“Less Than Coincidental”: Russian Spy Vessel Trolls US Coast, Just After Flynn Resigns

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 56 comments

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    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.

    Editor’s Comment: The entanglement and potential war with Russia looms ever larger. Gen. Mike Flynn resigned after pressure about his slippery comments and failure to disclose properly to his superiors, namely the VP and Pres. But the real reason so much pressure was put on Flynn likely also has to do with his general attitude of cooperation with Russia, not just unauthorized discussions of removing sanctions with his Russian counterpart.

    The shadow powers of this country intend to keep Russia hostile, not as a burgeoning ally. Is it any coincidence at all that the Russians have popped up off the U.S. coast, quite close to the capital, just after Flynn’s resignation? It seems that everyone has their part to pay, and the age of spying, intrigue and the gravity pulling us to war is upon us. Keep watch how this general issue develops…

    Hours After Nat’l Security Adviser Quits, Russian Spy Ship Spotted Off US Coast

    by Claire Bernish

    A Russian spy ship has reportedly been spotted by officials just 70 miles of the U.S. East Coast for the first time since President Donald Trump took office — and just hours after National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned from his position less than one month on the job amid controversy over a phone call with the Russian ambassador.

    Two unnamed U.S. officials from an undivulged department allegedly told Fox News the Russian ship was seen 70 miles of the coast of Delaware, heading north at 10 knots — well outside United States territorial waters, which extend 12 nautical miles from the coast.

    “It’s not a huge concern, but we are keeping our eyes on it,” one official said.

    According to Fox News,

    The ship, the SSV-175 Viktor Leonov, last sailed near the U.S. in April 2015, an official said. The ship is capable of intercepting communications or signals, known as SIGINT, as well as measuring U.S. Navy sonar capability, a separate official said.

    The Russian spy ship is also armed with surface-to-air missiles.

    While Russia is perfectly within its rights to sail in international waters, the proximity of the ship to the U.S. after Flynn’s resignation would raise eyebrows of politicians who, for months, have championed an anti-Russia propaganda campaign.

    “In his resignation letter, which the White House emailed to reporters,” the New York Times reports, “Mr. Flynn said he had held numerous calls with foreign officials during the transition. ‘Unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events, I inadvertently briefed the vice president-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador,’ he wrote. ‘I have sincerely apologized to the president and the vice president, and they have accepted my apology.’”

    And, as Zero Hedge reports,

    The last time a Russian spy ship was spotted in relative proximity to the US, was in September 2015, when shortly after five Chinese naval ships were observed in the Bering Sea, U.S. military satellites identified a Russian spy ship – capable of cutting undersea communications cables and other sensors – off the coast of Kings Bay, Ga., home to the U.S. Navy’s East Coast ballistic missile submarine fleet. Needless to say, the US navy – and Pentagon – were quite displeased: after all it is only Russia that is allowed to be surrounded by NATO forces.

    That wasn’t the only time this particular vessel was spotted near the U.S., as the Daily Mail notes,

    In a throwback to the Cold War, the spy ship also caused a stir after unexpectedly docking in Havana on the eve of historic talks between the U.S. and Cuba the following year.

    There was nothing stealthy about the arrival of the Leonov, which was moored to a pier in Old Havana where cruise ships often dock. But the visit was not officially announced by Cuban authorities.

    Although U.S. media quickly jumped to report the story — shortly followed by Iranian state press — Russian state-run outlet RT noticeably lacked any coverage of the soon-to-be controversial sighting even an hour after the story broke.

    In fact, without visual confirmation or the names, rank, or departments of the officials cited by Fox News — and the recent trend of corporate media proffering news items before vetting them for accuracy — it would be prudent to ingest this information as questionable, rather than proven.

    In that vein, the timing of the report less than 24 hours after Flynn’s resignation seems far less than coincidental.

    This is a developing story and will be updated as necessary.

    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project.


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      1. The Deep State is attempting a coup. Nothing less. If they are successful, D.C. must burn to the ground. If they get away with this, it’s over for us. I don’t know if you all understand what’s at stake here.

        • They will win because we won’t fight back on terms that can win.

          We’re like an amateur boxer adhering to Queensberry rules going up against a team of MMA champions.

          The outcome is pretty predictable. We don’t know how to fight, they do.

          • when they WIN, then we will start our civil war and the snipers will take them out one scumbag at a time!!

            • Dreamer.

              Be more realistic, or lose.

              Lack of realism is why we are losing now and why we’ll continue to do so unless we change.

              • Newsflash…….Russia has always had some sort of vessel, Be it a submarine or whatever “patrolling” the waters near the United States including within a few miles of NYC many times during the onset of the Cold War. Don’t take the bait folks, this isn’t anything new.

                • Exactly! This is really NON-News that’s just being used to stir up more hype over the rest of the FAKE allegations aimed at President Trump and the alleged help he got from them concerning the elections according to the butt hurt morons who don’t get it we ARE sick of their bullshit.

                • Jacknife,
                  YUP!! and we do the same to them and have for MANY years!! YOUR correct this is only LIBTARD NEWS!! nothing more!!

            • go get a copy of Col. David Grosmans book ‘On Killing’ and educate yourself on how human beings think about actually pulling the trigger, willingness to fight, posturing and chest beating, and what techniques the military has used to increase the rates at which soldiers become willing to take another human life without question. You will find all the chest-beating here is not going to go anywhere once the rubber meets the road, while the military continues on into the %90+ percentile of troops willing to kill another human being without question (a number by the way that was only around %15 during WWII..).

          • Anonymous, that’s where you have to go out and fight your own way. YOU HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO PLAY THE GAME SOMEONE ELSE’S WAY. If you do, you’re guaranteed to lose. Never submit to anyone who has bad intentions toward you.

          • who gets in the way when the people “fight back” against a corrupt regime? the REDCOATS.

            no matter how illegal the statutes, no matter how blatant the corruption, the REDCOATS ALWAYS ‘follow orders’ and illegally use weapons of WAR against the people.

            BADGES ARE REDCOATS! this is ENEMY NUMBER 1.

            • the difference being Redcoats stuck to an outdated military doctrine and were defeated by an enemy who outmaneuvered them. Todays military has plenty of experience in engaging an asymmetric enemy.
              Fact- as long as one side controls the flow of information to the masses via the media, we can be painted as a malicious and evil enemy that must be rooted out for the sake of state security, AND THE POPULATION WILL CHEER AND WAVE FLAGS AS THEIR FOURTH AMMENDMENT RIGHTS ARE VIOLATED AS WE ARE HUNTED DOWN DOOR TO DOOW (ie- Boston anyone..??)

              Unless we get ahead of the flow of information, a shooting war would be less than pointless.

        • And How Close do US Military Ships sail off of other countries Coasts? Like IRAN or RUSSIA? How about US Drones flying overhead dropping Bombs on civilians in Country’s we have not even declared war on? Like Yemen. Yep, How many US Military Bases are located in a other Countries? Answer: The US has over 1000 Bases world wide. There are nearly 5 US Military bases for every country in the world. There are only 205 actual Countries recognized worldwide. And they just hired Blackwater $205 Million Contract to fly helicopter machine guns, to accompany Special forces in Africa. What is the US doing in Africa? Are we at War with Africa now?

          If Russia is the Boogie Man, why does the US Send up US Astronauts on the Russian Rocket ship to the space station yet? Or the Titan Missiles that the US Sends up, uses Russian Refurbished Rockets yet?

          The BS is pretty thick, when you have more facts. So 70 miles off the coast of the US? Pfffttt.

          • Exactly.

        • Big friggin’ deal….

          I would venture to say that the Russians have some type of vessel off our coast on just about a continuous basis. This one just happens to be conspicuous because it’s on the surface.

          We have a destroyer in the black sea right now. Is THAT provocative? Or is it just something we do?

          People need to settle down. The neo-cons want to escalate issues with Russia because they WANT a effing war.

      2. Russia is not a Communist Country. Russia is a white Orthodox Christian Country. The Russian people are our natural allies. We should work with them to keep Muslims, and others including the nonwhite “Is real hell” globalists and Central Bank Rothschilds Satanists from destroying planet earth.


        • Agree 100%. The true evil is the global Wahabbist filth who have infiltrated the highest bodies in most Western nations and bought off duplicitous politicians such as Trudeau, London’s mayor etc.

          • FT,
            London’s mayor did not need to be bought off. He is one of them.

        • BfC
          Damn man you hit it right on the head.
          I agree 100%.

          • B from CA,Sgt. Dale,
            AGREED, too many people WERE and still are brainwashed to think Russians are totaly bad! what they need to be thinking is that the MUSLIMS are who they need to be afraid of and they need to be removed and NEVER allowed in this country!

            • too many people are being brainwashed right here if they go along with y’alls assessment of Russia.

              Russia is our enemy. Putin is exKGB.

              Let us not forget who we are dealing with.

              Russia is not to be trusted.

              • RF are listening to see if a coup is taking place in the USA and are taking names of who is involved. RF doesnt want to go to war with the neocons and soros ilk. They will stop it if they can. Trump must be ready.


              • The 50’s is missing its brainwashed cult following. Hurry you can catch up to it being you deny the reality of the 21st Century.

              • grandee,
                I did NOT say they are NOT our enemy, I all to well KNOW who and WHAT they are!! BUT the left is trying to make them out to be THE WORST of our enemies and that is NOT the case!! MUSLIMS are the REAL problem NOW and secondly then China,Iran, North Korea and Russia, we are being destoyed from WITHIN by leftists allowing Muslims into this country as well as the left has and is allowing OTHER countries to OWN things i this country and other than a nuclear wat starting that is and will finish this country oFF!! THAT IS WHAT I AM SAYING!! don’t be hoodwinked by more LIBTARD MSM B.S. lies!!

                • war! not wat, typos! lol

      3. I hate to tell you all this, but Russia is the least of our problems, and those of you so irretrievably stuck to the notion that Russia is this centuries boogieman, well sucks to be you in your ignorance. You are free of mind, you are a slave to old cold war propaganda and that makes you irrelevant an Unprepared to deal with the current reality. OUR SINGLE most dangerous threat is the TREASON at home and not the current Administration, but its predecessor and its hidden network of scum and the leftists morons destroying things. North Korea, China and Russia are all secondary problems to the menace on our own soil. Get a grip, there is no Russian here threatening to kill you, but a shit ton of Soros paid morons and treasonous Democrap/Clinton operatives and NEOCON JEW simps making sure we go no where but into a destroyed state in their temper tantrums.

        • NJ, I believe you mean well, and you make valid points about our libturd scum and Soros, but Russia IS only one of numerous threats we face. Communist influence in Russia never really died out totally. In Russia itself, all of the old communist symbols are still in place. It’s only in the FORMER Soviet satellite states like Ukraine, Baltic States, Eastern Europe, where any communist symbols have been removed. I’ve personally known some people from some of these countries who have told me horrifying stories about what they went through under Russian occupation during the Cold War. Those countries don’t want and are determined not to go back under the Russian jackboot. Cuba, where my wife and her family came from, had its economy totally subsidized by Moscow for 3 decades and it still has a Soviet-style economy to this day. Communism never died, it just went into semi-retirement. But it’s coming back and that’s what most people can’t realize.

          • Get back to me when you can see beyond your Cold War brainwashing of “Russia is EEEVIILLLL!”.
            America right now ifs the single biggest colonial empire on the face of the earth, and have been engaged in war (undeclared and otherwise) since WWII, NON STOP and always under the same guise of some boogie man somewhere needs us to face off to it. IT WOULD NOT KILL US TO BRING OUR TROOPS HOME AND DEFEND OUR OWN COUNTRY instead of playing the military industrial game of nonstop war pushed through brainwashing people into believing all the existential threats are REAL and fabricated by the Military industrial complex and the related Intelligence agencies to justify their own existence.

            Russia is not the issue, brain dead citizens and traitors in our OWN country is the problem. Sadly people are too flummoxed to see the truth and still have to blame Russia for everything. they worse than Democraps blaming everything on Bush and Trump now.

      4. The greatest threat to America is not Russia, it is the Neocons of Washington DC. War war war. And oh how they love to play the Israel card.

        • EXACTLY. Americas greatest threat is not outside our borders but the huge undealt with population of TRAITORS on our own soil and the corrupt government that is enabled by them.

      5. There are only two scenarios to World War Three: only two. One is slower, the other is really freaking quick: Russia wins in both scenarios:

        1) Slow: Russia lets America burn itself to the ground. Along with China, they just let natural forces take hold, with a little nudge here and there; a few cantankerous negroes armed and upset, some computer hacks and digital money meltdowns etc. In the main, America does the work for yah.

        2) Fast: The US follows through on its long planned lightning nuke strike on Russia. Russians go to their air raid shelters (they all have them), the North Koreans go to their underground cities (they all have access to them), the Chinese go to their shelters (the Chinks that count have them). In the US, ONLY the continuity of government ‘folks’ go to their pre-assigned bunkers. Everyone else gets crispy fried in Russia’s ‘dead-hand’ retaliatory strike. Russia wins, with most of its citizens still alive. America’s bases and cities are smoking holes. America ‘wins’ with just a population of government workers.

        • Well, that could be why I never seem to genuinely find America in the prophecies.

          I don’t see us playing a role in them as an independent nation, this would take us out of the action.

          • Shoot, we’re living our prophecies now. The founders told us what we’d get if we allowed all this to happen.

          • Try Isaiah 18. Make sure you get a good translation from the original Hebrew.

      6. The political assassination of General Flynn tells you all you need to know about WHO is actually running things behind the scenes and WHERE the REAL threat is. The REAL threat is already embedded in our government agencies.

        • There was no assassination… It was suicide!!
          Any one who does what he did, lies about it, gets caught, then confesses (kinda) in this day and age is committing political suicide.
          He knew better. We all know better. Stop supporting a faux political party (either of them) and start supporting our country and her constitution.

          • Recheck you news stories. It was political assassination. They near missed him when he was in under Obama, reinstated by Trump and taken down the same way. He was the only sane voice concerning Russia in Trumps cabinet, but the NEOCON/DEMOCRAP traitors in the Intelligence Community made sure to get rid of Trumps strongest man advising AGAINST more conflicts.

      7. About three decades ago a ship from South America was impounded because they found two poisoned grapes in the shipment. Its interesting that they find this like its plausible.


      8. The deep state flies their spy planes up and down the Russian Baltic coast, through the south China seas and all over the world. Do as we say not as we do must not translate very well. The true aggressor is clear, freedom of navigation is only for them. B from CA is right, both countries flags are red white and blue. The red shield fades only one into purple.

      9. It’s coming folks, hope you’re as ready as you can be.

        • -waiting-

          Couldn’t agree more. Did you hear that press conference with Trump and Natanyahu?
          Trump said he would never allow Iran to have nukes. And than he said ” ever “.
          The collision course is set and will not be postponed. Plain as day. It’s on.
          It will probably line up like this USA / Israel / NATO / Saudi Arabia ( they hate the Persians )
          Iran / Russia
          The wildcard: if North Korea thinks we have too much on our plate, they may do something.
          This is SHTF for real. China waits to see what rises out of the ashes. They have patience.

      10. Come on! “Just After Flynn Resigns”. What did the Russians do BEAM to out east coast? It took weeks for the vessel to get to the east coast. It was sent more than likely before the election just in case Hitlery got the election.

        For crying out loud we have spy equipment all over.

        Hells Bells do you blame Russia? I don’t.


        • I hear Russia has some very fast ships.

          • …and America never saw this one coming….You are delusional. It has been shadowed by the Navy since departure from its home port. This is all fake hype to pump up the rest of the FAKE bullshit about Trump and Russia contacts.

      11. “Two unnamed U.S. officials from an undivulged department allegedly told Fox News…”


        • Bring back waterboarding?

      12. The MSM is going full blown propaganda against Russia. The other day they actually ran a story that Putin personally changed the Russian domestic battery laws so men could beat their wives. Really? TPTB need to be stopped real soon. If not, they’re going to get us in a another war. This time a real nasty one. They always demonize the people they plan to kill next. God help us and the Russian people.

        • Exactly.


        PEOPLE DO NOT.


        • When people do it’s called rioting, not warfare.

          • Or civil unrest ?, or civil war?

      14. Russian spy ships regularly patrolled about 13 miles out from Cape Canaveral during our space era. Probably still patrol past our major naval base harbors.

        When you consider the travel time from a Russian port to its present location, I’d bet that it was on its way long before Flynn’s problems were known by anybody outside the “leak-force”.

        • EXACTLY!!! purely coincidence.

        Russians have ALWAYS trolled our shores I remember them off of Cape Cod most of my life..and In the service I was stationed in panama in the signal corps…they would screw up the signals as they went through the canal…we’d have some issues accross a wide spectrum, we’d open the door and see the smoke stack above the trees…those “civilian” ships were bristling with military antennas… This is not news…

      16. In an above post I noted that ‘we are watching’ Scrolling down I read this. Well, reinforces my previous statement doesn’t it? In any conflict,whilst it is the military that face the immediate threat,it is a united civilian population that provides long term resistance to an invader. Ask yourselves,of what assistance will yr population be? As you can see,we are watching….

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