It Will Never End: Sydney, Australia Extends Lockdown Another MONTH

by | Jul 28, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

Over 5 million people have been ordered to stay home in Sydney, Australia as the lockdown is extended another month. The ruling class has declared there’s a “surge” in COVID-19 cases, so all slaves must be on house arrest still.  For those paying attention, we know this is never going to end.

Unless Australians start to wake up to what’s going on en masse, they are all in big trouble.  So far, the compliant willing slaves to the state have done what’s been asked of them.  When is enough enough?

While the city had planned to exit a prior lockdown by the end of the week, officials instead extended the restrictions into late August on Tuesday, with New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian lamenting the decision while claiming it is necessary, according to a report by RT. No one seems to want to ask the question, so here it goes: why are there still outbreaks if people are locking themselves away? Are we being lied to from the foundation of this scamdemic, “germ theory?” I don’t know.  It’s simply a question. But people with no exposure to others have been known to “get COVID-19.” So what does that mean?

Liar and tyrant Berejiklian said: “I am as upset and frustrated as all of you that we were not able to get the case numbers we would have liked at this point in time but that is the reality,” she said during a televised news conference. Does anyone really think the master is upset that they get to command and boss the slaves around again? This is laughable at this point. “We have to deal with the cards before us and the situation before us and that is why we have taken the action we have.”

So what does a “COVID-19 delta variant surge” look like? It amounts to 177 new cases. Out of 15 million. I’ve done the math before but this is nothing more or less than a rounding error and statically irrelevant. Even accounting for “active cases”, which amount to just over 2,100 “active cases”, NSW’s numbers remain low next to comparable regions abroad, though officials there have taken a stricter approach to their pandemic response, looking to prevent any and all new cases.

So taking the numbers, 5 million people are now permanent slaves to the state because 177 new cases, which is .00354% of the population got a cold.  Active cases are .042% of the population.  That means your chances of even knowing someone who has this “super deadly scamdemic disease” is again, 0%.  These are rounding errors. Besides, the ruling class admitted the tests are wrong, so how are they even testing them at this point?

Why Is The CDC Quietly Abandoning The PCR Test For COVID?

This is coming here if the masters feel like the slaves will comply.  But hidden in most articles is the reason they continue to do this:

Pointing to NSW’s low immunization rate of just 13%, Berejiklian insisted that “vaccination is the key to our freedom” on Tuesday, suggesting the lockdowns would only be lifted as the vaccine roll-out picks up steam.

“I want August to be the month where everyone comes forward to get the jab,” she said. “That is key to us being able to see what September looks like. I don’t think anyone can deny that the vaccination rate is absolutely key to how we live life in NSW.” -RT

When will people realize that their “freedom” cannot be given or taken? We are all free because we are human beings. The sooner more people figure this out, the better off we will be. No one can make a rightful master and no one can make a rightful slave.  And we know that government is slavery. It isn’t extreme to say slavery in all forms should be abolished. What’s extreme, is the support of slavery because one won’t open their mind to reality.

These rulers need the entirety of humanity shot up with whatever is in those “vaccines.” It’s an obvious big piece to their agenda of the permanent totalitarian enslavement and control of everyone.

Stay alert and know what’s going on without succumbing to the fear they want us living in. Being aware of what could come gives us all an idea of how to prepare. Keep using critical thinking and read between the lines of the articles mainstream media puts out.  There are honestly more questions than answers at this point, so keep asking. Use your discernment and be a moral human being.  That’s all we can do right now.

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    1. Endless

      What liar and tyrant
      Berejiklian meant to say:
      “I am as upset and frustrated
      as all of you that we were not
      able to extend this lockdown
      even longer than into late August but rest assured that we are working tirelessly on our next set of lies/fake data
      to ensure that we will be able to extend these lockdowns forever – thank you slaves”.

    2. hmm...

      For any paranoid sheep out there who are afraid of an “illness” which more than
      99% of people survive and
      the ones afraid of human
      contact and anyone afraid
      of their own shadows:
      “Life itself is a disease
      with a very poor prognosis,
      it lingers on for years and
      invariably ends in death”
      Carl Jung

    3. ? ?

      Since covid is so unbelievably dangerous and
      killing people left and right
      and contagious beyond belief – should I use a mask ? when leaving comments
      just to be “extra safe???

    4. Travel woes

      Damn, well there goes my Australian vacation which I wasn’t planning on taking in the first place.

      • Anonymous

        Why would anyone travel to a prison continent to watch a bunch of sheep being sheared? If someone found that entertaining, watching the sheep herded into the slaughterhouse will be hilarious.

    5. couldn't resist

      Loved the photo of covid and Earth at the top of your article. Seems appropriate as
      I’ve heard rumors that phony
      19 has now taken over the entire universe and multiple galaxies as well.????

    6. JRS

      I may have been dreaming or maybe I was drunk, but I’m sure I heard someone say, a while back, “two weeks to flatten the bloke” or something like that.

      I gotta quit drinking before breakfast…

    7. Jim in Va..

      Glad I got to Australia/New Zealand before this happened. they have it worse than we do. Uncle Joe will put the mask mandate back on the govt. tomorrow. I wonder how many employees will quit?

    8. Hezekiah

      No one in Sydney is interested in the toxic gene therapy. The deep state will no doubt have to pull another one of their tyrannical stunts to get a breakthrough.

      After all they’ve previously killed a PM to give the CIA residency in Australia, bombed Aussie citizens in Bali to get the nation into the gulf war and murdered dozens in Port Arthur to remove citizens guns.

      Expect some despotic action from the pedo-satanists to try to get their mass poisonings to start in earnest.

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