Leftists Planning Coup On President Trump? L.A. Times Says “Voters Must Stop Him Before Military Has To”

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 179 comments

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    How far will they go to destroy this country? Liberals and globalists are already plotting several moves ahead.

    If Donald Trump beats Hillary, they are already contemplating a Plan B.

    In a  op-ed, L.A. Times. writer James Kirchick dangles the ambiguous but ominous threat, “If Trump wins, a coup isn’t impossible here in the U.S.”

    It basically hints that a military overthrow of a Trump Presidency might be coming in the future, and would then be justified by horrific dictatorial acts that hordes of screaming leftists have been warning about all this time:

    From the L.A. Times:

    Americans viewing the recent failed coup attempt in Turkey as some exotic foreign news story — the latest, violent yet hardly unusual political development to occur in a region constantly beset by turmoil — should pause to consider that the prospect of similar instability would not be unfathomable in this country if Donald Trump were to win the presidency.

    Naturally, in this scenario, Trump would be quick to commit war crimes (as Kirchick and many others see it).

    What if his presidency is so dangerously unconstitutional and misguided that a military intervention will be necessary to take the country back?

    In their quest to stop Trump at all costs, many of his opponents are already prepared to take things that far. That is telling, and very chilling indeed.

    Throughout the campaign, Trump has repeatedly bragged about ordering soldiers to commit war crimes, and has dismissed the possibility that he would face any resistance. “They won’t refuse,” he told Fox News’ Bret Baierearlier this year. “They’re not gonna refuse me. Believe me.”  When Baier insisted that such orders are “illegal,” Trump replied, “I’m a leader. I’ve always been a leader. I’ve never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they’re going to do it.”

    Try to imagine, then, a situation in which Trump commanded our military to do something stupid, illegal or irrational. 


    If this scenario sounds implausible, consider that Trump has normalized so many once-outrageous things — from open racism to blatant lying. Needless to say, such dystopian situations are unimaginable under a President Hillary Clinton, who, whatever her faults, would never contemplate ordering a bombing run or — heaven forbid — a nuclear strike on a country just because its leader slighted her small hands at a summit. Rubio might detest her, but he cannot honestly say that Clinton, a former secretary of State, should not be trusted with the nation’s nuclear codes.

    Trump is not only patently unfit to be president, but a danger to America and the world. Voters must stop him before the military has to.   

    The veiled threat can’t be dismissed just because it is misguided or vague.

    Should Donald Trump take it as a threat? Is his life in danger?

    What happens if voters don’t make the choice these people think is the right one?

    Glenn Beck was suspended from air for a week for allow a guest to make similar comments that hinted at ‘taking Trump out.’

    Discussing a potential Donald Trump presidency, Thor lamented that impeachment would likely be off the table.

    “If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that if, if, he oversteps his mandate as president, his constitutional-granted authority, I should say, as president,” Thor said. “If he oversteps that, how do we get him out of office? And I don’t think there is a legal means available. I think it will be a terrible, terrible position the American people will be in to get Trump out of office because you won’t be able to do it through Congress.”

    There is a very real and very potent anger fomenting across our country. Though there are good reasons for it, most of it is misdirected, and 2016 has proven to be open season for attacks of all kind against Trump and his supporters.

    Violence has trailed his campaign as passionate leftists stop at nothing to defy his controversial policies on immigration and the rest of it.

    The rule of law is slipping away, and certain sectors of the establishment love the chaos is will bring.

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      1. obama constantly oversteps his authority but no one threatens to take him out. obama does need to be removed but not on the level these leftist whack-o’s propose for Trump. It’s only because he’s black that he gets away with all this crap. He is what he is; an evil, lying, coward bastard who will get his in the end, along with clinton.

        • He is half black and a total hippocrate,

          • Kula,
            Obama is a disgrace to BOTH of his races, he is just plain evil and narcissistic! and should have never been allowed to be president, THAT tells you how many scumbags are in the DC arena!

          • He is half white and totally a Commie Pinko Liberal Demoncrat.

            • Bill,
              I like your version of Obuttheads other 1/2 of his race!! good one!

              • Our oval office is being maintained by a half-breed and he [it] lives up to the charge.

            • He is a total Dumb Ass!! Talk about War Crimes, Obama & Hillery have committed the War Cfimes Abroad & right here at HOME!!! N

          • An Obama Drone just killed like 200 Innocent Syrians, mistaken them for ISIS. The US is not even officially at war with Syria. Obama is another war criminal that should be tried and hung like Saddam Hussein..

            The current US Government is massively FUBAR.

            ~WWTI… Any civil war with the Lefties will be an easy task, since they don’t believe in Gun Ownership. So dispose of the parasites as needed.

            • That’s precisely why “ISIS” was created by the U.S. Government: to be “mistaken” as the real Free Syrians who the elites DON’T want to establish a truly libertarian society out of Syria, a bastion of elite-ruled authoritarianism to keep the elites’ Middle Eastern oilfields in their hands instead of being in the people’s hands.

          • bho is not half black, and he is not the first black man to occupy the office of POTUS – 50% Caucasian from his mother’s side, and from his father’s side 43.75% Arabic and only 6.25% African Negro. I would never use the esteemed title of President with this name.

        • Every President’s Executive Orders In One Chart

          h ttp://fivethirtyeight.com/datalab/every-presidents-executive-actions-in-one-chart/

          • Most of Obama’s worst has been done via executive memos, not Executive orders.

            Obama has been very sneaky and has hidden much by avoiding Executive orders, including lots of unconstitutional gun regulations via Executive memos!

            Not sure why I see you apparently defending/ hiding Obama actions?

            • are you directing that comment to me ??

              I wasn’t defending or attacking anything

              I merely posted a link giving a historical look at the use of exec orders by different Presidents

              make of the article what you will
              it is merely historical fact

              • Satori,

                I know Obama has been purposely using executive memos because they can be made classified and otherwise effectively hidden from public view.

                I know that Executive orders are rarely used by Obama because like Hillary and her rouge email servers, whe wanted to mislead public opinion.

                When I see people link to Obama’s executive orders, I know they won’t see the memos!

                • Yo Yo Yo…You see Satori…your little deceptive ways will bite you in the ass! And your claim ” you are one of the most informed people I will ever come across” The Gipper put it this way…
                  The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant; it’s just they know so much that isn’t so.

                  Live Free or Die…Great Post PTPO!!!

          When was he elected?
          Is this in anticipation of him being elected and then the SHTF happens?
          POORLY WORDED HEADLINE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

        • Republicans have threatened to take Obama out and threatened Clinton openly at the RNC. Pot, kettle, black. In fact, Republicans are leading the violence inciting by a large margin. Trump is a Stalinesque sociopath.
          But hey… go ahead and whine if you reap what you sow in the violent conversation arena.

          • Rebecca your an idiot

          • Gawwwd..are you an associate Professor of Satori’s Milhous Institute for Lesser Evils?

            You like Professor Satori are nothing but hemorrhoidal shills claiming to have the warning perspective of common sense. The evidence is so c!ear that all violent reactions are not originating from Trump or any supporters…but from communist and triggered Molly coddle triggly puffs like you and Satori.
            Independent positioning is nothing but a bunch of mindless confusion and fear of taking a stand…

            Live Free or Die…no middle ground !

            • Talon
              name calling ???

              you know what Rush Limbaugh has to say about liberals who resort to name calling
              I daresay the SAME thing applies to “conservatives”

              please elevate the discussion
              or perhaps it might be better if you maintain a dignified silence ?

              • That was not name calling…that was calling you , julzey ,Rebecca, Annie Oakley exactly what you are…and like the left…have a problem with the truth.

                • ummm
                  do ya reads yer own posts ??????

                  I guess Limbaugh was right

                  you don’t counter facts with facts

                  you start calling names and engage in character assassination

                  in the words of Donald Trump “sad”

                  • What facts would you like to discuss professor? The issues facing America or your single issue minutiae. what troubles you most Satori? Criminals or unpaid bills?
                    Lies or hurt feelings? Is it Trump persona or your indifference because your not voting? There is no high or low road here…this is a battle for the survival of the country. If people like you cannot realize the stakes here and would rather just profess your distain for the people’s choice that’s your right but offers nothing to the serious dialogue that is taking place nationwide.

                    • aaahhh Talon
                      I see the problem here
                      it is your reading comprehension skills !!!!!

                      I am well aware of what is facing the country and am one of the best informed people YOU will ever come across

                      your just mad because I pointed out some unpleasant facts about Trump
                      and I emphasize the word FACTS

                      you wanna discuss the issues ?
                      can you do it without name calling and other disparaging remarks ??

                      lets discuss this
                      I was listening to Hannity this week
                      he said he had a conversation with Trump and then he proceeded to name off a long list of what Trump wanted to accomplish,the list was LONG and stated some very lofty goals


                      the one CRITICAL item missing was how is he gonna pay for all this ????

                      Trump ,in his speech tonight did the same thing
                      he fed plenty of red meat to the audience but he never said where the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for all these promises is gonna come from

                      YOU got any ideas where these trillions are going to materialize from ????

                      politicians who promise the moon always make me nervous
                      Dem or Republican

                      there is your topic of discussion

                      keep it civil please

                    • By your reasoning satori …you might think that government waste, fraud,needless regulations, needless alphabet soup departments like TSA are the perpetual norm of this over reach government should exist in perpetuity? Would you agree that this government is too big and that foreign entanglements like nation building or providing tax dollars to other countries defense is wasteful? Or this.,that we have over 500 military installations around the world that the MIC requires maintenance and resupply. That these bases are really not required, that these bases all serve to drain the tax payer? How about this, would you agree that there are over 17 duplicate welfare systems currently in existence and that everyone of them are staff with yet more government employees? Would you not agree that the practice of use it or lose next year’s funding is a disgraceful fleecing of the taxpayer? Let’s just start here…I have alitany of other facts.

          • Watch a video of the dems. They are evil.we need major house cleaning to the bone. And I can’t wait.

            • aaahhh Talon
              FINELY something I can sink my teeth into

              you are absolutely correct
              government is too big
              too many foreign entanglements

              • but what bases do we close ?
                those in South Korea ???
                those in Europe and thus weaken NATO?

                and how much money would we really save?

                what about those troops staffing those bases?
                lay them off ?

                and the 17 layers of welfare ?
                I am not familiar with that
                please expound on that in more detail

                • I will address base closures in my next post…
                  But here are some facts from the GAO
                  ht tp://www.gao.gov/duplication

                  USA Today
                  ht tp://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2014/04/08/billions-spent-on-duplicate-federal-programs/7435221/
                  ht tp://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/04/09/wasteful-government-spending/2063511/

                  The Heritage Foundation
                  ht tp://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2013/04/09/wasteful-government-spending/2063511/

                  The House Oversight Committee
                  ht tp://oversight.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/6-1-11-Subcommittee-on-Regulatory-Affairs-Stimulus-Oversight-and-Government-Spending-Hearing-Transcript.pdf

                  • Talon is so right on. Waste alone will pay for a major portion of what needs to be done. Theft and collusion will do the rest. There is so much to list it is impossible to do so. Talon knows exactly what he is talking about. It would take a book to list all of it.

                • And now to your next question and I will repost it here
                  but what bases do we close ? those in South Korea ??? those in Europe and thus weaken NATO?

                  and how much money would we really save?

                  what about those troops staffing those bases? lay them off p

                  Let’s look at the current overseas bases we have now and this is from Wikipedia.
                  ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_military_bases

                  Now it’s not my call as to which bases should be closed or continue to remain.
                  But would you agree that having 56 bases, say in Germany is excessive?
                  113 bases in Italy…excessive?
                  84 in Japan?
                  Bases in the Arab world…countries that directly fund jihadiis is warranted?

                  As for NATO…we cover nearly all of there operational cost for those freeloading Europeans…why can’t they provide for their own defense? Besides, NATO is an obsolete cold war doctrine…but now it seems we need them because of our globalist ambitions against Russia… Another false flag at taxpayer expense.

                  • what about those troops staffing those bases? lay them off?
                    You must know that when you lower taxes across the board that it actually brings in more tax revenue and expand the economy by job growth…businesses hire and increases the tax rolls.
                    Now…what to do with all those military personnel? Well…unless your a completely dependent fool on the social experiment that the military has become those required to leave would find employment in the private sector based on those skills that they have acquired in the services..because with an expanding e onomy and a preference to hire already skilled labor..it won’t be that tough.

                    • how much money would we really save?
                      Well…we can gauge the savings this way…for every government department eliminated or staffing and mission statement reduced. For every military installation closed. For every duplicated government program and waste and fraud recaptured. For every fee and penalty imposed on Americans and the bureaucracies that are needed to steal from the taxpayer. For every over layed, unelected department head floating a slush fund for personal or department use…the savings could reach close to a trillion a year.

          • What color is the sky in your world?

          • Rebecca

            You have to be one frightened person.

          • Your a Moron. The EXACT OPPOSITE is True; and I think DEEP DOWN; you KNOW that. QUESTION: How many stabbings; beatings; shootings; the almost non happening White on Black crime; has been taking place at the RNC this past week? I’LL WAIT.

            • The military will side with TRUMP !!! 🙂

            • proof Rebecca is right!

              Avg Woman Raped each year in usa.

              White women raped by a Black or Group/Gang raped by blacks per year on avg is…37,000 rounded off of course.

              Black women raped per year on avg by a White male…5! Thats F..I…V…E…Total black females rapd each year by a white male rapeist.

              We wont need go into details of Murders and shootings etc by blacks as compared to done by whites eh rebecca?

              Maybe with you haveing so Many full time jobs in one lifetime that all totaled add up to aprox 200 yrs experience in a field of 87 different occupations, you somehow never had enough free time to explore Black violence compared to almost non existant white done violence huh?

              • where do you get those bullshit statistics? in general, where you live or hang out determines what race you get raped by regardless of your own rape. 20 years ago or so the stats were black women mostly got raped by black men, white women mostly got raped by white women, a small percentage were cross racial lines. of those, somewhat more black women were raped by white men than white women raped by black men. I doubt the statistics have changed much unless there is a major demographic shift which might be the case.

                the real problem is male unchastity. and lack of respect for their own genitalia. as long as they are willing to put their penises in someone they despise as an act of expressing contempt, rape is possible. as long as they are willing to have sex with someone they are not emotionally attached to, this may not lead to rape, but when this gets warped into the former mode, rape can happen.

                as long as men consider it a badge of honor to sleep around, instead of a shame, and call such women as like them “hos” but congratulate themselves and each other for being whores, this may not automatically lead to rape but it makes it more possible.

                • Yearly FBI compiled crime stats for entire and every jurisdiction in all of america is where very latest and best listing is found at worldwide.

                  Since fbi first began to compile crime stats, based on and divided by Race-Gender-Age-Areas-etc etc etc..

                  Stats prove that for every years stats since aprox 45+ yrs ago when began doing it, FBI stats list on avg yearly rates of ALL of the aprox Dozen or more various Violent crimes and listed in a dozen seperate catagories etc have been and were always done mainly By Black males aged from about 14-15 yrs up to aged 26+ yrs old Male Blacks period.

                  Those fbi stats are so all encompasing that the latest stats avail to public and govnt officials etc are normally Behind by avg of 18 to 24 months.

                  Ergo if you check FBI crime stats Now today in july 2016 you will probably only get lastest facts stats from about 2014 to maybe some of 2015 if any yet of 2015 stats.

                  EVERY Police and every city and state and county Reports to FBI stats center and its complied yearly.

                  However as stats Proves in Spades! Blacks commit so Much violent crimes of every of the listed catagories, along with all other less serious crimes done in usa it takes FBI a long time to compile and is therefore late to get into public hands to read.

                  ALSO for true eye opener evidence like NO TV news in usa or EU tv news will EVER display nor tell You of go check out a website called www dot incogman dot net

                  Check his upper click on buttons at top page and search his website for actual Photos and articles of The worst ever antiwhitey violence as perpetrated By abject Nigger blacks in usa. He even has a few good photos montages with each haveing a dozen or two dozen side by side photos of EU nations crimes against white folk also prepetrated by wait for it! By Black Savage animals.

                  You are NEVER going to SEE nor hear of these violent crimes against white folks from ANY typical jewdeo zio sourced jewspapers or zioTV aka talmudvision tv.

                  But if You really wish to see reality like you probably will never admit to being reality go to that website of incogmans.

                  WARNING!! His website photos of battered whites, raped and severaly beaten white females, beaten within 1/2 inch of their life! WITH attached articles and Photos of the absolute worst savage black animalistic violence prone perps…Are Very Unsetteling to say the least! NOT for a Weak stomach mind you!

                  Be Sure to view his photos from Africa aka HQ for orig and cousins of usa savage african animalistic black demons!

                  Them savage blacks in south africa are STILL Canabalizing whites and white women once done killing and rapeing them!

                  Again I WARN folks beware as those actual photos are Very graphic and zero gruesome details were left out!

                  Example: Several photos of african white women seen Hung Upside down, stomachs ripped wide open via Machette! With full visual display of intestines hung out with small wooden Bowls containing various Human internal “Parts”!

                  Seems voodoo witchcraft is still very Big in south african savage negroe rituals, where they save hearts and livers of raped whitey females to later use as a “Cure” for some type sex deficency or whatever their wild jungle savage minds cunjurs up?

                  Face Facts if You Dare eh! Then get back to me/Us here about how wonderfull and swell those Nobel savages really are, and how us whites simply Misunderstand savage negroe bunnies is all thats the real problems eh!

                  I’d wager she wont dare check fbi let alone incogmans website photos etc! TOO much real truth eh?

                  PS Your claim of more black women raped by white men? Total TV lib kommie news crapola nonsense.

                  And incase you missed the boat? Where a woman or man lives matters little to none! Blacks Now have vehicles and Steal cars when needed to Travel to where they can perpetrate violence at will.

                  Yeah I rekon if one lives in detroit and is white shes far more likley to get raped by blacks.

                  However a great example that every TV MSM outlet HID from public view, and ONLY small Local tv news in Tenn state actually showed it, was Two young whites a guy and his girlfriend. Christain was guys name I think and his girlfriends was perhaps named Shannon(??)

                  Check incogmans site for details on That Crime of the Century also done by gang of violent Black savages.

                  Its the one where he was forced to watch her get gang raped, then her forced to watch them savage blacks cut off his Penis!, then both finally after if I recall correct a full weekend long of this violence against two innocent whiteys, blacks stuffed her dead, shor in back of head body into car trunk and doused gasoline on her prior to set her on fire…Only she was still barely alive when set on fire! Boyfriend then got shot in back of head or whatever and I think survived long enough to tell cops what happened etc.

                  Keep in mind so MANY similar black against whitey crimes of pure violence has occured I “May” have gotten a few facts mixed or confused with several similar, “set rape victim on fire while still alive episodes” with This particular crime..But that matters very little if I did mix a few facts as its from memory and happened a few yrs ago…Difficult to keep abreast with so Many violence prone savage apelike demonic crimes perped weekly eh.

                  You just go see for Yourself and get back to me ok.

                • Christine:
                  If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

                  • As always B…I’m dazzled by your brilliance
                    Really !

          • You gotta love it when an apologist and shill for leftist criminals comes on here and tries to deflect the truth about their own psychotic belief system away by projecting it to the opposition.

            Look at what they believe in, even though proven to be national and social catastrophes each and every time it’s been tried :

            Socialism : A failure worldwide, from Russia to Zimbabwe. Even their beloved Scandinavian social systems are in decline and only a few years away from failure. Canada cannot sustain their own socialistic nanny state without the US economy just across the border to keep them going. When the oil runs out in Alberta and the North Sea, it’s over for them.

            Communism : Socialism on steroids. They have yet to admit the left has killed ten times as many civilians as the Nazis, who were Socialists. Conveniently called Fascists by the left, this prevents the word from being used to describe the left.

            Multiculturalism : in reality, this is Tribalism. Induced into a truly heterogeneous society it results in fragmentation and antagonism between the ‘tribes’, requiring the establishment of what can only be termed a repressive police state, the driving force of which is adherence to the psychotic belief system of the left. If you want to see the end result, look at Somalia or Nigeria, where Tribalism is uncontainable by the native governments. The inability to contain the tribal violence is being seen right here in the USA, right now, with numerous attacks on police forces, to begin with, then on the civil population as it heats up.

            Open Borders : A complete failure in this country, with 20 million illegals here sucking the nation’s treasuries dry, depressing wages for Americans, and committing crimes far in excess of their proportion of the population. Look at Europe today for an example of what can happen when insane leftist politicians believe their own lies and allow millions of hostile, unassimilable, foreigners into heterogeneous populations.

            Their only response to these serious issues that have arisen due to application of their dysfunctional belief systems?

            “Look at those racists over there. See, there they are. You’d better stick with us, or someone might call you a racist, too.”

            Totally an intellectually and morally bankrupt philosophy, with not a leg to stand on.

          • Rebecca, I have to respectfully disagree with you about the source of the violence. It’s strictly libturds and commies who are engaging in violence. They are the ones with bad intentions toward other people, NOT anyone on the right. Although I don’t know for sure what to expect from Trump, I don’t see him being a psychopath, but the hildebeast definitely is one. She and Bill are both communist and are hell-bent on destroying this nation. You say Trump is Stalinesque? Wrong! I still remember the stories my wife told me about what she and her family went through with communism in Cuba. The Castro brothers are the exact opposite of Trump but I’m sure they’re proud of the hildebeast. If she wins, you already know what will happen in this land. I’m willing to give Trump a chance. He’s the first opportunity we’ve had for peaceful change since Ron Paul. We better grab this ball and run with it. You can do what you like.

            • It’s time to forget petty differences and unite to save our Republic from the globalist/communist agenda. This election is about Freedom & Sovereignty vs. utterly hopeless tyranny.
              It’s about taking the power away from ‘elite’ Dems AND Repubs who don’t support and abide by the laws of the land.
              It’s about showing those in office that they can’t trample our Constitution, which NO other country on earth is privileged to have.
              When AMERICANS realize the brotherhood we really are, then we can stop the narrative of the enemy that wishes to divide and subsequently conquer us ALL.
              It’s either unite and fight the enemy TOGETHER, or our America is finished.

          • ???
            The Liberal claim they are willing to assassinate Trump, and you preach Whitesare ready to kill trump.

            YeahI call bull shit!

          • Trump vows to end unconstitutional criminal wars on dark skinned people overseas, withdraw from the terrorist organization, NATO, cut taxes and crippling regulations which have destroyed jobs and prosperity, ignore the phony so-called free trade agreements and put an end to the totalitarian Obama Care mandates. How does that make him a “Stalinesque sociopath”?

          • @ rebecca
            Read my name an follow the directions

          • Rebecca:
            If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

        • when the Libturds make their move stay calm – take aim and be stingy with ammo !

        • Cheney-Bush did it egegiously. No one in the media called them on it. Everyone applauded it since Cheney-Bush had, either effectively or intentionally, allowed an attack– therefore, expecting government to be their rescuer, the sheepish herd swallowed Cheney-Bush’ self-excuse for everything they did since then to more fully establish a police state for the elites that “all our actions are legal.” End of story.

        • THis writer and others of similar brain disease are the danger to America, just as dangerous as Al Gores’ theories on anything he cares to blather. A simple word and the liberals take it and run, not even listening to the entire conversation- then they want to influence others with their brilliance. Think carefully, the symptoms are identical ! Watch a liberal on a forum on TV- they listen to words, not sentences then fill in the blanks with their idea of opposite meaning and intent – then swear someone actually said what they thought, then argue about it as if they were correct !! There needs to be a cure…

          • That is correct! This is a prime example of, I rather call it a Mental Derangment as compared to mental Illness, for if we state it as an Illness?..Libs will then Demand special “Group think Rights” as mental deficients!

            This is a typical mental Derangement most Lib dems are infused with since first became a lib dem lefty.

            “Lib: Well Gee! If what I stated is Not fact and True?..Then please tell Me,…Why do I think it in My Head as truth huh?”!!!

            Ergo…Once an idiotic dem lib “thinks” “ANYTHING” is fact within their small mind?…it just MUST be true or they’d never have though it period.!

            And once that type mental derangement sets in soild like set cement or concrete…Its all but Over for that sad lib soul. They simply cannot ever admit when They are wrong nor admit You are correct! For that will lead to them haveing to re think it all and change their warped mind set…AND if any Lib dem ever Dared a re think?

            Their “Group” of fellow traveler kommies will certainly Disown that Lib as some type traitor!

            Nothing so moves such deranged dem libs, other than to Remain in very swell good standing within their “group-Think” groups.

            The very thought of Loss of status as group-member in good standing?…May lead to actual suicidal ideas by most brainwashed dem libs of that sort…and what Other type dem libs is there today right?…None other type lib!

            Boy You said it with Take one WORD and add to it and run with that single word.

            Al Sharpton did a huge display of that deranged mentality when he forced Don Imus to visit aprox 100+ TV news shows within a couple Months time frame, in order to AGAIN aplogize for Imus’ Joke of black female basketball teams “Nappy Haeds”! recall that?

            Sharpton was seen sitting opposite Imus on EACH of 100+ news shows, just waiting and salivateing with baited breath for ONE small WORD said by Imus as Imus again said “I am so so so so so fuckin sorry AGAIN and again and again for somehow offending You and that girls team”.

            Soon as Imus spoke the single Word of ‘ Mr Sharpton..your “People”!!!! That was IT! Imus said your “people” and sharpton went african jungle Wild on poor don imus! “My people?!! MY PEOPLE!!!! YOU said MY PEOPLE!!! Yes you did I heard it! Lets ask the news guy…Did You Hear Imus say MY PEOPE Too?…SEE He heard it too! My… PEOPLE!!!

            That was all sharpton needed for his single small Key word event to go ape shit crazed! which proves what was said of it in above reply and proves it in Spades!

        • The far left amazes me with their “repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it” actions. Whomever gets elected will quite possibly preside over the greatest economic meltdown in our nations history. If Trump is president, our dishonest communist media will say it’s all his fault. If Hillary is president, they will blame hundreds of external factors including Bush but never Obama or Hillary.The media has bought into the socialist/communist/unamerican/one world government philosophy of the far left. The media’s primary function seems to be to cover all sins of the left while attacking the right even when the right has done nothing wrong. “When” the dollar loses its world reserve currency status it won’t be pretty. Stock market down 60%, real estate down 50%

        • Why would the military side with liberals? Their job is to protect president from those nutjobs


      2. If this would happen you will have a REVOLUTION!!!!!!

        I’m Locked and Loaded!!!!!

        If we to have a Coup now would be the time to have it. Maybe that is why Obullshit CANNED all the upper members of the military?


        • Sarge, I’ll come by and pick you up. ‘Bout tired of these commie bastards. I hope if the ‘big shaker’ kicks off the LA Times building flattens everyone in it.

          • That would be a start, if there is a coup, 4g wf comes to mind,,, and i bet it will be waged from within the ranks first and backed up by we the people, shoot n scoot

            • You know it brah!

        • Sarge, I agree. I won’t have any problem fighting libturds, commies, muslims, or any other scum. And yes, I believe obamanation fired all those senior commanders to prevent a coup against HIM. That LA Times dildo who thinks the entire US military would overthrow Trump has been on a crackpipe for too long. I understand Trump has more support in the military than anyone else could even think about having. Would the military act against the hildebeast? I think so.

          • “B”
            Heading to Tenn. Friday to look at 3 houses with land and 8 pieces of land.

            Hope and Pray for the best.


            • Sarge, good luck with it. BTW, I’ll be in GA for another week. ‘extended vacation’ for continuing education’. LOL!

            • Sarge, love to have you in my area!

          • He won’t be the Messiah you are hoping for… if there was a chance for that he would have been assassinated by now… Its all a game the elite are tricking you with,

            • Anonymous, I never even said I was voting. Never even been registered to vote. The best thing I can say about Trump is I don’t know for sure what to expect from him. On the hildebeast, I DAMN SURE know what she’ll do and she will definitely get a revolution going.

              • Braveheart,
                YUP!!! we KNOW what SHE is and we don’t know for sure what Trump is! and since we don’t have any other choice at present time, i will go for Trump any day over Hildabeast.

              • Think you can find the twenty minutes between now and October to register to vote?

        • “If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that if, if, he oversteps his mandate as president, his constitutional-granted authority, I should say, as president,” Thor said.

          if nobody would take obama out after all the unconstitutional things HE’s done, what makes THIS simp think someone takes out trump?

      3. Trump is a loose cannon and so is Hildebeast (the devil). They will both take America down. They are an absolute disgrace to the Presidency as BHO is. All cut from the same cloth. Trump is a moron, plain and simple. He has never felt the need to read the Constitution. So how do you uphold and defend something you have no understanding of? He is a mental midget. I agree with you all on most things about our gov. but this guy is a travesty to conservatism (which he has not an ounce of). He is a LIBTARD sure as sh*t. So you keep convincing yourselves he is coming to save the day, high ho Silver away!!!

        • Ur silly

      4. I’m sure the fascist left will call out their Brownshirt thugs, as they always do. It’s what the left has always done since Robespierre – violence and hate. Heck, the left MURDERED over 100 million last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford University Press.

        What we really need is a coup against the fascist lamestream media and vile leftists at it. Mr. Kirchick shoud sent to a gulag in North Korea, where he would be happy.

        And yes, I DO mean fascist. Look up the planks the Nazis (the National *Socialists*) adopted Feb. 1920 in Munich, 1920.

        Maybe they can get the transgenders in the military to do the coup? Oh wait. They’re all in the hospital, using YOUR tax dollars, transitioning to women… or maybe even dolphins (and WHY NOT dolphins? The Bruce Jenners of the world are 100% male in terms of chromosomes, and always will be. If he can claim to be a woman without the genetic makeup, why not a dolphin?

        Thankfully, the fascist lamestream leftist media is dying. Good riddance.

      5. I’m curious, is it just me or is everytime the left has something retarded to say it’s along the lines of the heavy handed use of some force and it usually involves the police and or military.

        • RA,
          Thats because throughout history, the most abusive, violent, opressive government entities have ALL been leftist,,,,,
          The touchy feely useful idiots on the left conveniently overlook this,

          • Kulafarmer, spot on. The left has ALWAYS been retarded. No surprise there.

            • liberalism IS a disease, after all.

              • Amen to that.

              • BCOD, I’m starting to see liberalism is one of those viruses mentioned on the last thread. LOL!

                • i guess those simpletons don’t see what’s happening down south in venezuela….and BOY, have the venezuelans shown some kinda’ restraint! there’s what happens when you DON’T shoot the president!

      6. Vietnam was extremely tough on me. Now that I am 71 years old it is still vivid what we fought for and that was not socialism but the principles of our constitution. To see something like a coup happen in the U.S. would roust my old “can do” mind set up. I would dust of my M14 (M1A), review my combat drills and find a militia unit where people support the constitution (and wanted their constitutional government back). There are some things at any age you just have to fight for.

        • Thank you Rabbitone,,, you will have lots of company.

        • Thats cool Brother, But just so you know, You fought for tin and rubber.

        • “R”
          62 years old and I will us my M1A scout as my main Battle Rifle. My M1A match as my Sniper Rifle.

          Not to say the M4’s won’t come into use, 9’s and 45’s, and the 12GA.

          Oh crap I forgot they fell into the whole after the last earth quake. LOL


          • Sarge, from my “Book Of Resistance”, Chapter 12-gauge, Verses .22LR, .380ACP, 9mm, .30 Carbine.

            • don’t forget to pick up some 22lr at dicks for 27 bucks for 500 rds if you buy 2 boxes

        • God Bless You Rabbitone ! I was in the “Nam” in 1968-69
          During the TET offensive. Northern I Corps up by Khe-Sanh.
          SEMPER-FI !

          • i tip my hat to you, marine.

        • Rabbitone,

          Not the welcome you got coming home, but thank you for your service.

          They said Vietnam was all about stopping the spread of communism. You did good, they were stopped. But now 45 years later we see communist have infiltrated our own government and are ready to wage war with it.

      7. To you leftist in the military,,,
        If you pull some stupid shit like a coup if Trump is elected, you will have no quarter, think Afganistan or Iraq on steroids,,,,

        • Kula
          AMEN BROTHER!!! they are JUST like a RABID dog and need to be put down!!

          • Kula and Anon, spot on. I won’t have any problem taking out a libturd and won’t care what they’re wearing.

          • the difference between a puppy and a liberal?….eventually the puppy stops whining.

      8. Things are getting tighter than a banjo string. The possibility of a particular deadly action by an individual is very high. Considering all the horrific attacks in the news. Myself, I think it is imminent. Why? That is because of the type of people we have evolved into. Even a small event has the potential of escalating into an national strife.

        Just an observation.

        We have discussed a lot of crazy shit here that others outside the prep community would dismiss us as idiots.

        Now, those outside our prep community are starting to say those same comments. Non Preppers. To the point of getting violent.

        The smell of change is in the air.

        Prep for War.

        • I like the smell of napham in the morning.

      9. Voters MUST stop the fascist lamestream media before the military has to is a more appropriate headline.

        Or maybe we can insert Hilary must be stopped? You know the person who caused Benghazi, let all our national secrets out on her illegal server, facilitated the oppression of women who had been RAPED by Slick, helped with perjury by the leader of the land (would have put you or me in jail) etc.

        The leftist media is truly and utterly vile and evil. I only go there to find out what the propagandists want the lemmings and Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas chanters to believe.

      10. It is all smoke and mirrors, the “president” is chosen by their willingness to push the elites agenda. It was decided in ’08 that HiLIARy would be president in 16. She & Obama disappeared off the campaign trail for 2 days during the Bilderberg meeting just outside of DC, when they returned she conceded the race. Trump is a political outsider who can loose the race and will not suffer any political backlash, will make a movie or book about it and make more millions.

      11. Today’s History Lesson

        Business Plot
        h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Plot

        BBC: Bush’s Grandfather Planned Fascist Coup In America
        h ttp://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/july2007/240707fascistcoup.htm

        so if your just worried about the “liberals”,your obviously missing half the picture

        Trump is absolutely despised by establishment Republicans as well
        and do you follow RedState?
        there is more criticism of Trump on that site than there is on KOS and HuffPo put together

        and those boys are red meat conservatives

        • RedState is just another neocon fascist site like Fox News.

          • Today’s History Lesson
            Beware of disinformation agents like Professor Satori.

            • Like we should be concerned about a coup alleged in 1934. It didn’t happen, no matter how many times Smedley Butler and Bush are named, it just didn’t happen.

              What is happening today, however, is that the liberal left is finally showing their true Fascist natures with civil violence across the nation, divisive rhetoric, and conditioning of their useful idiots to accept talk of violent overthrow of the government and military coup orchestrated by themselves, of course.

              They’ve already gone beyond any alleged Bush-Butler plot from 1934, into direct violence and sedition.

              The Fascist left is digging their own hole deeper every day.

              • yeah
                just because you disagree with Talon your a disinformation agent??????

                and I’m not goona apologize for being educated and a student of history

                and I’m not gonna apologize for trying to elevate the conversation
                God knows someone needs to

                • I too am a student of history ..it was my major and am still learning.

      12. Let’s nip the LA Times in the bud….18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES Covers what they are saying. Now I know the current government won’t do it but it would be nice to see the US Marshalls office raid the paper. Sooooooo, I guess you can stop by and pick me up also. I so think this idiot saying the military should over throw President Trump is absurd since he is supporting the military not like our current president. That thought process is normal for the idiotic left! God Bless America we need his help!

      13. and then there is this !!!

        Michael Moore Predicts Trump Victory

        h ttps://www.yahoo.com/tv/trump-michael-moore-bill-maher-republican-125720788.html

        both establishment Republicans and Democrats have seriously underestimated how very disgusted people are

        looks like they’re gonna tip over the table ?

        • I think Moore is right. Clinton has lost her momentum. Without Trump, she could have ridden in using Bill’s well-honed BS, but now Trump is disrupting that narrative.

          What Trump had to do was disrupt the narrative and sow doubt over the mainstream picture. Then to offer a new vision and use it to divide and fracture the traditional base for the Democrats. People have 8 years of Obama to compare with. Trump does not look more dangerous than what is already happening now. Trump’s team also looks more like a group of winners than do the Clinton’s. When people see the Trump team, they see the America everyone aspires to – healthy, well mannered and well dressed. When they see the Democrat interns, they see an America that most of the world finds disturbing: angry, unhealthy, not prosperous.

          • Good post, Frank

      14. Here’s what Vice President Hubert Humphrey said about what this jackass said:

        “The right of the citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.” –Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey (1911-1978)

        Extra Credit:
        “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” –British Prime Minister William Pitt (1759-1806)

        “A new study shows that 60% of young Americans plan to buy firearms. The other 40% were confused, saying they thought they were free under Obamacare.” — Sen. Fred Thompson

        Only the disgusting, ignorant, fascist, vile, arrogant, gullible, stinking and – oh yes, did I say vile? – leftist could write something as disgusting as this.

        Oh yes. This is EXACTLY why Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Assoc. exists. Tired of just cursing the leftist darkness? Get YOUR sheriff to join this at http://cspoa.org/ Least you can do is have you and your friends CALL your sheriff to ask him. How far will the fascist left get if they don’t have the sheriffs. Witness the police chief of the largest county in New York (in west NY) who refused to implement the disgusting Gov. Cuomo’s anti-2nd Amendment legislation. Think African American police chief Clarke of Milwaukee doing the same thing.

      15. This is a Yalie kid who has never had to miss a meal or do any hard work in his life. He’s the reporter version of Pajama Boy. I wouldn’t take anything he has to say too seriously.

      16. “What if his presidency is so dangerously unconstitutional and misguided that a military intervention will be necessary to take the country back?”

        Obama’s presidency is and the military haven’t had a coup. Not likely that Trump will be worse.

      17. Sad part is most of the leftist liberals I know don’t even know which end of a gun the bullet comes out. Doesn’t seem like a fair fight.

        • Nobody ever said any of this would be fair,,,
          Personally i find it amusing, the vast majority of democrats and leftist are touchy feely idiots, at least that holds true locally, the ones in the political arena are exactly like what we see in DC, (think nancy p lousy and charlie rangle) talk a lot but are dumber than a bag of hammers, elected by people who are either old hippie types,nor dumber than a bag o hammers or mostly both, these folks want hilllary, i just snicker and go about my business, know the day is coming for much hand wringing and anguish from the left, i cant wait, will be funny.
          The dipshit moderate rinos in DC better get wise, people are sick and tired of their crap. And, politicians overall are going to be on the list if they keep pulling the BS they been trotting out as reasonable, thats why DJT is so popular, hes an outright slap in the kisser to these professional polititians, i think there needs to be serious revamp of our system, and need solid and explicit term limits, 2 terms period, not more ever and no bullshit ongoing benefits, these forkers in con-gress are the worst sort of leeches, peddling their supposed power while looking down their noses at folks like us,
          Who is John Galt!

          • Kulafarmer

            George Bush Sr.
            George Bush Jr.
            Jeb Bush.
            John McCain.
            Ted Cruz.
            Marco Rubio.

            We are moving on without you.

            As things are progressing, we won’t have to vote for Hillary to get it going. They will do it for us.

            Prep for War.

        • That’s why this article discusses a military coup. The leftists would never put themselves on the line, just expect someone else to do it for them.

          And not even do it voluntarily, it would happen under orders. Another leftist plan.

        • wojo, I define ‘fair’ as when “I” win by any and all means necessary.

          • “PO”P”
            Well spoken. You only have two ways to go. Fight to will and LIVE. Don’t fight and DIE. As you said “Win By Any Means Necessary”!!!


      18. Looks to me like the natives and politicians are getting restless!!! Their Gravy Train is going off the rails under Trump and the fleecing of the US Citizen is over. But, they better look around because last time I checked the Military and LE support Trump!!!

      19. such dystopian situations are unimaginable under a President Hillary Clinton, who, whatever her faults, would never contemplate ordering a bombing run or — heaven forbid — a nuclear strike on a country just because its leader slighted her small hands at a summit.

        …. what rock have you been living under since the 90’s?

        It is to LOL.

      20. As usual it is a communist jew also known as bolshevik calling for our enslavement. America has been completely subverted by these vermin.

        Communist jew (((James Kirchick))) and other ‘liberals’ and ‘leftists’ are being guided by the genocidal plans of the communist jew (((Saul Alinsky))).

      21. I believe the “deep state/shadow government” will have Trump killed if they cannot rig the election for The Hildebeast. It will be reported as a heart attack.

      22. That cracked me up…I can’t remember what trump rally it was but security was escorting protestor out the door … and an old dude threw a hook on him … HAHAHAHAHAHAHA …. These metrosexual common core wussys will go shoot up the school house but turn nancy boy when it comes to throwin fisticuffs. That’s howcome we are in the shape we are in . They might take me down but I’m by gawd going down swinging … White men over 40 have a target on their back anyway put there by none other than the commie indoctrination of the school system.

      23. Civil war is coming .

      24. How do you get Trump elected when the entire existing establishment and their brainless corrupt moron followers have every option at their disposal to block him from becoming president? How do you defeat computer tampered vote results? You can’t. Late history repeats itself. Expect the worst.

        • Simple. The same way the Boston Red Sox won their first pennant. Simply be much, much better than the bad guys, like criminal Hitlery (not too hard). So, our work is in place. We need to get very, very active, peacefully informing, educating, encouraging, etc.

          I was a Cruz supporter, but I am not one of those idiot scorched earth types that it is my way or the highway. ANYTHING is better than Hitlery, and I will fully support Trump, and hopefully we can encourage him to be Reagan-esque in his policies, which I think we can.

        • If the election isn’t close, the left can’t cheat.

          Register to vote, and vote this November.

          We’ll take this country apart if the left tries to steal this election. Make sure to vote, and there is no way the left can hide their ballot shenanigans.

          We may lose honestly, that’s how it goes, but we’ve had it with precincts turning in ballots for 110% of their registrants, people voting multiple times, entire cemeteries casting ballots, and car trunks filled with ‘missing’ ballots found just in time for the recount.

      25. L(*)ck & L(*)ad…

        “The rest, as they say, is history (in the making).”

      26. The military would never be able to execute that level of movement of troops at one time and not be telegraphing their moves. Someone would see right through that one. Also, to coordinate a take over of each branch of service would take the convincing of every flag and general officer and that would never happen. Someone would let the cat out of the bag and that would be the end of it.

        • But, for one force to accuse the other of “attempting a ‘coup'”, like what was done in Turkey–THAT’s how successful coups and false-flag “coups” can be successful as excuses for the REAL coup of going after dissidents through a witch-hunt for the “suspects”, conducted by whomever is successful after the “coup”. When both forces are suspected of lying (not at all unlike having to question “WHO’S telling the truth among ‘candidates’ for office?”), there will be no “bad guy” discernible between the warring forces. Don’t depend on media either. Both sides will have their own media telling convincing lies about the other. Your reliance on things unreliable will prove to be your undoing if you continue to trust others for your well-being.

      27. never going to happen …. this mythical Leftist Army would have to put down the electronic device that’s glued 24/7 into their freaking paw and actually climb the stairs out of Mom’s basement ….


        • Do you think pajama boy is going to give us much trouble? Most of these libtards don’t know the working end of a weapon, let alone how to reload one. I also believe most of your rank and file military have had a belly full of odumbo. I think the only thing the left does well is whine and cry when they don’t get their way.

      28. what do you think?

        Trump knew Cruz was not going to endorse him at the convention,but let him speak anyway

        and then the Trump clan all scowl as if on cue and turn their backs acting all mad???


        what did Trump gain by staging this political theater ???

        and also as if on cue,the crowd boos at the appointed time

        geez people
        can’t you see the MANIPULATION here ???

        the whole thing was a staged,planned event

        • ✔️

        • What do I think Professor?
          Donald Trump gave an opportunity to Lyin Ted to take an olive branch and Teddy burned it. In so doing Donald set him up to reveal his true colors as a NeoCon Hillary supporter and by Teddy’s own words will spell his own demise. Good going Ted! Donald didn’t have to do any work and accomplished the mission.

          Live Free or Die…the kind of thinking we need in this country!

        • And your point about a planned event on a stage being a staged, planned event is…?

          Cruz was responsible for what happened, no one else. He had his chance to recognize that the people chose someone else, not him, and he blew it.

          • you conveniently ignore the FACT that Trump knew the content of the speech beforehand
            another example of Trump manipulating the outcome
            or at least attempting to

            Cruz will be back in 2020
            that speech set the stage for him

            • You can’t manipulate someone else’s willful self destruction. Even though Donald had the speech before hand. Lyin Ted could still have honored his signed pledge to support the nominee. He chose self interest over country and that is all anyone can see from this childish loser.
              Will Ted be back in 2020…not a chance ..he is done as a senator and the party will never support a born loser. Texas has had enough of all hat and no cattle.

              Live Free or Die…Ted will be primaries out!

            • Tell us another story about how Trump conned Cruz into doing what he did. Another fairy tale from the left. Big bad Trump is able to manipulate Cruz into being a complete idiot. Or is it now ‘at least attempting to’. Can’t have it both ways, either he did or he didn’t. Make up your mind, then make up your story, it works better that way.

              You’re right about one thing, and one thing only. Cruz set his stage with his speech. He’s finished as a politician for several years to come.

              • I disagree
                Cruz took a VERY calculated risk in giving that speech
                and I think it will pay off
                he has a VERY strong group of core supporters
                he is not stupid
                don’t underestimate him

                • Still a naturalized citizen and not natural born

                  Live Free or Die…its in the Constitution

      29. Folks! Ask yourself what you would do right now if there was a Coup today?

        Looking at what has been going on for the last 7 1/2 years. I would back the Folks pulling off the Coup.

        Now I would see what Trump does when he is in office. If he is as bad as Obullshit. I would back the Coup against him.



      30. Let’s see the military stop Obama first before we go talking about any other bullshit they arnt
        Doing a dam thing about including Hitlery

      31. VIDEO: Cops Force Their Way into Home, Hold Family Hostage, Because Someone “Smelled Marijuana”

        ht tp://www.blacklistednews.com/VIDEO%3A_Cops_Force_Their_Way_into_Home%2C_Hold_Family_Hostage%2C_Because_Someone_%E2%80%9CSmelled_Marijuana%E2%80%9D/52867/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        if I ever did something comparably stupid at my job
        I would get fired

      32. Leftist? Read, “Jaime Kirchick, jew-Bolshevik homosexual.” Be clear that it is the tribe that is behind this kind of nonsense..

      33. It is unbelievable that the left thinks that they can get the military, LE, the national guard to go against their oath to the constitution and overthrow a Pro Military, Pro LE, Pro 1st/2nd amendment, Pro business President. They are smoking some incredibly potent crack.

        • The left is so utterly freaking ignorant and clueless, I’ll bet they DO think that. They also think Bruce Jenner is a woman, even though every single chromosome is male (personally, I identify as a porpoise, although same rule applies…)

          They are also too stupid to understand what happened when communism fell, such as the peaceful protest in Leipzig – perhaps the central event in bringing down communism – where the troops refused to open fire on the protesters. THIS after almost half a century of complete indoctrination of the soldiers, STASI and regular police. In this country, at least HALF, if not more of the military, police, Natl Guard, etc. has some form of conservative values, and would NOT fire on the public, and in fact would probably go over to the other side.

          Even more to the point: if you are some mindless leftist sturm trooper, do you reeeeealllly want to die for the Goldmun Suchs candidate, Hilary, if push came to shove? Best case is you are jobless in her socialist economy, or cast adrift in some VA hospital. Worst case, you literally wake up in a Hell that truly exists for those that willingly do evil. Maybe a few mindless drones would, but not many.

        • Why do you think the Dems are supporting legal pot? They want a docile, brain-dead populace with no self-control or ability to think critically.

          Remind me to buy some shares of Cheeto Corp. or something.

      34. People here talk as if civil war would be a Nintendo game.

        It won’t be. Even the American Revolutionary War was full of tragedies, innocent people getting hurt, etc. U

        Yes, the 2nd Amendment is there for a reason. But here is what you miss: the goal of the fascist left (where fascism is the merger of the socialist state with big biz, exactly as Mussolini defined it) is Fabian socialism, Antonio Gramsci, the vile Saul Alinksy. The fact that you don’t even know what this is shows you have missed the whole thrust of what the fascist left is doing. You need to look this up, and get educated.

        In sum, their goal is not primarily what you think. Rather, it is the take over of the media, the education system, the political sphere, so not shots are fired. And as long as you are focused on your “lock and load” stuff (cf above), you will miss the whole “schmeer,” and your (important to own, no doubt about it) AR-15 won’t mean a cotton pickin thing when you have million “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters around you. I thus repeat: the battle is one of the pen, of information dissemination, of outing the lies – and LIARS like Hilary – to those who still have ears to hear. Yes, I know those numbers are diminishing, but they are not gone yet.

        IMHO, you would be wise to recall the words of Charleton Heston: “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of the propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a find new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting, twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

      35. Mr. Barry Sotero is not president of anything. He is not even an American. His J*wish Marksist mother bore her J*wish Marksist son making him an official J*w. The Zionist in the Oval Office is an operative for the J*wish State of Isreal. He is a good J*wish boy. Wake up. America has been infiltrated by J*ews. They hate whites. Look how they bombed German women and children. Murdered the surviving German disarmed soldiers. Raped the surviving women and girls to break their spirit. Lied about being victims of genocidal gas chambers. Robbed the German people. Put anyone who spoke the truth in prison. Subjected the German people to brainwashing psychological abuse. Came to America and started in on us.

        • Agree 1000%. Obama is a crypto Jew representing Israeli politics. The USA congress know this and are completely compromised by AIPAC and others like the neocons. The Zionist see and know what they have done to America. The Mossad creed has one principle: “when I am sitting and talking with my best friend, he is not sitting with his friend”. This is Israel in a nut shell, and most Americans don’t know it.
          Obama is likely not a USA citizen but he can’t be removed because there would be a race war, congress and the Zionists knew and planned this. It obvious and the plan for a greater Israel our “best friend in the Middle East”….remember what Mossad said about best friends?
          I think Trump will win. If you do not think Bush and the Zionist neocons are not planning as we speak for this, you are naive. They have been planning for this and every eventual possibility to neutralize Trump. Taking him out is one of their options, but how remains closely guarded I’m sure. Trump must know this, but if he were to slip on a banana peel….the worse outcome and favorable to them would be Pence assuming control. Pence is a yes man and not especially bright.
          God bless the USA and our true leaders!

        • Ehud Barak

          Barak. Barak Barak: where have I heard that name before??

          According to the Encyclopedia Britanica: Ehud Barak was
          Prime Minister of Isreal 1999-2001.

      36. “Leftists” can forget about unseating Trump. We, the people will not tolerate that.

        For the Trumpists. Cruz was attacked by Trump, including attacks on his wife and father. Trump failed to apologize. Cruz is a Constitutionalist with Texas values (we don’t cotton to jerks that attack our families). It might be acceptable to attack family members in New York City, but the rest of the country doesn’t believe in that.

        I’ll hold my nose and vote for Trump, but I want the immature behavior to stop.

        • I am the exact same. Voted Cruz, but will now support Trump. This idiot circular firing squad by conservatives is exactly how the Bolsheviks – who had, if I recall, only about 18% support of the population, got in. Of course it’s more complex than that, but still did NOT have a majority.

          The nitwits who would never vote for Cruz are just a bad as those who will never vote for Trump. Trump is the candidate, and I will work to make sure he is held to constitutional principles. How, you ask? Simple. I am a precinct committeeman, and while I”m not exactly power broker material, every bit counts. Imagine if every poster here became a precinct committeeman, school board member, etc….

      37. The msm is talking about how crucial the Florida vote is in the upcoming election, reportedly close now in polling. I saw glimpses of Florida represented pols at the convention, mainly their approach to the podium before a channel check. Rick “plead the fifth” Scott with his Mr. Clean hairlessdo looked uncomfortable and twitchy, his usual look. He aspires to higher national office, which one doesn’t? Total douchebag! Pam Bondi, the AG from Florida, crooked from the get go, her past scandal dropped from media after the initial story, another douchebag. Marco Rubio, standing Florida Senator who was landslided by Trump in the state primary, said he was giving up that seat, only to flipflop and decide to run anyway, giant douchebag and giant loser. Where was Jeb to complete the quartet of thoroughly corrupt Florida interlopers? They are all as toxic as their favorite financiers, Big Sugar the producers of the toxic algae blooms unleashed on Florida beaches. The blacks, hispanics and younger women support Billary, the rest support Trump mostly. Still, I go back a ways here in Florida and it was long Democratic controlled, not this latter day Republican-Democrat uniparty controlled money grubbing nightmare that the Democratic party has morphed into. I’m voting for Trump despite this states sucky politics that really mirrors the District of Columbia.

        • You better take a careful look at “south Florida”, and the voters in that block. They are NOT Trump friendly, and are being plied as we speak by people like Brahminn. I agree I thought Rick Scott looked strange…especially the way he kept moving his head in a tilted position like a little old school teacher trying to make his point. Trully strange guy. Florida will be compromised like before. Most of the transplants and country boys will likely not vote……brings you back to those “best friends” in south Florida.

      38. You got to be kidding, the Military hates the people in the Government lol

      39. The most insidious traitors to this nation is the media no matter what form. If the flag goes up and sorry to tell you this media type people if I find you were part of the group that hated this country so much that you would lie your assess off, I’ll plant your ass where you stand a 12ga from a couple of feet away will deprive you of your head very quickly. This group is the ones that need culling before we can get our Republic back, for no matter what happens they are like the snake, you can treat it nice, but it is still a snake that will turn on you and bite you for their own benefit, that’s why the media must have their heads cut off so that we can have our country back. As far as this little asshat goes one word to him, watch your six for you never know what you may find if you become lax.

      40. what if his presidency becomes illegal and un constitutional they ask? WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY THINK HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS?.

      41. Do these people have any idea just how many of us are sitting here just DARING the left to try something like this? Go ahead lefties, try and use the military to “stop Trump” and see what the rest of the country does.. we dare you. Time for talk is over there leftists, you want it, bring it.. because we will not just sit here and let you do it.

      42. Nam.

        I have a special place for them also. I don’t want to go through it a second time.

      43. Damn fools ! The Military is on Trumps side !

      44. They talk about taking Trump out. I think the likelihood of taking out the criminal is greater. Taking out Trump will only incite the people who are sick of how this country has gone over the last 2-3 decades. No wonder they want the AR’s away from certain elements of the public. They want a civil war? Be careful, you may just get one.

      45. I seem to recall the Democrats telling us to ‘get over it’, and ‘we won the election, you lost’, in 2008 and 2012.

        Now, faced with the prospect of losing in 2016, they think a coup is a good idea?

        Go ahead, Fascist Democrats, take to the streets, see what happens to you. The left will last less than two weeks, with or without however much of the military follows their illegal orders.

      46. people are seriously worried about a coup ???

        really ???
        REALLY ???

        this is one guy talking out of his ass
        and nothing more
        don’t lose any sleep over it

        and anybody foolish enough to believe that “the left”
        is one big homogenous group that plots and plans in back alleys,needs to read a book,because you obviously don’t understand politics in this country

      47. very interesting take on the Cruz speech

        Ted Cruz Mounts the Convention Stage in the Role of Brutus

        h ttp://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/22/us/politics/ted-cruz-rnc.html

        “Mr. Cruz is clearly gambling that Mr. Trump is likely to lose, perhaps embarrassingly, and that when he does Mr. Cruz will emerge as the strongest spokesman for the Republican Party’s core conservative principles. As the only contender to even put a dent in Mr. Trump’s support, and with a fully operational campaign apparatus still in place, he may be the best positioned out of the gate in 2020.”

        I totally agree

        Cruz took one hell of a gamble
        it will be November before he knows if it pays off
        or sinks him for good

      48. There will be no military coup over a Trump election. He has most of the military on his side. As well, the GOP realizes they have a huge opportunity here in Trump. The only potential “coup” at this point would be a random JFK. Do the math people.

      49. And they think EITHER of these (“Manchurian”)”candidates” is trustworthy to rule over them???? Ha! Wow!

      50. And they think having ANY of these “candidates” ruling over them is safe???? ONLY ones who would abolish their own government and allow you liberty from them would be ones possibly worth voting for.

      51. Now think about this,people. The LEFT is going to instigate a MILITARY coup against a REPUBLICAN president. First of all,if any leftist ever showed up on a military base talking about a coup against the president.he/she would be hoisted up on the nearest pole. Really Mac,your attempt at firing up the masses is really dull.The L.A.Times has lost any credibility they may have had YEARS ago.A leftist inspired military coup,holy shit,we are scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

        • SOUTHSIDE; You are right about the L.A. Times.This BS coming from them is to put a scare into the one’s that have not made up their tiny minds yet. Because they don’t know the difference from their butt holes from a hole in the ground. GO “TRUMP”.

      52. “…every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation” R.I.P.

      53. If Mr. Trump asked me to arm myself and stand with him, I would do just that. If President Trump ask me to take up arms once again to defend America, I would do just that. Nothing the Progressive Socialist Liberals would say, would change my mind one bit.

        • What if what he asked was against the Constitution?

          • …but it’s not!!!ever read the Declaration of Independence?

      54. The LA times and all media have been supporting the overthrow of this country for years. We have been living in an unconstitutional government since IslamObama stole the office in 2008. This is purely a reverse psychological statement making people think that what we have been living is legal which it s not. Every ac of IslamObama has been unconstitutional and criminal and all must be overturned. I highly doubt giving voters the two most hated people in Ameirca the nomination will do anything to change the treason happening on a daily basis.

        Our military has been all but destroyed, our borders and sovereignty have been decimated, we have been invaded by countries that hate us, our treasury has been spread throughout the world and is being given to the invaders while our own elderly and disabled are suffering barely able to pay thier rent. Our jobs have been given away. Terrorism is being used to take away our second amendment rights. We have a fraud Owsident guilty of at least 72 counts of treason and a congress that remains complicit. We have a women guilty at the very least of treason, murder and dereliction of duty running for President and a casino developer and reality star runnng against her. Both certifiable sociopaths.
        If ever there was a time for a coup it is now before the elections even happen.

      55. Coup ~ if there is one, it will be like Turkey. The leader of Turkey orchestrated the coup in order to consolidate his power and eliminate all those opposed to a Muslim theocracy under his control i.e. Muslim Brotherhood style rule. The bureaucracy that is our current government wants the same thing, total and complete control!

        • Wow! You obviously have no understanding where we are in the American psyche. And yet, you think posting your karnac drivvil is the result of what will occur.
          You say Americans, who possess more arms personally than any other nation in the world are just gonna bow to a few megalomaniacs who think they rule instead of serve.
          Better find a manhole cover to crawl into…you have no guts and would rather bow.

          Live Free or Die…cowards first!

      56. Would they be talking about that US military that consistently supported Ron Paul two elections straight, Or just the US Marine Corps which consistently votes Republican? Or are we talking about some other military? Obama has no loyalty left at all from any of the above, and Hillary never had any. Marine1 used to be called Broomstick1 when it was just her flying. The military has never forgotten that it was the Clintons that left those guys hanging out to dry in Mogadishu. And you can’t help but hear about how Hillary did the same thing to the guys in Benghazi. They won’t lift a finger to help her.

      57. What we fear is Hillary in the Oval Office! THAT would spell the end of liberty and possibly our republic. Any Coup that becomes necessary will be to stop her. It wouldn’t be necessary if Trump were president… contrary to what sicko liberals are saying,.

        • Don’t be so sure. Officers can often be counted on for such douchebaggery.

      58. Liberals your days are over enough is enough. The tree of liberty need its blood is about get its fill.

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