, word-of-mouth rumors.

    After all, it was the MMR shot – the vaccination for measles mumps and rubella that started the whole “anti-vax” affair – prompting significant numbers of parents to opt out of vaccines for their children en masse, and inadvertently triggering panic in the powers-that-be.

    Undoubtedly the Disneyland measles outbreak is being used by the media not only to demonize parents who choose not to vaccinate, but to shame and intimidate them as well.

    The media will no doubt point out the many well meaning parents who believed the “rumors” about the MMR vaccine jab being linked with autism – stirred up by the research of Dr. Wakefield, who was accused of fraud and stripped of his medical license.

    But the media will probably NOT be pointing out the revelations of the CDC whistleblower who just admitted that the massive study conducted by the CDC to especially to counter the alleged link between MMR and autism was itself fraudulent, and fudged the data to hide increases in autism risk tied to certain statistical populations. Lawsuits have since been filed.

    Few have heard the leaked audio of the same CDC whistleblower discussing research linking “tics” linked to mercury in vaccines, noting that he would personally NEVER give his own pregnant wife a flu shot (which contains mercury as the preservative thimerosal). Doctors, however, recommend that pregnant women receive the shot.

    But for the masses, those are just background issues most will never even be aware of.

    The drumbeat is mounting for a new push to legitimize vaccinations, and recoup the profits that have been lost to falling vaccination rates and, as usual, by scaring up an issue.

    God help us. Society is made up of sheep.


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      1. I sTill doNTt like them dOwgDarn nEedles.

        • Instead they need to round up all the illegal invaders and vaccinate them, they are the ones who brought the disease across the border, and leave our kids alone.

          While they vaccinate all the illegal bastards, might as well castrate them too so they can’t breed and produce more societal parasites.

          Close the fucking border and outbreaks like this won’t happen.

          • What they are “really” saying: Parents who can not be controlled should go to jail.

            • not enough room in jails they are full of natures plant smokers

              so they will have to FEMA you or execute you

              • Alex Berezow

                Who the hell is this asshole really anyway?

                No wikipedia bio even when searching for it directly.

                Fifth Column?

                Your mission: Find out.

            • Bingo.

              Once again, human shields. It’s not just for the Middle East anymore.

              Pay us our tribute or you’ll never see the “hostages” again.

          • You sound like a FOX news follower. Fear and panic. Read the history on the Nazi ties to big pharma. I’ll start you off with George Merck and Martin Borman.

        • A lot of Boehner-bashing lately. Don’t forget that Boehner once threatened to remove Gingrich as Speaker because Boehner thought that Gingrich wasn’t conservative enough. Its easy to be a radical when you have no actual responsibility for policy implementation. When you become a leader of people you have to make compromises and become much more moderate. That is reality.

          Don’t be one of the truthstream medias and Gerald celentes of the world, constantly bitching and whining and raving and raging but never offering any constructive ideas.

          Today I listened to this cunt from truthstream media on the daily sheeple tell me that no politician is any good they are all owned puppets and to stay home and don’t vote. Well, what the fuck should we do then, you dumb cunt, let everything go to rot? Get your heads out of your asses.

          Success is anathema for a rebel. Bitches.

        • There is a really cool article at KING WORLD NEWS with lots of cool pictures you will love… keep trying to copy and paste and bring it to you…!

          Paul Craig Roberts – EU And Banksters Threaten: “Defy Us And …


          4 hours ago … Paul Craig Roberts – EU And Banksters

        • good question you will never get a straight answer for , because it involves common sense

          How does an Un vaccinated person infect a vaccinated person ? huh?

          if your vaccine is SO DAM GOOD, than how would a vaccinated person get a disease from a non vaccinated person ?????

          trust me all you will get is some Bullshit answer

      2. If anyone is posing a lethal threat to society, it is the legions of brain-dead zombies who simply can’t think. Daily diets full of phytoestrogens and garbage chemicals, conversations replaced with abbreviated text talk, it is amazing they function at all. They have zero capacity for reason.

        Vaccinations are safe! they yell and scream. Well, all right, please explain how it works. Blank stares. Tell me, does a vaccine introduce a foreign substance to induce the production of antibodies?

        “Oh shut up, it’s perfectly safe, idiot!” That’s a zombie for you. Skating past reality. How is it perfectly safe for someone with autoimmune issues? They could not possibly tell you. But what is worse, they do not bother to ask.

      3. This is so out of hand. Its gettitng ridiculous. The term Molan Labe is as needed as ever. They want to destroy our way of life, good luck! Hope you’re up to the task.

        • These fucking idiots that keep pushing this need to know that some of us will hunt them down and kill them for messing with our children.

          • That’s right.

        • they are slowly conditioning the sheeple to do as they are told and DO NOT question authority! this way most people will behave as they are led to the FEMA capms and whatever else they try to do.

          • Our area since dateline of Obama’s illegals invasion = whooping cough, measles, and even more ridiculously, foot and mouth virus, which spread through the area’s preschool kids. These diseases were NOT seen until Obama’s BS infected America…and he is the one who should be jailed.

          • We we’re going to have a mob. Society is after all a dictatorship. But then no one showed up for the mob..

            Nothing is more deadly to a democracy, which is really just mob rule, than apathy.

            Whats a tyrant to do when no one cares to march to his drum?

            Build your own warmachines
            We’ll bring our own beer
            The end of the world is coming
            I’ll save you a seat right here.

        • The Average Mortality rate in the US in the 1880’s was 38 for Men and 40 for women. It was a hard fast life. I was just doing some family history research yesterday, my late Multi-Great grand father farmed with horse and plow 160 acres in Wisconsin for 50 years, then passed the family farm onto other family, and traveled from Wisconsin out to Long Beach California via Horse and Wagon and took the Mormon Dirt Trail on about 1903. Back then you had to have Guts and Grit. Here is a link to the western wagon trail routes.

          How many of you out there would have the Guts and Grit to make a wagon train route trail out west? Many whine today if their electric goes out for a few hours, or Cell phone is not working. My earlier Family and his great great great grand father, sailed into Boston Harbor in 1603 from England, just 18 years before the Pilgrims landed. How many of you would set sail to the unknown land to find freedom. How many of these coward living here in America today would fight to defend out country and freedom from these psychopath tyrants destroying our values and liberty. You all better get your guns and ammo in place and be ready to fight. Or none of you deserve any freedom or liberty. Never Give up or give an inch, keep on fighting, never give up your guns, and shoot any tyrannical bastard in the balls who tries. I will not be the Generation that looses this Great Country to assholes or parasites, hell bent to destroy it. WWTI – Let er’ Rip!!

          • Dude if I was going to die at 38, and I wasn’t being actively financially punished for taking a risk like that? I mean forget “it could go bad”… yeah sure it could but today you are actively financially punished for even going there in any way shape or form.

            Yeah I could.

            Why not, I’m dead at thirty freaking eight.

            Oh yeah and actually having families… that are together… and aren’t trying to spilt up and sue each other blind as a bat… would give me a reason to do so. That and the fallback position of extended relatives that could take up the slack if I failed.

            Biggest mistake this culture ever made was making everyone an island unto themselves.

        • Lots of big talk. Fact is, they’ve already destroyed our way of life.

          So yeah… they were absolutely up to the task.

          • Maybe for you.

            As it says in the Bible, let mot those putting on their armour boast as those taking it off.

            The battle is NOT over, mon ami. And the battle today is one of education, information fissemination as the fact is our ideas are BETTER than theirs

            • Errata.



              Cant type on my phone …sorry

          • That’s right Acid. There is a LOT more to this. O’s medical secretary or whatever actually wrote a book like 30 years ago on how to use water to control population growth. A few years back the gestapo lowered the required limit, probably to boost repro. So, if you want to have kids, get yourself and your wife onto spring water.

        • Sterlingsilver, I’m with you all the way and I’ll say MOLON LABE. Anyone who tries to forcibly vaccinate me or mine will get “lead poisoning.”

        • They are. I assure you.

          Come on this hasn’t even got beyond “annoying and *kind of* frightening” yet. You think that’s all they got?

          That they are choosing not to use it means maybe they don’t wanna, one would hope… but I mean if you want to see what CAN be done, look no further than Mao Tse Tung.

      4. Oh, we know what that fuss is all about… It’s the RFID Chips, which they inculcate a moment after a child is born. They say that they want to secure this child from a disease, which is just a scam. If parents would protest they don’t want vaccination, there’s no chip, no identification, no control. So what I – as a totalitarian government can do – put them in jail, cause they don’t obey my orders.

      5. People are passionate about their position on vaccines be it pro or con. TPTB should respect those decisions and leave the family unit alone.

        • Its All about socialist CONTROL. Same thing with faux BIG GREEN MONEY global warming. You control energy, you control everything it touches, which is… well…EVERYTHING

          • I grew up with the spectre of polio. An aunt lived out what was left of her life in an iron lung. Several kids in my school were in one way or another crippled by it. We dared not use the town swimming hole for fear that we might catch it. Am I sorry that Dr. Salk invented a vaccine that practically eradicated it? Not on your effing life.

            BTW do you all know that mumps in adult males often renders them sterile? Didn’t think so. How do you feel about mumps vaccination now, big talkers?

      6. If you have taken the Vaccine, then you should be protected and not able to catch the disease, Right?
        Unless the Vaccine does not work!
        Vaccines contain chemicals that are more dangerous to us then if we have caught the disease.
        Just say NO to most Vaccines.

        • there ARE no infants who have not been vaccinated to some extent unless a parent actually opted out (even with all threats being heaped on their heads)…AS the hospitals jab them the day they are born with vaccines.

          • I know several non vaccinated people. Children born at home as I was and my siblings, and my children and their children and their friends and their children’s friends…

          • Many of my clients prefer not to vax, or do delayed vaccinations….

        • Joan, welcome aboard. I agree and you might want to check out Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is an expert on vaccines and you’ll find her information very interesting.

      7. I guess the thousands of illegal children that were imported to this country had nothing to do with this outbreak. But some unvaccinated American kid caused all of this panic. Damn!
        If vaccinations worked so good how did the first person get it? To my recollection the main stream media jumped on the unvaccinated kids bandwagon as soon as the outbreak started. All of them in concert as though they were reading it off a script. What I’d like to know is “how many of the ones infected have been vaccinated”. They can tell us where each person is located but no other info has been reported. Half truths and incomplete reporting rules the day I guess.

        • @Ed…spot on.

          @everyone…go to Denningers Market Ticker today. He has a link to a story about those lying bastards at the CDC. They fabricated facts, statistics with the flu virus to scare people into buying/getting the vaccines so that the drug makers can line their pockets.

          Its a good article. Read it. Print it. And hand it out at your local Walgreens who advertise “Get your free flu/shingles shots today!”

          • Don’t even look at Denninger anymore, since he insists that I turn off my AdBlock, and permit him to load trackers on my computer. He has become the Borg.

      8. Those who mandate and force parents to vaccinate their children should be flogged and imprisoned, or worse.



          • What you’ve done is shed your phony just a regular good guy image for what you really are, just another prick with a badge who lives to throw his state sponsored weight around to people who can’t fight back.

            • t.p.

            • If WWTI’s video does not convince you to buy a gun and learn how to use it; nothing ever will.

              • Bingo Granny!! Every sole in the world needs to see that video. Send it to Obama and Feinstein. And those other POS anti gun morons. The MSM will never show that video.

            • TP, f#$% you! Move your stupid ass on.

          • Howdy, Sarge. I just gave you a green thumb. Everything you said is spot on. TP is definitely another useless scumbag troll. In fact, the way he posted reminds me of someone else we know.

            • Maverick
              Yep! does look like it, now doesn’t it! Who know?

          • SGT. Pass that Vid to your Cousin. And thank him twice for me. Bravo out!!

          • WWTI, very interesting video. If I’d been that old man, I would’ve drawn down and shot that 300LB. ape.

          • Sgt I agree 100% with your statement, right on.

        • I second the motion for “worse”…..

      9. Get your kid out of the public fool system
        This is all about money , they could care less about your child
        Or you for that matter
        The heavy influx of illegals I to this country is in my opinion a direct cause of this
        And when you jam thousands of snot nosed children into a compound like a school building your going to end up with huge Petri dishes of human experiment in communicable diseases
        Just like our prison system , no one lives long and healthy closed up in these unhealthy environments
        It’s common sense , that’s why it’s so fucked up

      10. If it’s worth you life you piece of shit come and get ’em.

      11. I only read the title to this article and skimmed read the rest. The only ones that need to go to jail are the Politians, the bankers and the corporate “elite” As far as I’m concerned, that includes there families too!! There wives and kids are just as guilty of theft of public funds and crimes against the people. They’ve certainly benefitted from crime!
        Enforced vaccinations? Yeah, so what? We’re the most vaccinated people on the planet. We’re also the most incarcerated people in the world!! And nothing is ever going to change until WE change. And we all know that’s probably not going to happen. We aren’t likely to change anything. We’re too busy waiting to vote Democrates out for Republicans and Republicans in for Democrats. The Political system is broken and favours only the wealthy who can afford to buy there way into office. And we’re just too stupid to realise we’re being duped, otherwise this wouldn’t happen.
        If you vote for a Politician, you’re an accessory to crime. Because all you’re doing is allowing criminals to take office to carry out crimes for their own benefit. And if your criminal didn’t get voted in …. There’s always next time.
        Next time you vote for anything, just remember that you aren’t changing a single thing!! You are making no difference whatsoever with your pathetic vote. You want to change anything, you have to get up off your behind and do it yourself. You may not want, to be the one to lead the charge, but you have to at least follow someone else to make a difference.

        Jail the Eff-in lot!!

      12. Governments do this all the time. You have to create a problem before you can fix it, or at least half ass it, and make more problems, so you can attempt to fix those later. I agree with previous posts I think the influx of the illegal children we had coming into this country without even checking them out for diseases is the cause.

        And by the way, the moon landing was staged. Only an idiot would think otherwise. Obviously Alex Berezow is one of those such people. Total liberal B.S.

        • Government created measles? Rubella? Polio? Smallpox? Mumps? Diptheria? Tuberculosis? You have lived a life of freedom from epidemic disease for too long. Time to expose you all to yersinia pestis. God will know his own.

      13. I heard there was 1 case of measles in Mexico related to Disneyland. That’s pretty good considering Mexico doesn’t have a vaccination program like we do to my knowledge.
        Maybe it’s just that there’s no one left in Mexico.

      14. The moon landing was faked IMHO. They don’t go back and do anything with it I think they faked the whole thing this was during the Cold War era the us gov had to out do the soviets it can be faked the us gov took the space program $ to build nuclear weapons and rocket technology. I just don’t believe it happened. The people who don’t want to vaccinate their kids are the crazy ones what’s the big deal your kids need it. My kids have all their shots there are few things people need this is one kids need. This is not the 1800s I don’t understand the desire to live this way people died young and from stupid shit back then they didn’t know better 40years old was elderly back then life was brutal. If folks want to live like that move to remote Alaska. Go off grid most of the folks preaching this lifestyle probably could not hack it. The people out in Alaska are very few they get sick they have to fly a small plane in to take them to hospital. Could take a long time small landing strip can be snow covered .very few people choose this life. Look at the Amish they make their own clothes use horse and buggy. They are a community of folks who live this way by choice. They pull teeth if they hurt they don’t fill them young people have lost many teeth that could have been saved. I wouldn’t want to live like this forget this lifestyle. We had a blizzard in the northeast haven’t been to work for 2 days just been relaxing they kept saying power outages. Mine never blinked. losing power is very rare these days the grid has been updated around here they have done a lot of pole replacement in the community and they put all new steel poles where the high tension wires are. Most of the old rotted trees that endanger service have been trimmed. I still had my genny and fuel. But never needed it . I dug out as soon as the snow stopped the towns plows ran all nite. They make a big deal about it being the storm of the century . It was hyped up to record levels by the media with the power outage fear mongering thrown in. Sure some folks did lose it but it was not for long. Past few years the media has really hyped up the storms idiots they are in on the fear mongering too just before the storm I saw people acting frantic to get milk bread things like this they were acting like it was the end of the world. I was glad to be home relaxing it’s nice to be home not working. Back to work tomorrow. Then the weekend lost $ this week but who cares $ is not everything right.

        • @ass hat

          You do know that Alaska is in the USA don’t you. Therefore the gov’t would still have jurisdiction. The point is if people want to live like that they should be free to do so without gov’t intrusion into their personal lives and families, no matter where they live. If you want vaccines get em if others don’t feel they’re safe or want to chance it for whatever reason they may have well, Land of the free…..remember.

          • Warning labels all over the TV about how that NEW medicine might do more harm than good.

            Viagra, probably the most used drug in the world, now shown to have caused melanoma (had a cousin die from that disease). One particular drug still allowed to be advertised on tv also has an ad to call a lawyer if you have been hurt by it.

            Some seems to have forgotten that a bad batch of the polio Salk vaccine gave the unlucky person who was vaccinated polio.

            Vaccinations are highly suspected in Autism, see nomorefakenews dot com for a good run down of drugs, vaccinations, CDC coverups, big pharma. Big pharma gets greedier every year; doesn’t matter the consequences of their poisons.

            On Faux news today. California parents of a kid who has had leukemia asking the school district to not allow non-vaccinated kids to attend school. Sounds like a follower of the same line of thinking as that old communist Madelyn Murray O’Hare.

            Instead of homeschooling their kid they want the whole system changed.

            Don’t know how many of you know someone who died from regular measles; I know no one.

            But hey, vaccinate all you want; just don’t push their poisons off on us who don’t swallow their lies.

        • Im with you I also think they faked the moon landing.

      15. Just saw Debbie wasserman Shultz on tv boy is she an idiot. People need to stop voting they can’t get anyone in without voters. Romney if he run for pres again I will not waste a vote on him again. Everybody I vote for loses the past 3elections. I don’t matter my vote don’t count. Maybe my voting choices are radical. Just waiting for the Gestapo to come take me to jail. There is an alternate reality amongst some people the ones that believe only cops should have guns. What the hell kind of reasoning is this. The cops are the biggest criminals ever. I’ve never seen an administration avoid taking responsibility for decisions they made. It’s clear to see they made bad choices but the stupid obumer supporters are so fuckin blind and loyal to him that is scary. I know a lot of folks think like me and our voice is diminished to nothing .I feel like an alien in my own country.

      16. vacinate all the kids…viagra for felons in prison….Obamacare…

      17. No one should be forced to be vaccinated. Everyone should have the right to be foolish. When I was young a teenage girl couple houses from us could not walk—polio. The vast majority of medical studies support vaccinations as effective and safe. The more people vaccinated the more safe for the entire population. I’m a Registered Nurse.

        • It is not foolish to refuse a vaccination which contains, according to the government, an unsafe level of mercury, or any number of other unsafe ingredients and contamination.

          As a nurse, I hope you’re aware of the SV40 (simian virus 40) contaminated polio vaccine that I and millions of others were pushed into having back in the 1950s. Let’s give everyone shots made from wild African rhesus monkey brains. That was a real good idea, wasn’t it?

          For those who didn’t know about the SV40, here is some testimony:

          ht tp://

          • Polio virus was grown in eggs. Monkey brains? Been looking in a mirror maybe?

      18. I was foolish in the late 70’s had my kids get their MMR shots and guess what they still got Measles, Mumps, and rubella.
        Who the hell do they think they are? It is the parents call not the state! Bunch a frigging libtards!

      19. Yes, Let’s sit on our computers and bitch about it, That’ll show em…….

        • Partially true. You mi miss the fact that the real battle is one of communication, education and information dissemination. See Sun Tzu for more details. The battle is non violent, but for the minds. The kvetching serves a purpose in that sense and also lets people know they are not alone

        • @spud web,

          I understand your pessimism, I believe the information age has really made us all weak. Not long ago when things happened people would get angry, they’d call their friends and neighbors, set up a meeting at the church, next thing you know you have 100 people together, then that mob begins to grow…Mobs scare the ruling elite. Nowadays, we get mad, we post on, we vent and we go on. Posts on a website don’t scare the ruling elite. We have to get back in personal touch with people, develop continuity of message. anyways my point, its this damn keyboard I’m typing on that’s doing it to us.

      20. Next up… those who disagree with the fascist scam of faux global warming go to jail or re education camps. There are actually many who ARE literally advocating this.

        I assume after that those who dont go to “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas chant ins for our version of the Dear Leader will be next on the hit list

      21. Glad I don have kids. I saw what this country is becoming, and I couldn’t stand to see my offspring living under slavery. This country is just about toast. The socialists have indoctrinated too many people. By the time the sheep realize they have been lied to, it will be too late. I am not going to live on my knees. I at least plan to go out with a bang.

      22. The big Pharma and big Agri assaulters have had laws passed where they cannot be sued for medicine and genetic food modifications affecting human health and welfare as a consequence of their profiteering and I am supposed to accept jailtime for refusing. Have my kids taken away? Its a good thing I could refuse to have my kids vaccinated when they were young. They grew up healthy and normal except one married a nurse who has had all vaccinations known to mankind because of her job description. They cannot have children because she is sterile. My other son refuses to bring children into the world as we know it at this particular time. For the child’s sake. Demographic changes are being engineered. Are Muslims and illegal immigrants being forced to vaccinate? Are they asked for their vaccination records upon entry? Force vaccinated against their religious beliefs? Didn’t think so. A while back I remember Muslims condoning the Caliphate state that France and the UK will be the first islamic countries in the west and in North America, they won’t have to fire a shot. Demographics, check out the average number of children for each type of family, 1.3 and 6. You figure out which is which. Manipulated natural selection, now that IS an oxymoron. Ask yourself, if vaccinations were designated to be non profit for big Pharma. Would the push to vaccinate be as strong? Would they push for vaccinations even if the shot you are getting doesn’t cover the present flu strain? Had enough fascism yet? Something to ponder while you wait in line for the jab. Remember if you let other people do the thinking for you, they will, but it will cost you. And in more than one way. We now go to jail because we question. Seems more than an economic reset is required. For the children.

      23. The real problem is much more elemental.

        The Government cannot tolerate independent analysis and thinking of anything- vaccines, prepping, or guns.

        The Government is seeking to require blind, unquestioning, unthinking, obedience to everything from global warming to vaccines.

      24. Alex Berezow(Pharmaceutical Shill!)

      25. Trying to find any full and unbiased information to make an intelligent decision about vaccinating your children is almost impossible, as is the efficacy of vaccinations in general.

        Take this measles situation: What percentage of those in the general population catching measles have been vaccinated, what percentage of the unactivated general population catch measles, and what percentage of those catching measles are catching it from a vaccinated person who caught it anyway (and maybe can a vaccinated person be a carrier for it without actually developing the full disease)?

        FWIW, I never get a “flu shot” and I’ve never caught the flu but every person I’ve known who has caught the flu -particularly those who’ve had it more than once- has been vaccinated against it (an anecdotal observation, of course, but real complete statistics seem unavailable). Being fair, the majority of people I know haven’t caught the flu so my observations may be of no real value.

        I have mixed feelings about vaccinations, but seriously question the number of things we vaccinate against at very early ages. Maybe we are simply overdoing it.

        • Ive never been vaccinated , I am over my 50’s ( i hate telling my real age i dont know why)
          I have no illnesses , I have no sicknesses , Ive never caught any of the so called “things” these vaccinations are supposedly to aid in not catching
          I also never get a flu shot and have never had as far as i know a severe flu
          I dont miss work, I can labor next to the 20 year olds and keep up very fit have all my teeth and still most of my hair although most of its chrome plated (grey)
          you couldn’t get me to stick a needle in my arm for this BS or one of my kids for that matter

          I think your right , THEY are simply over doing it..
          Its all about this—-> $

          • similar for our kids. Flu comes around and wife and I get sick a few days. Daughter was vaxed until 1 but not since. She’ll be sick a day or hours. Son, no vax other than whatever they force on you at birth. Also recovers within hours. Wife read me a piece by a Dr. Turns out there is an emergency immune response and a normal. The vaccines force the body into emergency mode; so, you can’t fight diseases the “normal” way a person should.

          • Hope to high heven that you don’t catch mumps from some unvaccinated kid. (Or maybe you want to sing soprano.)

          • I also have never been vaccinated and am over 50.
            however I had two kinds of measles, mumps on both sides,whooping cough, rheumatic and possibly scarlet fever and according to the last time I went to a doctor probably polio too!
            Hundreds of thousands of people use to get polio, but you only heard about the crippling cases, and there were many for sure but not as many as got the disease. Most people thought they had a really bad flu.
            Presently, my immune system kicks Ass!
            Yeah for naturally immunity after the fact.

        • Tricia and everyone else; go to Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has done a lot of research on vaccines and even written a book about it. You’ll find her information very interesting and useful.

        • The most obvious problem with the flu vaccines is the mercury. When you go to get a flu shot where you wait in line and the vaccine is drawn from a large bottle, the vaccine is preserved with thimerosal, which has a high concentration of mercury.

          The FDA has been forced to agree that it’s dangerous. But they have only encouraged vaccine makers to reduce or eliminate it from vaccines for infants. It’s still fine, in their estimation, for us adults to be shot up with dangerous levels of mercury.

        • I”ve had mandatory vaccine for my months last 3 years. Never been sicker.

      26. time to stir the pot

        Jesse Ventura: Chris Kyle Is No Hero

        I saw American Sniper
        and really liked it


        I have done a lot of research on it since


        I have come to the conclusion that it is pretty much a propaganda piece

        numerous scenes in the movie never really happened
        LOTS of things not particularly flattering were deliberately left out

        Chris Kyle was a VERY troubled man
        in one interview I found
        he said he LIKED to kill
        I have NEVER come across a Vet who said something like that

        doesn’t mean he was a monster
        but like all of us
        he had his share of flaws and then some

        I generally like Clint Eastwood
        but I think he pulled a fast one on the American public

        if your going to tell a story
        tell the WHOLE story

        • One man becomes a surgeon, another a butcher, and yet another a psycho serial killer.

          It isn’t what you like to do that counts-cut flesh in this case- it’s how you apply it that counts.

          The traits you were born with may not be your responsibility, but the way you apply them is.

        • Could you post the interview where Chris Kyle said he liked to kill because I call BS on that. Is it the same as when the news media reported on a conservative buisness owner that said “Hitler was the greatest leader ever” When what he really said was “that to a lot of Germans at the time, Hitler was the greatest leader ever”

      27. Touch my kid,, you get sent to hell

        would you like to negotiate this?..dont matter my answer is still fuck you

        • Are your children -or were they- in public school? Hopefully your answer is or will soon be “no”.

          Those who voluntarily put their children in the hands of the state (not necessarily addressed at you personally) really have no option but to accept State control of them.

          A pact with the Devil sort of thing, and the Devil always gets his due from those who make that pact.

          • My step son was public schooled , not my choice
            My daughter started out in public school until I woke up.
            She is Home schooled , and is also on-line tech college and is only in 10th grade , she will have her credits all by next year and be at least a year ahead of her peer class , also she will be 2 years ahead of her peer class on her further education toward her choice of career
            already doing work in her field of study with friends of ours on their farm

            completely agree with your views Tricia , if you look back through my posts on this subject you will see i’m a huge advocate for getting your kids out of the public fool system for way too many reasons

      28. It is all about money and control. Would not surprise me that instead of SWAT teams rolling up to get your guns and armor you may find them escorting a medical team to vaccinate you and your family. Everything is being destroyed. Our food, money, jobs, culture, health, History, religion, rights and identity.

        It’s all entertainment until the hammer drops.

        • This might happen, however, only for a while. Soon, someone will be waiting for them. They’ll come in the house…


          Explosion. Fire. Death.

          Soon, they’ll change their policy.

          Remember, those medial teams and SWAT officers go to a place to sleep at night and have families.

          Sounds pretty crazy, right, but, war is war and if they declare it they better be ready to fight it.

          …but they are not. They would never think their families would be in danger. If they were, lots of guys might start opting out of SWAT and those medical teams.

          • But if they get out of it at that point, it means to me they got out because they were scared and that is the wrong reason. Meaning, if you served and got out just in the nick of time because you have no balls, then you are still an enemy and a target!

      29. Serbian church on the NW side of Chicago worked very hard and started a school all their own. Now their kids can go to a private ethnic school without the government propaganda. Keep your heritage and culture. Get out of public schools.

      30. HEY MAC , what you know about this?

        In a historic Oval Office ceremony on Thursday morning, President Barack Obama signed an executive order closing Congress, effective immediately.

        The President said that the move would dramatically increase the efficiency of the federal government, noting how much he had accomplished since he stopped working with Congress in November.

      31. You know they holler about kids not being vaccinated, I had 5 kids(years ago) took them in for their shots,3 of the younger kids had the DPT shot, by 11:00 that night 2 o them were having severe allergic reactions. I knew it was the shot, it was the only thing different. Do you know how many Drs. told me I was a liar??? FIVE. I’m not stupid, I know what allergic reactions are….but no, I was an over reactive parent……guess what? No more shots, hen I really was the bad guy” It took me 12 years to figure it out, one kid was/is allergic to the tetanus shot itself, the other?? Allergic to eggs…..that it’s incubated in………one more shot could’ve killed them….now who’s stupid?? No more shots for our kids or grandkids………it’s not just the garbage they put in them……….there are other factors as well….ALLERGIES to the “benign” things

      32. “That is ludicrous. A mountain of data has demonstrated that vaccines are safe and effective.”

        Hmmm. Well, here is the deal. When you get that “Mountain of Data” from those who benefit from the “Mountain of Cash” that vaccines generate, can you really trust that “Mountain of Data”?

        I say no. Thats bullshit. Not only that, what we find when we look at history is life expectancy and lack of disease came with increased public hygiene, not vaccinations.

        This guy is just another statist, establishment brown nosing butt sniffer. Believe nothing he says.

      33. Thanks for covering this. Gestapo will stop payments to nonconforming doctors, if they haven’t already. Then you can’t go places without a physical unless you have the vaccination. There are some superb pages on the actual, true mountain of data on the web, Dr. Axe, etc. The DPTA vaccine requires parents to agree to risk their child’s brain, coma, and death. Read the contract! ANY PARENT WHO SIGNS SUCH A CONTRACT TO ENDANGER THEIR CHILD SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL! I understand many vaccines are like 80% or less effective; so, they are risking their child for a possible zero return. Actually, AUTISM IS CAUSED BY VACCINES (well, the metals and other stuff in them). That’s well documented by parents who had normal children up until they took the vaccine. Ranks right up there with smoking does not cause cancer and other non-scientific policies. Government needs to GET THE H out of medicine and all other sciences. Politics is NOT a scientific process.
        There’s more to see here than just vaccines and autism. Here’s the whole idea one group can legislate non-scientific laws on a hapless public.
        Saw one page where tax dollars were spent to write an app to track people not willing to get injected (I think its up to over 40 vaccines for kids now): Government Funded Phone App Tracks ‘Vaccine Refusers’

      34. NERF THE EARTH!

        I mean… well let’s face it, IN THEORY, if everyone’s not in a single occupancy padded box being fed intravenously, somebody’s gonna get hurt.

        How dare you put people at risk by not composting yourself. 9_9

      35. USA Today columnist</strike. communist Alex Berezow boldly proclaimed:

        Fixed that for you.

      36. You have a one in 1000 chance of getting an infectious disease that could kill you or cripple you for life, or a one in one million chance of getting an allergic reaction.

        Which would you rather?

      37. Many people forget that Measles CAN kill.
        However, it’s more for the adults that I’m afraid.
        Between a certain stretch in the 60s,(early70s?), there was given what was known as a “dead vaccine”. Parents were advised to re-immunize their children with the “live vaccine”, but many, lacking understanding,etc, did not.
        I was one of the ones who didn’t get re-immunized. What can, and did happen to me and others, was a worse case of measles than if NO vaccine was given.
        Now, vaccines powers can vary over time, but I still wonder how many could be blindly set up for the hell that I went through.
        Take this from someone who endured 105.6 temperatures.

      38. All you who are so scared of a couple of micrograms of mercury, here a table of the common vaccines, with their Thimerosol content. Thimerosol was/is used to prevent vaccine spoilage, which sometimes killed half the people the spoiled vaccine was given to. It is still used in a few brands of flu vaccine, at microgram-per-dose levels. You’d get more mercury by eating a few cans of tuna from your preps.

        MMR is Measles/Mumps/Rubella, the most common childhood vaccination.

        Disease Vaccine Maker %Thimerosol

        MMR M-M-R II Merck zero
        MMR+Varicella ProQuad Merck zero
        Pneumococcal Pneuomvax 23 Merck zero
        Prevnar Wyeth zero
        Prevnar 13 Wyeth zero
        Polio IPOl Sanofi Pasteur zero
        Rabies IMOVAX Sanofi Pasteur zero
        RabAvert Chiron zero
        Rotavirus Rotarix GlaxoSmithKline zero
        RotaTeq Merck zero
        Typhoid Typhim Vi Sanofi Pasteur zero
        Vivitof Berna Biotech zero
        VaricellaZoster Varivax Merck zero
        Zostavax Merck zero
        Yellow Fever YF-VAX Sanofi Pasteur zero

        Oh, say WHAT? They all have ZERO Thimerosol? Well, Glory Be !

        • Well, I spent half an hour formatting that into a pure ASCII file, no tabs, and Mac’s text interpreter screwed it up anyway. (sigh)

      39. All I know is the Polio vaccine was a god send. I went to school with lots of crippled Polio victims. and the Small pox vaccination was a good thing also.

      40. Mr.Slavo. Your name is one letter removed from “salvo” which means a barrage. Your site is invaluable. Though not the most read (particularly “Red” as in “Commie”) it bears a distinct respect for freedom. Freedom entails risk, but also reward. There will always be a rationale to deprive someone of liberty for the cause of public safety, and no end of witless enforcers to insure it’s absolute completion. Who will object? Keep firing till there’s no life or ammo left. It’s downright heroic.

        • Wow Jonah — thanks so much for the kind words.

          Take cover, cuz we’re gonna keep on firin’ !

          Much appreciated,


      41. These are dangerous people, because they love their enslavement and demand you join them. The words of Aldous Huxley and Betrand Russell decades ago are true today. This is the brave new world. None of them can answer why the unvaccinated will be a threat to them or their kids if they’re vaccinated, if they’re as effective as they say it is. No, we are not a “herd” because we are not cattle. The more people that resist vaccines, the more the pharmaceutical industry and the establishment are going to clamp down. It’s a system of control and a billion dollar industry that makes more future customers the more they harm, they’re not going to let that go. The elite either don’t take vaccines themselves or get special clean vaccines, like “Celvapan” for the German leaders (2009), while the masses get the one with the adjuvants. I think anyone that can think for themselves know it’s not healthy to inject mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, sodium borate, polysorbate 80, SV40, animal cells, or 2-Phenoxyethanol.

        Vaccines are also used as covert population control. The UN have been using vaccines to sterilize women with the HCG antigen from Latin America to SE Asia and Africa (Kenya being the most recent one) while here the HPV vaccine is hurting and killing girls.

      42. Sadly, the lack of logic falls on those who do not vaccinate their children. We have had a couple of generations now who have enjoyed living in a society with the eradication of disease. Some people seem to think that they then can ride the herd (immunity) and glean the benefits while not contributing to its maintenance.

        • You know what’s really causing a loss of ‘herd immunity’? Hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring across the border carrying with them third world diseases, including those that were eradicated or nonexistent in the first world. No one’s accusing them, no one’s getting in their face about not vaccinating, and no MSM pundits will write articles about them being a public health risk.

          • I can also agree with that and I blame the government and feel that the are causes some of these issues with n ulterior motive in mind. However, when it comes to vaccination rates here in California, when you look at rates for incoming Kindergarten classes, the personal belief exemptions run high in white affluent areas – I live in one of those and am shocked that at one school in our district, over 25% of 2013-2014 Kindergarteners aren’t vaccinated. The high vaccine rates are found in largely poorer and school with largely Hispanic school populations.

            • Seriously, what’s up with all the typos? Good grief that first sentence is horrible. Funny reaction going on between the keyboard and this site.

      43. Not too long ago, I read of a whooping cough outbreak; strangely enough, those chilluns sick were vaccinated.
        Do tell!!

        I am one injected with polio vaccine around 1956—yep–the same vaccine made with cancer-laden monkey puss!! Don’t believe it?? Search for those facts.
        Amen POG–every Walgreen’s pharmacy has the shingles sign.
        1) shingles is in every body as smallpox vaccine is the origin.
        2) herpes 1? It’s a reaction to the smallpox vaccine–I have had fever blisters since age 18 –NO, not herpes II!!
        Get over it–I still see the shock on folks’ faces when I tell what fever blisters are!!
        Now, I stopped having occurrences of herpes 1 when I started taking hemp oil 3 years ago.
        And even when I feel one, I instantly apply hemp oil and stop it in its tracks.

        Folks, herpes/shingles is stress related; either medically or psychologically.

        Caution: my niece had an outbreak of herpes1 and spread it to her 2 year-old.
        Be careful with a flare-up of herpes 1.

      44. and if the kid dies they should be shot after they pay the parents billions

      45. More “False Flag” excuses to poison mankind. Depopulation is planned through vaccinations. JUST SAY NO

        I agree with Orj entirely. Start executing these evil bastards hurting these kids.

        The measles outbreaks are in the areas where the filthy, illegal alien scum have been released. Has nothing to do with not vaccinating as these Lying Nazi Scum would have you believe. THEY LIE 24/7 JUST SAY NO

      46. Forgot to mention great job on reporting.
        love this site. Kudos to you all. 🙂

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