It’s Not Over: Government Plans for the Worst: Forced Evacuation of Tokyo

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Headline News | 137 comments

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    While it has for the most part disappeared from mainstream view, the Fukushima nuclear disaster is anything but over. In fact, the situation in Japan has gone from bad to worse.

    Bottom line: There is no way to contain the radiation.

    Even more alarming is that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other agencies have warned that the nuclear storage pools (the containment units that are being used to cool the nuclear fuel) have been damaged and may collapse under their own weight.

    Such an event would cause widespread nuclear fallout throughout the region and force the government to evacuate the nearly 10 million residents of Tokyo and surrounding areas, a scenario which government emergency planners are now taking into serious consideration.

    Leading Japanese newspaper The Mainichi Daily News reports:

    One of the biggest issues that we face is the possibility that the spent nuclear fuel pool of the No. 4 reactor at the stricken Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant will collapse. This is something that experts from both within and outside Japan have pointed out since the massive quake struck. TEPCO, meanwhile, says that the situation is under control. However, not only independent experts, but also sources within the government say that it’s a grave concern.

    The storage pool in the No. 4 reactor building has a total of 1,535 fuel rods, or 460 tons of nuclear fuel, in it. The 7-story building itself has suffered great damage, with the storage pool barely intact on the building’s third and fourth floors. The roof has been blown away. If the storage pool breaks and runs dry, the nuclear fuel inside will overheat and explode, causing a massive amount of radioactive substances to spread over a wide area. Both the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and French nuclear energy company Areva have warned about this risk.

    A report released in February by the Independent Investigation Commission on the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident stated that the storage pool of the plant’s No. 4 reactor has clearly been shown to be “the weakest link” in the parallel, chain-reaction crises of the nuclear disaster. The worse-case scenario drawn up by the government includes not only the collapse of the No. 4 reactor pool, but the disintegration of spent fuel rods from all the plant’s other reactors. If this were to happen, residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area would be forced to evacuate.

    Former Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Sumio Mabuchi, who was appointed to the post of then Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s advisor on the nuclear disaster immediately after its outbreak, proposed the injection of concrete from below the No. 4 reactor to the bottom of the storage pool, Chernobyl-style. An inspection of the pool floor, however, led TEPCO to conclude that the pool was strong enough without additional concrete. The plans were scrapped, and antiseismic reinforcements were made to the reactor building instead.

    There was a chance early on that a storage pool collapse could be prevented, but according to the report Tokyo Electric Power Co. refused to take the necessary steps as a cost-cutting measure.

    Now, as radiation fallout envelops the entire northern hemisphere, there is a distinct possibility that the crisis will move into an even more critical and dangerous phase.

    When news of the disaster first emerged we warned, contrary to mainstream experts, that it could be much worse than the Chernobyl accident of the 1980’s, that no containment would be possible for at least a few years, and radiation levels across North America would sky rocket. A year on, we are seeing adverse impacts on ocean water throughout the Pacific, and ground levels of radioactive contaminants are well beyond safety thresholds for potable water, food, and soil.

    With the Japanese economy already on the brink of meltdown and the rest of the world drowning in debt, an escalation in the severity of the disaster in Japan could be the last nail in the coffin for world financial markets and economic growth.

    Even worse, if storage pools in the No. 4 reactor collapse and disintegrate as the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has warned could happen, we will see a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scale as millions of refugees will have no choice but to flee Tokyo. They’ll have no possessions, no money, no food, no water, no shelter, and a very fragile safety net.

    This is what SHTF looks like. The government lies. The corporate cover ups. Downplaying of the severity of the crisis. And then… panic.

    Hat tip Satori


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      1. Scary part could happen here…

        • It will.

          KEEP PREPPIN’

          • No, won’t happen, zero chance. Check back a year from now, it will still be under control, and there will still be people offering some scare story that it MIGHT happen..

            • joe dont plan on getting help shtf. that zero chance crap got alot of people killed in katrina. i really hope you are just hitting peoples buttons and you really dont belive walmart will always have what you need.

        • Who thought storing spent fuel rods was a good idea? At least reprocess them and have less to deal with. Oh, I forgot. It was people who knew they weren’t going to have to live in the contaminated wasteland.

          • “Who thought storing spent fuel rods was a good idea?

            People who saw great Kinetic Potential in the “Depleted” fuel rods. still hot as a two-dollar pistol in every sense.

            “At least reprocess them and have less to deal with.”

            That is what they DID, starting with Kosovo, in fact.

            Now Iraq and Afghanistan are suffused with DU Oxide contamination all in the air and water; birth defects have become the New Normal in those parts, and who fired them OUTLAWED ROUNDS all day long and all night too, anywho? Oh wait wait, it’s only Daddy Warbucks at work on his Spring Plowing Expeditions, Annie… Go back to sleep…

            “Oh, I forgot. It was people who knew they weren’t going to have to live in the contaminated wasteland.”

            And who did not remember and/or care as touching on the future viability of their great-grandchildren’s world nor lives… Cannibals one and all. Know them by their slithering and their two-facedness as well as by all their lies.

            And that is all. 0{:-|o<

            • DU does not come from spent nuclear fuel. It is the uranium left over from the enrichment process. Two very different animals.

        • Those fucking MSM assholes.

          They’re all in on this cover up.

          Thank God for the journalistic integrity of

      2. “Even more alarming is that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and other agencies have warned that the nuclear storage pools (the containment units that are being used to cool the nuclear fuel) have been damaged and may collapse under their own weight.”

        Did I miss something? What has th United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission warned us about fallout along the wester US coastline????? Just asking

        • Why would there be fallout? There will be no explosion rather leakage into the ground. The situation is bad enough without some fools scare mongering. Just how would Japan evacuate ten million people in the first place. Where would they go? This whole story is BS.

          • John, I mean no disrespect. However, if the highly enriched URANIUM is not bathed in cool water the temperature of said rods will exponentially increase. At 1800 degrees it catches fire, at 8000 degrees the hydrogen in the very air around the rods goes critical. Unrestrained fission, a huge, and I mean huge explosion will occur. spreading microscopic yet highly radioactive fissile material over huge areas. this is not a small matter. This would make the USSR breach look like a camp fire.

          • @ John W. There is nothing B.S. about it. I just returned from a 9 day business trip to Tokyo Japan and most people in Tokyo are wearing respirator masks outdoors. They are very nervous and scared, and rightfully so. I was able to bring with me a thumb size miniature Geiger Counter, a bottle of KI03, and 2 masks for good measure. The Japanese government has made it illegal for Japanese to purchase Geiger Counters for personal use claiming they are made in the U.S. and are inaccurate. Now there is a steaming pile of freshly laid B.S.! I also brought my own freeze dried food and water. I’m not taking any chances, it is serious business over there.

            Just because the US and Japanese governments are not being honest about the existing health threats doesn’t make the threat go away. The Japanese people know they are in danger because their government has been caught lying numerous times about the severity of the nuclear catastrophe. The Japanese government is withholding the truth because it needs people to keep working and paying taxes. Otherwise a massive evacuation of Tokyo, either voluntarily or involuntarily, would ruin their economy. The government has placed, and will continue to place, profits before public safety. By the time the Japanese government calls for an evacuation of Tokyo, much like the Katrina fiasco, it will be too late for most.

            Governments are not in the business of sharing information with the public unless it is politically advantageous for them to do so. They arrogantly consider it their job to give us as little information as possible. By the time they actually issue a public health warning about elevated radiation here in the U.S., we’re already heavily irradiated.

            • If any of you have been following the “REAL” news concerning what is REALLY happening in Fukushima on, and he’s the only site giving massive attention to the news there, then you know it’s just not those in Fukushima, or Tokyo, or Southern Japan that are in catastrophic danger, but those of us east of Japan, west coast USA and beyond, are right in harms way also.

              The plants are ready to implode at any moment. It’s THAT DIRE. I live in the Pacific NW and monitor this situation, via Jeff’s site, on a daily basis. Have been since March of last year. In my head, this ONE is the BIGGY. And I’m so concerned, on one level, that my girlfriend and I have been scoping out potential relocation spots for many months.

              Here I spend all my hard earned dollars on my own “retreat” haven, with a greenhouse and gardens and solar panels and wind turbine, and now this happens. Well, shit happens. It’s just the cards that were dealt to me (and all the rest in this northern hemisphere), so just got to deal and move on.

              Japan’s government, as well as Americas, are in absolute, total DENIAL, at least outwardly, and probably see this as an opportunity to quiet the masses without having to do anything.

              How does Patagonia Chile sound? There’s a reason TPTB are buying up land in a frenzy down there.

              Good luck to EVERYONE in the US.

              Have you heard the Rumor that Shepard Smith my be dying from exposure to radiation when he was in Japan last year? He looks terrible in recent photos/videos. Others say it’s aids. Who knows. Anyway, Japan is toast. Don’t buy ANYTHING made in Japan.

            • Japanese wear those masks all the time. It is polite to wear them when you are sick or when you are around others who may be sick. Its cultural.

            • Ed, when I checked into the hotel in Tokyo a week and a half ago and asked the receptionist about the respirator masks everyone was wearing, she very quietly and specifically told me it’s to prevent radioactive dust particles from being inhaled. That’s when I started using my own mask when I ventured outdoors. It a good thing I brought 2 with me. The mask may have cultural significance, I don’t know, but I’ll take the advice of the locals in Tokyo that they use the masks for radiation dust protection.

            • European American, be careful out there in the NW. My big concern is the enormous flotsam of debris from the Japanese Tsunami is moving eastward much faster than predicted. I haven’t seen any research as to potential health dangers associated with the debris field, but recent independent test results shows Fukushima is still releasing a lot of radiation into the sea and air, and the penny pinching Japanese government is trying to solve this crisis using the lowest bidder. That never ends well. Stay safe out there.

            • They wear masks because it’s the height of allergy season. I haven’t met anyone here yet that’s wearing a mask to falsely protect against radioactive dust. They’re not stupid.

            • keep prepping lol, thanks, but I’ll take the advice of the locals there in Tokyo. They may in fact have a bad allergy season, flu/cold season, H1N1, or any of a thousand public health issues, but Japan sold out of masks immediately after the Fukushima disaster, and if a local Tokyo resident tells me that the masks are for radioactive dust particles, that is good enough for me to wear one. Who am I to question that? That is not something someone would say in jest.

              If you’re in unfamiliar surroundings and everyone around you has a mask on, and you’re the only one without one, there’s something you need to be doing immediately! In the interest of self-preservation, I will not second guess the local advice.

            • In reply to European American…

              I also am in the Pacific NW. I did the same 13 years ago and am finally getting settled. Garden,solar bills paid down and ready to enjoy life. Now this S%^T happens. I really think this is going to get worse and am keeping an eye on it. I have been checking with the company I work for and am looking at some desert living for my next adventure. Cheap land and a new challange.

            • @ High Roller

              If you could take a moment, or more, to share with us what is going on in Tokyo. I was in Tokyo, seems like lifetimes ago, and their culture seems to be a truly unique entity, neither good nor bad, just very different. It seems the masses here in the US are in denial regarding the looming financial, society catastrophe about to bury us, whereas the Japanese, at least from what I’ve been reading, should be but aren’t, totally freaking out with the possibility of mass extinction at their doorstep. What’s the deal there?

            • European American, I’m back home in Florida at the moment.

              I travel to Tokyo about 5 times a year on business, my last trip being last week. For me Japanese are extremely difficult to read both personally and emotionally. They show emotion but it is difficult to determine whether it is genuine or mere social politeness.

              I get the sense that many Japanese consider Americans culturally and intellectually inferior. As an American of Jamaican descent I have an even harder time reading Japanese sentiment. Most younger Japanese look at me and acknowledge me with a smile and curt bow of the head which I am quick to return. Many older Japanese won’t even acknowledge my presence in public. It feels like I’m back in Brooklyn where I grew up.

              I cannot tell if it is a cultural hierarchical custom where senior Japanese acknowledge younger people solely at their discretion and leisure. I don’t know. It varies widely and person to person. I’ve found that the receptionists at the hotel in Tokyo who recognize me are very comfortable and relaxed around me and other foreign guests. I engage in long discussions with them. They are curious about the United States and Americans. There are many thing about our culture they find attractive. However there is always an undercurrent of superiority and formality with Japanese. If you present yourself with a sense of strength, self-confidence, and dignity, they respect and appreciate that.

              As for their perception about their disintegrating economy, if they are concerned about it, it doesn’t show outwardly. Japanese are masters at hiding their feelings, the men especially. Japanese women are more transparent. They may be panicking internally, but you would never know it unless you ask them.

              There is a gloomy almost depressed emotional undercurrent among the Japanese which I have met in public but it is most likely a mixture of reasons dealing with the human loss of the Tsunami, the Fukushima catastrophe, and their 20+ year recession.

              There is no metric I can apply that would offer a meaningful comparison between Japanese and Americans. We are both diametrically opposite in many ways, and identical in others. Japanese have been culturally conditioned over centuries to put the group ahead of the individual and to yield unquestioning obedience. Americans are exactly opposite. We value above all else our civil liberties (that are still intact), and our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (unless Obama has his way).

              Each time I travel there I learn something new about their culture.

              Americans live in the moment and care only about what is immediately ahead, not what is around the curve. The next economic debt collapse will eclipse the 2008 crisis, but there is unfortunately no way to explain this concept to Americans, so don’t waste your energy trying. Make the best preparations you can for yourself and family, and if you have some extra resources to spare, keep something in reserve for those passersby who were not blessed with economic foresight.


            • Interesting… I’ve been living in Tokyo for 21 years and have never seen a single person wearing respirator masks – although some people wear disposable surgical masks due to hay fever allergies etc. and personal use geiger counters can be bought at most drug stores for less than $100.

          • Jonn, Tokyo has about 13 million people and the Prefecture (around Tokyo) has about …… 34 million people. So not just ‘Tokyo’ …… That would mean the entire Prefecture. That would be like the whole State of California living in close proximity to Los Angeles and having to move.
            I couldn’t even imagine the resources needed to move the whole of Californias population. At least the US is big enough to absorb that number, but for Japan it would be unemagineable.

          • What do you mean, where would they go ? America would take them. That’s where they would go………….We have a NEVER ENDING supply of money (the Federal Reserve) Us, the tax payer, would then foot the bills. Of course we have no jobs, Nothing makes sense does it ???

            Vote for RON PAUL 2012

        • Because they are mercenary frauds as human beings, obeying unlawful orders from above, to cover-up or be abducted, tortured, and assassinated! Obama signed the NDAA knowing Fukushima was doomed to totally ignite, outrageing the good people of America. Revolution is feared and the counter-revolutionaries of DC, Wall Street, and the MSM, will fully cooperate as the did on 9/11. The only question is, will the American military side with the American people, or the treacherous ruling-class?

      3. So, what does that mean for us here in the states? Do we go out and buy c-pog suits? Or do we just sit and wait gor things to start glowing in the dark before we panic? As if I didn’t have to enough to worry about.

        • It means Get Your Immune System as Strong as Possible or move to Patagonia. If one of those nuke buildings, teetering on the abyss, at Fukushima plant, implodes/totally melts down, it’s game over for Japan and most humans to the east in the northern hemisphere. The thing is this. For most of us here in the US, the signs of contamination won’t be necessarily seen/experienced for a year, 5 years or more. The Silent Killer. Sadly, children/babies, and babies in the womb, will be most vulnerable, but really, no one will be immune.

          • I am also in the Pacific Northwest and understand shortly after the initial plant melt down Seattle’s radiation level went up 40,000 times from normal.

            I believe the problem is already here in Washington State. I know several families who have mild symptoms already. It saddens me what my own daughters will have to go through down the road.

            I also believe in escaping early if you can, not so much because of just this one issue, but all issues to come in the near future. I truly think they will cut our escape routes/modes once everything comes to a boil.

      4. This is so sad, and when are these so called experts going to tell the people the truth. I guess they are the same experts saying we are in recovery.

        • This is very sad.

          Now I read that the US has drawn up plans for “nuclear drones” to fly over remote areas.


          Note we have to read about this in a newspaper from the UK.

          • And KY mom, note that in the UK there is complete denial that ANY of the radiation has reached our shores. A rather awake consultant I know has been out with a Geiger counter and refutes this, he has sent sea water to private labs etc….he is now on gardening leave and we are told he is depressed.

            He didn’t sound depressed when I spoke to him last night, bloody furious but not at all depressed. He is spending his time researching a major rise in miscarriage rates.

            We all like and respect this guy, if it ends up being a Dr David Kelly scenario they are going to have an hell of a lot of people making a hell of a lot of noise, we are very worried for him.

            We have been told to let him rest and stop “bothering”him.

            We feel if he continues to be in touch with so many of us….about twenty five in the closest circle, it is less likely something will happen to him, they can’t dispose of 26 people without lots of people noticing.

            We know he is worried but he won’t let go of it. He has made 100 copies of everything he has and eighty of them are in envelopes ready to go across the world to various people.he does not say who, just that it will become public.

            As a doctor of some 40 years experience, a fair bit of it in nuclear medicine he is totally convinced that this a catastrophe the likes of which we have never seen before. He is predicting a massive rise in birth defects, a massive rise in deaths from cancer, and huge drops in both male and female fertility….and in his words “won’t that make the governments of the western world happy….I bet the united nations are rubbing their hands with glee”

            I have posted these details with his permission.

            Take care

            • Burt the Brit,

              I am very sorry to hear this about your doctor friend. It sounds like he has important knowledge TPTB don’t want / won’t let him release. Maybe he should send it to a US site or blog. Foreign sites may be more willing to print “bad” news that national sites either don’t / won’t.

              You take care.
              KY Mom

            • Thank you for sharing this information.

              I need to expand my preps as I have 1st cousins of Japanese heritage. They have a rather squashed home right here with me as soon as they need it. No way are ANY of my people gonna be without refuge while I have breath in my body – it’s not how we roll ; ) Right now they are in Washington State, but lets face it the US isn’t looking so hot for foreigners at the moment.

              This article has told me they won’t be returning to their homeland anytime soon.

              The Japanese make the legendary British stiff upper lip seem like a kid’s joke. Honor is everything and will prevent them from admitting how bad things really are. They would rather die than admit to failure. It makes them incredibly trustworthy once you are in their inner circle, but I don’t think a more insular Xenophobic race truly exists on earth. Exinction will be the preferred option of many Japanese to leaving their homeland and culture, which is very, very sad ending for such a proud innovative people.

              There is the additional issue with the Japanese in that they really haven’t bought into the Zionist BS in anyway shape or form and have paid repeatedly for that over the last century (I think it’s cos culturally they are so insular – the whole “chosen ones” ideology just doesn’t work for them. They are HAPPY being Japanese iykwim). A lot of people are envious of the Japanese and envy is always leads to nasty events.

            • @Burt the Brit: There are many people including doctors and scientists worldwide that your friend can network with and find strength. Helen Caldicott has been very outspoken since the start, internationally. Perhaps he can contact her. It would be a shame for him to fall into depression, though it sounds like he’s more angry than depressed.

              The best to the both of you.

          • Why may I ask, are you referencing the UK Guardian as your source. Do you also read all the expose rags at the local 7-11 too? This is serious to the Japanese and the junk from the catastrophe in Japan has already washed up on the western shores of the USA. Radiation is nothing to take lightly. But as France has shown, when properly implemented, it is the cleanest and best source for energy for the future. Beats the Wind, solar and other green energy that the Obama administration is paying back their fundraisers with contracts worth billions now. Nuclear and Carbon Fuels are here to be used and the other alternatives are not economically feasible or else the private industry would be involved in it without the billions of Obama Stash Dollars.

            • The article was posted on Drudge Report yesterday. That is how I read it. However, the link was taken down today.

            • ~SGB~

              The problem is…..big money interests & the best congress money can buy!

              Here in the US the uranium industry(mining/refining etc) has a death grip on nuclear fuel research/marketing/reactor design etc….& they abhor/resist any alternative fuel & reactor design not to their liking…

              …a case in point would be “Thorium fuel/cycle” design, which is orders of magnitude safer/cleaner & less expensive to construct vs. the uranium/MOX fuel reactors currently in use!!!
              Yet for some odd reason…very little research/design $$$ are funneled into the…Thorium cycle!


              Something to keep in mind relative to active US reactors in the Midwest…

              If the New Madrid fault ever lets loose…we’re gonna experience a nuclear nightmare that will make Fukashima & Chernobyl look like a “summer picnic” in comparison! Call it a homegrown, near “extinction level event”(in the long run)!!!

          • (It makes them incredibly trustworthy once you are in their inner circle,)
            If you are not Japanese you will never be in the inner circle.
            Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful people, that is why I have lived in Japan for 18 years
            But you are fooling your self to think you are something more then an outsider.
            When they are finished with you it’s like you never existed.Me I’ve gotten use to it and
            Starting to like it that way. I help where I can and will continue helping and no people of any
            Type needs to be lied to like this.

        • TD, the so called experts won’t be telling people the truth anytime soon. They need time to spin the truth and find the fall guy(s). They are heartless and gutless when it comes to human suffering; look at Africa and the rest of the world that has been suffering through crises.
          My prayers go out to the affected people. Every nation, tribe, people, and tongue from pestilence to hunger to wars.
          Stay in His grace.

        • What kills me about these so called “experts” is how they give the odds of something happening….example like on NatGeo Doomsday Preppers ….the odds of a solar flare hitting earth knocking out the power grid is 1,000,000 to 1(not the real number). And they have no clue but the powers that be listen to them which in turn is going to screw our eyes out…..ok im off my soap box now.

      5. this is just about as scary as it gets, half the planet being contaminated at some level.
        no place to hide, no place to run,just wait for it.

        • just more fear mongering to ge the price of gas off the peoples mind.

      6. The reason that stuff goes critical is well, the critical mass. That’s the original meaning of what’s become a cliche’.

        There’s got to be some way to spread the stuff out a bit, build some sort of a wall around it, and bury it, under some sort of damper containing boron to at least somewhat contain it. It’ll still be a disaster, just not an exploding one.

        Sort of the difference between letting a dead skunk in your yard decay, and thus a bit of stink spread out over time, vs. blowing it up with an M-80. Stink everywhere!

        This is something that will have dire consequences for many nations, not just Japan. Between Japan, the US, China, Korea, etc there’s got to be the money and wherewithal to do this, even if it means taking the biggest Cats Caterpillar makes and making ’em remote-controlled and having them become part of the wall (throwaways).

        • DT, You’re reference to an M-80 brought back fond memories of childhood vacations in the Ozarks. Those were the days…

          Thanks, Bill

      7. They are the same experts. None of what we hear and see is the truth…people all over are mislead, it is sad, and if this thing goes real bad, I’ll be praying for them.

      8. with you Japan.

        • It would be like a Godzilla movie without the cool monster.

      9. Again Propaganda.
        Think about it. if for example the pools lose all their water, the fuel rods will get hot. They wont explode. Just get hot. Perhaps as hot as the sun. Then the entire mass will just melt its way into the earth.
        There will be radiation released. But nothing is as bad as a nuclear bomb detonated at ground level. This contaminates and throws up into the air the soild particles of irradiated matter which will fall to the ground within the most a 50 miles or so and contaminate that area.
        Ill point out that people live in both Nagasaki and Hiroshima today. They never left. And those bombs were very dirty. People also live in Nevada. We blew up countless ground level bombs there.
        If the fuel rods melt they will release radiation by water vapor. Water cant hold nearly the amount of radioactive material as solid material. it is one of the reasons it is used as coolant for the rods in the first place. Only the impurities that are light enough to be carried along with the water vapor will carry radiation. So the water vapor will be dispersed by the wind and there will be just a blurp in the background radiation levels.

        • Joe- a reactor is cooled with DEIONIZED water.. not plain old water, or even sea water. As you stated, only mineralized water can contain enough radiation to be harmful. Remember, Japanese “experts” needed to cool the reactors with– sea water! Releasing radioactive debris into the oceans! The ocean has been contaminated worse than you may think. Or have been told by the governments. Disinformation techniques in play here. This is why fish taken from that area is being banned. Also, if you think about it, WHY did our government use a barren area such as Nevada to test nuclear weapons? Answer- the lack of ground water and deep water aquifers in that Nevada area! In essence, a zone to “contain” radioactivity in glass bowls created by the instantaneous explosion. One of the few sites in the US available to conduct such “studies”. If the reaction is fast like an explosion and not a slow burn with melting rods, then yes.. there would be “containment”. Another myth- burying the melting fuel rods… the outer shell of the rods melt at 3300 degrees Fahrenheit. SAND melts at 3000 degrees. Think that’s enough to contain the problem now? This is why scientists call it a “melt-down”… straight into the earth and water supply.

          • Yes, I agree. As I said there will be a radiation release. But it wont last long. The material will soon just melt its way into the earth as both you and I said. The local area will have problems but it will disipate as the didtance grows.
            I was supprised that they did keep hosing the rods down with the sea water instead of just letting it take care of itself. That act alone probably caused 10,000 times more contamination than just letting it burn. But with all the scare politics about radiation since the 1970’s they had little choice but try to do something. Even if it was a foolish thing to do.

            • So Joe, letting it burn would not cause smoke that would rise up nicely and blow in the wind?

              Smoke has far more particulate matter in it than steam does. Particulate matter has been proven to cause acid rain, radioactive acid rain is not a thing I would like to be exposed to .

              Take care

            • Do you have any Idea just how much radiation is released everytime a volcano erupts?? What do you think it is that made that magma hot in the first place?
              Anyhow The decending mass of fuel rods will quickly cover itself.
              You would be supprised just how many meltdowns we have had in the states before it was started to be regulated.
              Have you ever heard of the china syndrome??

        • Joe.

          The site is very close to the ocean, marine life is very sensitive to contaminants.a massive amount of the worlds population get their proteins from the sea.

          If you really doubt that these contaminants can pollute that much water take a large glass bowl full of water, put just one drop of food colouring into it and watch what happens, you won’t wait too long before the colour disperses throughout the bowl, you may not see it when the initial drop has dissipated, but it’s still there, spread throughout the water.

          Add osmosis and currents and I think many people will see this as a little more than a mere blip in background radiation.

          Take care

        • I’ve seen thermal images of spots in the Fukishima plant that suggest some areas have gone recritical.

      10. We’re not going to have significant nuclear contamination across North America. Sure, it will be measurable. But that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous.

      11. The thing that I find really scary is that the Eastern seaboard of the US is totally unprepared for a Cumbre Vieja tsunami. Imagine what would happen if all the nuclear plants close to the coast were impacted by this potential disaster. The amount of radiation released would be unimaginable. This would not just be a regional disaster but a global one, and one that no amount of prepping would save you from.

        • If there is a tsunami of that magnitude the destruction of those reactors will be the least of the worlds problem.

        • Winston

          It was only the Day et al paper that predicted a mega tsunami, I read that they has been deemed unlikely by several research institutes, including I think, Woods Hole and Benfield. I have read this quite recently and will try and find where I got this from.

          Until then I will join you in saying I hope and pray they are wrong.

          The guy who wrote the original paper was Simon Day.

          Take care

        • Winston I have posted you a link but the comment has gone into moderation, it does this every time I try to post links. Sorry about that, it should appearat some point .

          Take care

          • Burt the Brit,

            I have found that if you add a link, start the link with www (remove any letters such as http, colon, etc. that are before that) and place parenthesis around the link, it will post immdeiately. You will still be able to get to the link, but will have to copy and paste the link to open it.

            for example…

            Remember Fukushima: Presenting the Radioactive Seawater Impact Map

            Hope this helps.
            KY Mom

            • Cheers KY

              Take care

      12. Sorry, it’s not 10 million. More likely 30 million, including Yokohama and hundreds of towns surrounding Tokyo. The US bases at Yokosuka and Atsugi, near Tokyo, will also have to move.

        • Pure BS. Why don’t you chicken littles get a clue. Obama needs you.

          • John

            I am sure everyone here really hopes you’re right, all this is bullshit and everyone lives happily ever after…I genuinely hope your assumption is correct.

            I still think it is wise to be aware that you could very well be wrong.

            Take care

          • This has nothing to do with Obama. However it will be reassuring to see these brave people die first, like the Great War when the brave people enlisted first to get killed first.

      13. My father is a health physicist for our nuclear plants here.
        His job is to test for radioactive contamination.

        We are in Ontario, and seeing a small increase in radiation here from Fukushima.
        Nothing too alarming at the moment, but it is showing up on the sampling tests.

        My advice, give up on eating seafood period at this point. The fish from the Gulf is full of oil dispersant. The pacific fisheries will be heavily contaminated. Avoid seaweed.

        The west coast will most likely have higher readings, but this stuff once atomized can travel around the world. Getting PPE is pointless unless you plan to wear it until you die.

        This is one of those situations where there is no escape.
        All you can really do is damage control. Expect a massive increase in leukaemia over the next decade. We aren’t totally fucked, but we are partially fucked at this point.

        As long as Israel doesn’t start dropping nukes on Iran and if TEPCO can get there shit together we still have a chance. If Israel bombs Iran, massive amounts of nuclear contaminants will be released, bombs atomize it better. The world truly is at a tipping point.

        • le chameau…are you in ontaro , canada?thats sad to hear that radiation is showing up here now.

      14. Live in the coast range Just came in from the barn. Black calf born yesterday. Healthy, only one head. Hogs not glowing in the dark yet. I truly believe that shtf and damn soon. I do take exception though to the shock and awe methods,used here. I do want to know about the legitimate aspects of how to survive and how my freedoms are being slowly eroded. I am just not into the whole sky is falling scenario every time a new post is made. Yeah shits messed up, we need to prepare. But if you look at a lot of the scenarios being played out. I think I will get some thumbs down on this one but the last time I checked You could still drive to work take your wife and kids to the movies and dinner and keep guns in your house to defend it, along with bullets to hunt with that you can buy at the store. Pretty much seems to me like the same country my parents raised me in. If and when they decide they need to remove stuff from me or my farm I will address the issue then. Being prepared should be a way of life, being paranoid should not. One is commendable they have a pill for the other one.

        • So True…

          You should not prepare for a collapse so much as preparing to sustain and improve your standard of living. If you are fully prepared, the collapse will be something you read about in an old paper.

          Live life today. If it is not what you want to preserve, then ditch it now and work to build something worth preserving. Prepare for life, not a collapse.

      15. … they should move them all to one of the modern built ghost cities in china! they’ve plenty of pre-built brand spanking new whole cities ready for folks to just move in! part of their make work programs – billions spent to keep folks working in china!

        … and i would still love to know why a israeli national jew security company was guarding a nuke facility in japan! kinda leaves no doubt who planted the explosives in the fukushima nuke plant and infected the plants isolated computer network with the stuxnet virus disabling the emergency shut down systems.

        … kinda sets off a flag don’t it considering israels known terrorist mossad history and globalists zionist goals … doesn’t it??? kinda like asking john wayne gacy to baby sit your kids and expecting them all to still be alive and unmolested when you get home from the friday night movies!


        • Sometimes you’re just nuts. You gotta have a lot of issues going on in that brain.

          • @bill … Naw … I’m just not a scared lil’ puss like you to hide from the Hard Truth of who what and where is happening to our world around us! By a Predatory Class of Sociopaths the World Over!!!

            If you can’t wrap you brain around the truth of the hard facts… i post… i suggest you go back to the CNN or Fux news websites!!!

            Bwaaaaaaahahaha… ;0P pssszzt

            … Got cocoa puff’s

            JOG ON… ya bunch of pansy dress wearing palm biter’s!


      16. All the while, the mainstream media ignores the warnings and potential impact. Yet, they have time to edit 911 calls to make someone seem racist.

        Someone yesterday described the news as a firebug. They light a fire, call the fire department and watch it burn (with a camera running).

      17. You can not control anything other than your own life and actions, and the essence of your soul. Everything else happens beyond your control in the natural war between positive and negative, good vs. evil.

        The entire world is one large disaster area. The S has already hit the fan. Each passing act of desperation by the so called governments is like another piece of it hitting a blade. Each natural disaster is another. Each man made disaster yet another.

        We are so close to it that we do not recognize the turds for what they really are. Our children’s children will, and it will be for them like covering the Great Depression in an hour.

      18. NO MORE SUSHI.

        • or bring your Geiger counter out to eat… that’ll really freak people out!

        • Damn. I haven’t had sushi yet. How does it taste?

          • Fishy

            • Fishy? Like tuna?

      19. TEPCO says its all under control. END OF STORY!!! NOW for the REAL news of the day- paris hilton has called for a world wide boycot of entertainers and celebrities from going to japan until such time that the japanese government stops all japanese fishing boats from collecting and clubing defenceless little planktin in the Atlantic ocean.

      20. There are several excellent sites to obtain the truth about Fukushima. The best site is
        We have been receiving elevated radiation in the US since the triple meltdowns at Fukushima 3/11. The whole Northern hemisphere has been gifted with Fukushima radiation and there is lots of evidence if you look for it. The MSM is not telling the truth about this and won’t. Think about it. What will happen if this became general knowledge? Most obviously no one would buy Japanese and there goes a major world economy and what would be the financial effects on the US and European economies? Radiation accumulates in the body and over time there will be significantly increased incidents of cancer and heart disease. Living in denial of these facts will make your remaining years less frightening. The radiation is already here and will continue to aculumulate. If the SP4 fails it will add a lot more radiation to the Pacific ocean and hemisphere. Thousands of dolphins and other fish have died this past year from the radiated Pacific ocean. Don’t eat fish or seaweed anymore.

      21. you know why they are acting like nothing has happened..? because if they told you the truth you’d want them to do something about it…problem is..these fuckers never think that far ahead.
        and If you think were “Ok” over here and that “it cant happen over here” your wrong…dead wrong.

        just like all this spent fuel rods now being stored on each and every nuke power site..and its not going away, its stock piled, and will continue to stock pile.
        waiting for a seemingly inoculous event, that will end up being a game changer for every living thing on this planet

        • USA has massive quantities of spent fuel rods. It’s mind boggling how anyone ever thought just keeping sent fuel rods on site was a good solution.

      22. Winston

        This site will give you the links to many scientists and institutes that have discredited Days work for various reasons.

        Take care

      23. Here is a good piece concerning yucca mountain to the dumping of nuclear waste in and off the coast of somolia. Yucca mountain= 18,000,000,000 “dollar” scam. It has been 30 friggin years since congress passed the nuclear waste money laundring scam.

      24. The Horror.

        $4.25 per gallon by the end of April. $5.00 per gallon gas by this summer. Looming & existing European crisis. Local governments trampling on American citizen’s freedoms. Federal govt trampling on American citizen’s freedoms. Muslims who want to kill us. Obama’s spending & executive orders. Sheeple supporting obama & probably re-electing the marxist/communist radical so that he “can have more flexibility”. American Troops who are exhausted and stretched so thin that they will be unable to respond properly to a major attack. Japan is on the brink of total collapse. Nuclear fallout might even reach our own coastline. University shootings because schools limit second Amendment rights for law abiding citizens on their campuses.

        The whole word is nuts.

        All added up = Massive Crisis. It is coming. Prepare and Pray. It’s all you can do.

        • *world* is nuts!

        • The shit is getting deeper and the roof is on fire. As far as I am concerned you are right, it’s not “If” it’s “When”

      25. North Korea is launching a missle this coming week. What would happen should it “veer off course” and hit this area with several tons of fuel in a second stage booster?

      26. Death by Government: “Chicken Man” Andrew Wordes Driven to Suicide by Roswell, Georgia Municipal Clique

        Check into this owner was harrassed so dam much by his local government,, he lit his home and self up..

        the system never let up on him, and as far as im concerned they are complicite in his MURDER!..

        • … or the guy who burned himself alive on the courthose steps in Keene, NH. Another victim of the shit-and-piss government we live under. The story never even made the national news, but when it happens in some shit-and-piss foreign country it’s a major media event.

      27. You know that other article by some Daisy, says produce from California, well that is all I can get, and I ain’t rich, so stuck with it. I know that the GOVERNMENT is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE. They deliberatly PULLED monitors from Pac NW after Fukushima, so that there won’t be readings, they COVER up, because they are BAD. Obama approved NINE NEW NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS for US. That’s right 9. 3 are already under way in Georgia and more are now starting in South Carolina. It has been a MIRACLE that a FUKUSHMA hasn’t happened in the US yet.

        I learned that the government doesn’t CARE about us, worse WANTS the predominate demography GONE, I mean EXTINCT, when I read stuff like this:
        Radioactive cheese grater case shows lack of oversight
        Submitted by SHNS on Wed, 06/03/2009 – 13:38.
        By ISAAC WOLF, Scripps Howard News Service

        Who is in charge of protecting Americans from products made from radioactively tainted metal?

        The answer: No one.

        Nobody cares, nobody will do a thing.


        • Especially amazing since USA uses WWII era technology.

      28. I hope everyone can see the wider consequences of attacking a nuclear power station in IRAN. True I dont like Iran. However if we attack their nuclear power station/s, surely that will spread nuclear materials all over the world?
        I agree that if Iran tries to attack another country, then that is the time to take out Iran etc
        Fukushima is a wake up call for the WORLD about how bad nuclear power is!
        If a gas power station were to blow up, it will not be anywhere near as bad as fukushima, yet UK government say they want MORE nuclear power, that is just plain NUTS!

      29. You all might recall the BP oil spill a few years back. The so called experts said that the Gulf would be dead for decades and some computer models even showed the oil getting into the Atlantic side of Florida and riding the Gulf Stream all the way up to NY….so much for “experts”.
        I hope for Japan’s sake they’re about as right this time as then. Needless to say, with Obummer and his Czars running things and the Fed printing away, anything can happen to our country.

        • The worst “experts” are the ass-faced criminal profilers who always get things wrong. Like the DC Sniper case… they all said it was some lone nut white Christian. When it turned out to be black muslims, the story, as huge as it was, died overnight.

      30. I cannot even think about the financial impacts of such a scenario. There are 35 million+ people in the Toyko area, it would be like evacuating the entire state of California. At least the United States somewhat has the room for refugees, but Japan is smaller than the state of California in land mass at 145,000 sq. miles. California is about 164,000 sq. miles. Then like when the twin towers came down, what about all the business office space that will not be usable for an undetermined amount of time.

        With an issue like this it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, the ONLY thing that matters is that the countries of the world all come together to find a solution for the benefit of everyone. Let’s throw some real manpower and material to contain the problem before the world can’t. We all lose if Toyko is ruined, too much of the world’s money and business is tied up there. Tied like a hangman’s noose around the countries of the world.

      31. One atom of plutonium is poisonous enough to kill a person. Yikes! Wonder how many atoms are in 460 tons of fuel rods? Perhaps the NWO will call off WWIII as perhaps the depopulation mechanism is here.

      32. Who knows what exactly is the truth about all this? I can’t take anyone’s words or articles from so-called “experts” as being the truth anymore. What I do know is that shit flows downhill and anything from the coast of Asia will eventually find it’s way to the west coast of USA. I would prepare accordingly if I lived on the west coast of USA. Knowing what I know about radiation and it’s effects on the human body; I’ll take my chances on benzine laced foods from the Sunshine state(Gulf Oil Leaks) but not on foods grown in the San Joaquin Valley. I just had some grilled fresh corn on the cob from FL., hope it was OK. It sure did taste fine. I hate it for those stuck in California if all this shit has contaminated their water and soil. I’d move east, but it sure as hell would be further than Arizona. Those people have gone nuckin’ futs.

      33. I put in almost 30 years in both the Chemical and Oil Refining Industries. I seen the gambles they take. Make no mistake some companies are far worse then others but all of them are frightening at times. The “What If” and “Too Close Calls” are so numerous that you loose count.

        This stuff is typical of bean counters being in charge. The person that climbs the corporate ladder is not the guy telling everyone what is wrong but rather the individual that assures everyone with a yes we can.

        If you want to keep a dangerous facility safe just chain the top five stock holders and the CEO & CFO to the facility 24/7. Yep I guarantee you will need no other regulations.

        • Build them houses next to the facility. I remember hearing that in the early days of railroad building in Russia, when a new RR overpass was first used, the engineer and his entire family were required to stand under the structure.

      34. from what i understand the biggest russian bomb is only 7.1 metric tons with a blast radius of 300m so turn the 7.1 into 450 and what do you get, no more japan

        • Edgar Cayce predicted in the late 30’s early 40’s:

          ” … the greater portion of Japan must go into the sea …”

          One way or another, Tokyo is toast.

          • I’ve heard that also. Better check his map of USA concerning the American west.

        • who knew?

      35. Forced evacuation= If you stay you will die, if you don’t leave when we tell you to leave, we will kill you.



      38. The way I see it…
        Steve’s Rule… I’ll coin it here…

        SO… PREP UP

      39. @ Barn Cat:
        April 3, 2012 at 11:46 am
        We’re not going to have significant nuclear contamination across North America. Sure, it will be measurable. But that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous.

        Let me ask you a very simple question, “When a dog finishes licking its ass, does that mean it’s clean enough for you to kiss?”

        So tell us Barn Cat, when does eating dog shit no longer become dangerous? When you smell it? When you taste it? When you’ve consumed it for three years by air, water and food?
        Maybe you might find reality when you do more research into radioactivity.

        Y’all Beware! I guess it’s still OK if someone asks, “Is that your face or did your ass grow teeth?”

        • @y’all beware … BWAAAAHAHAHA simply AWESOME! I laughed SO HARD I FELL OFF my puter desk CORE BALANCE BALL seat! Your my witty new Pun Hero! @mangy barn cat is a definite fed troll… or very blind deaf and slow minded!

        • Love it, you make my day with your witticisms …wish I was that quick.

          Take care

      40. Ok, all you scientists – what about THORIUM for power? More plentiful, safter, can’t be weaponized, etc. What’s the delay?

        Another question: About seafood, what about Alaskan catches? If you look at the ocean currents, it appears that the Bering Sea does not have current running into it from the south. I am not saying there were be no commingling of the water; what I am saying is that is seems – as shown by currents – that the west coast would be more prone to this pollution than the Bering. Anyone care to comment?

        • The delay IS because it CAN’T get weaponized.

      41. Radiation isn’t so bad. In fact, I kinda like it. I get some every morning when the sun comes up.

        • From billions of miles away, well degraded and not stuffing plutonium et al into your body it is fine, in small doses.

          Take care

      42. This does prove that a nuclear industrial accident 1/3 the way around the world can, indeed, effect things here in the US. For now, with the weak rad levels, and short half life of radioactive iodine in kelp, the risk may be subsiding. It would be best not to have that in the water at all, but at least it looks like its going away. Suggested reading:

      43. a fool is born every day that believes every thing he hears…live long and prosper in these troubling times

      44. What? No Iodine comments/misinformation yet? Never take Iodine advice from someone who doesn’t even know what it tastes like!

      45. If Tokyo is forced to evacuate, what are the odds an educated attractive Japanese woman in her late 20s or early 30s might want to emigrate to Canada? I’d like a Japanese wife. Any suggestions?

        • I’d like two of those little sushi’girls about 21 years old. Small enough to not eat much. My wife can have one to keep her chores done up and keep her entertained; while me and the other will stock up the firewood,do the vegetable canning, and then go fishing and smoke it and can it also. Too tired now for, “me love you long time”.

      46. A wise old man on a mountaintop once said to me, and I quote, “What the hell are you doin’ on my mountaintop? Didn’t you see them no trespassing signs? Now git before I fill you full of buckshot!”

        Just finished a weeks vacation. Six days of no tv, no radio, no internet…seemed like a preview of heaven to me. Then that last day I started a debate on politics and such with my in-laws and lost all the mojo I’d been savin’ up. Damn!
        I don’t know if we’re gonna have a race war, a nuclear meltdown, trucks stopping for lack of fuel, more inflation than my puny paycheck can cover, or maybe just a good old fashioned, all-purpose, generic catastrophe. Maybe at this point it doesn’t even matter. All I know for sure is that you can never cover ALL the possibilities.
        That’s why I never leave the keys in the tractor, never leave the still cooking without somebody (sober) watching it, never go shootin’ til after I’ve bought the replacement ammo, and never turn my back on that worthless bull in my neighbors pasture. Then, after all that, one of the neighbor kids with a .22 shoots the bull in the ass (by accident he claims), the bull crashes through MY fence, runs over the still and smashes into the tractor and breaks off the muffler and cracks the exhaust manifold. So much for buying the extra ammo and enjoying a few hours of stress-relief plinking. Spent most of my vacation time and money putting the homestead back in working order. Had to come back to work just to get some rest…Now, if anybody wants to buy a 12 yr old white boy, I got one I’m willing to sell into the slave market–cheap!

        • What a kind offer, but no thank you lol

          Take care

      47. Here in SF Bay Area many of us are getting hit with the worst cold/cough ever… I have never had such a bad one going on 4 flippin’ weeks with it?! It just won’t clear up or leave… others are saying the same thing. Wonder if it is radiation related? And seeing some really interesting shaped produce i.e. strawberries… Ugh. I am stuck here and all this makes me feel sick. And now this flu is going around… just wondering….. I am still eating my stockpiled seaweed products from before Fukushima… when that blew, I went to Japantown and bought tons of uncontaminated foods. Saw the writing on the wall. What to do after that? Not there yet. Just enjoy your life in the moment. There are no guarantees for anything and focus on the good; it is there in all of this crap somewhere.

      48. Why would we create a type of energy without FIRST figuring out a way to dispose of the waste?

      49. Hasn’t the U.S. government recently allocated 40 billion dollars for construction of more nuclear plants in the U.S.? And by the way, where are the borrowing that 40 billion dollars from?

      50. Ordering more ammo now. What round for radioactive zombies?

      51. JR,
        Saw a TV show (History or Discovery channels) today where ancient Japanese travelled in long dugout canoes using the currents as they travelled while fishing. These currents went up the eastern shores of the Japanese islands across the Bearing Sea, down the Alaskan coast and islands. Over time these people continued down the western coast of Canada and the US still using the existing currents past central America. They settled in Peru. That is a long migration but they always stayed close to land using the ocean currents. It was not conjecture as they compared old pottery from Japan and these people in Peru and they were very similar in design.

        Because of the extreme dry climate where they lived in Peru, they were able to extract DNA form bone marrow of mummified bodies and compared it to folks in Japan – Bingo. Just Google -major ocean currents- and you will see how the Bearing Sea will and or can be affected.

        Y’all Beware!

      52. I did a little research for an article/comment I posted on a Christian website last year when the Fukushima disaster unfolded. The basis for the article was to show possible factors for such catastrophic events coming against the Japanese people. Two major moral factors may have contributed to the current situation that most of the Japanese people are faced with…….. Prior to 1948 illegal abortions were rampant. Japan was one of, if not the first country, to legalize abortions. In 1949 abortion was legalized, with some limitations, and then in 1952 was more liberalized. In 1955, the amount of “reported” abortions peaked at 1.17 million for that year. There has been a steady decline since; however, the reported numbers are possibly way lower due to physicians choosing to report as few as possible because of income tax purposes. In 2007 there were 256,000 reported……………………… The next issue is religion. Japan is primarily a secular nation. Nearly 65% say they “don’t” believe in any God. About 75% say they don’t have any religious connection. According to”birth” records, about 85% are listed as Shinto/Buddhist. Less than 1% claim to be Christian. Now if you believe in the God of Abraham,Issac, and Jacob; and that He gave his “only” begotten Son to the world as a way to have eternal life; then you have to wonder about, how a nation of people that doesn’t believe, can have blessings and not come under chastisement and correction from a jealous God. I have nothing against the Japanese people and as a whole, view them as kind,gracious,and proud. Hopefully that pride will not be their downfall. America has something to learn from all this going on in Japan.

      53. I guess we see standard government strategy in action – cover up and hide as long as they can to “prevent panic”. In reality – they prevented people from saving themselves by telling lies.

        I imagine if something like this to happen in any other country – we will see lies just as widespread as in Japan. Politicians don’t change, they are all on payroll of big corporations and whoever pays – orders the music!

      54. Chernobyl isn’t over either, there is still a plug of fissionables sitting under the reactor building. If superheated metal contacts water, it can disassociate the oxygen and hydrogen which recombines and releases the energy that it has “stored” from the energy required to break the molecular bonds that held the water together. You get that energy all at once, bang. Chernobyl’s potential was estimated well into the megaton range, and with an amount of radioactive material available for dispersal, it could have(and can still) make Europe uninhabitable.

        Over 2000 nuclear weapons have been detonated on earth, many if not most were detonated in the atmosphere, anyone notice the increase in cancer rates during the last few decades? That’s a drop in the bucket compared to what Fukushima or Chernobyl could do.

      55. Clark,
        You call that trashing? Not hardly.

        Its pretty hard to not understand what this article is telling you, and yes all that has been written can be verified. Whether any of these potential catastrophic events fully play out or not, is the real question to ponder.

        How would you like to loose the use of your lands for hundreds or even thousands of years?

        How would you like a diagnosis of cancer and leukemia or some other strange exotic disease? Your family? Your livestock? Your pets? Do you think they would like the same?

        It only took 60 years for us to turn nuclear weapons into plowshares. In this process of stupidity we possibly will destroy the entire planet. All this is occurring why we still have the same nuclear weapon stockpiles all around us.

        The US leadership in the past 60 years has made a huge mistake and that mistake may very well the mistake that destroys all biological life and the planet we live on.

        There is no “God” that will save any of us from our plight and or any such mankind created fate and you can count on that fact.

        We have all been hoodwinked by our scientists and past leaders. We will all pay dearly for not paying better attention to whom we granted and gave legal authority for and the powers over making such dire decisions.

        They have all acted out their parts given, while creating such pending worldwide catastrophic events in all our names.

        Mankind will reap what he sows upon his own world.

        Its time to re-think, what we are and what we have done, and where we are going as a species.

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