Larger Than Ever, Big Banks Poised to Fail Again: “The Damage Will Not Be Contained”

by | May 11, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 413 comments

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    The banksters, who nearly tanked the global market in their collective effort to loot the peoples of the world, are operating out of “larger than ever” big banks.

    They are not only “too big to fail,” but too big to contain. The derivatives have not been stopped or controlled; leveraging ratios are still out of control; and bank runs could happen at anytime, subjecting big banks to desperate calls on cash they would be unable to fulfill; apparently everything they have is loaned out and sometimes demanded back “each and every day.”

    The entire thing is a dangerous high wire act that looms over our otherwise ordinary lives with great peril.

    The Corporate Reform Coalition (CRC) did a study titled Still Too Big to Fail (PDF) that underscores the dangers of the current funny money schemes and the fact that even the weak-kneed requirements of the Dodd-Frank “Wall Street Reform Act” have not been fulfilled.

    Big surprise:

    “The top six bank holding companies are considerably larger than before, and are still permitted to borrow excessively relative to the assets they hold,” the report states. “They are dangerously interconnected and remain vulnerable to sudden runs, because they borrow billions of dollars from wholesale lenders who can often demand their cash back each and every day.”

    It goes on: “Banks can still use taxpayer-backed insured deposits to engage in high-risk derivative transactions here and overseas. Compensation incentives fail to discourage mismanagement and illegality, given that when legal fees, settlements, and fines mount, it is usually the shareholders, not the corporate executives who pay.”

    And, the report warns, “[s]hould one of these giant banking firms fail again, it appears that the damage will not be contained.”

    “Avoiding another meltdown depends on the will of federal regulators to use the new powers they were granted in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act,” said Jennifer Taub, author of the report and professor of law at Vermont Law School. “If they behave as if they are beholden to the banks, we will likely face a more severe crisis in the future.”

    So, we are admittedly completely vulnerable to another devastating economic meltdown… and virtually nothing can stop the contagion completely pandemic and global in proportions. Brace yourself and breathe.

    Among the many other details setting the stage for another market conniption fit and another round of banksters behaving badly is the Federal Reserve, which is not only set to drop a bomb if it announces a rate increase, but who are scrambling to keep their power unchecked and unwatched by the public sector.

    Washington lawyers are introducing legislation attempting limit the Fed’s ability to unleash the floodgates and use “emergency loans” as a means of pipeline-delivered liquidity for the ‘Too Big to Fail Banks’ – rightly criticized as a “backdoor bailout.”

    This easy money continues today under QE3 and has driven investor interest rates to below 0%, shafting savers, pensioners, insurance holdings and middle class America in general.

    This on-going “emergency” to manipulate the money supply is reaching catastrophic proportions. While no single act of Congress is going to reverse the magnitude of these economic events, the unprecedented power of the Federal Reserve undoubtedly deserves scrutiny:

    The Federal Reserve’s ability to give emergency loans to distressed institutions in a crisis would be restricted under legislation being prepared by lawmakers who want to stop “backdoor bailouts”.

    The Fed contained panic during the crisis by offering emergency loans to institutions facing liquidity crunches. But, after the meltdown, Congress introduced restrictions to prevent the bailout of single struggling entities, while preserving Fed powers to provide liquidity to groups of firms.

    And voices from the Federal Reserve are ready to scream about the sky falling if their power is threatened:


    Jerome Powell, a Fed governor, said in February that “it would be a mistake to go further [than the Dodd-Frank amendments] and impose additional restrictions.”

    He added: “Because we cannot anticipate what may be needed in the future, the Congress should preserve the ability of the Fed to respond flexibly and nimbly to future emergencies.”

    So, everything is at risk. Nothing has changed. Our lives are at risk. And later they will say no one saw it coming, even though everyone is pointing out how ominous and foreboding things already look.


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      1. They need to be wasted now before they can hide.

      2. Could someone explain in layman terms what “it” is that everyone says “is” coming? Is it a run on banks? A freeze of assets? A freeze on credit? All this ambiguitive talk about a financial superstorm with out any thing concrete that an average working stiff can understand?

        • “It” could be a number of things. Hyperinflation has destroyed fiat currency throughout the ages. So now think, since the Fed took the power to create our money away from the people and put in into private hands.. YES the FED is not Federal and they have NO Reserves, since they have highjacked the power to create money out of thin air, they have wracked up trillions in unfunded liabilities, destroyed the U S Dollars purchasing power, as to the point that the dollar of 1913 is now worth 3 cents there about, and in the same time frame created huge asset bubbles that keep crashing and burning WORLD wide. Is it any coincidence that the Fed took over in 1913 and the great depression came in a few years later? No. The Fed dried up the money supply and created the great depression on purpose where in 7 million Americans starved to death. These are the same people that are called Jewish Bolsheviks that killed 66 million in Russia and are here they come again. Now it is our turn. But first, they have to grab the guns from the people. Watch carefully, as they are doing 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Cant take the guns? Limit the ammo. Tried to buy .22 shells in the last 5 years? When they decide to, IT is going to happen and the IT will be a series of things. Economic collapse world wide, flipping the internet switch along with the lights, military industrialized police force along with UN And NATO armies. Massive starvation along with 90% death rate from disease. Remember tho, “it is for our own good” as the money printer powers are OF their father the devil who was a murderer in the beginning and the lusts of their father they do. History proves it over and over and over but there are none so blind as those that will not see. I call them, fvking idiots and I am surrounded by such.

          • .02 Damn man you get 500 merit points! You need to chime in here more. It’s so good to see someone so intelligent here. Not that there aren’t a lot already but the more the better. Get that truth out brother! 🙂

        • Sailing Jim, good question. I wish I had the answer for you. By and large I been reading about the sky falling and “Skynet” cranking out killer robots for the last 10-12 years. Every beginning of the year I read that “this is the year” and then its next year and then the year after. So kick back, grab a fork and a can of spam, crack the cap on a cold long neck and enjoy the show.

        • What is coming is judgment on North America.

          God created the Caucasian/Israelite peoples for His chosen peoples that through their lineage, would come His Son Jesus Christ.

          Throughout early history, the Caucasians/Israelite/(some Jews after the establishment of the area of Judea), always failed when it came to keeping the Father’s Commandments and Laws.

          Eventually there was always a price, or judgment/chastisement that followed.

          Now, North America, predominately USA, being predominately Caucasians from the earlier Israelite tribes, has once again allowed evil to run amuck and have ignored their Heavenly Father’s laws/statutes/commandments.

          Hence the killing of over 53 million innocent unborn babies.
          I believe the acceptance of a Sodom and Gaymorrah lifestyle by the majority of the citizens of North America will be the final straw.

          When the SCOTUS makes it mandatory for every state in the Union to accept and support the Gay and Lesbian agenda, without a total uproar and objection by the Christian majority, the hammer will fall on the proverbial last nail in the coffin.

          Whether planned by the NWO crowd or by alignment of Divine forces, to bring down the house of cards; the great shaking will most likely begin as an economic Armageddon. Financial woes will be the beginning of sorrows and terrorism and death will follow, right here on USSAG soil.

          It will be chastisement on a scale that has never been, nor ever will be again.

          I believe all the indicators are in alignment for it to take place this early fall.

          Since Y2K in 2000, I have heard the cry’s of doomsday prophets and all the prepper sites have pushed the chaos factor for an any moment catastrophe like the ignorant preachers push the “any moment/fly away/ pre-trib rapture doctrine.

          Not at anytime in history have all the signs in the heavens and signs upon the earth, all been in alignment for such an event as may come soon.

          To ignore the high stakes possibilities this time could prove to be fatal. Hopefully, all will slowly collide and fall to pieces incrementally so folks that haven’t prepared will have a…
          “window of opportunity”, to get some preps together.

          That is about all we can do at this point, is to hope and pray.

          But, there will come a time when the truths come forth; of A Divine Creator that is still on the Throne, and that He, is still in full control, and not any flesh men in any government or religious leadership role. When that day comes there will be a great revival, and the spirit will be poured out upon all God’s children that open their hearts and arms to Him.

          • What is coming has nothing to do with god or religion. Its a magnetic pole shift. pretty soon likely within 10 years the catlyclismic events will disrupt every country on the earth. continued weird weather events increased in frequency & magnitude quakes & volcano eruptions. And man aint the cause. It would still occur even if man had never walked the planet. Prepare for a stone age existence.

            • @ Old Guy,

              “Nothing to do with God or religion”.

              You got part of that right, it has nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with God.

              The naysayers will see, when they are required to bend their knees before their Creator and account for every bad thing they have said against Him.

              • And this is Gods word according to the self admitted aging stoner from the 70’s, man.

                • Who is that masked man?

                  I too, was a stoner from the seventies. But guess what, greg S, as a born again christian, we are forgiven from those sins and from ignorant folks like yourself.

                  You are too blind to see that passin’ is just trying to help people with good biblical information and you are knocking him for that?

                  I think you need a good dose of divine gord thumping to set you on the straight and narrow. But, then of course, you might have to look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge your shortcomings.

                  God uses whomsoever He will. Sometimes He uses the most broken of vessels to mend them and make them His battle warriors.
                  The story of Saul, who’s name was changed to Paul, was one such person in our early history.

                  Maybe you and the other stone throwers could learn a lesson from his writings and teachings.

              • And thy jews shall be cast into the lake of fire lol.

              • Amen, this event coming has to do with God, and IRONICALLY cycles. ( martin Armstrong) Im glad I always followed my gut more than fundamentals and I’ve mentored based on intuition. Things are coming, weather, a major SHIFT, do not try to time this market it will win every time, Stick to what REGAN SAID, Preservation of wealth. Anything else is a bonus. PREPPERS WIN !

            • Old Guy:

              I believe God made all creation…..why could he not bring about a pole shift?

              • He sure screwed up when he made you crone. A soul filled with hate and pus.

                • john w. = one sick puppy

          • Laws/commands = Torah = Y’shua.

            Yehovah, my Elohim, demands ALL His laws/commands be followed…..FOREVER.

            “Not one jot or tittle…..”

            Who said that?

            Hasatan has about every single one here duped from one angle or another.

            • BJ:

              Have you thrown away your New Testament yet, BJ. They will be making you an Israelie citizen soon.

              Gotta get from the Torah to the Talmud to read the REAL truth.

              • Granny,

                After reading your posts on several threads before, I have reached the conclusion that you are to be pitied. You must be a terribly lonely old woman whom life has completely passed by. My sympathies to you for having such a miserable existence.

                • She may be older, but i bet she still has more to offer humanity than you do.

                  When a person can’t come up with something positive to add to the discussion, and only chimes in when they see an opening to degrade and belittle someone, it speaks volumes as to their character, or better said, the lack of character.

                  Ya know, that is exactly the way a jackass liberal operates.
                  Birds of a feather.

                  • oicu, yes, you are correct. This is the exact thing that you and genius do when you disagree with another post, making childish insults. One fact you have all proven beyond any doubt is that the older people get, they do regress into a second childhood. Now sit down with your milk and cookies and try to be a good little boy, ok?

                  • Amen. If you don’t have something nice to say or a constructive debate. please don’t insult people, Especially over a statement about the Torah, Let me change it up here. I live in the subs of Los angeles and over past 3 months I’ve never seen so much crime, police chases that where one a month are every other day. Crime is here, WHY, because as Gerald celente said, WHEN people lose everything, they LOSE IT. The nicest law following citizen will do the unthinkable if he is forced too. This is what we must remember. In despair everyone turns into an animal. I see that clearly unfolding. I’d keep pushing for prepping folks, get outta debt, lighten the load. Have a Great day

                    • Cheri,

                      Sorry but it’s really difficult to take you seriously. You’re really selective about who you make your comments to about positive thoughts when you fail to address the mountain of random hate spewing on this site, I have to assume you’re in agreement with it.

                    • Cheri,

                      Once again, your failure to address all the venomous name calling and hate by so many others on this board and your fixation on my comments lead me to believe your just another nazi troll, I think this is what we must remember,have a great day.

                    • I think the problem is POG is pretty hate filled when it comes to Jews. So, would you deem this something nice to say?

                      You have a nice day in nasty old LA

                • Karl Marx
                  You have no idea of what you write.
                  P.O.G. has forgotten more that you will ever know.

                  • Sgt:

                    More important to be popular than to be informed SGT? Looking back just maybe BJ had you pegged correctly.

                    With all the info that has been posted about who America and the worlds true enemies are; I must believe you have chosen to stay in ignorant bliss.

                    Jesus wasn’t popular with His enemies, and I am not popular with HIS enemies either. But I can look in the mirror and know I have not sold my soul to be popular on a damned blog.

                    BTW, you have a friend that has stuck with you through thick and thin on this post. You might ask Braveheart if he agrees with your description of me. He knows the truth about the tribe….feel free to ask him.

                    Your ignorance is pitiful….

              • The only new testament I threw away was the king jimmy PER-version.

                I read the AENT (Aramaic English New Testament) and I read The Scriptures from ISR.

                As I have stated on here before, the Talmud is Rabbinic, mans law, or additions to His law….similar to what we have in America today…..a bunch of man made laws added to the Divinely inspired Constitution. The talmud is sick, twisted and evil for sure, and can be used for nothing other than a reference for historical purposes. The Torah has nothing to do with the talmud…..except for those who want it to have something to do with Torah.
                I am not an israeli citizen nor do I ever foresee myself as one….how ever I am Israel.

                It is not Law OR Grace….but Law & Grace.

                And many on here have quoted from the scriptures, but they have quoted from Hasatans twisted versions in the book most call the bible….not the scriptures….HIS word. There is much more to a name than many obviously realize…..if people can’t even get the names right, they have no clue who they are talking to and they won’t be known on THAT day.

          • LOL Christ is olive darker skinned and he was a Jew. He was not white like a Ukrainian or someone from Norway.

        • Sailing Jim, It depends which conspiracy theory you buy into. There are as many as there are people on this site. I think the overall feeling is that the USA is in trouble, financially, morally and in peril of being destroyed. We do have many enemies in the world right now that would like to destroy the US. I think the knowledge of that gets people imagining into how we will go down. Personally, I prep for civil unrest. I mean look at how people attack one another, even on this site where we all have a common thread, prepping. It’s mind boggling isn’t it?!

          • JUST THANK YOU ! Yes, I went to sleep reading this blog and must say BTW ( my name use to be revolt to save America) but after balitmore I changed it. lol, not funny really. But I went to bed thinking WOW people are fighting on SHTF, in general less people smile and people are on defense. VERY concerning. Because we all end up working against each other. Obummers dream. Yes our minds can dream up how this will come down. I do what you do, prep and just let some of this pass, the massive shake down is coming, WE DON”T know how, but prep and try to be kind. Everyone can’t go to anger management at once, it’s the fear talking. Treat people the way you want to be treated. AT LEAST let this be a safe haven site. Agree to disagree with respect, THANK YOU , have the best day you can EVERYONE

        • Appreciate the feedback guys, I’ve been reading here a lot lately, about a year now. I see a lot of people here that are way off the chart, I see a lot of people that I think are very reasonable and like minded as me, I’m a Christain tax paying working father and husband, I agree that we are on a backwards path away from God’s word, but just have a hard time putting any trust in to what is becoming the next big social idea that is becoming more widely accepted “economic collapse” I see it becoming a sales pitch cliche for so many big businesses, I kind of feel like they have just found another way to play (and profit) off our interests, however disturbed they are.

          Best of luck!!

          • YES, seems more are commercializing off this event. Every thing is a paid service now, economists want money for news letters. YES , this down turn in society has become fear mongering, AS IF WE NEED THAT< we know there is going to be hell to pay, I"m a mom, landlord ( which by the way has become a hell of a job) and everyone seems strapped. The stats on unemployment are a lie then on top of it every link is to a site that is DOOM and GLOOM for profit. So when you do read stuff, look at whos behind it. A big SLEEPING majority are laughing at us, when we know who will have the last laugh, THE ONES who have prepped for WHATEVER is coming. I will say many charts and YES even Biblical events seem to come into play, I'm just a mutt, I am spiritual, half Jewish and mom was Baptist sometimes, so I have no real hard driven desire to press religion, but it's a part of this too. Financial cycles play a big role, we propped up an economy too long and voted in an Anti American, these are the 2 main problems. But even the end of the bible talks about these fools coming into office and ..WELL it all is intertwined. I find the most peace in being prepared, that is the best medicine, PREPARE. (( hugs ))

            • Prepare when SHTF all your hard work will go down the tubes. See when this occurs everyone will be against everyone. Your families will turn against you and forget about friends and neighbors (who, as you get older, find out are two faced). No all of your preps will be eaten/drank by whoever attacks your home. Sure a few Rambos will be able to get by and defend for a time but when the demonic spirits come and manifest in real time we will all hide in the rocks.

      3. and the next thing you are going to tell us that the Fed and media and international banking aka IMF/ world bank is ran by evil Muslims? FVK you dude. Read the Talmud and get back to us.

        • He was dressed completely different. His hair was grown out — no more shaved head — normal hair. He didn’t look like a Skinhead. He was wearing a long-sleeve shirt, jeans and sneakers. He looked like a whole different person.
          “I ask: Did you reconnect with your parents?”
          Yes I have.
          “He says: I need to give you an apology. I realize now how offensive my tattoos were to you and how hurtful they are. I can’t afford it now — but I’m going to have those tattoos removed.
          “He gave me a hug.”

          The Prodigal humbled himself, became teachable, and repented. A beautiful ending to a beautiful story.

          So declares the Conservative Constitutionalist Christian.

          • FreeSlave, have you ever read “The return of The Prodigal Son” by Henri J.M. Nouwen”? Great book. Fascinating and eye opening on the many perspectives of the parable and the painting. life changing for me. I highly recommend it.

            • I’m familiar with Henri Nouwen (He wrote a book called “The Wounded Healer”), but I haven’t read his book “The Return of the Prodigal Son.” I’ll add the book to my wish list.

          • FS you’ve been arguing with several here over what you claim is a true but anecdotal story. Even if everything you said was true it doesn’t prove your point.

            It’s like saying I know this really well spoken black guy who is a really hard worker, has a job, doesn’t steal or cheat on his wife, isn’t on welfare, doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, and has never used violence against anyone.

            Since this is a true story does it mean that blacks don’t commit over half of all violent crimes in this country? Right? I’m sure there’s a really nice jew out there who doesn’t support Isreal and has never cheated anyone too.

            • 🙂 thanks for that example. So this thread is a Jew bashing, …. the ones who populate the prisons are the ones who are the criminals, If it’s filled with mostly one race, then that races causes more problems, Altho the police have been outta line, if my older mother in another state needed them, I would like one to show up, FOR ME, I will take care of biz myself……lock an load. I am socked how we have a black man in the white house and we have a bigger race issue than ever. GO FIGURE, expect the unexpected,

        • Jesus affirmed the whole of the law, that it would not change till all had been fulfilled.

          The law he affirmed was the Talmud, he was a Jew speaking to other Jews at the time.

          If you oppose that you are standing against Jesus, and that is not a wise thing to be doing whether you’re Christian or not. For 2000 years, all who have done so have fallen, and the fall has been total and all encompassing.

          You would profit by meditating on this for a while.

          • Jesus never did that, liar.

          • Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew. Too bad the left wing trolls that hang out here ruining a formerly good site don’t acknowledge that. I doubt if any of them are even believers.

            • Jesus was born, Emmanuel, = God with us.

              His mother Mary, was born of a Levite mother, and a Judean father.

              Thus Jesus was born of the King line through the bloodline of King David, and the Priest line thru the Bloodline of Moses.

              This is where the “Jew” part began and ended. Christ did not practice Judaism as many believe. He taught in some of the temples because that is where the deceived people were gathering and needed truthful teachings. This is what pissed the Jewish/Levitical priests off and caused them to bring him up on false charges. Jesus was gaining followers through His teachings of the Christian faith that would follow after Him.
              Christ was causing people to see truths and stop giving their silver to the fake Jews. Anyone causing someone’s income to be cut out is going to be hated for telling the truth.

              You are blaspheming the Holy Spiritual truth, john w., when you say that Jesus died a Jew.

              He died as the one and only
              Saviour to the world! Not just for the jews, but for all that would accept Him.
              And, through His blood,only, are any saved. It has nothing to do with a Jew, or supporting a Jew. That is the big lie.

              The priesthood and Temples had been infilterated by Satans offspring through Cain. Their early identity was known as the Kenites, and later were mixed with every race that would allow them in. They originally got into the Temples by doing scribe work for the Priests, and later befriending the ladies and spreading their filth through humanity and many tribes. They like to call themselves Jews because that is their way of selling their way to prosperity as God’s chosen.

              The eyes of the blind will be opened on that Great Day, known as the Lord’s Day. There won’t be any room for the worldly ways and short minded thinking that is rampant today. People will be to busy trying to back peddle and figure how to best get their sorry asses saved.

              Sadly, it will be too late for most.

              Hope you wake up in time.

              • Protestants are Luciferians who teach false doctrine and their social clubs (Church’s) are there to get people to conform. They gang stalk and soul scalp and they encourage Freemasonry.

            • Anybody who is intelligent enough to point out few good useful facts to you is “a troll”? Maan are you an insecure little ‘malad’ boy!!
              I am a believer and I side with .2. I also believe the story Free Slave posted as I know of Jews who are that caring and loving. The First of which of course is non other than Christ Himself!!!But,,,Jesus is not a Jew or Muslim, He is God (john 10:30), A God transcends the human feces. And that is precisely He is Who He is, PRAISE HIM!

            • THUMB UP

          • Ok, coward anonymous,
            “Jesus did that” but you still went ahead and beat the crap out Him, tortured him, STARVED Him, denied Him a cup of water, falsely accused Him, and hung Him to dry on a wooden stick as you would a piece of beef jerky. Now that’s fascinating story!!!!
            We all know what Jesus did. He cleaned up your likes as no one has before Him. For the dumb asses you all are, you thought the best thing to do is to kill Him, that way He’d never be able to do that again. Right?!?WRONG! 2000 YEARS LATER, He is alive and reminding you of what you’ve done. Now, shock on that for few. And as if that was not enough, He forgave you. Just based on what .2 posted, and I’ve read excerpts from tal-shit before, this is not the first time I hear, where is the word FORGIVE anywhere? show me in the tal-crap the equivalent of “Love your enemy” for example?

            • Daisy,

              Did anonymous REALLY do all that by himself? If that’s true, you had better not piss him off or he’ll be able to do the same things to you.

              • John,
                He said “Jesus did that”. Apparently anonymous was there and saw it aaaaaaaall happen LOL. If he is that certain about it, I am going to finish the painting he started.

                When I talk to Jesus privately, I ask Him, On that day, the “D” Day, to give me the courage and boldness to still scream His Name, even if some is taking a turned on chainsaw right through one of my tibias. As the saying goes “You’re as good as your LAST performance.”. The journey is almost irrelevant, it’s the how we finish that’s going to count. May Jesus give me the Needed Strength on that Day. I don’t want the money or the glory, I want to be able to pass The Test, The Final One. That is all.

                • Daisy,

                  I reckon if your a believer in angry sky monsters you might be more in need of some psychiatric counselin’. Just sayin.

                  • John,

                    you did not see Jesus, but I have. Yes I did! So go fuck yourself. Jesus is the only Doctor I will ever need. You however may go give your ass to big pharma to rape and ravish time and again. I am fine with that.

                    • Well there daisy, I was just tryin to help you out some, that’s all. I mean, it’s not MY fault your daddy took some indecent liberties with you when you was little.

                    • You your mean father ganged up on you with your own uncle. Not to mention Big Pharma.

                    • Daisy,

                      No, what I meant was your daddy obviously did something to make you the fucking nutcase you are today, you’re the scariest poster to ever hit this thread. Go to a psychiatrist before you wind up killing a bus load of people.

      4. The big banks won’t fail. They make up the FED. And Congress is beholden to the FED for 40-50% of what they spend each year (the FED buying US debt with keystroke money), so they will let the FED do whatever it wants…..including print a few more trillion for their own.

        Congress subcontracted (in 1913)it’s power ‘to coin money and regulate the value thereof’, and they won’t be getting that power back.

      5. “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat.

        According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews.

        “In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

        This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said.

        Of course, there is a difference between these extremist Jews and jihadist fanatics. One doesn’t kill: the other does.

        • “”””””Of course, there is a difference between these extremist Jews and jihadist fanatics. One doesn’t kill: the other does.””””””

          Oh how you’d be surprised ooooh sooo surprised!!!! Just because a fact or FACTS have been suppressed from public knowledge, does not mean they never occurred. Google is your friend.

          • Yeah that video of the Israeli Soldiers taking sniper pot shots at the innocent Palestinian children, then laughing about it and giving high fives, is still embedded in my mind.

            • That’s an ignorant statement, that never happened.

              • NO you are the ignorant one. Do you really believe that jews are angels?!?!?! if they are, then what the fuck are they still doing here on earth?!?!?! The genocides that the Israeli government commits against the Palestinians is unheard of. And they do that AGAINST THE WILL OF MANY GOOD JEWS THAT LIVE IN ISRAEL TODAY. They basically do there what they do here. Commit a crime against the innocents and completely suppress it. If a media person got hold of it and tries to expose it, they terrorize the crap out of them that the poor journalist simply runs for his/her life.

                • Hi Daisy,

                  Please don’t think I’m being mean because that is the last thing I wish to be towards you. I have to agree with the earlier comment made by Cheri to you about her finding you to be somebody she would not hire for a position due to your temper towards people who don’t agree with you. It borders on violence and it’s quite disturbing to see. I’ve majored in psychology back in the day and I have to tell you that you seem to go all one way or all the other, there’s no such thing as compromise with you. You seem to either love or hate the people you try to communicate with here, there’s no in between there. This is not good for somebody’s state of mind in dealing with people in general. Try to relax more, interact with people on a friendly basis but not turn the love dial all the way up when someone agrees with you and become venomous when they don’t. I think you’ll find this will go a long way in calming yourself. Best of luck, Nicole.

                  • you are being mean Nicole because you are ganging up on me along with those sacs of feces, and this just because I took .02’s defense. I didn’t see that post but tell your cheri to go take her position and shove it up her ass at this point.
                    did you first read my first posts?!?!?!? did she?!?!?!?no of course not. you both are too dumb and bimbo-y to even look or think that far.
                    Did she know ANYTHING ABOUT MY WORK HISTORY, when I worked?!?!? no. did she care to ask how long I have been disconnected from work?? or care to inquire about the hardships I have been through or the traumas?!?! or or or or or!?! of course not. She is too narrow minded to. did she EVER SEE ME ON THE JOB WHEN I WORKED?!?OR CHECKED MY WORK REFERENCES!?! NO. Of course she did not. And there are more questions that her stupid ass could never even figure out or think of. but she still reserve the right to pretend to be the crook Sylvia brown and proceed to do a fictitious reading I have never asked for. As if that’s worth a penny and it isn’t.

                    To give you a clue, I’d ask you, did you know that I am supposed to be dead at least twice?!?!Jesus simply would not get His Hand off my fucking neck. The people who have been through similar traumas didn’t even survive them.
                    And here you are claiming to know it all and you don’t.

                    The truth is, Neither one of you known chicken shit about me but you are ganging up on me like bunch of goons. SHAME ON YOU.

                  • Hey nutjob, she was trying to help you dumbshit! All you see is people ” ganging up on me!”. Jesus Christ, they’re right, you’re sick in the head big time.

            • There is lot more than any one can imagine. They simply do their killing from back stage. But trust me, they do. Just based on the Talmud excerpts, a Jew can commit any crime against non-jew with full impunity, but others have to be butchered for simply twitching. That spells it out. Why would they have such discriminating rules if they did not use them?…I mean 2000 years later and the Talmud contains the same garbage? It’d simply die out if they did not still apply that vile shit that’s in it.

              • daisy, I have to tell you something, since you’ve shown up on this website within the last 2 weeks, you’re a REAL fvcking nut case. No wonder you and pissed head granny like each other, come from the same nut house perhaps?

                • Truth hurts huh?? I tell you what? from the pig’s way you are jumping on me WITHOUT ANY PROVOCATION WHATSOEVER, and FOR MERELY STATING THE FACTS, I think by anybody’s standard, you, are the sick fuck and the one that needs to be straightjacketed asshole!! Now I see what the guys mean. You shit in the toilet just like me you piece of garbage, so you better back the fuck up. If you are used to others bending over to you, time has come for you to be RE-EDUCATED.

                  BTW, I find Pissed off granny to be rather very polite woman in how she replies to the attacks of pigs such as your foul muzzle.

                  • Thanks for the confirmation there hon, you’re crazier then a shithouse rat alright. You should have a threesome with your other Nazi friends, you guys can take turns shoving your iron crosses up each other’s asses. Don’t forget to take pictures and post them here for us to see. thanks in advance.

                    • if you are a whore you Zionistic sac of feces, it is not my problem. we don’t do what you do. And we, will continue having our polite conversations, now do what tal-crap says and mix some urine with your own shit and eat it to heal yourself LMAO, ROFLR, ohhh nooo or if you suffer fom jaundice, drink some donkey’s urine LOL. that is so fucking funny. Donkey’s urine drinker!!!

              • I have been through the Talmud, at least the part that has been translated into English out of a possible 6,200 pages, and have found none of the claimed hostile language in it. I have done word searches just to be sure.

                Most claims about evil language in the Talmud fail to cite chapter and verse. In other words, they are concocted from thin air. Other claims take very short pieces out of context and put them together. An example of this is if you take two quotations from the Bible and put them together: Judas “went and hanged himself.” “Go ye and do likewise.”

                What I have read of the Talmud is tedious exposition on such things as whether or not giving alms on the Sabbath through an open window is a sin depending on if you reach out the window or the beggar reaches in.

                I would like to see an example circled in red on an actual Hebrew copy of the Talmud so I could get it translated and see for myself if it really says what is claimed.

                That doesn’t mean that Jewish financiers haven’t been a problem at least since the 1700s, but making up stuff is counterproductive.

                • Thanks for your comment Archivist. It’s good to know.

                • Tell me what is so taken out of context in:
                  “to cure jaundice:
                  1/- eat donkey’s flesh
                  2/- drink donkey’s urine.”? and I did give the link, I think it calls itself
                  Now that’s some “reason”, nooooo shit!!!

                  Or what is taken out of context in “Goyim are here to serve us.” emphasis on the part [serve us], or “if goyim does this or that, the penalty is death but if we do it to goyim, the jew will not be punished in any way.”?

                  I don’t know about your ways, but in my book, only a criminal goon who not only thinks he is above the law, but also, would expect us “goyim’ to show deference to, and heed that cow shit type of crap, would talk like that. “And drinking donkey’s urine”? drinking donkey’s urine, is drinking donkey’s urine, is drinking donkey’s urine, is drinking donkey’s urine. In other words, it’s universal language that even animals will understand the meaning of, let alone humans.

                  All of you, you should be ashamed of yourselves and quit attacking people for quoting your book of feces. And stop accusing them of getting angry “with those who don’t agree with them.”. That is not even the fucking issue here. The Guy quoted the truth and all of you jumped on him and anybody who attempted to side with him, like bunch of laughing hyenas LOL. If anything, you are the ones that want to murder if you could those who don’t agree with you. Jews did 9/11 and blamed it on bunch of Arabs, among which, NO LESS THAN HALF turned out to be ALIVE the morning after the Crime!!! Knowing this, you want us to say that you are holier than crap and that you never commit crime?!?!? I don’t think so. First off, Ecclesiastes 7:20 says “Indeed, there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does what is right and never sins.” and just guess who wrote Ecclesiastes?!?!?!King Solomoooooooon!!!!I would not fuck with that Guy(LOL.), even the Muslim coran reveres him, now it takes a lot for a mo to show respect to a Jew.
                  From our side of Lord Yahshua, 1st John 1:10 Warns that
                  “If we claim we have not sinned, we are calling God a liar and showing that his word has no place in our hearts.”. Jews are not dumb. I ask you, do you want to be stupid enough to call God A Liar?!?!?
                  So yeah, Jews are terrorists and murderers much like the rest of humanity, they are no better. I mean who would dare to kill 6000 innocent people, including aaaall victims, just so they could lie about it and have the vile criminal pretext to go and attack 2 other countries so they could steal their resources and kill their people and destroy their entire infrastructure?!?!?! do you still call that “God’s chosen people”?!?!?! if you still do, then all of you need to be lucked up in maximum security Mental Establishment. And may Lord Yahshua have Mercy on you all.

                  • They’re right on the money, if ever anybody in this world needed to be admitted into the local nut hatch, it’s you.

                    • Go drink some donkey’s urine, go, frightening freak!

                      that’s all I have to say.

                      If all those websites were lying, in the US, they would have been eligible for anything from slender to libel or defamation lawsuits ranging in the millions dollars. But nothing is happening. So again, I say to you, go drink some donkey’s pee asshole instead of attacking someone who merely pointed it out to you. Or go do another 9/11 you terroristic demon.

                  • That “crap” is not, I repeat, not in the Talmud.

                    Various web sites are rewriting text or sometimes making it up entirely.

                    What part of my above message don’t you understand? I wrote it in what I thought was simple English. And if you can’t write anything without filling it with vulgarity, you have an insufficient vocabulary. I stated the facts simply and truthfully without any anger or vulgarity.

                    Jesus said “Be ye therefore perfect,” so it must be possible. Would he command us to do the impossible?

                    • As far as “vulgarity” you blame your “holy book”, don’t blame me as that garbage has been there for 1000’s of years. And we both know that my vocabulary is not the issue here but you cowardly make it to avoid having to honestly answer my query.
                      Next time you answer a post, just keep in mind that the same God that made your head, has that of the one you are talking to as well, so not be so stupid as to think I am going to swallow your travesty.

                  • Crazy Daisy,

                    That’s your NEW moniker. Have you noticed that people have stop replying to you at ALL in the most recent articles? Now WHY do you think THAT’S the case? LOL!

                    • …didn’t you already answer this part as I already replied to it!!?!?! and if I had to be “crazy” to a gangster like you or a terrorist I’d pick the former. But you however, pick the latter if it were to make you 4.5 billions dollars you slimy criminal. Which happens to be the amount collected by your uncle Larry Sliverscumbag off the insurance he took on the towers merely few weeks before he blew the World Trade Center.
                      How about you address that you coward.
                      You can run but you cannot hide…

                    • Bob michalSgargage,

                      if you were any better, you’d keep your frontal rectum shut if you had nothing SPECIFIC to contribute to this topic. AND YOU DON’T ASSHOLE!!!!

                  • crazy daisy,

                    Have you noticed that people, { including people here you actually LIKE} have completely stopped responding to you in ANY way? Now WHY in the world do you think THAT is? Have your former friends suddenly turned MEAN, or is it something ELSE about you that they’re afraid of? Interesting to think about, isn’t it?

                    • Do you have the balls to answer my query or you are a eunuch? this is what it boils down to.

                      THE SAME COWARDLY MORON keeps on using different handles to make it look like several fat assholes are onto this. Beside, I have not posted a new post to be replied to you fucking RETARD!!!!)you keep on answering the same paragraph but when I ask a straight question, you don’t have the manhood to ADDRESS it. Like your Tal-crap says: Go drink some donkey’s urine LOL.

                      Or if you run out of donkey urine to drink, go do another 9/11 you criminal terrorist and blame it on the arabs. Or again, if that is not enough, go rape some children as the scumbags of the Vatican are in with you on different worldwide crimes.

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                      BTW, I unsubscribed to the couple of threads I was watching. So from now on you will have to puke and lick your own puke RETARDED INBECILE. Because I have better things to do than answer the sac of feces you appear to be. Yikes!

                  • Well hello there kaa RAZY daisy! You have NOTHING better to do and you KNOW IT! You have a ” life”. That’s the biggest joke on this thread! The ONLY thing you have to look forward to is your daily hour on the computer they allow you in the nuthatch.

        • Gangster Banksters come in every stripe: black, white, yellow, brown and jew. The jews were just the first to see the opportunities to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else, in an organized, financial way.

          The others followed.

          The NWO is composed of every race, color, religion, and nationality which is oriented towards an elite class of the Uber Rich who want to institutionalize their privileges through Corporatism using FREE TRADE (Managed Trade) to advance their Agenda. The problem is much. much bigger than just the bankers.

          Don’t miss the forest for the trees. 🙁

          • o Gangster Banksters come in every stripe: black, white, yellow, brown and jew

            o The NWO is composed of every race, color, religion, and nationality which is oriented towards an elite class

            Having said that, it would not surprise me in the least if Durango Kidd were to also say that free market capitalism is far better than communism and/or socialism.

            • Yes Free Market Capitalism IS better than Socialism / Communism. What we have today is Crony Capitalism with managed trade and manipulated markets designed to enrich the Investment Class and Uber Rich at the expense of the Middle Class.

              The table is tilted. The game is rigged. I got mine. Get yours, if you can. 🙁

              • Every “ism” has failed. Capitalism eats the planets resources as fast as possible to keep the velocity of money flowing. China’s ghost cities are an end result of capitalism as well as the dotcom bust in 2000 and the housing bust of 2007/08. The problem is… nothing works as all things are victim of entropy.

                • 02 says:

                  “The problem is… nothing works as all things are victim of entropy.”

                  Well then… as a “victim of entropy,” why don’t you just do the planet a favor and “off” yourself?

                  Problem solved.

                  • Idiot, in due time no one leaves this rock alive anyway. Entropy.

                  • @.02

                    FYI: It’s known as the “Second Law of Thermodynamics.”

                    “The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the state of entropy of the entire universe, as a closed isolated system, will always increase over time. The second law also states that the changes in the entropy in the universe can never be negative.”

                • China’s ghost cities are ANYTHING but the result of capitalism. They are the result of Communist Central Planners and their massive misallocation of capital.


                  • You got that right Mal. China is the poster child for Crony Capitalism. Can anyone say, “CCP”? 🙁

                • I dare say, you make a good point, there .02

                  If it were not for man disobeying his Creator, from the beginning (of this World Age) it would all have been very much different.
                  God wanted to be the Father, and His Son the King.

                  Their way was the best way, but man said “no way”.

                  They, the Israelite (Caucasian) peoples, wanted a flesh man king and they were given many good ones, early on; with God’s blessing. When men put themselves in that leadership position, without God’s blessing, it always went bad, no matter what kind of “ism” was in place.

                  God told them, the Israelites, to always promote a leader from within your own people. God also said that a mamzer, man of mixed race, could “not” be chosen as leader of the people.

                  Well, “the people” did it anyway, back in 2008. How well has that worked out for you, America?

                  “Not too good”!

                  Another “ism” that has went very badly for Caucasians, is called liberalism.

                  Think it is not relevant to God?

                  Well, He said He was the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
                  I don’t think He has changed His mind because of liberalism and political correctness. In fact, I know He hasn’t.

                  • As always….Thanks PWTW. We were warned … we elect a Mamzer…America pays the price……

                  • I passed it in the wind yesterday. A big healthy one.

                • Capitalism does not eat the planets resources. The problem is you don’t know what capitalism is. We’ve never lived under it. Not in the 20th century. Since The Act of 1871 is only been what DK said: crony capitalism, or corporatism or cronyism. It uses the guise of capitalism to make people feel good about it but then screws them over just when they think they’re successful.

                  No, all this anti-capitalism stuff is bullshit. Capitalism is NOT what we’ve had for over 100 years.

                  The goal has been to turn you against capitalism. Capitalism works. Its also known and “enlightened self interest” and, until the Franken-entity known as “The Corporation” was created, capitalism ruled and people thrived.

                  When the franken-entities were unleashed, thats is when the world started suffering. Corporations allow men to avoid their responsibilities to both the environment and their fellow man. They allow greed to prosper in any way it sees fit.

                  …and it redefined the word “capitalism” so you would never know its basic principals. While corporatism does use the finance portion of capitalism, it uses nothing else. Since the corporation is essentially a person without personal responsibilities, capitalism applied to it is a disaster.

                  No, capitalism works very well. Corporations have destroyed this world and continue to the point that they will destroy mankind and themselves if we do not stop them.

                  How can we ever expect to fix this stuff if you people don’t even understand the basic precepts of the problem. I really enjoy reading a lot of what you people write, but, sometimes you seem so incredible detached from reality.

                  Think about what a corporation is. Realize that the US Federal Corporation (what you call your “government”) that “leads” you was formed in 1871. Realize that it responds to other corporations. Real government responds to citizens. Corporations only respond to other corporations. Our government died in 1871. Do you still wonder why they don’t represent us?

                  • How can you not blame capitalism for spawning corporations? Even without corporations, capitalism funneled huge amounts of capital to crony governments/industrialists. Human nature of greed/pride itself is the root of our woes and any ism is a symptom of said flaw. Call it this ism or that ism but humanity itself is its worse enemy. Corporations are just a vehicle of same ole shit, different century. Passinwiththewind has it correct and the Bible is chock full of the reoccurring problem we face.

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            • @FreeSlave

              “Having said that, it would not surprise me in the least if Durango Kidd were to also say that free market capitalism is far better than communism and/or socialism.”

              Can you expound upon that?

              Or is that mindless chatter??

              • If it’s not too difficult for you to comprehend, it was simply to show that while DurangoKidd recognizes a NWO Elite Class, don’t assume that he’s opposed to free-market capitalism and that he supports communism or socialism.

                • @Free Slave

                  clutchcargo said:

                  “Or is that mindless chatter??”

                  Based upon your reply to clutchcargo, it obvious to me.

                  “Mindless chatter.”

                  If you’ve been on this board for any length of time, you know who and what the durangokidd represents.

          • durangokidd says:

            “Gangster Banksters come in every stripe… the Jews were just the first to see the opportunities to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else, in an organized, financial way.”

            And yet you support central banking and a fiat currency (Gangster Banksters).


            DK, I give up… how do you manage to do that thing you do…

            … with a straight face???

            • YMWW: As I have stated many times, I support the FUNCTIONS of Central Banking as they are necessary for commerce both nationally and internationally in an interconnected, sophisticated world of travel and trade.

              You continue to confuse the FED, which is a parasite upon the American people, with the functions of sophisticated banking. They are not one and the same thing.

              The FED is a private corporation in control of American money and banking. The functions of central banking can, and should be conducted by the US Treasury.

              As usual, you are in error. 🙂

              • YMWW: Yes I support a fiat currency, especially a FRN as it is the instrument of the Federal Reserve, a private corporation; that could under certain conditions, be repudiated by the American people.

                There are no metal backed currencies in the world today, issued by a sovereign country, nor will there be. There is not enough gold and silver in the world to support one such currency, let alone, many.

                “DK, I give up… how do you manage to do that thing you do…
                … with a straight face???”

                Haven’t you noticed? I don’t. Gotcha (again). 🙂

              • durangokidd says:

                “…the FUNCTIONS of Central Banking as they are necessary for commerce both nationally and internationally in an interconnected, sophisticated world of travel and trade.”

                Central banking is only “necessary” in a world of fiat currencies! Commodity backed money was, and is, a check on government power. When Nixon closed the gold window in ’71, look what followed: Government run amuck… drunk on fiat power.

                “You continue to confuse the FED, which is a parasite upon the American people, with the functions of sophisticated banking. They are not one and the same thing.”

                The FED is a central bank, and you support central banking. Central banking is parasitical by nature, so therefore, you support “a parasite upon the American people.”

                “The functions of central banking can, and should be conducted by the US Treasury.”

                And turn the printing press over to the politicians?? Are you out of your mind??? It would instantly be captured by special interests! Q: How would this be any different than what we have today? A: It wouldn’t!

                Central banking should be eliminated, and competition for money should be introduced. Let the market decide what “money” is, not the FedGov or those who control it.

                You yammer on about the need to eliminate the “New World Order,” but if you were truly serious about this, you would support the elimination of central banking and their funny money. Without central banking and a fiat currency, the NWO withers and dies.

                • “And turn the printing press over to the politicians?? Are you out of your mind??? It would instantly be captured by special interests!”

                  And it has been captured under the FED: a private corporation.

                  Under the republican form of government that we have, the people must ACTIVELY participate in the political process to ensure that their elected Representatives respond to their wishes and legislate responsibly.

                  It starts at the grass roots, as all politics are local.

                  As long as the American people fail to take responsibility for their government by refusing to participate in the political process; those that do participate will control the money and power in American society. 🙁

                  • “Central banking is only “necessary” in a world of fiat currencies! ”

                    Wrong again!!! 🙂

                    The functions of central banking are necessary in an interconnected, sophisticated world of travel and trade, irregardless of whether money is fiat or commodity based.

                    Careful, your ignorance is showing again!!! 🙂

                  • durangokidd says:

                    “And it has been captured under the FED: a private corporation.”

                    No shit! I said it was “captured!!”

                    “Under the republican form of government that we have…”

                    LMAO… Crawl out from under your North Scottsdale rock DK. We don’t have a “republican form of government.” We have an oligarchy.

                    The Fifth Plank of the Communist Manifesto:

                    #5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. AKA, a central bank!

                    Government control of private industry is just a polite way of saying FASCISM!!!

              • “You yammer on about the need to eliminate the “New World Order,” but if you were truly serious about this, you would support the elimination of central banking and their funny money.”


                If you think the dollar is “funny money” imagine if “the market” determined what currency would be KING! And when the people chose the money they would use for commerce by and between the States and other nations, what currency do you think they would choose?

                Hint: The DOLLAR is the currency of choice; chosen by the NWO to store, transfer and multiply their wealth. And if the NWO, which controls globals economics, decided to use something else for their transactions, how soon do you think everyone else would change to use their NEW currency, and by choice?

                Should we put our faith in Bit Coin or SDR’s ??? 🙂

                • durangokidd says:

                  “The DOLLAR is the currency of choice…”

                  The dollar is NOT the currency of choice!

                  The dollar is in wide spread use because of intimidation and the threat of violence. Period!!

                  The Durangokidd: An American Fascist and Ideologue.

                  • YMWW: LMAO!!! You said: “The dollar is NOT the currency of choice!”

                    The evidence is to the contrary. For you to believe otherwise, demonstrates your illogical and twisted mind. It may not be your currency of choice, but it is the primary currency of choice for TRILLIONS of dollars in transactions, all over the world, every day.

                    You really need to start checking and stop eating those mushrooms you are using for coins. You are delusional!!! 🙂

                  • @DK

                    Without the US military roaming the planet 24-7, the prettiest ugly sister at the ball would have been dumped long ago. The fascist along the Potomac will go to any lengths to preserve their system (the petrodollar). That system is under attack, and will not hold center.

                    “Turning and turning in the widening gyre. The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”

                    Q: What is backing the USD?

                    A: The truncheon. Choice has nothing to do with it.

                    “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

                  • YMWW: “You are entitled to your opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”

                    The FACT is, the dollar is one of the primary currencies of choice of the NWO. The RMB will be added in due time. Other fiat currencies are used the world over, to varying amounts and degrees. The FACT is, there isn’t enough metal to back money. Not even one currency.

                    “That system is under attack, and will not hold center.”

                    Yes it is under attack. The dollar is the weapon of choice (as I have stated here many times over the years) to counterattack; thus the struggle of every economy in the world today to maintain equilibrium.

                    The struggle will end in war. 🙁

                  • durangokidd says:

                    “The FACT is, the dollar is one of the primary currencies of choice of the NWO.”

                    I thought you opposed the NWO???

                    Q: If you oppose the NWO, how do you reconcile your support of it’s “currency of choice” (the USD)???

                    Answer that question!!!

                  • @DK

                    That’s what I thought!

                    Cue the crickets!!


                    The kidd has no reply.

          • Well said.


            • Thank you 🙂

          • Every color , nationality , race , and ethnic group involved ……….Hmmmmmm …. the only connecting characteristic left in the enslavement of mankind would be Satanist ! Satanist involvement in Catholic Church…check , Jews ….check , Masons…..check , MSM and Hollywood … check …HEY , I think you have something there !

        • I have Jews in my extended family. Nope, they’re not from Palestine and have no relation to anyone in that part of the world, they are also not Ashkenazi, so get over it. They converted to Judaism several generations ago and are from Venice. They are not Zionists and they don’t like what the Israeli government is doing. They are not wealthy and have worked hard for the modest lives they have.

          Are there some bad Jews? Of course. Are there bad Catholics? Of course. Are there bad Hindus? Of course. Are there bad Muslims? Of course. Most people are not bad, but every culture contains shit within their ranks.

          Just because some Talmudic scum take that shit literally, I can assure that there are a great many Jews that don’t know shit about the Talmud. That Babylonian text of the corrupted Pharisees of Babylon has little to do with most Jews. In fact, many dirty people involved in illicit activity that claim to be Jewish, don’t even practice the religion they claim to be a part of. They just use it as cover so they can claim anyone catching them of their criminal activity can be labeled an anti-semite.

          Another thing, there is no secret Jewish agenda. When they go to the temple, they don’t pass along their secret agenda to rule the world. There are some bad Jews, like any subset of Humans, but most are just regular people living their lives.

          Some of the criminals that run this world claim to be Jews but they only use that label as cover.

          Go get educated:

          • Superb comment JoeRepublic. I hope all the rabid Jew-haters on this blog reads it.

            • FS,
              You need to get one FACT straight: and that is .02 never said “those Jews need to go because I hate them.”. He exposed passages from tal-kaka. And all crappy books who’s readers claim to be “holy” need to be exposed. All of them and not just Judaic ones. We live in the 21st Century and we need to start acting like it.

              A guy long time ago quoted a passage in the Talmud that talks about mixing URINE with dirt and using it as some type of medicinal crap?!?!?!I’d rather die than use such vile shit!!!! and to think that the morons that use this disgusting pigs’ feces think they are superior than the rest of us?!?!?! that they are “God’s chosen people”??!?! possibly for the latter because the god they must be talking about is not the one the rest of us believe in.

              …And here’s something I just found while trying to look that passage up:

              “”””Remedies suggested by Chazal for Jaundice:
              1.Eating donkey flesh.[93]

              2.Drinking donkey urine.[94]””””
              Off this link:

              Does me posting this establishes as A Fact that I am a Jew hater?!?!?NO.

              • This is a reprint of what Archivist wrote above:

                “I have been through the Talmud, at least the part that has been translated into English out of a possible 6,200 pages, and have found none of the claimed hostile language in it. I have done word searches just to be sure.

                Most claims about evil language in the Talmud fail to cite chapter and verse. In other words, they are concocted from thin air. Other claims take very short pieces out of context and put them together. An example of this is if you take two quotations from the Bible and put them together: Judas “went and hanged himself.” “Go ye and do likewise.”

                What I have read of the Talmud is tedious exposition on such things as whether or not giving alms on the Sabbath through an open window is a sin depending on if you reach out the window or the beggar reaches in.

                I would like to see an example circled in red on an actual Hebrew copy of the Talmud so I could get it translated and see for myself if it really says what is claimed.

                That doesn’t mean that Jewish financiers haven’t been a problem at least since the 1700s, but making up stuff is counterproductive.”

          • What a load of Crap!!!! there is no such thing as holier than thou. And go say that to innocent Palestinians, women and their children that are currently locked in near concentration camp living conditions in the Gaza strip. Moderate Jews are nice folks but the crap that’s in tal-crap is REAL AND LITERAL IF ANYTHING!!! Pull your head out of your rear. Just because the crimes that Jews commit against innocent people are completely suppressed does not mean they never took place. If you are in the dark, many of us are not. Just so you know.

      6. The sooner the better.

      7. Having spent some time eating ham salid sandwiches with a Jew and knowing others, I can say some fine, some not so fine, I can also say the first time I ever heard the word “Kike” Was from a jew as another one left my office (I was glad to see him go, and said so.) He said: “I’m a good Jew boy from New York He’s a kike”

      8. You must realize by now, that with the current central bank money creation scheme that requires constant growth of debt to work, that if said debt growth stops, the system fails.

        They are propping it up as long as they can. Because, when it fails, there will be nothing but death and destruction…starvation and killing. The whole world is now invested in the fiat system of usury and exponential growth, all based on cheap energy. There is no exit ramp.

        If you think you are immune to the devastation just over the horizon, you are kidding yourself.

        The world economy is not a monetary construct…It is an ENERGY construct. Cheap energy is over and so is exponential growth. The world economy cannot survive in a steady state as it is now set up. It either grows or dies.

        You need to be able to grow your own food and supply your family’s needs to even have a chance to survive.

        Peak oil, peak water, peak food and peak bad weather conditions are looming.

        Gold and silver won’t save you…root hawg or die.

        Get crackin’

        Ima gonna go down the cellar and crack a jug of homemade wine to calm my nerves.

        • yEPPERS………

        • JRS, take an extra tug on the jug for me. I’m sipping a Guinness Blondie.

          • A nice Cabernet Sauvignon here. If you ever read one of my posts with a misspelled word it probably means I’m pretty far into the bottle 🙂

        • JRS I love your post ! ! 🙂 I agree ! !

      9. Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts

        Sanhedrin 59a

        To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.

        Libbre David 37

        A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.

        Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17

        We beg Thee, O Lord, indict Thy wrath on the nations not believing in Thee, and not calling on Thy name. Let down Thy wrath on them and inflict them with Thy wrath. Drive them away in Thy wrath and crush them into pieces. Take away, O Lord, all bone from them. In a moment indict all disbelievers. Destroy in a moment all foes of Thy nation. Draw out with the root, disperse and ruin unworthy nations. Destroy them! Destroy them immediately, in this very moment!

        Prayer said on the eve of Passover (Pranajtis: Christianus in Talmudae Judeorum, quotations from: Synagoga Judaica)

        The Feast of Tabernacles is the period when Israel triumphs over the other people of the world. That is why during this feast we seize the loulab and carry it as a trophy to show that we have conquered all other peoples, known as “populace”…

        Zohar, Toldoth Noah 63b

        When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.

        Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D

        Resh Lakish said: He who is observant of fringes will be privileged to be served by two thousand eight hundred slaves, for it is said, Thus saith the Lord of hosts: In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold, out of all the languages of the nations shall even take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you, etc.

        Mas. Shabbath 31b

        On the house of the Goy [Goy means unclean, and is the disparaging term for a non-Jew] one looks as on the fold of cattle.

        Tosefta, Tractate Erubin VIII

        When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it.

        Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 156

        If it can be proven that someone has given the money of Israelites to the Goyim, a way must be found after prudent consideration to wipe him off the face of the earth.

        Choschen Hamm 388, 15

        Happy will be the lost of Israel, whom the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen from amongst the Goyim, of whom the Scriptures say: “Their work is but vanity, it is an illusion at which we must laugh; they will all perish when God visits them in His wrath.” At the moment when the Holy One, blessed be He, will exterminate all the Goyim of the world, Israel alone will subsist, even as it is written: “The Lord alone will appear great on that day!…

        Zohar, Vayshlah 177b

        That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful.
        That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.

        A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonored.

        Sanhedrin 58b
        [In other words, if a non-Jew kills a Jew, the non-Jew can be killed. Punching an Israelite is akin to assaulting God. (But killing a non-Jew is NOT like assaulting God.]

        If a goy killed a goy or a Jew he is responsible, but if a Jew killed a goy he is not responsible.

        Tosefta, Aboda Zara, VIII, 5

        Has it not been taught: “With respect to robbery — if one stole or robbed or [seized] a beautiful woman, or [committed] similar offences, if [these were perpetrated] by one Cuthean [“Cuthean” or “Samaritan” = goy/gentile/heathen/non-Jew] against another, [the theft, etc.] must not be kept, and likewise [the theft] of an Israelite by a Cuthean, but that of a Cuthean by an Israelite may be retained?” But if robbery is a capital offence, should not the Tanna have taught: He incurs a penalty? — Because the second clause wishes to state, “but that of a Cuthean by an Israelite may be retained,” therefore the former clause reads, “[theft of an Israelite by a Cuthean] must not be kept.” But where a penalty is incurred, it is explicitly stated, for the commencing clause teaches: “For murder, whether of a Cuthean by a Cuthean, or of an Israelite by a Cuthean, punishment is incurred; but of a Cuthean by an Israelite, there is no death penalty?”

        Sanhedrin 57a
        [Translation: A Jew may rob a Goy, but a Goy may not rob a Jew. If a Goy murders another Goy or a Jew, he should be killed, but a Jew will not be incur the death penalty for killing a non-Jew.]

        This is just a small sampling of the MOST Racist publication in HISTORY, but go ahead prove to me it is not true. These people are sick psychotic evil narcissists. Again Free Slave. F U C K you.

        • Question: “What does it mean that the Jews are God’s chosen people?”

          Answer: God’s Word affirms that the Jews are God’s chosen people: “You are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession” (Deuteronomy 7:6). From eternity past God knew that He would need to be born into the human race in order to save us from the spiritually dead condition that we were in (Ephesians 1—2; Genesis 3). God had planned from the beginning to be born into a very small nation or race of people called the Jews. The Old Testament tells the story of how God set about creating, distinguishing, and preserving that race.

          The ultimate goal of God’s choice of the Jews as His chosen people was to produce the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who would be the Savior of the world. Jesus had to come from some nation or people, and God chose Israel. God first promised the Savior/Messiah after Adam and Eve sinned (Genesis 3). Later, God specified that the Messiah would come from the line of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Genesis 12). Later still, He narrowed the Messiah’s ancestry to the line of David (2 Samuel 7). Throughout their history, the people of Israel were aware of their “chosen” status before God (see 1 Kings 3:8; 8:53; Psalm 105:43; Isaiah 43:4; 65:9; and Amos 3:2). The fact that God has an eternal future for Israel is evident in that five sixths of the Bible bears directly or indirectly upon them—Jesus being the central figure who brought the Jews and Gentiles together (Ephesians 2:14).

          The fact that the Jews are God’s chosen people means that they have been held to a high standard. From those who are given much, much is required (Luke 12:48), or as God said through one prophet, “You only have I chosen of all the families of the earth; therefore I will punish you for all your sins” (Amos 3:2).

          Israel’s responsibilities have included keeping and preserving the Law (Joshua 22:5); being “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (Exodus 19:6); and bringing “renown and praise and honor” to the Lord (Jeremiah 13:11). Their high calling is straight from the God who chose them out of all the nations of the earth.

          • I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer . . . be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. . . . Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

            • You should provide both Biblical reference (i.e. Gen 1:1) and bible translation version you have used when attempting to quote from it.

              And it should be in the context of the whole scripture it is taken from, not singled out to support a position without consideration of the whole scripture and the time and circumstances under which it was given that make its meaning clear.

              • What? you don’t have goggle? You want me to make that sandwich and feed it to you as well? WITF would I listen to some asshat named Anonymous in the first place?

            • The synagogue of Satan quote was uttered by Paul (Sha’ul in Hebrew)a Jew who attended synagogue until the day he was martyred (as did all of the apostles).
              “I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie…”
              Paul was talking about synagogues where Hellenism (Greek philosophy) had become the overwhelming theology of the synagogue. He was talking about the men who said that they were Jews but were actually practicing Hellenism and worshipping the Greek gods.
              Kind of like the “Christians” and Replacement Theology.
              Perhaps you can tell me, exactly when did Jesus stop being a Jew?

          • Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous, And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

          • Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

            SOOOO IOW they are NOT OF “from” God but that other guy “old scratch” who “visited” Eve in the garden and their union created Cain of which these subhuman “Jews” are the decedent of.

            • .02: “SOOOO IOW they are NOT OF “from” God but that other guy “old scratch” who “visited” Eve in the garden and their union created Cain of which these subhuman “Jews” are the decedent of.”

              LOL! Go ahead and keep your lousy two cents to yourself. Thanks.

              • I’ve been here a hellova lot longer than you have jewboy. gtfo this site and go back to Yahoo boards where you can find ass kissers and idiots that believe in the jew superiority shit you peddle.

                • I’m not Jew. I’m Gentile. Actually, I’m a Conservative Constitutionalist Christian, thank you very much.

                  You want to be consumed by your Jew hatred, go ahead.

                  • Maybe you should try the NEW Testament instead? As in “Behold! I make all things new”. What part of this do you not understand mr SO CALLED Christian. You want me to tell you the number of times I have been fvked over by bonafide self professed born again Christians? I hear the phrase ” I am a good Christian” I run for cover.

                    • .02- thanks for taking the time to absolutely school free ass slave about the true workings of the subhuman, parasitic jews. Well done. Free slave is a well known troll, especially with his ignorance in regards to his own religion. He is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. I used to post here in the past under a different name & I frequently trashed his nonsensical posts time and time again. I took several months away from this site because of idiots like him infiltrating SHTF.

                      Once again, well done .02

                    • 02- thanks for taking the time to absolutely school free ass slave about the true workings of the subhuman, parasitic jews. Well done.

                      Free slave is a well known troll, especially with his ignorance in regards to his own religion. He is definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed. I used to post here in the past under a different name & I frequently trashed his nonsensical posts time and time again.

                      I took several months away from this site because of idiots like him infiltrating SHTF and ruining the discussions.

                      Once again, well done .02

                    • Yankee by birth, Southerner by choice: “the true workings of the subhuman, parasitic jews.”

                      Interesting blog name. Let’s apply the reasoning in your blog name to some folks that I know:

                      Jewish by Birth, Bible-Believing Christian by Choice

                    • .02 Great job schooling FS lol. I doubt he will learn anything though, it would shatter his micro paradigm!

                  • GOD speaks to all of his children at the same time…some choose to run around with their fingers in their ears singing,”LALALALALLALALALALALALALALALALA…”

                • Gee how Christian of you 02, “jewboy.”
                  Our Creator was a Jew, Jesus was a Jew, all of the Apostles were Jews and Jesus and the Apostles taught out of the Old Testament (the NT hadn’t been written).
                  Exactly when did Jesus stop being Jewish?

              • Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

                Don’t argue with me.. I didn’t say this.

              • John 8:44 is not “a lousy 2 cents” but A passage from the same bible you’ve been quoting from!!!!! Since you seem to “know the bible” how come you failed to recognize that particular verse?!?!?! or is your behavior a validation of it?

                I heard some filthy shit about the Talmud but I didn’t know know it was nearly as filthy as this. THANKS .2 btw.

                And what he quoted, they are doing it to the Palestinians as we speak and some. And if anybody from the us media dares to twitch about it, they are simply fired if not DISAPPEARED ALL TOGETHER. This does not cancel what I said about the jewish people that I love. Innocent people are innocent no matter what crimes their State officials commit against others.

                • Keep digging Daisy D. You are going to be appalled at what is in that Talmud….has NOTHING to do with “loving your neighbor” unless you are a Jew. All others are ‘cattle” to be used/abused at their discretion.

                  • That’s a right thar Daisy D. You keep a’ digging, just like me, only I’m a diggin’ in my depends box fur my last dry pair, damn zogs!

                  • Yeah, I read a lot of the links y’all provided me a while back and it’s pretty shocking. The thing is that so much of it I already knew.

                    Before anyone thinks I’m some angry hater with a closed mind, I would like to point out that I’m really only angry about the decline and fall of liberty in this country. Though my training is in the medical field, I have mostly science related degrees and consider myself an open minded scientist first and foremost.

                    That being said it seems to me that more evidence has been provided by POG, .02, John Q, Genius, and Solus Lupus than those who disagree with them.

                    Just because Dr Thomas Sowell and Dr Walter Williams are two of my favorite contemporary authors doesn’t mean that I want to live around a lot of black people. We used to live in the south in a county that was 84% black, and it’s certainly true there are some nice, decent, hardworking, and honest blacks. Far too many are dangerous predators on welfare that aren’t capable of maintaining what I would consider civilization.

                    Jews are similar in some respects, though not overtly violent like blacks, in that they too are destroying western civilization.

                    • Rebel,

                      When it comes to religion, there is no such thing as ” evidence”. What it all boils down to is who/what set of books you want to follow. There’s no ” evidence” of Hinduism, Taoism, or the multitude of other religions practiced on Earth either. It comes down to a belief, nothing more, nothing less. Anybody can search the internet and find ” evidence” to support their own religious beliefs bit that doesn’t make it factual, when you try to beat people over the head with your personal view of God/Universe, the more you make yourself look like a demented zealot. There are simply too many religious differences in the world for any single one to be the one and only factual truth.

                    • Too bad all the Talmud “quotes” that have been brought up either have words changed, or much omitted, or are totally made up.

                      You can find the misquoted texts on the Internet, but you can also find the correct texts.

                      There’s enough material to dig up without making up stuff or copying what someone else made up.

              • Thanks FS, for your comments. There are some people who are a little bent on this site, unfortunately.

                • A little bent you say…that’s putting it mildly TEST.

                  I’ve scrolled past more jooooo hating than ever in these comments. Trying to find some gems on here but it hasn’t been easy.

            • @.02…

              Hitler would be so proud of you.

              I’ll bet you have Mein Kampf memorized, don’t you?

              • Hitler was a product created by these very same people. Maybe you should look up who declared war on whom first? Here is a headline for you.

                “Judea Declares War on Germany!” – Daily Express headline, March 24, 1933.

                “Judea Declares War on Germany! Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German Goods! Mass Demonstrations!” – These were all headlines in the Daily Express on March 24, 1933.

                Fvk you too asshole.

              • Telling the truth has nothing to do with Hitler. I would think Hitler would be proud of you for attempting to make .2 feel guilty for pointing out few facts.

              • the talmud is worse than mein kampf.

                • The Talmud is definitely longer (over 6,000 pages if it were all translated into English), but it doesn’t contain any of the things claimed by any of the posters.

                  For an example, it is claimed that the Talmud okays sex with underage girls. The text actually says that if an underage boy tries to have sex with a grown woman, she remains a virgin. That’s how far things have been twisted.

                  Jewish financiers loaned the money to Frederick in Germany so he could hire mercenaries to force Lutherans to attend Catholic church. That’s why some of my ancestors left Germany back in the 1700s.

                  Everyone needs to download the real Talmud texts as translated back in 1918 and scan through them.

          • @FreeSlave

            First off, unless you have a degree in Theology from an accredited University you should not be expounding on such topics. The history of The Christian Faith is filled with half witted screwballs like you two who don’t know the difference between what Historic Christianity is and what some Heretic says it is.

            So will the both of you STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Fvk you dude, go eat shit. Who asked you anyway. tard.

            • An “over-educated idiot” with a degree in Theology from an accredited University, is the last person one should look to for truth.

              Every one of those types have been “indoctrinated” with mans views based upon a furtherance of their income, through the use of religion, and a full congregation.

              • Says the self admitted stoner from the 70’s, man. Take another hit and hold a ” high” mass for everybody here. Yeah, MUCH better to heed the word of an aging stoner because he’s obviously ” seen” it all.

                • Must have struck a nerve with you somewhere along the way.

                  Thanks for making us all aware that my work is actually paying off.

                  Oh, and since you are following my comments and articles, and in case you missed this particular one, I am also the rope bearer.

                  Do i need to spell it out for you, or do you need some more rope for the knot?

                  Oh and btw, I’ve never claimed to have “seen it all”, dumbdick, but i have seen enough.

                  No maryjane in these cells. I had a childs part when i was still acting like a child and holding on to childish things, way back when.

                  I don’t partake, nor do i judge those that do on a limited and social basis. I do say that it has it’s pitfalls and side effects that may or may not be long term.

                  Daily pot use is a sin as well as daily habitual alcohol use.
                  I don’t do either.

                  • Congratulations, any alcoholic can dry out but he’ll always be an alcoholic. It doesn’t mean they’re capable of lucid thought either, it all depends on how much damage they did to themselves.

              • May God Bless you, Passing with the wind, for that precious post. The thing I love about Jesus is He cuts the middle man out. No one can pretend to be the intermediary between them and Him. Anyone who believe in Him can pick up the soul-phone and DIRECTLY dial Him!!!!
                Luke 10:19 quotes Him as saying to those who believe in Him “I have given you the authority to trample upon cobras and scorpions, to overcome all of your enemy’s power and nothing shall hurt you.”. He, in other verses also warns against boasting and what not. So we all should remain low-keyed about our beliefs no matter how right we think we are.

            • Thank you! It’s getting really old. I see this and know why people hate Christians.

              Enough already.

          • 100 thumbs up FREE

            • Thanks for the vote of support, cheri!

      10. I know a lot of them Juice. They are always come’n to my farm and ask’n if I raise Kosher Bacon? (sarcasm)

        Really not sure what the hell is going on with Banks. Like every other business they have a bottom line to meet and Stock Holders to keep happy.

        Obola has got so many “secret deals” cooking and money laundering schemes brewing, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore.

        No matter what-watch out fur them hogs! Ya hear?

        • Really not sure what the hell is going on with Banks. Like every other business they have a bottom line to meet and Stock Holders to keep happy.

          Do some research then. Start with TARP and then Quantive Easing, ZIRP and the fact that if you have money in their bank it belongs to them and not you. They dont have a bottom line any longer, they dont need or even want “our” money as they get totally interest free cash from the fed anytime they chose.

          NOW do you get it? Hog? fvin idiots, I am surrounded by fvkin idiots.

          • @.02
            Like my Mom used to say, “It takes one to know one”.

            My advice, take care of yourself and if the rest of us don’t see things your way, F.O.

            Be cool, watch out fur them hogs

            • Like momma used to say “takes one to know one”? Good God is that all you have? How fvking moronic is that defense? Here is an insight, you mother was an idiot and you are a moron.

          • “”””NOW do you get it? Hog? fvin idiots, I am surrounded by fvkin idiots.”””””


      11. The banks aren’t going anywhere the Fed will just print more money and we will all live happily ever after! (Sarcasm)

        • Thanks Sgt. Dale,
          I was worried fur a second or two. Thought maybe some Juice would come and steal my commode, Mom’s recipe for Crawfish pie, and all of nuclear weapons that we’ve got stored in our basement.

          Ooops, I guess that I shouldn’t have mentioned those neutron bombs we found on sale at Costco.

          Keep it real and watch out fur them hogs!

          • “TH”
            I would kill for a bowl of good Crawfish pie right now. I bet your Mom makes the best!!! My mother did make it, but DAMN she could fry Chicken!!!!! Her Cookies are to die for!!!

      12. Free Slave,
        Thank you so much for the great share!!! I am not Jew but some of the people I admire and love the most are Jewish. I absolutely believe that story. As 1st John 4:18 says:
        “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.”.

        • You’re very welcome, DaisyD. I’m so glad you liked the true story. God bless you.

          • FS, there is a library of remarks that irahell and it’s people have made concerning the fact that they consider you human garbage. Jews spit on christians in your holy israhell idiot. Do some homework before you post some bullshit story. Ya maybe some jews are cool but most I have ever known (not all) are self centered greedy freaks. Now grab your teddy bear and read some more stories (perhaps from the talmud!) and go back to sleep 🙂

            • It never ceases to amaze me how much jealousy and anger is directed at other people, races, religions, and sexes. If this does not stop then there is no way to win. There are good and bad people in all walks of life. Jealousy and hatred is not going to do anything but destroy our chance of winning.
              I have seen hatred towards all the categories above. I guess when we come through this the only people left will be white atheist.
              Are we all willing to trade what we have now for that?

              A movie line in the patriot. ” Why should I trade one tyrant 1000 miles away for 1000 tyrants one mile away.”

              I often wonder if the government does not send people on here to distract us and destroy any chance of ideas or bonding.

              I could care less about how much people make or own. I could care less about anything except that they be good honest people.

              Love and only love will win the battle.

              All this bickering and jealousy hurts the cause.

              • Amen!! And well said

        • He always writes good stuff, Daisy. Just have to ignore certain parties on this site I guess….

          • Thanks for the kind words, TEST.

          • I love those stories, I find them to be very inspiring. I have some of my own, thanks to Christ. So I conceive of than man’s goodness, I have no problem with it. Thank you TEST!

      13. More talk here about religion than on The 700 Club.

      14. Note to self. When the reset comes, first rule is everybody can keep their religion to themselves. (Privately)

        • Absolutely correct :

          People are free to believe in whatever made up nonsense they prefer. Religion is like your dîck ,
          It’s great that you have it but please keep it to yourself

          • Religion is a man made creation for control just like governments.

            If you believe in it, it is a religion or perhaps ‘the’ religion; and if you do not care one way or another about it, it is a sect; but if you fear and hate it, it is a cult.

            Awww, the eyes of the beholder.

            • And ………….. you know this how?

              • And ………….. you know this how?

                By paying attention for more than a 30 second sound bite there sparky. Try it. you might even catch a clue and sort out some grey matter.

                • So angry 02, so much hate and venom poured out on this page!
                  What’s your problem, couldn’t get a good job, so blame it on the Jews?
                  Can’t get a woman, so blame it on the Jews?
                  You couldn’t go to college, oooohh it must be those evil Zionists trying to control the non Jews!
                  Daddy lost his property, oh those Jewish bankers must be to blame, not the fact that daddy didn’t pay his taxes.

                  People like you and granny need to blame Jews for your lack of success in life. You need a scapegoat and you found a group that won’t fight back.
                  What miserable, pathetic losers you are.

                  • So according to few in here, Jesus also was a hater or angry as He couldn’t get a woman or go to college. Jesus did EXACTLY the same thing:::::::He exposed the truth.

                    Some here need to pull their heads outta their behinds and wipe the shit off their eyes so they could increase their chances to see a little better.
                    This is A Smart Site, Let’s make an effort to keep it that way. Learn to accept the truth even and especially if it hurts. That’s when it supposed to cure your invisible dis-eases people.

                  • and you really are a dumb moron for claiming that Jews do not fight back. Oooh, so innocent are they!!! dare to look up how they are treating the Palestinians. They have transferred the concentration camps of Germany to Israel and filled them with these people.

                    A renown prestigious mag tried to speak up against what is being done unto these poor people by publishing an article, they have been asked to take it out, as the article was not bashing the Jews per se, but was exposing their vile heinous crimes against their victims, the publishers RIGHTFULLY refused to do so, and within 72hrs it has been effectively ASSASSINATED because strings have been pulled and all advertisers, the likes of Christian Dior, Gucci, Eves St Laurent, etc. pulled out their adds. Many people have been put out of jobs because they were honest enough to speak up against all crimes and not phony ones.

                  • xooxxox JD, thanks for saying what so many feel

                  • JD, interesting line of thought.

                    Could very well be the key to the origin of irrational Jew hatred.

            • I tend to believe religion,s are useful myth,s & superstition ,s. some folks need the religion crutch in their lives. no matter who we are or whatever we believe our soul,s are all the same color.

              • Religion was the first form of government/control of masses.

            • Sorry .02 but the definition of a cult is “a religous organization of less than one million members whose leader doesn’t shave on a regular basis.”

          • LMAO! Great post Captain.

            If those folks want to believe in the mythical sky creature, let them. Whenever they pronounce their faith and religion, I already know that they are not that bright. Anyone with one iota of intelligence can see through the bullshit social control it truly is.

      15. When the hell did this site get fully taken over by the damned 3rd Reich?

        I mean yeah it used to be isolated comments here and there, now I’m at a damned Nazi rally.

        • TheGuy: “When the hell did this site get fully taken over by the damned 3rd Reich?

          I mean yeah it used to be isolated comments here and there, now I’m at a damned Nazi rally.”

          Yeah, I know what you mean. A prepper Nazi rally. Sad.

          But it’s not Mac’s fault. I think somewhere he’s posted rules against posting racist remarks. But the prepper Jew haters ignore him and his rules.

      16. @FreeSlave….

        Thank you for posting that.

        I have Black friends and Jewish friends.

        I believe in what Victor Frankl said…”There are only two races of people..the decent and the indecent.”

        • Thanks for the thanks, Anonymous4. I appreciate it!

      17. Watch Out! The Holier Than Thow are sure to show up.

        • 1st John 4-20 “If a man say, I Love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar; for he that Loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen”. Trekker Out. Satan Is Alive And Well!

      18. The “Banksters” know exactly what they are doing.
        They plan to CRASH the Global economy to usher in a new CASHLESS society, it’s all about having total control.
        Resist The New World Order in any way you can, if not our children will not have a very bright future!

      19. Yet we reached the debt limit in March and not a word in the media. Jew this, Christian that muslim the other. We are all the human race. We can’t even get along here, a place we are to discuss survival. There is no hope for humanity when SHTF.

        • citizen

          You’re on your own. Your right we can’t get along here.
          The trick is where does everyone fit in. Inside, outside or round about. Oh Yes, citizen. I can see a person in my group saying I’m going to hell after the reset. Be out on his fucking ass in a heartbeat. Not like being called an infidel or goyim either.

          There has been lots of things I have to put up with before the reset. After the reset, No More.

          • sling shot. That why im a lone wolf I simply don’t trust anyone. Im self reliant and have know how. Why burden me & mine with less skilled religious holier than thou kooks?

            • Shit– Old Guy, not just religion, how about the idiots that still think their vote is all that and toe the worn out bullcrap of right/left republican/democrat difference which is a shit show of and into itself. Or the MORONS that cant see 9/11 and “pull-it” Jew Larry SilverSTIEN is and was a total inside job or who think that bin laden was really tossed into the ocean by the Seals, etc on and on.. Fvkin idiots.. i am surrounded by morons and fvking idiots. It is to the point I can hardly function in public as all these brain dead 500 pound HOGS are waddling around spewing shit from the likes of Rushbaugh and Sean Hannity.. And GOD help us when Hitlery becomes the next SELECTED President of this diseased rat hole that was once America. We are truly smoked cooked and toasted. Stick a fork in it.

              • You pretty much nailed it. I suppose those fast food fed fat hogs could live off of stored body fat for a time. and likely eat each other. Ive stated many times there isn’t viable political or ballot box solution. Overly religious folks tend to be kooks. And many are republicans they are too shaky a vessel to rely on. I try to avoid them. for some folks their politics are their religion.

              • Yup. Though don’t let your healthy skepticism about organized religion turn you away from God. You don’t need to go to church to ponder the following:

                Where did it all come from if not God? Even the big bang theory doesn’t even have a guess as to the possible origin of the initial “singularity.”

                Try to imagine an eternity ago. Was there ever a time without matter? How else can you measure time if not relative to matter?

                How can you have any position about right and wrong without God? Seriously, how could you say it’s wrong to kill you for no reason and take your stuff without some reference to God’s law or some higher power? There would be no way to settle the argument over the rightness of murder.

                Morals can only exist if there is a God. If you think you have morals but don’t believe in God, I would ask “Upon what are your morals based?” Try to argue that how you feel is right and how someone else feels is wrong without appealing to some higher power or authority. Please try to provide a logical basis for morals without an appeal to a higher power.

                Try to think of a reason it would be wrong to do anything you want anytime you want without any mention of God. How could anyone say anything is right or wrong without the foundation being with God? For anything that you might say is right or wrong I would ask “By whose standard?”

                • My moral compass is guided by the fact I don’t wish to do anything that would harm my soul or the soul of others. a strong belief in god doesn’t automatically make anyone a moral good person. The prisons are full of believers. Many thing Jesus death pays for their sins so they can do anything they wish and still be forgiven? So how does a disbelief in god automatically make someone evil? Im Agnostic and think the theory of evolvotion has merit.

                  • I too think the theory of evolution has merit. Of course it’s just a theory, though a pretty good one. It doesn’t explain duck-billed platypuses for example, but it seems to get it mostly right.

                    Two additional mysteries that don’t fit Darwin’s theory:
                    1) Humans are one of the few mammals that don’t synthesize Vitamin C, we have to get it from our diet. A single point mutation in our DNA causes humans to not make Vit C. The machinery is all still there in our DNA but one nucleotide change has rendered it all unexpressed. Seeing as animals that synthesize vit C are at a huge advantage (not as likely to get cancer, scurvy, viral infections, and much more) it would seem the less fit was sellected.

                    2) The average rat has a 2cc brain but 100 times our sense of smell. Since we have a common ancestor and at one point had a similar sense of smell, how is it an advantage to lose sense of smell to warn for predators/prey. We have around a 1400cc brain on average and even if the rats whole brain was devoted to smell (it isn’t) surely 2cc out of 1400cc would be worth such a survival advantage.

                    • @ Idaho, that was a brilliant point. I’ve said for years that platypuses (platypi?) were proof that God had a sense of humor. I also think he gave us these brains to question everything thrown our way. Without curiosity, no discovery. I wonder if with the genome project, they could “tweak” our code to synthesize Vitamin C? While they’re at it, could we get wooly mammoths back?

      20. Larry Kudlow, formerly of CNBC, was asked the other day if illegal immigration had any effect on the 37% unemployment rate in Baltimore. He replied that the price of groceries was cheaper there because illegals pick vegetables in California. It must have looked pretty funny to passersby as I tried to climb thru my dashboard radio to strangle the bastard.

        • Yeah when illegals work, they pay no tax, Why isn’t scumb IRS going after employers who give them jobs? I mean this country is full of cowards, from the IRS down on. It makes one gag.

          • Because the plan is to destroy the middle class, rich or poor, pick your class.

          • Hey daisyd,

            Next time you are cramming down a bite of Southwestern, or California raised produce/fruit, thank that farmer that had to do whatever he could to put that product on the market and make a small profit.

            That farmer may, or may not have used illegal immigrants to pick his crops, but you can damn sure bet that he paid a fair share of taxes to the State he farmed in, and also to the feds.

            people that have never farmed for a living, don’t have a damned clue as to what it takes to make a small profit off products.
            Unless you grow all your own products that you consume, then you have no right to bitch.

            Before you bitch about farmers, maybe you should bitch about sorry ass teenagers that won’t get off their asses and work for a living. If American teenagers were made to work, maybe there would be no need for immigrant labor, illegal or not.

            • Her question was more to the unequal enforcement of the law that the fairness of it.

              Since hiring illegal immigrants is in fact against the law, why aren’t more people in prison for it?

              I don’t think the drug war is moral or just, but I observe millions of people have been arrested for breaking those laws.

              I also observe that employers have violated immigration laws millions of times and none of them are in prison. I don’t have to support either law to wonder why millions are in prison for violating one set of laws and not the other.

              Oh and we sell products from our farm, have never hired an illegal, and must compete on price with those who break the law. Do you not feel guilty when you violate the law to underbid farmers that don’t violate the law?

              • I see your point.

                It is unfair of them to operate against the law.
                But, in all fairness, would you sit idly by and watch crops rot in the field instead of hiring available illegals?

                Would you cause your family to suffer for the rest of the whole year just because you “have never hired an illegal”, and are sticking to your principles?

                I wouldn’t watch my years work fade away in rot because i was too hard headed to not allow illegals in my fields.

                Hopefully, you will be able to continue to hire, legal, hard working citizens, or at least those that have legal papers.

                I will never be put into that position. My stupid ass greedy uncle shit the family out of my Granpa’s Farm that I grew up working my fingers to the bone for.
                I managed to get a couple acres but, uncle has pissed it all away and is now selling off the land, a few acres at a time.

                Grandpa thought he was doing the right thing before he died, but Grandpa was duped by his own son and daughter-n-law. All grown up in weeds and trees, what a shame.


            • I am not bitchin you stupid criminal asshole. For fucking starters, I have an add to find a job where I put I AM WILLING TO GET PAID ANY RATE. And here you are asshole criminalizing me for speaking up. I happen to come from a family that knows all about farming but as they are outside of the country, that does not help. I looked for any job, I can’t find any thanks to the gangsters like you and their protégé illegals, here I am documented and all, no criminal, no drugs, works like a fucking Clydesdale horse just ask anybody who knows me and I cannot find the thing. And a scumbag comes over from down your belt and boom!!! working because slime balls like you don’t want to pay taxes! how about you move to meheeeco asshole?!?!? Move out bitch! you don’t belong here. you’re lucky you are not in front of me right now, I’d fuck you up. So we either have to bend over and shut up no matter what or we are “bitching”. As if I haven’t been insulted enough like this.
              When I came to this country I came to work, comprende? WORK and not sit asshole. My English vocabulary probably was composed of a no more than 50 words and most of them were: the, you, what, a, etc. I made an effort to learn. These scums think they are above making any such effort. They think they are above lots of things. Things this country is about. But I doubt that an ignorant moron like you knows what I am talking about.

              • ..and by the way scumbag, I don’t “cram”, I am not like you piece of dog shit.

              • Daisy I would not hire someone so mean spirited, You can be clean and no criminal record but your heart is full of hate, I’d rather hire a drunk than a hater. Just saying, Calm down. You can get a point across and sound smart and gain more respect if you express your view points different. You sound trashy to be honest. I wouldn’t hire someone like you because how you present yourself, it’s certainly doesn’t make you sound trust worthy. You sound like youd be a big problem if something didn’t go your way. Wishing you peace, sorry for being brutally honest. I don’t know you, I am just saying HOW IT LOOKS from looking from the outside in.

                • Agree with you, Cheri.

      21. Free slaves skin head and furniture store story is a tall tale big lie never happened. its just a feel good liberal poltically correct fabrication.

        • Agree. One small short story would not have any relevance to what elite Jews anyway. This is all nice and everything, but it simply means nothing as to what the uber wealthy do in the big picture.

      22. FreeSlave:

        Have you ever looked at the ‘Jewish Virtual Library’ or ‘Jewish 101’ website?

        These sites are Jewish information about the “Jewish” religion and practices written by Jews.

        Have you ever wondered what they think of Jesus Christ? Have you ever wondered why their Torah/Talmud does not include the New Testament? One of the reasons for that is they DO NOT recognize the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah and are waiting for their long dead Rabbi Scheerson to reappear as their messiah.

        Have you ever studied ANY of their own sites or publications? Have you delved into the TALMUD? Do you realize that the word/tribe Judah has been changed to the word Jew in most places in the Bible?

        You are so puffed up about being a CCC that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Your 501C preacher teacher must be very pleased with you as a pupil.

        What does your Bible tell you about the only way to Heaven Free/Slave? Mine tells me you MUST accept Jesus Christ, there is NO other way. Can a Buddhist/Jew/Muslim/Athiest make it there? Yes, but the ONLY way is to accept Jesus Christ…..the ONLY way.

        By the way, go back through your Bible and see all the wonderous blessings that were to be bestowed on God’s Israel and convince yourself that those things have or are going to happen to that little stolen state, Israel. Do you believe that God kept his word about those blessings, FreeSlave, or do you believe he lied?

        Do you know the Supreme Court of Israel states you cannot be a citizen of Israel and believe in Jesus Christ? Look it up Free/Slave.

        So Free/Slave you have been duped and continue on in your ignorance. Don’t bother me with your feel good stories.

        I can tell you the average Jew probably does not know what their Zionist bosses have in store for them. Ever see the commercial on TV begging for your donation for the poor starving downtrodden Jew in Israelie, Free/Slave? America donates foreign aid to that country to the tune of around $12,000 per Israeli. Where are the Zionists running the show over there spending our hard earned tax dollars. Not on those poor immigrants who believed the Zionists were inviting them to the “land of milk and honey”.

        The Zionists are Kenites (Cains progeny). If you bother to read what God told Cain was going to happen to him and his seed….he told Cain his family/ANCESTORS WOULD ALWAYS BE WANDERERS….they would never own a land; the only way they have any land….as usual they had to steal it from the rightful owners…the Palestinians.

        Where was Satan to set up shop in the “end times”? Jerusalem. That is happening, and you can read what is to happen to Jerusalem when Christ returns.

        And it will not be the old reincarnated Rabbi Scheerson.

        By the way, If Jesus Christ and our God are ONE, then who is the Jews g-d? Look that one up Free/Slave.

        • Well sir, I reckons ole’ free slave KNEW this here story would bring me out a’ the woodwork alright. WHEN will the people ever believe me that it’s them damn zogs gettin’ my depends wet all the damn time.

          • GPP:

            If I ever reach the stage that I need depends Pee Pockets; I would have lived a far better life than you.

            You see “Shit for Brains” for your entire lifetime is what you have been handed.

            “Shit for Brains” (SFB) Israelie troll useful idiot. Don’t get no lower than that. “Hello, SFB, hows the weather in Tel Aviv”?

          • Granny Pee Pockets: “WHEN will the people ever believe me that it’s them damn zogs gettin’ my depends wet all the damn time.”

            LOL! 🙂 🙂 🙂

            • Free/Zog Slave:

              Zionists not getting my depends wet, but they sure are raining on Americas’ freedom parade. Useful idiot, that you are.

          • My comment to you Pee-Pockets is in moderation because of a typo so I will send it to you again:


            If I ever get to the stage I need depends Pee Pockets, I still would have lived a better life than you.

            You see “Shit for Brains” (SFB) for your lifetime is what you have been handed.

            SFB, Israeli troll, useful idiot. Don’t get no lower than that. “Hello SFB, how is the weather in Tel Aviv?”

            • pee pockets, your depends are wet because the joos you love so much are pissing all over you stupid. Can’t see the storm for the rain? Lap that piss up like a good goyim and kneel before your master. Look up the word goyim and see where it came from lol.

              • Aw c’mon now genius, ya’ll know I only drinks the finest Nazi piss!

        • Was Jesus a Jew?

          Some people claim that Jesus of Nazareth was never really a Jew. However, a brief look at Scripture makes it obvious that Jesus could have been nothing but a Jew.

          In contrast to Hollywood versions of Jesus that often reflect a Western view of the Christ, there is much proof that Jesus was, in fact, Jewish. The very first verse of the New Testament clearly proclaims the Jewish ethnicity of Jesus: “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham” (Matthew 1:1).

          First, the name “Jesus” has clear Hebrew origins. Jesus is a transliteration of the Hebrew word Joshua, which is why some refer to Him as “Yeshua.” The name means “Yahweh is salvation.”

          Second, Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a town occupied by Jewish people. Bethlehem had long been a Jewish settlement known as the city of David.

          Third, Jesus’ earthly parents were from Nazareth, a city of Jewish people. It is undeniable that first-century Nazareth was a small Jewish town.

          Fourth, Jesus was born at the time of a census that required Jews to return to the towns of their ancestry. Joseph would not have traveled with a pregnant wife to Bethlehem for the census unless he was Jewish. Mary the mother of Jesus also had a Jewish ancestry. Luke’s genealogy of Jesus likely traces Mary’s side of the family and shows a connection to David and the tribe of Judah. Jesus’ aunt and uncle, Zechariah and Elizabeth, were also Torah-observant Jews (Luke 1:6). Zechariah was a priest. The whole family took their Jewish faith very seriously. Hebrews 7:14 states, “For it is evident that our Lord was descended from Judah.”

          Fifth, Jesus was taken to the temple as an infant according to the Jewish law of Moses (Luke 2:22).

          Sixth, Jesus was at the Jewish temple as a child according to Jewish custom (Luke 2:41-52).

          Seventh, Jesus observed Jewish customs as an adult. He attended the synagogue on the Sabbath, traveled to Jerusalem for Passover, and told those He healed of skin disease to present themselves to the priests as required by the Law of Moses. Everything in the Gospel accounts indicates that Jesus was a Torah-observant, Sabbath-abiding Jewish man.

          Those who argue against the Jewish heritage of Jesus must provide alternative answers to these seven historical facts. The burden of proof lies on those who contradict the Bible’s clear evidence in this matter.

          • Luckily the feast was opened to all…

            • Amen, 1Vet. Indeed, luckily the feast was opened to all…

          • Wow, where do I begin free slave. I’ll try to be brief.

            1.You say… The geneology proves Christ was Jewish because he came from Abraham. Hmmm, now we have a conundrum. No where in the Bible do we have all the tribes called Jews. Please document where all tribes of Israel are called Jews?

            2. There was never a “Jewish law” under Moses. Please document where the Hebrew law that God passed down to Moses was called “jewish?”

            3. You say Jesus parents were Jewish because they were from Nazareth. Why is it that they called Christ the nazerene and not jew? It was because he was from nazareth in Galilee not Judea. If had lived in Judea he would have been called a Judean or Ioudaios. Strongs #2453.

            4. If Christ was a jew then why did his followers fear “the jews.” John 7:1, 7:13, 19:38. It says he “walked in Galilee would not walk in Jewry” because they desired to kill him. They being the Judean religious leaders.

            5. As I said Abraham was the father of many and not all were Israelites. (You would know this if you studied the old testament, especially what happened after the babylonian captivity)
            Here is a tidbit from those you call the religious Pharisee (Jews) talking with Christ SAYING . John 8:32 “They answered him, “we be of Abraham’s seed, AND WERE NEVER IN BONDAGE TO ANY MAN:” How can this be? For were all the Israelites fore fathers in bondage in Egypt? Hmmm? Now if you study Abraham’s line and follow Esau’s seed line you just might get a glimpse why God hated Esau while he was still in the womb.
            These Jews or Judeans were called that because that is where they lived. It does not mean they were all Israelites OR FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. If I had lived in that time I would be called a Judean. If I live in Ohio I would be called an Ohioian. What you are getting confused about is that those in the tribe of Judah were all jews and that is not so. Christ was from King David’s lineage but that does not make him a Jew. That word was bastardized several hundred years ago and you will never find it in the earlier translations. There were many mixed races in the religious priest hood that were not true Israelites and thats why Christ replied in John 8:43-44 to the Pharisees ” Why do ye not understand my speech?” (why? because they are not his sheep) “even because you can not hear my word.” (now do you know why Christ spoke in parables for only his sheep to understand) “YE ARE FROM YOUR FATHER THE DEVIL..” (oops, we have a problem Houston) …”and the lusts of the father ye will do.” (now pay real close attention free slave). “He was a murderer from the beginning and bode not in truth because there is no truth in him.” When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar , and the father of it.” Their father was a murderer? But…but they said Abraham was their father? Is he saying thier father is Cain? How can this be? As Christ told the Apostiles “have I not told you all these things.” In other words if you have studied the Old Testament you would know who these imposters were and they have conned you again.
            Why were the religious heirarchy so hellbent on killing Christ? They even dragged Saul who was a true Israelite into the mix killing Christians and God had to blind him in order for him to see. Hmmm? Somewhere in Revelation isn’t our Master going to blind those to believe a lie?
            Study the Old Testament and you will understand the New Covenant.

            • Which earlier English version of the Bible are you talking about that does not use the word “Jew” or “Jews”? The oldest one I have is the Geneva Bible of 1560 (over 450 years old), which used the word many times. Of course it is spelled “Iewes” because it’s older English, back before the letter “J” came into use.

              The Douay-Rheims version (1582 for the New Testament) uses “Jews.” I stopped counting at 50 occurrences.

              BTW, Hebrews were descendants of Abraham, Israelites were descendants of Israel (or Jacob, a grandson of Abraham), and Jews were originally descendants of Judah, later including converts.

          • Yeshua was a Hebrew. NOT a Jew. If you understand the difference, you’ll understand why he needed to do what he did.

        • Great post POG. There are none that are so blind as those THAT WILL NOT SEE. People Like Barncat/free slave will NOT see, no matter what the Israelis do because of exactly as you say the 501c3 “teacher” has his marching orders and for fear of the jew he damn well better march to the tune being played, or else. Again, great post.

          • Thanks .02

            If you noticed I ask free/zog slave many questions. As usual no answer to the questions.

            Come on free/zog slave who is the Jews g-d if Jesus is a bastard born of a whore mother….their claim in the Talmud. Who is their g-d?

            • POG. Really?????

              I will listen to a lot of things. But not the ravings of a loon. Free Slave is 100% spot on. I don’t know what bee in in your bonnet, but you need to get some air in there. Moreover, he just ANSWERED the question.

              • Sorry Test, Mqg25 really answered Free/Slaves post. Go back and check what Mqg25 posted and check your KJV of the Bible if you doubt any of it……

                • The KJV is rewritten and has books taken out of it. Protestants are deceived especially those Freemasonic dupes called the Baptists.

            • Come on free/zog slave who is the Jews g-d if Jesus is a bastard born of a whore mother….their claim in the Talmud. Who is their g-d?


              • Their god is MONEY and POWER!

                • Karl Marx admitted this, so its true

                • “Genius”: “Their god is MONEY and POWER!”

                  From the 1st comment above:

                  “… if you want to talk to me more I’ll be glad to talk to you. I want you to think about what I’ve said to you because everything I’ve said is true.

                  “I didn’t know what he thought. But he came in with the prejudice that Jews are greedy and money-grabbing. He had to realize, here’s a Jew who just gave him a really good deal, helped him load his truck and sweated with him. I think what hit him was when I said: It’s not long ago that your parents held you in their arms.”

                  “He looked like a whole different person.
                  “I ask: Did you reconnect with your parents?”
                  Yes I have.
                  “He says: I need to give you an apology. I realize now how offensive my tattoos were to you and how hurtful they are. I can’t afford it now — but I’m going to have those tattoos removed.
                  “He gave me a hug.”

            • well sir, as far as I can reckon, the ONLY God there can possibly be is an angry sky monster that’s out to send 99.99999 per cent of everybody to Hell for not sleeping with their bible ev’ry night and not bein’ able to quote every word of it. That sounds pretty reasonable now there,don’t it?

            • Wow. In all my life, most as a bible believing Christian, I have never heard such things.

              I don’t know one Christian who hates Jews. It’s rather unsettling that anyone who claims Christ as their Lord would say such vile things.

              I’m really not sure what to even say. What you state essentially means Christians all throughout history have been duped.

              May the Lord deal mercifully with us all.

              • “In all my life, most as a bible believing Christian, I have never heard such things.

                I don’t know one Christian who hates Jews. It’s rather unsettling that anyone who claims Christ as their Lord would say such vile things.

                It’s shocking actually. Jesus was Jewish. The Apostles were Jewish. And the first Christians were Jewish.

          • Oh, we can see all right. Well enough to recognize that your whole islamic-fueled “hate the jews” narrative is a large pile of used dog food.

        • What about the non Jewish families who started the Federal Reserve, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the League of Nations, the United Nations, etc.?
          What about the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Kennedys, the Clintons, the DuPonts, etc.?
          The NWO and the small number of uber elites who run the world aren’t just Jews. There are Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, Protestants, and atheists involved.
          It’s about good vs. evil.
          The men and women who want total control know no religion; their religion is power and control.

          • Look at the list of the wealthiest Americans. Most are not jews and identify as Christian. Does this mean Chritianity is a greedy and money grubbing religion. No it doesn’t .

      23. This story is fake. There have been several “stories” over the years using this same bull shit narrative. Did not happen.

        Funny how Free Ass Slave would think that “well, since there is a nice jew who owns a furniture store, they can’t be behind a nefarious plot to run the world despite their own religious text instructing them to do so”. What an f-ing idiot.

        Seriously Free Ass Slave, I hope we never meet because I would love to kick the shit out of you. You continually ruin discussions on the forums and are a waste to SHTF Plan. Stop interjecting your bs religious beliefs (you’re not a real Christian anyway).

        • “This story is fake.”

          Who woulda thunk it?

      24. when illegals are allowed in this country, they commit crimes and just run back to Meheeco like the stinky cowards that they are, leaving open police cases open for ever denying the victims families to come to any closure,… And list goes on.

        • Thank God Mexico is not China and their people are not muslim.

          • ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL!!! whether it be Chinese, meheecan or aaayraaab LOL. It’s ILLEGAL!

      25. Good morning SHTF community!

        Continuing the ‘off topic’ conversation I give you this.

        “They answered Him, We be Abrahams seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, ‘Ye shall be made free?’ John 8-33
        This passage is witness to the fact that Jews are not Israel, for all of Israel was in bondage to Egypt. The only line of Abraham that was not in Egypt was the line of Esau/Edom who were force converted into Judaism by the Macabeans after the Crucifixion of Christ.
        The words Jew and Israelite are not interchangeable and do not refer to the same people. The first appearance of the word Jew in the Bible is found in 2nd Kings and they are at war with Israel.
        as for the opening homily by FreeSlave, “‘ this witness be true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and their conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God; but in works they deny Him, being abominable, and disobedient, and to every good work reprobate. Titus 1: 13-16
        Those of you who believe that the Jews are the “chosen one’s” just look at how the jew’s obey the the commandment to “Love thy neighbor” in their treatment of the Palestinians. You shall know them by their deed’s.

        • Good points,Jcl

      26. some people just love to hate. Thanks for the story. True or false, you took the time to type it and that means something. It holds an important lesson. Some will learn it, some will not.

        • Just Me, thanks for recognizing that there’s an important lesson, and that some or many will learn it, but not all.

          Also, when you wrote: “some people just love to hate” … all you have to do is just read some of the comments here. It’s so sad. Like the rioters in the news over the past year, “some people just love to hate.”

        • Type it my ass. I bet 100 bux it was a copy and paste troll.

          • Yep .02 copy and paste just like his knowledge lol.

        • Hi freeslave’s second intenet account

      27. This just could be a huge bait and switch scram. All eyes and interest are focused to the southwest and Jade Helm 15 taking place July15-Sept15. Maybe, just maybe we should be looking north for any threats that maybe coming our way, or they are opening the way for some event to happen there to usher in Marital Law. The NWO headquarters will be now opening in the former U. N. Building. This Jade Helm stuff just stinks to high heavens. Talk about big FEMA CAMPS how about the whole S. W. as one big mother, to the life of me I can-not help but think this just isn’t the place (S. W.) where the shit is going to take place. Just look at what is going on in Canada and their Jade Helm event. If I’m wrong it will not be the first and it will not be the last. Russia is putting way too much in the Arctic Region for something more than snowboarding if you get my drift. Shortest way to the good old U.S.A. is the northern route. Look NORTH!!! Humor an old man (LOL).

      28. “We become servants of those things that we obey. We obey that which we have yielded ourselves to.”

        If you think the banks are going anywhere, look at japan. They should have died in the 1980’s

        And Thanks for wasting my time reading your religious comments, what a crock.

        • You can thank that troll free slave to derail the fact that the banks controlled by the tribe are at fault for this shit storm of which we are now witnessing.THE FIRST FVKING POST is a trolling tool to dodge/derail the thread. That is their MO, that is what trolls are PAID to do. So give credit to where credit is due. It worked like a charm. again and I am afraid i was instrumental in taking the bait. But anyway, I tried to clear the air as quickly as possible by cutting to the heart of the matter and squashing Free Slave like the fvkin tick he is.

          • you know.02, I have been on this site for quite a while and I just can’t remember YOU ever being on here before. Now on the other hand, FreeSlave has been here at least as long as I have. Um, you talk like you have been here along time but… have not. Again, another one of those, trolling impostors that just gets off inciting people that you disagree with. Sorry you are so lonely.

            • Well me thinks ole free slave is none other than Barncat herself.. fwtiw.. as far as you don’t remember me, I come by every so often to put dipshits like you and FS in their place. Ask around, I have been here way longer than you.

              • doubtful

                • I don’t have time to read every day and am sure I’ve missed some people posting, but .02 has been posting for at least the year or so I’ve been reading here.

            • Just you,
              your rambling is just the sort of bull crap that contributed to running this country down the toilet. .2 having being here as supposedly little as he has, made more of an impact than you and your protege have, having been here for last 65 years. What matters in discussion is the substance and the veracity of what one says and not the crappy stinking political correctness you are gasping for. What shame! And we are not running popularity contest here. That’s what the scumbag politicians scheme people into looking forward to, while they go behind the curtains and screw the people as hard as they usually do.

              .2 made some drop dead gorgeous points. Telling the truth does not equate or translate to hating anybody. Otherwise Jesus would have been the First hater as He is The Truth of aaaaall Truths according to John 14:6. Try to be teachable. And Jesus is A JEW!

              • …and as far as .2 being “a troll”, I would say that a Sharp Individual might come across as “a troll” to A troll. So Congratulations your trollingness.

                I understand your brain might be too “petit” to able to absorb the dense information he’s been feeding you. If you ask him to clarify certain parts for you or substantiate the data he has provided, I am sure he will be more than glad too. But attacking him the way you have because he fed U a hard truth that started to cure the cancer you seem to be suffering from works to your disadvantage not his.

                • just me, .02 has been around a long time. I’m sure he doesn’t post often because of idiots that can’t face truth here. I remember .02 from at least 2 years ago where have you been?

                  • He’s been in the same old geezers home as yourself genie. Just mindlessly shitting his pants every day and bitching that everybody else’s shit should smell as sweet as his does. If there are so many “idiots” who can’t face the truth here, and this is keeping him from posting more often, perhaps his ” truth” is not quite as powerful as his self delusions would lead him to believe, or maybe he comes across as a loudmouth prick like yourself.

                    • The only “delusional” here is you. Learn to acknowledge that, it’s good for your own growth.

                    • Hey Daisy,

                      Why don’t you let the gutless little prick fight his own battles? Are you his mother, or sister, or maybe BOTH! Yes, the last one MUST be correct!

      29. In the end the driving forces behind a significant amount of these financial downturns is that the people making things don’t have the purchasing power to buy them and those who are remaining in the developed world, including governments, are using debt. The massive shift in production to the third world complements of Free Trade agreements is the cause. The second is the deregulation of the financial sector removing the rules incorporated post Great Depression. Those abandoned rules, specifically Glass Steagall now allows inherently corrupt institutions a free rein making the once illegal simply immoral. Morality and ethics has never dampened the behavior of financiers and depending on self regulation is laughable when they themselves count their fingers when they give each other a handshake when closing a deal.

        • Great Post Kev. I told the wife when the tariffs were dropped and China came to the fore front in manufacturing that if the people building the goods cant pay for those that they make, it is a matter of time before no one can afford the cheap Chinese plastic that is awash world wide. The consumer is indeed tapped out and the only way currency can get into the hands of the people is through more debt or grants. Loans or ebt for free shit army and free grants from “them” is the system and it is big club and you and I are not in it. I was destined for failure from the beginning and I KNOW these people in the big club are not so stupid as they don’t/didn’t know the same. SO.. where does this leave the rest of us? Bueller..? Bueller? Anyone? anyone?

          • Typo, IT was destined for failure.. *sigh* we do so need an edit function…

            • or… what you wrote BEFORE you submit. Are you just looking for your name in print? Geeze

          • .02


            I could just say, “I call it as I see it”, but the reality is its as obvious as the nose on your face. You can’t shift that much productive capacity in that short of time without a dynamic effect.

            • but the reality is its as obvious as the nose on your face.

              Indeed, the story of the golden goose right there. Because of corporate greed they have wrecked the world economy and now they are heading into their bunkers and will leave a remnant to shift blame and muddy the waters.

              • .02

                ” leave a remnant to shift blame and muddy the waters.”

                You bring up a good point about shifting blame. I started in heavy industry in the mid 1970s first in Chemical then Oil Refining. Inflation was climbing significantly and labor blamed business while business blamed labor. The ‘Watch Dog Media” with investigative reporters never said shit about all of the pure fiat money created, government deficit spending on both Johnson’s Great Society and that utter waste of wealth and lives Vietnam. Not a mention of the “Oil Peg” being a reason to dramatically raise oil prices allowing a continued and greater false demand for US dollars. Generations of falsehoods are now incorporated in cognitive US history as experienced by the body politic.

                Goebbels was correct about repeating a lie, loudly enough and often enough until it becomes the truth in peoples minds.

            • The interesting thing is that there are people who actually argue that it can and that we should move along without comment. Why would seemingly intelligent people make such an argument I wonder?

      30. Free Slave….for you. 🙂

        • NotSoGreat, thanks for the smiley face. Hope everything’s brought a smile to your face too.

      31. Do not fight each other the only way you can get salvation is praying to Jesus Christ.
        For those who do not belive in Jesus Christ, please check the bible. You can find out that the bible is complete truth, this is not to difficult.
        That means at the End you have got two options:
        to come in the Hell or to come in Heaven.

        Think about that, you only have got +-70 years on earth,
        but forever you get in Hell or Heaven.

        If you are not complet stupid, you know what you have got to do.

        So, for your protection please carry allways “The Miraculous Medal” with you.

        and get for each family member one!
        The other thing what you have to do is google for “Padre Pio”! He did make prophecy about the “EndTimes”, but more important then the prophecy is, how to protect your family! He give some good instructiones.
        It is not to difficult, everybody can do this.

        • The Catholics are going to save us if we give them money? AYFKM? OMG I am going to puke. Morons and idiots, I am surrounded by fvking morons and idiots. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.. Fvk it.. back to the basement to dig my bunker bigger.

          • .02

            They have to compete with the Prayer Cloth.

          • .2,

            Man, or woman!!!

            YOU ROCK!!!!LMAO. I’ve been busting in laugher for last hour or so because of you. I wish I could give you a hug. I laughed til I started to cry. For the way my life is going, I really need this. You are so precious I tell you. And thanks for your outspokenness as well as spontaneity. I love it.

            • Glad I could be of service, and remember to tip your waitress.

              • Thanks for the precious sharing. Really appreciated.

                • DaisyD.

                  .02 is a mans man and a great patriotic truth teller. He don’t back down from the Zionist paid trolls ever. You can take what he tells you to the bank.

                  • I certainly can’t refute anything .02 says and I really doubt anyone else can lol.

                  • Though don’t literally take it to the bank as they’re run by jews and about to collapse 🙂

                    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

                  • Daisy,

                    He’s a mans man alright! He offers to change my pee soaked depends them damn zogs git me with all the time!

                    • Thank you for the reinforcement. He is a True Blue Guy for sure. That does not mean we will never disagree but he rocks! No doubt about it…

                  • Pissed Off Granny,
                    You got that right!!!!! From the first post I read of him I can tell the guy is no bser. It’s a privilege to be able to read him. I was going to ask him if he has a blog or some newsletter I can sign up for as he seems to be someone I can learn from.

                    yeah, definitely I agree with you.
                    PS: Your posts are not so bad either. Thank you for them.

                    • Daisy,

                      I KNEW when you first came here you were a MAJOR fvcking nutcase. I’m gonna have LOTS of fun with you. Be seeing you.

                    • Go get your medication you stupid screw up if you don’t have anything to do than harass a female who is not interested in anything you have to offer you fat stupid pig. Look at what comes out of your frontal ass. I didn’t talk to you, I am having a conversation with somebody whose shit you are not worth and now that’s a problem. shock on it bitch!!! I shewed up and spat out 10 times tougher garbage than you.

          • Are there any real people that you like? you do understand that EVERYONE falls into some category, right? even you and it ain’t “pretty”.

            • that was for .02 Daisy. you beat me to posting a response.

              • thank you, He tells it like it is. No bs no nothing. I love him. :).

                • Awwwww, isn’t that sweeeeeeeeet

                  • Oops, I meant I love him as a friend, as an outstanding patriot like Pissed off Granny said :):):).

            • Are there any real people that you like?
              Well now that you mention it, no not many. And do you know why? I DON’T GO ALONG TO GET ALONG. Thats why. When someone is full of shit, I say “hey fvkwad, you are soooo full off SHIT!” and for some reason the idiot moron takes offense. go figure..

              • Welcome to the club .02 Most people don’t want to look into a god damm thing they just spew some crap they want to believe. They argue, they lose, they stfu until the next stupid post they make. The micro paradigm of the sheep, a very small and ignorant place to be!

                • Congratulations genie! You’ve just described yourself perfectly! Well done asshole!

          • .02

            I had a Nun tell me in 1966 that I was illegitimate because my Mom was divorced before she married my father and was therefore not married in the Catholic Church but by a Justice Of The Peace. I didn’t know what the word illegitimate meant but I figured out I’ll ask that question at dinner when I get home from school. Well I did not find out what illegitimate meant but heard a new word that I did not know the meaning of too immediately after telling my Mom what the Nun called me. That word was “whore”. All I knew is my Mom wasn’t one as she said very loudly, “I am no whore”. The following week I was transferred to public school (which was better where we lived). My parents actually donated $1000 back then in mid 1960s dollars to build a new church just prior to all of this. Utter waste of money to buy statues of marble.

            • I hope you got out of there before the priest ass raped you. I moved into this little backwards town 13 years ago and found out that the local Catholic church had a notorious priest that was arrested over in Seattle a few years back because and was preaching here for many years and raping all the kids. Sad that. The bastards all cover for each other. Catholic church should be dismantled.

              • I was never an Altar Boy. I questioned their entire mantra in 4th grade when we started the school year and had a question and answer time in class with the Almighty Nun. A kid told the Nun that his friends father died during the summer and they weren’t Catholic so can he go to heaven? The Nun said, “No”. Later another kid told the Nun his dog died will it go to heaven. The Nun said, “God has a special place for your dog”.

                At the age of about eight I thought, “Something is wrong here”.

                • Kevin2

                  When I told the Nun I did not want to be an Alter Boy I instantly became the spawn of satan.

                  • I’ll catch some flack for this but in my opinion they’re a cult.

                    • A cult is a church down the street from your church.

                      Seriously tho: many common religious terms lack a generally accepted, single, current definition. This leads to confusion over the meanings of certain religious terms, such as Christian, cult hell, heaven, occult, Paganism, salvation, Witch, Witchcraft, Unitarian, Universalist, Voodoo, etc. A reader must often look at the context in which the word is used in order to guess at the intent of the writer.

                      In the newsgroup alt.usage.english, terms like this one are often called “skunk words.” They have diverse meanings to different people. They have so many meanings that they often cause misunderstandings wherever they are used. Unfortunately, most people do not know this, and naturally assume that the meaning that they have been taught is the universally accepted definition of the term.

                      The term “Unitarian” is a good example:

                      Pre-1776 CE: Belief in a single God and the rejection of the Christian concept of the Trinity.

                      Post-1775: A creedless and dogma-free religious organization. The Unitarian Universalist Association, (UUA) is an association of Unitarian congregations.

                      Utter confusion reigns when an author is using one definition of “Unitarian,” while a reader assumes the other meaning. Misunderstandings also happen when an author assumes that both definitions refer to the same organization or belief.

                      One of the most confusing and dangerous religious term is “Cult”. The word is derived from the French word “culte” which came from Latin noun “cultus.” The latter is related to the Latin verb “colere” which means “to worship or give reverence to a deity.” Thus, in its original meaning, the term “cult” can be applied to any group of religious believers: Southern Baptists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholics, Hindus or Muslims.

                    • Why did the priest go to walmart?
                      He heard boys pants were half off 🙂

                    • Proverbs 29-11 “A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepth it in till afterwards”. Trekker Out. And Many There Be that follow Him!

              • “””””Catholic church should be dismantled.”””””

                couldn’t agree more. They are a criminal organization that’s there for one thing: to hoard money and power. Vatican, inc total net worth is 9 billion dollars and the average salary of each of the 900 Vatican residents is 470.000 Euros each year, which is over half million dollars!!! Yet they want people to believe that they took a vow of “chastity, POVRETY and obedience”. My eye! If that’s supposed to go to heaven (and I don’t even believe in it though Jesus to me is realer than my own self), then so will satan himself. Jesus didn’t even have a wallet when He walked Earth. The bible says “the slave is not better than his master.” yet they all think they are better than Christ Himself.

                One that ABSOLUTELY MADE ME WANT TO EXPLODE when I read about it, is that one of the vile popes, dug out of its grave, the body of the guy who first translated the bible to English, maybe John Wycliff, 40 YEARS AFTER HE HAS BEEN DEAD, burnt it and threw the ashes in the river, as means of punishment for doing so!!!I mean how evil can these people be. I cannot comprehend it. Whatever happened to “The righteous judge”. The God they claim to believe in.

                …And the list goes on.

        • Klemens,
          If they check the bible AS YOU ARE ADVISING, they’d find that they are fine where they are @ according to Romans 2:14,16:

          “””14 Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them. 16 This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.”””

          And I recommend you read the passage that follows this one because it is meant for you. But what the hell Catholics are complete dumb asses when it comes to STUDYING the Word they claim the believe in.

          And if you really believe that child rapist poop (lol) gave the go to make a stupid men made piece of metal for your cattle crowd to worship so they can sell enough to get some more cash coming in validates you worshipping it instead of Jesus, then you are the stupid one. And let me tell you something if you really believe the bible tells the truth, how about you check what Isaiah 64:4 says about you!!!?!?!? because you are in really deep shit. Don’t be like the rest of your dumb ass compadres, grab your bible and try to read it and go by it because mary ain’t gonna do shit for you if you are not firsr willing to first do it for yourself. I heard SHE AND HER MOTHER St Ann KNEW THE TORAH BY HEART!!!
          If you love mary, how about you demonstrate your love for her by studying your bible as she did her?!?!?! or are you, much like the others full of shit?!? you love to lecture and monologue others about how they will go to hell and you heaven but you are uncapable of doing the damn thing to actually earn this heaven you speak of.

      32. Different bird flu strain detected in Indiana backyard flock

        h ttp://

      33. Excellent post,,,
        Personally I am German, Romanian,
        Grew up Catholic, (am now recovering)
        I dont judge men or women by the color of their skin or their religion.
        There are good and bad in all places.
        I knew Jewish folks who had the number tatoos on their forearms, they have all passed on now,
        No man or woman deserves to be treated as they were.
        ALL people, deserve to be treated with courteous respect, unless they fail to show the same.
        The constant Jew bashing and racist hate crap towards other races will seal the deal for me, i know nobody cares but i have no desire to be associated with that crap in any way shape or form, nor the ignorant narrow minded people who spew it.
        When TSHTF the person who may be able to be your best ally could well be one of these folks you bash, think about that for a moment when you drool out your hateful trash against Blacks, and Jews and others,,,

        • Kula:

          My name was in the #1 post put there by free/zog slave. I have a right to answer his post.

          Seems to me I have seen you buy into the bash-Muslim rhetoric. I am not a Muslim–don’t know any Muslims–and don’t believe in their religion either.

          Time will tell who the ignorant narrow minded people really are, now wont it?

          You don’t seem to get the drift that it is okay to bash Christians, blacks, Muslims, etc. here at shtf….you can draw cartoons of other religions gods, that is okay…but there will never be a SUBJECT post here at SHTF that goes any further identifying the true gangster bankster Zionists.

          This site depends on advertising and it would be withdrawn in a flash.

          • Fuck you

            • Don’t believe the Zionists are “trying to take over the world? What part of it don’t they already control and influence?

              Don’t say banking, don’t say media, don’t say pharmaceuticals or the insurance industry, don’t say politics, don’t say Christian churches and denominations, don’t say governments, don’t say U.N., don’t say intelligence services, don’t say courts, lawyers, judges, don’t say public opinion, don’t say core-curriculum from K-12 and on into the universities.

              Don’t say the Feminist and Homosexual movements, don’t say the storm of new “hate Crime”, “Hate Speech”, “Hate Thought” bills being passed in EVERY once-Christian nation, and don’t say your (and the rest of the masses) inability to see the writing on the wall.

              Do you get the point? They already control the world, they just haven’t completed what they want it to do–IMPLODE!

              (But by all means, buy into “It’s the Muzzies”)

              • Isn’t Stormfront and David Duke calling your name Granny?

              • It’s all TRUE! The damn zogs are out to ” git” poor ole’ granny! They KNOWS that I is a ” truth teller” when I say God hates everybody but me and people who think like me! Just WHY do think they make me pee myself and ruin my brand new depends all the time, them damn zogs!

                • GPP=SFB (Shit for Brains) Israelie Troll. How is the weather in Tel Aviv?

                  • It’s GREAT granny. Hows the weather in Hitler’s bunker?

            • With a chainsaw.

            • Whoo! Bradda you got the place all Buss up! I’m a Moslem hating very blood diluted Messianic Jew and I think these guys are all nuts! Some day we’ll share a Stein Lauger on the beach.

          • I see granny told you like it is, Kula.

            You can’t call people out over what you think is hate speech on one hand and then try to hide the hate you have shown against muzzies.

            I don’t care who you, or anyone hates, but before you start putting on your little stompy pants, maybe you should consider some of your previous posts.

            To only have a retort such as “F you”, just shows a little more of the real you.

            • Oh my. The “muzzies” are beheading people, the Jews are not.

        • good points Kula. Sad, but I suspect it will fall on ears closed by hate. All the “resets” will never rid us of it.I hope if and when our country gets on the “upswing” some day, these hateful people will NOT have a say in the rebuilding.

        • What I want to know is where hate comes into the FACTS that are available to anyone with half a brain and a functioning internet connection. Where is hate when I post the FACT that 80+ countries have kicked the carpetbaggers to the curb throughout history? Where is the hate when I point out the FACT that Jews declared war on Germany FIRST? Where is the hate that it is a FACT that Rabbis have been busted dealing in illegal human organ trafficking? What gets me Kula, is that people are so afraid of being labeled antisemitic that now it is considered a hate crime if you point out that MAYBE the 6 million number of dead jews from the jew labeled holocaust might be a tad off. Why is there laws in most European countries that jail anyone that tries to point out that mathematically it is impossible for as many jews to be alive today if 6 million were wiped out then? Only lies need laws to protect them, truth stands on its own. THINK about it and get back to us when some of the blinders come off. And please.. show me ONE post where I said I hate them and want to kill anyone. Pointing out facts like the Talmud is NOT HATE speech, but you have been programed to believe it is. Pointing out the fact that black neighborhoods are dangerous and the fact that they are violent and the fact that they are filling our jails is not hate speech.Are you such a brain dead moron that you don’t get this? I mean FOD do we all have to hold hands and sing kumbyah, put on the rose colored glass and get our throats slit because we love everyone and all people are great and loving and no one hates me or you because of religion/race/money/the car you drive/company you keep/shoes you wear? Dude there are people out here that will kill you for 50 bux. Deal with it and PLEASE don’t confuse hate with the pointing out of proven facts.

          • .02, good post. It’s amazing how we live in the biggest information age of ALL TIME, yet people choose to be ignorant as possible, WOW!

        • KulaFarmer: “Excellent post,,,”

          Mahalo brah.

          “ALL people, deserve to be treated with courteous respect, unless they fail to show the same.

          The constant Jew bashing and racist hate crap towards other races will seal the deal for me, i know nobody cares but i have no desire to be associated with that crap in any way shape or form, nor the ignorant narrow minded people who spew it.”

          Sad these folks don’t know about aloha spirit and about ohana.

          • What does Jesus Chris say to you about people who deny him, Free/Zog Slave? Do you deny that the Jews religion does not believe in Jesus?

            Here is what HIS Book says about it; not what you or I say:

            11John 1:7-11

            7- For many DECIVERS are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh THIS IS A DECEIVER AND AN ANTICHRIST.

            8- Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.

            9- Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, HATH NOT GOD. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.


            10- If there come unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not unto your home, neither bid him Godspeed:

            11- For he that biddeth him Godspeed is PARTAKER OF HIS EVIL DEEDS. (KJV)

            Judeo (non-Christ believers) and Christians (Christ believing). What an oxymoron. Judeo-Christians are being partakers of their evil deeds.

            • What does Jesus Christ say….

              • He says to ” look up in the sky, dammit!” The ONLY people who are a’ goin’ to heaven is good ole’ ” truth teller” granny and her pee soaked box o’ depends dammit!

                • GPP=SFB (Shit for Brains) Israelie troll.

                  • Well sir, it does my heart good to know that I’m a gitten on your nerves granny. But hey, don’t be a’ takin it out on poor ole’ granny p now, cause you KNOW I’m a ” truth teller”!

                • Gpp, do you ever get tired of talking about your own disgusting urine to people who do not know you?

            • Pissed on granny,
              You have the same mentality as a Muslim. Jesus would put his foot up you ass for twisting his teachings. What has made you so twisted and filled with hate? Or is it just that you are stupid.

              • John W.,


              • John W.:

                It would help all of us for you to explain where I twisted any of HIS teachings. Or is this just another worthless attack without any back up to what you have just posted?

                I have posted here long enough to know which side of the road you are coming from John W.

                Most attacks are from tribe members or their useful idiots. Which are you John W?

                • John W,

                  Ever body KNOWS that God loves ME and hates ever body that don’t a’ think { or is it stink} like me. Why, we wus havin’a talk just the other day when god says to me, he says ” granny, I know I made all them other races and religions but I’m done feared I made a mistake ’cause it turns out I hates “em all! I come to the reckonin’ that the only folks I’m a gonna let up into heaven is old white nazis who a’ hates just like me!” Yessir, that’s the Lord told me and he talks to me all the time.

            • Instead of attacking those whom you disagree with or of another religion, or race how about attacking the real enemies of mankind. That being The Devil and his 6666 legions of demons, through prayer.

          • Nice cointelpro government tactics there, mentioning the aloha

          • free slave (and btw, you are not free, you are just A slave),
            you seem to think that the Jews are above all rules and anybody who daaaares expose anything they have done is a Jew hater. you apparently are a stupid moron who need to get, that the Jews are NOT,,, above the law,,, and general human ethics!!!!THEY ARE NOT. If you can’t get it through your head, you need to try to then shove it up your ass because you are starting to sound really pathetic and sad, not to mention ignorant. From just what is taking place right now against .2 is proof that he and ‘pissed off granny’ are BOLDLY right. I read other filthy slimy shit off the Talmud that some were aware enough to post. I mean shit that is worse than what is in the coran!!You should be ashamed of yourself to defend such garbage.

            And who the fuck wanna know your ‘aloha’ & ‘ohana’?!?!?! based on the stupid bigotery you are demonstrating, if I were you, I’d be ashamed of speaking your stupid paganistic idols.

            Jesus is the Word of God you dumb ass. He is The One and Only, B4 shit hits the fan, you better start warming up to calling out to Him or you will be fucked. I say this as an outsider who came to Him from other worlds.

            • I’m not FS though I am a free slave….regardless, I’m not a Jew hater because I’m not and I see no reason to be. Has nothing to do with ‘fear’.

              I can’t read any of the vile comments because they are so rude and hateful I won’t even bother trying to understand your ‘perspective’.

              All this Jew hatin’ needs to be turned to Muslim hatin’ anyway.

              • You get my perspective. You do, you just don’t want to admit it. and by the way , hate is hate. You slaming it on an innocent muslim does not make it right. So apparently now the mos are the new Nazi Israel Jews, huh??!!well that fucking figures. And I don’t believe in any such crap as “holier than thou”, because it does not exit, if somebody pretends they are, they are either ignorant or phony.

                The guy just quoted couple tal-CRAP passages, crap that jews themselves use and practice and now he is the anti Christ?!?!?!Well, he won’t be the first, because according to the back then jews, Jesus HIMSELF was working with the devil. Fucking evil morons.

                • WHOA.

                  You know Daisy, you have some excellent advice and have been helpful to me but I think this is something that I’m going to disregard. No offense intended, but I absolutely do not agree. Islam is not a religion of peace. There’s nothing that can refute that.

                  Agree to very much disagree.

                  • Anon,
                    Wheeeeen did I ever say that iscrap is peaceful? the answer is NEVER. I suggested an innocent person should not be persecuted for the sake of their religion, a system they did not chose but were brought up into without having any say whatsoever. If you do that to them, you open the door for them to do it back to you. And hate is hate. Justified or not.
                    Each time they mistreat a Muslim they deny themselves the opportunity to bring that person to Christ. Because this is what Christ said in what is known as “the Great Commission”::::”go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”, He never said anything about FREE hate. And many Muslims have, come, to Christ thanks to the opportunity and chance some have taken. This is how it gets done sister.

                    Thank you for your compliment.

                  • Furthermore, there is bible verse that is very telling:

                    “The LORD your God is with you, He is Mighty to save. He will take great delight in you; He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”
                    Zaphania 3:17

                    I submit we do the same thing as Christ does, As He is within us, and as the bible says about Him that “greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world.”
                    The Muslims kill to convert, but Christ loves instead. And Love is what Resurrect back to Life and not death.

              • “But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, “It is only by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this fellow(Jesus)drives out demons.”~~Matthew 12:24~~~

                Brace yourself .02, as far as telling the truth, you are only Second to non other than Christ Himself, so Congratulations!!!

                • A second one for you .02::::

                  “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:10

      34. Went out and butchered a half dozen tame rabbits. I got one cooking as I type this. We are going to have rabbit, green beans , potatoes and goat milk for supper. all grown & processed entirely by us. Not one parasite government employee or any middle men who had ought naught with Us growing it will receive any undeserved benefit. For us That makes the entire meal taste better!

        • Damn u must be in cahoots with them thar terrywrists.. watch fer them HOGS! They want their cut.

          • Hey I love rabbits GRRRRRR

        • Sweet. We went with Jersey cows instead of goats as they both have uncorrupted casein protein, unlike the milk you buy in the store that comes largely from holstein cows and other modern breeds.

          I totally agree about the improved taste of a meal you grew/raised yourself. Our kids won’t drink milk from the store anymore as it tastes like poison.

          • A friend of mine married a woman from Belarus. She said food is so plentiful here but, “your chicken doesn’t taste like chicken, your milk doesn’t taste like milk”.

      35. Thanks free/zog slave for including me in the company of truth teller/patriots at shtf. I am honored.

      36. OG, what breed meat rabbits are you raising?

      37. I’m a couple months past 65, I don’t have a clue about any of the truths about any of these religions. I figure the victors always write the history books. I would like to be so sure of any of my opinions, yet I wouldn’t bet what is left of my life that I am. No offense intended.

      38. If the Newbies keep reading here they will become Certified Preachers and have zero survival skills.

        • Lol that was funny!

      39. Good point slingshot, these newbie idoetic azz clowns are busy talking crap attacking real life posters. You idoetic little pricks, I highly recommend that you start to preprepare, you will not be in the 95% of the dead folks post shtf. Looks like the subconscious mind Is helping these idiots, making them read shtf for a reason, their gut is warning them yet they won’t listen and follow it..

      40. Prepper Tip of the Day

        bought a couple more of these kits

        ht tp://

        and found some food grade 5 gallon buckets at Lowes
        in the paint dept
        less than $5 apiece

      41. Beautiful story Freeslave!
        The people who blame Jews for all of the problems in the world are ignorant.
        The Jews I knew growing up were hard working blue collar men and women who struggled to make ends meet and take care of their families. The Jews I know today are the much the same, just people trying to survive in a hostile world.

        The people who are trying to usher in the NWO have no religion. They may have been born into Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. but their true religion is power.
        This is a battle between good and evil, nothing more.

        • “Beautiful story Freeslave!”

          Thanks JD. I thought so too. That’s why I shared it.

          “The people who blame Jews for all of the problems in the world are ignorant.”

          Unfortunately, some of those in ignorance are morphing into something more malevolent.

          “The Jews I knew growing up were hard working blue collar men and women who struggled to make ends meet and take care of their families. The Jews I know today are the much the same, just people trying to survive in a hostile world.”

          Read JoeRepublic’s comment above.

          “The people who are trying to usher in the NWO have no religion. They may have been born into Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism, Judaism, etc. but their true religion is power.


          “This is a battle between good and evil, nothing more.”

          True. The battle is against powers and principalities.

          Great comment, JD.

        • No one tells anyone to go into debt for a $500,000 home. Get a broad pregnant etc etc.I owe $35.00 on my credit card. Don’t blame those who refuse to bow to the world, and the devil, for sustenance. I saw how society worked, in high school, almost 40 YEARS AGO. tHEN I DECIDED NOT TO JOIN THE COLLECTIVE AND BELIEVE YOU ME THE PERSECUTION HAS BEEN RELENTLESS. Those who go along to get along are cowards and are the lukewarm who will be puked out of Gods mouth.

      42. That is a very nice story. Treat people as individuals. Thanks.

        • Thanks for the thanks, anonymous. It is a very nice story.

      43. HCKS

        I believe that the majority of preppers are not as well off as they think they are, especially in surviving a reset for any duration. I have said before that most behave as if it is a game. Fear as a game piece will change everything. Make or break you. In the time I have been here I do not think the prepper movement will a viable force to deal with what comes in the future. At times I feel there may be a breakthrough but it turns away from subjects needed to be addressed. Again this site is informational and not instructional. There is a difference. That also applies both to the spiritual and materialistic sides of life.

        • Agreed sligshot, Zerohedge and Mac’s site pretty much mirror each other. Seriously, how many times can one hash over how to raise beds and back yard animal husbandry? BUT, how many preppers know the why this is happening and who are the players. Being prepared is all about timing, action and choosing the correct method for the situation at the given time and there is no one size fits all category. You want to flee to the woods and bug out? 100 bux says those bastards are going to be on fire when and IF you ever get there. Why? Because there will be no one/money to put them out is why and there are literally tons of fuel on the forest floors from all the years we foolishly did put them out. How many people on this site know this? So, lets move to the mountains and start a bugout location,, ooops it went poof.. fvk.. now what?

      44. The big banks will fail and they will expect the bought and paid for system to save them.

      45. All these shareholders are gonna be robbed the moment the fed comes up light. You will see those gains on your statement evaporate you’d be smart to watch this closely and get your $ at the first sign of catastrophic failure. I don’t have stocks why companies rob the employees so why would they honor your shares of stock they pilfered the pension fund on me took 15 percent of my pay weekly when they want more they will take it. I don’t trust anyone with my $ but me. They will take it right out of your bank account when they need it say 15percent of your savings. I want as much $ as I can get in my control. I live so close to work that I only put gas in every other week. I’m either at home or work so I’m not going into any stores to spend $. The thing that really aggravates me is nowadays anytime you want to do anything you gotta bust open the wallet. Used to be able to take the kids to the zoo for free. That’s right free. Every thing cost $ and if it don’t you get zapped to park your car. I’ve done it all so I just stay home it’s free and I can do things that save me $ too. The wife likes to go to walmart and get the stuff we need and some other useless shit too. If I did the shopping we would only have what is important I’d guarantee I could save us more $ than her. She has gotten better now that I make her live on budget. When she worked before the kids she could do what she wants as long as she took care of her obligations. The girls at dunkin want your change so I don’t go there much anymore. Nobody gives me tips and if you kept track of how much you give away especially if you get a lot of coffees probably come out to a few hundred over the course of a year. I could do a lot with $300 for my kids $100 each for clothes and shoes. I still get coffees from time to time but not like I used to. I make my own lunch to take to work. I feel I can eat better that way and save $ not buying fast food. I bought lawn bags for yard waste and yesterday found a stack of them I could’ve saved my $ oh well they are cheap it’s good to have a lot. I scrap metals too for extra $ why not it’s near my work to cash in metal. So no wasted gas there. I’m going that way anyway. I really am not helping the economy it’s by choice. I got $ just pains me to spend it.

      46. Thanks so much for that inspirational story.

        • Thanks for the thanks Charles. It inspires me/us to try and overcome blind hate with patient education and kindness.

      47. Foreboding.
        Foreboding means literally they’re is a chance of fixing the problem. But NOT SO, It’s past the point of no return and there is no changing the ships course now.
        NWO, Banksters, big business and our illustrious Politicians (the best that money can buy) all have it planed out to crash the economy. And they don’t have time to talk right now as they are on there way to there underground bunker. Do you have an underground bunker? I hope you have an underground bunker? If not your pretty much screwed.

      48. The Romans called the Jewish people “The haters of all people.” And they really hated Christ.

      49. Tropical Storm Ana here in the Outer Banks. Roads were flooded today. Torrential rain. Earlier I was hanging out in the grocery store for an hour to look at panicking people. The shelves weren’t bare but the goods were sure mooving rapidly out the door. The vast majority of people didn’t even have rain gear on even though they live on an island.

        Jeb sure looks calm and thoughtful in the interview. EVEN THOUGH HE TALKED FOR AN HOUR WITHOUT REALLY SAYING ANYTHING.

      50. Back to the subject at hand regarding financial collapse.

        The un-contained failure of the US banking system, which its being so interwoven in the global financial system, will encompass political ramifications that will include global military responses. I have little doubt that its at a minimum its the fuse, if not the accelerant for global conflict. If this doesn’t jump start WWIII nothing will.

        In the end, loosing your entire life savings may well be the very least of your concerns.

      51. Why do they have to put us in classes like middle class elite class low class it sounds stupid. If capitalism worked you would be able to truly prosper. I look at myself as working poor. The people that can’t get a job but want one are poor folks. Then there is the free shit army. They are scumbag leeches that suck the working poor dry. The rich people are like Teflon nothing sticks to them. Even if the rich took a hit in the wallet they would be way ahead of the working poor. They got$ for fancy cars yachts mansions they are light years ahead of the working poor. One of the guy I work with was telling me he makes the same $ as he did in 1989. That was 26 years ago and the costs of everything have gone up. That is a lot of the problem people are still working for $10 an hour at most workplaces. How can they live like that when they gotta pay for every little thing

        • Ass hat. You’re a working class hero.

      52. If this doesn’t jump start WWIII nothing will. You are unfortunately, correct. So in that frame, we better read the book The Road and start watching reruns of the movie as that is probably going to be the closest depiction of what is in store for humans. Einstein said something to the effect that ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones but I tend to disagree, If there is a total nuclear exchange, there will be no ww4. ever. History will cease to exist at that moment because the human race will devolve back into the animal kingdom and could likely disappear.

        • Hmmmm. human extinction. I bet mother earth would be happy as hell about that! Humans will never be free, they never have been and never will be. Most assholes now are only concerned about how many resources they can consume and how much they can overpopulate. I must say I agree with the georgia guidestones. Not because I’m evil but because it’s the truth!

          • What is truth?

          • It is only the truth because we humans wont apply natural law and quit trying to live and rule over nature. We could have had free energy from Tesla but no. Humans MUST rule over others and to do so involves created shortages. So we have what is and we must carry onward through the ruins because truthfully it is too late for the ecosystem. We have entered the 6th extinction and there is no going back. Look it up, there has been 5 others before we got here. But the good news is, in a couple million years the earth will never show any sign of the parasite race other than maybe a slight radioactivity in places. The only hope is divine intervention, even so, Come Lord Jesus.

            • Genesis 1-28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, (and subdue it); and have doninion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth”. Matthew 7-21,22,23 “Not everyone that sayeth unto me Lord,Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say unto me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity” Trekker Out. What A fearful Day!

        • That’s funny you brought up that movie, I did think about re-watching it again for the same reason not long ago. But I have yet to do it.

        • I think Einstein was being metaphorical when he stated, “WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones”, acknowledging that nothing will be remaining of civilization post WW3.

      53. Fry em’ All ASAP!! Feed them to the pigs.

      54. I love reading this site! It sure became religion oriented and kind of “nasty” today. There will always be evil men and with them evil institutions. That is what we prepare for.
        I think we will all pretty damn disappointed when we actually have to use all our “stuff”. Aloha

      55. I’m trying to get the last word in!

      56. “The Battle Of Evermore”

        Queen of Light took her bow, And then she turned to go,
        The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, And walked the night alone.

        Oh, dance in the dark of night, Sing to the morning light.
        The dark Lord rides in force tonight, And time will tell us all.

        Oh, throw down your plow and hoe, Rest not to lock your homes.

        Side by side we wait the might of the darkest of them all.

        I hear the horses’ thunder down in the valley bElow,
        I’m waiting for the angels of Avalon, waiting for the eastern glow.

        The apples of the valley hold, The seeds of happiness,
        The ground is rich from tender care, Repay, do not forget, no, no.
        Dance in the dark of night, sing to the morning light.

        The apples turn to brown and black, The tyrant’s face is red.

        Oh war is the common cry, Pick up your swords and fly.
        The sky is filled with good and bad that mortals never know.

        Oh, well, the night is long the beads of time pass slow,
        Tired eyes on the sunrise, waiting for the eastern glow.

        The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath,
        The drums will shake the castle wall, the ring wraiths ride in black, Ride on.

        Sing as you raise your bow, shoot straighter than before.
        No comfort has the fire at night that lights the face so cold.

        Oh dance in the dark of night, Sing to the morning light.
        The magic runes are writ in gold to bring the balance back. Bring it back.

        At last the sun is shining, The clouds of blue roll by,
        With flames from the dragon of darkness, the sunlight blinds his eyes.

        • lol…Dude, stop it.

          Yer givin’ me serious flashbacks with all this Zepplin.

          We had a special name for this one that had to do with takin’ a trip but never leavin’ the farm.

      57. His life was probably saved by the furniture guy! 🙂

        • Quite possibly! 🙂

      58. sigh shaking head

      59. “The Damage Will Not Be Contained” >> It WILL get papered over by the dollar printing press, whatever it takes. Then we will all pay for the bailout with the inflation tax. Have no doubt that the banksters will get saved at our expense.

      60. Concerning the article about the banksters, I would say the Icelanders got it right by arresting the damned banksters. That tiny little country kicked ass on the banksters and yet this country can’t get anything close to it done. This is what needs to happen here. For too long the bankster have had free reign on our economy and this has to stop. All booms and busts are controlled and orchestrated by the banksters. The sixteenth amendment was never properly ratified and the treasury (according to the constitution) should be the one’s printing the money not the international banksters. We need to return to our constitutional foundation. This is a one time only opportunity to change this country while the banksters are uncloaked. If we fail, there will not be another chance because once the enslavement movement gets a good grip we will be unable to reverse the stranglehold that will be upon us. Arrest the banksters they are not to big to fail nor are they impervious to the laws of the land despite what Nathan Rothschild said, ” If I print a country’s money I care not what laws they pass.” Well they should care because I see jail time and hangings in their future.

      61. “Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.”

         John Fitzgerald Kennedy (American 35th US President (1961-63), 1917-1963)

      62. Solution: 1) Nationalize the banks 2) Declare a Jubilee
        3) Confiscate the wealth of the elite, including those that live in palaces.

      63. Could 2015 Be The End!

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