Janet Yellen Is Choosing the President: Rate Hike Would “Give Trump the White House”

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 32 comments

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    The next president is not being determined by voters, but by the elite.

    More specifically, it has been the economic data that has swung more than a few of the 20th Century elections, with good times solidifying the incumbent, and bad times ushering in a new face.

    Right now, the way this economic data is handled and presented is being largely determined by the Federal Reserve and central bank action in general. The market has signaled for a policy change, but that change has been forestalled in order to keep up appearances.

    As Michael Covel explains, Trump’s recent surge in the polls makes a Fed rate hike even less likely – especially because it could help him win, and the powers-that-be do not want that:

    The odds of a Trump presidency shot higher this week. And that means the odds of a Fed interest rate hike before Election Day got lower…

    The fix is in… […]

    I don’t see how Yellen can raise rates between now and Election Day… if Trump can win.

    If she did, it would tank the stock market, nail the economy and give Trump the White House.

    That comes as no surprise for many people, jaded by the flawed system and the toll of corruption.

    By now it is essentially admitted. Everyone knows that the money spigot has distorted things drastically, and that zero percent interests rate have destroyed the economy.

    Everything is hanging by a thread, and what is coming cannot generally be avoided – but Yellen has the power to delay and choose the timing.

    And the decision is simple enough: raise rates now, and watch the economic news become so dismal that the election would be essentially handed over to Donald Trump.

    Or: delay and defend the status quo team. Team Hillary. Rah, rah.

    The simple matter is that the banks are the establishment, and they are very comfortable with Hillary, and appear likely to do whatever they can to sway the election with – well, boring monetary policy that few will follow or understand.

    Trump represents those rallying against central banker control over the country, whether he is sincere or not.

    Look, Janet Yellen isn’t going to do anything to jeopardize a Clinton presidency.


    Trump is deeply suspicious of the Fed… as many of us are. He’s rightfully and repeatedly said that Fed policies have created a stock market bubble that will burst. He’s called the Fed’s QE nonsense a bad economic idea that produced “phony numbers.”

    And he also supports an extensive audit of the Fed to bring transparency and accountability to the secretive “central bank” that’s brought devastating boom-and-bust cycles for decades.

    Of course, nobody knows if Trump will follow through on these promises if elected. Once in Washington, he could very well become just another lying politician. But right now, the last thing Yellen and her New World Order cronies want to do is take a chance on President Trump.

    Trump has railed on the Federal Reserve one time too many, and as he has done with accusations that the election will be rigged, has set the stage for blaming the system if he should lose.

    Indeed, managing the bubble, and delicately avoiding its bursting at inconvenient times, has become their ace in the hole. As Trump argued:

    Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has once again accused the Federal Reserve of keeping interest rates low at the behest of President Barack Obama, who Trump says wants to avoid an economic depression during his administration.


    “They are not raising them because Obama has asked them not to raise them,” Trump told Reuters. “The reason they’re keeping the interest rate down is Obama doesn’t want to have a recession-slash-depression during his administration.”

    Frankly, there is a basis for those accusations, whatever one may think of Trump.

    The floodgates, opened or closed, accordingly with the result the establishment wishes to manufacture.

    The proof is in the economy pudding… and we are all being held hostage by it.

    Read more:

    Trump Accuses Fed of Not Raising Rates Because Obama “Doesn’t Want a Bubble Burst” Until He Leaves

    The Bubble Will Burst, But Fed Is Waiting For Politics “With Trump Lurking Around”

    Ron Paul: Unless the Fed is Stopped, America Will “Soon Experience Major Economic Crisis”

    “Fed Risks Triggering Panic and Turmoil”: World Bank Warns Against Raising Rates


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      1. Folks this is getting so obvious……Hillary directly said during one of her interview on 9/7 : Presidents DO NOT TALK about the Feds.

        A Global Annihilation is justified by God.

      2. Yellen and her Obama compatriots will use the rate hike to destroy a Trump Presidency. When Trump wins, they will hike the rates in the December meeting,a BIG hike. That will cause the bubble burst and a 2009 style crash, all can be blamed on Trump because it will take a couple of months for the crash to trickle down.

        If Hillary wins, then the ponzi scheme and fraud will continue unabated.

        • This article basically confirms, the Fed a private banking cartel, owns the US Government. And us minions are forked.

          Trump has a growing US Military Support over the Witch.


        • “And that means the odds of a Fed interest rate hike before Election Day got lower…”

          I LOVE the free money. Recently got 3 all new zero rate cards for 15 months. Then one major bank surprised me with HELICOPTER MONEY !!!

          I called to request an increase in the credit line of the new card. She asked me how much I wanted, which was really quite reasonable, and well within my ability to repay.

          They ran a new credit report and checked my income, etc; basically applying for a new account even though I have been with them for some time.

          I checked my credit line today. It was TEN TIMES my request. Since that number was provided by AI, I double checked with a personal banker and verified the amount.

          Needless to say I will be keeping all cash in number ten cans and using my cards for the next 15 months for EVERYTHING.

          If the banks implode, (don’t believe they will) I will be insulated from the explosion and will let the dust settle while my dollars in number ten cans increase in value. 🙂

          • Good for you DK, That’s what you deserve for being responsible and have a good credit history.

            I have one outstanding, 1 year loan, 0% interest rate loan, due to a credit union screw up over someone else writing me a bad check, and it took them 10 days to notify me. I had deposited the check, they said it was good, I wanted several days and reflected a $3200 balance. I took the money out in cash. 10 days later after I deposited it, they came back and said the check was no good… I was basically responsible for paying the credit union back for the others bad check. So their screw up is my gain, and that payback is a zero percent interest rate, 1 year loan, that I will pay off in a few months. With that free money, I went out and bought 100 OZ of silver last Dec for $1499. with part of it, and since silver is up to $20, that is a $5 gain or $500 profit on the silver’s value, for me using the banks zero percent interest rate loan. Plus, that paid off loan in a few months, will again boost my credit score even higher. Glad to see people know how to manage their finances and take advantage of the banks, etc. Smart people know how to work the system.

            ~WWTI… Good Job. I also have a $10K credit line at Lowes, for good credit. I bought all my BOL stuff on their credit, 30 days due, and got a 5% off on every purchase, then paid off the card before the due date, and never paid a dime in interest in 18 months. Failure to pay on time or carrying a balance is like 24.99%. So I worked that to my benefit. The card is sitting with a Zero Balance owed as of today.

            • Good for you.Yeah I forgot to mention the cash rewards on the cards.

              TEN TIMES ??? Insanity. 🙂

      3. Dont worry cus when trump gets elected the free shit army,blacklives matter, and all dems in general will riot and act stupid thats what will crash the economy its called a civil war.. but if hilldabeast gets elected then it will be a revolution cus she will try the gun grab so either way be ready and buy more ammo while we can

        • “Buy more ammo – buy more ammo – buy, buy, buy more ammo.”

          I’m guessing that the greatest majority haven’t a clue as to the savings of “rolling your own ammo” as compared to buying it (sleek and shiny and boxed and NOT MADE just for your gun, but ANY firearms of the same caliber. This means if you shoot .308’s, you just may be buying a brand that has (up to, or over) ONE GRAIN “excess powder” than your particular rifle needs to fire efficiently and accurately. Commercial ammo is made to ensure it will fire in ANYTHING, and there’s nothing ‘customized’ about it.

          LOAD YOUR OWN! You can start out with about a 300 buck investment and then build quickly from there. (No need to be a rocket scientist to learn to reload safely either), and for the time-being there are zillions of sites (and the manufacturer’s yearly manuals, that will CYA from A to Z).

          You’ll end up producing better ammo than you can buy, tailor made for your rifle/pistol/cannon/’pineapple’ grenades’, etc….

          The obvious “plus” side is the sheer savings and the ability to reuse ‘spent’ brass over and over (as compared to never). Since brass is the most expensive part of a bullet, and considering most folks leave their brass where it falls …that’s FREE BRASS FOR THE TAKING (in most places), or you buy it “in huge bags” for peanuts in ANY stage of ‘rebuilding’ you wish.

          Just a ‘raw, dirty shell’ that needs everything, or cleaned and primed brass (usually this is the favorite since few ppl care to clean brass OR prime it).

          With a single stage press from RCBS or many, many other companies all the way up to Dillon (big money machines that make 1,000’s of rounds per hour …but you’d best first be ‘top-notch’ in all facets of reloading before taking that route for too many reasons to list, but easily found. Using just a single-stage press the average reloader can comfortably make between 400 to 1000 round per day.

          In short, for what you’d pay for around a 1,000 rounds of ‘ready to go’ ammo, you can get yourself into something that they’ll always be a demand for (for you if nobody else)!

          How many times you can reload the same ‘brass’ depends on how ‘hot’ you make your rounds. I never reload to ‘max’ as I get better performance and accuracy with lesser amounts of ‘better’ powders than (say) Remington may use, plus my brass is ‘tailor-made’ to each firearm (no two guns are alike even if they are identical when it comes to how much powder they like or what kind of primer works best in your area (heat, cold, humidity and more all play a role in “bullet-making” – or you can just reload and not fuss with the nit-pick shit – and always have plenty of ammo (even if everyone has sold out YOU WILL HAVE thousands of rounds (just waiting to be constructed).

          The best part is that YOU can make each and every round every bit as accurate as a Match Round, if not superior to them (after just a tad bit of reading and practice).

          You’ll prolly figure out quickly after starting reloading that you are going to end up knowing a hell of a lot more about all your weapons than you do presently, and ‘shrink’ your “groups” AND your “cash outlay” for ammo, at the same time (and have superior ammo).

          In one line: “It even makes ‘bump-firing’ reasonably affordable.” *(Providing you replace your barrel with a superb HD one, and have another as a backup, if not two or more).
          Hint: When you DO get around to replacing a barrel, endeavor to find a Heavy Duty one (with a ‘twist’ that matches your caliber), and that will also “seat” both Commercial and NATO ’rounds’. I’m unsure which companies include this ‘little trick’ (DPMS does with their LR-308), or perhaps by now everyone can use either? (NATO brass is much thicker, and so it typically takes 15% ‘less’ powder (and pressure), to get the bullet “out da hole”. LC (Lake City is the preferred NATO brass of millions).

          Check it out! (You’ll see…)

      4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INSj3Avk5YM

        As you can see the situation is very serious. It’s obvious that the Fed must have put in there the info about how they are getting ready to cull the unless eaters, us. And that the goal of the federal reserve is the kill off 260,000,000 by 2025..degal.com shows us how fast and how quick, we will be murdered, killed, massacred off the United States Continent by 2025. No wonder she is having vertigo, and loosing composure and her balance. We are the bottom down here are prepping our asses off, wishing that we will survive and die of natural causes and old age, to survive this Event. Only to face the reality of 40 rounds of 7.62/.50 cal, etc ripping into my head and body at the hands of a chi-com, Russian or nato soldier. As for you agency ass clown gay fusion center pedofiles, you need to know, that we are on to your bullshit. That end game population reduction plan is whats causing the public panic attacks, the vertigo, the public heath issues, and poor presentation of these leader wannabees.

        I can see why she is going into shock. Poor over weight old lady, I feel bad for her. Do we really think that this womans a mathematician. I know bullshit when I see it.


        • She had the longest dramatic pause I have ever seen in a speech. I thought she was going to collapse or something.

          • JS
            Darn it I was hoping. That she was choking on her lies.


          • If Hillary ever went on a serious diet plan to lose weight? I fear she will lose so much weight and get so damn skinny she will fall thru her own asshole and hang herself!

      5. WhoWtfknows, you are now banned for Agency ass clowny, for attacks on legitimate posters, and aiding the enemy. Your ass is banned fool. YOU ARE A PHUCKING TROLL WITH A CAPITAL F. Change your handle you fusion center ass clown troll. Eat shit asshole, phuck you.

        Godsoldier, its interesting how you mentioned civil war. The rat bastards have literally a list I believe that they work from to counter every move the people make.

        economic collapse
        Grid take down by Russians and jihadist.
        chi-com and Russian invasion.
        Bio weapons
        Nuclear bombs
        Nuclear dirty bombs.

        The list is endless as to what they have planned.


        Self voluntary agency ass clown super moderator.

        • GO HCKS GO!

        • Hcks – Did you know Meth and typing at the local library don’t mix. Go back to your cardboard box under the bridge. Useless troll.

          ~WWTI… And look at the No credit dope BH who will be homeless sleeping in his van come October. Maybe you and Hcks losers will cuddle up for some fun. lol

          Hey Braveheart Knownothing. Tell everybody here what your personal net worth adds up to?? I say less then $10K Max. lol See what being a dead beat like BG is like folks. You are an example not what to do in life.

      6. The Free Shit Army will certainly freak out if Trump wins…hell, they riot now even at his rallies. Keep your powder dry folks.

        With Janet Yellen in control of manipulating the prime rate, even if Trump wins he has no choice but to toe the line or she will see to it that our house of cards economy comes tumbling down on his watch. And when that happens not one Sheeple out of 1000 will figure out what happened. It will all be ‘Trump’s fault’.

        • Chuck.
          Wait till tonight in Ferguson. The ASS HOLE Ferguson activist Darren Seals found dead in burning car. This was the Thug running around yelling Hands Up Don’t Shoot was found shot to death in a burning car.

          I’ll bet they blame WHITY!!!

          Karmas a bitch, and he got karma in a burning car.


        • He can do what Iceland did and arrest all the Federal reserve bankers, abolish the fed and have the treasury take over issuing debt free currency for the government to spend into the economy.
          It took Iceland 15 months to completely recover.

      7. Man, I am loving the shit out of this. The question is, Are you ready? Interest rate hikes has been on the discussion table for sometime and it is not like it is new, NEWS. Have you made the adjustments.

        Just like the last two months in 1999 smart people would be scrabbling to get it done. Before it was, Will computers work in 1999. Now it is, Will Hillary Win the election in 2016.
        If she does the Ponzi scheme will continue but later on it is a supreme court fight and Hillary could pick a fight with Putin. Will she be able to think that all the way through in her mental state.

        Interesting to see how the topics will change from, who did what to us. To how do I do this to survive. Don’t get me wrong the articles are most informative but there is nothing that helps us survive, discussing the rise of interest rates.

        Guess you have to figure out if this election is just another run like 1999.

      8. Ron Pauls famous question to Bernecki. Is Gold Money? Nawww is collected for tradition. PM’s will save your wealth. Keep stacking just like central bankers are doing. China will confiscate All Gold from its Citizens. Silver will be the money of choice.


      9. Sitting on the lake in the forest waiting. Got my boots on waiting for the dance.

      10. It would be so easy to endorse the notion that Trump will make things better. But we know deep down that he couldn’t fix anything even if he is the genuine article. So many behind the curtain no good,s pulling strings. Just you watch when its bitter cold the electric grid will be shut down. Then the culling begins.

      11. Not much we can do about the current monetary system…it will crash on it’s own from unpayable compound usury or when the supply chains break when credit freezes up.

        There will be no going back to a “simpler” life for civilization as a whole. Sure, here and there pockets may survive and may even thrive for a time.

        We have climbed the ladder of civilization with success BUT for each rung climbed the rung below was kicked out. The old ways are gone. Twenty, twenty-five years ago there was no internet. Now, there is constant talk of cyber attacks and hacks and grids going down.

        Nowadays, trade could not exist without “connectivity”. It is why, when a global supply chain fails, the whole system will fail. It is why, despite what Mr. Trump says, he cannot force factories back to the US. All the manufacturing machines were exported when the jobs were. Pieces are made in many different countries and shipped to yet another for assembly. Do you think American workers can compete with the wages of even one of those countries? I think not.

        This time, when it crashes, the whole western world goes along with it. Billions of unfunded liabilities will be liquidated. Take WWTI’s advice and try not to be one of them.

        • um, so how does this, in any help, assist the countries that now have the textile machines and such being there is no demand?

          Doesn’t it translate it THEIR loss and not ours? Yes it does, and that’s why places where these machines were sent (Honduras for one got all of Hathaway’s clothing/cloth-making/shirt-making stuff from Waterville, Maine (ages ago).

          Ages later, they still don’t know how to run the machines right nor care for them (so they have daily breakdowns), and despite labor costs being cheap there just isn’t a demand for their products (no more so than the demand for anything else).

          If those machines were here with Americans sitting at them, those Americans would be looking at a job loss or have already lost them, and we’d have billions in useless industrial equipment.

          I think the “purge” of industrialization was to avert a calamity, and it worked …but, others came along to take their place (same difference to us working folk).

          Isn’t it possible for us, all of us, to rebuild America (starting by replacing everything that has been ‘ripped’ out of her)? Starting with putting GOD back “into the system” would be a very good idea imho, yet I’m sure I’m the minority. God isn’t going to look down upon a country kindly which allowed Him to be oppressed and driven from every corner of The USA (which is still an ongoing process that non-believers will never rest from until death stops their asses).

          If it IS NOT POSSIBLE …then I maintain there is no reason to fight for a damn thing if nobody is going to use the opportunities that would arise from such an undertaking. Just let them have it all and be complacent being a serf right? You don’t mind if your wife and daughter are hauled away for sexual perversions for whomever right? Naw. Not a prob…

          I getting fucking sick and tired of hearing how the Western World is going to be sucked down and into a hole. (Go ahead and allow yourselves whatever you wish, but don’t be telling the patriots “it is over” (fat lady ain’t sang yet either).

          We’ve not spent nearly 20-years of getting ready to allow it to come apart at the seams. Perhaps we are more prepared than a great many realize, as a nation? Or has all the “psych-ops” taken their toll on the majority of American minds?

          Many are trying to convince all others that we are as screwed as a deer “locked up” in the High-Beams of an oncoming Kenworth long-nosed cab-over with a flat-bed reefer in tow….

          Well …we’re not. Yet that’s the beauty of America. To each their own even if it kills’em.

          MOLON LABE

      12. JRS, Brilliant post. Thanks.

      13. I hear that Hitlery and Yellen are fight over the young interns! She might just raise the Rate!!!


      14. Howsz about we show up guns blazing for the biggest Bank Heist In History.

        ___? $$$$?$$$$?$$$$?$$$$$$$$___

        • Leave the money, take all the “plates”, inks, dyes and ‘ribbons’ and print our asses out of this hole. lol…

          Always did like something about ya there B from CA! lol….

      15. Americans vote their pocketbooks. I hope this sham is exposed before it is to late.

      16. She has been doing that already. She is keeping it down and manipulated the fed so as to keep the economy skating for her boss.

        What I think she will do if Trump wins in November,… before January…. she will raise the rates. Markets will fall on Trumps first week in Office.

        His first test on trying to ride this mess that the dems have set up.

      17. The banksters and zios main delema is that they cannot crash or destroy america totally like so many people believe is going to happen.

        Because so far they have NO other power nation besides the usa with which to continue their ongoing JWO antichrist agendas.

        Today and for some time past now, america Is the Only nation they can make use of to create their Rabid wet dream of a global one world govnt system.

        Back when they controlled Russia and thought that due to its massive size land mass and very powerfull army etc, they then thought all they needed to do was to keep overtakeing european nations in the West euro zones, since they already gained full eastern european nation controls.

        And Then once all of europe was hyjacked under their own kommie control, it would be a piece of cake to overtake america and all of the distant west nations along with usa.

        Where them kommie jewdeo soviets made their biggest blunder mistake in thinking was…

        That Nobody can ever fully take over control of the entire worlds nations, unless….They also have a HUGE Navy fleet and with huge nubers of fighter jet planes and cargo supply planes for resupply etc, and the huge navy ships to transport said jets close enough to attack or threaten attack of the worlds nations.

        Even after they finally realized this factoid…It was yet to be noted in their quest for world domination, that in order to Use such a naval fleet of huge ships..

        One must also fully controll a nation that sits upon or is surrounded by massive sized Oceans and Seas with which to traverse so to make full use of such naval fleet ships!

        Thats when they finally realized and decided that America was such a perfect Nation with oceans and seas on both sides and a huge sea gulf down south middle of nation area too.

        Then they really began to export massive numbers of russian kommie bolsheviks and zios into usa lands.

        Now they fully control usa the same as they former controled russia and its fed govnt and military and navy.

        And unless one has been asleep at the wheel during the past 15+ yrs, they have begun their rabid quest of creating a total global antichrist one world govnt system when they first carpet bombed Iraq and then half dozen more other mid east nations.

        All thats left now for their nefarious agenda goals basically is to…Finish up killing as many arabs as possible in mid east region, and cause all those left alive to become refugees into white and ONLY into white nations to be used as cannon fodder etc.

        While as soon as last refugee exists stage leftist, Nuttyahoo and his likud party zio fanatics can then enter into and steal and occupy all that mid east lands they so foam at mouth desireing of.

        Then once thats done, nuttyahoo or another equally rabid fanatical zioboy will go on Live TV globally to announce that he and his zio tribe has full occupation of what will then get called “Greater Israel” lands.

        And asap as soon as they can rebuild a third Temple so to House their self chozen top antichrist man and crown him as global King of all goyim lands and peoples wordwide.

        It shall all be a done deal as they say… And the whole tribe will shout Oy Vey!

        And whoever remains yet in vast denial of these issues, also probably has never as yet heard of what they call… jewish lightning! which unlike reg normal lightning strikes…jewish lightning Can and Has often struck the same exact place or object twice and even thrice!

      18. Being this IS 9/11 …a moment of silence upon reading this for those who were so needlessly lost, please…

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