Japan’s Warning: North Korea Is ‘Playing For Time’ As Talks With South Korea Proceed

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 30 comments

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    The Japanese are warning the world that Pyongyang may be using the newest talks with South Korea to buy time to pursue its weapons program. United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also warned of complacency at a Tuesday summit in Vancouver, Canada.

    South Korea pressed ahead with talks to include its northern neighbor in next month’s Winter Olympics Wednesday, but not without allies expressing concern that North Korea is continuing its nuclear weapons program.  According to CNN,  Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono called on the international community to be clear-eyed about North Korea’s motivations for participating in the talks, which have been hailed by some as the most significant thaw in ties in years. “I believe that North Korea wants to buy some time to continue their nuclear and missile programs,” Kono said at the meeting. “It’s not the time to ease pressure towards North Korea,” he said.

    China, a nation which was not invited to the talks in Vancouver, denounced the meeting, and the United Nations Command, under whose framework they are being held as demonstrating “Cold War mentality.” [Such thinking] “will only lead to split in the international community and harm the joint efforts that could properly solve the nuclear issue on Korea peninsula,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Wednesday.

    Officials from both sides of the Korean Peninsula met Wednesday for the third round of talks to discuss North Korea’s participation in the Pyeongchang, South Korea Winter Games next month. The International Olympic Committee is expected to discuss the proposals on Friday.

    Discussed in Vancouver, were topics such as the US Air Force’s deployment of six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Guam, and a Japanese national broadcaster who apologized for sending an alert that incorrectly stated North Korea had launched a ballistic missile, just days after Hawaii had a similar scare. North Korea test-fired two missiles last year that overflew northern Japan.

    Also while in Vancouver, Tillerson declined an opportunity to clarify whether President Donald Trump has spoken with Kim Jong Un.

    There’s been a growing hope that these face-to-face talks could signal the beginning of a broader de-escalation of the global nuclear crisis, but there now appears to be a concern among Seoul’s allies and partners that North Korea might be just playing them for the time needed to make advancements in their nuclear weaponry.


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      1. Any country that lies, cheats and treats its people brutally cannot be trusted to play straight with the world.

        • That’s right, and the US is.the top of the list in that category!

          • my dad fought WWII. he never liked japs cause they tortured their prisoners. back then amerika was known “not” to torture prisoners so the enemy often gave up without a fight.

        • And those small countries in Asia are pretty sketchy too!

        • This Texan Has Had Enough… on the spot description of the US government.

          • It does make me glad to live in Texas.

            I was fortunate, or unfortunate depending on your point of view, to have lived in Commiefornia. The government involvement and intrusion into peoples lives is totally out of control. Total government tyranny there.

            Did you know there is a law in California that says it is a criminal offense to take you child to the psychiatrist if the child is displaying homosexual tendencies? WTF?

        • Texan, South Korea is getting played by NK at the direction of China. china is still NK’s ally and trading partner. NK can’t even FART without asking the Chinese first.

        • Remember the lesson of Hiroshima and Nagasaki .The world has ceased to operate international laws ,came to replace the law of force. So to stop a nuclear weapons meaningless or even harmful. It is a guarantee of independence.

      2. Japan’s Warning: North Korea Is ‘Playing For Time’ They learned this from Iran!!!

        • As the Japanese are so close and undoubtedly a target, I tend to believe them over anything we hear coming from our government, media or military. Add that they’ve direct experience with nuclear hell….

      3. Phoenix is playing for time. Just got back from the Phoenix area. I have never seen so many homeless young people in my life. From the north side of Phoenix down to Tempe. And street drugs. I lived through the 1960’s and never saw this much drugs. The West is dead.

        • Depressing. Las Vegas is even worse. We only have pockets of prosperity left.
          When will the gubmint tell us the truth and admit we are in another shitty recession.
          Oh, thats right, they can’t do that because the Dow Jones is hitting all-time highs.
          Sam’s Club is closing 63 stores. Retail apocalypse continues. JC Penney is now a penny
          stock. Nobody has money to blow. Most of the holiday shopping was done with plastic.
          As in credit. They keep telling people that things are getting better in order for them to go
          deeper in hock. Jedi mind tricks. We know better. If the economy is truly getting better,
          all of these stores would not be closing. On-line retail is only about 11-13% of retail.

          • Things are cranking here in Texas. With the exception of these liberal pricks, JC Penny, Target, Sam’s and handful of other socialist orgs.

            ht tp://money.cnn.com/2015/12/16/news/companies/rosalind-brewer-sams-club-diversity/

            ht tps://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2017/11/07/target-closing-some-stores-yours-list/842698001/

            ht tp://www.businessinsider.com/jcpenney-stores-closing-2017-3

            There is a cost for flaunting your liberal views via your business. Sometimes it is expensive.

          • Do not forget k mart

        • Him
          The true walking dead. Lock and Load.

        • When the disparity between the have and have nots is this noticeable, revolution is not far behind.

          The difference here is that the “have nots” don’t have anything because they choose that life style. They expect everything to be handed to them for free and NOBODY is wiling to work hard to achieve anything.

          But, that is the socialist party platform. Take from the rich, they owe it to you.

          You can see them reaping the reward now.

      4. Of course they are stalling for time. Setting up defenses for NK, Russia and China.

      5. North Korea is fighting against the clock to gain fresh teritory that is not radioactive. That radioactive mountain that is leaking radioactivity is causing many deaths in that country and I am sure it is spreading. If they do nothing they will die from their own overt lust for power and radiation poisioning.

      6. There are truthfully so many problems and issues within the US and around the globe. I don’t know folks…but the FAT buffoon in NK needs to be dealt with. I think it is foolish to just sit back and do nothing while the clown perfects his arsenal of Nukes.

        • You are a racist and a bigot….so says the Democrats.

          • JS, the Democrats can go f#$% themselves.

      7. NK is ” playing for time” to build up its nuclear capability no doubt, but the question is why? No doubt Kim is a dictator and would like to hang on to power, but this may be increasingly difficult if his people gradually starve. He becomes more vulnerable to being toppled, especially when opportunistic power like the US is licking its chops.

        Kim must be making a gamble: If I can stall for time I maybe able to perfect a nuclear warhead and delivery system before my country collapses internally. With a more “respectable” nuclear deterrent I can get better terms from the west. (Spared the same fate as Libya or Iraq)

        The question boils down to whether he is a crazed warmonger or rather a frightened cornered despot who realizes nukes may be his only chance of survival?

      8. We don’t need to be in a constant state of war, but the globalist agenda is to weaken the strong countries and kill off the best and brightest peoples. By instigating war, the murder of millions is justified, and the murder is disguised.

        Our young have been murdered by vaccination, measles, mumps, rubella shots were acknowledged by an Italian court to have been the cause of autism. At the first half of the last century, autism effected only one out of approximately 500 to 1,000. It was very rare. Now, the Center for Disease Control estimates that in a few decades, half of all babies in the USA will be autistic. Why? Because that’s the plan. They want to kill by legal injection.


        • Remember “Gulf War Syndrome” caused by contaminated vaccinations our government gave to the young men in our military.

          The soldiers have no rights. They can be used like lab rats, and in Vietnam many got LSD without their knowledge, went crazy, and killed each other.


      9. Tomorrow morning on MSM… North and South Korea signed a deal to reunify the nations immediately, with China as the trustee. All foreign owned military and industrial properties shall immediately become the property of the new nation of Korea. All non-citizens of Korea become prisoners pending deportation. China then announces the west can have their property and citizens returned in exchange for Taiwan.

      10. what has changed in any way – shape – or form that would prompt Little Fat Boy to toss his cards in and end his program?


        it’s about as obvious as a $5 corner whore that it’s just a play to get the pressure released …

        • He can’t end his program. We’ll attack as soon as he does. Ask Sadaam or Ghadafi.

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