Massive Government Coverup: “Near-Total Collapse Of Ocean Food Chains… Mass Death To Humans Will Follow”

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Headline News | 121 comments

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    This report was originally published by Amy Goodrich at


    Massive academic cover-up concealing a near-total collapse of ocean food chains … mass death to humans will follow

    Marine fish provides 15 percent of all animal protein consumed by humans. Unfortunately, we may not have the luxury of eating fish much longer. While academics are forbidden, under threat, to share their findings on the actual health of the Pacific Ocean, stories of blue deserts void of life are popping up along the West Coast and other coastal regions around the world.

    The oceans are slowly dying, and with them, a significant part of our food supply will disappear. Since the number of smaller marine life dramatically reduces every year, bigger predators are starving to death. The causes of the recent mass strandings and die-offs of marine life are numerous, ranging from overfishing and climate change to plastic pollution and radioactive contamination.

    As bad as all of this sounds, if you’re relying on the mainstream media for your news, you may not be aware of this growing issue that is threatening our food chain.

    The great collapse of the Pacific Ocean food chain

    A massive cover-up is ongoing about what might turn into the greatest marine extinction since “The Great Dying” 251.9 million years ago. Lately, heartbreaking stories of hundreds of millions of salmon that are dying before they make it back to their spawning place and record numbers of whales getting stranded on our beaches are finding their way to the public.

    In the past year and a half, scientists recorded a collapse of several dozen food chains within the Pacific Ocean. Authoritative figures in Vancouver, however, estimated that number may be closer to the hundreds or thousands then the reported dozens. (RELATED: Follow more news about the food supply collapse at

    “It’s not just Pacific salmon that are dying[;] in the North Pacific all forms of ocean life are being reported dead and dying in stunning numbers. Hundreds of dead whales, the largest numbers ever seen, more being found dead on beaches in a single year than in previous tens of years, all reported to having been found in emaciated condition,” explained Russ George, a salmon savior with over 40 years of hands-on experience in restoring trees and oceans, on his website.

    Fake media and government black out

    The evidence is clear, yet many scientists, media, and governments remain silent. According to some skeptics, the world may be headed to another “Permian Mass Extinction” or “Great Dying.”

    According to Armstrong Economics, present CO2 concentrations have reached 400 ppm. While this is nowhere near the 2000 ppm which caused the Great Dying, other factors in today’s world are contributing to environmental changes that are also threatening our marine life and food chain. Rising temperatures and increased UV radiation reaching the Earth may also have something to do with it.

    While CO2 and rising temperatures are possible explanations for the massive die-offs happening right now, there are others who believe the nuclear disaster in Japan is to be blamed. Radioactive particles can accumulate in predatory species at the top of the food chain, humans included. Especially top predators, such as the Pacific Bluefin Tuna, are at risk because they consume numerous amounts of smaller prey along with the radioactive particles they have accumulated in their bodies.

    Since 2012, a year after Fukushima’s nuclear accident, reports showed that tuna, among other fish species, caught off the coast of California tested positive for radiation. (RELATED: Read more news about Fukushima at

    Each day more signs are emerging that our ocean and world is slowly dying. We’re living in perilous, unstable times that may affect every living thing on our planet. Nonetheless, media and governments don’t see any harm in remain surprisingly silent.

    This report was originally published by Amy Goodrich at



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      1. I always say,”Teach a man to fish and,oh…..,never mind.

        • I guess Mac DOES read my links lol.


            ht tp://

            Amazing Map: Total Solar Panels To Power The United States

            December 23, 2013, by Ken Jorgustin
            That is a-lot of solar panels! 3 billion of them. However it is an interesting thought to consider the total approximate cost of these panels compared with what the United States government spends every year on everything else… If one approximates each panel to cost $250, the total cost would be $767 billion. To put it in perspective, the government spent 3,600 billion in 2012.

            The US Energy problem would be solved. and the beauty of this plan is there will be no more US intervention worldwide, and these foreign countries will dry on the vine. you want to put America in complete control of ourselves just do this project.

            And this was the projected cost in 2013, cut that estimate my 35%. .45 cents a watt now. Easy.

            NO MORE WARS.

            • How about solar roadways? Thought up and being manufactured by Redoubt folks in Sandpoint ID.

              • Yes, how about those solar roadways? 4.3 million dollars spent, 0.62 kW produced, not enough to run a microwave oven.

            • You should know that the problem with solar is energy storage. You know, bad weather, night time. Battery technology has a ways to go before it can be viable for the energy needs of a city. Wind power is expensive and unreliable and high maintenance. They are building a shitload of solar farms all around me and the west. Where does the power come from at night? Hydro electric dams mostly and a few coal plants. Nuke plants in other places (which need to be banned).

            • The solar array should be space-based, there are no clouds for weather to interfere with 24/7 uptake of solar energy . Then the energy can be beamed down or brought down in any number of ways .

        • This is no secret or coverup of the oceans destruction. The killing of the Oceans reef have been reported since April 22 1970 when the Earth Day was created. You know the big move to stop all the wreckless dumping of pollution, then the EPA Act was produced in 1972.

          The Idea

          The idea for a national day to focus on the environment came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara,

          On April 22,1970, 20 million Americans took to the streets, parks, and auditoriums to demonstrate for a healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies. Thousands of colleges and universities organized protests against the deterioration of the environment. Groups that had been fighting against oil spills, polluting factories and power plants, raw sewage, toxic dumps, pesticides, freeways, the loss of wilderness, and the extinction of wildlife suddenly realized they shared common values.

          Earth Day 1970 achieved a rare political alignment, enlisting support from Republicans and Democrats, rich and poor, city slickers and farmers, tycoons and labor leaders. By the end of that year, the first Earth Day had led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts. “It was a gamble,” Gaylord recalled, “but it worked.”

          As a Kid, I met Sen Gaylord Nelson of Wisc, who was a friend of my fathers. We used to go deer hunting with his brother inlaw every year. Back then people gave a Shit about the earth. All we got not is a bunch of Fascist corporate polluters putting profits above Ecology.

          I also have been an avid Scuba diver for 25 years, and have gone back to many of the original places I dove back then and saw the changes, destruction and environmental degradation of the reefs. No secret here if you pay attention in life to your surroundings. When the reefs go so then does the Plankton, and up the chain it goes killing off species after species. The Fuckashima disaster and the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil spill is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime. The Gulf accident was caused on purpose so the fatcats could file an insurance claim. Those bastards like Cheney and Halliburton need to hang.

        • My new girl told me her favorite bedroom position was “The Fukushima” and I got excited thinking that meant it was going be really hot and steamy…then all she did was lay there like a dead fish

          • I laughed out loud at that one hilarious

            • glad you liked it haha

          • Good one,,,

          • I am a woman and I find your joke blatantly anti-feminist, sexist, degrading to women, offensive, and I loved it! LOL

            • Glad I could be of service ma’am 🙂

          • sounds like you married my ex, mclovin. she will probly have your bank account drained before you realize your mistake. being married to HER was like being a raiders fan…..meh, maybe NEXT year.

            • Doom it’s not her, probably the same family tree though!

            • BCoD ~ The best license plate I ever saw, was about 15 years ago when I was driving through Westbrook, Maine… it read: ” IH8MYX2 “

              • The best license plate I ever saw was back in the mid-80’s when I was driving in Alexandria, VA .. it read: “I SPY”:D

                • That car must have come from Langley….!

        • These are the types of articles that make this site less reputable and fringe.

          Where are the facts to back up this scaremongering? The few citations in it are even less reputable than this article. I picture a bunch of crazy shut-ins in their emp proof chicken houses smoking some weed, reading some prepper porn and making wild claims because they didn’t get any bites down at the lake for the last 3 weeks.

          If there really is evidence that eco systems are failing, show us some. Dont blame it on a mass conspiracy and leave it there. Come on folks, you are telling us that every single scientist that studies the ocean eco system is being paid off to not say a word? That assertion by itself is plain stupid. Also, why would they do this? The loony left jumps at any chance to claim that humans are nothing more that parasites.

          • The left call us parasites. the right calls us sinners. what’s your point?

      2. I talk to people about the threat Fukushima is, most show no concern at all. I must be the nut. Let me see, a nearly dead ocean devoid of life while radiation spreads across the Pacific Ocean to mostly North America presently. Chemtrails, GMO’s and pesticide manufacturers supported from the very top, chemical and oil pollution unstoppable and legal drug pushers trained quack doctors to dispense their products. How come the mainstream media never mentions Fukushima?

        • “How come the mainstream media never mentions Fukushima?”

          Because they are paid not to…
          When people start dying in mass the MSM will say its a good thing because it helps shrink the population…

          • MSM will just blame Trump.

        • Not to mention the navy got permission to kill 65 million marine animals with their weapons testing and exercises. Combine that with Asian and Russian lawless overfishing and fukishima and, and, and, you get the picture.

          • and the French, at Moruroa.

        • In reality the only way to save the Earth, “IS” to kill off the human race 90%, and that will give the Earth time to heal itself. This rotation from mass populations to extinctions, have been proven time and time again. Like when the Mayans died off in the 1500’s the earth in those locations began to heal itself, and the forests reclaimed their place. Forests eat carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Forests are essential also besides the oceans.

          So this Master NWO Plan of a 90% Human kill rate, is not all off or bad to save the planet, there are just too many useless eaters here that add to the destruction of the earth.

          • Just out of curiosity, do you count yourself among the “useless eaters”?

            • Cam, everyone here does.

          • Agree: the idea we pass on the American standard of living to the rest of the planet is a total disaster for earth. Equally, the current idea to import the third world into the West is also a disaster for the planet.

            Populations are out of control in the very places where the people are the poorest and least able to support themselves, thus dependent on foreign aid and food from the West. We just do not have enough time for African IQs to rise (from current levels around 60-80 to 120) and for them to develop cultures that can peacefully accumualte wealth and progress. Look at the Muslims: barely any books are published by them and they have contributed very little to human progress when compared to their numbers. Last time Muslims did anything of worth for humanity was in AD 1000. Since then they have been killing each other and us.

            We have reached a point where the eco and environmental collapse will go faster than the urbanization and technological change. And as for the idea from Silly Valley that we can just take people who currently crap outside and send them to space (Indians) or who still haven’t worked out how to find clean water or wash (Africa), is a non-starter.

            • Muslims are radical, violent vile savages that need to be extinct! Please, wake up folks.

          • You mentioned something very important here when you spoke of the forest and its part in the eco-system. That’s another factor in the earths demise. The forest, especially the rain forest of South America are being cut down for commercial use at an alarming rate. There is hardly any forest left in the United States. Every time I see a bunch of trees cut down to build a convenience store or a new housing addition it makes me sick. These idiots never stop and think about all the work that a tree does. The trees use the carbon dioxide that humans breathe out to make oxygen for humans to breathe in. Trees clean the air of dust, play a role in soil erosion, and help in moderating the climate. Man destroys the oceans, trees, air, soil, you name it man destroys it. God said He will destroy those ruining the earth. God always keeps His word.

        • aljamo

          QUESTION: “What about Fukushima”?

          ANSWER: “It don’t effect me, I don’t eat that raw chink fish”. “I eat mine American style,

          I’m on this BB because thats the type of feedback I get from the people I meet.

        • Fukushima? That a motorcycle company or something? ?

          • You’re too goddamned stupid to have access to technology.

      3. Yeah, we don’t have much longer– around 10 years or less, according to some experts. I thought we had until around 2030– according to research done by Harvard professors– all the models pointed to numerous crises hitting us at once. Now, they are saying even less time… so much sh– happening! Fukushima, the oceans dying, the poles melting/coming apart… and worst of all, there are the feedback loops so when certain things happen (like a sudden burst of methane due to the melting of the arctic)– well, methane is 20X more powerful than CO 2 and at that point, its definitely all over… but don’t take my word for it, I will send you this great post from PCR website.

      4. In other words, we are fucked, largely at our own hands. Some experts give the world ten years or less until the global decline and chaos on all fronts becomes so severe that even the most willfully stupid and the most willfully ignorant realize that all around them, the planet is swiftly dying. I am reasonably well informed and I would say that by 2035, at the outside, it all falls irretrievably apart, if humanity continues on our present, unimaginably stupid trajectory. That’s just 18 years from now. But I would not argue with those who say we have only ten years left, maybe less. The situation is extreme.

        Donald Trump says nothing about any of this. Hillary Clinton says nothing about any of this. Angela Merkel says nothing about any of this. John McCain says nothing about any of this. The Bushes say nothing about any of this. And none of them offer any solutions, apart from the fact that their mental horizons don’t even extend 10% as far as mine. And yet they are so-called “leaders”.

        They are all a bunch of political whores, goddamned sock puppets for the Big Banks, Wall Street, the Military Industrial Complex, the international multi-billionaire class and the CIA.

        • The only thing those shitheads lead are sheep


        Right you are. The Arctic sea ice is steadily diminishing, the temperature of the Arctic seas is steadily rising. and if these trends continue, some near future month or year, there will be a sudden, massive eruption of gigatons of methane from the Arctic region into the atmosphere.

        The primary, secondary and tertiary effects will be global and dramatic. Most humans will probably be dead as a result within a matter of a very few years or less. It will alter everything: climate (precipitation, winds, temperature), atmospheric chemistry, global ecology, global crop production (meaning lack thereof — hence no food), and much more.

        This scenario could even kick in with a vengeance as soon as later this year, or in 2018 or 2019. We are drawing closer and closer to the big event. It will happen if we continue on the present global trajectory, and it won’t take decades to arrive.

        This is quite apart from the concomitant Fukushima nuclear crisis (likely a global extinction level event in itself), the accelerating collapse of the global ecology, accelerating global deforestation, accelerating chemical contamination of global ecosystems, accelerating extinction of a whole wide range of flora and fauna, etc.

        • Like I have said many times, man can control his population on his own, or nature will do it for him. That’s a fact! Good job overbreeding, ignorant, selfish, nearsighted, mindless consuming zombies!

          • Also keep in mind some of these Environmental Groups are Pure Sellout to the environment. The Sierra Club is a sellout to the environment. Never Donate to that POS commie fascist club.

            Sierra Club Sellout Worse Than Ever

            Sierra Club Sellout on Immigration?

            by Kathleene Parker
            Posted Aug 15, 2006

            As the United States, in October, reaches the astounding plateau of 300 million Americans, I wonder if environmentalists forget that Earth Day founder Sen. Gaylord Nelson and former Sierra Club directors David Brower, Dave Foreman and Martin Linton all urged United States population stabilization.

            Are they unaware that the Sierra Club in the 1980s called the United States the most overpopulated nation?

            But that was before a contributor handed the Sierra Club over $100 million.

            By appearances, it seems that, just as some in business will sacrifice America’s future for the soft-slavery of cheap immigrant labor, the Sierra Club puts its own interests ahead of an environment that is buckling under a mostly immigration-driven population tsunami.

            Then, an Oct. 27, 2004, Los Angeles Times revealed that David Gelbaum, a math genius who applied mathematics to Wall Street investments, had contributed $101 million to the Sierra Club. Gelbaum insisted he did not influence the election but admitted that he had earlier told the club that “if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never get a dollar from me.”

            **Yep they took the $101 Million Bribe and changed their tune embracing illegal immigration. POS Commies.
            Link: ht tps://

            Here is another disaster:

            •The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is particularly
            repellant. It`s a noxious floating stew of mostly
            plastic trash that has accumulated somewhere between
            California and Hawaii, is twice the size of Texas and
            weighs 3.5 million tons. There`s so much that cleaning it up “isn`t an option.”

              • The sierra club said that, not him lol. He just quoted it. The greenie orgs. are a fraud, they do not address ANY major threats to earth. Military testing… silence, Fukashima… silence, Corexit in the gulf…. silence Nuke plant leakage…. silence, Asian overfishing…. silence.

            • Mine it and turn it back into oil!

      6. I get fish out of the N. Atlantic which is Cod, Haddock and Corvina (grouper) from S. America. Fish must be expensive on W. coast. I remember predictions about this in the ’70’s that oceans in several decades would be dying. Glad we never raised a family, knowing bad stuff ahead. No future for the younger. No one listened then, and few will pay attention today.

        • Im in Hawaii and fish prices are through the roof, catches are down of all migratory game fish, size of the fish is also down, this info directly from friends in the industry, friends who dive and fish and from what i have been seeing in the markets. A 1/4# container of ahi poke that last year was selling for around 9$ is now at 17$ same for ahi slabs for sashimi, price in some cases is more than double a year ago. Anyway, just what ive seen

          • If you can, raise your own fish if you must eat fish. You can make an aquaponic system and get a 2 for 1 deal. Fresh fish, no contamination worries, not contributing to the death of the ocean, fresh healthy veggies, simple and easy to do. Whats not to like about that? Besides when man finally does kill the ocean off completely, you will have a pond of gold!

            • What about a pond at home? Other than anything coming from upstream to pollute it, our half acre pond should be able to grow some nice bass, etc. for those who don’t have the land, then Aquaponics would be great. Now, to defend this setup….

          • Maui areas are so way over fished. Dove those areas and barely saw any game fish other than ornamental butterfly fish. Sad. I had the fish at “Mamma’s Fish House.” did not help the cause. Maui Fish Tacos also rocked.

            BTW/ “The Great Dying” 251.9 million years ago. HUH?

            But But Wait, the Religious Folks say the earth is no older than about 5 to 6 thousand years old. Bwhahahahahaha. Gullible dopes in every crowd.

            • They are right…the current version of the earth as you see it is approx 6000 to 7000 years old.
              A catastrophic earth explains how this can be so.
              We are due for the next new earth.
              When the terra transformation is over it will be a new earth for another 6 to 7 thousand years.
              Cycle on mother earth you know what your doing.

          • Hi Nail,
            We have been over-fished for so long it is catching up. That is the worlds problem, you can only take so much fish before the population fails to keep up. The only thing the world cares about is whales, I worry about Tuna, Salmon, and Pollack.

          • I am also in Hawaii and a commercial bottom fisherman. What you are taking about is the “STORE” price….not what the fisherman is paid on the auction block. I have frequently seen Ahi being sold on the block (at 0500 in the morning)for $0.50 a pound and heard on the radio on the drive home that Ahi was selling for $26.00 a pound in the stores. That’s called “fair markup” by the stores in America. When are Americans going to wake up….the fisherman and small farmer are screwed by the 1% every-time and so are the consumers. Welcome to runaway capitalism!

        • I am glad I will never have kids in this terribly fucked up, violent, cruel, out of control country and world. It seems all the USA cares about anymore is god damned filthy radical foreigners and especially the peaceful, nice, calm, intelligent Muslims. And don’t forget the queers, the he=she’s and the coons, never forget the jigs. This country now hates the white man and the white man has done everything for this country.

          • You guys and gals need to be talking about having more children! I know someone locally who has fathered 30 children, not a joke. Acid Etch needs to get the itch out of him and start breeding! I feel sorry for the old folks who decided not to invest themselves in the future of humanity and chose to live unproductive, narcissistic lives. What they sent out has come back to haunt them! It is still a beautiful world, enjoy the flowers, the mountains, the sunrises, the sunsets. There is beauty and life even in a little ‘taro patch’. Pass it on, not pass on it! Life is already too short not to live it and not to share it (with your loved ones and those folks around you). Life is too short not to be in love!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Perhaps you should go and watch the sunset over the landfill and the strip mines and the slaughterhouses and the sewage plants and the Chinese slave labor factories and the logging areas and the oil fields that it takes to support that asswipe and his 30 fookin kids (soon to be 300 with more breeding). Let me know how beautiful it is then eh’? I know, out of sight, out of mind…

              • If some day we are outnumbered we only have ourselves to blame. According to Drudge, soon there will be more Muslims being born than any other group. Did you hear about the city in Brazil that was built on a trash dump and how one concerned individual brought music to the place by building musical instruments from the materials they scavenged. Now the children have a much sought after orchestra that travels all over the world! I want to raise a cup of kindness, to LIFE!

            • 30 kids! I heard of be fruitful and multiply but DAMN!!!

              • Damn! Is right! ?

      7. In the end what will come will come, it is probably for the best at least from the planets perspective. Funny how greed and ignorance can do so much damage. Theres just to many of us unfortunately I think. Its to bad, I enjoy life once and awhile and feel terrible for my young daughter. I have to side with Bill Burr on the population issue, we need a plague that wipes out 80% of us. This may be the only thing I do agree with in regards to the new world order.

        • “Funny how greed and ignorance can do so much damage”

          Even funnier is how the lazy fuks didn’t bother to stop it and let it happen… Oh… but I guess someone else was supposed to get that one huh.

        • Stupid. Planet has been through MUCH worse than us. From the planet’s perspective? What does that even mean? Is the planet a conscious being?

          Meteors and asteroids have bashed into the planet killing all sorts of life and things went on just fine and so did life.

          You have literally zero perspective. The next ice age will be here in 15,000 years or so and kill off most life on the planet. And guess what? 15,000 years is literally tomorrow when you compare the lifespan of Earth to the lifespan of a human.

          You people are so self-important. That planet will be FINE. With or without us.

          • You are correct but overlook the fact that the earth had hundreds of thousands of years to recover, long before people were around.

            The current world has billions of humans that expect dinner on the table at 6:00pm no matter the cost.

            The problem is plutonium, cesium etc released in massive levels by Fukushima will take millions of years to go away by natural means. That’s the kind of extinction level event that life doesn’t survive. This isn’t a hundred year event caused by some dust in the air by meteors!

            Fukushima is leaking, and has been since it exploded. There is an acidic soup in the containment vessels of the melted down reactors, all of them. It is eating through the steel and concrete containment systems. Then is the soft limestone bedrock below. It is estimated it has eaten through half way in just five years. Engineers estimate that Fukushima will continue to be uncontrollable for another fifty years. Notice the time discrepancy there?

            The melted down number four reactor at Fukushima continues to run without human intervention. It continuously creates new isotopes. The problem is nuclear reactors aren’t steady state. They actually create fuel as they run. The reason they must periodically be refueled is because they will go super critical on the fuel they breed, not that they run out of fuel Fukushima 4 is destined to have another runaway explosion again, all by itself, and there ain’t squat they can do about it.

      8. Nobody wants to hear this. All the Trumpsters stupidly think that rolling back a bunch of “useless regulations” is going to result in a financial windfall for themselves and their families. Well, to put it bluntly, it won’t. All the money saved as a result of dumping coal sludge in the nearest river, or allowing more pollution out of the tailpipe, or the massive pollution of the water tables for the benefit of fracking, will be immediately split up amongst the C-level corporate officers and their elite level stock shareholders. Not one job will be created, not one single pay raise handed out, and since the elites don’t live out towards the rural areas, they won’t have to live near the pollution either. But everyone earning less than 500K per year will.

        This last election cycle was a true case of getting the worst of all possible worlds. We had a certified criminal knifing other candidates in the back to get herself the nomination no matter what. On the R side, we got a collection of nimpcompoops and retards with the result being the trump got it. He’s totally unfit and unqualified and unwilling to even learn the job. The only saving grace is that he managed to slam the door on the Bush’s and the Clintons, at least for now. Hopefully Pence can take the reins and Dave the nation after trumps inevitable impeachment.

        Better make sure you’re stocked. No less than 1000 rounds of ammo for every operable firearm. This ain’t gonna be what we’ve all been fearing, it’s going to be much worse….

        • *save the nation….stupid autocorrect…

        • Yep Jonny V. Trump is a friggin POS on environmental issues. But what do you expect from a typical numbskull ignorant dope from New York. Trump is so misguided on the use of Solar Power. Yep he poo poo’s it, and says its too expensive. Well Solar just surpassed coal as a cheaper form of energy. Trump is ignorant.

        • Johhny railing against Trump who has been POTUS LESS than 3 months helps us how. He can’t stop Fuckusjima ,he can’t recool the oceans, or clean the sky’s, This shit is already DONE,FINITO,GAME OVER. Your infantile political ranting changes nothing , Guys like you always want to talk about politics when this is no longer a political problem, hasn’t been for a WHILE. This is now about survival, who does and who doesn’t. Best end the poly sci arguments and concentrate on surviving the near future.

          • Well said, Big Blue!

            Muhfuggaz just need to cool it with the partisan BS


            • I’m not partisan, I have every person who has any connection to politics at all. They are all equally worthless.

      9. Even if you pass on the fish plate for the chicken cacciatore. Understand that 50% or more of all breathable planetary oxygen comes from the sea. Hmmm.

        Take a deep breath and let that sink in…

        Ok. As you were.

      10. Massive Government Coverup: “Near-Total Collapse Of Ocean Food Chains… Mass Death To Humans Will Follow”

        “Marine fish provides 15 percent of all animal protein consumed by humans.”

        Mass death to humans for loss of 15% of the animal protein?

        I guess that will somehow affect the supply of beef, chicken, venison, roadkill, and other protein? A significant reduction in the amount of available seafood is survivable.

        This could be easily solved by strict limits on the amount of protein allowed for purchase by those on welfare. This would leave plenty of protein for those of us who work for a living. No more welfare trash loading up on steak and lobster with their EBT cards while those who work and pay taxes can only afford some ground beef and hot dogs.

      11. Geez! It’s not a “cover-up”. It’s just that this story doesn’t drive ad sales. Academics have been ringing this alarm bell for some time.

      12. I was really looking forward to that all you can eat fish fry at one of my favorite places.
        Cod and ocean perch. Oh well.

      13. Hey! Does that mean I won’t be able to buy any more pizza and beer to watch TV with??? What a bummer!

      14. Soon most of your protein will come in the form of goods made with flour derived from bugs.

        • Or derived from people. Soylent Green anyone?

      15. More peanut butter! Cut the beef,chicken and peanut butter. Leave the seas alone for awhile.

        • And ban nuclear power!

        • Bundy’s are heroes. Thanks for posting

      16. Well, children, roll up your sleep mats and put them along the wall. Now we’re going to hear a story about a man named Noah; but this Noah has no access to wood .
        So this Noah builds his Ark with Faith; because Faith
        is stronger than wood and Faith is the only thing that
        will survive the coming tribulations.

      17. “Diversity” is a code word for “white genocide”.

        Due to the inventions and discoveries made by exclusively white males (with a few exceptions), the other races have been able to prosper and multiply and multiply and multiply. In return, the white man is hated, and calls for his death are not just verbal outbursts. The call to genocide is being played out through forced integration into white schools, clubs, places of employment; and into every land where the white man lives. In some instances he is murdered outright. We hear little to nothing about this species which will be extinct long before the other races die out. Once gone through interbreeding, the other races will soon follow. Not merely because the planet has been intentionally contaminated. The globalists, orchestrating the diversity epidemic, poison the environment in order to justify Agendas 21 & 30, depopulation and slavery. Slavery has existed on planet earth for thousands of years. Muslims and Chews have been the primary facilitators of the slave trade. Africans and Asians actively practice slavery. Only the white man, himself enslaved in the past and still to this day in certain places, the white man fought to end slavery on this planet. Human rights advocates against slavery are still working toward that goal.

        Without the white man who taught blacks hygiene, modern methods of medicine, and warfare; soon blacks will regress back into savagery as they are now doing in Africa. As the white farmers are murdered or driven off their land, again the ugly head of famine is rising to devour the black just as the globalists planned.

        Reparations. How about the Black American get on his knees and thank the white man. Naw, the typical black can’t think past his fat nose to figure out how lucky he is to have crossed paths with whitey.


        • Good post B, and sooo true. Without whitey the rest are fooked!

          • SWEEEET!!! goodbye and good riddens to you!

        • I am not one to judge someone by their race.
          I will certainly judge someone by their culture.
          a Caucasian nig ger is just as bad as a “black”
          nig ger. So I think the Kardashians are all worm
          food. I respect Clarence Thomas and Think Chuck U
          Schumer belongs in an Auschwitz oven.
          What we should give thanks to, is honorable
          people doing honorable things. What I abhor
          is Democrats and their racist crap, regardless
          of what race they decide they are.

          • The Kardashians white?? I thought those slutty girls were sired by a Lebanese father. Even so, Lebanese is not African. So, I guess seeing Nicole Simpson beaten then murdered by her famous Black Celebrity former spouse only served to inspire the foolish females. All their fame is not going to protect them from the consequences of dallying with men not their own kind.


            • Kardashian’s deceased daddy was Armenian-American. I bet he’d be so proud of his girls.
              Don’t forget Lil Robbie Kardashian. He be liking that choco latte as well. He Blac Chyna’s
              baby daddy. Can only imagine what the Kardashian family reunion looks like in 10 years.
              Now that would be one hell of a reality show.

          • The Kardashians just launched their new law firm.
            Their motto is, ” We get more N-gg-z off than Johnnie Cochran! “

        • yeah but haven’t you always made excuses for the brothers in the past?

        • ‘Diversity’ is mathematical nonsense. White Europeans are a minority group on the planet and are also a minority group in the US and many European cities. It does not make sense to push them out of jobs and positions to make way for ‘minorities’ since those minorities are the majorities.

          It is time to start creating white homelands where the pursuit of diversity will not take place. These can be in Russia, the North, and in the lower portions of South America and Antarctica. Leave the darker ones to the ‘boiling’ parts of the world, where they can fight it out over resources. As far as I can tell, the Chinese will soon be ruling over these people anyway – and they can have them!

          • Frank, I think we’ll all be ruled by Chinese eventually.
            Or running from their soldiers.
            You warriors think you can take out a squad, maybe so, but a battalion, good luck with that.

      18. How can you possibly write on the marine life dying all over the Pacific, but especially in the North, and not once mention Fukushima? Sure makes it look like DisInfo to me.

      19. So we should be harevesting methane from the artic.
        Wonder if they have already figured out chemtrails are behind the die offs?

        • If they did figure it out you would be the last to know.

      20. Just as well we have plenty of fish farms then????

      21. Very disappointed in this article. I personally communicated with Dr. Jane Orient of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness about the issue of fish contamination. Her reply is that it is not something to worry about. And if there were such a mass die off of, e.g., Alaskan salmon, certainly prices have remained completely flat in the store. Are they suppressing the price of salmon? Then let’s throw in mahi mahi, tuna, and who knows what else.

        And what is the actual presence of CO2 in the atmosphere? noted a few years ago it was 390 ppm (slightly higher now) , or less than 0.04%, up from 320 ppm, or 0.032% 50 years ago. Of the remaining percentages, nitrogen amounts for 78%, oxygen 21%. Of the 1% that then remains, 90% of that is argon, with less than 4% of that 1% being carbon dioxide (these percentages exclude highly variable water vapor, which is usually around 1 – 4% of the atmosphere – and a much more major contributor to global warming, estimated at being 50-90% of the greenhouse effect). Of course the logarithmic effect of CO2 means each additional increase has less impact that the prior, same sized increase. Even more, about 96 to 97% of carbon dioxide comes from natural sources, such as animals, plant decay and volcanoes.

        In fact, relative to volcanoes, former FDA investigator Dr. Arthur Evangelista, noted that the 2010 eruption of Eyafjallajokull in Iceland emitted, in four days, enough CO2 in four days to negate every single effort mankind made that year to reduce CO2. But this volcano was a piker compared to Mt. Pinatubo, which when it erupted in the Philippines in 1991 “spewed out more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than the entire human race had emitted in its entire 40 MILLION YEARS on earth.” And this doesn’t include that fact that, as he notes the “bush fire season across the western USA and Australia this year alone will negate your efforts to reduce carbon in our world for the next two to three years. And it happens every year.”

        Jeff Jacoby, writing in the Boston Globe re. Trump’s EPA head’s comment re. the presence of C02 as the “primary control knob,” has a similar comment on CO2:
        “…CO2 is certainly a heat-trapping greenhouse gas, but hardly the primary one: Water vapor accounts for about 95 percent of greenhouse gases. By contrast, carbon dioxide is only a trace component in the atmosphere: about 400 ppm (parts per million), or 0.04 percent. Moreover, its warming impact decreases sharply after the first 20 or 30 ppm. Adding more CO2 molecules to the atmosphere is like painting over a red wall with white paint — the first coat does most of the work of concealing the red. A second coat of paint has much less of an effect, while adding a third or fourth coat has almost no impact at all.There is a popular theory that atmospheric CO2 amplifies the creation of water vapor, thereby increasing warming through a “positive feedback loop.” But that theory so far is mostly speculative; climate projections using models based on it have consistently failed, nearly always predicting far more warming than has occurred. It should go without saying that if scientists cannot yet make accurate predictions about future climate change, then their understanding of climate science remains highly incomplete.

        Earth’s climate system is unfathomably complex. It is affected by innumerable interacting variables, atmospheric CO2 levels being just one. The more variables there are in any system or train of events, the lower the probability of all of them coming to pass. Your odds of correctly guessing the outcome of a flipped coin are 1 in 2, but your odds of guessing correctly twice in a row are only 1 in 4 — i.e., ½ x ½ Extending your winning streak to a third guess is even less probable: just 1 in 8.

      22. … you see, Amy, I have done a 400 page, 700 footnote on the massive, trillion dollar scam of BIG GREEN MONEY AGW. I also lived thru the global cooling scare of the 1970s. Forgive me if all this reminds me ofPol Pot’s agrarian dystopia and evoke images of his Cambodian killing fields, the Holodomor, and Mao Great Leap Forward (which sent China into the previous century. It also reminds me of people such as Obama science John Holdren, who advocated “razing dams,” among other things. Of course, when Holdren advocated this, it was in the 1970s, and the threat we had to stop by doing these things was ***global cooling.*** Hey… whatever the narrative is, eh?

      23. In fact, UN’s Top Climate Officia, socialist Christiana Figueres, the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, has gone on record to explicitly state the goal of the global warmers to is to “intentionally transform the economic development model” in place “since the Industrial Revolution.” “This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model, for the first time in human history.” And no doubt, in her next quote, we’ll hear yet more cliches, such as “Workers of the world, unite!” from her. Yawn.

        Then there’s the Medieval Warm Period. Farley Mowat, the noted Canadian leftist and Greenpeace activist, wrote in his book West Viking (written while we were still in the global cooling scare) that there were probably at least dwarf forests growing in Greenland when the Vikings arrived in 985 AD and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History reports “… Erik the Red discovered two areas of southwest Greenland which were suitable for farming, with grasslands and small stands of alder and birch.” You will note that it is too cold today for any type of forests to grow in Greenland, and there is zero ability to farm, unless modern technologies are utilized – and even then, crop selection is very minimal. Mowat also reported the Arctic pack ice was much less in that Viking discovery era than today. Dr. Fred Singer writes that when the Vikings first settled Greenland, they grew vegetables, and it was warm enough to allow the population to grow to 3,000 people and by 1100 AD the place was thriving enough that they had their own bishop and twelve churches. Nature reported in a 2010 article that clamshell studies also confirm Norse records. Meanwhile, the Archeological Survey of Canada has also noted around “A.D. 1000, a warmer climate resulted in the tree line advancing 100 kilometres north of its present position.”

        Indeed, when I was visiting Iceland at Skaftafell Nat’l Park two years ago, Icelandic historians know from extant deeds – and have put in the displays at the park – that somewhere around FORTY old Viking era farms are currently buried under the Vatnajokull glacier system (the largest in the world outside of Greenland and Antarctica). In other words, it was simply much warmer in the Icelandic settlement era than it is today. We are routinely informed of the melting of Greenland glaciers today at lower altitudes, but demonstrably there are at bare minimum low altitude glaciers in roughly the same geographic area that had seen more melting and more pronounced glacial recession one thousand years ago than we see today. Al Gore may want to visit Skaftafell National Park in Iceland on one of his many jet-setting, carbon burning trips to check the facts himself. More evidence: There are records of grape growing occurring in places in northern Europe back during this optimum where they can’t grow today. Gregory McNamee, in the Weather Guide Calendar (Accord Publishing, 2002) noted that wine connoisseurs might have gone to England for fine vintages (can’t grow fine vintage grapes there today!), that heat loving trees like beeches carpeted Europe far into Scandinavia, and Viking ships crossed iceberg free oceans to ice free harbors in Iceland…”. Art Horn writes that “In the winter of 1249 it was so warm in England that people did not need winter clothes. They walked about in summer dress. It was so warm people thought the seasons had changed. There was no frost in England the entire winter. Can you imagine what NOAA would say if that happened next year? “

        On the other side of the world, research by Panin and Nefedov in 2010, where they analyzed rivers and lakes in the Upper Volga and Upper Zapadnaya Dvina areas in Russia, also found evidence of a Medieval climatic optimum in that part of the world Even worse for the warmers, recent research has found evidence for the Medieval Climatic Optimum in the central Peruvian Andes, southern South America, and China, where the author XJ Zhou notes “temperatures in the Medieval Warm Period are comparable to those in the current warm period over China,” and Antarctica, Li, Y., Cole-Dai, J. and Zhou, L. 2009. Glaciochemical evidence in an East Antarctica ice core of a recent (AD 1450-1850) neoglacial episode. Journal of Geophysical Research 114: 10.1029/2008JD011091 (summarized at Amazingly, there is even clear evidence of the LIA and MWP in Antarctica- see

      24. But here is the most damning evidence against the Malthusian based, Agenda 21 loved scam of trillion dollar BIG GREEN MONEY global warming:

        A 5,000 yr old picea glauca (white spruce) stump on the Tuktoyaktuk Peninsula in tundra, ********some 100km north of the current treeline.***** See for this picture, photo by Professor Ritchie (University of Toronto). Radiocarbon date was 4940 ±140 years Before Present (BP), and was featured in Hubert Lamb’s classic work Climate, Present, Past and Future.

        Similarly, two recent papers, reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, one in Earth-Science Reviews and the other is in Chinese Science Bulletin, reported studies of “key chemical contents in micro-drilled giant clams shells and coral samples to demonstrate that in the South China Sea the warm period of the Middle Ages was warmer than the present. The scientists examined surveys of the ratio of strontium to calcium content and heavy oxygen isotopes, both are sensitive recorders of sea surface temperatures past and present. The aragonite bicarbonate of the Tridacna gigas clam-shell is so fine-grained that daily growth-lines are exposed by micro-drilling with an exceptionally fine drill-bit, allowing an exceptionally detailed time-series of sea-temperature changes to be compiled – a feat of detection worthy of Sherlock Holmes himself. By using overlaps between successive generations of giant clams and corals, the three scientists – Hong Yan of the Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Willie Soon of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and Yuhong Wang of Fudan University, Shanghai – reconstructed a record of sea-surface temperature changes going back 2500 years. The Roman and Mediaeval Warm Periods both showed up prominently in the western Pacific and East Asia. Sea surface temperatures varied considerably over the 2500-year period.” Dr. Soon concludes :” “The UN’s climate panel should never have trusted the claim that the medieval warm period was mainly a European phenomenon. It was clearly warm in South China Sea, too.”

        Another study, by earth sciences professor Zunli Lu (formerly of Oxford, now at Syracuse Univ.), studied samples of crystal called ikaite, which forms in cold water, and will melt at room temperature. Samples were taken by Lu and colleagues, examined for variation caused by temperature fluctuations during formation, and dated. The result? Lu writes: “This ikaite record qualitatively supports that both the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age extended to the Antarctic Peninsula.” What does this mean? It means that the MWP was not simply a localized event in northern Europe, or even the northern hemisphere. And if it was as warm 1,000 years ago as now all over the world, Al Gore is simply wrong. Study summary by the UK Register at

      25. Noah ? Can you hear me ?

      26. If oceans are dying and hundreds of millions and billions of fish are dead, how come I can still get tuna fish for 60 cents and salmon for $2 a large can?

        Supply and demand?

        • Exactly woog. This article is simply wrong.

        • Because YOU ar ebeing poisoned too, stupid. That’s part of the plan. Go ahead, keep eating the shit. Your body will follow your mind right into the grave. Dumbass.

      27. As far as co2 goes,the more the better. No part of the planet should be below freezing at anytime. We are still in an ice age. Nuclear power is what can cause the worst extinction. Put enough radiation in the environment not even bacteria will survive.

        • … no bacteria will survive, but cockroaches and banksters should be fine…

      28. The Global Famine, which in recent years was prophesied, has already started. Of course we cannot expect MSM to tell us a darn thing about it.

        Start by purchasing an extra can or package of nonperishable food when you food shop and build up a backup supply of essential goods which you can rotate. Don’t neglect storing water.

        Buy heirloom (NON-gmo) seeds.

        Remember the rule of 3’s: 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

        Because both the globalists and the “deep state” are out to defeat and even harm the President, watch your own six as it appears the collapse of I-85 was engineered by Americans hostile to the President and the city official was assassinated who sought all the documents related to the collapse and said documents disappeared immediately after she was killed.

        Finally, don’t EVER underestimate the value and power when you, yourself, pray. Satan hates when you yourself pray– do not leave it to others. Offer an Our Father or a Hail Mary for the protection of the President or for the protection and well-being of your fellow Americans and/or family. Or pray from your heart.

        Our world, let alone our country, are headed to their final chapters before the Second Coming of Christ. Pay attention to those barking lies, pay attention to those attacking those who are trying to set our country straight, pay attention when you see those with ferocious hate attack those who you KNOW are speaking truth. Stay vigilant as it builds up to a crescendo.

        Don’t forget to pray. Christ will multiply any food we share.

        I know what I write here is very difficult to believe. You do not have to believe me! Just trust the signs I’ve pointed out as you are observing them. Truth is always discernible, always obtainable. Go always in the opposite direction of the lies!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        • Good post, LR. But I disagree re. the food piece. Between 30 and 50 percent of all food produced globally, equivalent to two billion tons, is thrown away each year according to a recent report written by the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), titled ‘Global Food; Waste Not, Want Not’, found at Of course, per the usually PC Time Magazine, the Malthusians are doubly wrong, as “…it turns out the world’s population isn’t growing nearly as fast as it once did. In fact, experts say the rate of population growth will continue to slow and that the total population will eventually — likely within our lifetimes — fall.”

          Extra credit: Harvey Ruvin, Vice-chair of International Committee for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI), a group that wants to impose the green agenda on everyone has noted, “Individual rights must take a back seat to the collective.” Pol Pot, move over.

      29. Leanne McAdoo on InfoWars sho’ do look good.
        I wonder if Alex Jones is hammering that.

      30. Guess this means no more Long John Silver’s…

      31. “Each day more signs are emerging that our ocean and world is slowly dying.”
        Doesn’t seem to be dying slowly to me. Seems to be pretty quick to me.

        • thanku ranger

      32. Uh .. And WHAT makes any of you think that this is in ANY WAY true? This same “we are doomed” story(or one almost like it) gets run by this websight several times a week. If this doom propaganda fear mongering is to be believed we all died of global warming/cooling/climate change/SMOD/topsoil loss/radiation/black mold/economic collapse/infertility and satanic line dance party underoos thirty years ago. You people are morons.

        • Ray, glad you think that. Read Test’s expose on global warming and then tell us we’re morons.
          Oh, if you can read his lengthy posts without losing attention, that is.
          The article about ocean food chain is questionable, granted.
          The comments here are often intelligent, well thought out and sometimes eloquent.
          If that’s too much for you and you still want to call us morons, then we’ll know who the moron is. Think we do already.

      33. It is simple math: we have an exploding world population most of whom are greedy, violent, want the riches of the West, can’t and won’t use birth control because they actually receive more money for more kids, and are nowhere close to contributing enough high-value wealth to make up for the resources they consume. They are actively destroying their current countries and trying to flee the mess to the West (thus all the refugees on the boats).

        You either put a stop to it to save the planet, or we have just 10 to max 20 years left of a viable ecology.

      34. I have been hearing this since about 1972. Although I think our stewardship of the planet can definitely be better, this alarmist crap screams AL Gore “the polar ice caps will be gone by 2012” BS!

      35. The person who wrote this article should learn the difference between “THAN AND THEN”! Amy Goodrich??

      36. HOW do we get Trump this info? The unmitigated Fukushima disaster has been poisoning our planet since March of 2011, PACIFIC OCEAN FIRST. This PLUS the ongoing WEAPONIZED WEATHER via GEOENGINNERING are TWO major factors everything is sick or dying. This is no “theory”. there are MOUNTAINS of empiric evidence clearly presenting these truths. Because you stupid fucking people have chosen to ignore this, IT IS UNLIKELY ANY LIFE ON EARTH WILL SURVIVE.

      37. Can I please get an audience with the Salmon herder who has saved entire oceans please? This guy must be a god. But if he has saved ocean’s in the past has he grown angry with us. Perhaps he requires a sacrifice. I know a great shrubber.

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